“Sensitive Events”

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Google just announced a “Sensitive Events” policy – and you can probably imagine what that means.

Naturally, Google – the tech enforcement arm of the Left that has seized control of the public square in this country and arrogated to itself both the power and the moral authority (sic) to lay down the parameters of acceptable (allowable) speech – says what it means evasively, in the greasy-sickly-sweet patois of the Left:

A “Sensitive Event,” according to Google, is “an unforeseen event or development that creates significant risk to Google’s ability to provide high quality, relevant information and ground truth and reduce insensitive or exploitative content . . . during a Sensitive Event we may take a variety of actions to address these risks.”

Lots of italics added.

Where to begin?

“Significant risk”? Of what, exactly – and according to whom? Well, the Leftists technocrats who control Google, of course. As far as what – why that’s anything the Leftist technocrats who control Google decide creates a significant risk – to the information control of the Left.

As for example the significant risk – during the event marketed as a “pandemic” – that people might discover that a “case” did not mean a death (or even that the “case” was seriously sick) or that there were safer and more effective treatments for those who did get sick than the dangerous drugs pushed as the only treatment for the sickness.

There will almost certainly be a significant risk of pro-Trump sentiments being expressed during the coming months and naturally, that will result in the Leftist technocrats who control Google (and who are provably in cahoots with the Leftists who currently control the government) “taking a variety of action to address” such a risk.

The oily-kumbaya-speak does not specify what those “actions” might be but everyone knows what they are. Those who dare to give utterance to “insensitive” or “exploitative” sentiments will be suppressed via what amounts to de facto censorship – the latter formerly something only the government had the power to do. But that was before the government partnered with privately owned technocracy to do exactly that, without any bother about the First Amendment to the Constitution – which has proved as impotent to prevent speech from being suppressed as it has proved itself impotent to prevent our pockets being picked. Indeed, it has arguably facilitated both – via the deliberate use of wording and language subject to interpretation – thereby giving the government the power to interpret its own powers.

Similarly, Google’s language about is “policy” is slippery. Deliberately. Specificity being limiting – and the last thing Google wants is limits placed on the “actions it may take,” based on what it says constitute “significant risk” – which it won’t specify. That way, anything can be a “significant risk.”

And because no one can know what, exactly, that is – insofar as Google is concerned – everyone will know that anything they say could be deemed exactly that, by Google.

A neat trick. One similar to the trick played by the usurpers of the Articles of Confederation who met in secret conclave to replace them with a Constitution “the people” never authorized them to write. This Constitution contained slipper words and phrases, too – such as “general welfare” and “necessary and proper.” No one ever seems interested enough to ask, according to whom?

Why, according to the men who met in secret conclave to replace the Articles, which “the people” hadn’t authorized them to do.

They were not stupid men. They chose the words and phrases carefully, with intent. And that intent was not to clarify, nor to establish boundaries (such as this is acceptable – but that is not). In order to keep people guessing. Which is to say, in order to keep them uneasy about where they stood in relation to . . . policy.

And we all know what it is, which is anything those who write it decide it can be.

. . .

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  1. On Jan. 6, 2020 Joe Biden’s posted this on his Twitter account:

    “Let’s be clear: Donald Trump does not have the authority to take us into war with Iran without Congressional approval. A president should never take this nation to war without the informed consent of the American people.”

    2 days ago the unelected Zionist WHORE and pedophile Joe Biden took Amerika to war against Yemen, to defend the racist genocidal state of Israel, and he did it with NO CONGRESSIONAL approval. Biden is a dangerous criminal that must be stopped.

    This blatant unconstitutional act should get him impeached and removed from office. However, since every member of Congress has signed loyalty oaths to Israel, and are also ZIONIST WHORES for Israel, they will do nothing. Congress is equally guilty.

    Needless to say, Amerika is a failed state, and anyone can do anything they want, regardless of any law, because Amerika is run by a lawless Zionist mafia. Plain and simple, Amerika is the whore of Israel and will follow Israel into the grave.

    It is now obvious that every member of Congress, POTUS and his staff of criminals like Blinken, Yellen, Nuland need to be executed by guilotine. And since those are not available, I am sure many Amerikans have rope to string them all up until dead right down Pennsylvania Avenue. Hang ’em high with extreme prejudice, none of them deserve to breath.

  2. Google’s online nickmame is GOOLAG, well deserved for their censorship. The google search engine is now the worst, if you research conspiracies nothing of value will ever turn up. I used to use it, now I never use it.

    The company had a motto ‘Don’t Be Evil’ pasted over their campus, which of course is laughable, why kind of company has to tell their employees don’t be evil? Now that they are evil, the motto was removed. Quite frankly, it is impossible for any Zionist not to be evil. That is like telling a fat kid not to eat cake.

    And I bet you all don’t know who runs the company? The usual suspects, Jews, who have the ADL embedded inside, and over at their sister company Youtube. Jews are being evil, censoring information, throwing elections, supporting evil Israel.


    Google 100% backs Israeli genocide. They are not us, they are evil because they support evil. So don’t use Google or Youtube because you are supporting your own demise. Google led the way pushing the vaxx narrative and censoring any contrary opinion or remedy. That is pure evil. The assisted in the genocide of the Amerikan people, and thus have no right to even exist.

    If the Amerikan sheeple are ever slaughtered like in Communist China or Russia, Google will be leading the way, fact checking it, disclaiming any genocide. They are traitors through and through and should be treated as enemy combatants because that is exactly what they are.

  3. This announcement comes just after discovery of a certain tunnel in New York city that puts a certain ethnic group in a very bad light. I doubt that’s coincidence.

  4. “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.” – Howard Beale

    Shut up, Howard.

    Redact and you have censorship.

    If you can remove the Confederate flag that has been a Rebel Yell for a century and a half, then the United States of America flag, all of them, can be burned and never flown again.

    Americans can do it!

    Might as well heat General Lee to the melt stage, you are censoring, effectively removing historical figures from your civilization.

    The modern day General Lee 01 won’t be flattening the hills, no more straightening the curves. Those days are gone forever.

    The flag to fly is probably the Confederate States of America flag.

    Who in God’s name wants to see an American flag waving? You’re looking to get attacked and bombed! Everything is all war porn these days. Uff da, might as well be the Jolly Roger.

    To hell with peace, where everybody is going to be if this all continues unabated.

    Come on, peoples, make the Great Spirit happy.

  5. Keep people guessing indeed.

    What the hell is “ground truth”? All opaquely ambiguous gibberish.

    Can I take it to mean that if there is an event sufficiently grand in scale as to make it impossible to spin-doctor, that Google may just black-hole any reference to said event? Guess we’ll never truly know, perhaps, until we KNOW.

  6. [A neat trick. One similar to the trick played by the usurpers of the Articles of Confederation who met in secret conclave to replace them with a Constitution “the people” never authorized them to write. This Constitution contained slipper words and phrases, too – such as “general welfare” and “necessary and proper.” No one ever seems interested enough to ask, according to whom?]- Eric


    Tell that to some and they’ll get red in the face and call you everything in the book and threaten your existence. The perps that wrote the new constitution were/are considered ‘hero’s” when in fact they overthrew the legal government and constitution without a shot fired. Many today aren’t even aware of the Articles or the coup that eliminated them. Others will simply ignore it.
    Proof in the pudding is the fact the new constitution had no provisions for citizens rights. The amendments were to get some obstinate states to ratify. The ‘founders’ knew it was just a matter of time for them to be eviscerated. And here we are today,,, all gone except the 2nd. It is mentioned every now and then but constantly attacked. The 1st has been totally destroyed over the last 20 or so years.

    Today corporations are the usurpers with government prodding in the background but even that is becoming more obvious every day. They are lying us into more tyranny and wars with little chance of truth ever surfacing. Many Americans don’t care are busy pushing the woke, ESG and DIE agenda.

    We are now happily bombing Yemen because it had the balls to side with the Palestinians being offed by American tools of war. Many evangelicals here are celebrating every death of a Palestinian whether or not they are women and children. According to the American/Western churches they (Palestinians) must be eradicated no matter the cost.

    The Palestinians are called terrorists because they are fighting for what is left of their land taken from them by Europeon Jews and Britain. Jews that never set one foot in their supposed ‘promised land’ until 1948. It is just now coming out that most of the deaths attributed to the Palestinians recently were actually caused by the Israelis shooting everything and anything that moved.

    The only thing left for Americans that don’t wish to be censored from real information is to completely stop/reduce visiting any sites that push lies and ban truth which is about 90% of them including supposedly Alternative News sites. Without subscribers and viewers they cannot survive. Otherwise it’s going to be a long hard fight.

    • RE: “Tell that to some and they’ll get red in the face and call you everything in the book and threaten your existence.”

      Been there, done that. Surprises me, every time.

      Victors write the history.

      ‘Conspiracy in Philadelphia’

      …”I provide 400+ pages of evidence that the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was in fact an illegal coup d’état. The participants knew this. This is why they took a lifetime oath of secrecy, walked upstairs to the second floor of the State House (so that eavesdroppers could not report what was going on), closed the doors, and hammered out the design for a replacement government. Newspaper reporters were excluded.” – Gary North


      • Thank you.

        [The Constitutional Convention did not take place in response to a
        democratic movement of the people. The voters in early 1787 were
        generally uninterested in national politics and were jealous of a trans-
        fer of sovereignty to the central government. This outlook was not shared by the men who became the Constitution’s Framers and then, retroactively, the Founders]- Gary North.

        I’ll definitely read this….

  7. One potential “sensitive event” which could be coming is the Orange Man winning a decision in the Supreme Court which eliminates the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause from being used against him even if some kangaroo court convicted him of “insurrection”, clarifying the meaning of the word “officer” in the text.

    Another would be a delay of the case in Georgia because the DA who brought the charges was involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with the questonably-qualified lead attorney.

  8. I wonder if this change in policy was “run past legal” or created by legal?

    Legal Departments can destroy a policy with the stroke of a pen. They also can make so many changes that the original intent is completely removed. All this goes back to section 230, a poorly written law that is far too broadly written, just like most anything that has to do with commerce and telecommunications. All of it should fall under common carrier rules. The various social media sites should be treated like warehouses or self-storage rentals. But somehow bits are different.

  9. I have read about people being shadow banned on facebook. Thought it was a bad thing, but didn’t know what it was like. I recently experienced being shadow banned in the comments sections of several YouTube videos.
    …The realization was, really. really. creepy.

    That moment, when a person uses a secondary device to verify, yes, indeed, it’s a shadow ban,… you know in the movies, when someone gets kidnapped and a black cloth bag is placed over their head in order to be taken away. That moment when the bag slides over the eyes seems similar to discovering you’ve been shadow banned. Idk.

    So, I take it, that this Google letter is an indication Google’s gonna do the shadow ban, times 10, to website owners, ect…?
    Simply, throw them in, ‘The Zap’ and. everything goes, Poof! ?

    Power & Control.

      • ‘The Government’s Plan To Criminalize Your Thoughts’

        …”In short, they’re trying to restructure the censorship industry “away from a top-down government-driven model” to a “competitive middleware model” where “content curation” (read censorship) is simply outsourced to third-party organizations.

        This way, a “legal” disinformation compliance market is created while government can claim it has nothing to do with the control of information. Basically, what we’re looking at is the emergence of organized corporate censorship.

        There’s no clear solution to this threat, other than to continue pushing back against any and all efforts to legalize, standardize and normalize censorship.”…



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