“General Welfare” and “Climate Change”

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Why do we have unlimited government? Probably because the document that was supposed to limit it has done the opposite.

People were told the federal government could do no more than was specified – as in clearly described  – by the Constitution, which supposedly enumerated its powers and left those not specifically enumerated to the states and the people (via the 10th Amendment to the Constitution).

So why does the federal government have power over essentially everything? Including over such things as how much gas the vehicles we’re allowed to buy may use? The answer is because the Constitution endowed the federal government with unlimited powers, without enumerating them.

But how did it do that?

Via the wording of the Constitution. Including words with open-ended definitions designed to be amendable to parsing in such a way as to countenance any power those in power (or grasping after it) wished to assert.

Wording such as “general welfare” – and “necessary and proper.” By incorporating such words – which can mean almost anything as they are matters of opinion – the lawyers who wrote the Constitution assured the federal government would assume unlimited power. It took time, of course. But that was always the point as it was necessary to engineer a gradual increase in the power wielded by the federal government for the same reason it is necessary to place the frog in a pot of cool water before gradually turning up the heat.

At the time of the Constitution’s ratification in 1787, the war for independence from the unlimited power of the British government was still fresh in people’s minds. They had to be told they were getting a limited government – one that could not go beyond the specified powers enumerated by the Constitution. Federalists – the lawyers who wrote and backed ratification of the document they put together in secret – had to author a cavalcade of anonymous articles defending what they wrote and assuring the people (non-lawyers, mostly) who read it that the Constitution would limit the powers of the new federal government.

These were the Federalist Papers.

They were very well-written, too. If you read them – as a non-lawyer – you might have believed the arguments put forth that the proposed Constitution (which was being pushed to replace the Articles of Confederation because these actually did limit the powers of the government) that would empower the federal government would limit it.

Lawyers aren’t necessarily smarter than non-lawyers.

But they are extremely careful and deliberate about the words they choose to use. There is always a purpose – and a meaning. A non-lawyer reading about the “general welfare” and “necessary and proper” would likely take these words at face value – as harmless generalities. Yes, of course! We’re all for the general welfare. By which they thought was meant a kind of “good” in the way Jefferson meant when he spoke of “happiness” being good.

The lawyers who chose to embed general welfare in the Constitution knew exactly what they really meant.

Being lawyers, they knew such words could be used to justify exactly what later was done. Alexander Hamilton was one of the first to use what had been made ready, asserting “implied” powers in the Constitution – emanating from the injunction to promote the “general welfare” (and to accomplish what those who wanted more power deemed “necessary and proper”).

If words with open-ended meanings had been expunged from the Constitution, we might have had limited government. Of course, that was not the point of the Constitution – which was to address the problem (from the vantage point of those who wanted more power) of the Articles, which did exactly what the Federalist Papers assured the boobs the Constitution would prevent the newly empowered federal government from doing.

The tactic is brilliant in its oiliness – most especially because those being oiled do not realize they are being greased. Even now – when it is a self-evident truth that the effective power of the federal government is unlimited – many still like to pretend we live in a country governed by a Constitution that limits the power of the federal government.

Until it decides otherwise.

And when it does, how can anyone object? It is all being done for the sake of the “general welfare” and because it is “necessary and proper” and most of all, because that’s what was ratified – which is to say, that’s what we (supposedly) consented to.

Because the tactic is brilliant, it is emulated.

Most recently to further increase the power of unlimited government, via the use of two more words specifically meant to do just that:

“Climate change.”

Is it not as oilily magnificent as “general welfare?

Who can say what “change” is? Or – rather – anyone can say anything they like constitutes “change,” because it’s true. The “climate” does “change.” It does not matter that it lacks specificity. Indeed, that is the whole point of using exactly those words. Exactly the same as the use of words such as “general welfare” and “necessary and proper.”

You can use them to get anything you want.

And that’s exactly what those who use them are getting – because not enough of us yet understand them.

. . .

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  1. When you are born you have the right to a share of the resources on the planet to survive….God created and owns the planet and everything on it, he provided enough resources for you to thrive…..you were put here to enjoy…not be a slave……

    As soon as you are born you are signed off to the slave market…

    Through trickery on how your birth certificate is constructed….. so you are made a slave and the property of the slave owners…the control group….

    When you are born you have the right to a share of the resources on the planet to survive…a trust is opened in your name, which could be worth a million dollars, or far more…..through trickery on your birth certificate, the control of this trust is given to the control group….you can’t access it or control it….when you die the control group gets to keep your money….

    …. the control of this trust is given to the control group…they use this as collateral to finance their agenda…..

    Getting back control of your trust fund is possible…..

    Birthing certificates


  2. Even if the CONstitution somehow did limit Fedgov what difference would it make? All the prez has to do is declare an “Emergency” and rule by diktat, guaranteed to be the future for us here in the USSA.

    • “Emergencies have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberties have been eroded.” F.A. Hayek

    • For years I have been searching for the clause in the constitution that reads “If any emergency exists this constitution and any natural rights declared within is null and void” lol……

    • Maritime law vs common law……the control group uses maritime law to trap you in their slave system…………

      In maritime law when words are written in all uppercase, they are not in english…they are in dog latin…
      hieroglypics are read from right to left……

      Learning to read hieroglypics…the meaning of the uppercase letters (symbols)

      A administration B babylon C creditor D debitor E equity F fraud
      G governence H hiearchy I one you J joker K kill L lucifer M mountain
      N mountain and valley O office P plebian Q question R rome S snake
      T treasury U underworld V vatican W water X point of death Y youth
      Z zion


    • Corpus Juris and the Magna Carta

      Corpus juris means jurisdiction of the dead

      The dictionary for the corpus juris is the black’s law dictionary…from the black pope..the black nobility…

      @ 11:45 in video…scrapping of trial by jury….

      @ 13:30 in video corpus juris… the law of the sea instead of common law….this is a satanic concept from the freemasons…

      under corpus juris you have no rights…the current system today….

      @ 18:40 there was no surnames in 1215 AD, surnames came in 1230…


  3. Folks, it’s all well and good to examine the “weasel words” used by FedGov and those that (1) don’t think it’s big ENOUGH (2) want Federal funds for THEIR pet projects or (3) want to use the bully pulpit of the Executive Branch to enforce THEIR desires, sans restraint.

    Judging by how the Second Amendment is still “infringed” to a degree that likely the Founders would find offensive, and wonder why the hell we don’t rise up in revolt, I’d say that what’s written in the Constitution is meaningless. As the 43rd POTUS, whom Eric refers to as “The Chimp”, once labeled it, to those power-mad in the District of Criminals, it’s but a SCRAP OF PAPER.

    • Hi Anon,

      This is going to make things even more . . . interesting. Will Leftists peel off from the Democrats to vote for RFK? And will that enable Orange Man to win via plurality?

      • Hi Eric,
        I’m hoping enough non-commie Dems and never Trump Repubs will see that RFK,Jr. is the rational choice, anti-war, no forced vax, etc. We definitely need more choices than presented by the uniparty. Problem being the uniparty controls ballot access and is hostile to anyone upsetting their racket. Both sides will be bleating that a vote for RFK will just help elect Biden/Trump. Time to prove them wrong.

        • RE: “I’m hoping enough non-commie Dems and never Trump Repubs will see that RFK,Jr. is the rational choice, anti-war, no forced vax, etc.”

          If that’s true, that RFK,Jr is all that, and makes any head way. ‘They’ll’ off ’em.

          …Plain & simple.
          …It’s how they roll.
          …The goobermint is, the mafia, writ large.

          ‘THE GODFATHER | 50th Anniversary Trailer | Paramount Pictures’


    • Anon1, RFK would be better off running an independent candidate rather than getting in bed with the Looney…ooops…I mean the Libertarian Party. He could very well peel off Gabbard and others to his side. He might even be able to start an actual party aside from what’s being offered.

      The talk of “hurting” the Dem nominee is compounded by the fact that many who supported Trump in 20 did so only because they saw Biden as unbearable. (“I was told if I voted for Trump in 2020 it would ruin the country. I did. And they were right”)

      The ballot access laws are stacked against an independent run but, RFK might just have the juice to pull it off. When I hear him speak I can only think of Moses, he wasn’t articulate but, was a pretty good leader.

      Some are critical of he economic and environmental policies but, his move to oppose Big Pharma shows he has the integrity to change his mind when presented with facts. That is a characteristic that has been lacking in politicians for centuries.

      • Re: Mark in BC
        There seems to be a contingent of folks out there who delight
        in denigrating other folks who are actually participating
        in efforts to improve the political situation. Name calling
        is a lot of their modus operandi, i.e., Mark in BC.

        The Libertarian Party was good enough for Ron Paul,
        Andre Marrou, Michael Badnarik, and now possibly
        RFK Jr.

        • The main problem is that RFK Jr. is in no way shape or form a libertarian. He’s a little different than other lefties and breaks from them on vaccines but that’s about it. I’m not sure he would handicap the Democrats that much, the libs I know hate the guy. Most Dems are vaccine lovers and think RFK is a dangerous conservative in sheep’s clothing.

          • lyspooner –

            Almost anything is worth a try to upset the absolute hold the
            Rs and Ds (Crips & Bloods) have on politics/voting.

            Ninety-eight % of the population is seemingly brainwashed
            in being unable to think outside the box.

            Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again
            and expecting different results.”
            Albert Einstein –

          • “the libs I know hate the guy. Most Dems are vaccine lovers and think RFK is a dangerous conservative in sheep’s clothing.”


            W… I can’t add more.

            • Hi Helot,

              I agree with Lyspooner. Liberals – that is, Leftists – hate RFK, whom they regard as similar to Trump. A dangerous peddler of “conspiracies” who is a “threat to democracy.” The problem in RFK’s case is he actually is a Democrat.

              • I’m afraid that RFK Jr. has been put there simply to split the non-leftist vote so that a leftist can take the presidency again. As expected, RFK Jr. is now planning to run as a 3rd party candidate.


                The 2024 election looks like it will be a lot like 1912. Wilson ran against the incumbent, Taft. Teddy Roosevelt ran as a 3rd party candidate (Bull Moose Party) and took votes from Taft, thereby assuring the presidency to Wilson. Oh by the way, they later put the candidate that took some of the left’s votes from Wilson, Eugene Debs, in jail for sedition for speaking out against WWI and the conscription. Of course, we got the Fed and the 16th (income tax) and 17th (direct election of senators) amendments shortly thereafter. Imagine what the US might be like if all of that didn’t happen.


                This also happened again in 1992 when Ross Perot split the non-leftist vote as a 3rd party candidate and Clinton took the presidency.


                The system is rigged from every angle, and with plenty of redundancy built in just in case. They learned to their lesson in 2016 to remain steadfast in their election chicanery at all cost. RFK Jr. is part of that redundancy. RFK Jr. may not even be aware of this, but somebody’s funding his run for a specific purpose, and it’s not just to throw away money for a losing presidential candidate.

                • Breitbart had an article that RFK Jr.s internal polling shows he takes more votes away from Trump then Biden.

                  It makes sense. There are a few anti-vax people on the left but many big-time anti-vax people on the right. It may be the biggest thing people on the right don’t like about Trump.

        • Dear LibertyX,

          You forgot Harry Browne. Jo Jorgenson was good, too. However, getting in bed with the likes of Bills Barr and Weld, along with Gary Johnson shows a trend toward the bottom.

          I was quite active in the LP for over a decade. I ran for office twice as a Libertarian and was the first registered Libertarian to hold any government office in NC. I believe a society built on the NAP is far and away superior to anything this planet has now. (Watching Argentina)

          That said, the current Constitutional system we have now is a rigged game. Those within the system will defend it to their death. The population as a whole is not interested in Liberty, they want Security…at any price.

          The LP has strayed from the likes of Hospers, Paul, Morreau and Browne. It has refused to put on their Sunday Best and try to persuade people that their problems in life stem from the socialism that the country has marinated in since the late 1800s. It demands changes, returns actually, to allow Freedom but, can’t articulate it to the masses. This is due, greatly, to the MSM not giving them one iota of mention. Remember, Ron Paul went back to the Republican Party to get elected. As articulate as Jacob Hornberger is he couldn’t challenge Trump/Biden on equal footing. If he had he’d mop the floor with them.

          The current system will implode under the weight of its own contradictions.(h/t Rand) What is built afterward is anyone’s guess. Never forget this is a fallen world. If we could have Heaven on Earth we would not have one or the other. Or, as I was told at my first state LP meeting over 30 years ago, Utopia is not an option.

  4. The meaning of general welfare at the time was the opposite of specific welfare – or today, special interest. So, taxing was only to be for laws that benefitted everyone.

    General welfare itself is not a specific grant of power, just a limitation.

    This really all changed due to Lincoln’s war. When the south lost, it set the precedent that the states were subservient to the general government.

    From that we have many things:
    West Virginia somehow became a state
    States (ignoring the 10th amendment) can’t secede.
    Presidents can use military force against states (constitutional definition of treason)
    American Imperialism started taking steroids and led to our taking part in WWI & II and the financial systems of the world
    Combined with the fear and complacency during the great depression, gave Hoover & FDR the room to create the modern fascist American state

    • Beat me to it, Dan!

      Yes, Lincoln’s war on the several states of what became, albeit temporarily, the Confederacy, was more or less a VIOLENT “Revolution” that overthrew, by raw military force, the erstwhile VOLUNTARY nature of the United STATES of America, and literally, at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865, declared the surrender of ALL the states (and not merely those that had the audacity to formally declare their secession from the Union that no longer served them) to the Federal Government, once the servant, now the MASTER.

      Without the ability to check “Uncle’s” power by secession, WHAT is left to STOP Him? NOTHING, save a bloody, violent revolution that destroys FedGov.

      • Good morning, Douglas!

        It’s psychologically interesting that so many people can, on the one hand, affirm and amen the concept of “consent of the governed” and – at the same time – condemn the Southern states for attempting to assert precisely that same right.

        Of course, the slavery bogey gets in the way – and explains the dissonance. One cannot, unfortunately, rewrite history. Well, you can’t change what actually happened. But if only the South had left it to the North to fire the first shot . . . if only the leadership of the South had clearly explained why the Southern states were seceding, as was done those four score and seven-plus years prior, when Jefferson penned the Declaration… .

        • The north did fire the first shot.

          The USS Harriet Lane fired on the Nashville in the port of Charleston.
          The response was the bombardment of Ft Sumter.

        • I don’t consider serving an eviction notice, and giving the soldiers that held, against the wishes of the nation-state of South Carolina and the CSA, time to seek cover, as firing the “first” shot. Not only did the artillery barrage, commanded by famed Confederate general PGT Beauregard, not kill or even injure any Union military personnel, they were set free after their surrender.

          Doing so forestall “Dishonest Abe’s” plan to use Sumter as a barrier to shipping traffic, not only collecting US Government duties ANYWAY, as per his reason to keep the USA “united” BY FORCE, but also embargoing Southern cotton exports.

          • I think the more important issue of Fort Sumter is that the US Gov considered it their property. They had built and maintained it. Trying to seize it was an act of war. There was no way Lincoln in that day and age could have failed to respond to such a provocation and kept his position. Really the whole Civil War was an example of politicians on both sides bumbling their way into the worst situation possible.

        • Slavery was not an issue with Lincoln or the Federal government at the time. Lincoln said that several times and then there is the Corwin amendment put forth that the Feds would never interfere with the slave (internal) issues of the States. .

  5. Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, had accrued a debt of 107,000 dollars. The farm got sold, Monticello sold for 7000 dollars, everything was gone, the slaves were sold at auction. Monticello was in disrepair.

    The scrivener of the Declaration of Independence was in rough shape financially, had to have an effect on Tom’s psyche.

    The US gov should have bailed Jefferson out of his predicament. Pay him for the document by word and punctuation.

    Jefferson can receive reparations from the US Gov. Tax Bill Gates, Albert Bourla, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Klaus the Slob, Putin can pay his fair share too. In fact, all of them can write a check for all of the money they have.

    Has to total more than a trillion to get any redemption, Jefferson is worth a trillion times more than any of those knuckleheads combined.

    Trump has been picked on and berated and belittled since the day he was sworn into office.

    An obvious indoctrination by the opponents, Deep State Inc is the Vampire Squid, Engulf and Devour Inc. has controlling interest and more than 51 percent of the shares.

    If you are disgusted and dissatisfied with the way things are, you have a lot of company.

    Still a good time to be alive, however, I wouldn’t want to be any part of that motley WEF crew.

    Agony, misery, pain, beatings constantly, your morale should improve over time.

    If anybody deserves all of the money on earth, Jefferson gets it first.

    Raze the Lincoln Memorial and get rid of the bum.

  6. Consider this famous quote from Madison in 1788: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.”

    Madison was no dummy. And here he admits the need for a govt to make laws and enforce them to control the common everyday bad guys. But he’s also concerned with — my implication — the need for a govt to control govt (laws enforcers enabled to control the bad guys in govt). Alas, he knew right then and there that the founders were up against an impossible endeavor. How do you get the police to police the police? Or maybe you can have police that police the police, and then have another layer of police to police those police, and so on). I think he knew, as did most of the founders, that their job was one of futility and the best they could hope for was to compose a document that would provide at least temporary relief from govt tyranny.

    But why was this so? Why can’t men behave like angels, and why can’t they just do the right thing? The answer of course is human nature. Yes I know, you can try to overcome this deficiency by making all the laws you want in order to limit bad behavior (and just exactly what is the definition of bad behavior?). And yes you can have codes of conduct based on religion or some other philosophy. But none of that is going to make angels out of men (for those who object to my use of the term “men”, please proceed immediately to the democrat party for assistance & directions to the nearest Safe House).

    So the next question to ask is what is it about human nature that makes it so destructive? Obviously there’s a lot to point a finger at but I think one of the worst human traits has to be dat ole debil, laziness.

    Since one must acquire things in order to maintain your existence, you have to come up with ways to get those things. Most people use to actually work to accomplish this. But today that’s old fashioned, difficult, time consuming, and completely inconvenient. How terrible. And this is why almost everyone today gravitates towards govt in order to get the things they need. That’s the lazy man’s preferred method, and maybe even the lazy man’s way to riches.

    Aaron Clarey AKA: Capt Capitalism put out a pretty good video on the subject of laziness with this one:


  7. The year in American history that was the primary cause of all the crap we endure today is 1913. Three important events that were poison pills were the ratification of the 16th Amendment (federal tax on incomes), 17th Amendment (popular election of senators that killed off state government representation in DC) and the creation of the “Federal” Reserve that allowed private banks to take control of issuing currency and the creation of fiat money. Since then we ceased being the United State(S) and became the United State.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if authoritarians in the U.S. used “General Welfare” as justification for imposing COVID jab mandates on the public. Heck, there were those who used a Supreme Court ruling from waaaaaay back in 1905 to claim that the government had authority to MANDATE COVID JABS despite the fact the jabs were under EUA.

    • Recall that the statists wanted nothing to do with “Trump’s vaccine” when it was moving through “testing.” Only after he was gone did it become a priority in the mainstream.

      Enough people on both sides wanted nothing to do with the jab that had the CDC forced it through there would have been a revolt. They knew their limits, and the limits were to strongarm employers by setting an example with the military, people required to hold a federal license, and the bureaucracy.

      • Hi RK,

        As you may remember, governments and large corporations also offered incentives for people to get vaxxed, such as a chance to win a jackpot in a “Vaccine lottery” or FREE DONUTS, which is something I’ve NEVER seen done before with other experimental pharma products. They must have thought the average American was dumb enough to actually go through with that.

        As for those who said they weren’t taking any “Trump vaccine” only to change their mind and advocate MANDATORY vaccination for all after Joe Biden got into office, that’s also crazy, as these same people were once skeptical of Big Pharma only to effectively become their biggest shills after the rollout of the “vaccines”.

        • That’s right! I remember a clip on the No Agenda podcast from one of the morning shows. IIRC it was Steak N Shake giving away free fries if you showed your vaccine card. At least a two minute segment with reporters at the scene of a Manhattan (Times Square?) restaurant. Cheering crowds and real party atmosphere. Probably one of the more bizarre events of the pandemic… let them inject poison and get more as a bonus!

  9. The General Welfare clause is not the only poison pill in the Constitution. There is the Interstate Commerce clause which is often twisted to insane lengths.
    Using that clause they have already established precedent to have the power to regulate anything even home gardens. The theory on home gardens is that if you grow stringbeans in your yard you won’t buy stringbeans from Georgia therefore “Interstate commerce” is affected.


    A Roman Court does not operate according to any true rule of law, but by presumptions of the law. Therefore, if presumptions presented by the private Bar Guild are not rebutted they become fact and are therefore said to stand true [Or as “truth in commerce”]. There are twelve (12) key presumptions asserted by the private Bar Guilds which if unchallenged stand true being Public Record, Public Service, Public Oath, Immunity, Summons, Custody, Court of Guardians, Court of Trustees, Government as Executor/Beneficiary, Executor De Son Tort (a person who without legal authority assumes control of a decedent’s property as if he were executor), Incompetence, and Guilt:

    1. The Presumption of Public Record is that any matter brought before a lower Roman Courts is a matter for the public record when in fact it is presumed by the members of the private Bar Guild that the matter is a private Bar Guild business matter. Unless openly rebuked and rejected by stating clearly the matter is to be on the Public Record, the matter remains a private Bar Guild matter completely under private Bar Guild rules; and

    2. The Presumption of Public Service is that all the members of the Private Bar Guild who have all sworn a solemn secret absolute oath to their Guild then act as public agents of the Government, or “public officials” by making additional oaths of public office that openly and deliberately contradict their private “superior” oaths to their own Guild. Unless openly rebuked and rejected, the claim stands that these private Bar Guild members are legitimate public servants and therefore trustees under public oath; and

    3. The Presumption of Public Oath is that all members of the Private Bar Guild acting in the capacity of “public officials” who have sworn a solemn public oath remain bound by that oath and therefore bound to serve honestly, impartiality and fairly as dictated by their oath. Unless openly challenged and demanded, the presumption stands that the Private Bar Guild members have functioned under their public oath in contradiction to their Guild oath. If challenged, such individuals must recuse themselves as having a conflict of interest and cannot possibly stand under a public oath; and

    4. The Presumption of Immunity is that key members of the Private Bar Guild in the capacity of “public officials” acting as judges, prosecutors and magistrates who have sworn a solemn public oath in good faith are immune from personal claims of injury and liability. Unless openly challenged and their oath demanded, the presumption stands that the members of the Private Bar Guild as public trustees acting as judges, prosecutors and magistrates are immune from any personal accountability for their actions; and

    5. The Presumption of Summons is that by custom a summons unrebutted stands and therefore one who attends Court is presumed to accept a position (defendant, juror, witness) and jurisdiction of the court. Attendance to court is usually invitation by summons. Unless the summons is rejected and returned, with a copy of the rejection filed prior to choosing to visit or attend, jurisdiction and position as the accused and the existence of “guilt” stands; and

    6. The Presumption of Custody is that by custom a summons or warrant for arrest unrebutted stands and therefore one who attends Court is presumed to be a thing and therefore liable to be detained in custody by “Custodians”. [This includes the dead legal fiction non-human “PERSON” that corporate-governments rules and regulations are written for.*] Custodians may only lawfully hold custody of property and “things” not flesh and blood soul possessing beings. Unless this presumption is openly challenged by rejection of summons and/or at court, the presumption stands you are a thing and property and therefore lawfully able to be kept in custody by custodians; and

    7. The Presumption of Court of Guardians is the presumption that as you may be listed as a “resident” of a ward of a local government area and have listed on your “passport” the letter P, you are a pauper and therefore under the “Guardian” powers of the government and its agents as a “Court of Guardians”. Unless this presumption is openly challenged to demonstrate you are both a general guardian and general executor of the matter (trust) before the court, the presumption stands and you are by default a pauper, and lunatic and therefore must obey the rules of the clerk of guardians (clerk of magistrates court);

    8. The Presumption of Court of Trustees is that members of the Private Bar Guild presume you accept the office of trustee as a “public servant” and “government employee” just by attending a Roman Court, as such Courts are always for public trustees by the rules of the Guild and the Roman System. Unless this presumption is openly challenged to state you are merely visiting by “invitation” to clear up the matter and you are not a government employee or public trustee in this instance, the presumption stands and is assumed as one of the most significant reasons to claim jurisdiction – simply because you “appeared”; and

    9. The Presumption of Government acting in two roles as Executor and Beneficiary is that for the matter at hand, the Private Bar Guild appoint the judge/magistrate in the capacity of Executor while the Prosecutor acts in the capacity of Beneficiary of the trust for the current matter. Unless this presumption is openly challenged to demonstrate you are both a general guardian and general executor of the matter (trust) before the court, the presumption stands and you are by default the trustee, therefore must obey the rules of the executor (judge/magistrate); and

    10. The Presumption of Executor De Son Tort is the presumption that if the accused does seek to assert their right as Executor and Beneficiary over their body, mind and soul they are acting as an Executor De Son Tort or a “false executor” challenging the “rightful” judge as Executor. Therefore, the judge/magistrate assumes the role of “true” executor and has the right to have you arrested, detained, fined or forced into a psychiatric evaluation. Unless this presumption is openly challenged by not only asserting one’s position as Executor as well as questioning if the judge or magistrate is seeking to act as Executor De Son Tort, the presumption stands and a judge or magistrate of the private Bar guild may seek to assistance of bailiffs or sheriffs to assert their false claim; and

    11. The Presumption of Incompetence is the presumption that you are at least ignorant of the law, therefore incompetent to present yourself and argue properly. Therefore, the judge/magistrate as executor has the right to have you arrested, detained, fined or forced into a psychiatric evaluation. Unless this presumption is openly challenged to the fact that you know your position as executor and beneficiary and actively rebuke and object to any contrary presumptions, then it stands by the time of pleading that you are incompetent then the judge or magistrate can do what they need to keep you obedient; and

    12. The Presumption of Guilt is the presumption that as it is presumed to be a private business meeting of the Bar Guild, you are guilty whether you plead “guilty”, do not plead or plead “not guilty”. Therefore unless you either have previously prepared an affidavit of truth and motion to dismiss with extreme prejudice onto the public record or call a demurrer, then the presumption is you are guilty and the private Bar Guild can hold you until a bond is prepared to guarantee the amount the guild wants to profit from you.

  11. “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.” Lysander Spooner

  12. The government has no authority to create millions of laws, regulations, statutes, etc.

    but….THEY SAY….. they have authority, are sovereign……

    but…… it is the people who are sovereign, they just hired government workers as servants….joe boys to fix roads, sewers, etc. only….

    you are either sovereign or a slave…….

    People are sovereign…only God is above them……

    The pedosatanists government say they are God so above men…..

    There is only one law…do no harm….which includes….honor your contracts and don’t steal…..

    These unjust, illegal laws can be canceled with trial by jury trials….there is millions of them….it might take awhile….

  13. First they went after your car…through regulations, your house is next……make it very expensive to retrofit your house to the new energy/emission standards through regulations….

    AN Englishman’s home
    used to be his castle, but
    companies could soon
    have the legal right to use
    ‘reasonable force’ to enter
    your property and force-fit a
    smart meter.

    ‘Using reasonable force’ is the
    kind of vague, slippery language
    that could result in mobs of
    police, sometimes armed, forcing
    their way into people’s homes.

    And all because they do not want
    a device that will not only spy on
    them, but will also restrict their
    energy use.

    In the Bill, an ‘energy smart
    appliance’ means ‘an appliance
    that is capable of adjusting
    the immediate or future flow of
    electricity into or out of itself’.
    So there can be no doubting what
    this legislation is intended to
    do –

    control people’s energy use,
    which could then become a carrot
    and stick, using social credit
    systems and other means to get
    people to acquiesce to the green
    agenda, experimental vaccines,
    or anything else they want to do.

    Further, owners can be fined up to
    £15,000 and sentenced to up to
    one year in prison for refusing to
    an energy assessment and
    work done on their premises……

    to upgrade your house to new energy standards…heating systems, insulation, new appliances, new windows, etc., could cost $50,000 to $100,000 or more…

    public policy – driven
    from above by the UN and WEF
    (see Page 16), whom the public
    do not vote for …..

    Who in their right mind thinks
    it’s perfectly normal to block off
    roads with planters and bollards
    in order to get people to drive
    less? It means longer journeys
    and more emissions,

    Fortunately, the public has
    started to cotton on to what is
    being done, and many Ultra Low
    Emission Zone (ULEZ) cameras
    and fixtures have been destroyed
    in recent weeks.

    How much will
    be spent before councils give up?
    ‘Net zero’ policies are designed to
    impoverish us. China, Russia and
    India don’t have them, but we all
    share the environment, don’t we?


  14. I would suggest the fault doesn’t rest with the document itself, but with the evil in the hearts of those who, with every breath, intone their virtue, and that of the superstate. Over 200 years time, we let them succeed by not handing them their heads. The death of a thousand cuts comes to mind. The only upshot is, the same principle is now being used by the universe against them. The incompetence in the ranks of those employed the Garbage Elite shows their weakness. The whole edifice of civilization now has the unpleasant aroma of debt and death. Thanks Elites for showing us your true selfs.

    Its human nature. The types attracted to power, being corrupted, seek to corrupt the good that was this country. Greaseball lawyers do what greaseball lawyers do. Its as it has always been, like waves upon waves pounding against the sea wall corrupting the underpinnings of the foundation.

    Their only true power is the power of their fake AF money. The only true weapon we have against it is withholding the fruits of our labor, in other words the power of NO.

  15. The constitution is a corporate charter document. The original 13 colonies were corporations, chartered by the king, for the purpose of supporting Britan’s (Europe’s) mercantilist economy. When the Articles of Confederation, basically a franchise agreement, didn’t work out due to the former colonies not paying their franchise fees, the corporation changed the charter. The new doc included provisions for forcing the colonies to pay, so it worked out better.

    And corporate charters go back to Roman times. Even the medival church was a corporation of sorts (more of a franchise operation). It only made sense for the colonies/states to continue this tradition. The difference in North America is that the corporation sprung up from the whole, not royal edict. I used to think that the corporate structure (CEO, board, shareholders) roughly mirrored the federal system, but it turns out that the opposite is true. The federal system developed from the corporation.

    Mercantilist economic systems require production in low cost areas and sales to high cost areas. But like water seeking its own level, the low cost areas rise up to become high cost areas. So then the race is on to find another low cost area to shift production to. Problem is, eventually you run out of low cost production. So you either destroy a high cost area or add technology. The US has done pretty well at adding technology but that’s pretty much played out. Asia too. So now we either go back to Africa, which seems notoriously hard to make productive, or destroy. The people who are moving capital around believe they can selectively destroy some areas while preserving others. Time will tell how that works out, but my guess is it won’t.

  16. Eric’s post is spot on!

    Yep,,, it was a coup (Con Con), although a nice quiet one brought to us by the same folks that convinced enough of the population to break from England. After the war, the Articles were introduced which made the States sovereign and the People of those States citizens of those States. The Federal government was nothing more than a interlocutor for the States to the rest of the nations of the world. Any funding came from the individual States. All wars had to be approved by the States. This was necessary as that was how most felt it should be in that time period. But many of the ‘founders’ actually favored a strong central government. During the intermediate years they wrote the constitution we have today,,, same as was done with the ‘Patriot’ Act and other wildly unsupported legislation, all waiting for just the right moment. In our time that moment was nahnlevin. In their day it was Tariffs.

    The ‘founders’ had the constitution at the ready and brought it forth when the time was right. The new constitution only required nine states to ratify whereas the Articles required all. They then squabbled about the Peoples rights. Voila,,, the ten commandments (amendments). These amendments were to ensure the government would/could not usurp the Peoples natural (God given) rights. The Problem? These amendments should have been in the body of the constitution,,, verse addons. Secondly they should have been sticky,,, no changes or eliminations allowed.

    As Eric says,,, they wording was extremely loose ( lawyeresk) allowing massive differences in definitions. Today they skirt around the Bill of Rights as they are called by the propagandists easily. Most of the time they use ‘safety’ as their excuse… the general welfare clause. The loose wording, interstate commerce clause, allowed them control over appliances, automobiles, and everything else in our lives. The defining power of regulation given illegally to Agencies (FDA, EPA, ETC) , of statute law passed by con-gress, created mini fiefdoms within the government. Their regulations become defacto law. Bad business for us.

    The present constitution reeks of tyranny and for those s(elected) unimaginable wealth and power which they are now unabashedly using to destroy what was once called America. This wealth and power is so addictive that many refuse to leave their position. One just died at age 90. The control over S(elections) is so great that it is a piece of cake to be re-s(elected).

    IMO there is no solution. We are a tower of babble where no one agrees with anyone else. Without unification they have us by the short hairs.

    • The Bill of Rights was added because there was no king for the subjects to appeal to. A good crown could keep everyone else in check, which is why Brits still has no written consitution, yet enjoy most of the same rights as a US citizen. The king, if he is doing his job properly, is the voice of common sense. There was no provision for common sense in the states, so it had to be codified in the charter.

      • Sure, IF the King was a just man, imbued with “common sense”, then he could listen to his subjects and overrule bad laws drafted by Parliament.

        Suppose he was not “just”? Or, as “King”, he had no real power?

        • Off with his head!

          There’s the rub, of course. If the king is an idiot or tyrant, what do you do? That’s one of the reasons for a large court, spread the blame and hopfully keep things under control as much as one can. But that’s one reason why the N. American colonies revolted, they were tired of footing the bill for the 100 Years war and domestic social programs. Could have happened in any other of the colonies of the world, but America was somewhat unique because there were a lot of fairly well educated second and third generation gentry who didn’t long for the homeland they never knew, and because they were completely self-sufficent and able to fend for themselves.

          I blame the cold winters.

  17. “Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts
    and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and
    general Welfare of the United States”
    Which is an apologetic excuse for assuming the power to tax. So the common defense and general welfare can be paid for. If they can be enacted in regard to the enumerated powers. Common defense can be. It is mentioned in the enumerated powers. General welfare cannot be. It is not mentioned in the enumerated powers. It is simply implied that all the enumerated powers serve the general welfare. No additional power in addition is implied. But, after all, it appears that lawyers and judges can’t read.

  18. Regarding “climate change”. I was led to believe earlier in life that “climate change”, in the political context, was promoted in place of “global warming” by Republicans because it produced less of a visceral reaction.

    Apparently and supposedly, this was done by George W. as advised by one Frank Luntz:

    “The phrase “global warming” should be abandoned in favour of “climate change”, Mr Luntz says…”

    “The phrase ‘global warming’ appeared frequently in President Bush’s speeches in 2001, but decreased to almost nothing during 2002, when the [Luntz] memo was produced.”

    Now, to be less unctuous and nebulous, they could always go with “Anthropogenic Global Warming” but that first word seems to lose people.

    I prefer an older term, from an 1971 MIT book which I’d like to read sometime to see just how accurate any of its postulates and predictions have been found:


    The term is “Inadvertent Climate Modification”.

    That’s what they’re driving at, right?

    But then, perhaps Eric is correct, and “climate change” is purposefully slippery and nebulous, as to encompass any phenomena necessary to advance an agenda.

  19. I don’t think that even the Federalists imagined today’s regulatory state, because the legal foundations for it didn’t exist in anything the Federalist Papers promoted (the anti-Federalist papers were heroic too). The Federalists and anti-Federalists hashed out a great debate via these papers. There was no Twitter back then so they had to do it by publishing in newspapers.

    Our regulatory state was born on November 9th, 1942, due to the Supreme Court case Wickard v Filburn. In 1938, Roosevelt enacted the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, which limited how much farmers could produce and sell. Roscoe Filburn grew more wheat than Roosevelt allowed him to grow (or more precisely, a bureaucrat named Wickard), but since he never sold the wheat but instead, fed it to his animals, he argued that the law was not applicable. The Supreme Court decided that by growing your own crops, even if you don’t sell them and even if they don’t cross state lines, affect prices across state lines, because by growing your own, you are actually avoiding buying on the market, and that does cross state lines. This creative interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause is the basis for all regulation today. Prior to this, the Federal government could only intervene in interstate commerce, nothing within a state, and that power was left to the states.

    The Federalists wanted a strong federal government of enlightened aristocrats leading the US, and I don’t think even they imagined what we’d have today.

    • Wickard v Filburn is the most preposterous SCOTUS decision. Taking all limits off of FedGov regulation, since everything has an effect on interstate commerce, including how many sheets of toilet paper you use per wipe. When they get us into the 15 minute cities, maybe they will get around to regulating that too.

  20. ‘These were the Federalist Papers. They were very well-written, too.’ — eric

    Yep. As a callow youth, I actually thought the Federalist Papers sounded vaguely libertarian — small government, a well-regulated militia, and all that rot. Now I realize I was duped — the same way a smooth-talking black dude in Washington Square Park once sold me a bag of parsley, then — the apotheosis of his own stereotype — accompanied me down Waverly Place, proclaiming how he just luvvvvvved to eat p*ssy.

    Now The Farce has come to this:

    ‘According to Mediaite with the exclusive first story, Robert Kennedy Jr will announce his transition from a candidate on the Democrat ticket to a candidate on the Independent ticket for the 2024 presidential contest. RFK Jr will make the announcement on October 9th, in Pennsylvania.

    ‘Stop thinking about RFK Jr. taking votes from Biden. Unfortunately, this will be the narrative; this will be what is polled. However, Joe Biden will not be the DNC nominee.

    ‘RFK Jr running as an independent will tilt the election to Gavin Newsom. This is an op.’


    It’s Ross Perot vs George H W Bush all over again, handing Clinton [Newsom] the win with only forty-something percent of the votes.

    Gad! GAH! Off the take out my feckless rage, swinging a Pulaski ax to demolish manzanita, deep in the uncaring forest.

  21. It’s why whenever I hear some Republican douche spew out “limited government” my toes curl in my shoes and I want to throw things. Limited how? Where? To what extent? Or “family values” – whose family? What values? Or “conservative” – conserving what? All of this is why we can’t have nice things.

    • The constitution is full of weasel words. “Unreasonable searches and seizures” Who gets to decide what’s reasonable or not. “No soldier shall be quartered in any house……..blah, blah, ” but in a manner prescribed by law” So, congress “prescribes” a law that says its OK on any day of the week that ends in y, and another amendment goes out the window. Excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishment. Again, weasel words. Who gets to decide what’s cruel, unusual or excessive? Just like modern marketing. Crest helps fight cavities. Yeah, well I helped my brother fight Billy McConnell in the seventh grade, and I still got the shit kicked out of me. The constitution is nothing but a joke, evidenced by the fact that it has done nothing to prevent us from being where we are today.


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