Recharge Rage

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What do you suppose the result would be if you needed to get gas in a hurry – in order to get somewhere quickly – but you couldn’t fill up because there was another car already at the pump and it just sat there for half an hour while its driver enjoyed a nice cup of coffee inside the station?

How about another parked car at every pump?

Scale that up times several tens of millions of drivers and you have a picture of our forced-electrification future.

Hopefully, they add more coffee machines at Sheetz. That actually calls to mind a secondary problem that will arise from the decrease in throughput – i.e., the number of cars and people who can come and go within a given period of time.

If a gas station has a dozen pumps, a dozen cars can be fully refueled in about five minutes, making way for another dozen cars to be refueled. Such a station can hypothetically as well as actually fully refuel more than 70 vehicles in 30 minutes. The cars – and the people in those cars – come and they go. As each one goes, room is opened up for another car and new – but not more – people.

The lines for gas and for coffee are rarely long – and neither usually is the wait. Even if every one of the 12 pumps in our example is in use when you arrive it is certain one of them will be open within minutes of your arrival. Waiting longer than that for gas is something Americans have not had to suffer since the ’70s, when gas was made artificially scarce by the government.

It had nothing to do with the infrastructure.

With “electrification,” it has everything to do with the chemistry.

Not only isn’t the infrastructure there – and won’t be, for years, notwithstanding the Biden Thing’s sluicing of billions of dollars of other people’s money to build it – because it takes years to build the sort of Soviet-style national infrastructure EVs require. It won’t change the wait and for that reason, the throughput problem will remain.

And worsen.

It is possible to build more EV “fast” charging joints.

They could be built on every corner, assuming limitless amounts of other people’s money and assuming people don’t mind there not being room anymore for other things, such as stores. Never mind that. It will still take 30 minutes or longer to partially recharge an EV. Perhaps this can be reduced to 15 minutes – somehow. Without greatly shortening the useful life of the battery (read the EV owner’s manual). Without greatly increasing the risk the battery will catch fire.

But not without another (sigh) “breakthrough” in “battery technology.”

A gas tank is an empty container. There is almost no resistance to the liquid fuel being pumped into it. That is why gas pumps are fast – in the etymologically accurate sense of that word.

An EV battery is full – even when it is empty. It contains thousand of individual cells and you can’t just pump them full of electricity. The process of recharging is far more complex and involves a number of steps, including assessing the condition of the battery and its readiness to be charged, whether it is warm enough to receive charge – and so on. These steps are handled by the electronics and automatically but they take time. And then it takes time to induct the electricity. The process can be speeded up but it is extremely improbable that it will ever be fast in the way that it is fast at a gas pump – there and done in less than five minutes.

And that will lead to lines – and longer waits. Not occasionally but regularly. It will be part of the New Abnormal.

And those lines – and constant waiting – will lead to tension, which will lead to anger, just the same as happens on roads clogged with traffic. It’s infuriating to be held up by traffic when you have somewhere you need to be, such as work. Or want to be somewhere else, such as home after a long day at work.

But traffic eventually clears.

The wait to charge will remain – and increase.

Charge Rage is already becoming a thing in the UK, where “electrification” has been pushed more aggressively and where for that reason there are more ordinary people driving EVs and waiting in line to charge them. There is an interesting article that gets into details about it here.

But the take-home point is that similar is coming here.

It will be similar to what happened here back in the ’70s, when people had to wait in line – sometimes, for hours – to get gas and for essentially the same reason.


Back in the ’70s, it created temporary gas lines by causing gas to be temporarily in short supply (even though there was plenty of gas available). In our time, it is recreating lines – which will be permanent – by forcing gas (and diesel-powered) vehicles off the road in favor of battery-powered devices that take many times longer to recharge than it takes to refuel. Irrespective of the number of not-so-fast chargers the government conjures into existence.

Even if there were one “fast” charger for every EV on the road in a fully “electrified” scenario (as opposed to one gas pump for every several thousand; there are about 145,000 gas stations in the country vs. about 290 million vehicles, almost all of them not electric vehicles) it would still take each EV five-times-plus as long to recover a partial charge as it takes to fully refuel a gas-powered vehicle.

It will be like going to the DMV every day.

Perhaps the better – the more apt – example is it will be more like standing in line for bread every day, as in the old Soviet Union.

Which is just what America is becoming.

. . .

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    • RE: “EV catches fire…while not charging…”

      That’s spooky.

      Every time I plug in a battery from my cordless drills, I wonder about that sheet. …Now I got an extra wonder???

  1. JD Power says ‘mass market’ EV ownership costs 20% higher than gas cars

    ….and you get to wait for hours in a lineup to recharge…lol

  2. Here’s a new EeeVee sales index — how does your state rate?

    EeeVees are 25% of auto sales in Commiefornia, during the first half of 2023. In the Top Ten are all the usual Left Coast and East Coast suspects, including — sadly — Virginia in the No. 10 slot, owing of course to the blue redoubt of NoVa, hard by the imperial capital.

    At No. 5 sits Nevada, a state that twenty years ago I thought might be a refuge. Obviously it’s been hopelessly Californicated. 🙁

  3. airbag rage?

    GM Tumbles On Report It Has “At Least” 20 Million Vehicles With Potentially Explosive Air-Bag Parts That May Be Recalled…. that the government says should be recalled before more people are hurt or killed.

    GM among the most exposed in a push by U.S. auto-safety regulators to recall 52 million air-bag inflators designed by Tennessee-based auto supplier ARC Automotive……there are 11 other automakers that have the ARC air-bag inflators…

    from zh comments…..

    a bunch of worthless, corrupt politicians got a lot of kickbacks for pushing them in vehicles.

    like the face diapers, they make the sheeple “feel” safe and secure.

    Now do explosive airbags with explosive ev batteries ….lol

    Airbags were the solution to cars going from beefy metal road tanks, to light cheap aluminum and plastic for cost and fuel efficiency.

    Pffft…! That’s nothing…have you heard how unstable EV batteries are…?

  4. There won’t be any “recharge rage” here in America. The dildos will simply justify the “benefits” of not having to drive anywhere. They would much prefer having everything delivered to their jail cells…*clears throat*…I mean “pods”.

      • In the new movie Dumb Money….the brother delivers uber eats on a pedal powered bicycle…the lowest level of the slaves…. another slave being used/robbed by a .001% elite owned huge corporation….

  5. Porsche says it’s last gas powered car will be the 911…powered by carbon neutral efuels…currently about $12 a litre….$45 a gallon…..

    gates will still drive his 959 Porsche…you will walk….

  6. Most EV’s are powered by coal..(coal powered power plants producing electricity)….

    most EV’s are in china…

    % of coal powered EV’s in …..

    U.S. 40%

    India 60%

    China 70%

    Better/greener to stick with ultra clean burning ice vehicles ….0% powered by coal….

  7. Still plenty of people betting that gas cars aren’t going away. In my neighborhood, not one but TWO 48 pump gas stations have opened the last couple weeks. Wawa is coming to Indiana opening 60 new gas stations in the next couple of years.

    Imagine how big a charging station would have to be to serve as many cars as a 48 pump station? It would have to be so much larger.

    • Hi Rich,

      Yup! I think – I worry – that they know the only way they are going to succeed in this push is to make gas unaffordable or by making gas-powered cars illegal to drive, by imposing Zero Emissions Zones or something like that.

      • NYC is already in the process of implementing “congestion charges” for driving into Manhattan (similar to London). I suppose the only solution for driving ICE vehicles, is to move to a more rural area, until the elites force us into the cities. At that point, I believe all hell would break loose.

      • I think it’s still a ways off. Take a drive around. Everyone is driving, cars and trucks are everywhere. Without them you would not be able to go to work, shop, or travel. There is no way society could survive shutting down millions of people. Maybe over a hundred years it could happen but not in the few they want. All these mandates will be cancelled. It’s just liberal virtue signaling which will not stand the test of reality. Even the greenest of liberals is going to vote against this agenda if following it means suffering. Those people are the biggest pussies in the world anyway.

  8. Re: Woke EV buyers…religious fanatics…

    Wokeism is a religion, but its religious nature didn’t necessarily describe the madness that seemed to grip its most devoted adherents.

    “Woke Psychopathology: A Taxonomy” is inspired by the traits that characterize what the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-V) calls “Cluster B personality disorders.”

    There are four of these personality disorders: narcissistic, anti-social (previously psychopathy), histrionic, and borderline. The traits, which run horizontally across the top of the Taxonomy, are Attention-Seeking, Grandiosity, Emotional Dysregulation, Excess of Empathy, Victimhood Ideology, Impaired Reality Testing, Lack of Empathy, and Splitting. Together, the traits form an easy-to-remember acronym: AGE-EVILS.

    Along the horizontal axis are the three major categories of Wokeism: Race, Climate, and Trans. Inside each of the 24 boxes formed by the 3×8 grid are descriptions and examples of these traits.

    The result is striking.

    Attention-Seeking explains not only throwing soup on paintings but also Jussie Smollett’s hoaxed lynching and Dylan Mulvaney’s antics.

    Lack of Empathy (for those designated “oppressors”) explains not only BLM activists demanding fist salutes but also disregard for working-class commuters by climate activists and violence by trans activists against women.

    And Impaired Reality Testing explains not only the false claims of trans genocide but also the claim that racism is worse than ever and that climate change is making disasters worse.

  9. I guess one of the points of having all these new “infotainment” systems in the car is to give the sheep something to do while waiting to recharge !! I mean I see these new cars with video games – and see how sad it was. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up and drive a car instead of playing a video game driving a car. now in the car you have to sit and play a game!!

    • It did interrupt my thinking, like the father in Harrison Bergeron’s earpiece that would randomly make noises so he couldn’t concentrate.

      Odd that I keep my ringer set to a very low volume and yet the test alert blasted out full blast. WTF could be so urgent, without ample warning, that we need to have this system? In the days of Civil defense there were fallout shelters. But once everyone went to fission bombs there wasn’t much point to running for cover. Pretty much everything else is going to have a fair amount of notice.

    • The 10G graphene hyperdrive didn’t nuke my balls, make me retarded, or turn me into a zombie. Then again I didn’t take the clot shot. So I have that going for me… Which is nice.

    • Well, I was busy, but the only thing that happened was that I came inside to a notice on my twonky, but otherwise, I don’t see anything unusual. Strangely enough, I didn’t hear any emergency alerts on the radio, though it seemed to be having some strange digital glitch issue for a while.

      I also traveled to town for groceries, and it was as mundane as ever.

  10. Perhaps it is wise to raise a couple of items here. Firstly, it is the chemical reactor (battery) that is the only real problem with electric cars. What happens when a new technology comes which make batteries – at least as we know them – obsolete?

    Some folks keep toying with hydrogen or hydrogen-electric cars. There’s lots of tinkering and money going on there. Hybrid tech but a re-imagining of the chemicals used, and of course, how to create the fuel. Maybe that tech will be used with something less Hindenburg-rific.

    The other problems with electric cars can be solved. Tesla is showing how to reduce costs. Lucid demonstrates that they can be beautiful. Kia/Hundai allows buttons in the interior.

    I like the idea of an electric motor in automobiles. They are far more reliable, as demonstrated in your central air system (our fan has almost run constantly for 22 years). You are encouraged to be realistic without being cynical. Cynicism shuts down your imagination and creates a scarcity mentality; protective and resistant to learning new stuff.

    Oh yeah, in my mind the best thing about a Tesla is not dealing with a car salesman. In fact, I reckon the Tesla shopping experience is responsible for 20% of their sales.

    • As a true history buff, I have learned to be skeptical of any product/idea that is pushed by a central authority in lieu of the marketplace.

      Today, EVs are not yet a viable replacement for ICE powered vehicles. Present to me a cheaper, more reliable, better functioning alternative to the ICE and I may get on board (after the kinks are worked out). Until then, no amount of nudging from my betters will get me to downgrade current superior technology.

      • EV’s could become desirable if allowed to compete, because competition drives innovation. Forcing anything stifles it, because the companies don’t have to work so hard to make a compelling product.

        I really do wish the mandates go away, but I think EV’s are wonderful for some duty cycles, but not all, so we need alternatives to be available.

    • The dream for the last century and more. Just around the corner, breakthrough battery technology. On a par with Fusion power, in 10 more years for the last 60. Dream on.

    • EV garbage….

      from ZH comments….

      Your Tesla is WORTHLESS ! Tesla discounts Model S by $30,000, and Model X by $41,000 — REminder it costs $27,000 to replace a battery pack
      EVs all a piece of shhit — climate change SCAM — Soon EVs will be left on the side of streets because no one wants them.

      And Pelotons on the other side of the road….lol

      • Banned on ferries….lol

        Senator Gerard Rennick (Aus), has been speaking out about the ev fires.

        “Electric vehicles are spontaneously combusting so often that a Norwegian shipping company has banned them from its ferries.

        Battery-related fires in NSW are up 20%”.

    • Remember that thorium turbine reactor car I think eric wrote about years ago….that would be a nice electric car, just refuel the reactor every 15 years or so for more basically unlimited driving

    • I hear this all the time, just wait, the next generation break through battery will happen one day.

      It is irrelevant. No matter what magic battery is developed it will have the same weakness as all of them: it has to be charged. Charging requires amperes. The bigger the battery the more the amperes.

      Charge stations require a feeder substation. The more stations you have the bigger the feeder.
      If you think underground storage tanks and pumps are expensive. Try pricing transformers, large 3 phase circuit breakers, breakers onnthebDC side and various protective relays and other controls. Next you need a source of all those amperes.

      Charging your theoretical battery is slave to Ohms Law. Volts and amps can only flow so quickly through conductors small enough to plug into a car charge port.

      If you have a 48 KwH battery and want to charge in 20 mins you should be able to do the math as to how many amps you will need at 800v. Then multiply by the number of charge stations. Hint- its a helluva lot.

      Now that is on the DC side. AC is a whole ‘nother issue, since the AC needs to be changed to DC, and utilities don’t provide 800 v you will need a 480 v feeder which can get you only 650 or so volts on the DC side, which means you need a transformers. Then rectifiers neither of which are 100% efficient and also change your power factor so you will need 20% more on the feeder side.

      Then there is heat generated. Your magic battery cannot overcome certain physical laws, so your rate is limited by heat dissipation, yes you can mitigate it with a cooling system, add another 25-30% for that.

      Multiply by however many stations you need in your town and it quickly becomes a massive problem. Magic battery or no magic battery.
      Your motor might be more reliable but it will not be less costly when you factor in the copper, cobalt, various rare earths, the mining required for these ultra pure materials is not like relatively simple cast iron or aluminum.

      Electric motors can and do fail, repair of these fancy motors is not cheap and in most cases impractical. They still have bearings that can wear out, bad grounds can cause power loss through the bearings. There are aa many possible problems with them as IC motors..

      Your magic battery actually solves very little of the real problems of EVs.

      • Hi Alex,

        Exactly. Liquid hydrocarbon fuels can be transported essentially anywhere a truck can be driven – or a jug can be carried. They do not need to be pumped from the refinery to the gas station. A gas tank is an empty container that the liquid fuel can be pumped/poured into easily and quickly, with no need for complex, high-power-draw equipment. The fuel is ready to burn and does not need to be converted into some other form before it is usable. It stores easily and safely for weeks/months without any special procedures. An it only takes about 70 pounds of gasoline (12 gallons or so)to power a typical car for nearly 400 miles. The car can be ready to go for another 400 in less than five minutes, too.

        These are all facts. They do not matter. The goal is not to replace gas cars with EVs. It is to replace cars, using EVs to do that.

        • Also electricity reagulag.

          not be efficiently stored or buffered. Buffering allows you to store energy then transport it to where you need it. Once transported it can sit in a tank for a long time and dispensed as needed.
          Its a simple matter to adjust for varied regional and seasonal demand. Not so with electricity
          It has to be generated as needed and power plants work most efficiently at full load so varied demand required swing load plant running at idle them ramping up to demand. Its pretty easy to see how inefficient this is. Nearly as inefficient as putting a 1000 pound battery in a 2000 pound car.

          But yeah we know this whole EV is a scam and part of a long term plan to limit our mobility and keep us locked up in the 15-minute gulags.

          The ‘important’ people will of course still have their cars and private jets.

          • Also electricity cannot be efficiently stored or buffered. Buffering allows you to store energy then transport it to where you need it. Once transported it can sit in a tank for a long time and dispensed as needed.
            Its a simple matter to adjust for varied regional and seasonal demand. Not so with electricity
            It has to be generated as needed and power plants work most efficiently at full load so varied demand required swing load plant running at idle them ramping up to demand. Its pretty easy to see how inefficient this is. Nearly as inefficient as putting a 1000 pound battery in a 2000 pound car.

            But yeah we know this whole EV is a scam and part of a long term plan to limit our mobility and keep us locked up in the 15-minute gulags.

            The ‘important’ people will of course still have their cars and private jets.

  11. The digital age has isolated people in an unhealthy way to begin with. Now everyone uses public pressure to force each other to comply with ‘safety’ B.S. (the sheeple masking), and people no longer feel the need to treat each other with any courtesy. Road rage is an epidemic on account of all this selfishness, ironically due to all the safe-the-planet-pseudo-humanity B.S.

    This ‘instant’ gratification society is NOT going to wait their 2-5 ‘turn at the pump’. We already know the practicality of being able to ‘gas and go’, so the asinine EV refueling issue just isn’t going to fly, not even for the ‘greenies’, but everyone’s tempers most certainly will!

    • In my semi-rural area, there aren’t many EVS yet. You one or two cars with people sitting in them at the bank of 10 chargers at Kroger sitting for many minutes if not hours in black EVs in 90 degree heat with 100% humidity. Insane. Still, it’s the South, uncrowded, and people are generally polite.

      Crowding brings out the worst in people. Anyone who has ever been 2-5 people deep in a line at a deli counter in the NYC metro area knows what 2-5 deep, minimum, at the EV charger up North will look like. There will be “words.” I’ve seen people get physical over a pound of lunch meat. Not fighting, necessarily, although I wouldn’t rule it out entirely. More like jockeying for position.

      Here’s an example of this kind of “physicality.” The oil change place near me used to be a casual affair. First come first serve. Roll in at 10:30 a.m., out at 11:15. No hassles. Nowadays, there are a lot of NY/NJ/CT, and to be fair other places, retirees around. They show up 2 hours before the place opens and form a line. I got there the other day when the shop opened at 8 am because my wife warned me this was the only way to get it done same day and the line was 15 deep. The guy sitting next to me said he’d been there since 6:00 am. I didn’t get out of there till 11:30.

        • Funny, the guy I sat next to said the same thing. I know the owners make big bank but it’s a revolving cast of employees, especially the last 3 years. No one looks happy. You couldn’t pay me enough to live that life.

  12. Insurance costs will grow and the EV owner will pay through the nose.

    The insurance will be a hefty 5000 British Pounds for one year, it happened to an EV owner in England. That’s 6000 USD, 30 grand in six years, that kind of money will buy lots of petrol.

    Over at WUWT, there is a post of one insurance company refusing to insure EVs.

    There’ll be used EV’s for sale for salvage by the hundreds of thousands.

    The EV fad is going to end up a serious mistake, a flop.

    The project has to be abandoned, relegate the things to be a source for electricity, park all of them in the deserts out West, install solar panels on the top of each one, the solar panel can trickle charge the stationary EV to have the electricity flow to somewhere.

    A danger to human life and a public nuisance at this point.

    The technology is not working. Just have to stop, no is the word of the day.

    • Another EV fire…but….they never report it as an EV fire…it hurts their marketing campaign to trick people into buying EV’s…..

      This fire burns down half of the house and melts the overhead powerlines…the utility has to shut off the power in area……only seven fire trucks required to fight the fire….lol…..what did that cost?……how many thousands of water were used?…contaminated water going into storm drains….really green….lol

      • What is different about EV fires?

        Lithium-ion batteries are a popular technology for electric vehicles because they store a huge amount of energy in a very small space. However, if the battery is exposed to excessive heat, or there is a penetration in the battery case, then an internal short circuit causes heat that triggers a chemical reaction and a process called thermal runway which can lead to ignition, or in some cases even explosion. Although these fires remain rare, when they do occur, they can be extremely dangerous.

        During an electric vehicle fire, over 100 organic chemicals are generated, including some incredibly toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide – both of which are fatal to humans.

        For the fire services this means that responders must wear full PPE with respiratory equipment when dealing with any sort of vehicle fire. However, members of the public or individuals from other public services remain vulnerable.

        Putting out EV fires

        Fire services basically have two main options, let the fire burn out or extinguish it.

        The obvious choice seems to be to extinguish the fire, however many EV manufacturers actually advise for a controlled burn. This is where the fire services allow the vehicle to burn out while they focus on protecting the surrounding area.

        Letting a fire burn out is not an ideal solution as it can impact on surrounding environment, property and people. Also, it can mean closing a road for up to eight hours significantly disrupting communities and businesses, which may rule it out as an option.

        Putting out an EV fire demands large amounts of water, around 1,125 litres a minute. This is water that can become contaminated with soot and chemicals and run off into public drainage systems.
        The fire that keeps on burning

        Once the fire has been extinguished, the problem remains that electric vehicle fires can reignite hours, days or even weeks after the initial event, and they can do so many times, making disposal and storage of a fire-damaged vehicle a challenge. from

  13. All I can do is sit back, laugh and enjoy the show at this point. The sooner the EV scam blows up (literally?), the better, so we (the market) can get back to practicality in place of the insane fake climate saving measures.

    People who do not think like us must learn their lessons the hard way, since they don’t seem to be able to contemplate future consequences of present action. Most people infuriatingly seem to be automatons, walking in a straight line until they hit resistance, turning slightly, and continuing in a straight line again.

    It’s just a shame that the majority’s shortsightedness tends to drag us along with them.

    I’m not one to preach to others about what they should do. I’m an adult and expect to be treated as such and so don’t wish to treat others like children. So I’m not at all interested in changing peoples’ minds. All I can do is point and laugh at stupidity when I see it, and if they ask why I’m laughing, then I’ll explain to them the error of their ways if I feel charitable that day. In the meantime, I live as free as possible and try to set an example for my kids.

  14. I have a proposition.

    I hereby decree that, without exception, effective immediately, ALL police vehicles, fire trucks, government vehicles, military vehicles, and ambulances shall henceforth be electric only.

    If the battery, dies, the patient dies. The soldiers die. The house burns, the police do not show up. The government scum do not get to their junkets and press conferences.

    Then we’ll see if they want to keep forcing EVs down everyone else’s throats.

    • Would be nice if GovCo passed a law where they lived under the same rules as we plebes. The best part of your declaration, left unsaid, is the amount of innocent Black dogs that will be spared execution. Also the number of no knock midnight raids is sure to decline.

  15. Toll roads with service centers in the NE already have lines at the gas pumps quite often. Places like the NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway any others are examples. They are currently ripping most of them apart and under major construction. My guess is to cater to EV charging areas?
    If they have lines now for gas, how long will the EV lines be? If you’re just a little practical, you can see they don’t have the real estate to do it. So my guess is it will be “you are limited to 10 of 15 minute charge” so EV travelers will have to leap frog from station to station, or get off the road to recharge elsewhere. So efficient ……………..

    • And despite the outright persecution of the typical USSR Jews, a disproportionate amount of the Russian oligarchs that began amassing their ill-gotten gains as “Apparatchiks” in the Soviet Era are J-O-Os.

  16. Despite rising oil prices, investors have continued to signal they won’t pour money into companies seeking to increase drilling, as they did in years past. “We tried to tempt our respondents by asking, ‘What if oil is $90 [a barrel]?’” the firm said. “Most, but not all, claimed activity will not change.

    As long as Russia is verboten (unless you’re China or India) and Saudi Aramco is holding, why bother expanding? Take the W and buy back shares. As for your customers, f*** ’em! Where else are they going to go? The electric company? HAHAHAHA!

    Can’t make money with plenty.

  17. ‘Many electric car drivers were adamant that the north of the [UK] is far worse off in terms of infrastructure.’ — Daily Mail article

    But of course: the posh folks live in the southeast, around London … except when they decamp to their summer homes in Scotland.

    Just as one wouldn’t expect to find EeeVee chargers in Coalburg, W.V., unless Joe Manchin slips in an earmark for the US fedgov to put them there, at our expense.

    More disturbing is the cost cited by one complainant in the Daily Mail article: 80p per kilowatt-hour. That is nigh on a dollar per kWh — whereas the average household rate in the US is around $0.15/kWh.

    How are ye gonna ‘save money,’ lads, if yer e-juice costs seven times yer petrol-juice?

    How can ye have any meat, if ye don’t eat yer pudding??

    • Rishi Sunak, Seeking an Image Upgrade, Cancels High-Speed Rail Project

      ‘The British prime minister said he would pull the plug on a costly but potentially transformative line to Manchester that was a cornerstone of his party’s pledge to “level up” the north of England.

      ‘The prime minister said that the curtailment of the project, called HS2, was less a retreat than a redistribution of resources to better connect cities in England’s north with each other, rather than with London.’ — NYT

      That’s the ticket: wall off the provincial cities, so their teeming masses don’t infest the crowded capital.

      ‘I’ve got mine, Jack,’ hissed young Rishi, a billionaire, under his breaf. ‘The bleeding nerve of those bloody berks …’

    • Unironic self-parody:

      ‘The [Tory] party sought to humanize Mr. Sunak on Wednesday with the surprise appearance onstage of his wife, Akshata Murty, who said that she and her husband were “best friends.” She recalled meeting Mr. Sunak as graduate students in California, described his upbringing in Southampton and celebrated his love for his country.’ — NYT

      Eh, which country is that, now? ‘Sunak is a Hindu and identifies as British Indian, stating that he is “thoroughly British” but with an Indian religious and cultural heritage. He took his oath as an MP at the House of Commons on the Bhagavad Gita.‘ — Wikipedia

      • >British Indian, stating that he is “thoroughly British” but with an Indian religious and cultural heritage.
        Commonly known as a WOG.
        Mancunians of my acquaintance commonly prefix WOG with the phrase “Fook off, ya.”

  18. I read the UK article. I noticed one thing. Not a single EV charging person pictured was a native brit all were immigrants of one sort or another, all also seemed to be taxi drivers. The only person pictured that is arguably a native brit was the Executive running a charging company and by his name looked to be of Irish decent.

  19. As libertarians have asserted for years the market is the best way to get things done. Gas powered vehicles are a perfect example. The market for cars and their care and refueling has been organically created over decades by the market process. It works pretty good. Unfortunately the people that think government can do a better job are in control and they think that they can will a new market into existence with the force of government and other peoples money. This has always proven to be a disaster. This time the effects are going to be significant.

    • It’s not so much that the governement will do better than the free market, it’s the idea that “uncontrolled” is a synonym for “chaotic.” If someone explains that 99% of human production is outside of any control (for example language -English predated the Oxford English Dictionary, not the other way around) then maybe something will start to sink in.

      We live in a time where most human acomplishments were engineered. It only seems logical that society should be engineered as well. Why leave things to random chance? Never mind that all the social engineering only works because it follows human nature and instinct. Hannibal Smith planned it and it came together.

      In the 17th century it was thought that the universe model was a clockwork. This held up well until discovery of the electron, then the universe model became one of forces. At some point in the near future somone will “figure out” that the universe is actually a complicated program… like DNA… because we have fancy programable calculators all around us.

  20. People keep forgetting,,, there has to be a power generator somewhere to power these zillions of EV power points. How many new Generating plants being built have you heard of?

    SOLAR covering arable land causing other problems. WINDMILLS are a joke. REQUIRES grid and/or a stand alone DIESEL GENERATOR to get the blades turning then a few hours of operation to ‘pay back’ the used power. If too much wind the blades feather to keep from destroying the entire generator. And both systems require inverters, batteries and associated equipment.

    ALL FOR WHAT? Satan Clause,,, CEO of one of HELLS agencies, the WEF, says no more private vehicles after 2030. Lost Angels mayor agrees and approves. Easy Peezy to do when there is not enough power.

    Rapidly coming down to two choices! Live free or kneel.

    • More insanity…

      “Panasonic’s new battery plant in Kansas will require an amount of energy equivalent to that used by a small city, forcing a nearby utility to halt the shutdown of a coal-fired power plant. This has sparked criticism that electric vehicle production and electric vehicles aren’t ‘ESG-friendly.’ ” Article

      Let’s see,,, a coal fired generator plant required to field enough power to build the batteries that will save the earth from ‘fossil fuel’ CO2 globull hogwash.

    • After Westinghouse built the power station at Niagra Falls, the Aluminum Company Of America built a processing plant for the production of aluminum, sighting the plant nearby thanks to the cheap and abundant hydro power.

      I look at all these renewable/unreliable production plants being added to see their capacity. They always refer to them in terms of how many homes they will power. It’s always a fairly big number, usually in the thousands. But they never mention how many aluminum smelters they’ll run, or battery plants, or even how many EVs they’ll charge.

      Like measuring distance using bananas, “homes” has no definition. And most of them are empty for 8-10 hours a day, dark for 8 hours while occupants are sleeping, and subject to big peaks of use in the morning and late afternoon.

      • >Like measuring distance using bananas, “homes” has no definition.
        Well said, RK. 🙂 LOL.
        Well…you *could* define a “standard banana,” I suppose, but why not just use your thumb? Most folks have one or two, last I heard.

        Your main point, IMO, is spot on.

    • All solar or wind power generation fields need a complete gas, diesel or coal powered generation station running 24/7/365 as a backup…for when there is no wind or sun….now you need 2 complete systems where before you only needed one system…insanity….the cost of electricity will skyrocket….

      if you go net zero…wind and solar only….there will be very low power output, with huge gaps….you will freeze in the dark…..charge EV’s?…forget it…you will walk….lol

  21. I have posted some of this info before, but it bears repeating on this topic.

    EV proponents rarely if ever discuss the (huge) impact of EV charging on the electric grid, other than to dismiss any concerns with the wave of a hand.

    Where things could get interesting is the peak demand with fast chargers, because a lot of them will be needed even with many people “slow” charging at low levels overnight at home or in daytime at work.

    Let’s say a typical “Quick Mart” has 16 gas pumps. Each gas pump now has a fractional HP pump, maybe a load of 500 Watts per pump. So maybe 8 kW total peak demand.

    Replace those (or add) today’s “fast” chargers, say 16 of those at a nominal 250 kW (that may be on the low end, Tesla’s may be 350 kW).

    16 x 250 = 4,000 kW or 4 MW of connected load. So suddenly every suburban or rural Quick Mart has an electric load (design peak demand) equal to a paper mill, auto assembly plant, or a medium size college campus.

    And if I’m doing my math correctly, a 250 kW charger (with 15% loss) adds a net of about 3.5 kWh per minute to the EV battery, so it will be adding about 12-14 miles range per minute of actual charge time.

    Compare that to my sedan, where I can add over 300 miles of range in about two minutes of actual full time, or 150 miles per minute.

    That is about a 10 to one ratio – that is to say, it takes 10 times as long to add range to an EV as compared to the equivalent range addition to an IC vehicle.

    Either electric or gas cars will have similar time requirements to pull in, park, initiate the process with a payment method, etc. So the actual “fill time” is what is important.

    And further, most EV proponents assume the in the future, new batteries and chargers will be developed that will make EV charging “as convenient” as filling the tank of an IC engine vehicle.

    If that ever becomes reality then the impact on the grid will be monumental – based on simple calculations, the supercharger load will be about 4 megawatts per charger – that is for ONE charger supplying ONE car.

    So under that scenario, each Quick Mart would have a connected load of about 64 megawatts. Never going to happen in reality.

    • Well-said, Steve –

      It’s all true – and yet it does not matter. Why? Because the point of all of this is to cripple mobility for the average person. I will keep saying so until people finally get it.

      By which time, of course, it may be too late…

    • In Texas, Capo Gecko is planning to solve the problem of electricity supply to his remodeled Pilot/Flying-J EV charging stations using on-demand gas fired generators, with taxpayers subsidizing the bill for building the infrastructure if the ballot measure establishes the slush fund passes in the election this November.

      In theory, the generators would supply electricity back the state grid in critical situations, but the Capo would still be the primary beneficiary most of the time.

    • [Clapping Hands]
      Exercises for the student:
      1. Calculate the wire size required to deliver the additional load due to EV chargers @ a typical location.
      2. Calculate the weight of copper required to produce the wires for all new charging locations.
      3. Calculate the weight of copper ore which must be mined and refined to produce the copper.
      4. Calculate the amount of energy required to turn copper ingots at the smelter into copper wire. Assume the smelter is in Chile (world’s largest copper producer) and the wire manufacturer is in the U.S.
      5. Calculate the amount of petroleum required to produce the insulation for the wires.
      6. Calculate the energy required to turn crude oil into polymer wire insulation. Be sure to include this result in your answer to question 5.
      Extra credit:
      7. Estimate the energy required to install the upgraded copper wiring.
      a) Assume the wiring is installed over head, using steel transmission towers and wood power poles. Don’t forget the cost of insulators, and do not neglect the cost of producing the support structures (mining and refining iron ore and rolling steel sections for the steel towers, logging for wooden power poles).
      b) Assume the wiring is installed underground. for aesthetic and safety reasons. Installation will require trenching, and may involve cutting and replacing asphalt or concrete paving at some locations.
      c) Compare the cost of options a & b.

  22. The government creates scarcity so few can profit from it.

    Guessing that about 15-20%% of the population has a bully mentality in that they have gotten what they want by intimidation, how will they behave at the re-charge station?

    • Hi Hans,

      Some insight: I know several very affluent people who own EVs.They also own another vehicle – so they don’t have to deal with the hassle of charging or worrying about charging. The other vehicle is typically a six figure gas-powered SUV.

      • This is exactly the use for EVs. Second (or third or fourth) vehicles. A nice to have luxury if you can afford it, and a garage to keep it. And time to charge it (or enough clout to demand a charger be placed where you like to park).

      • EVs can work great for certain applications. Golf carts are a perfect example.
        UCLA has a conference center in the San Bernardino mountains that has operated a fleet of custom made electric vehicles to get around the grounds for decades. An electric Smart Fortwo makes perfect sense as a commuter car, where the route is well defined, less than 100 miles each way, and does not vary from day to day, excepting short side trips.

        Just don’t try to leave The Village. 🙂

  23. Ok predictions! More carjackings of gas cars remaining on the road. Criminals don’t want to wait in line! Homeowners with level 2 chargers will experience home invasions for their juice. Apartment complexes and businesses will rent out their chargers. Charging stations will get vandalized. Jus because. People who charge their cars on the curb in front of their home like I saw in the bay area will need to guard that car overnight or else.

    • Not just car jackings of remaining gas cars on the road, imagine what it’s going to be like in the inner cities. You already take your life in your hands just stopping for a few minutes to get gas, imagine being stuck at a charger for hours.

    • Hi Mike,

      That is creepy given the assaults on gas powered vehicles, not to mention the desire from the globalist/ technocratic elite to ban private ownership of vehicles among the masses. If that isn’t stopped, it could expand to ALL gas powered vehicles regardless of whether it’s a newer model or one made pre 1978, and it could also spread to other states such as Oregon, as insane bills and ideas California pushes tend to spread to other states. And with the Biden Thing pursuing a demented climate change agenda itself, it could conceivably wish to survey literally anybody who owns a gas vehicle regardless of what year it is.

    • Perhaps a “trucker protest” of classic cars is in order? I could be the biggest classic car show EVER! Fun for the whole family!

  24. Quite Orwellian, worse is better. I can’t remember the last time I had to wait in line to gas up. Looks like one may have to be well armed to charge up before this is over. If it ever is.

  25. I’ve never been to a Sheetz, but the business model at Buc-ee’s is centered around discouraging loitering inside the store, with EV charging relegated to the edges of their properties.

    • Yeah. I wonder how that is working out. Of course, it is early, so Teslas chargers can be seen but few takers so far.

      This isn’t going to work with Buccees business model. Or is it? They have enough acreage around the stores to land a fleet of Cessnas while people are filling up.

      Of course, its all total bullshit and I think EVs actually suck and should probably be banned (only in reaction to them trying to ban my ICE cars).

      It’s going to make for some interesting stuff as they sit in the 100 degree heat with their stinky buckeys food for an hour or so while the gasoline powered guy is out on the road after spending 10 minutes in the store and 5 minutes at the pump

      • The Buc-ee’s outside Pensacola, FL opened during the “summer of love” with an inadequate parking lot without any EV chargers in sight, requiring the company to immediately purchase an additional parcel across the street which was frantically being paved by a crew on a Sunday of the July 4th Weekend that year when we stopped.

        Most of the time in Texas, for now, the charging stations at a big travel center on a freeway will be half filled, but I saw my first line this year during Spring Break at a critical charging location at a Love’s about mid-way between San Antonio and Corpus Christi, an essential stop for anyone sweating range anxiety on that road.

        • Wow. I was at the Buccees near Katy or some such and the EV spots were emtpy. Same with Ennis. I just laugh. They have all these chargers and people will pull in eventually. They are going to have to stay in their cars with their stinky nuggets and charge while the rest of us can go. They will have to walk back to the store to put their crap in a trash bin. What a joke

          • I felt so bad about seeing all these EV charging stations always empty, that I decided to park my 79 in those spots any time I’m out and about. I thought of the possibility of a confrontation with an EV owner but then I remembered LOLOLOLOLOL.

    • Huh? If anything, Bucee’s WANTS you to linger so they can sell more “Kuntry Kitsch”. That’s why it’s know as the $85 pit stop. PLUS GAS

    • Sheetz business model was always to sell the gas and cigarettes cheap and make profit on the impulse stuff at the register. Over time that came to include baked goods, hot dogs and other convenience store stables, but taken to the extreme of a full menu of unhealthy food, usually with a Z tacked on the end. In many small Pennsylvania towns they’ve crowded out all other restaurants. It is no longer a quick grab-n-go experience either. So for them, recharging the battery cars is going to be a godsend to keep the margins up. Waiting? Have a seat and order up a Subz and Friz with a Monster squishy drink and a couple of Gobz!


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