Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 10/03/2023

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Here’s the audio of my weekly get-together with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about RFK, Jr.’s wild-card candidacy as a way to send a big FU to the Uniparty as well as “unlocking” what you don’t own:

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  1. What a surprise (NOT):

    “As we previewed yesterday, the BankRate average 30Y US mortgage this morning has spiked 8 basis points to the highest level in 23 years – one not seen August 25, 2000 – a mindblowing 7.88%, which is insane when one considers that three years ago the same mortgage was less than 3%”


    8% is the magic number where the bobbleheads suddenly become aware that interest rates are going up PERMANENTLY.

    The great interest rates are going to the moon awakening has just begun. Wait until the public learns that the Fed does NOT control rates, the market does.

    33 trillion is a noose around Uncle Sam’s neck. Interest cost of the National Debt is now surging through a trillion a year. Soon that number could exceed 2 trillion.

    Yesterday made history, the spendthrift Zionist lunatic Kevin McCarthy (((and his Jewish legal team))) was ousted. I will try to post some quotes on what he said as Speaker, like there is no limit to the funds we supply to Ukraine.

    Deficit spending the nation into ruin is an act of war, as is keeping the borders wide open and letting tens of millions on illegal Mexican gang bangers in. It is a high crime of state to not secure the borders – and the value of your life.

    Thousands of whites are being killed each year by blacks and Mexicans. The MSM will not report such facts. Blacks rape white women like 50:1 compare to the other way around. Most people ignore such stats, preferring to stick their heads in the sand.

    Amerika is going down hard. Surging mortgage rates are a death bell to home prices – and the banks who hold Treasury bonds and mortgage paper.

  2. Hell froze over today, Matt Gaetz motion to oust Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, was passed. So according to what i just read, this is the first time a Speaker was removed. And good riddance say I, that treasonous POS wanted more money for Ukraine and helped the Demoncraps spend us into insolvency.

    Folks, it is time to balance the budget. Interest rates, BTW shot up again today. Limit down on 30 year bond prices. What that means is loans are going up also. Home mortgages could soon be surging past 8%.

    When you are 33 trillion in debt and interest rates are going to the moon, well … that means … you are screwed to say the least. And all that money to Ukraine was money down the toilet, and all you got was 500,000 dead, 2 million wounded, and half the country vacated. What a deal that was, and guess who it benefitted? Not Ukraine.

    Here is where to watch: Steve Bannon’s War Room:

    I am quite impressed with Mr. Matt Gaetz, now there is someone who ought to be the Speaker of the House!

    He is articulate, conservative, not a whore, not in special interest pocket, and by golly the man actually wants to balance the budget.

    You all know, that is Congresses #1 job. Not balancing the budget is an act of war against the nation, it is an intentional sabotage of the nation’s finances!


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