Diaper Report: 04/03/2024

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The other day, a woman whose Twitter handle is Airborne Aware, posted a picture of herself sitting in the back seat of a car wearing a respirator/face shield because she was “embarking on a 6-hour car ride with someone who takes zero COVID precautions.”

Where are the Red Flag laws to protect the rest of us from such people?

It’s a a serious question.

We are told to report to authorities people we think aren’t right in the head and so might be a danger to themselves and others. Doesn’t Airborne Aware qualify? She is clearly paranoid and pathologically fearful as well as delusional. There is no reason – in the literal meaning of the word – to be that afraid of catching a cold and if there were reason to fear it, why take the risk of getting into a vehicle with “someone who takes zero COVID precautions”? Why not drive to wherever you needed to go by yourself?

Why not just rent a car?

Why not, for that matter, just stay home?

Well, because that’s not and never has been what this is all about. People such as Airborne Aware aren’t really sick. They are ideological. Zealots – in the Old Testament sense, but without the Old Testament. Without the spiritual element. Indeed, precisely because they lack it – and so feel the need for it – but want it to be secular rather spiritual because the latter is for superstitious, “anti-science” dumbos.

Here it’s worth noting that AA is (so she says) a “PhD candidate studying behavior change and psychology.” It does not require much imagination to divine whose behavior she’d like to change.

And it isn’t hers.

She sees the unbelievers as dangerous. Herself as informed, sensible and – above all – caring. She is the good person. The virtuous person. The one who knows best.

It has a familiar ring, doesn’t it?

AA is a kind of archetype; people like her formed the ideological cohort of Mao’s Red Guards and Stalin’s Young Pioneers. They are Jesuits, of a kind. Sans a God but fervent of belief. One that is as militant and supercilious as it is intolerant. It has given them identity. It has given them meaning.

They are a special tribe, set apart from the rest – whom they regard as benighted, ignorant and implicitly immoral.

Italicized to emphasize the thinly-veiled threat passively (but nonetheless aggressively) purveyed by AA’s reference to the “someone who takes zero COVID precautions.” Can you hear what she said there? The presumption being that “precautions” – such as wearing a full-face respirator and spittle shield – are warranted.

If so, what does that say about the person who “takes zero precautions”? What would you say about a person who took “zero precautions” when handling hazardous materials? Assuming, for the sake of discussion, that the materials are actually hazardous. It goes without saying that such a person would be rightly regarded by most of us as recklessly indifferent to the well-being of others.

And it goes without saying that such a person is – by definition – not a good person.

What is to be done with such people? 

More finely, what do you suppose people like AA would like to see done to such people? Well, we know that already. Because we experienced it, already. They want non-believers punished – for not believing as they believe. For not acting in accordance with their beliefs.

They want non-believers to be treated as a threat.

Think about that. More to the point, remember that. We are fools if we forget what these people still believe – and are biding their time (for now) until they reacquire the power to enforce.

Sickness Psychosis has not been cured.

It has only gone into temporary remission.

. . .

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  1. I think more concerning than Ms. Airborne Aware is the scene in the photo captioned “glass beach plastic death out now”.

    I was wondering what the hell that meant, and more importantly exactly when that event took place. Apparently “Plastic Death” is an album by the band Glass Beach. It was released in January of this year, so the event in the photo took place 2 weeks ago.

    I can’t imagine enjoying a concert whilst being smothered in such a way, but it appears some do.

    Hmmm, “plastic death”… Perhaps a description of the slow demise one might experience constantly face diapering?..

  2. Canadian woman requests euthanasia (under Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying “MAID” program) for her diagnosis (gaslighting) that she contracted the incurable disease known as “Long COVID.”


    Because she’s Canadian it’s almost an absolute certainty that she’s been “fully vaxxed.” The “long COVID” diagnosis is just the cover for her vaxx poisoning by Big Pharma. Now Big Pharma can dun the state for her euthanasia drugs to “treat” the disease it caused her in the first place. The house always wins.

  3. You know, I feel like such a schmuck.

    I got the shots—all of them—because I thought I wouldn’t get COVID and I wouldn’t need a mask. But no.

    The mask mandates returned.

    I got COVID anyway.

    So much for that.

    It was a bad head cold.

    But you know what? The reason why it was a bad head cold was because I lost 40+ pounds. I think that had a lot to do with it.

    Personally, if you want to do something to reduce your risk of getting sick, lose weight. But you know what? We didn’t hear a peep about that from anyone.

    Just saying.

  4. If I were the driver, that mentally deranged woman would never have been allowed in the car in the first place. I don’t think this is a legit occurrence. I think she’s lying about the whole thing and posted it merely to virtue signal or to get views.

  5. In today’s news, Zelensky bought a 20 million dollar mansion from a Rothschild in UK. The draft age in Ukraine was lowered 2 more years to 14, as they need more Ukes for tank and drone fodder to keep the Biden-Zelensky money laundering operation going.

    Israel killed some more Amerikan food aid workers, Biden is baffled, has no idea what to do.

    • Coorection to Zelsnky’s 20m mansion

      “The London Crier: Zelenskyy acquires Highgrove House, Former Residence of King Charles, for £20M

      April 3, 2024

      Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the new owner of Highgrove House, previously owned by King Charles, Report informs, citing The London Crier.

      Highgrove House, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire, served as the country residence of King Charles III even after he assumed his new role as Britain’s reigning monarch.”


      George Carlin – It’s A BIG Club & You Ain’t In It!

      “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club. And by the way, it’s the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head in their media telling you what to believe, what to think”

      Support the blue and yellow flag Goyim, Keeeeeeeeeev is on the verge of victory, Zelensky is a brave hero leading his nation to total victory over Russia – soon the Ukrainian tanks will be driving down Red Square in Moscow.

      • ‘Zelenskyy acquires Highgrove House, Former Residence of King Charles, for £20M’ — Yukon Jack

        Mike Johnson and Chuck Schumer urgently want to give Z-man another $70 billion, so he can buy more mansions … and Johnson and Schumer can get their 10 percent kicked back to them from grateful defense contractors.

        Win-win-win for them; Lose, lose, lose for actual non-traitor Americans. They know we know — and they flaunt it in our faces. Whatcha gonna do about it, little citizens? Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares.

  6. Airborne Aware is a Good German, anxiously awaiting the return of “ze old days”, ja, when the non believers will finally be rounded up and loaded into trains bound for the camps, where Control will be liquidated once and for all.

    Brought to you by Pfizer, Moderna, and their masters at Vanguard/Blacrock/State Street.

  7. Yes, a $6 mask is the pinnacle of protection. Well done, freak.

    Luckily this freak show doesn’t have any real power. The bad people are clearly teeing up another scare, but I think they overdid it last time, and many people woke up to the retardation.

    I had four flights last week – all blue areas – and saw vanishingly few masks. Mostly youngsters, believe it or not. Lots of broken brains out there.

  8. This woman is sick in the head, but it isn’t over a few germs. I am not a psychologist by any means, but it seems to me that a person who is truly fearful of contagions is someone who avoids people and they sure don’t post their “fear” on social media for all to see unless they are an attention seeking whore.

    The mighty dollar and “likes” is this planet’s downfall. If someone is fearful of something a normal person isn’t going to post this so it can be used against them later. Why would anyone want to expose their angst or phobias? If I was a betting woman I venture that respirator remained on her face until her pic was uploaded to Twitter. One who is scared of “germs” doesn’t get into a car for six hours to ride around with someone they believe is going to kill them. That person would say “nah, I will drive myself” or “I won’t attend because someone could sneeze in my vicinity”.

    These preposterous posts and pics would stop if no one responded to them. TikTokers and Tweeters are the new world hustlers. Instead of begging for a dollar on a street corner they are pleading for it over a social platform.

    Did anyone ask the driver of the goofball sitting in the backseat why they were willing to tote around a medical ward patient for 360 miles? If somebody tried getting in my car wearing that I would left their ass in the driveway.

    • “If somebody tried getting in my car wearing that I would left their ass in the driveway.”

      Tie them to the roof rack.

    • The driver probably is used to this hypochondriac. That’s all she is – a hypochondriac. During the covid me-too freakout, hypochondriacs were living the high life. Everyone was like them and liked them! Nobody was ignoring them anymore with their fake illnesses and death imminents. They were right!

      Then it all came crashing down and they were ignored and ridiculed again. But that will never stop a hypochondriac from trying to be the center of attention. The driver of this nutjob is just ignoring her completely as all of us should do.

    • Well said RG,
      That person is definitely a narcissist who lives on “likes” and “followers”. So-called social media is the most anti-social creation of our time, witness all the freaks walking into traffic with their faces buried in their phones.

      • I agree, Mike. I abhor the invention of the cell phone.

        There was a pretty bad accident in front of my office building about 5-6 years ago. A truck overturned in the business’s front yard after plowing through the fence. At the time we did not know if the driver was alive or not (the good news, he was, he had passed out due to a medical condition), but I had cars pulling into my parking lot and on the shoulder of the road videotaping this on their cell phones. I couldn’t believe it. How or why would someone believe this was an opportune time to record someone? My disgust of mankind tripled that day.

        I hate cell phones. Steve Jobs should have stuck with the Apple computer and left it at that.

        • Those people are disgusting. Unfortunately they are just like the people in the 60s and 70s who clustered around accident scenes to watch the spectacle. When I was about 8 there was a bad car accident the next strret over. My friend and I were playing in the yard and went over to the scene to view the drama of injured passengers sitting on the grass and the overturned station wagon. Presently my dad came and drove us back home. He said we should not be watching an accident scene that it was only for rescue people. That was the only time I ever saw my mom really furious at me.

          • Hi RS,

            I believe it natural to be inquisitive (and nosy). We all see accidents on the highway and have a tendency to slow down and see what is going on. The cell phones today would be like you and your friend taking pictures from a camera as it was happening. To me that is a whole additional level of repulsion.

  9. Aside from the fact that AA is insane and in desperate need of therapy I wonder if she is aware that the P100 filters in her full face respirator are not rated for virus protection? Even if she had the duo filter with an organic vapor canister she would still not be protected.

    Perhaps she should be chained to an Exxon Mobile flare stack in Baton Rouge. At least then she would have an excuse for wearing a full face respirator.

  10. Airborne Aware thinks that people are potential carriers of any kind of disease, she is afflicted with Munchausen syndrome by proxy, factitious disorder.

    From the Cleveland Clinic:

    “Factitious disorder imposed on another (FDIA) formerly Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP) is a mental illness in which a person acts as if an individual he or she is caring for has a physical or mental illness when the person is not really sick.”

    Airborne Aware thinks you need help and everybody else too. She thinks she is normal, when the entelechy suggests she is sick in the head.

    You will never fix stupid.

    Airborne Aware needs some good drugs, can’t possibly be that addled in the head.

  11. “someone who takes zero COVID precautions.” — eric

    Let’s talk about those who DID take precautions — such as my elderly family member who learned this morning that his covid test came back positive.

    He was vaxxed and boosted (Pfizer). Obviously that didn’t work — he still tested positive. Predictably, now the group emails are hot and heavy with talk of — wait for it — Paxlovid!

    Never mind that numerous fedgov officials — including former CDC head Weeping Walensky — suppressed their covid symptoms for a week with Paxlovid, only to test positive again when their infection rebounded after the useless Paxlovid regimen.

    What happens to my elderly relation is out of my hands, so I’m not even gonna bother to scourge the vax scoundrels, denounce Paxlovid, and recommend a course of ivermectin.

    Just don’t get sick in Crazy Town — bad shit happens when co-opted charlatans in white coats start dispensing Big Pharma snake oil and bad advice.

    • Still using that pesky PCR test. eh? Or worse,,, the antigen test. The inventor Kary Mullis said his PCR could not determine a live virus. The antigen will show positive if you had the flu in the last ten years.

      Of course ALL factcheckers say otherwise. So who ya gonna believe? The inventor or some slob at full fact dot org?

  12. So, a woman afraid of an imaginary disease that hasn’t harmed anyone except for those who would be harmed by the common flu, advocates for and practices measures which have harmed many millions. What’s the number to the loony bin (I know the address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.)? I want to report that crazy hypochondriac and the 6’2″ dude I saw yesterday wearing a dress and heels, who seems to think he’s a woman. Oh, never mind. The asylum staff and warden are crazy too, and would just send their goons after me so I could be “reeducated” and then punished for thought crime and hate speech by being put in a cage, where I might catch the flu.

  13. “Trying to keep the CO2 to under 1000 PPM.” How stunning and brave/

    How is it that chicks ( and Fe-men) still get away with this? Probably because they’ve been raised on a false narrative of a counterfeit reality. Its easy to assume they didn’t earn it, didn’t work hard, didn’t struggle, didn’t have to overcome some adversity to achieve anything in life. They’re nothing more than characters in their own imaginations. Like a Disney or Marvel story, magical power everywhere, given without effort or growth.

    In the not too distant future its going to get awful painful for the half of society who never gave or took a punch. A women in a writing critique group I attend, for some reason started in on masks the other day. Never mind we’ve been mostly successful keeping all that dreck out of it the last few years, she just kind of went off. When I told her I never wore a mask during the entire spectacle she became very upset. Then she had to go into the whole “Lots of people died you know?” routine. When I told her the historical flu deaths dropped from 30-50K a year to zero, and to look it up, she snarled at me, “It was because of the masks.” So in my mind, there will be no fixing this until we can once again call out and demand accountability for mentally ill people. Many, like the girl you cite from @twatter need institutionalized treatment.

    • Yeah, that gets me. How they think masks drove flu deaths to zero, but masks won’t completely stop the COVID virus (but did the flu virus?), so we all are supposed to take the poison clot shot.

      The extent of irrational and illogical thought by people who ought to know better amazes me.

      • The disconnect is palpable. The only thing I can come up with is a long life of easy living has rotted their brains, doing away with common sense. White bake sale women and their feeble minded husbands are the worst.

        Much hate and derision has been unjustly directed at Minis and GenZs. It comes from the same ones who should know better. Good news is, I’m noticing more and more in my own kids, their coworkers, cousins, and friends an ability to see through the narrative BS. Its still in its infancy but if it continues to its logical conclusion it could be more than the PTB had counted on.

  14. Wearing a mask = unintelligent

    Someone stupid is dangerous…they will stab you in the back….

    The control group always kills off the intelligent slaves…they are dangerous….all that is left is stupid slaves…easier for the slave owners to control….keeping IQ’s low is important

    • The education system, MSM, social media, 24/7 control group propaganda, Hollywood, big pharma drugs, artificial/processed, fast food…are all used to keep slaves weak and stupid….

  15. Eric,,, your first article explains this article entirely. The stupid in this country have taken over. You cannot argue or shame stupid. States and cities calling out National Guard over a Solar eclipse is a shining example.

  16. It may also be just personal anecdote but during my college years I consistently noticed that those studying psychology were some of the most screwed up people I’ve ever met.

    It’s as though they somehow hope that by studying psychology, they will discover how to fix themselves.


    • Yeah I dated one in grad school. She was in a PhD program for social psychology. Nutty as a fruit cake but was good looking. Ah to be young n dumb…

    • Psychology is nothing but manipulative, Joo-ish pseudoscience. It’s a way that Jewish pseudo-intellects can scam gullible “Goyim” out of their hard-earned cash. Only someone already somewhat detached from reality takes that bullshit seriously.

  17. What would we expect when the state mental institutions have been closed and there is no longer a proper place for these people?

    The only good thing you can say about the masked marauder’s is that at least it’s an easy way to recognize that you’re dealing with someone that is mentally unstable.

  18. This clown probably also belieeeeeeeeeeeeves the BS about cliiiiiiiiimate change. She may have also assumed that the driver was taking “Zero climate precautions” if he or she was driving a regular gas vehicle. Did this woman make sure that the car she was riding in was an EV?

  19. Hmmmm…PhD candidate in behavior change and psychology posted “the other day”?

    I’m just spit ballin’ here…perhaps this was her way of doing an April Fools gag to see what reactions she could get.

    Dear God, I hope I’m right. The thought she’s serious is too much to bear.

  20. So… shopping at the local Kroger owned nameplate on Monday. Management there has turned over recently with a new black manager. Whatever. He’s got this assistant manager, a black woman, who is there from time to time, so some kind of travels to a number of stores type. She seems to me and this is just a suspicion, very interested in and aware of people/shoppers in a strange way. Like she’s reading some AI dossier as the facial recognition cameras recognize people. She’s a militant masker and, yet, wears a black cloth mask, the kind even THEY (the CDC, etc.) say is not medically efficacious in any way.

    Anyway, as I’m moving through the store, at every stop she shows up near, not exactly next to, but near me and starts neatening up the displays of items. Looking right at me with that masked fucking mug. This happens at about 5-6 different locations in the store. Now, I’m kinda paranoid sometimes but I swear this woman was being provocative in some kind of way. Like she knows I am against masking (I was one of a very few people to consistently shop umasked in that store during the height of the hysteria). I was this close to saying to her “what’s up with the face diaper?” but I didn’t. I just didn’t want to wast my time on this idiot and her agenda, which I suspect is purely political in nature. These folks seem to want to bait people into “saying something”, especially to a black person, so as to imply something beyond just disapproving of the facial armbands. To make it appear “rayciss” or something and therefore actionable in some way, even if it just allows them a cheap smear. Dunno. Maybe I’m just tripping.

    • Kroger has a large investment by the insurance mafia’s Capo Gecko (Berkshire Hathaway) in addition to the usual suspects. Of course they are going to be hip deep into the agenda.

      Try shopping elsewhere. Safeway? Soon part of Kroger.

      • I’ve been shifting a good amount of the “car I buy every year” type spending to Publix, which is new to my coastal NC area (past 5 years). There is definitely some agenda with that outfit but not in some of the ways of my “Krogerized” store f/k/a Harris Teeter.

        • Publix is privately held by the employees. In Florida, they lean RINO/Bush Republican in terms of political support.

          DeSantis was not the candidate Publix supported in the 2018 primaries. Their preference was Adam “Opie” Putnam, dim bulb scion of a wealthy citrus family who had been promised the Governor’s Mansion by the Bush family cabal in return for Putnam using his safe seat in Congress to push Shrub’s 2006 amnesty fiasco.

          Jeb! Bush was a competent Florida Governor until the last year or so of his second term.

          • I knew you’d have some FL inside baseball about Publix, and I do appreciate it. Fact is, they’re the cleanest dirty shirt among, WMT, Food Lion (Ahold Delhaize), and Kroger in my area. There is another outfit here called Fresh Market but I’ve not been impressed with their offerings. Pricey, hit or miss and not a full scale grocery store. Great unfiltered apple cider from MD to brew the 14% abv hard cider with, though!

            • Publix in FL near WDW was a thumbs up for me, they carried whole milk buttermilk not just the lame low fat junk. Daughter worked at Disney for several years I cooked her and her room mates real buttermilk pancakes during a visit. Remember it as a clean well run store back in ‘04.

              • Yeah, I was familiar with Publix from trips to FL. My wife’s family was located in “New Tampa” back in the 90s. Being a Jersey guy then, they had great sammiches to take out with you on fishing trips and such. Clean stores and a good shopping experience, too. It’s still like that today in my area of coastal NC, but I will say they are priced higher than Kroger on some items. I’m willing to pay up to avoid the chivatos, though, if you know what I mean.


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