The Orange Car Guy

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Some people are single issue voters; if a candidate is in line with them on guns, for instance, they’ll support that candidate even if on other topics they’re as far apart as a Chevette and a Corvette.

This brings us to Trump.

If you care about cars, he’s your guy. He may not be a Car Guy, per se – but he’s the only guy who isn’t an obvious enemy of Car Guys.

Like his predecessor, for instance.

Barack Obama – after his anointed successor  lost the election – had his regulatory apparat fatwa a near-doubling of federal mandatory minimum gas mileage requirements (CAFE) out of pure spite, to punish the filthy deplorables who didn’t elect her – and who continued to express their lack of interest in high-mileage-uber-alles cars by not buying the ones which were – and still are – available.

Like the Toyota Prius hybrid, for instance.

Great gas mileage – but not much fun. Can’t do much with it – other than get good gas mileage. Many people want more than that.

So it’s not that high-mileage vehicles like the Prius aren’t being offered because the car companies want to deny Americans high-mileage cars in favor of “gas guzzlers” – the lie behind the CAFE reg.

The truth is people just aren’t buying them much. . . because they’re not much fun and can’t do very much, besides get good gas mileage. A Prius can’t tow . . . anything. It doesn’t go off-road or get to 60 in five seconds or even eight.

Toyota sells about 1,500 Priuii per month. Ford sells about 60,000 F-150 trucks per month.

Not a typo.

The purpose of nearly doubling the CAFE fatwa from about 35 MPG to nearly 50 MPG – and in just five years’ time; the fatwa goes into effect in 2025 – wasn’t to make the industry produce cars that get great gas mileage; the industry already does.

It was to regulate out of existence the ones that don’t – which are the cars most Americans (and all American Car Guys) are very much interested in buying despite their not averaging 50 MPG.

It’s exactly as if the government spewed a fatwa tripling the cost of cheeseburgers to “nudge” people toward soy burgers.

No outright ban on large cars, V8 SUVs and pick-ups. Too obvious – and much too clumsy. People might object such a direct approach. The coercive utopians are far more clever than they used to be.

If you haven’t read this book, you should . . .

So couch an effective ban in terms of “increased gas mileage” – What could be the harm? Doesn’t everyone want increased gas mileage”? Nevermind that it’s not possible – absent Mr. Fusion – for a big car, V8 SUV or pick-up to average even 30 MPG without being radically downsized, de-powered or otherwise gimped and becoming something very much like  . . . a Prius.

But just in case, add to the mix a confusing but effective guilt-trip: The fatwa would also “lower vehicle exhaust emissions” – and who could possibly oppose that? That’s how it’s been presented by the complicit – or derelict – media.

Of course, the “emissions” are not the ones most people associate with that word – i.e., the things which create smog and make it harder to breath. Instead, carbon dioxide – a non-reactive gas (and less than 1 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, of which the tiniest fraction is “emitted” by human-made stuff like cars) that was never described as an “emission” until about five years ago, when it become politically necessary to do so because the emissions of things that do cause smog and respiratory problems – and so were actual problems – had been almost completely eliminated from vehicle exhaust.

This was a problem because it eliminated the justification for the War on Cars (and Driving) which non-Car Guys like Obama and the ugsome squad of pending claimants to the throne very much wanted to ramp up, not dial back down.

Cars – and driving them, when it’s us doing it – are disliked by people like Obama because they run counter to the control of everything that is their heart’s most fervent desire – although this is always couched in oily euphemisms about “discussions” and “communities” and other such politcial brummagemisms.

It’s insufferable. Makes one want to – as Mencken once put it – raise the Jolly Roger and slit throats.

You and I aren’t part of the “discussion” – the terms of which (and so the outcome) have already been decided. The “community” means those elitists like Obama, who just bought a $14 million dollar compound adjacent to the Kennedy compound – how big is this joint’s “carbon footprint”? – who regard those not in their “community” as the help, at best.

But no outright ban.

It would still be perfectly legal to build them – even if they didn’t average close to 50 MPG, as demanded by the federal fatwa.

Just prohibitively expensive – because of a tripling of the fines imposed on them for “noncompliance.”

Also fatwa’d by the Car-Hater who preceded the Orange Man.

Which would result in what was wanted – a de facto ban on the kinds of cars that Car Guys like by making them too expensive to build, except in small handfuls for very rich people . . . like Barack Obama.

Well, the Orange Man is fighting this.

He did what none of the other tools on the stage back in 2016 would have: He rescinded the fatwa tripling the fines that would have applied to “compliant” cars – that is, cars that didn’t average close to 50 MPG by 2025 – thereby kicking the teeth out of the 50 MPG fatwa.

He also has been trying to prevent the 50 MPG federal fatwa from remaining in effect – outraging the Car Haters, which ought to earn him points with anyone who hates them.

He has “denied” the imminence of apocalyptic “climate change.” You can still hear the keening this triggered. Never give up or fed up with the good deals.

The latest news is he’s using anti-trust laws to go after the four car companies who seem to also hate cars – Ford, Honda, VW and BMW – who are in league with the Car Haters in California, who want both fatwas to remain in force. These four agreed to “voluntarily” impose the fatwas upon on themselves – even if the federal ones are repealed.

Why would companies that build cars “voluntarily” hairshirt themselves this way? It’s not because they’re “concerned” about either gas mileage or carbon dioxide “emissions.” Set that nonsense aside. It’s for consumption by idiot children, including those well past puberty.

It’s not hairshirting. It’s rent-seeking.

These four see their future earnings coming not from selling people cars but selling them rides. Ideally, in a government-mandated automated electric car that will be crushed very four years. See here if you dinna believe me. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

It is far more profitable to rent one car to scores of people every month than it is to collect a single car payment from one person every month. And to throw away – and replace – cars every four years, like a no-longer-supported smartphone – than for people to own cars for years after they paid them off.

Do you begin to see?

And the Orange Man has been fighting all of this.

He may not be a Car Guy, but he is without question the best friend anyone who gives a damn about cars and driving has had in the White House since Calvin Coolidge (a most under-rated president).

He deserves the support, therefore, of everyone who still gives a damn about cars and driving and the freedom (such as remains) embodied by both, which is on the knife’s edge of being taken away for good.

. . .

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  1. Treason is defined in the Constitution at Article 3, Section 3, as consisting “only in levying War against (the United States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
    All members of the American military take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (and to) bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”
    When the military is committed to foreign actions without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution, that is a violation of the Constitution, arguably the action of domestic enemies.
    When a member of the military participates in an unconstitutional foreign military deployment, s/he violates both the Constitution and his/her oath to “support and defend” it, giving “aid and comfort” to it’s “domestic enemies,” committing treason by the definition given by the Constitution.

  2. Man – The orange one just fired the warmonger in chief Bolton…. I think Eric is onto something…. he may not be too bad….. but lets hope the next one isn’t worse 😛

    • Thank God McCain croaked already….but I’m sure there are others who are just as bad. The Donald is probably calling one right now….

  3. Eric: as someone educated in the classical languages, my educated guess is that the plural of Prius is Prii, not Priuii. Just sayin’, no disrespect intended. If Prius is not Latin, never mind.

  4. The funny thing about Comments section remarks from supposed libertarians is how intolerant they are when they opine. Some anyway. No matter what Trump does for good, he’s not “good enough” and must be denounced. Some perfect Libertarian President in some old guy’s head is the comparison, so let’s dump on Trump. Even worse, in Maoist fashion, let’s have fun trashing anyone who says that Trump is doing something positive. Send that “pro Trumper” to the libertarian gulag! Very childish.

    Let everyone remember the old and true adage: the perfect is the enemy of the good. Denouncing the somewhat more libertarian “good” because that is not perfection is not Virtue Signaling by an so-called libertarian. Just dumb and misguided.

    Another tidbit re: communication. Along with other insincere liberal communication ploys is the now rampant use of “let’s have a conversation about X.” X being something the left/liberal/fascists want to ban, make illegal, suppress, destroy, etc. This is their current favorite opening gambit. You never hear them (i.e., anyone on the NPR propaganda radio channel) say “let’s have a conversation about mandatory inclusion of transsexuals in Women’s bathrooms.” Nope. Not going to happen. There are never any “conversations” about things the SJW/commies don’t want to talk about. So when you hear that word “conversation” know that it is a convenient marker for a propaganda lecture. They will talk, you will obey.

        • This notion that the gov’t can forbid, or mandate, just about anything, it being simply a matter of “discussing” the details… it really drives home the point that freedom isn’t free. There will ALWAYS be an ample supply of utopian fools and crooks who are incapable of appreciating the elegant brilliance of “live and let live”. If given room to spread their wings, they will make it really hard to live, to say nothing of letting live.

          Everyone should let that sink in for a bit. There is no cosmic turning point in history from which liberty permanently triumphs. It’s a perennial struggle against the regular rebirth of bad ideas.

          • Hi Lane Splitter,

            It may come to blows – between those of us who just want to live in peace and are very willing to extend the same courtesy to others – and those who can’t stand the idea. It’s like the gulf that separates Bonobos and Chimps. I consider myself a Bonobo. I only wish to be left free to live my life as I see fit, doing no harm to others thereby. I impose no costs on others. I pay my own freight. That ought to be enough to be left alone, eh?

            Of course, it’s not enough.

            These bastards want money from me – to subsidize their kids, their “national defense,” their health care, their every-other-thing they want but are unwilling to finance themselves. It’s not enough that they are free to buy air bags or drive a car that drives itself or is powered by batteries; others must be forced to do the same.

            They aren’t content to raise their own kids as they think best; they insist others raise their kids as they see fit.

            These bastards are a cancer – and there is only one way to treat that.

            • eric, no argument here. And the very reason I sometimes think Hitlery winning is the fact I think we’d have a lot of this bs worked out.

              I could give a good reason for this since I think AGW’s as you refer to them, are for the most part, horrid cowards.

              I base this on a lifetime of dealing with them but the past 18 years have convinced me of it.

              The last time we were raided, Aug. 1st, 2016, I wouldn’t let them in(no search warrant). That says a lot right there.

              We were standing in the front yard and it was 100 degrees before 11 am. When the head dick asked me where my bunker was I laughed. He didn’t seem amused(but was probably secretly relieved). I told him if I had a bunker we wouldn’t be having this conversation. He asked why and I told him” It’s 100 right now and if I had a bunker I’d be in it saving money on cooling and if you found it, you wouldn’t have the nerve to try to force your way in.

              Oh shit, this really offended him since it was the truth. This came on the heels of the wife pointing out some of them had holsters hanging off holsters. She asked why out loud and I told her, making a point of it, that they hoped to be able to get as many hits with two double stack guns as I could with a single stack.

              I wasn’t bs’ing and they knew it. I used to keep a can in the air till it was out of sight with my BDA, my Hi Power and too many other weapons to list.

              The wife had seen me kill coyotes at 100 yds with my Combat Commander in .38 Super. She also saw the coyote I shot that fell into a depression and flipped over as it died and I saw a brief glimpse in my scope and shot again. Turns out the dead coyotes rear leg was following the rest of it and when it went up in the air, I automatically shot again. It had a hole right above its rear leg joint.

              I no longer see that well but it seems like adrenaline makes up for every day sight.

              When the hordes flee the cities, my neighbors and I won’t be good targets for very long. OTOH, your vile guvnah is on the verge of removing firearms where you live. Sounds like it’s time for you to move and I know what that’s like. It sucks but living to fight another day is the very definition of “retreat”.

    • ‘the perfect is the enemy of the good’s trotted out by them as had their goods taken, but have come to appreciate – in an addict’s compulsive way – the crumbs doled back to him\her.

      for another pic\view, it’s pure “orderly” – as in attempted projection of compensation {there’s all kinds of short•man syndrome & NAP•oleonic schizophrenia} — retreat. using a mirror to fire over your shoulder as ya flee ain’t livin to fight another day when it’s done every day from first to last over an entire life. spray & pray, front & back, simultaneously: this is my rifle, this is my gun, i’m sheathed in depends, so’s i can run.

      one more: the takeaway close (sales) is psychological judo that puts the psychologically puttyable – which is most – right on their heads. concussion damage is cumulative & it don’t take much or long to devolve into a cauliflower-eared baked potato head whose been convinced by claymation s\he ain’t, in fact, rooted to the couch growing medium spot – the one with the light on it, deer.

      • Hi Ozy,

        Here’s how I see it; you tell me if my facts are in error or my suppositions absurd:

        Trump has done some loathsome things, as Nunz has pointed out. Is there any doubt these things would not also have been done – and probably to a greater degree – had she become Decider?

        Trump has done some inarguably good things – from the liberty/sanity point of view – including “deny” apocalyptic “climate change,” pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement and rescinded the federal fatwa that would have tripled current “gas guzzler” taxes. He also rescinded the Obamacare individual mandate; or at least the fine – which renders the mandate toothless.

        These are not small things – and they are inconceivable things, in terms of anyone else doing them.

        I support Trumpian policies that further freedom, even if only imperfectly and not all that much.

        Something is better than nothing… until a better option turns up.

        And supporting “something” doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten about that better option or aren’t working toward it.

        It’s going to take time; maybe more time than our lifetimes. And it will not happen at once, nor will it ever be perfect.

        It’s tiring to have to justify defending good things when they happen and defend myself against imputations I “don’t get it” or have somehow sold out.

      • Well-said, Oz!

        [Apologies to Eric]

        IMO, they’re methods of coping/rationalizing for those who either have no other options or who refuse to exercise those options. It seems to be the default behavior; The Germans practiced the same mentality under Hitler; The Russians….etc. etc. If it weren’t so, every tyrannical regime would have been quickly overthrown, because a tiny group of men can only rule great masses by the consent of those masses.

        The majority had already consented, and are now to the point of blissful unawareness as long as the proper rhetoric is used to maintain the thin illusions. I think what we are seeing here now, even among those who should know better, is a microcosm of the very processes that allowed the masses to arrive at the point where they now are.

        Our liberties have been flushed down the terlit; they are now circling the drain, and the current administration is standing there with plunger in hand, so that no turd has a chance of rearing it’s head again….but he is given accolades for not throwing in some Draino….yet.

        This is no different than people put a positive spin on GWB for not being Slick Willy, or on Obozo for not being GWB. Nickering over which dictator hands us the better crumbs while they shoot us in the back- as if it’s O-K if the Nazi shoots us, because he’s not a communist, after all, and the commies don’t like him- so lets help him out because we’re somehow fighting communism!

        Me? I plan on exercising my options, by skedaddling.

        • Hey Nunz and Oz,

          I agree that this is a problem that afflicts many, is encouraged by those in power and used to their advantage. However, it does not apply to aware people like Eric. As I have tried to explain, he, and others like him, are using a short term, specific and practical analysis to arrive at their position. They are not unaware, nor have they drunk the “kool-Aid”, etc… They have chosen a possible, in their minds probable, short term gain over a possible, but unlikely, long term outcome. Pointing out the egregious abuses of Trump is not germane to that argument, though helpful and necessary in a broader sense.

          Also, I mostly agree with the long term bias approach, expressed by choosing non-voting and non-participation. One could argue that the short term argument is self defeating, will only perpetuate a continually expanding State, etc… That argument is germane. Continuing to impugn the integrity, psychological awareness or libertarian credentials of those, who we know are “aware”, is not.


          • Jer, as much as I love Eric and think of him as one of the greatest Libertarians I have ever encountered; and feel the same about you (and many others here) and have great respect and admiration for yous* , I just can’t [to borrow the term from Eric] grok how anyone could view Trump (or any one else of that ilk) as a net positive.

            He’s done a very few good things…which pale to insignificance by comparison to the number and magnitude of the bad he’s done/doing. I’ll join ya’s in praise for the good things (Although, they’re so small, I wouldn’t devote much time to doing that…)- but I’m not going to say that it’s somehow a net positive, just because the other kommissars who didn’t get elected may not have even done those little things- when Trump is in-fact fulfilling the very same agendas as they would have, while, as I keep saying, just throwing a few little crumbs to the side which is closer to ours- which is all it is.

            • Hey Nunz,

              Look, I agree with you about Trump. He’s a faux populist, crony capitalist douche who’s been a political insider his entire life. But, I still don’t think you’re really addressing his point. Your argument rests on your belief that Trump, in no way, is a net positive and don’t see how anyone who is “aware” could not grok that. However, your assertion is a claim, based on a counter-factual analysis comparing what does exist and has happened to what might have existed or happened. This is, by definition, an unknowable and unprovable claim. It’s truth has nothing to do with one’s level of “awareness”.

              Note, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong, just that you cannot know that you’re right. Eric is in the same position and has offered a few examples, that you call crumbs, that would have been unlikely to have occurred should she have won. The analysis is based on that belief, not blindness, singing the praises of Trump, being deluded about the nature of politics, government, etc..

              What I object to is that, so far, you have not made a long term/short term argument, which is germane to the point, but continued to describe the parade of horribles and assert that disagreeing with your claim about net awfulness is an indication of, at the least, temporary blindness. Yes, most Americans are entirely deluded about this, Eric, or me for that matter, are not.

              Cheers Buddy,


              • There is no “right” answer. It’s always been this way….my entire life. Cue the Fugs once more “why do we end up voting for the lesser of two evils? Was George Washington the lesser of two evils?(yes)Sometimes I wonder”.
                Hope springs eternal in a man’s heart. Remove that and life wouldn’t be worth living.

              • Hi Ya Jeremy,

                Hmmmm…ummm…well, maybe I’m the one who’s missing something here- but if so, I can’t see it, and unfortunately your analysis of it isn’t working for me.

                Just to kind of start from scratch, my position is: Trump has and is supporting/advancing political mechanisms which as detrimental/more detrimental to our liberties, and which present immediate and dire threats to life as we know it here in the USofA; and which are a continuation/fulfillment of the collectivist/NWO agenda as any other administration which we’ve ever had, and more so. I’ve provided at least six examples of his furthering of those agendas, thus far in this discussion.

                What I am ultimately saying is that a few very insignificant perks, and his (DJT’s) puffery against the left, are utterly insignificant in light of the detrimental things which he is/has done- regardless of what any other candidate “might have done” or what any past admin has done or not done.

                Such are the facts. We can believe them or not- but that does not change them.

                How is this any different than those who thought that Ronald Reagan was a net positive, just because he said some great things which many of us would agree with, and even did a few good things, while he expanded the size and scope of the state more than any before him?

                As good as Reagan looked compared to his adversaries….or as good as Trump sometimes sounds compared to his (and ours) -he is still doing us great damage, and should be viewed as any other collectivist-statist-authoritarian adversary- which he is.

                So…I really don’t “get” what you are saying here. Am I wrong for trying convince Eric of this? (I’m sure that you both would understand that my intentions are benevolent)

                • Nunzio,

                  “Trump … is”

                  Gonna make Ronald Reagan look like an amateur.

                  Firearms Owners’ Protection Act by Ronnie. Protection???
                  Banned machine guns. There is some fuckin good newspeak.

                  It protected your right to own what other people say you can own.

                  More importantly it was a precedent establishing that your right to own no guns will always be protected.

                  Trump will sign the Water Gun Owners Protection Act.

                • Hey Nunz,

                  The net positive claim is based on a comparison to what would likely have happened had she been elected, not a comparison to the actions of past presidents. As you correctly observe, Trump is a continuation of net awfullness, over time, but that is not the comparison that Eric is making.

                  Perhaps this helps?


                  • I actually would have loved to see Hilary get elected. She would have been the most hated president of all time. If this nation is going down well hell lets get on with it already.

                    • “Accelerate the collapse”, or drive those who still care to resist more; and those who are less diligent to value their rights more.

                      Maybe both!

                      Either way, it seems that when the less evil are chosen, the people who vote for them go back to sleep and allow them to do more evil than the ‘more evil’ candidate.

                      It’s as if the very opposite of what either party’s candidate stands for gets done when that party’s candidate is elected.

                      Although, the differences between the actions of them all are getting so negligible that there doesn’t seem to be any discernible difference lately….except in the little signatory things.

                    • Morning, Nunz!

                      One thing Trump has done is bring the radicalism of the left out into the open. Hillary had to couch her Marxism in blander-sounding terms. Listen to the current crop overtly demanding a Sovietized America. If anything this has strengthened the opposition by waking it up.

                      Note that I have never argued Trump is the Answer. I have argued that he is a means to an end.

                    • “Either way, it seems that when the less evil are chosen, the people who vote for them go back to sleep and allow them to do more evil than the ‘more evil’ candidate.”

                      Exactly!!! That’s why the Machiavellian part of me preferred a Hillary presidency. The anti-establishment movement is noticeably weaker and blind under Trump. A Hillary presidency would have further strengthened it.

                    • Hi Mark,

                      I suppose I’m not ready for the Free Shit Army to confiscate the few things I still have. And I like the petty freedoms I still enjoy. I agree it is probably inevitable that the FSA is going to come to power and take everything. But there is a chance – however small – that can be avoided, if we can buy time. That is why I support Orange Man, to the extend Orange Man supports holding the line.

  5. And all this nonsense resulting from the propagandized mantra of global warming being caused by humans. The Bolsheviks hate freedom and capitalism (until they are directly benefiting from it) and it’s all a big lie. You have to wonder what comes after Trump? Be it after 2020 or 2024, it is more than likely we will do another flip-flop and the Democratic party (now controlled by Marxists) will take over and reinvent the wheel…only it will be square and not attached to anything. It’s not only the destruction of the oil and gas industry, IC vehicles and freedom, but the destruction of America and all that is was that these insane life haters are seeking.

    • Tom, we know where it’s going- and it doesn’t matter who’s in office. The defacto world government has decreed (and it’s already on the books in most European and some Asian countries) that all vehicles are to be electric by 2030, and no private cars or trucks period, by 2050. The dear leader is just a puppet- he serves the masters, and not we-the-people. Just look at what Trump is doing to the Second Amendment…he’s going right along with their plan, and doing it with no opposition, because those who would otherwise oppose it are fine with it, as long as it’s one of their own who’s doing it. This is how the pluralistic farcical “two-party” system works. It is nothing but a charade for trhe gullible; to keep them satisfied, so that they think they can actually have a say in the political process- which keeps them from doing anything in the real world- and meanwhile, the agendas of those who really run this world continue as they always have.

  6. At least the O’s won’t have to look out at the windmills off Chappaquiddick that the Kennedy clan was able to keep out.

    Instead of the gods offering rides, they should offer a belt and road initiative. Automate the major highways like the walking belts at airports. You drive your car onto a belt at an entrance that conveys you onto the highway where you turn off the engine and cruise, on the belt, at a uniform speed in the line of cars. At a signal from your dash, you’re shunted onto a belt that takes you down an exit ramp. Then you start your car and you’re on your way.

    I drive over the Calvin Coolidge Bridge most days to and from Silent Cal’s hometown. He lived, quietly in retirement, in a modest house in a modest neighborhood. His wife darned his socks, and he dutifully bundled the newspapers and took out the trash on collection day.

    • I’m thinking something along the lines of an Aurora toy race car track. You have an electric car with copper electrical pickups.

    • For starters it would be much more inefficient because now not only does the motor have to propel each vehicle, it also has to pull the weight of the belt too.

      Now if there happened to be an energy source that was more energy dense than gasoline, maybe that would make sense. Too bad no such source exists…

  7. Hate to be the one to say this but… if elections weren’t rigged then ballots would have a serial number on them so that each voter could verify that their vote was counted (and not changed), and obviously all of the ballots would be in a database on a website for anyone to download and add up the totals for themself.

    Funny how not one govt employee ever mentions this or ever implements it, even though it’s FREE AND EASY.

    Also, this is America, so why are we voting for people to make decisions for us anyway? That’s almost the same as a dictatorship. Why not just let the people vote on everything?

    • I would never cede my natural rights to a democracy. A democracy in which the people vote on everything is nothing more than organized mob rule, and is generally a terrible system for long term stability even when the population is largely homogeneous in terms of ethno-cultural ideological values. Ideally a republic appoints specific individuals with narrowly-defined authorities, selected in a very specific fashion, to act on behalf of those who appoint them in accordance with that authority. Our system was set up so that multiple peoples appointed in different fashions would have limited powers so that a very broad consent of society was required to enact anything. The problems that occur are largely the result of people who either fail to recognize the system or refuse to follow it because it won’t work the way they want it (or it’s too slow).

      • Hi Spazatron,

        “You must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.” —James Madison

        “Fat chance.” —Sheldon Richman

        An entity that claims and exercises a monopoly on judging its own actions relative to the law, exists outside of and above that law. No words on paper or “balance of power” mechanisms by creating different branches of the SAME entity can change this fundamental fact. The only mechanism that had the slightest chance to check the power of the Federal government was that of divided sovereignty between the States and the Federal government. Even though the 10th amendment clearly and unambiguously prohibits almost everything GovCo does, it has been powerless to do so. The 10th is openly derided by politicians and even many legal scholars.

        The 10th was meant to preserve political decentralization; an idea loathed by tyrants, collectivists, busybodies, “justice warriors”, most political activists, eco-loons, authoritarians, “grand planners”, “visionaries”, self proclaimed anti-racists and anti-sexists, most LGBTQXYZ… advocates, etc… Political authority attracts and rewards those people most contemptuous of other people’s freedom. In short, the mere existence of political authority attracts those least capable of exercising it wisely or justly. Those of us who simply wish to be left alone to live peacefully and cooperate voluntarily with those of our own choosing will never achieve this through politics.

        Finally, the main purpose of “democracy” is not to limit or control government, but to grant it apparent legitimacy, which it will always use to expand its reach and power.


        • “Finally, the main purpose of “democracy” is not to limit or control government, but to grant it apparent legitimacy, which it will always use to expand its reach and power.”

          Also, the much ballyhooed “democracy” that people have been brainwashed into loving is really just mob rule. A system where 51% of the people can choose to enslave the other 49%. (If you look at what’s going on with entitlement programs and government employees/parasites that’s pretty much what has happened.)

        • Jeremy!

          Another quote of yours which not only perfectly illustrates the realities of our present situation, but which belongs right up there with the likes of L. Spooner et al.

          I could write a book…and wouldn’t be able to say as much, and so well! Perfect!

          That cheers me, to know that there are others who “get it”.

          Then I think about the huge chasm that exists between us, and the majority- who vote for plan D or plan R, depending on what tickles their fancy, and what they stand to personally gain from it.

        • “In short, the mere existence of political authority attracts those least capable of exercising it wisely or justly.”

          I’ve said this before, but more poetically:

          “Power always attracts those least worthy of it.”

          This is why, no matter how angry “the normal people” (here defined as anyone who isn’t some flavor of loony leftist) get, the extreme left always seems to win out via a two-forward-one-back dance of death. The would-be dictators are motivated and know how to think long-term. They have their idea of an ideal world, and they’ll do whatever it takes to see it realized. They plot and scheme in dark-lit backrooms. They give temporary concessions in exchange for permanent “progress”. They go into fields like law, politics, and journalism with a deliberate intention to change the course of national or international politics. “Normal people”, people on the other hand, usually just want to live their lives and be left alone. We have our disagreements (see: bicycles), but they rarely go anywhere and if they do it’s usually only at the local level. The problem is, evil abhors a power vacuum. To prevent the world from falling into the hands of evil people, not-evil people would have to learn to think a little bit like the evil people, and actively attempt to occupy positions of power before the evil people can get them.

          • Hi Chuck,

            “To prevent the world from falling into the hands of evil people, not-evil people would have to learn to think a little bit like the evil people, and actively attempt to occupy positions of power before the evil people can get them”.

            Such people are either weeded out before they “occupy positions of power”, give in to the allure of power and become corrupt or quit. Seeking political power is not the answer.


          • Chuck,

            That positions of power exist, is the problem. The type of person occupying such positions can make some difference, but not really solve the problem. A truly good person would not want to occupy a position of power, because they would realize exercising power among mere mortals is always to the detriment of some.

            Nor would a good person want to have to be involved in the political wrangling and compromise which would exist in any power structure comprised of various other people; and nor conversely would they want to be a dictator.

            This why we Anarchists resist the very notion of government, entirely- for government can not exist without requiring that at least some “special chosen few” have rights and privileges and powers over the masses, which powers the masses do not have- thus making the masses subordinate, and the chosen few superior.

            • Hey Nunz,

              You’ll appreciate this.

              “Police business is a hell of a problem. It’s a good deal like politics. It asks for the highest type of men, and there’s nothing in it to attract the highest type of men”.

              Raymond Chandler


              • HI Jeremy!

                I think Chandler (and Heinlein, who is one of my all-time favorite writers) had it wrong. Heinlein idealized – deified – AGWs in Starship Troopers. He portrayed them as a kind of Arthurian-Samurai class, which of course is romanticized nonsense. As today, they were in it for the power, the literal lording-it-over others (the peons, us). As far as I have been able to determine, the only time in history that “police” were ever mostly benign was during the era of the “Wild West,” when they were local constables and sheriffs who kept the peace. Dealt with murderers and thieves, etc. And that’s all. This period is derided as the “wild” West precisely because people were otherwise left in peace!

                • Eric re Starship troopers I believe the original robocop movie was also done by paul verhoven. Libertarian in many ways by mocking an authoritarian society. Brilliant movies. the 2012 movie Total recall has libertarian themes. One scene with dick cheney and obama on the faces of the money. Movies by and large completely suck now of course.

                • Morning Eric,

                  Heinlein, also one of my favorites, was more ideologically curious than doctrinaire on anything. He played with ideas and it’s unclear whether he arrived at many solid political or ideological views.

                  Chandler, at least in the cited quote, is deeply critical of cops and is pointing out one of the unsolvable structural issues inherent in coercive law enforcement.


                  • Yeah, Anon, same EXACT crap went on back then- maybe not on the scale that it does today, but often the same basic deal; same injustices; same protectionism of the favored few, etc.

                    This video about Billy The Kid says a lot:

                    The actions of the local government and their enforcers absolutely no different than what we have today. Human nature never changes; and when that nature is empowered through gang behavior, especially when it is “legitimized” with the moniker of “government”….watch out! Nothing good ever comes of it.

                • eric, I had a cousin 4 years older than me who lived a few blocks away. He read sci-fi from an early age causing me to read it at a really early age.

                  I noticed and he did too, Heinlein was somewhat of a war-monger in many books although not all. He was a mixed bag for sure. His books were entertaining though and had a great deal of wisdom in them but you often had to pick and choose.

                  I don’t think the wife knew when we got married I read nearly as much as I did. I would read entire books in a few hours or less. My cousin got his parents to shell out for speed reading. He taught me what he learned as he learned it.

                  My groups from college days that emails each other every day is indicative of what many thought about my reading habits.

                  I had to stop sending so much material since only my cousin didn’t complain it was too much.

              • Hey Jeremy,

                Hmmmm….I wonder how Chandler felt about that in real life, considering that he was somewhat pre-occupied with detectives….

                Here’s one for ya:

                “Duke, duke, duke, Duke of Earl, duke, duke.” -Gene Chandler

                • Hey Nunz,

                  Phillip Marlowe was a private detective, often at odds with police. It’s been awhile since I’ve read him, but I don’t remember much favorable treatment of police. Maybe I should read him again.


                  • Hey Jer,

                    Ah, what PI isn’t at odds with the fuzz? (The fuzz don’t like competitors).

                    I should give Marlowe a look myself- as some of the old film noir movies I like were at least loosely based on the character.

                    And hey, if nothing else, anything from that time period which reminds us of the way things used to be, before the world went nuts, is alweays thought-provoking.

                    • Hey Nunz,

                      The “Big Sleep”, with Bogart and Bacall, is outstanding and a pretty faithful adaptation of the novel. The dialogue is so good that you can just listen to the movie and get a lot out of it.


            • Morning, Nunz!

              This is triage; doing what can be done – not what we’d prefer could be done. Trump is a loudmouth, a boor – but his actions as Decider have been less authoritarian – substantially so – than what we would have gotten under her. On “climate change” alone, Orange Man has done epic work by openly questioning it. The importance of this cannot be understated. He broke the chain or at least, has weakened it. I grant it may not matter in the end, but – goddamn – he did it! No one else would have. She – or any of the others – would have proceeded on the basis that apocalyptic “climate change” is a fact, cementing this concept in the minds of the masses. The same with regard to Obamacare. The rescission of the “individual mandate” would never have happened had anyone else become Decider.

              I understand you don’t like his Supreme Court picks and that they aren’t Libertarians. But can you imagine the ones she would have chosen?

              Would you rather live under Gorbachev – or Stalin? Remember – you have no other choice. One – or the other – is going to be in charge. I don’t like this choice, either. But refusing to acknowledge that Gorbachev is preferable to Stalin strikes me as suicidal idealism.

              I’ve in no way abandoned my principles. I will continue to fight for them – and point out the compromised principles of Trump, et al. But I will also accept – and defend – the better over the much worse.

              • Eric,

                “Trump is a loudmouth, a boor – but his actions as Decider have been less authoritarian”

                Two things for you to consider.

                1.) Space Force

                2.) HARPA/Red Flag

                Reagan, the “government is the problem” president, expanded government more than any of his predecessors.

                Trump will make him look like a piker.

                This Space Force will be a Berlin Wall for the entire planet. Can’t have the human livestock leaving the tax farms.

                And if they are talking about HARPA/guns, you can be pretty sure that program has been up and running for some time now. Hell, it might be responsible for the past several shootings.

                If you ponder all of the “red flags” that were ignored by the authorities at Parkland and subsequent shootings, it’s almost as if they were allowed to happen.

                I remember when they hooked a Cray supercomputer in Urbana Illinois to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The guy from Cray told me it could predict the weather with 70% or better accuracy. The caveat was that the calculations were completed three days after the weather had passed.

                I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there may have been some improvement in computational speed in the last 35 years.

              • Hi Ya, Eric!

                Has Trump really done as you say; or has he merely said the obvious, to capitalize on the sympathies of the half of population who “gets it” and has figured those things out, while he continues to serve the same masters?

                Tuanorea says it well.

                Triage? I’m waiting for the tourniquet…

                We are in deep doo-doo, and Trump is not making it better. The few little positive things he has done may have an immediate positive effect upon us- but his furtherance of the police-military-surveillance state, is not so immediate- but will be felt in spades in the near future- and I don’t think you will be so fond of him then. 🙁

                I guess I am somewhat surprised that you don’t see where this is going, and that you aren’t ringing the alarm.

                • Nunzio,

                  “Tuanorea says it well.”

                  At least someone has been paying attention LOL.

                  When Branson/Virgin Galactic first started testing, I remember they gave NASA a big fuck you. Today they embrace the FAA regulation of space flight.

                  With Space Force, the mundanes will be SWATed and the Astronaut Farmers will be relegated to DVD and BlueRay.

                  “ringing the alarm.”

                  Don’t you think the time has passed for that Nunz?

                  NRA is now a terrorist organization.

                  I think the time is near where simply visiting this site will be declared an official act of terror.

                  Hell Nunzio, in many places on the planet your comments on the j o o s is considered a hate crime.

                  DARPA is probably working on a giant Golem-Mohel to come and circumcise you. You know, to remove the “foreskin” containing your ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and cerebellum.

                  Hear no evil. See no evil. Smell no evil. Speak no evil. Think no evil.

                  Perhaps the Golem-Mohle has already visited Virginia.

                  This social credit score is definitely going to be the circumcision of the mind.

                  • I agree completely, Tuan!

                    Maybe if the alarm had been rung 100 years…but we were too busy going through a period of mass immigration then (including my grandparents!)- and the establishment of the first totally and openly communist regime (FDR) who transferred the goodies from those with abilities to those with needs. Now we’re seeing a repeat of that, 100 years later.

                    Alarm? Hell, now the bodies are piling up behind the chained doors and being suffocated by the smoke!

                    It’s time for those who aren’t in the midst of the carnage to turn around and run for their lives!

                    The things you and I have been mentioning are the culmination of techno-tyranny state they’ve been busy building for at least the last 100 years….and Trump is putting the finishing touches on it, to the point where Reagan and GWB’s deeds to expand the warfare-surveillance state will seem lame by comparison. I fail to see how THAT is a “net positive”.

                    ***”DARPA is probably working on a giant Golem-Mohel to come and circumcise you.***”


                    Hey, at least that mohel wouldn’t raise taxes- I hear he works for “tips”!

        • Well, yeah, but if we vote for Nighteyes instead of Whitefang, he won’t put as much pepper on us! Plus, those three little pigs hate him! BAaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”

      • Certainly there have been plenty of times when good White Christians have done so. No doubt the not-so-good ones such as ((((them)))) as well.

  8. It’s sad to see a libertarian ignore the pesky fact Donald Trump is an amoral, unprincipled, narcissistic, habitual liar who advocates torture of prisoners, warrantless searches, victim disarmament statutes, denial of due process, abuse of eminent domain, and too many other misdeeds to enumerate here. Donald Trump, like Barack Obama, endorses the BATFE and every federal anti-gun law (while telling bald-faced lies about being a staunch defender of the Second Amendment), but he’s better than Obama on cars so you think that makes the reprobate worthy of support. Incredible, simply incredible. They sure don’t make libertarians the way they used to.

    • Unfortunately I agree. Politics is not about single issues, Eric. He might be better than Obongo but he’s still destroying our freedoms.

      • Basically at this point I see no real hope for halting the collapse of this country, and who knows what kind of monstrosity will arise from the ashes. This ship is going down. It’s all over but the shouting.

        Pragmatically, at my age if it can hold together for the next decade or so that will probably do it for me. Both major political parties are irretrievably corrupt but there is no doubt that we’ll sink faster if the Democrat party gets its way.

        • Just my luck, Jason; I come from a fambly of long-livers… I likely have at least another 3 decades to go. I’d like to live them out with a little joy, as I have always been capable of when left alone- instead of living them out being disgusted every day, and making my prime occupation that of dodging the Nazis- so yeah, leaving is the onlyu option for me, ’cause as you say….the Titanic is sinking…and life on the icebergs will be more brutal and violent. Abandon ship before she hits!

          • There is longevity in parts of my family as well. Heck, I have an aunt who made it to 101 — it’ll be just my luck to pick up that gene and live long enough to watch it all burn. (I’m actually surprised “the system” has lasted this long but we are clearly getting into end game at this point.)

            • Jason, I’m surprised it’s lasted this long too- we’re the the last Western nation to fall. I guess between both our size and population; the size of the system (It’s like a dinosaur- moves very slowly and takes long to get it’s agendas fully implemented); the legacy of Judeo-Christian values which were once strong, and which neither politicians nor the media dared openly offend until more recently- AND the remnants of Constitutionality…..they did have some formidable obstacles to overcome until they really got things going.

              Now that they’ve got things going….things are happening exponentially faster.

              • I must respectfully disagree with your assertion that “Judeo-Christianity is a valid concept. Nothing could be further from the truth. Judaism and Christianity are diametrically opposed and are at odds with each other. Tying Judaism to Christianity was a clever trick used by the jews to “cement” their claim to the “land of Israel” and of the covenant, to which I reply, “God is not a real estate agent”.
                Jews rejected the covenant when they murdered Jesus Christ. Their covenant with God was then “null and void”.
                It is the flawed Schofield translation of the Bible that elevated jews to the status of Christianity’s “elder brothers”, which was then reinforced by the Catholic (flawed) “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” in the 1960s.
                I cringe when I hear well-meaning people talk about out judeo-Christian heritage.
                Nothing could be further from the truth.
                The only common thread between Christianity and judaism is the Ten Commandments, nothing more.
                The god of judaism is a vengeful god, totally unlike the merciful and welcoming God of Christianity.
                Christianity welcomes ALL, regardless of nationality or social status, not true of judaism.
                Judaism is an insular belief system that shuns outsiders, prohibits proselytization, and promotes a form of supremacy, relegating all gentiles (non-jews) to the status of livestock-subhumans with souls, only to be used for the advancement and benefit of jews. In fact, slavery is still permitted under “jewish law”–the Talmud.
                Jews DID murder Jesus Christ. Sad to say, even the present-day (post-Vatican II ecumenical council) Catholic church has bought into absolving the jews for Jesus Christ’s murder. As always is the case, the jews got others, the Romans to do their dirty work for them, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. How can Christians have the same values as the Jews; the very people who denounced and betrayed the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and call for his execution (by others, of course, that is the Jewish way). It makes absolutely no sense at all. Jews have no respect for Christianity, for Jesus Christ or Mary, his mother, who are both honored as Prophets in Islam, but instead, Jews spit on hearing their names and do the same while passing a Christian of any kind or a Christian Church in Israel. They have no respect for Christians or any other religion.
                It is time the Jewish lobbies and the American Government leaders as well as the evangelical Christian leaders who mislead the poor American young into joining the military and believing that they are doing something for God and Christianity by fighting Israel’s wars were named, shamed and arrested and tried for treason.

                • Wrong again, as usual. Christianity is the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy. Not to mention little commonalities such as the Ten Commandments. Your blind, seething hatred is showing again.

                  • Your jewish Talmud states that Jesus Christ is an “apostate, boiling in excrement for eternity” while his mother Mary “conceived Jesus with a Roman soldier”. Now, tell me about the continuity that is supposed to exist from judaism to Christianity…and the love that jews are supposed to have for Jesus Christ. Your typical jewish obfuscation is showing. Shalom

                    • It is not “my” Talmud, and the Talmud is not a holy book, and not the word of God. It is merely a book of opinions written thousands of years ago mainly during the Roman occupation. It has no relevance to today’s world, and hardly any of today’s Jews have even read it. (As you might expect, there was a lot of tension and vitriol between those who believed Jesus and those who did not at that time. What you are quoting is essentially the vitriol between political and religious factions thousands of years ago.)

                      The continuity from Judiasm to Christianity is an historical fact. Now tell me, do you reject the Ten Commandments because it is in the old Testament (the “Jew Bible)?

                      By the way, it might have escaped your notice, but there are billions of people who do not believe in Jesus and do not love Jesus. The vast majority of world religions do not. Yet you do not regurgitate this kind of hatred and contempt for them. Is there a reason?

                      Your insistence of berating a group of people today for events that occurred thousands of years ago is ludicrous on its face. You have even less credibility as the flat-earthers.

                      Your typical aryan warrior obfuscation is showing. Heil!

                    • Hey anarchyst,

                      Do you ever consider the delicious irony that, by stating or implying that those who disagree with you must be Jews or Jew lovers, you are using the exact tactic employed by those who consider any criticism of Israel to be antisemitic?

                      Also, does it ever concern you that the type of rants you routinely subject us to probably help Israel more than anything else? The supporters of Israel wildly exaggerate the number and influence of people who share your views. They use organizations like the loathsome SPLC to scare the shit out of people with fake stories about the rise of hate, extremism, white nationalism, antisemitism, blah blah blah. The Israel lobby uses this fake hysteria to justify it’s “special bind” with the US and it’s, shall we say, “mildly influential role” in US politics.

                      I bet Netanyahu secretly loves you guys. That’s funny!


                    • Christians are routinely persecuted / spit on / etc in Israel and Palestine. Christian churches are desecrated. Palestinian christians have no
                      right to travel. Thats just a fact. if they could kill or expel every one of them without causing a fuss I’m sure they would. Theyre not our friends at all. They dont even like Arab Jews. Just ones of european descent who arent even semites in the first place. I’m sure they laugh at us goyim for blindly fighting their wars for them and giving them billions in ‘aid’. I would too if I was them.

                • Good Greif, can we all get off this stale Christian/Jewish debate? It does little to solve our current day issues. Somehow, we need to put out the goddamned fire.

                  • Amen, Swamp…

                    Religion is like race in that it’s only a problem when people make it one. If someone else is a Jew or a Christian or a Zoroastrian or a Satanist and I am a Pastafarian, we do no harm to one another so long as we’re each content to mind our own business.

                    • I’m a born-again heathen and regard all religion with a very large grain of salt. I would agree with Thomas Jefferson’s approach which saw value in Christianity as an ethical framework but rejected the supernatural miracles as being beyond reason. (I consider those to be a case of “the tale grew in the telling” – see the Jefferson Bible.)

                    • Amen, Jason!

                      I have no clue, not being nearly smart enough, what (if anything) brought existence (and us) into existence, let alone what (if anything) this entity (if it exists) expects from us. I therefore exercise great restraint in pontificating – just the right word – to anyone about such subjects and would never presume to dictate.

                      We all have beliefs, instincts and intuitions – and it’s fine to have them and to discuss them. To believe whatever you like. So long as you concede – so long as you respect – the right of others to believe as they prefer.

                      It’s only when people’s actions cause problems that we have a problem.

                    • Eric, you are 100% correct.

                      The rabid hatred that all too many display over religious beliefs is both ludicrous and destructive. Even members of different Christian sects will literally wage war against those not conducting their worship of the Prince of Peace in quite the same way!

                      I really don’t care what anyone believes or worships as long as they don’t use their beliefs as an excuse to foment hatred and violence against others.

                    • Amen, Jason!

                      It’s tragic that people are willing to kill – or even hurt – one another over beliefs. Only actions cause harm. We may not like what someone else believes, but so long as what he does causes us no harm, we ought to be willing to leave them be. And get the same courtesy in return!

                    • Flinders confuses ‘rabid hatred’ with objective observation and stating facts. he should go on the Rachel maddow show. Big hit there. i’ve been to Israel with my parents. Even at 13 I could sense the smirks and condescension from our jewish hosts.

                    • Hi Mark,

                      Perhaps the hardest thing for us to be mindful of as Libertarians is that (pardon the language) assholes come in all colors and varieties. I’ve known plenty who were white and anglo-saxon types like myself. The Chimp is my racial kinsman – so to speak – and I despise that poor excuse for a walking alimentary canal. Juxtaposed – two of the finest people I know and two of my best friends happen to be Jewish. I’d shove The Chimp in an oven and laugh as the door shut on him – but I’d risk my life for my friends. They would do the same for me.

                      I don’t care if even 99 out of 100 people of X religion/race are assholes – if the 100th isn’t one. That’s my policy and as a matter of logic and morality I can’t see it otherwise.

                    • Basically, about 99% of humans are asshats.

                      Some races/ethnicities seem to have higher or lower percentages.

                      When ya find a good’un of any variety, it’s like winning the jackpot!

                  • I agree it does get old. But when one of these “aryan” twerps crawls out from under their rocks I feel compelled to tweak their noses, whether their filth of the day concerns Jews, Blacks, Masons, or whoever.

                    I have volumes of material from Scriptural and historical sources that shows in excruciating detail how wrong “anarchyst” and his fellow travelers are, how they pick and choose items out of context from the Bible and elsewhere, twisting them out of their actual meaning; how they ignore anything that contradicts their seething hatred; and what miserable, phony excuses for “Christians” they are.

                    However, this is not a religious discussion site and not the place to delve that deeply into it, so I’ll content myself with a much more generic and brief rubbing of their noses in their own excrement when they show up.

                    • Hey Jason, your favorite “aryan twerp” is back. lol.
                      It might interest you to know that there is much more political plurality among jews in Israel than there is (permitted) in the USA. There are many jews who are against the behavior of the state of Israel but we never hear of them, at least in the USA where the “press” is controlled.
                      Not only that, most jews (who hold the reigns of power) are NOT “semitic” at all, being 6th century converts from Eastern Europe. It is laughable for these Eastern European “jews” to call Palestinians and other arabs “anti-semitic” even though the Palestinians and arabs are the most “semitic” of people.

                    • Ironically too, Anarchyst, many of those European Jews were Turks who converted in the Middle Ages!

                      There are so many varieties of Jews…. -even ones with pale skin and red hair- they certainly all can’t be Semitic.

                      I think that’s what the Holocaust was all about. The ones who run things, and who claim to be the ‘real Jews’ were trying to cleanse ‘their’ race- which is why they denied those who escaped Germany entrance to their phony UN-established ‘Israel”.

                      There’s been so much migration of humans over the years- it’s impossible to know who’s really who.

                      Just think, the inhabitants of America 600 years ago were vastly different than the inhabitants of 100 years ago, and the inhabitants of 100 years ago are largely being replaced/interbred-out today….

                    • JF – ‘I have volumes of material from Scriptural and historical sources that shows in excruciating detail how wrong “anarchyst” and his fellow travelers are, how they pick and choose items out of context from the Bible and elsewhere, twisting them out of their actual meaning; how they ignore anything that contradicts their seething hatred; and what miserable, phony excuses for “Christians” they are.’

                      Good thing we all have someone so humble as yourself to arbitrate and dictate what is ‘correct’.

                      Great big facepalm.

                    • Anonymous, which bible? Which version? Bibles were written by every dick under the sun. I grew up knowing people who chose the “standardized….at the time” old testament and those who liked the “standardized….at the time” new testament.

                      Of course they were all missing countless versions of the bible written by countless people of countless persuasions.

                      It was all hokum to me, still is.

                      Then again, I have seen, felt and perceived things via psychodelics that seem to make much more sense than any of the above mentioned.

                      Of course, every good Christian, Jew, etc. knows I’m totally out of my mind.

                    • 8sm – “It was all hokum to me, still is.”

                      Amen brother. 🙂

                      Thus I find anyone claiming authoritative knowledge on such a nebulous and indefinable subject to likely be too stupid to recognize their own arrogant stupidity. After decades of seeking someone who could explain religious belief rationally, all I have found is folks confusing their rationalizations for rational thinking.

                    • Also, just watched Bill Maher – Religulous for the first time.

                      My sides still hurt from laughing at the bottomless well of stupidity he elicits from the ‘true believers’.

                    • Frankly, religion is just plain unnatural and weird to me. It’s no different than worshiping the state.

                      Humans will never know what’s “beyond” or why life exists.

                    • 8,

                      “Which Bible?”

                      8, unless you’re “in the choir”, the differences are almost imperceptible. Nuances and semantics to the average person. To those heavily into it, the little differences can make a difference- but the average Jose wouldn’t even notice ’em.

                      Like a Dodge guy saying “Which Chevy truck?”. You might say “ANY Chevy truck!”- but only among Chevy enthusiasts would the smaller details of models and options matter. (And it doesn’t matter anyway, since both you Chevy and Dodge guys are all going to Hell! 😉 )

                    • PS,

                      And it’s only as of late- the last 100 years- and really mainly the last 50 years, since the big publishing houses and liberals got into it, that there are suddenly all of these Bibles.

                      Before that, there was essentially ONE Bible, from one text family, which has been used from the first century down to today (Represented by the King Jimmy today)- and not coincidentally, is it any surprise that only as of late since all of these “bibles” came about, do we have a breakdown of Christianity…just as the liberals desired/planned.

                    • Yeah nunz, I’ll be glad to welcome the Dodge and Ford guys into racing hell. At least the arguments will be civil and everyone will have a good time.

                    • I’d say that ((((aryan warrior imbeciles)))) such as yourself are our misfortune, but since the lot of you are liars, cowards, and weaklings your effect is nugatory aside from providing a few laughs.

                    • When a con man is dealt with, this doesn’t take care of the fundamental problem which is that the sucker is still a sucker.

                • Hey, Anarchyst,

                  You are technically correct- but ya have to understand the context of “Judeo-Christian” in a given situation.

                  In this case, it is just a reference to the common source of moral law -at least theoretically- of those who accept the Hebrew scriptures as inspired- thius, at least on some foundational level, giving all such people at least common ground pertaining to values and worldviews, etc.

                  Of course, as you rightly say, Talmudic Judaism essentially nullifies 90% of the intent of those scriptures.

                  But to be fair- so does virtually all of mainstream “Christianity”. So really, the term “Judeo-Christian” is kind of appropriate, in the sense that both the religion of Judaism, as well as 98% of “Christianity” both effectively and equally nullify most of the intent, authority, and practices of the very thing which they claim as the foundation of their beliefs…..which is exactly what Jesus chided the Jews for…and warned His followers not to emulate.

                  When I see “Judeo-Christian”, I just take it as meaning ‘Those who have at least some connection to the Hebrew Scriptures and the morality which those Scriptures enjoin”- however remote that connection may be in practice (And bear in mind, that both among Jews and “Christians” it used to be much more in evidence than is the case lately- e.g. at least 6 or 7 of the Ten Commandments were at least partly adhered to- so things like theft, and adultery/divorce were greatly restrained among those who professed any creed associated with The Scriptures- which resulted in a great resistance to socialism, and made for strong families and communities- which was the point I was trying to make in my previous post.

                  So I do agree with you…but I think you’d agree with me also- LOL!

                  • Hey Nunz,

                    “…but ya have to understand the context of “Judeo-Christian” in a given situation”.

                    There is no way that anarchyst misunderstood what you meant. He just used it as an excuse.


                    • Hello Jeremy, you are putting word in my mouth–not good. You should know better.
                      In fact, the Catholic Church was co-opted by jews and protestants with the implementation of the “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” in which much Catholic traditions and even doctrine was changed. This, and the revelation that there was (is) a homosexual cabal within the clergy spelled great problems for the Church. One mistake made was making the “Old Testament” a part of Christianity. When Schofield’s annotations to the Bible became commonly accepted among protestants, THAT one interpetration elevated the jews to a superior position within Christianity. Vatican II “sealed the deal” with Catholicism. Fortunately, there are “old line” Catholic organizations that do not accept the changes that Vatican II wrought.

                • Good grief anarchyst,

                  “I must respectfully disagree with your assertion that “Judeo-Christianity is a valid concept”.

                  Nunzio did not make that assertion. He used a very commonly used and well understood phrase. There is no way you didn’t recognize that. You simply used it as an excuse to launch another one of your bigoted diatribes. Give it a rest.


                • Judaism and Christianity are truly irrelevant, at least to the biblical authors. The gospel writers point out that Jesus came to call Israel to repentance. When they rejected the message, it was offered to the gentile world who have subsequently rejected it as well. The author of Hebrews (a new testament letter) reaffirms the fact that God’s covenants are between God and Israel. The New Covenant is explicitly and exclusively between God and Israel. (See Jeremiah 31:31-34; Ezekiel 11:19;36:26; Hebrews 8:9,10). In Jesus’ own words, those who were outside of the tribe of Judah were dogs (e.g. “should the children be fed before the dogs?”). The modern day anti-Semite still has a chip on his shoulder because their own Christian scriptures condemn them to the back of the line (e.g. “To the Jew first THEN the gentile”). The Jew continues to sit at the table feasting while the dogs fight over crumbs.

                  • Spot-on, SVB! I would just add that we are all dogs until such time as we are converted- be we Kikes or Barbarian dogs, ’cause the Jews as a people have lost their standing…

                    Matt. 21:43 “Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you[Jews], and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.”

                    Romans 2:23-26 “23Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonourest thou God? 24For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written. 25For circumcision verily profiteth, if thou keep the law: but if thou be a breaker of the law, thy circumcision is made uncircumcision. 26Therefore if the uncircumcision keep the righteousness of the law, shall not his uncircumcision be counted for circumcision? “

                    • “Skin graft?”

                      LOL! Darn, that’s funny!

                      Every time I read Exodus 18:7 [And Moses went out to meet his father in law, and did obeisance, and kissed him; and they asked each other of their welfare;]

                      I always pictures:

                      “You get your check this month Jethro?”
                      “Yeah man! Right on time!”

                    • Funny I just watched Deadwood last week. Very good BTW.

                      Reverend Smith was babbling something very similar to Romans 2:23-26 as his brain affliction stated to consume him. Why your post caught my eye.

              • Hi Nunz!

                There’s a book called The Fourth Turning which bears on this discussion. The gist is that nations (and societies) have a definite life cycle that’s analogous to a human life cycle; i.e., birth, youth, maturity and old age. The chief difference being – according to the book – that a nation’s life cycle is (roughly) four human lifetimes. Enough to transition from the stage of youthful vitality to the entropic state of apathy and dissolution.

                It’s a good read and I recommend it for that reason.

                • Mornin’ Mr. Eric!

                  Ah! Thanks for ‘splaining that ‘4th turning’ thing to me!! I’ve heard that phrase for so long; have even seen references to the book- but never quite understood what it was referring to.

                  It sounds about right, too! 200-300 years seems to be about the max for the viable life of empires/authoritarian states.

                  It’s easy to correlate those life-stages with the quest for independence/establishment; growth; pinnacle of functionality and strength; complacency/irresponsibility; decline and death.

                  At least now, when I see the term, I’ll know exactly what it’s refering to! (In the past, I might have been anxious to read the book- but seeing as to what’s transpired in the recent past, and what’s happening now, and where we’re inevitably and obviously headed- it’s essentially being played out before our eyes- Makes the idea of reading the book seem kind of anti-climatic by comparison….

        • PS. Jason,

          And yeah, for a ghlimpse of what comes after, just take a look at what’s happening in South Africa- and it’s only just begun!

    • C’mon people,

      At least respond to his argument. Eric does not ignore the many failings of Trump or consider him to be “good”. His argument is pragmatic, not ideological. No matter our most fervent desire, someone will be elected in 2020 and whoever is elected will continue the parade of horribles that we decry. He believes that Trump is likely to be less awful than any other contender and may undo some awful things enacted by his predecessors. Thus, of the realistic options, he prefers that Trump is reelected. Listing the many abuses of Trump is not relevant to that argument.

      What is relevant is whether the possible short term gains justify voting for or supporting a “bad” person like Trump (or anyone). While I disagree with Eric on this, I understand it and it certainly does not impugn his libertarian creds. I believe that as long as “we” continue to support the system through political participation, it will continue to metastasize. I see no end in politics but the growth of tyranny, Still, non-participation is cold solace for those concerned about the daily assaults against us.


      • I get it, Jeremy,

        I would rather see Trump in office too, rather than any of the other D’s or R’s who were/are in the fray. But ultimately, it makes no difference. Nay, it may even be to our detriment, since he can so easily get away with major assaults upon our few remaining scraps of liberties because he’s not “One of them”.

        The little obligatory scraps he may throw us (All very temporary) and things that he sometimes says (Words are cheap) to appease the theater-goers, may make us feel good- at least it’s something!” -but considering that this is being done while he is putting the finishing touches on the erection of the surveillance state and the destruction of what remains of any liberties we once had, is no reason to applaud him, much less contribute to his enthroning. THAT is exactly the mentality the system has inflicted upon the masses, which keeps them participating in the matrix of tyranny.

        Imagine, for example, if GHWB had won the ’92 election [shudder] instead of Slick Willy [shudder]- True Conservatives and Libertarians at the time would have been saying “See? At least hje did some good; he enacted welfare reform!”- But of course, Mr. Hillary won…and enacted welfare reform- contrary to everything his ilk stand for- because it was fiscally necessary in order to shunt money to other causes. So either way…no matter who occupies the office, the same things get accomplished, which further the agendas of the true rulers- it’s just that us peons tend to read much more into these little things; and credit the given fuhrer of the time with having done something ‘good’. Meanwhile [again, using the example of ’92] which candidate would have not advanced the police-surveillance-military state?

        Of course, neither. GHWB certainly did during his reign, and would have continued; And Hitlery’s husband certainly did during his reign. Would a different outcome of the election have altered anything? Of course not. And that is my whole point: It makes no difference.

        Of course, since it makesd no difference, it doesn’t necessarily do any harm to play the game- if one doesn’t mind wasting their time; and perhaps it does do some harm, as it causes the participants to buy into the false narrative to at least some degree, and to be placated somewhat.

        I do think though, in the case of those whose opinions appear before an audience of the public, that it may behoove them to consider how such support of the system, and bolstering of those who are very detrimental to our liberties, may affect others who are new to Libertarian/Anarchist philosophies; or even how it might deter those who already are Libertarians/Anarchists, from viewing such authors as such.

        We, as Libertarians (or any demographic who value liberty) should rather be exposing the misdeeds of such ‘rulers’, just as we would those of anyone else.

        Imagine if the Clinton bitch had won the most recent election; and if she had temporarily rescinded the Obamacare tax mandate (Would could have happened, just as her husband uncharacteristically reformed welfare!)- Would any of us be saying “Yeah, she’s a tyrant who is furthering the destruction of our most basic liberties…but I’ll voter for her again because she at least did something good which has an immediate positive effect on my life!”?

        But The Donald says things which are more palatable to us, so it is easier to ignore the evils that he does….

        • Hey Nunz,

          Look, I agree with you and I oppose voting for politicians and most political participation, as I don’t see any chance of altering the common understanding of the nature of government as long as “we” continue to participate. However, this is an expression of a preference for a possible long term good at the expense of a possible short term bad. It is not a moral position or requirement of libertarian theory. While it is true that the State will march along, violate rights, arrogate more power to itself, etc… no matter who is elected, it is not true that an individual president will do exactly the same things as any other.

          “But The Donald says things which are more palatable to us, so it is easier to ignore the evils that he does….”

          While many people ignore the evils of Trump, Eric is not one of them. He has expressed a preference for what he believes to be a likely lessening of evil, compared to the alternative, to a possible, but unlikely, good future result. This position is neither irrational nor immoral, it is tactical. It is pointless to list the many abuses of Trump to someone who knows all of them but believes, quite correctly, that someone will be elected and that he prefers a particular outcome. Defensive voting is not a necessary endorsement of a particular politician, nor an endorsement of the system. It is neither immoral, nor contrary to libertarian theory. It is, in my opinion, foolish and counter productive in the long term.


        • Hey Nunz,

          I no longer try to convince those libertarians/anrchists who are well aware of the problem of voting to abstain in all cases, as they have already done the long term/short term, pro/con calculation and arrived at an opinion that differs from mine. This does not make them wrong. I will argue with the “gotta vote, can’t complain if you don’t” crowd because they are wrong.


          • Hi Jeremy!

            I’d vote for Trump – and plan to, next year – for the same reason I’d rescue one kid from a burning car rather than just stand there and watch two kids burn to death.

            Trump has been a net good in terms of what hasn’t been done – and that’s no small thing.

              • Hi Vonu,

                I understand the sentiment – and agree with it. But the ugly hard truth is that it will be either Orange Man or whomever the Democrats put forward. There is no chance at all of a third choice defeating either. I wish beyond words that we weren’t up for auction, as it were – or choosing the prison warden. But since that is the only choice we have (other than refusing to choose, which is of course also a choice) I choose the Orange Man in the absence of a better alternative.

                • Eric,
                  I seriously doubt if Doug Casey’s record of successful predictions is likely to be broken by any elected official.
                  Trump’s electoral results are likely to mirror the Dow, and that isn’t looking like it will avoid a major haircut before the election.

            • Hi Ya’s, Eric & Jeremy,

              (Not ignoring you, either, Vonu, but you’re in the choir!)

              Just to clarify: I don’t think that there is anything necessarily immoral or wrong with Eric voting for Trump. Like I said in my previous post: “It does no harm”. At best (or worst) it doesn’t matter.

              But intellectually, I wish I could convince Eric that Trump has NOT been a net positive. The minuscule (And utterly temporary) bones we’ve been thrown in no way, by any remote stretch of the imagination, compensate for the irreparable damages that are being done to our fragile liberties- which will have severe and far-reaching long-term consequences, even if another Dem. never ascends the throne.

              In my opinion, this equates to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity gushing over GWB, just because he’s not a dem.

              Maybe it’s just that I expect better of you, Eric. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong or bad….it’s just that it seems like you’re buying into the phony left vs. right paradigm- and you are the last person I’d expect to be fooled by that. To me, it seems as though you can not see the bigger picture in this- and I just wish that you could.

              • Nunz, the rate at which things are getting worse has certainly slowed. It hasn’t reversed, but it has slowed. The hatred of Trump has slowed everything down and exposed much of the government evil of the last 150 years or more simply to blame it on Trump as if it is new. Sure still a net negative but less negative per unit time.

                • Brent, I’d have to agree. Just give me the name of who is commenting on any subject and it’s easy to see the one’s that will be total lies.

                  If you’ll recall, there was a pic of little girl standing in front of Trump and a byline saying she was kept away from her parents due to Trump’s “immigration law”.

                  Of course Trump had nothing to do with the immigration laws and eventually issued an executive order to not separate “illegal’s parents from their children”.

                  The picture was a pure fabrication though since it wasn’t an illegals child, it was the child of a woman standing right there with her child in front of Trump with her image wiped out leaving garish image that showed nothing but Trump and the little girl with no background nor anything else.

                  I think I’d probably vote for Tulsi Gabbard in a heartbeat since she addresses the problem of transparency and correctly identifies “a small elite group that controls the govt.”

                  She called out some outright lies also. Now she’s getting “Ron Pauled” by the dems.

                  • 8, Re; what Tootsie said about transparency and the elite; How is that any different than what the DingusDonald said when he was campaigning?

                    They all say a lot while campaigning; how much of it do they do? Hmmm….who said more about transparency than anyone in memory? Obozo. How’d that work out.

                    Like your CIA friend said…it makes no difference. The Greatest Show On Earth. Vote for PT Barnum or The Bearded Lady…makes no difference.

              • Hey Nunz,

                There is a big difference between “drinking the Kool-Aid” and making a tactical decision based on preferring one of the only two real choices, one of whom will be elected no matter what we do.

                “But intellectually, I wish I could convince Eric that Trump has NOT been a net positive”.

                But Nunz, you’ve set up an impossible task as the other side of the comparison does not exist. Opinions like this are formed through analysis of history and conjecture, such opinions are not subject to a right or wrong classification, just a more or less likely classification.

                Eric’s opinion, that despite all the awful stuff Trump has done, Hillary would have been significantly worse strikes me as far more likely than the alternative. You also seem to ignore the likely case that everything awful done by Trump would have been done by Hillary. If true, the bones you speak of are, by definition, a net positive.


              • Libertarians have always been able to accomplish more by running for office than voting for the lesser of evils, or else Dr. Ron Paul wouldn’t have bothered.
                His nickname was Dr. No, because he voted against almost everything. He had a simple plan. If it wasn’t constitutional and mandated thereby, he voted NO.
                His homeschool curriculum is fixing education in ways that nothing else can.

                • Hi Vonu,

                  Ron Paul’s greatest accomplishment, in my opinion, was bringing libertarian ideas to a broad audience. But, those ideas were formed by thinkers like Rothbard, Mises, Hayek, Spooner, etc… Very few libertarians who run for office win and, if they do, they often don’t remain such. Check out the conversion of the young radical libertarian Dana Rohrabacher into the war mongering statist as an example. Ron Paul is a political anomaly.

                  His home school curriculum is not a product of his political involvement.


                • And that’s really the ONLY thing a Libertarian could do in office, to accomplish anything: Just dismantle the machinery of the state- till the state itself is dismantled.

                  • Attempting to overthrow, or dismantle, the federal government is, by definition in the Constitution, treason. That said, the Constitution is the most libertarian charter of a government in human history. If we would just observe it…

                    • You’re not kidding, Vonu- If “WE” would just observe it”- i.e. if wee-(the)-people had valued and practiced the principles enumerated in the Bill-O-rights, the pols could never have amassed the power they have- and what power they ever had would have been neutered.

                    • Hi Vonu,

                      “That said, the Constitution is the most libertarian charter of a government in human history. If we would just observe it…”

                      Well, that’s kind of a big problem, no? No mechanism exists, not even an incentive, that forces “them” to observe it or incentivizes “us” to value freedom over security, goodies, etc…

                      The one mechanism that may have produced some partial, haphazard success, dual sovereignty was neutered long ago and finally put to rest by Abrahamus Rex.


                    • Jeremy, I’m aware of what happened. I realize they were set upon with a large force and hadn’t time to gather their forces.

                      But the long term solution would have been to formulate a plan involving a much larger force before they quit paying taxes and fight back. Easier said than done I realize, but we’re facing same on many front right now.

                      We’ll eventually have to fight back, probably with force, to regain the many rights we’ve lost.

                    • Hey Eight,

                      My point was that the power and consequence asymmetry was bad even back then. It is much worse now. Most people, quite reasonably, do not wish to become martyrs to a probably futile cause. Early adopters of armed resistance are likely to be killed or imprisoned and portrayed as lunatics who “justify” the expansion of State power. While those wielding State power will likely face no consequences but be lauded as “heroes”.

                      Things will have to get a lot worse before armed resistance is a rational choice. Solzhenitsyn described this problem quite well. Yes, no government could withstand the revolt of most of the people but few of those people are willing to sign up to die in the beginning.


                    • I also meant to link this article from the Heritage Foundation, which confirms that merely conspiring against the government of the United States is not treason. Treason does not enter the picture unless one raises an army to wage actual war, or participate in supporting such action.


                      Bottom line is that plotting to overthrow the United States government is not treason. Raising an army and mounting an attack, or aiding and abetting such an attack, is required for the act to rise to the level of treason.

                    • Hi Jason,

                      “Raising an army and mounting an attack, or aiding and abetting such an attack, is required for the act to rise to the level of treason”.

                      Given that Lincoln asserted that the seceding States were still part of the “Union”, is that not exactly what he did?


                    • Hi Jeremy!

                      On this business of “treason”… in order for that to have substance as a charge, mustn’t one have voluntary pledged allegiance to the entity making the charge? If not, then a charge of “treason” is kind of like a restaurant owner chasing a guy who looked at the menu but decided to try the place across the street and threatening him with violence for failing to eat at his place.

                      It goes back to the nonsense about the “consent of the governed,” of course. We are presumed to have consented to a contract never presented – and supposedly bound by its terms. That argument would never hold up in court – in a civil matter. But we can be criminally prosecuted on the same basis, for violating the terms of “contract” none of us ever signed but which we’re considered a party to nonetheless.

                    • Morning Eric,

                      I agree, the concept is nonsense. For instance, it is often claimed that Assange committed treason against the US, how ridiculous.

                      I just like to point out that Lincoln did commit treason as defined in the Constitution.

                      “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort”.

                      Lincoln claimed that secession was invalid and never believed that the South had become a separate country. Therefore, he waged war against the States.


                  • Hey Nunz,

                    “If “WE” would just observe it”- i.e. if wee-(the)-people had valued and practiced the principles enumerated in the Bill-O-rights, the pols could never have amassed the power they have- and what power they ever had would have been neutered”.

                    First, I think this observation is incorrect. The “pols” have an enormous asymmetric advantage over “us”. After all, it is their job to amass power, and they have the force of the State to back it up. “We”, on the other hand, have to support ourselves and also worry about checking their power.

                    In addition, they don’t ever have to actually fulfill campaign promises or follow the Constitution as they are never punished, other than the slight chance of not being reelected, by violating their oath. Whereas, “we” have a tiny, and futile, basket of legal tools to use. Any attempt to use tools outside of that basket, tax resistance, encouraging jury nullification, ignoring health and safety fatwas, resorting to armed defense, etc… exposes us to crippling fines, incarceration or death.

                    Finally, if it is up to “us” to maintain liberty and the rule of law, doesn’t that beg the question, “why do we need ‘them’ at all”?


                    • Hey Eight,

                      They did, and were rewarded with an armed government assault. Which shows, that even back then, under the most libertarian government ever devised, that government valued its own power over the principles of freedom.


                    • Hi Jeremy!

                      What you say is correct; however, in the context of the beginnings of this country, I don’t think that those pols could have had the power which they have now long had- i.e. that if the people would have never consented to being disarmed to the point where the government has far superior weaponry; and if they had valued the principles outlined in the BOR, and thus had never elected, or removed from office those who violate those ideals…things could have been a lot better than they are now.

                      But ultimately, I do agree with you 100%- that government is neither desirable nor necessary; and the only real way to preserve true liberty is to value that liberty enough to not allow the erection of government to begin with (And there certainly are a lot of “erections” in that government! 😉 )

                      The moment we start to delegate our responsibilities and the protection of our rights to others…we start down the slippery slope which ends where we are today.

                    • Actually, every congress critter who signed the “loyalty oath” to a foreign country, israel, as well as signing a pact with AIPAC is guilty of treason. This also counts the 40 or so “dual-citizenship” israelis who are occupying the U S congress. In addition, anyone who serves in a foreign country’s military should also be tried for treason.

                    • Anarchyst,

                      Every congress critter is a traitor, perhaps not in a technical legal sense, but traitors nevertheless. Not a one of them gives a rat’s ass about adhering to the Constitution, recognizing limits on power, honoring divided sovereignty, etc…

                      But, why would they? There’s nothing in it for them and no mechanism exists to compel them to do so.


                    • Jeremy, anarchyst loves to throw the term “treason” around but it is obvious he has absolutely no knowledge of how it is defined in the Constitution and how it has been applied by the courts. In the United States, the crime of treason is very narrowly defined and the courts have held to that.

                      I almost feel kind of bad when it comes to him. These aryan types are never the sharpest knives in the drawer, but dealing with this guy is like getting into an argument with a retarded child.

          • Its really a matter of Pascal’s wager- if it makes a difference and I don’t vote, I lose something. If it makes NO difference and a I don’t vote, I lose nothing.

            • Hi Ernie,

              I am certain that the outcome of the next election will not be altered whether I vote, or for whom. Thus, in my mind, I lose something if I do vote because I’m philosophically opposed to granting any form of symbolic legitimacy to the State, and it’s a waste of my time.

              That is a different calculation than whether it matters who becomes the next president.


    • Also lets not forget orange morron’s love of civil asset forfeiture and appointment of the recusing loon Jeff Sessions – , forgiving US soldiers of war crimes they were convicted of in a US military court (which is almost impossible to begin with) his support of the disgusting saudis and the genocide in Yemen. From the above referenced article:

      “If the court signs off on the order, Apple and Google will be told to hand over not just the names of anyone who downloaded the scope app from August 1, 2017 to the current date, but their telephone numbers and IP addresses too, which could be used to determine the location of the user. The government also wants to know when users were operating the app.”

      “Even those who’ve worked in government surveillance were stunned by the order. “The idea that this data will only be used for pursuing ITAR violations is almost laughable,” warned Jake Williams, a former NSA analyst and now a cybersecurity consultant at Rendition Infosec.”

      • I’ve always been impressed by ATN products. Sure wish I could buy one, I’d spend the money on a new pickup. If I were wealthy, I’d most likely have the pickup and the scope but not an app from any damned phone supplier such as these listed here.

        ATN makes day/night scopes. They are really quality products, to the point I’d never be able to own one. I do enjoy their and other scope makers(don’t understand why they picked out ATN)videos.

        The guns I can afford are something else too. Their power is limitless if you can afford big boxes of rubber bands. I have been guilty of using them to make the cats jump up the wall and go for the “projectile”. I got onto the guns after becoming almost professional with the “finger and thumb” weapon. I progressed to these weapons right after becoming proficient with wads of paper and straws. The “5th grade teacher” used her power of “asset forfeiture” to take my straw but didn’t take my “wads”. Never could figure out why she didn’t demand my spitwads too. Maybe it was because I’d already given her a couple in the back.

  9. Quite a few autocorrect errors, but that’s OK we get the point.

    Words -vs- actions. Global warming will lead to sea level rise. Yet Barry just bought a multi-million dollar mansion on an island, obviously at sea level. Global warming is an existential threat to the ski industry, yet mansions around ski towns are still selling for millions despite the problem of what happens when the climate changes to the point that Aspen becomes a high desert landscape. And the latest outrage in town is a proposed solar farm to be installed in an area near Woody Creek that will spoil the million dollar views from Starwood (of John Denver’s “Starwood at Aspen” fame).

    I’d say it was a case of “austerity for thee, not for me,” but losing millions on a flooded out mansion or abandoned ski town doesn’t sound like they really believe what they are selling. Unless they’re just playing the part of modern day Neros, quite literally ignoring the Earth burning. Of course, depending on who you choose to believe we’re already past the point of no return anyway, so maybe that’s their deal. Live in the moment and to hell with everything else.

    “What gets measured, gets managed.” This is the primary slogan of my employer, although no one ever would admit it. We can measure the impact of individuals and extrapolate data across millions of people. “No single snowflake is responsible for the avalanche” is a very useful saying to these people. Their 14,000 sq foot “ski lodge” isn’t going to contribute much CO2 to the climate (and besides, they’ll just buy a few of Al Gore’s climate credit indulgences anyway), it’s the millions of 3 bedroom 2 bath suburban homes on quarter acre lots that are the problem. When Barry’s house is underwater maybe he’ll start calling for reparations…

  10. I’ll never support Trump again for his abuse of Assange and Manning alone. He refused to release the JFK files. Nothing on Clinton or 9/11. What war did he end? Record illegals and a token amount of “wall”. Trillion dollar deficits every year. . New red flag laws to destroy the second amendment which he completely supports. He eliminated several treaties – the Iran one and most importantly the Inf – greatly increasing the chance of nuclear war. He’s Israel’s bitch. He appointed the most repulsive reptiles imaginable to be his ‘advisors’. He’s been a complete disaster. He may very well get a hard core communist elected in 2020. Hate to say this but Obama was better.

    Btw had to look up keening, hairshirting and dinning. Thank you for the vocabulary lesson!

    • Well-said, Mark3.

      Even Obozo in his TWO terms was not as destructive to liberty as Trumps has been in 3 years- and this will be obvious a few years down the road, after the results of Trump’s support for the 5G network, HARPA and red flag laws become fully implemented and realized.

      He even appointed the enabler of Obozocare and one of the authors of the PAtriot Act[puke] to the Supreme Court [Who is also the architect of the surveillance state- the instigator and enabler of the gov’t’s spying on the communications of every citizen]

    • Ovomit definitely used the apparatus of the state to spy on average citizens. These trends could have continued unabated had the old hag gotten elected. As it stands now, I draw the line at gun control. If gun control of any form gets enacted between now and election day (or there is a sign of it happening afterwards), I will not be voting for orange. Otherwise, as it stands now, he’s measurably better than the other ones. I like his dealings with China, but agree with you on 5G and all the rest

      • I’d prefer any communofascist president who obeyed the Constitution and his oath to it, but since none of them in the last couple centuries was bothered by doing so, I’d just as soon that they restrict their actions to being the executive officer of the government of the United States in lieu of being allowed to be the leader of the country at large.

      • Swamp, when has the spying stopped? It certainly hasn’t under Trump; In fact, he appointed the instigator of it to the Supreme Court.

        And you mean that the bills proposed now, to:

        Establish Red-Flag laws, nationwide.
        Ban high-capacity magazines.
        Prohibit those convicted of misdemeanor ‘hate crimes’ from POSSESSING firearms,

        don’t constitute enough gun-control to qualify?

        I see a good number of statist Republicans freaking out over this crap…and here we have Libertarians drinking the Kool-Aid?

        • Hi Nunz,

          I think it’s a but much to accuse me – and Brent and others here – of being Kool Aid gulpers. I have never denied that Trump is authoritarian and labor under no delusion that he is a Libertarian at heart. But he has improved things by not making them worse – as Brent wrote earlier. Not in every way, obviously. But in some very important ways, which I have already described.

          Perhaps the most important thing Trump has done is to undermine the putative legitimacy of things such as “climate change” and to laugh out loud at politically correct orthodoxies, making it acceptable for others to do it.

          If he manages to win a second term, it is possible he’ll get rid of Obamacare outright (not just the “individual mandate”) which is something that has no chance whatever of occurring if he loses and he will definitely replace that old crone Ruth Bader Ginsberg with someone who isn’t an outright Marxist.

          We need to hold ground in order to gain it.

          This business of not acknowledging that A is better than B (not perfectly better or even massively better… but better) is a suicidal instinct that cedes the field before the battle has been lost.

          If you were getting your ass kicked in a bar fight, would you accept the help of someone you didn’t especially like? Of course you would.

          The same applies here.

          Learn something from the left: Winning is what matters.

          • Hey Eric,

            ****”Perhaps the most important thing Trump has done is to undermine the putative legitimacy of things such as “climate change” and to laugh out loud at politically correct orthodoxies, making it acceptable for others to do it. “***

            So he says what half of the country knows to be the obvious truth about the phony narrative of “Climate Change”- but yet furthers the underlying agenda behind that narrative- and that is somehow better, and negates the fact that he is GREATLY increasing tyranny and the size, scope, and power of the state? 😮

            Damage-control for those who may be starting to “get it”.

            Just how is he helping us in the fight in which we are getting our asses kicked; and just how are we winning, when he is carrying out the same actions and agendas that have long been in place, while just using verbiage that superficially appears to be opposed to those on the other side of the phony right/left paradigm?

            How is his appointment, Kavanaugh, any better than the Ginsberg bitch?

            It’s like you are ignoring the realities on this subject. The man is as detrimental to liberty- and has done as much and more to destroy it as has any Democrat or standard Republican/Neocon (And why not, since hios admin is packed full of all of the preceding?) both here and abroad- He even talks and acts like a dictator-emperor- demanding that other sovereign nations do as he says; breaking treaties; capriciously just ordering corporations to leave China….etc. ad-infinitum -Not to even mention the endless flip-flops and compromises……

            As I’ve said, the voting does no harm, because it doesn’t matter- and I would even agree- vote for Hitler, rather than Stalin if you must…. I would too, if forced to choose- the same way I’d choose to drown in the ocean instead of a cesspool, if those were my onlky choices…

            But that you think that Trump is not making worse…. [for just one example:] while he works for the implementation of 5G, which is a key component of self-driving cars/further surveillance & control of people-driven cars, and virtually EVERYTHING else- but because he very temporarily rescinded one little component of one little mandate re: the CAFE average- which as we’ve seen is functionally meaningless, since CA. will maintain it for their state which contains nearly a 6th of the US population- that that somehow negates the agenda that they’ve been planning for us for decades, and which Trump is even helping them to further?

            I just can’t grasp how you are not seeing this….. Perhaps once the debilitating effects of what Trump IS doing to make it worse become apparent, you will then “get it”- I am just surprised that you don’t get it already, because the very things Trump is doing (which are no different than what Hitlkery or Mittens would have done- just the words are different, and the scraps are thrown to the dogs instead of the cats) are the advancement of the very things which you expose in your writings almost daily. Suddenly, you feel that the guy who tells the AGWs “not to be so nice[sic]” is somehow any less harmful than the other tyrants, just because he puts on a show for those of us who despise the other tyrants/tyrantesses?

            Will he be saying “Lock her up!” again as he campaigns in 2020? LOL- A modern-day PT Barnum.

            Believe me, I wanted to like him; I even had a little hope when he was campaigning. But reality set in soon enough. He’s not the guy who helps us as we’re getting our ass kicked; he’s the guy who makes like he’s brushing us off, and then pushes us over the person who’s huddled behind us.

            • Nunz!

              Orange Man rescinded the federal fatwa that would have tripled “gas guzzler” fines; he pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate agreement; that is action . – not just words. He is trying to use anti-trust law to break CA’s attempt to dictate how many MPGs our cars must deliver. He is actually doing things; not perfectly – not always successfully – but he is doing them.

              Give him credit where it’s due.

              And bear in mind that she would never have done other than impose every fatwa he has fought and added to them, too.

              I disagree with you that he has increased the tyranny of the state – most of us now pay less in taxes (and don’t have to pay the “individual mandate”) and while I am concerned about the Red Flag stuff, that hasn’t actually come to pass. We will have to wait and see.

              My point – again – isn’t that Trump is perfect or even “good” – just noticeably less worse than the alternative.

              And that is the only choice before us.

              • O-K, what have you done to the real Eric?! 😉

                Rescind CAFE fatwa=: +1
                Put Obozocare tax mandate on hold=: +1
                Refrain from Paris Climate BS: = Neutral- as any occupier of the WH would have likely at least postponed it too, as it would have meant an immediate tanking of the economy, and death to the stock market (This is probably why they allowed Trump to win, ’cause Hitlery couldn’t have done this without detroying her role as loony-lefty-in-chief)

                So far, we’re at +2.

                Trump requested that the NSA’s deactivated call records program be permanently reinstated=: -8,000,000

                Even if we forget all of the other nukular level atrocities he is in the process of erecting, just with that one, we are at (negative) -7,999,998.

                That’s a net negative……hugely so.

                The anti-trust thing is despicable- trying to punish businesses for doing what they perceive to be in their own best interest, because they can’t ignore CA. since CA. contains nearly one sixth of the country’s population; and for not jumping at what will likely be a very temporary reprieve. That is just MORE tyranny- even though it may seem less so, since it’s goals may be more in line with something which we desire- it is really little different from decreeing that an insurance company must accept/not charge a higher premium for those with a pre-existing condition, or requiring a privately owned facility to provide a certain restroom configuration.

                This is really no less evil; no less tyrannical than the existence of the fatwa. Just as a company should not be forced to make cars that achieve a certain MPG…neither should they be prohibited from doing so. This just adds proof to the pudding that Trump acts like a dictator. He certainly doesn’t give a damn about liberty, in any way, shape or form. Quite frankly, I’m beginning to think that he is mentally unstable [Obviously NOT for the reasons the leftists cite]

                Anti-trust seems to be the darling of collectivist tyrants- only Trump is taking it to new level now, rather than reining-in the rogue state which denies it’s citizens the rights enjoined in the Constitution.

            • C’mon Nunz,

              Of course Eric gets it, as he has proven over and over with remarkable consistency. You are not really responding to his argument. Which, in its simplest form is: one of two bad things WILL happen, I believe that one of those things will be entirely bad, while the other will still be bad but may also result in some good, and thus be less bad than the other. I will act in a way that I believe that the less bad thing is more likely to happen.

              Pointing out that it’s still bad is not a meaningful response to that argument because that is acknowledged in the premise. Claiming that his analysis is false is a valid response but it is also just an opinion, based on a counter factual analysis, that is unknowable and unprovable.

              Which of the many bad things you cite would have been unlikely to happen had Hitlery become Queen? Is it likely that the few good things Trump has done would have happened under Queen Hitlery? Which of the numerous bad things that are likely to happen under Trump if he is reelected would not happen under any of the viable Dem candidates?

              Look, I mostly agree with you. You know that I don’t advocate voting or political participation. But that is a long term, abstract analysis, based on my belief that granting any, even symbolic, support for the State is ultimately more damaging to liberty than any short term gains that may occur under the less bad option. But, that position does not require denying that some short term gains may happen. At this point, both voting and non-voting, on an individual level, are futile gestures, so I don’t think it matters that some prefer possible short term gain over a better, possible but unlikely, long term outcome. A preference for the former does not automatically render one unaware.


              • Jeremy, we must be in different dimensions of something.

                You guys have mentioned 2 or 3 small positives that Trump has actually done (other than the PT Barnum rhetoric)- but you seem to think nothing of the MAJOR assaults against our liberties that he is committing, which is essentially the end of what is left of anything we value here, and which is no different than what any other candidate would have done.

                I just don’t know what else to say, if you and Eric and some others here can’t see this.

                So great….someone will be able to buy some Rube Goldberg contraption on wheels that gets 28MPG instead of 46 MPG (I won’t be buying one, as they are still festooned with black boxes and back-up cameras, and non-durable delicate technology, etc.)….as everywhere we go is tracked (probably the true reason for the fiendish push of 5G), and everything we do is controlled; as our guns go bye-bye, and as the freaking pigs become even “less nice”- if that’s even possible…..

                I mean C’mon- Libertarians singing the praises of and voting for a guy who seeks to reauthorize the NSA’s call records program, PERMANENTLY…. I know the world has gone crazy, but I never thought that you guys would lose your minds….

                • Hey Nunz,

                  I love ya buddy but I really don’t understand how you can interpret anything I’ve written that supports the thrust of this post.


                  • Ditto, Jeremy!

                    We’re usually ideological brothers- and I don’t even think that we disagree on this- we’re just bickering over whether the glass is half empty or half full! 🙂

                    • Trump fired Bolton because he wants to negotiate with Iran.

                      OTOH, he met with anti-gunners and is considering a national gun registry which will turn into an outright confiscation.

            • Hey Nunzio, I’ve noticed lately that your posts are really spot on. I still think you should consider starting your own website. However, when it comes to Trump, all bets are off. Years ago, I went to some multi level marketing scam. They had free copies of Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal”. I actually read it. He’s doing stuff that no one else would have dreamed of doing. I don’t see Hilary, or any other Dem walking into N. Korea ever, and when he sacked Bolton, I kinda got a glimmer of hope in my eye, and I’m about as pessimistic as anyone can be when it comes to politics. I don’t much care for the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils, but I’m beginning to wonder if Trump may have everyone fooled. When he didn’t get nasty and start shooting up the place when that drone got shot down, I realized he’s working them. When Shoomer and Peleski were dancing a jig because we were going to retaliate against Iran, and then Trump just nixes it, I kinda got excited. I don’t see how there’s really any way Trump can just steamroll over everyone and overturn decades of case law, Presidential orders, etc. The whole country would go bananas. Before he can turn the country around he’s got to start pumping the brakes and slowing it down. I think he’s timing everything to give him the best opportunity to get reelected, and hopefully he’ll gain some momentum as well. Honestly, I’m amazed he hasn’t caught a bullet between the eyes already.

  11. Ostensibly, dictators are not to be elected, but that’s what we’ve been getting.

    President’s job description (Oath):

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    • What do you mean? Dictators are always reelected in a landslide. Makes the 2 party system types very jealous.

      As for that tired old piece of parchment, it became subjective almost before the ink was dry. Lawyers have spent thousands of hours reading between the lines and even individual words to get whatever meaning suits the desired outcome.

      • Why would any two party system type be jealous of a two party system type being elected?
        If it weren’t for the fact that the two party system types have assured themselves of permanent ballot access, far fewer of them would have been elected to any office where anyone besides a Democrat or a Republican got on the ballot.

  12. Eric,
    Have you ever been to Silver Lake State Park in Michigan? I just got back from a vacation there. They have a whole section of the park set aside for ORVs to ride on the sand dunes next to Lake Michigan. I’m not much of a car gal yet (my son is still trying) but I am a huge libertarian. It was great to see all the big boy souped up trucks out there having way more fun than wimpy boring Priuii have in the city. Go Orange Man 🙂

    • Hi Sara,

      I have! Years ago, I attended a GM press event there – this was before GM anathematized me for being a straight white male who likes V8s – and had a lot of fun; it’s also a very beautiful area. I’d like to go again but given the current Situation I am likely not going on many press trips for the foreseeable future.

      Not unless I “transition,” at any rate!

  13. Eric, maybe im being naive – but can he not (if he really want to) – by executive order as Obama before him just rescind the CAFE laws or something (i mean given that they no longer serve any real purpose anyways?) Isn’t that how they came into place (at least the Obama amendments to them)?

    • Hmmm…. Maybe he doesn’t really want to….but just like his lip service to some other concepts that those who elected him hold dear, like the 2nd Amendment- is just a way of throwing a few bones to the voters, to distinguish his side from the other, and thus keep the voters participating in the charade.

      • Hi Nunz,

        It’s more than s few bones; the guy is genuinely trying. Give him a little credit. He deserves it. What do you expect one man to do – against an entrenched system that has been fighting him as viciously as a rabid badger? He is doing what he can – and it’s a lot more than any other politician who had a chance of being in a position to do something would have done.

        It’s almost unreal. The president has openly “denied” catastrophic “climate change.” Rescinded the fatwa that would have tripled CAFE fines and is fighting the industry and CA over the 50 MPG fatwa. He did not put an LBGTQSUV Person of Color on the Supreme Court. That alone may preserve some degree of freedom for years to come.

        If you’re starving and find a half-eaten sausage, would you refuse to eat it because it’s not served on a china plate with all the trimmings?

    • Hi Nasir,

      The American president is a kind of elected dictator – a Decider, as The Chimp styled it. He could do pretty much anything. Only the fumes of tradition exercise a degree of restraint and that is fading. It’s a two-edged sword. If Orange Man just “decides,” he sets a precedent for the next Decider to similarly “decide.” Poof – everyone (except AGWs) must turn in their guns within 30 days. Poof – No one may drive a car that “emits” more than X amount of C02… and so on.

      It’s a mess.

      • It is interesting – I mean the whole 50+ Cafe came in as an executive order, as you say very obvious it seems to spite the deplorable who didn’t select his chosen successor…..

        I really think he should say fuck it – it’s gone…. because thats how it came.

      • Who makes the CAFE regs, the EPA? Isn’t the EPA part of the executive branch of gov’t? Doesn’t DJT head the executive branch as POTUS? Therefore, can’t he direct the EPA to recind the CAFE fatwa?

      • Hi Eric,

        The President’s legitimate duties, Article II, Section 2:

        “The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States; he may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices, and he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.”

        He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States, whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by law: but the Congress may by law vest the appointment of such inferior officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the courts of law, or in the heads of departments.”

        The President shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next session.

  14. The 50 mpg “goal” was never technically achievable in a vehicle that people could use to do useful things. While I applaud Trump for calling it for the BS that it is, recall that he’s a rich guy and gets around by limo and private jet, not a F-150 or Suburban.

    It’s correct to say that on this narrow topic, his interests align with mine.

    • I’m sure he’s been in the back of quite a few Suburbans over the years. They make great town cars. In fact I was in one yesterday to shuttle me back to the parking lot after visiting friends in Snowmass Village (near Aspen). There are even companies who will stretch them for “girls’ night out” style limos.

      • You apparently never saw the trio of armored Suburbans haul Dick Cheney to and from Jackson Hole International Airport from his golf course home in Wilson, Wyoming.

  15. I didn’t vote for him the first time. (I didn’t vote for shrillery either) I damn well gonna vote for him the second time! I am one Chevy hasn’t made too much money off of, I have a 2000 C3500 PU with 294,000 miles and I expect to get at least to 400,000 before I have to exchange the engine if I can still do that in a couple of years. I take damn good care of my truck.

    • Cederq, ah, the old style pickup. I dig it. Is it gas or diesel? Either way, it’s the real deal. It’s a brother to Blackie, the 93 K3500. I don’t think they even made them with short beds, at least I haven’t seen one. That’s a frame you won’t find now and if you ever have to do any body or frame work, box that frame and you’ll have THE best frame out there.

      One thing I planned to do but am re-thinking now, is to put forged A frames on mine. But the fact that neither are hurt and it flew off in a 30′ gulch at 90 mph in Mexico and only blew one shock astounded me. I don’t suppose you think the ball joints will last forever but when they need replacement, go for the best stuff you can find. That used to be GM and it may still be.

      I can’t wait to get that 98 body on my 93 frame with the 93 interior. Hell, I may put air ride seats in it. I can get fairly nice one(low mount)for $800 with arm rests. Those are the type that not only go up and down but forward and backward. If that truck made me enough money, I’d put some $5,000 do everything seats including massage in it. The older I get, the more that appeals to me. But what they used to call “chugger-snubber” where the seats move forward and backward are life-savers when you’re on roads like HEB freeway in Ok. where they can’t seem to make a concrete road that has no “bump” at each section. I made run to KC pulling a big trailer and my dog in the back, who normally liked to ride, just looked at me like I was purposely abusing him. We got to the new part, just been done and it was exactly like the old stuff, beat shit out of you.

      I stopped a couple times and tried to get him to drink, nah, not having it and walk around a relieve his bladder(not in this state he seemed to say)and I couldn’t blame him. We both drank nothing or slowed for much of anything all the way through Ok.

      A couple weeks later found us going to Dallas and back to Abilene. That new concrete road from Ft. Worth west was smooth as a baby’s butt, putting the lie to not being able to pour smooth concrete. If you gave me a choice for 250 miles anywhere, I’d opt for Ft. Worth just because of I 20. I’ve made lots of trips to Richie Bros. Auction east of Ft. Worth and it’s nothing if not comfortable.

  16. President Trump is like a doctor who tells his patient to quit smoking, drink moderately, lose weight and exercise. At first, the patient is angry with the doctor, but then realizes that the doctor’s advice is spot-on and correct.
    I like the sound of “President Trump”…

  17. He’s rude. He’s vulgar. He embellishes. He tells lies (although about things of no consequence). He’s the bull in the china shop.

    And I’m loving every minute of it.

          • If only we really had someone who was opposing the system instead of merely trying to make it look that way to those gullible enough to be satiated by words while his actions say otherwise.

            5G; HARPA; Red Flag laws; More money to ‘defense’ and “law enforcement’ than under any other administration = It’s all over; get out while you still can.

            And the immigration, welfare and warfare continue, just as they always have.

            No Dumbocrap could ever have gotten away with what the Orange Caligula is doing; but he does it, and those who would have risen up instead cheer. At their parties, when they get together and laugh at we the little people, they must be ecstatic at how easily these things were accomplished- and all unopposed- just by letting the fools think that they have someone who is ‘on their side’ and against the leftists/NWOers…as he procedes to establish their very agenda, while his supporters cheer- just like so many sane people cheered Reagan, as words of limited government dripped from his mouth, while he increased the size and scope and power of government more than any of his predecessors.

            A few years from now, those who remain will be saying “Gee, this social credit system in conjunction with 5G and red flag laws has completely eliminated all liberties…but at least there’s no law

            • Hi Nunz! I actually agreed with a few things the Trumpster said while he was just a candidate. Specifically getting out of Shitghanistan and also out of NATO, which reached its expiration date when the Berlin Wall came down. Of course that would have required all the “defense” contractor parasites do find honest work so can’t allow that. So once he got elected all that went down the memory hole and the swamp is deeper than ever.
              I’m too old to bail out but when they come for me I’ve got a 12 gauge waiting for the first goon through the door.

              • Amen to all of that, Mike!

                I really liked a lot of the things The Donald said when he was campaigning too- like the things you mentioned, and getting rid of Obozocare, and looking into what REALLY happened on 9/11, etc.

                As soon as he picked Pense though, I figured it was more than likely that he was just saying those things to tickle the ears of those who would otherwise not vote, or who might vote for someone else.

                And sure enough…what does the lying scumbag do? Soon as he gets in, he surrounds himself with generals, Neocon warmongers and Hitlery’s Goldman-Sachs friends….as he keeps proclaiming with a straight face that he’s going to “drain the Swamp”!

                Instead of draining the Swamp, he pissed all over everyone who voted for him,!

                Oh, and remember “Lock her up!”? LOL- what ever happened to that, now that he has the ability to do it?

                Hey man, hope ya have some ballistic tip slugs for that shotgun!(Or even regular slugs…)

                • Morning, Nunz!

                  I know I keep harping on it, but: There is sense in supporting the practical when the perfect isn’t feasible. The Mensheviks (and Trotsky) made the mistake of standing on principle – and thus enabled Lenin and his Bolsheviks to win. If we can hold ground – or gain some – then it is worth it, even if the battle is far from won.

                  Trump has brought the rabid left and nascent World Controllers into open; this alone is worth holding your nose and backing the Orange Man. Their masquerade is over; and if people see them for what they are, it is just possible that we might avoid an American Khmer Rouge scenario.

                  And even if not, the lines are now clearly drawn.

                  • Hey, Eric!

                    Awww, Eric, methinks you’re buying into this false paradigm.

                    How is Trump somehow “more practical” when he is able to accomplish attrocities that that the Dems had never been able to get away with, unopposed? [Not only unopposed, but with the support of even real Libertarians!]

                    Just because the masses of brain-dead 20-something communist college students don’t like him because he doesn’t appear to openly support all of their pet social ideologies, does not somehow make him any less of an oppressive styatisdt tyrant who is robbing us of the remaining shards of our liberties.

                    This right vs. left spectacle is just a show. The media props-up some phony red-herring issues, and lines are drawn around those issues, and people are so busy bickering over those little things (in which government shouldn’t have any involvement in in the first place) that they fail to see that both sides are working for the same ends.

                    When the effects of the things Trump has done/is doing become fully realized, it will be obvious that Trump has been one of the greatest foes of liberty since FDR. How is that practical?

                    Nit that we have any choice in the matter- as obviously, there is no choice- but it’s unnerving for Libertarians to be participating in the election of tyrants.

                    And really, Trump has not exposed anything, other than how gullible the masses are- who protest the leftists, and then cheer when Trump does worse than any leftist has been able to do thus far; and how futile voting is; and how, apart from the tiny details that the overlords couldn’t really care less about, the agendas of the elites just keep moving forward. No accountability; no real opposition to their plans (Since “Climate Change” is just a ruse, it doesn’t matter to them whether one supports it’s policies or not- as long as the underlying objectives are achieved- and Trump is furthering those objectives without even having to use false pretexts like Climate Change)

                    MAYBE, Trump does represent an outsider trying to get in- a power skirmish among the lackeys….but he is sure proving to his masters that he can do their bidding, while appeasing people who otherwise may have rebelled, but who are now content to participate in the very thing they would have fought against had it been someone else doing it. He is brilliant for that.

                    Eric, I would hazard a guess that you’ve been watching TV….and letting your guard down, so as to fall for the false narratives they portray on “the news”. Turn off that TV, and without hearing those carnival barkers spiels, very shortly you’ll have a different perspective on this. (I hope that you don’t take offense at that- It’s just that what you are saying on this subject does not appear to fit the reality of the matter- especially coming from a great Libertarian such as yourself, who usually sees through such things, and warns others of them…)

      • He’s pissed down my back and told me it was raining. That bs with the gun laws is not making him a lot of friends. The main problem is, the opposition. No doubt as to where those idiots stand. I intended to vote for Trump but our damn polls close too early for people trying to make a living. Maybe that’s what they intend. For the most part, or used to, I worked till dark or later. I guess now it doesn’t make a damn.

        I’ll hold my nose and vote for him. Only once in the last 40 years I haven’t voted for the lesser of two evils(cue the Fugs) was when RP wanted to run but was stopped by the old gourd(no misprint)Republican part. I voted and wrote his name in anyway.

        I didn’t get courted by the Republicans for that but now they are in love with me and promise me the moon because I voted for Cruz(the Fugs once again)when his opposition was Beto, a huge POS that needs to be euthanized. I’d vote for that.

        • Gun stuff is basically tempest in a teapot for sure. But there seems to be a lack of self-policing in the industry, and I believe it is intentional so that retailers can not be held liable for selling a product without any due diligence or followup to make sure they didn’t make a mistake. Of course the result of any successful effort to make them accountable for selling to someone who shouldn’t have access to a weapon would result in the end of business insurance, access to capital markets or probably both. As it is now we have the worst of all possible outcomes, where retailers can hire any fool off the street with no incentive to say no the the imbecile buying, yet when that imbecile fails to properly secure, operate or maintain their product the retailer isn’t accountable at all.

          And I’m sure this is going to be unpopular, but we all know someone who has no business ever getting near a firearm. The military won’t take anyone with an IQ under 85 for a reason. There are people with serious mental issues that are a danger to themselves and others. But Uncle shouldn’t be the arbiter of who gets to own firearms and who doesn’t. Like everything else it should be up to the wisdom of the crowds and community standards. If we can’t possibly agree on a community standard when there’s 330 million citizens in the community, perhaps we need to rethink the size of the community.

        • We should all go out and vote for the worst Dumbocrat (Can’t figure out if that would be Hitlery; AOC; Sanders…), ’cause if one of those loons were in, they’d never get away with the stuff Trump has been able to get away with. They would be opposed not only politically, but maybe the remaining contingent of decent people who are left would actually wake up and start taking action in their own lives, and maybe even realize delegating power to others in the name of ‘government’ is the problem, no matter who the players are.

          • I think you’re right. Talk about doing about faces on gun control, 1st amendment, 4th and all the rest. Let the war begin with the two communist parties so we “constituents” can watch. People might even become of aware of libertarianism.

            • One thing’s fer sure: Voting offers us no choice. You can vote for the guy what says nicer things…but he’ll do the same as the guy what says not so nice things.

              We could have had a choice with Ron Paul- I would have even gone out and voted for him! But look how far he got…’cause all of our fellow inmates have been so thoroughly propagandized and bought-off with trinkets….just like when they used to give the Injuns free food…so that they forgot how to be self-sufficient and became dependent upon Uncle…and look at them now! (Gave ’em free junky rifles too, so they’d lose their proficiency witgh the bow and arrie)

              • Nunz, speaking with a former CIA guy, a friend, back when Bush 1 and Clinton were running I asked him what he thought each would do. He answered “The same thing”. Well, Clinton glommed on to NAFTA and swore he’d see the Bush 1 legislation through if elected. He was, he did, and everything my friend said was correct.

                And just to make a point, when you speak of there being no “ex” CIA, that became painfully (for him) obvious when they tried to kill him.

                He didn’t want any more of them so they tried to kill him and nearly did. He was smart enough to track the try back to them. When he spoke I listened.

                • Exact-O-mundo, 8. Ya’d think it’d be pretty obvious to all by now.

                  Has a one of them stopped the endless wars?
                  Has a one of ’em stopped the welfare?
                  Has a one of ’em actually restored any liberty rather than taking more away?
                  Has one made the gov’t and their goons more accountable?
                  Has one spent less of our money than the one before him?
                  Has one stopped the social engineering?

                  Not a one…..

                  But they keep the sheeple occupied with the phony issues and false narratives in the media…and no one even looks at the real ones.

                • And it continued with Gore and Dubya. It’s no coincidence that they both had rabid neocons as their running mates. All prepared for Operation 9/11!

    • I should mention the wars that haven’t stopped,,, the immigration that has escalated, the H1B’s increased, the 4 out of 5 anti-gun laws meandering through con-gress that he supports, the savers he wants to punish to levitate the Stocks. His family business is still in China and India and American corporations are still leaving the USA.

      Even as bad as all that is he is still the best choice for those that choose the lesser of evils. It took 50 some years before I figured out the scam of voting. Over that period nothing,,, nothing improved,,, it always got worse. ALWAYS. Sometimes the “worse” got a reprieve for the short term but was always reversed as will be Trumps delay of the 50mpg fatwa and some other regulatory issues he delayed or rescinded.

      Just me three cents.

      • You’re right, of course – but what option have we got?

        Until the ship actually sinks, I’m for trying to keep it afloat, if there’s any hope of preventing it from sinking.

        • Hi Aljer,

          We may be forced to choose either right-ish authoritarianism or socialist social justice-ism. Our choice without choice – like the choice faced by the new guy in prison who has to pick a gang, if he expects to not be sodomized by a gang.

      • Spot-on, Ken!

        Anyone who thinks that there is a difference between the parties/anyone who manage to get into office, is a fool. The agendas continue the same regardless of who the carnival-barker is.

        The American people have bneen so thoroughly propagandized through the pooblik skools and media, that that they just echo and advocate the agendas of these pols anyway…so even if someone were in who really had the intent to make real changes, and the power to actually accomplish it politically, it wouldn’t make any difference, because 90% of the public already believes in “climate change” et al.

        And then what does this boorish braggadocio buffoon do? He goes after Ford et al for their choosing to do what they know to be expedient- to maintain the MPG fartwar standard, because they know that this rescission will only be temporary (So no need to scrap everything now, only to have to rebuild it again in a year or two); and even if it’s not temporary, they still have to sell cars in CA. which contains nearly a sixth of the population of the US- so what are they supposed to do about that?

        Instead, why doesn’t this jerk go after California for their many unconstitutional and traitorous crimes against US citizens, and their refusal to abide by federal law?

        No, that he doesn’t do, because he’s too buisdy destroying car companies in a way that will be more pleasing to his supporters than if he did it the same way that the leftists do; and too busy imposing tariffs (Which we will pay in the form of higher prices) and sanctions against nations who have done nothing to us except resist our machinations to completely control them; and too busy interfering in foreign elections in places like Venezuela; and sitting on his hands while henchmen let Julian Assange rot in jail; and let all the usual deep-state swamp-dwellers who committed assorted treasonous crimes and even murders (Hitlery, Comey, et al) go scott-free…

        And you watch, the evidence that Epstein had against ALL of these scumbags, will magically disappear..and Mr. Bad Comb-over will be glad it did.

        All I can say, is that I’m glad I didn’t vote; never have; never will.

        How many will be cheering when our vehicles “only” have to get 35MPG instead of 50, as we drive them festooned with the mandated black boxes, back-up cameras, automatic breaking assist, etc- sans our guns, our money, and the rest of what remains of the shards of our liberties?

        I won’t support an evil tyrant just because he is “a little better” than the other evil tyrants. Doing so would just mean that we have been conquered, and that we believe thaqt participating in this sham of a political system can somehow solve the problems which that system created, and somehow restore our liberties.

        • Hiya Nunz!

          You know the saying, of course: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That is how I view Trump. Obviously, the man isn’t a Libertarian – I doubt he has a philosophy at all. I think he has a kind of instinct for “1950s America,” if that gets the point across. He isn’t opposed to obviously unconstitutional things like the income tax and he supports a degree of industrial policy, “order,” etc. But he does oppose – instinctively – the rising tide of socialism and social justice-ism and that is a good thing and worth supporting.

          Put another way: I would be ecstatic for a dial back to 1985 or something similar, in terms of the degree of government we have to live with and the general social environment.

          We’d still be taxed and their would be cops but it’s be a yuge improvement over what is here now – and coming.

          Give the Orange Man a second think. He’s our Kornilov – and given the alternative (Lenin, Stalin… Warren, Bernie, AOC) we are fools if we don’t join him.

          • Hey Ya, Eric!

            I agree with you- any dialing back of tyranny would be a good thing. Unfortunately that is not what we are getting, but rather quite the opposite.

            You view the few little scraps that the Orange Caligula is throwing us as a dialing back of the tyranny- and it may seem so, as those little things, like the CAFE and Obozocare lulls affect us directly and personally- but in the overall scheme of things, we are IN THE MIDST of an unprecedented INCREASE of tyyanny, the likes of which we have never seen before.

            The Obozocare and CAFE things are bones which we’ve been thrown NOW- to keep us satisfied. They make us feel good, and we see their results immediately (Although the Obozocare savings are being dwarfed already by the rising prices of imported goods). The tyranny? It’s effects are not readily apparent YET- so the dumb statists cheer and think Trump is their friend and champion….but WE should know better, because we are the very ones who have been preaching about the tyrannies to come- there exact nature- and warning others of them….but here we are defending the guy is implementing those very things, right now, before our eyes- unopposed, because we have bought into the narrative of “the two party system” and we think that Mr. Comb-over somehow opposes the tyranny because he is playing his part.

            And meanwhile, he is establishing the 5G network (for complete surveillance and control); HARPA (A Chinese-style social credit system under the collaboration of Uncle and Big Tech- including Amazon and Ghoul-gul); red-flag laws; and the biggest increase in military and “law enforcement” spending in history….

            Thinking that Trump is in any way dialing back the tyranny because of the few instant-gratification bones he is throwing to the dumb sheeple, is like thinking that a mugger is benevolent because he puts a few pennies in your pocket, while his pick-pocket buddy standing behind you relieves you of several hundreds.

            Yes…ostensibly it felt good when Trump won; and feels good that the play actors on the tee-vee hate him, and that Killary is not our dear leader (Notice how she was never prosecuted? She will likely be running in 2020)…but the agenda continues just the same; the words are just different; the people being appeased are closer to us.

            Eric, I hate to sound like I’m bearing you up on this- but I must admit that it surprises me that you can’t see it. Your articles are usually about exposing such subterfuge and making such things obvious.

            • Nunzio,

              I’m disappointed in DJT also. I wish the car companies would tell CA to fuck off, and that they simply won’t sell cars there, but that won’t happen.

              While I’m inclined to think DJT is sincere and wants to do the right thing, he’s got the WHOLE ESTABLISHMENT fighting him! One man can only do so much. There was the meeting between Big Tech and the FEC this past week; it was ostensibly held to make sure we get ‘fair’ elections-yeah, right! Fair means getting one of the Dem tyrants in, along with control of Congress.

              You hear all the time how the Dem front runners are all way ahead of DJT; it’s as if we’re being conditioned to accept that result. You have RAMPANT vote & election fraud by the Dems, and the GOP does nothing. You have Big Tech censorship; I lost my account on Twitter because I spoke the truth about Antifa. Though I got a new account, I lost all my followers right when I was gaining traction. There’s shadow banning going on for sure. DJT and the GOP are doing NOTHING about the censorship!

              I think it’s like David Knight always says. He says that the tech giants were creations of DARPA & the CIA (In Q Tel was the CIA or DARPA front that funded ’em). Then you had the meeting last week among Big Tech and the FEC, which is headed by a statist. Anyway, DK says that the gov’t wants censorship, but it’s getting around pesky little obstacles like the Constitution and applicable laws by having Big Tech do its dirty work.

              Then there’s the matter of the Trump Administration considering the use of a Chinese style social credit system to determine who can buy guns. WTF, over?! I discounted it at first, because this appeared in the Washington Compost-not exactly a beacon of truth. However, Trump’s administration hasn’t disavowed this yet; if it had been a lie, he’d have already been bitching about fake news again.

              What sucks is we already have a Chinese style SCS in place; only difference is we haven’t been TOLD en masse. Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Milo, and other anti-establishment figures have been totally banned from social media. In some cases, people are even losing their bank accounts for wrongthink!

              The globalists are fighting back with everything they got. I think that there will be rampant cheating, aided by Big Tech and the Deep Staters. There was cheating in 2018 (e.g. Orange County totally Dem now!), and that was just a dry run for 2020. Did you know that and Microsoft are working on “Election Guard”, which is software for the new voting machines DARPA is developing? What could go wrong there?! It’s only the fox guarding the hen house!

              Before I continue to my next point, I think DJT has been compromised or brought to heel by the Deep State. I think he was sincere when he ran, but TPTB sat him down and told him what’s what; they told him to play ball or lose everything-his money, family, etc. After all, they threatened Ross Perot into quitting, and he was wanting to do many of the same things DJT campaigned on.

              I think DJT will lose in 2020. The globalists are pulling out all the stops, and there’s not enough effective countermeasures being taken. Hillary was supposed to usher in the socialist, globalist dystopia, and DJT threw a wrench into the works. They’re so close that they’re going all out.

              In the unlikely event DJT wins, I see TX and FL flipping, thanks to demographic changes. Once they go solidly into the Dem column, we’ll have one party rule for the foreseeable future. The Dems will have 190 automatic electoral votes; that’s 70.4% of the 270 needed to win. Think of CA rolled out on a national scale. After 2020, we’ll only see Dems (i.e. hardcore socialists) in control.

              Once the socialists regain control, they will CLAMP DOWN, big time! They can’t allow another setback to their plans, and they won’t. After all, 2030 is less than 11 years away; they have to move fast. Once they take control in 2020 or 2024 at the latest, those of us who disagree with the consensus will be rounded up, jailed, and maybe killed. They can’t have us deplorables getting in the way of their Utopia now, can they?

              Anyway, I’ve rethought my position on staying here; I’m not. I’m getting out, and I hope to be out of the US in a year. I have to get out before the 2020, which is when I believe the socialists will take over the gov’t again. I don’t think it can be stopped. Therefore, if anyone is planning on leaving, the time to do it is BEFORE January, 2021; that’s when the takeover becomes official. I’m getting out before November, 2020. No matter which way the election goes, there will be fighting in the streets; we’ll have the beginnings of Civil War II. In any case, I’d rather get out a few months or a few years too early vs. one day late.

              Those are my thoughts, rambling and incoherent they may be.

              • MM, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. The agendas of the REAL government continue on. The phony issues we hear of in the media, and the supposed wranglings of the “two parties” are just to keep the people interested and participating; and to keep the real agendas off the table.

                If Hitlery had won in ’16, could she have done any worse than what Trump is doing, as far as destroying the Second Amendment; furthering the surveillance state; letting immigrants run amok, etc.? Hell, the bitch probably couldn’t have gotten away with as much.

                Yeah, the narrative would’ve been different; and the little bones would have been thrown to different people…but in the end, all things continue the same, as they always do.

                • In any case, the time to get out has come; anyone planning to do so needs to pull the trigger in the next 12-13 months. Between the SCS, red flag laws, 5G, Big Tech censorship, etc., the time to leave has come. I believe that anyone waiting till 2021 may be too late.

                  As much as I want to believe in DJT, the evidence is simply too compelling. For example, he appointed swamp creature Bill Barr as AG. He declined to prosecute James Comey! He also has history with Ruby Ridge, where he not only enabled it during his first tour as AG; he DEFENDED Lon Horiuchi, who assassinated Vicky Weaver as she held her baby in her arms!

                  Then, there’s the matter of CAFE standards. IIRC, the EPA promulgates those. The EPA is part of the executive branch of gov’t, of which DJT is boss. Why doesn’t he tell them that they WILL rescind the 50 mpg fatwa, and they’ll do it now?

                  There was also the social media summit-what a joke that was! DJT has taken no action against Big Tech censorship at all. Why not? Wouldn’t that hurt him? Wouldn’t it be in his BEST INTEREST to stop it, since it could impact his election?

                  Even if he is sincere though, how much can one man do against the entrenched Deep Staters? We always knew that the feds were corrupt, but we had no idea the corruption was THIS BAD! If nothing else, DJT’s election showed that for the whole world to see.

                  My personal thought is this: DJT is compromised. Either that, or he’s been brought to heel by the Deep State. He certainly isn’t doing much, if any, of what he campaigned on. The question is why? I personally think that TPTB did to him like they did to Ross Perot in ’92: either play ball, or else! They threatened RP; why wouldn’t they do the same again? I can’t blame DJT really; what man would want to lose his family, his fortune, his businesses, and/or his life?

                  Anyway, based on my reading of the tea leaves, there’s only one option: GTFO the USA. For those doing so, they need to do so over the next 12 months or so; any longer, and it may be too late…

                  • One thing’s for sure: There has never been a time when there’s been more reason to leave than now.

                    With all of the above-mentioned things, it seems that they are putting the finishing touches on the most egregious techno-tyranny that has ever been. Wanna see what it’s like? Just take a look at current Australia or Britian…and imagine that here- nationwide; and on steroids!

                    And far from doing anything to hinder that, The Donald is propelling it. No surprise; the guy who as a civilian was happy to use eminent domain against little homeowners, and bankruptcy laws to cheat his creditors; and who made plenty of deals throughout the years with politicians- even donating hundreds of thousands to Hitlery- as recently as ’05- surely needs no prodding from the Swamp to advance their goals; noir could he, as a major player in this world be ignorant of such.

                    The funny thing is when we peons debate the merits of the various players who act on the political stage for us! It’s like debating which prison is the nicest to be in. “But Sing-Sing has an air hockey table!”….”Yeah, but the warden at Unleavenedworth gives us popcorn every Thursday night!”.

      • There has definitely been a slowing of the rate of growth of the bad things. There has also been a bunch of people suddenly waking up to all the evils the fedgov has been at for many decades if not a century or more except people act like they are new and blame Trump. But a few don’t and if this few keeps pounding on people that this all goes back to before Trump maybe just maybe it work.

        A hated president has been better than loved one.

        • Brent,

          Trump’s pushing of the 5G network and HARPA (A collaborative ‘social credit system’ under the partnership of government and big tech companies) is probably the MOSTY tyrannical and evil thing ever embarked upon by any administration in this country’s history- the crowning achievement of control; and the end of all liberty. It makes even FDR, LBJ, Obozo and GWB look benevolent by comparison- and yet the crazed emperor playing his part in the establishment of this- one of the final steps in the establishment of the NWO- is given a free pass by so many who claim to oppose the NWO and tyranny, because they think the Orange Caligula is one of their own.

          That is to be expected among the deluded statists- but sadly, it seems to also be afflicting many here, who should know better. Everyone’s so grateful just to be thrown a few little tiny scraps, that they’ll gladly overlook the 15 guns in their faces which are being added to the three that were already there- like an abused child defending Chester The Molester because he gave them a couple of stale mini Milky Way bars……

          • Nun, 5 G is really going to make self-driving cars possible, where there is 5 g available and evidently, that’s going to be everywhere. Verizon has already invest $40B in a company that makes the only chip that is 1,000 times faster than the best 4G. I noticed yesterday a company advertising unlimited high speed internet for $55/month for life. They want to screw as many people as possible before 5G gets here.

            The problem with a tower every quarter mile is going to be cancer of everyone, everywhere. I’m so glad to be remote. We’ll get it last I reckon…..I hope. I can live without it. I can live without a phone. I lived without a cell phone for 50 years and spent much less to live.

            • Ditto 8! Can barely get a cell phone signal here where I am- Hope they keep it that way. Guess the fiber-optic crapola they just foisted on us will pick up the slack…..

              If it weren’t for my 94 year-old mother, I’d have a ‘for sale’ sign on the place already.

              Maybe the self-driving cars are just the excuse for the 5G…I still think self-driving cars will never be practicable….but that 5G will truly allow the “internet of things”- not just for those foolish enough to buy ‘smart applainces’ and smart-phones- but for the interconnectedness of “law enforcement” and all other agencies (Post office, etc.) and their various devices…all able to instantly communicate with themselves without human intervention…..

              I want out; I’m sick of this. This mess just keeps growing exponentially every single day.

              A net of Orwellian proportions is being cast over the entire country. This certainly is no dialing back of tyranny.

              • If you’re planning on getting out, do so before November, 2020. Based on reading the tea leaves, I think that the Dems (really socialists, because that’s what they are) will take control of all levels of gov’t. Big Tech and the Deep State are on their side, among other things. See my above comment for details.

                The CIA & DARPA funded Big Tech! They did so via InQTel, a venture capital firm that’s a CIA/DARPA front. They created the Internet and social media so to monitor and control us. The gov’t WANTS the censorship taking place, but they can’t do it directly-not when this pesky little thing called the Constitution is standing in the way? What to do? Create Big Tech, and have them do the gov’t dirty work. After all, they’re just “private companies”, so they can censor whomever they want. David Knight has discussed this incestuous relationship at length on his show.

                Anyway, I think the globalists are angry; they’re bound and determined to make Agenda 2030 happen. 2030 is less than 11 years away, so they have to move fast. Ergo, I think that they’ll take control of the gov’t in 2020, or 2024 at the very latest. Once they do, they’ll come after people like us with a vengeance! Ergo, this past week, I made the decision to leave. South America won’t be paradise; the same is happening down there; but at least it’s far enough behind where I can live my life in peace.

                Anyone planning to get out should do it within the next 12-13 months. After the election, it may be too late. It’ll DEFINITELY be too late by January, 2021, which is when the new Congress and POTUS will be sworn in. After that, all bets are off with the socialists in control. Think about this: it’s better to leave a few months or a few years early, vs. being one day too late. Those are my thoughts…

                • Mark, what you say is true. I can’t just abandon my 94 year-old mother though (who lives on my property). If that weren’t the case, I’d be gone already.

                  I keep thinking of the peace that oithers whom I know, who have left a decade or more ago, have experienced. No chemtrails! No one in constant control or surveillance of their lives and finances and property…..

                  I think I’ll be able to make it out though…. Not being a user of social[ist] media or smart phones; essentially just having a blank sheet all of my life, I doubt they’ll suddenly prohibit international travel- ‘specially by land or sea. And if they do? F’ ’em- I’ll die trying, rather than continue to live under their tyranny.

                  Doesn’t matter who is elected either. The surveillance-warfare-police state will continue unimpeded.

                  Notice how the leftists who keep preaching ‘climate change’, are the same ones who want unlimited masses of immigrants coming in- which require MORE housing being built; more transportation; more heating; more food being produced, yada yada?

                  This just shows how phony these media-pedaled agendas are! They want mass immigration…and so does Trump (just look at his actions!); They don’t really care about ‘climate change’ (Why should they, seeing as it’s a red herring?) as it’s just an excuse to gain more control and destroy capitalism; and Trump just accomplishes the same ends via a different narrative.

                  But I do agree..leaving will be harder and harder…and eventually impossible- and why would we want to stay, anyway? We don’t have to live like this; why should we?

                  • I understand the situation with your mother. My mom died in 2012, so I don’t have that anchor.

                    Unlike you, I’ve participated on social media. I was on FB a lot, mainly to touch base with people I grew up with. I shot my mouth off on there. I don’t go on FB much anymore.

                    I am active on Twitter, probably too much so for my own good. I lost my first account because I said something they didn’t like. Though I have a new account, it’s hard to gain traction. I’m on too, which is like Twitter with freedom. Anyhow, I’ve shot my mouth off on those venues too. Anyone looking for examples of my wrongthink won’t have to dig much to find them.

                    It sucks, because I got a newer car; I got it used, but it’s a 2015. I was hoping to enjoy it for a long time.

                    But yeah, no matter who’s elected, the Deep State marches on. We already have a SCS here; the only difference is that it’s more stealthy than the Chinese version.

                    Anyway, I think it’s time to get out-sooner, the better.

                    • Quite a few confederates went to Brazil after lincoln’s war. Established thriving communities there. that was when international travel was um – slightly less convenient. They still fly the confederate flag / have festivals celebrating the confederacy.

                    • That’s VERY interesting! I didn’t know that, but it makes sense. The South certainly wasn’t treated well-either during the war or after. Can’t blame ’em for leaving…

                    • Yeah, I’m lucky MM, as I started figuring this stuff out when I was in my teens (A no-brainer- since NY was already well on it’s way to communism, even then in the late 70’s)-so I’ve lived my life always under the modus operandi and preserving my freedom and privacy, as much as is possible.

                      Sure, they could easily find me if they wanted to- but they’ll have to have a good reason, ’cause I guess my only trespass is having a big mouth, too (as you no-doubt see!)- But it’s still hard for them to do anything about that- and since I have no bad habits or anything; and my only vice is rambling on a few obscure forums like this, I doubt that I’m even on their radar.

                      People- even those somewhat like us, used to laugh at me for being concerned with things like privacy “Oh, I post online under my real name every day, and use FaceCrook, and a smart-phone, and nothing’s happened to me! Hahaha! You’re paranoid!”.

                      Funny- but most of those people aren’t laughing anymore.

                      They get us comfortable using new technologies….it’s free (as in free speech) at first…and once it becomes routine, BAM! They start infusing it with more and more surveillance and control.

                      Hell, remember Ebay 20 years ago? It was a wonderful open free-market where you could sell a kidney if ya wanted.

                      Now? Pffftt! It’s a big-tech monstrosity that reports to the IRS and is more restrictive than San Fagcisco!

                      But yeah, I think anyone who is free to go, and who fails to take advantage of that opportunity, will regret it in the very near future. Unless ya have something here worth dying for…..LEAVE!

          • Trump is a democrat statist. But of the 1980s variety. He can easily be convinced to back a lot of bad things. But the fact that he’s hated causes a lot of stuff to stall because of that and that alone. Trump could copy an Obama or Clinton (either of them) speech word for word and be hated for it with every thing in it opposed.

            Remember there was no good choice for president. I didn’t vote for any of them. But someone’s got to win and I think I’ll take the one who everything he tries to do is opposed for the sake of doing so over the one that will get things “done”.

            • Hi Brent,

              Exactly. Trump is an ’80s statist – which is infinitely preferable to the rabid Marxists who’ve practically taken over the country. I doubt things are salvageable; and I concede all of Trump’s many flaws. I am not a Trumpist. But I support him because of the alternative, which is far worse than he. It’s no longer a matter of someone like The Chimp vs. someone like Obama. It has gotten much more serious than that.

              • That’s the way I see it as well. Unless he waffles and enacts full gun control/confiscation, I will be voting for him in 2020. No turd parties as that is what the libertarian and other parties have become at this point. I never thought I’d see the day when even third parties would be deep state coopted. It became evident in 2012. I didn’t vote for any presidential candidate that year.

                • Hey, Swampster!

                  Swamp, that’s not how it works. Even in California or Australia or Can-nuh-duh (eh?)…they didn’t outright confiscate guns; They just gradually increase the regulations till it gets to the point where you can’t buy them- or what you can buy is so limited that it’s a joke (i.e. Cali- they can only sell guns from a list of ones that are “approved” for that state).

                  They make you lock them away to the point where they are useless; limit ammo capacity; limit the types of ammo you can buy; limit how you may transport your guns…etc. etc.

                  In some places they have “gun buy-backs”…etc.

                  The closest we will likely come to outright confiscation are red flag laws….and that is what we are getting under Trump- the same as we would from any Dumbocrap. (Heck, Obama couldn’t ev en muster that!).

                  But Trump does it, and you guys buy into the false left vs. right narrative, and are even willing to vote for the one who did what no Dem has been able to do.

                  This is very disappointing. We don’t have a choice in the matter obviously- but to think that some real Libertarians are giving their assent to this nonsense and participating in it, really illustrates how hopeless the prospect of any real semblance of liberty being established anywhere is.

                  Even old-school Republicans of 30 or 40 years ago would be repulsed by all of this, and not be able to give their assent to it….but now we have actual Libertarians casting their votes for the ones who oppress them(Regardless of who that vote is cast for- which just shows the utter meaninglessness and folly of voting anyway).

        • A lot better. I don’t understand for the life of me why Americans think that presidents like Bush2, Clinton and Obama were good presidents. I mean, it’s like they are worshiping used toilet paper. Beam me up.

          • Hi Swamp,

            If depends, of course, on how “good” is defined. If one thinks that it’s “good” for government to force people to buy health insurance, then Obama was a great president.

            Und so weiter…


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