The Out Of Touch “Car Guy”

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Jay Leno used to be funny – and now he is again. Just unintentionally.

“There is almost no reason to have a gas car,” he announced on CNBC the other day. “I have a Tesla. I’ve had it for three years. I’ve never done anything. There’s no fluids to change. There’s nothing.”


Jay – who styles himself a Car Guy – ought to know better. Assuming he knows anything about cars.

No fluids to change?

Well, no oil/transmission fluid to change.

How about brake fluid? Electric cars have this fluid, just like any other car – and it does need to be changed. It’s a good idea to change it about once every  . . . three years. Tesla recommends a check every two.

Jay apparently didn’t read the manual.

There is also coolant. Whoops!

And of course, electric cars have tires and brake pads and other wear items that . . . wear out. Jay – like everyone else who drives any car – will eventually have to do not only something but several things.

Including a few things people who don’t buy electric cars will never have to do.

The first thing he did was pay tens of thousands of dollars more for his electric car. Which costs him a great deal more than oil and filter changes.

He also paid to install a high-voltage “fast” charger at his garage, which added about $1,000 (for the parts and the electrician to do the wiring).

This essentially mandatory option – unless you don’t mind waiting 8-12 hours to recharge on standard 120 volt household current – isn’t listed on the window sticker. But not paying for this option is like not springing for tires for a non-electric car.

It’s hard to get rolling.

So far, he hasn’t paid the motor fuels taxes which are applied to every gallon of gas bought by non-electric car drivers. But that is going to change – and then Jay (and every other EV owner) will have to do another thing:

Pay for their currently free lunch.

He’ll also eventually have to do something people who don’t buy electric cars will never have to do: Spend thousands on a new battery pack when the one in his Tesla begins to lose its capacity to receive – and retain – a charge.

Which will increasingly and then dramatically reduce his car’s driving range – ultimately to nill. Which is something that never happens to a non-electric car, unless the engine locks up or the transmission starts to slip.

Which sometimes happens, but not often. And not necessarily. You may never have to deal with that problem… if you don’t own an electric car.

But you will have to deal with it if you own an electric car. Maybe not for five years – or even ten. But, eventually,


Battery “ED” – so to speak – always happens, because of battery chemistry. The cycle of discharging/charging batteries is – effectively – wear and tear on them and it wears them all out eventually. This can be put off via “thermal management,” and by restricting “fast” charging” to not quite full charging (which reduces the full-charge range).

But it can’t be avoided. Battery wilt is as inevitable as a clutch eventually wearing out in a non-electric car with a manual transmission.

Transmissions – and engines – eventually wear out, too.

But not as soon. And they don’t cost as much.

A  clutch job might be necessary once every 100,000 miles or so – if you’re hard on the thing – and it’ll generally cost you less than $1,000 bucks to fix. A transmission job is rarely necessary at all. Most non-electric car drivetrains will last the useful life of the vehicle, which is easily 15 years or more.

It is doubtful – and probably impossible, as a matter of chemistry – for a battery subjected to repetitive discharge/charge cycling to last 15 years or even 10 before it begins to show signs of wear and tear (won’t hold charge/loses charge more rapidly). Which means the car won’t go as far before it needs to be recharged again . . . which accelerates the wear and tear.

Soon, it won’t go at all.

Presto, you need a new battery.

And replacing a Tesla’s battery pack will cost you thousands more – on top of the tens of thousands extra you already paid for the car.

These seem like pretty good reasons to not buy an EV.

Jay told MSNBC: “For new technology to succeed, it can’t be equal. It’s got to be better.”

Exactly so.

Which is why it’s hilarious to listen to Leno say that about cars that aren’t.

Of course, Jay has literally dozens of other cars – so he never has to sweat how far his Tesla can go or how long it takes to recharge, because he can always take something else. Which is true of most electric car owners. They own a non-electric car to cover the electric car’s deficits. To take them on the longer trips the EV can’t make without multiple stops – and long waits. To have a car that they don’t have to plan their day around.

That they can just get in, spur of the moment – and go.

Why not just skip the EV? Buy one non-electric car that doesn’t practically force you to buy a second car?

Which brings us to the final thing.

Jay is very wealthy – another thing that is true of almost all electric car owners. They have to be – in order to be able to afford spending many thousands of dollars more for their electric cars – plus the spare non-electric car, which they need for the same reasons most of us buy non-electric cars: To be able to get where we’re going, right now.

And back again. In the same day.

But not everyone is wealthy – like Jay and his idol, Elon Musk. Who is wealthy because of subsidies – paid for mostly by people who aren’t – and can’t afford to buy Teslas like the one Jay’s driving around.

It’s a hoot – possibly his best monologue to date.

Except he didn’t mean for it to be funny.

. . .

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  1. Fwiw Leno is just like any other brain addled celebrity. What a dork. Supposedly likes cars but would prefer to ride around on a real fast vacuum cleaner. You go man.

    • Hi Mark,

      My take on Leno: He’s so rich he no longer understands that spending even $30,000 on a car (the base price of a Nissan Leaf, the least expensive EV on the market) is a major expense for most people. For him, $30k is like spending $3 is for you and I. I don’t think he’s a bad guy; I think he genuinely likes cars and knows a lot about them. I just think he’s forgotten what it’s like to be living in the back seat of a car – as he did once, a very long time ago.

  2. Funny, I saw him a few weeks ago in LA, pulling up to a restaurant. He sure as hell wasn’t in a Tesla. No different than George Clooney flying to a a climate change summit on a private jet. Hollywood people are dirty carneys. Their opinions shouldn’t matter.

  3. Electric cars are such a scam. I’ve seen at least one Tesla Model 3 here where I live in rural Wyoming. I pay 24 cents per gallon of state gas tax on top of the federal levied tax. Meanwhile, the wank driving around in the Tesla is paying no gas tax, which is supposed to be used to improve and fix the roads. We also drive the most miles annually compared to other states. And my tax dollars subsidize the electric scam. Makes me angry, rightfully so.

    • Sadly, the gas tax you are paying covers about 1/3 of the cost of road and bridge maintenance. The rest of it is coming from income taxes (at the federal level)

  4. Like it’s been said before, Leno is a company man, you stay in your place no matter your position, even if you’re at the top. It’s still disappointing of course, since he should know better, and at his age, it shouldn’t matter too much (the most they can do to him now is make him retire). At minimum he could have said nothing.

    But it’s not surprising. I know people from the comedy field, and Leno isn’t well liked. Since he stepped on a lot of his fellow comics (sometimes even when it wasn’t necessary) to get where he is today. It was far more then just Letterman (when the Tonight Show was up for grabs). The nice guy persona is entirely an act. If you have something he wants, be prepared to be stabbed in the back.

    If nothing else I hope he creates an auto museum, he does have a very interesting collection. It would be a shame to have it broken up and sold when he kicks the bucket.

    • Usually when people have large car collections they pick a genre of cars that they love. If you have Ferraris with Stanley Steamers with Duesenbergs etc. and have a show called “Jay Leno’s Garage” it means that you want to be thought of as a car guy, you’ve built up some identity as a car guy. He reminds me of Fly fishermen who have all the premier equipment, go to Montana once a year, take the ubiquitous trout photo complete with background scenery, have a collection of flies on their desks, under glass, and the entire office has to hear about it for the rest of the year. Otherwise they would just be another workaholic empty suit. As you said, company man. He’s built a nice “car man” identity in an attempt to be interesting without a team of writers handing him a script.

      • This is a lot like the proud HOG members who pull up outside Sturgis, unload their bikes, change into their leathers and roll around on the ground to make it appear like they are rough and tough, before riding into town from the RV park where their custom motor home is parked.

  5. I saw that segment on Jay Leno’s electric taxi cab from circa 1890. He even had one of the original charging stations. There was one on every street corner, and the cabs never left Lower Manhattan. I imagine most people then found it easier and faster to walk.

    Where I live, a lot of people routinely drive 20 or more miles one way for groceries, doctor’s appointments, and other daily necessities. It will be a long time, if ever, before an electric will be practical for such real world uses.

    As several readers pointed out, Jay Leno owns a sizeable collection of exotic cars. From his point of view, I suspect, it was nice to be able to pick up a Tesla brand new from the factory, at the list price (if it wasn’t a gift from Elon), rather than having to track down a 30- or 50-year old relic and paying to have it restored.

    Where I live (Kansas City, Kansas) I’ve seen exactly one charging post. There are a couple in the parking garage of the Nelson Art Gallery on the Missouri side. That’s probably one reason I’ve only seen one Tesla in my life.

  6. You know Jason, you posted a halfway decent comment, not your first, I am a regular here, prefaced with a paragraph of bullsh%$
    What gives? You just some kinda troll stirring the pot? I saw nothing on any other comment to elicit such a response. WTF?

    And Eric, yeah killed me with the sex doll line, almost spit my coffee out!!!

  7. ‘Electric Car’ eh?

    No such critter.

    It’s a nuke/coal/oil/natural gas powered car…

    …unless ya got a wind turbine or solar panel acreage in your backyard.

    • Or unless you are in WA. OR, TN, ID and to some extent AZ and CA where the juice comes from hydro. CA is getting a chunk from the sun and wind now and about half from natural gas.

  8. As one of the few people around that have never owned an Apple product, nor watched Jay Leno, what he says doesn’t matter to me one bit. He can probably afford to buy a new Tesla every year. The market for over-priced EV’s is only as good as the wealth factor. Meaning you have to have the means of above average wealth to afford one. These are not practical cars. They are toys for people who have more money than they know what to do with. Remember, the only reason we have these vehicles is because of the false belief in global warming and the desire of the leftists to destroy the oil and gas industry. If they ever make something more practical than an IC/diesel run vehicle, it would be worthy of consideration as long as the price and costs of ownership are similar. EV’s are not that or even close.

  9. I wonder how much Jay paid for his Tesla? Pretty much any company will give celebrities free merchandise, just because they might be spotted using it. Apple comes to mind. When the Apple Watch was introduced it was quickly seen on the wrists of Hollywood types, including Mr Leno. I’m sure many of those stars wanted one anyway, but if their publicist/agent/handler can get Apple to provide one …hell, they might have been in the gift baskets given out at some awards ceremony, why not wear it?

    And the best part is there’s no need to disclose that the item was a gift, or that the segment was basically just a paid promotion for Tesla.

    • After having a chat with Eric, yesterday, I started to think the same things. Jay goes out of his way to be overly kind to anyone he actually has on the show, and E-Loon could easily have donated a car, especially 3 years ago, in hopes of some positive “celebrity” exposure. The whole thing just reeks of the rich rubbing elbows, and our noses in their bullshit.

  10. In the last periodical of the ADAC (the club of German motorists) you can find a letter to the editor by the owner of an electric Smart (you know, that snub nosed miniature car, carrying a maximum load of two slim persons) who had to swap the battery pack for – cough – 17.000,00 EUR after just five years of service.
    He vowed to cut the roof off, place it in his backyard, and plant some flowers in it for his Green Conscience. Then he will buy a Diesel.
    Those are the moments when I love my personal motor pool, made in 2005 / 2015, but on the technological level of 1998 – all you need for repairs is a sortiment of ratchets, and they do not try to be more clever than the guy behind the wheel.
    Best regards from Germany!

  11. I appreciate that Leno has invested his own money in preserving a great of automotive history at great personal expense. I enjoy pulling up his Jay Leno’s Garage pieces and seeing what was done years ago.

    • Hi Someone,

      I appreciate that as well – Jay preserving classic cars. I also think he’s not evil – just out of touch. A guy as wealthy as he is probably doesn’t give a second’s though to spending $10,000… which for him is the same as you or me splurging on a $3 cup of coffee!

      • I wouldn’t spend $3 on a cup of coffee when there isn’t one that cost the producer over $1 and is worth even that. Taking caffeine to wake up isn’t different from taking barbiturates to get to sleep.

          • eric, come on now. Don’t tell me you don’t stay up and sometimes shed a self-pitying tear cause you don’t have the latest Mastubator 10 with the remote control and automatic hot chic dialing.

            Making $10/hr at the county now, I won’t buy anything less than a $1500 i phone and it hurt my feelings to lowball like that.

            What we all should do is go to his plethora of YT videos and tell him we don’t have money to burn, not just for a Tesla but the taxes WE Have to pay. No doubt his super-duper accountant gets him a bye on all that stuff.

            And like you say, if we had that kind of money, we’d never know the taxes we pay and wouldn’t give a shit. Hell, I’d be taking my Stanley Steamer with Texas sized a/c to town every day….just for the thrill. It might not make the back roads I have since our super wet spring that washed out countless roads we’re still trying to fix. I had to push my belly dump out twice today with the extra grader in the yard. Nothing like being understaffed, underfunded and overworked. Monday I get to install a new air valve set in the cab of the (dare I say it? I’d just as soon not admit it)Freightliner. I fell out of the day cab(one step directly below the turn of the fuel tank coming off the top step on the fuel tank) and did it again in the sleeper cab I drove out of necessity this afternoon. Why is it every company can’t make a 3 easy steps and you’re in cab like a 379/389 Peterbilt? Insanity…..and they wonder why there’s so many ingress/egress injuries in the trucking biz. No problem with the loaders or graders though, their first steps are well over 8 feet off the ground but at least with the grader you can position the blade to be the first step.

            Reckon Jay, with enough people pointing out to him how out of touch he is, would finally respond? We all should give it a try.

  12. Contrary to some of the views here, Leno does know something about fixing cars, although I’m sure he’s not a crackerjack mechanic. At some swank Hollywood function the organizers couldn’t pop the hood open on some exotic European antique–I don’t remember which–but Leno crawled under the car and in about 10 minutes got the hood open.

    Which makes this notice about him and electric cars all the more disappointing. He’s smart, much better informed than, say, David Letterman, and has vast experience with machines from steam onward. For him to spew this blather is really disappointing. Ah, well. Feet of clay everywhere.

    • Hi Ross,

      Yup, amen. Jay – given his platform – could have used it to point out the realities of electric cars. Not they are bad cars. But that they are expensive specialty cars that are never going to make it as mass-market cars until the price comes way down and the functional gimps go away.

      • I’ve heard him talk about electrics favorably over the years. His argument is mainly one of a “peak oil” argument, mentioning that mainstreaming electric cars will allow for old cars to continue as playthings for the collector. On the surface it seems like a valid argument until you realize the only reason gasoline is so cheap is because of the scale of production. Once the majority of vehicles are electric you lose that scale and gasoline becomes extremely unprofitable to produce. Along with plastics, jet fuel, fertilizer and pretty much any petrochemical derivative you can think of. If this actually comes to pass we will truly enter a new dark age. I’m one of the lucky ones, in that I only have about 25 years left anyway. Maybe we can hold off the idiocy for that long.

          • Heh, and I used to think that coming from a line of long-livers was a blessing. My mother is currently 94 and is still perfectly functional. The idea of myself living to that age, even if I make it out of the Jewe.S.A., is downright scary.

            We can escape some of the lunacy, and find a little more peace, freedom and sanity…but ultimately, the world is a shitty place, and humanity has lost it’s collective mind. The peoples who used to the most reasonable and civilized, have become the worst.

            Us older farts have been privileged to have experienced the tail end of the pinnacle of human civilization and culture. Those days are gone; they are never coming back. 🙁 If we are lucky, we can live out our days cherishing the sweet memories.

        • Gasoline will always be available for those with old hardware so long as there is some demand because it can be manufactured without crude oil. It will not be cheap but it will always be possible to have it.

      • Hey Eric!

        And let’s not forget, even if electrics could somehow become practical and economical, there’s still the issue of control associated with them forever being tied to the electric grid; as well as the ramifications of the requisite expansion of that grid and of electric generating facilities that would become necessary for mass adoption of EVs. (Funny how they all avoid mentioning those things, eh?)

        • EV’s are no more tied to infrastructure as ICEs. You can make your own electricity just as you can make your own hydrocarbon fuels.

          EVs are easier to design for central control but they don’t have to be that way. Also the control achievable over ICE vehicles it simply takes more effort.

          • Nay, nay, Brent!

            True, we are dependent upon the gasoline infrastructure- but that infrastructure was created a long time ago and thus was not set up to achieve the control and surveillance of the end user.

            Producing the requisite amouint of electricity, without resorting to merely using petroleum for that purpose, is beyond the scope and practical capabilities of most people; and as for control, the ‘smart meres’, payment systems tied to one’s name and finances (as opposed to just paying cash at the pump); various time/pricing schemes, and the easy implementation of a social-credit-like scheme, will make recharging EVs something that is 100% surveilled and controlled.

            Just with the existing technology, they can easily tell when you’re charging your EV at home (Smart meter); and where and when you charge it on the road.

            They could easily prevent you from charging your EV at home, while still allowing electricity to flow to other appliances- even with regular 110V charging, jjust based on the usage profile as seen by the smart meter.

            Just think: Smart meters; 5G; the internet of things; digital currency….this is all tied together.

            I buy gas at the pump and pay with cash. No one knows what I’m doing, or when or where, and therefore, that is at least one thing, for now, which can’t be controlled- which is why they want to destroy it and replace it with something which allows them complete control in many different ways.

            • “Internet of Things” just makes me laugh, and I will continue to opt out for as long as I have the option to do so. Why does a light bulb need an operating system?

              Like, actually. I could see someone asking that as a joke, even just 10 years ago.

              Doesn’t ANYONE ever take a step back, roll the words around in their head for a moment, and realize how insane it sounds?

              • Ditto, Chuck. I refuse to comply- ever!

                I will not connect my washing machine or impact driver to the impact driver, or to a smartphone (Which I also do not have and never will- but there are actually tools now that interact with smartphones….to “keep track of the battery life” etc. -as if an indicator on the battery is somehow not good enough now- but of course, the real reason is so they know exactly when and where you use your tool); nor will I connect anything but my computer to the internet.

                Thing is, with things like these EVs, ya don’t have a choice. Your Tesla gets totaled? E-loon already remotely bricks ’em so ya can’t fix up the one ya buy at the salvage auction.

                Anything you use a card for payment in, like a gas pump- already is essentially in the internet of things. Getting that crap in people’s homes is just the last step…it’s pretty much already out there in business and public….and gonna get much worse now with 5G.

                • Hardly my biggest beef with 5G. The frequency it uses resonates straight into human skin. Also, it doesn’t carry very well, so you need transmitters literally all over the place. Like “every block” all over the place, from what I remember.

                  Yeah. They’re pretty much going to blanket the country in death rays and disguise it as the internet. Oh yum.

                  • If it doesn’t carry very well, how would the satellites work?
                    Those who understand electromagnetics know that the higher the frequency, the more energy in the waveform. This well-established fact doesn’t lend itself to the bogus premise that higher frequencies don’t propagate as well as lower ones. One cannot accept the higher data rate capacity of the higher frequency without accepting the greater waveform energy content and be consistent with respect to physics.
                    5G dangerousness has a lot in common with Al Gore’s global warming.

              • All communication protocols require an operating system to support them.
                There is no place for a microphone or a camera on a light bulb.

                • It’s still completely unnecessary. Even if there’s no physical spy hardware (which I never implied for lightbulbs specifically, this is still massively unnecessary expense and complication. Like, literally, what purpose does it serve to computerize a lightbulb?

                  Also, there’s still the possibility of software spying on your use habits – when you use a given light and etc.

                  • I needed a few timers for lights. The TP-Link wifi plugs were cheaper than the old mechanical clockwork timers. And they automatically sync time with an NTP server, provide feedback to me via an app that they’re working, and I can do things like set them to come on at sunset and off at sunrise instead of a pseudo-random or set schedule.

                    Now maybe the reason they were cheaper than the mechanical timers was because China was paying for shipping. Maybe that App uses some sort of central server that can somehow gain an edge over me by knowing that I like the lights to come on at sunset (I now just leave the timer active instead of just using it when away from home). But at any rate, I don’t think that TP-Link is doing anything nefarious with my data. And if they did they’re popular enough with the hacker community that there’d be a work around pretty quickly.

                    • Read the EULA on the app….it’s not just the timer data- they likely have access to everything on your phone- to be used and sold (and handed over to “the authorities when requested [read: “without a warrant”] at will]

    • He is loyal to NBC. I was listening to a Joe Rogan pod cast with Jimmy Dore and they were talking about pre-tonight show Jay and after. To them, his fellow comics, it was like too different people. They talked a little on his current car show and said that’s the old Jay Leno because it is something he’s interested in rather than just a paycheck. This CNBC segment sounds like tonight show Jay. Does he need the money and could he say things that would get him fired? Sure. But he probably likes doing the show he has. He does like electric cars if you’ve seen his episode on youtube on the Baker, but I think he really prefers the steam cars. The steam car stuff really seems to be his thing along with the 30s cars or 30s like cars with the giant engines. So a corporate segment about TM where he says some vague nice things and the usual EV nonsense. meh. Three years isn’t even long enough to change coolant yet, even in a modern ICE car. I’ve kept coolant around far longer (but I do check it with a multimeter)

      • **”they were talking about pre-tonight show Jay and after. To them, his fellow comics, it was like too different people.”***

        Aint THAT the truth! I used to watch TV back in those days- and I loved the pre-Tonight Show Jay- and was really hoping that’d he would indeed be Carson’s replacement, as he clkearly seemed toi be the best choice.

        Then I got my wish- and it was like a switch had been flipped. All of a sudden, the once-great and natural comic was a cheap shill of obviousness whom I couldn’t even stand to watch.

  13. I would give about as much credence to what Leno says as I would to what some insane derelict on the street might say- because anyone who has FIFTY-TWO MILLION dollars worth of cars (Not to mention the cost and trouble of upkeep and preservation) just sitting around to look at, is clearly INSANE. So it makes perfect sense that he’d say what he did about EVs.

    This is why I’ve never wanted to be rich; no matter what you think, it changes you, and destroys your priorities, while making you a servant of the very things you lusted after.

    Anybody else think Jay would make a perfect Geppetto in a live-action version of Pinocchio? (I still can’t decide who should play Pinocchio- Christopher Reeves or Stephen Hawking. No matter that they’re dead…strings)

    • Morning, Nunz!

      You’re right, of course. At Jay’s level (also Elon’s level) you no longer need to think about money and so you no longer think the way practically everyone else has to. This skews the way you view real life, at least the lives lived by most people.

      There is practically nothing Jay can’t just buy without even thinking about what it costs. Even if he does think about it, he thinks about it in a very different way – because it’s a purely academic exercise for him.

      He spots an SD-455 TA in someone’s backyard; intact but it needs a total restoration. The $10,000 it takes to buy the rolling carcass is the equivalent, to Jay, of you or I dropping a quarter on the sidewalk. And the $50,000 it will take to restore the TA to “as new” is, for Jay, what splurging on a $3 cup of coffee is for you and me.

      • Hi Ya Eric!

        So true, my friend- and not just that, but the fact that such wealth essentially gives one almost unlimited power; allows them to do almost anything virtually without consequence [**cough** OJ Simpson ]; and that, as you so fittingly pointed out in your SD-455 example, that they can pursue virtually whim without so much as a passing thought, essentially elevates them to a level almost beyond that of human; a level in which we were not equipped or ever meant to function at.

        And the sad thing is, few people of such status are ever really happy or satisfied, because they are so often consumed with materialism- and it really makes no difference, whether someone’s materialism is limited to spending a few hundred dollars, or tens of millions- it’s all the same- just stuff; distractions which eat up our time and attention, but which offer no lasting value.

        I mean, I sure like old cars….but they can easily turn into idols. Your T/A is not an idol. But there’s many a guy- from Jay, with a $52M shrine to Detroit, down to the guy with a single 67 Chevelle in his garage, whose tires never touch the street, and which sports a $600 radio knob to make it “correct”, whose objects of worship are not spiritual, nor even gold or silver….but rather, sheet metal and plastic.

  14. Eric,

    If you have a Tesla and use their Supercharger, you CAN charge to 100%. However, it’ll take you as long to go from 80% to 100% as it did to get to 80%; IOW, to get that last 20% of charge, you’ll have to double your charging time. Because they have 1,604 charging locations with 14,081 Superchargers, it’s usually not necessary to charge to 100%; 80% will be more than enough juice to get you to the next charging station with juice to spare… 🙂

    To find out more go here:

    • Hi Mark,

      Roger… so, instead of 30-45 minutes, an hour to an hour and half to “fast” charge to full… does it not make your teeth ache?

      • I’ll have to admit Eric, I have replaced the Fuel tank on my ’74 K-10 once, and the sending unit twice, but it sure as hell wasn’t to the tune of 10-Grand. I doubt that much has been spent to replace all the body panels and the gasoline used since new, lol! Even if it is much too coarse of a ride for anyone with a salary over 50K, I’ll wager it has been better for the environment than something that sucks at the power outlet all day and night. I wonder what that would add up to after 45 years, batteries not withstanding?

      • Eric,

        My only point was that it IS possible to fully charge a Tesla’s battery. Because there are a lot of Superchargers now, it’s usually not necessary; an 80% charge is usually more than enough to continue your trip.

  15. I’m disappointed because I know Jay grew up differently that what he has become. Which is, apparently, too wealthy to bother with anything hands-on, or to know what it’s like to do without having each and every single car or bike he ever wanted. It isn’t quite “dragon sickness” but it certainly is a blindness that only the affluent can indulge in.

  16. “I have a Tesla. I’ve had it for three years. I’ve never done anything. There’s no fluids to change. There’s nothing.”
    If I understand it right his car communicates with Tesla which sends a technician to handle routine maintenance. Fluids need to be changed, but the owner does not do it or even take the car somewhere to have it done.

    • There’s another fluid to change: the gear oil in the reduction gear. Yes, Teslas don’t have transmissions, but they have a reduction gear, and that gear oil needs to be changed also.

    • And if you by a decent IC car anywhere in the price range of a new Tesla, just how much “maintenance” do you have to do in the first three years. Virtually nothing, probably not even an oil change. That’s what got me about Leno’s boast. “Big deal!” Most new cars require very little initial maintenance. You still have to “fuel” the EV cars, just like IC ones.
      And if Jay wants to drive is toy Tesla from LA to say, Dallas, let’s hear him tell that story on his show. Do it right now! And have a friend drive one of Jay’s nice IC cars. Not a race, just steady driving with a stop overnight in El Paso. Then we can hear about how good that Tesla really is. Jay will end up somewhere in west Texas wondering how long his extension cord needs to be…

  17. White, black, hispanic, asian, who the hell cares. I see two different types of people in this country: Americans and commies. I really don’t care about anything else. A commie wants to take my rights away. An American doesn’t. If you are a commie, get out and move to another country of your liking. That’s all I can say about that.

  18. I still miss Leno on the Tonight Show…That said, he is a cheerleader for VanderHall(see YouTube)…A $30,000.00 plus trike/retro car body company that my local American Brand Motorcycle dealership is now selling…My test drive confirmed I still need gasoline to motivate the forward motion…As an aside just read that Posche has announced an order backlog of 30,000 EV’s with deposits of 2,500 Euros per each car…Musk needs to focus only on space travel before Tesla’s proverbial scrap hits the fan…

    • Hi John,

      In re Porsche: It is very important to bear in mind that in Germany (and some other European countries) there are already areas where you aren’t allowed to drive a car that isn’t “zero emissions” – which means an electric car. Also, laws have been passed forbidding the manufacture/sale of non-electric cars within the next 20 years or so, which is cratering the potential resale value of any new IC car you can still buy in Europe.

      The whole thing is artificial – and very expensive.

        • We DID, back in’45…but “Don’t turn around (oh oh)…Der Kommissar’s in town! (Oh oh!)”.

          He may be sporting a “Green” banner instead of a swastika, but he’s a fascist, just the same.

      • Germany is lost. Done. Its probably about 30 r 40 years away from a white south african farmer situation. Shame it was a nice place. one lesson if you start a war dont lose. re leno just another hollywood tard. Maybe not a complete lunatic like the current late night idiots. Carson was good.

        • Agree with what you say here, except for one very crucial part of history that keeps getting swept into the dustbin. Germany did not start the war. Easy to gloss over when only the “winners” write the history books. The old newspaper clippings don’t lie.

  19. Hey Eric,,, He seemed to like the new $30,000 POS Electric Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson as well. You can buy a fully dressed Road King for less than that. The last electric bike I purchased was from Toys R Us….. Battery Died.

    • Hi Ken,

      It’s not just the money – when it comes to Harleys. The only reason – or at least, the main reason – for spending the money on a Harley vs. a much less pricey Japanese bike is the heritage… which means, the sound of the Harley V-twin.

      A silent Harley is as ludicrous as a sex doll you don’t fuck.

      • I understand from reading the tech journals that a battery exchange system is in the works. You purchase an insurance plan that basically permits you the ability to exchange your worn out battery for a reconditioned unit. The policy will cover all labor involved through a national network of garages. The price will come down as other companies enter the market. Gas stations will slowly disappear being replaced by new hyper charge stations that charge the cars much more quickly than anything we have now. I will not be alive in 40 years, but the fossil fuel vehicle will all but be gone.

        • I understand from reading the tech journals that a battery exchange system is in the works. You purchase an insurance plan that basically permits you the ability to exchange your worn out battery for a reconditioned unit. The policy will cover all labor involved through a national network of garages. The price will come down as other companies enter the market. Gas stations will slowly disappear being replaced by new hyper charge stations that charge the cars much more quickly than anything we have now. I will not be alive in 40 years, but the fossil fuel vehicle will all but be gone. Eric, have you anything to add.

          • Far from being “fossil fuel”, hydrocarbons are not only plentiful but are being renewed by yet-unknown processes deep within the earth.
            The term “fossil fuel” was coined in the 1950s when little was known about the processes by which oil is produced. Oil is “abiotic” in nature, as even depleted oil wells are “filling back up” from deep below the earth’s surface.
            Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits way below the layers where “fossils” were known to exist.
            As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian ‘state secret” for a long time.
            Not only that, but there are planetary bodies in which hydrocarbons are naturally occurring (without fossils).
            “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
            Follow the money.

            • Just to pick a few nits- some oil is fossil fuel. It is quite possible for organic matter under heat and pressure to become crude oil- in fact that is the “yet unknown” process. because of this, the depletion timeline is a lot longer than tens or even hundreds of years. And with nuclear power to make the heat and pressure, it can be made cheaply by us.

              • Ernie, how do you know this? I work with petroleum engineers and none I have found can tell me how petroleum is made. They wish they knew is what every one of them has said.

            • Anarchyst,
              But, Obama told all of us that oil comes from dead dinosaurs, and decayed plant matter. Are you saying Obama was wrong about something? He also told everyone that “Diversity is our Strength”. Ask the people of the former Yugoslavia about how that “Diversity” thing worked out for them. His EPA classified CO2 (Plant Food) as a pollutant, even though every animal on earth exhales CO2. Whoops, I better stop now, or this could turn into a long rant.

        • Oh, that a fembot that looked like a then 30 y.o. Melanie Griffith, in her freakin’ PRIME were available as of two years ago! Like “Back to the Future, Part II”, where the hell is my flying car?

    • Ah, yes. I remember having one of those Power Wheels electric cars. That thing took ages to charge (~6-8 hours to be more specific), and then only ran for like what, an hour or so? Keep in mind, that was for a small toy. Ain’t no way in hell am I buying an EV!

  20. Just lost any respect I had for him, which is a shame as I liked when he’d review a few classics like Pantera’s and stuff.

    Still, ain’t crying over this, and not surprised he’d be so ignorant

  21. What a hypocrite. I used to like Leno until now. He has allowed his celebrity to be used to further the EV cramdown. I wonder if he likes those silly pushbutton starter buttons. Who needs keys when you can have these?

  22. Jay Leno seems like a decent enough guy but like many people he’s a company man. So of course you won’t see him putting down the EV future. Whatever NBC wants he delivers. I don’t think he’s ignorant of electric car issues he owns a Baker electric and seems to understand it well enough.

  23. “Electric cars also have tires and brake pads and other wear items that . . . wear out. Jay – like everyone else who drives any car – will eventually have to do something.”

    Pretty sure Jay is a Packled. He won’t be doing anything, someone who actually knows how stuff works will.

  24. I don’t think Jay Leno is mechanically inclined either. Most Hollywood types are not, and swallow the typical liberal bunny-hugger mantra about doing their part to “save the planet”, not realizing that this very liberal mantra actually has the opposite effect.
    Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Jay Leno, but, as the article states, he is dead wrong on electric vehicles.
    He has the money to get others to keep up his nice car collection.

    • I didn’t think you’d have anything against him, seeing as how he is descended from good White Christian stock. In the demented worldview of aryan warriors/white supremacists such as yourself those are the most important considerations. Had Leno happened to be from a Jewish background I’m sure we’d be treated to one of your laughable aryan peckerhead shitstorms.

      In any event, the problem with a lot of wealthy people is they have no concept of the way most others live. Even if coming to wealth from modest backgrounds they tend to lose touch. (We saw that not long ago when a Tesla fanboi popped in here and after being criticized came out with words to the effect of, “Well, maybe YOU can’t afford a Tesla!” – meaning that in his mind the criticisms of the smallfolk are due to jealousy.) So it doesn’t really occur to the well-heeled electric car pushers that most people cannot afford the up-front expenses associated with purchasing such a vehicle and a home charging system to “fuel” it. They don’t care about the life of the battery pack since they won’t be keeping the car long enough for it to be a problem, and certainly would not lower themselves to looking for a 15+ year-old electric “beater”. It works for them. The rest of us can eat cake.

      • Jason Flinders…your juvenile accusation calling me a White supremacist?
        You paint with a very broad, (incorrect) brush. You appear to be so insecure about your race, it is YOU who have a problem. I treat EVERYONE I interact with respectfully and do not attach labels to others, unlike yourself.
        Shalom, Jason Flinders…it is obvious what persuasion you are of.

        • Yea,,, it’s a shame racial rhetoric is used on a article like this. Just shows the total idiocy of the nation at large and is why we’re going down.

        • Hi anarchyst,

          “I treat EVERYONE I interact with respectfully and do not attach labels to others, unlike yourself. Shalom, Jason Flinders…it is obvious what persuasion you are of.”

          Do you not see that the second sentence directly contradicts the first?

          Hi Jason,

          His post had nothing to do with racism, anti-semitism, white supremacy, etc… Why make that an issue in this post?


      • What’s funny is the arbitrary lines of who is white and who is not.

        Leno, of Italian stock, would not have been considered “from good White Christian stock” some good number of decades ago. It’s funny how in modern SJW speak such as what you deployed in your own way anyone of Italian heritage that’s even half-way successful is now considered ‘privileged’ and ‘white’. It is all so very arbitrary.

        • Very true, Brent!

          In my grandparents day, when they immigrated here in the early 20th century, Wops (and Micks, too!) were essentially erquated with knee-grows (Even the knee-grows complained, ’cause they’d take their jobs in the dirty unskilled positions)- and the WASPs would faint if ya referred to such classes as white or Christian!

          I remember reading an old newspaper clipping from the early 1900’s, which was reproduced in a book about the construction and history of the NYC subway….and the clipping mentioned that most of the manual labor was done by Italians and Irishmen… “and we know what they are” . LOL!

          Ya know, I wish that it was still like that. At least then, people didn’t believe in this “diversity” bullshit, and kept their famblies and communities strong. No one cared what people of other ethnicities thought of them; and there was none of this over-sensitivity.

          As Archie Bunker so aptly put it:

          “Back in my day, we didn’t have ‘Afro-Americans’ or ‘Chicano-Americans’; we was all just Americans; after that, if a guy was a jig or a spick, it was his own business”.

          • Or, another gem of “Bunker-ese”…”A guy wit’ glasses is a “four-eyes, a guy with a poise (purse) is a FAG!”.

            • Actually, it’s “….a guy who’s a fag is a queer!”. 🙂

              There is an appropriate quote from that show for virtually every situation in life!

              Another great one:

              “A Hungarian is a guy who can folly[follow] ya into a revolving door and come out ahead’a ya”.


              [Regarding Richard Nixon using profanity in the White House]”That’s because the guys who worked for him were German, and ya gotta swear at Germans!”.

              • I liked “shut up…YOUSE”.

                Also…(in reference to his black neighbors the Jeffersons)…”D’aw geez, Edith, ‘dem people love bells!”

                But the one that takes the cake is his self-described ethnic picking order…to “Meathead” (in retrospect, an APT description), Archie tells him that “Gawd” (in his ‘infinoot moicy’, I suppose), made him (a white man) number one, and Jefferson (a black man) number two. Mike retorts, “what about the Chinese? The Japanese?” to witch Archie retorts, “Aw, dey’s definitely number ‘tree (three), but the same, ya know, 3A and 3B!”. In 1972, there was such a thing, even on CBS, as HUMOR.

                • It’s almost impossible to believe that such great stuff was once on TV….. Free, broadcast TV, no less! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I don’t think I’d believe it.

                  Been watching that show since it debuted- when I was 9.

                  Gloria: “I wonder what the Chinese say when they sneeze?”
                  Archie: “They don’t say anything; they can’t speak English”.
                  Meathead: “Why can’t they say God bless you in Chinese?
                  Archie: “If they say anything at all, it’s probably sayonara”.
                  Meathead: “That’s Japanese!”
                  Archie: “Same thing!”
                  Meathead”It’s not the same thing!”
                  Archie: “Oh what, you m,ean to tell me, you put a Jap and a Chink in the same room, you’re gonna tell me which is which?”
                  Meathead: “Sure! ‘Cause I’d sit down with them and talk to them!”
                  Archie: “Sure you’d talk to them; you’d say ‘which one’a yous is the Chink!’ “. 🙂

                    • That’s right, Doug!


                      Edith[After being told that shalom means ‘peace’ and can also be used to say hello or goodbye]: “How do you know which one it means?”
                      Archie: “Eedit, use your head; If a Jew’s comin’ at ya, it means hello; if he’s going the other way, it means goodbye”.
                      Edith: “When does it mean peace?”
                      Archie: “Between Hellooooooo and goodbye!”

                  • Edith had some of the best lines ever in the show. She was so hilarious! I introduced that show to my sons and they really loved the language.

      • Usual Finders ramblings. Off the meds maybe. yeah flinders if im a white supremacist so what. What does that even mean. besides the occasional left lunatics whites are nice. I like hspanics. *most* blacks are nice but you get much greater variability there. my experience.

        • Ergo, “people is people”. While there are generalities about GROUPS, every individual is UNIQUE. I don’t care for being “pegged” myself and I refuse to do it to others.

      • Mr. Flinders…I can add YOU to the list of Jews (which you appear to be), along with Chuckie Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Jerry Nadler whom cause me wonder that (thankfully) anti-Semitism isn’t more widespread and acceptable.

        Fortunately, there’s members of the tribe, like my Lord Jesus Christ, or on a lesser, but still laudable note, commentators such as Michael Medved or Jason Shapiro, or even my late paternal Grandmother, “Gawd” rest her soul, that convince me that all is not lost where the children of Judah are concerned.

        • Douglas! Don’t you know that the Jews like to complain? 😉

          Old joke:

          They find a shipwrecked Jew on a deserted island. There are three small buildings there that he had constructed. They ask him: “What are these buildings?”

          He points to one and says: “That’s my house”, and then points to another and says “That’s my synagogue”.

          They ask what the third one is. He says: “That’s the synagogue I used to go to!”.

          [Just being humorous. I have no issue with anyone on either side of this- but Mr. Flinderstien does seem to be a little sensitive about criticism of things Jewish….]

          • Oy! Vey!

            Yes, I believe the Yiddish term is “Kvetch”!

            I like the one about the Catholic Priest, the Baptist Pastor, and the Jewish Rabbi having a discussion about how much of the collection plate to keep as a salary:

            Catholic Priest: In our parish, we draw a circle on the floor, then throw the contents of the plate into the air, and whatever lands inside it, we keep!

            Baptist Pastor: I do the same thing, except that it’s everything OUTSIDE the circle.

            Jewish Rabbi: Circle, Schmircles, you goys make it way too complicated! I just take the plate with the money, and I look up and say, “God, here is dis money…I’ll throw it up into the air, and whatever you catch in mid-air, you keep, okay?”

            • Calf-lick priest says to a rabbi: “How come you guys can’t eat ham?”
              Rabbi: “Scripture forbids it.”
              Priest: “You shoul;d try it; it’s very good”
              Rabbi:” How come you guys can’t have sex?”
              Priest: “We took a vow of celibacy”.
              Rabbi: “You should try it- It’s better than ham!”.

          • Only because that seems to be the only group that regularly comes under attack here.

            If the “aryan” numbnuts start going off half-cocked with ludicrous crap against say Lutherans or Episcopalians, or purveying historical revisionist garbage aimed at other ethnic groups (i.e., “The Armenian genocide never happened, it’s a hoax!”), I’ll be just as happy to push back against that as well. 🙂

            (I’m certainly not PC though and love ethnic humor! Keep ’em coming Nunz!)

            • Hey Jason!

              Well, that’s one of the things we have in common- I’ve always loved ethnic humor too! The world was a better place when ethnic humor was ubiquitous and commonly accepted…and it seemed, people got along a lot better!

              Nah, C’mon- I (and many others) have raked just about every group over the coals- from the Calf-licks to the spades, to the WASPs to the A-rabs. [Jason: “Well, O-K, as lomng as you criticize those damn A-rabs!” 🙂 ]

              And hey, the Armenians don’t sponsor lobbyists who push for the out-lawing of criticism of Armenia, or genocide-denial….nor do they keep harping on it [Believe me, I used to know some Armenians]- Heck, we (my generation) never heard a word about it in pooblik skool [unfortunate]- but we sure got a steady diet of the Holocaust [Not saying we shouldn’t have].

              Kinda makes ya at least wonder who controls the narrative……eh?

              • PS. Jason,

                I had meant to include:

                It’s not so much any particular group of people per se- it’s more so just what humans do when they collectivize- and a group is just really a collective which is able to concentrate power so as to enforce it’s will on individuals and other groups, both within and without.

                As someone once said: “When a group is born, the individual dies”.

                What group has ever used it’s collective power to further individualism or do good? Even just adopting group mentality, informally, is never a good thing. Even when Libertarians try it(formally)…just look at the Libertarian Party!

              • Nunz, I have not seen anything like the level of hatred for other groups as I’ve seen for Jews here and other places as well. Some may occasionally bitch about some aspect of another ethnic group, but nothing like the kind of crazy nonsense regularly laid at the feet of the yids.

                That’s not to say that there isn’t legitimate criticism, but that’s a different matter entirely from senseless bigotry. The Holocaust is a good example where Jews are just shooting themselves in the foot, people are sick of having their noses pushed in it. I’m sick of hearing about it at this point. This isn’t the 1950s or 1960s where nearly every adult was a WWII vet and it was all fresh in people’s minds. Jews unfortunately seem too close to the issue to understand this so they just keep adding fuel to the fire.

                • I meant to add that it’s just a small number of people that regularly spew the kind of crazy hatred that I’m talking about. I would not want to give the impression that it is predominant. One of my concerns here is that I would not want libertarianism to be associated with those nut jobs. In fact if you hang out a bit on “alt-right” sites you’ll find that they despise libertarians. What they want is an all-powerful central government that can achieve the goal of eliminating those people considered undesirable.

                  • I’ve noticed that when people cast aspersions against Zionists they are usually accused of being anti-semites. This is a distraction since very few Jews are Zionists and most Zionists are not Jews.
                    Modern Zionists practice almost all of the predations of the Third Reich in their quest for total control of the Middle East, and American Zionists are biblically myopic.

                    • Correct, Vonu. Zionism has been distorted and co-opted at this point. It used to simply be a belief that Jewish people should seek to live in Israel. Today it has mutated beyond all recognition, and as you observe, most Zionists are not even Jewish.

                    • THAT is the absolute truth, Vonu.

                      There are more “Christian” Zionists in the world (mainly America) than there are Jeweish ones.

                      There are more “Christian” Zionists than there are Jews, period! (Thing is, the Jewish ones have concentrate massive amounts of wealth and power).

                      There are more Atheist Jewish Zionists than religious ones.

                      There are more Atheist Jews, period, than there are religious ones.

                      There are a good number of religious (Orthodox, no less) Jews who are opposed to Zionism.

                      The US and it’s inhabitants have done more to further Zionism in the last hundred years than the Jews EVER have, or than modern Israel ever has or ever could.

                      When Zionism is criticized, (as you said) it is automatically labeled as ‘anti-Semitism’ just like when welfare is threatened with reduction, it is labeled as ‘racism’, even though the same people who hurl that accusation insist that there are more whites on welfare than minorities.

                    • V, I was going to say same. Hating Jews because of Israel would be exactly like hating me(no religious affiliations, just white and Scottish and English)for what the US does.

                      Mexicans will cuss me in Mexico. If they were correct I could understand it but it’s like hating them for Mexican gangs and the gang that is govt.

                      Had I been able to destroy Bushco I would have and taken whatever was meted out to me but that boat has sailed and now it’s just history that’s repeating itself.

                  • I agree, Jason,

                    I picture the Skinhead Neo-Nazi types. I really could never figure them out; I think they’re just stupid, or nuts- probably both. Group identity- “our group vs. yours; and my identity is tied to my group, and my group is all about repelling your group”. These are usually the pro law-enfarcement/military types too. Just another collective wishing to impose their own agenda via coercion and violence against others- which in reality is usually the same M.O. as the groups whom they villify- just like the Dems vs. Repubs.

                    Those types are pretty rare though in real life. I’ve seen Skinheads- a few times, decades ago- on Lawn Guyland, ironically.

                    I’ve only ever peronally met two people in my 57 years who were truly racists: One, more than 40 years ago, was a middle-aged man who was illiterate.[fittingly]; and the other, more recently, was [he has since died] a KKK member….who was just a mean nasty ass, to everyone.

                    What I see as being a far more common problem, is people who make legitimate observations, being declared ‘racist’ for doing so. And I know that you ‘get’ this already….so I’m just saying.

                    • You’ve got that right, Nunz. In my experience those guys tend to be both stupid and nuts. A lot like cop mentality, they also tend to be bullies and cowards. They are few and far between but they are out there, trying to spread their vile nonsense.

                    • Hey Nunz,

                      Early Skinheads were not racist. They were a poorer and more working class outgrowth of the Mod movement. The music was heavily influenced by the Jamaican Ska and reggae popular at the time. Early bands were often racially diverse and clubs were frequented by kids of all types mostly looking to drink, dance and have fun. The 2-tone logo and label were likely an explicit recognition of this.

                      The rise of racism in the movement was likely a reaction to what poor working class Brits saw as an invasion of people who did not share the culture and love of Britain that they admired. Coupled with a seeming elitist contempt for working class Brits and their values, some Skins became openly racist and highly political. One sees the same dynamic in Europe and, to a lesser extent, in America today.

                      While, I do not share their views, I do sympathize with some of it. I see many as victims of a dishonest elite class that consciously exploits racial hysteria to create conflict. These people are despicable and far more dangerous than the mostly fictional rise of “White Supremacy” we’re supposed to fear so much.

                      Poor blacks and whites are united far more by class than they are divided by race. Elites know this and fear it, which is why they push a false and destructive narrative designed to keep the mundanes fighting each other rather than focusing on their common enemy.

                      I pity those who are genuinely duped by this narrative but despise those who push it.


                • Jason – thanks for at least pointing this out re: Holohoax, aka “Holocaust”. Not that a “revision’ of body count (IMO, the only pertinent issue in dispute) would make Nazism somehow palatable.

                  Yes, we goys (or, for myself, more properly, “Mischlinge”, and if that would have disqualified me from the Waffen SS, oh boo hoo hoo…) have had enough, but perhaps its simply part of the overall culture of ‘victimization’. To be fair, IMO, though the Palestinians do have legitimate gripes, their demonization of Israel, particularly the IDF, doesn’t square with what I’ve seen, keeping in mind that things go “boom!” a lot there and bodies are hauled off on both sides…how might WE in the USA act if we faced a similar situation?

                  However, just like the fictional Izzy Cohen of Marvel’s Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos (a boyhood fave comic), there’s no reason to look askance at another grease monkey and car enthusiast just b/c he’s of “dat Tribe” (as A. Bunker would put it). And I very much appreciated the observation about the snarky, haughty Tesla owner whom looks down on someone else that HE perceives can’t “afford” one. If there’s one thing you and I do seem to share, it’s a disdain of snobs, let alone them PRESUMING to make policy that interferes with OUR respective motoring pleasure(s).

                  • Speaking of victim culture, look- two-freaking-hundred years later, and we’re still hearing about slavery as if it happened yesterday!

        • You’d be wrong, Doug. I like bacon way too much for that not to mention a rather painful operation that would be required. (Bacon, mmmmmm – the yids really don’t know what they’re missing!) As far as the people you mentioned, what does their religion have to do with anything?

          I have a deep abiding dislike of bigotry and Jews are of course the number one target for many, particularly amongst the ignorant “aryan warrior” types, to smear, slander, and tar and feather. They fabricate the most ludicrous conspiracies based on grounds so irrational that they don’t even rise to the level of the flimsiest evidence.

          If you spend some time hanging out in a few “alt-right” forums you’ll find what they really want to do with Jews is “make their holocaust dreams come true.” (They also want to either subjugate or exterminate those they see as “mud races”. Then they believe they can have their Martian colonies. Imbeciles.) Their strategy is to try to sound rational and reasonable in the world at large, “Oh, I don’t HATE Jews/Blacks/Hispanics”, but scratch the surface a little and the virulent hatred comes boiling out.

          I’ve even seen some of the very same people in those type of forums that I see here and other places on the “normie web”, at least with the same screen names, even posting verbatim the very same articles. It’s pretty funny seeing them strategize on their own sites how to best get their message across to the “normies”. Fortunately the vast majority of people don’t fall for it.

          You don’t have to be Jewish to consider these malicious bigots to be among the lowest vermin on the planet, which is how I view them, having kept an eye on them since they were spreading their filth on mimeographed leaflets. As I’ve said elsewhere here if anyone would like to step up to the plate and start spewing hate and lies against some other ethnic group I’d be just as happy to jump on that as well.

          • Jason, Bubby 😉

            If I may add: One should remember to differentiate between true racists/bigots [who are rare] who categorically dislike all people of a given race, religion, etc. vs. people who make legitimate criticisms or observations about behavior that seems to be common to a significant number of members of a particular group/race/etc.

            For instance: If someone is concerned about knee-grows moving into their neighborhood, because they are aware that knee-grows as a whole tend to perpetrate more violent crimes than other groups; tend to have a higher percentage of their people using drugs, etc. is that person a ‘racist’ who ‘hates niggers because of the color of their skin’? Or, more accurately, is it that the people in question just possess a physical trait which identifies them as members of a group/culture of which a significant number of it’s members perpetrate negative behavior?

            It is no different with Jews. Jews have perpetrated a LOT of negative behavior throughout the world, for a few thousand years. As a whole, they’re still doing a darn good job of it. Just their antics in the Mid-East alone are enough to make most just people cringe; just as the Mafia gives Eye-talians a bad name…..but the solution is not to condemn those who observe the facts, but rather to differentiate one’s self from the members of onbe’s race or culture who perpetrate the behavior that we do not approve of.

            (How ironic…you eat bacon, and I keep kosher!)

            • Nunzio,
              You have elucidated my views exactly.
              It is said that it takes approximately a hundred years for the “victor’s taint” of historical events to finally be eliminated or minimized. Such is the case today with WW2 events and the “holocaust”.
              A good example of present-day censorship is the fate that awaits those that dare question “official” jewish “holocaust” orthodoxy. Many claims cannot be substantiated and are physically and scientifically impossible, yet people are prosecuted for pointing out the inconsistencies and impossibilities.
              Many European countries and Canada have criminalized ANY line of thought that deviates from the “official” jewish “holocaust” story and will punish anyone who dares to question the “official narrative”. WHY??
              In fact, TRUTH is no defense when it comes to “all things holocaust”. “Holocaustianity” is the new “state religion” in which deviation from belief in the “official orthodoxy” is punished by fines and incarceration.
              There are honest researchers who have been imprisoned for seeking TRUTH about this historical event.
              If people only knew of the planning that took place among those of the “chosen” (zionists) to engineer the jewish “holocaust”, there would be a backlash of massive size. You see, the jewish “holocaust” was necessary in order to force the establishment of a jewish state. Zionists collaborated with the German government to make life “difficult” for jews in order to “encourage” emigration to what was then known as Palestine. As an aside, many jews served in Hitler’s armed forces during the duration of WW2 as well. If the Third Reich was hell-bent on exterminating the jews, they did a very poor job. Even the 6 million figure is suspect, constantly being revised downward. The International Red Cross had access to all of the camps and kept good records as to the numbers of and condition of the detainees. Total figures for all non-combatant deaths in the “European theater of operation, which includes the camps, is approximately 731,000, not “6 million”. One would think that jews would be happy to hear that far fewer jews perished…but NO…that would destroy their premise and “holocaust cash cow”.
              In this case, the ENDS justified the MEANS. There have been many “holocausts” of much greater misery throughout human history, yet the jewish “holocaust” is the only one that counts . . .
              Yes, many people suffered during WW2, not only jews, but it seems that “jewish suffering” takes preference over all other. Why?
              To close, please remember that jews have no monopoly on suffering. All races and cultures have had more than their share. It is long overdue for the jewish “persecution complex” to be recognized for what it is.
              Jason Flinders, I would appreciate your take on my rant. I look forward to your intelligent response…

              • It’s very simple – it is natural for people to concentrate on the wrongs done to their own group. You see the same thing with blacks agitating for “reparations” for events that no living person was involved in. There’s nothing conspiratorial about it. Just basic human nature.

                • Ya know Jason, I always wondered:

                  We know that stinking cops are equal-opportunity abusers…but I’ve always wondered, if I were black, if I would buy into the narrative that ‘cops are racist’; and assume that any encounter with a pig when I was doing nothing of a criminal nature; and any negative repurcussions, were because “I’m black”?

                  It would be So easy to buy into that narrative- especially with it being constantly pre-programmed into people’s consciousness through the media.

                  I tend to think that I would probably fall for it.

                  I swear, between group dynamics, and the propaganda constantly spewed by the media and the skools, it’s getting to the point where i don’t see how anyone born in the last 30 years could ever come to a proper understanding of the reality of the world; They have no point of neutrality from which to assess to anything.

                • I have a simple response to those whom Nunzio refers to as “knee-grows” (I just say those of the African “persuasion”, the joke is too long-winded to explain) denounce this country overall, and EVERY white person (or least, the subset of White, Christian, Heterosexual males) as “racist”, and feel that, especially after 55 years of LBJ’s utterly failed “Great Society”, that “Whitey Owes Me” (e.g. Reparations), then I just say, “The exits are clearly marked, and no one will stand in your way or shoot you down as you ‘flee’…so WHY are you still HERE?”

                  As a further observation…my Dad, in his tenure as an Air Force officer, was part of a task force that was working a basing agreement with the newly independent East African country of Tanganyika (now, after its union with Zanzibar, called Tanzania). One request, which the members of the task force at first found incredible, was that no black US servicemen be assigned to the new base. The reasoning of the new hosts? They considered American blacks to be descended from mostly WEST Africans, and they being Zulus, they looked down upon them, and they also felt that most American blacks were actually racially mixed. Evidently these folks have their own notion of ‘Racial purity”! IDK if the basing agreement was made, and especially if the “no blacks” provision was agreed to (I doubt that it was), but it’s an interesting anecdote from yesteryear, back when yours truly was but a rugrat.

                  • East Africans look like darker-skinned Arabs. They lack the cranial and facial features of West Africans. Hair texture is also different.

                    The late David Bowie’s wife is from one of those countries. Their daughter does not look like your typical mulatto.

              • Well-said, Anarchyst!

                Yes, when one has to outlaw criticism, inquiry, opinion, denial(whether the facts be true or not) SOMETHING is terribly wrong, and one can be sure that the side doing the outlawing is trying to hide the real facts or perpetuate error.

                Putting people in jail foir thought-crime, or for speaking their mind and conscience, whether they be right or wrong- is no different than what the Nazis or Soviets did. No different than North Korea; no different than what we did the poor Japs who had legally immigrated here, and were residing here during WW2 [“The big one” -Archie Bunker] or to the Injuns who were here before us.

                Human nature, unrestrained and given power through the collective mind and effort of the group….it can never end well.

                • GEN. George S. Patton, in that interregnum between V-E day (when his Third Army was actually closer to the Czech capital of Prague, with German units actually trying to surrender to THEM, than Marshal Koniev’s First Ukrainian Front or Marshal Malinovsky’s Second Ukrainian Front, but under orders to remain and let the Soviets ‘liberate’ the city) and his untimely and freakish death in an auto “accident” (there is credible evidence that the General was murdered), wryly observed that ostensibly the war had been fought to restore the rights of men and human dignity, but the Allies had, in numerous ways, gone back on that principle, so it’s no surprise that the Adenauer Government of then-West Germany and succeeding German regimes did the same.

                • Absolutely, Nunz, nobody should be subject to criminal penalties merely for expressing an opinion. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous or even loathesome that opinion might be. People should be free to express themselves – and others will be free to critique as they see fit.

          • It’d be TMI to mention whether I’d likewise “Need” an operation to qualify, as was done to Abraham of old. And, oh, damn! You mean you’re COMPETING with me in the marketplace for BACON? Shit…it’s expensive enough as it is!

            Methinks you might be tad obsessed with what some on the “Alt-Right” have to say, especially if it bothers or offends you. Have you considered that you might be (1) “feeding the trolls”, and (2), not unlike the late Sen. “Tail-Gunner” Joseph McCarthy, seeing ‘bigots’ in every forum?

            I realize that the tragedies of the weekend past may be prompting a lot of this, and in a way, it SHOULD, even if 99.999% of these ‘bigots’ are just some dumb-assed keyboard-warrior “blowhards” whom would likely cower, turn, and run with their tail between their respective legs if confronted in person by those whom they’d anger with their views. What havoc that 0.001% can and does wreak, but save that we shred the Constitution and turns ourselves into some politically-correct police state, monitoring EVERY expression in the interests of S-a-a-a-a-a-f-t-e-e-e-e-e, I’d like to see what can be reasonably done to forestall further tragedies. In general, I find that the counter to falsehoods is to keep re-stating the TRUTH, and when darkness looms, bring on the “light”! Now, the hell of it is HOW to implement that “glittering generality”!

            • Good point – I just have a very short fuse when it comes to bigotry. (That does not extend to legitimate criticism based on fact.)

              For that matter I have nothing good to say about climate cultists or, as you’ve noted, haughty, self-important Tesla fanbois looking down their noses at the proles. (Frequently they are one and the same.)

                • eric, not sure about that. I’m bigoted to “some” people without regard to color or race.

                  I get pissed off every time I see come 4-500 pounder riding that cart and in the way of everyone else. It could be a flying purple people eater and I’d still be disgusted.

                  Does anyone else feel like saying “If you get your big, fat ass off that cart and walk you wouldn’t need that cart.”?

                  I used to see this same white guy who was so obese(not old either)you could barely make out the cart was under him. Always had the same pair of pants and shirt, just a bit dirtier than last time.

                  Haven’t seen him in a while. I”m guessing all that weight finally became fatal.

          • the so called holocaust never happened, The allies bombed the railroads to the labor camps. The germans didnt need to go to all the the trouble of gassing the jews, Much easier to machine gun them. The camps did suffer obvious food shortages but apparently the germans tried to keep them alive. Everything we’re told is lies.

            • Hi Mark,

              I don’t doubt the number of Jews killed by the Nazis has been exaggerated; I also have no doubt the effort was made and the intention was there and that many were killed and many more treated horribly. I also dislike that the PC focus is on that holocaust almost exclusively – others and worse ones, such as Stalin’s systematic effort to “exterminate the Kulaks as a class” (his words) is almost unknown because almost never taught. Or Pol Pot’s efforts – and Mao’s. The Communists are over their heads in human blood; Hitler and the Nazis were only waist deep. Both awful – but the fixation on the Nazis is exaggerated and gives Communism a pass.

              The body of one of history’s most evil men – a Communist – is on pickled display in Moscow. No one bats an eye.

            • Even if the Holocaust hadn’t happened (It did…but the numbers are greatly exaggerated), would it be any less evil that people were rounded up and shipped off to “labor camps”?

              I knew a Jew (now deceased) who evaded the Nazis when they invaded his native Hungary, by hiding in an out-house- with a gun pointed at the door, figuring that if they opened that door, at least he’d dispose of a Gerry or two before his own death- but they never opened that door. What do you think they would have done to him had they looked in that out-house?

                • Jason, maybe they were hunting vampires! (The guy I knew was born in Transylvania….).

                  Scary thing is: Hopw close we’ve come to such things HERE! -Like during WWEII when they rounded up the poor Japs who were lawful citizens here and threw them into “internment camps”….. We should be harping on that more so than the Holocaust, because it happened right here- while we were “making the world safe for democracy”. Yet today, it is all but forgotten.

                  • Nunz, history tends to repeat itself. Unfortunately the Holocaust was not unique. There have been genocides and mass murders throughout recorded history – that kind of thing is all in a day’s work for the State. It’s happened before and it’s going to happen again.

                    • Very true, Jason. It would be a true rarity to find a government which hasn’t perpetrated genocide. Thing is “we” make such an issue when someone else does it….while ignoring our own evils.

              • Follow the shekels…yes, people were taken from their homes and put into labor camps. Let’s not forget the “declaration of war” against Germany declared by “world jewry” on March 24, 1933. Just what was Germany supposed to do? As jews are very insular tribal people, in collaboration with zionist leaders who purposely wanted to make life miserable for German jews in order to encourage them to emigrate to Palestine, it was a “win-win” situation for both Germany and the jews. In fact, there are coins that were minted by Germany celebrating the collaboration and cooperation between zionists and German officials.
                As to Anne Frank, her family was not just some ordinary jews swept up in Germany’s hatred for jews. In fact, the Franks ran a quite large and successful “black market” operation in scarce goods. It might interest you to know that Anne Frank’s “diary” was partially written in ball-point pen, not invented until 1950. Anne Frank perished from typhus while her father was treated in a camp hospital and survived the war. Anne Frank’s father screwed the publisher out of funds due for publishing the Anne Frank fabrications. The piece de la piece of holocaustianity is that of El Weisel, who claims to have been in a number of camps yet does not have a “tattoo” number.
                The “holohoax” cash cow is coming to an end, rightly so.
                When honest historians are imprisoned for seeking the TRUTH about this “event” something stinks to high heaved, and it isn’t gentiles…

                • Good afternoon, Herr Jew! Now that we realize you are in actuality a self-hating Jew, Annie, the reasons for your ludicrous spews are much more understandable though of course they are as fact-free as ever.

                  Of course this is an amazing dump of horseshit even by your incredibly low standards. I really have to laugh at your ludicrous idea that Germany had to retaliate against a “declaration of war by world Jewry”. What this so-called “declaration of war” consisted of was a boycott of German products called for by Jewish organizations due to the actions already taken by the Nazis against Jews and Jewish-owned businesses. Hardly a “declaration of war” in any meaningful sense.

                  The rest of your screed is just as stupid and nonsensical. The only “hoax” here is part and parcel your own inane belief system. Everything you know is wrong.

                  • Hi Jason,

                    I wonder if alterchyst considers the BDS movement to be a “declaration of war” against Israel?


                    • Hey, Jeremy, Annie really is a hoot, isn’t he? A regular laugh riot!

                      One really has to wonder if he (or any of the others purveying the same rubbish) has managed to convince anyone who was actually there that it was all a “hoax”. I realize there are few left at this point, but these hate-filled bigoted chuckleheads have been spouting this nonsense for quite a long time. In all of that time as far as I know they have convinced no one who was actually there that it “didn’t happen”.

                  • Instead of refuting the TRUTH that I have stated, you use old jewish tactics of misdirection and outright name-calling. From a historical standpoint you cannot refute what I have stated so you resort to your old Alinsky tactic of demonizing the truth.

                  • Well….a lot of Jews were fomenting communism in Germany (and elsewhere)- of course, not that that warrants rounding up and killing all the Jews (Let’s face it- THAT was done because the elite Cabal wanted to cleanse their race of “inferiors”).

                    I think we’d all get a lot further in these arguments if we all admitted the undeniable facts, rather than picking sides.

                    As with most things, it’s rarely not A, B, C, or X, Y, Z,….but usually J, K, L, M, with a little B and Z in there too- but those who cling to ABC or XYZ don’t seem to want to ever agree on JKLM, much less admit there may be a little B if they are staunchly in the XYZ camp, etc. (Damn ABC people! We should gas them all! 🙂 )

            • Not this bilge again. Markie, have you ever managed to convince anyone who was actually there that “it never happened”?

              The overwhelming evidence is that the Nazi Holocaust happened. (As an aside I find it amusing that the ones who most loudly bleat that “it never happened” are the ones that blame Jews for all our ills and want to get rid of them one way or another.)

              Back when I lived in Hymietown in the 1950s and 1960s you couldn’t swing a dead aryan without hitting war refugees of one sort or another. In fact for a while the hebes in a neighboring apartment had ID tatoos on their arms. Is it your position that they went out and got themselves tatooed and then went out spreading lies about what happened to them and their families in order to defame those nice, innocent Germans?

              The fact is that the people who were actually there put the lie to your despicable, hate-filled nonsense.

              Of course we’ll never know the true numbers, and the fact that at least as many people of other ethnicities in the camps perished unfortunately tends to be glossed. Anyone who was a member of a group targeted by the Nazis, or opposing the Nazi regime, could well find themselves going on a nice little trip to those places where “nothing happened”.


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