How Much It’ll Cost Them

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Mask wearing is going to get expensive – for the businesses that insist, if we refuse.

I wrote about my decision to cancel my gym membership of more than 15 years’ standing if my gym says I must wear a mask in order to be allowed in the gym. Over the past 15 years, I have paid more than $5,000 in membership fees, not including the additional fees in the same amount paid by my ex-wife over about the same time period. I obviously like this gym – Crunch Fitness in Roanoke – and planned to work out there for another 15 years, at least.

Which would be at least another $5,000 for the gym, just from me. But if the Mask Mandate comes, my cash will go. I won’t pay to play Sickness Kabuki for the sake of Sickness Psychotics who need therapy much more than a workout.

Several of my gym friends agree with this decision and will also cancel their memberships. This will get into real money – maybe enough money to make a difference. Enough financial pressure to make the gym’s owners rethink their Mask Mandate.

This is power – the not-evil kind.

It is the power of voluntary free exchange. Of mutual consent.

The gym, like any business, has the right to establish its terms and conditions. But customers have a right to withhold their business when those terms and conditions are unacceptable to them.

Being told one must wear a surgical mask – while working out – is as preposterous as it is pathological. Probably someone is more likely to die from respiratory distress caused by a mask – which isn’t designed to facilitate the deep and heavy breathing that comes with working out – than might get sick because someone wasn’t wearing a mask.

In any event, the gym can require. But we don’t have to pay.

This power is tremendous and it is time to use it, if you do not like the idea of being made to play Sickness Kabuki by businesses who’ve either bought into Sickness Psychosis or are just playing along for the sake of their own Babbittry. Many businesses in America are like that now. Their product or service is secondary to their insipid virtue-signaling. Which they seem to think matters more than the products or services they offer.

And may, to some.

Not to me, though. And perhaps not to you.

I pay a gym membership to get a workout; not to be schooled. I go there to relieve tension, not aggravate it.

I won’t pay to be aggravated.

If enough of us refused to pay – whether for gym memberships or haircuts or groceries – if those businesses insist on our playing Sickness Kabuki as part of the transaction – then in no time at all, those businesses would be compelled to rescind the Sickness Kabuki requirement.

Not forced.

This distinction is important because it does not involve violence. We simply choose not to do business with you until you change the way you do business. It isn’t fundamentally different than declining to shop at a store where the products are high-quality but the clerks are discourteous or a restaurant where the food is great but the service is lousy.

Let these business decide whether it is more important to please their customers – the ones whose business keeps them in business – or to play along with Sickness Psychosis.

We had the same chance some 20 years ago when we could have stopped Terror Kabuki at the airports by withholding our business. If enough of us – it probably would only have taken 20 percent of the flying public – had made it known we’d never buy an airplane ticket again until we could get on an airplane without being treated as presumptive terrorists, without having to submit to degradations beneath the dignity of free people, those degradations would have stopped and – today – our children, wives and elderly parents would be able to get on a flight without being treated as presumptive terrorists and subjected to degradations beneath the dignity of free people.

But we didn’t. Not enough of us, at any rate. And because of that, our children, wives and elderly parents are subjected to degradations beneath the dignity of free people.

We face the same choice again – in more serious form. If we do not withhold our dollars right now, we will never again be free to withhold our consent. One can avoid being treated as a presumptive terrorist by not buying an airplane ticket. But how will you avoid being treated as a presumptive Typhoid Mary when it is no longer possible to do anything or go anywhere without being required to play the role of Typhoid Mary?

Is that the future you want for yourself? For your children?

It is a future I will not pay for. And if you agree with me, refuse to pay for it now – while doing so still has power.

. . .

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  1. Here’s a good indicator of how our neighbors will NOT be seeking freedom any time soon.

    People Whjo Have Left The USA Share Their Reasons

    Virtually every one of these sons-of-bitches said the exact same thing. Not one mentioned “to escape tyranny”- Quite the contrary- every one of ’em wanted MORE tyranny/more socialism….as long as they perceived it as benefiting them, personally! EVER single one of them mentioned “socialized medicine”; and nearly every one mentioned government-controlled employment (dictated benefits; vacation time; long notice to fire, etc.) as their reason for moving!

    Just one guy at the very end mentioned that the EU was no panacea, and how it’s control over business and personal autonomy “are as bad as the US”. The EU, S. Korea, and Canadia were the only places the respondents moved to. Not ONE person seeking liberty- they just want free healthcare, free/cheap college, and an artificial advantage over their employers, not based on what they can offer an employer and their ability to negotiate based on that, but rather just forced upon businesses by the government.

    And such is the way this country is going, and will go. 🙁


    • Hiya Nunz,

      We are faced with a dilemma, you and I – and the others who are like us. Where do we go? What do we do? Is it feasible to relocate to another, more remote (and still sane) part of this country? Or is it time to leave this country entirely? But which country is a better option? Are there any – where we could feasible emigrate – that are worth emigrating to? I would love to know of any as I come to grips with the ugly, awful fact that America is the New Soviet Union only worse.

      • eric, I have had a conversation with my doctor. She admitted everything I said was true but her hands are tied by unConstitutional law.

        I’ve been feeling bad for several months and haven’t gotten better. She ordered a round of blood tests and I was fine with that. Once I got the results of those tests, I also got the results of my Covid test. Nothing was mentioned about that last test and I have no symptoms, it was just done without me ever knowing about it till it was history. I was pissed. If I had been told they would test for it along with the other blood work-up I would have been fine since they were already having to draw blood but the fact that I didn’t know only pissed me off more than I already am.

        Yesterday evening I stepped outside and racked off about 10 rounds doing damage to a rock. It didn’t make me feel a damned bit better.

        • I ain’t no gdamn doctor, but I plagued one on the internet.

          Sleep? I invented insomnia. Tried a lot of things to uninvent it. Nada. Even got worse off in the race for REM.

          Sardi did his thing, subject inositol, recently. I’d tried that for sleep, back in ’11. Two big bottles of 1g capsules in the closet of immortality (where I keep the alcohol & the supplements), one unopened, one barely used. Following the recommended dose musta’ been useless, so there it sat in collection, in receivership.

          But despite Sardi’s context being “covid”, or w\ever\tf it is, hypoxia due to gummed up lungs, I went back to the rootin’ re my context of insomnia. Found some people were taking 12g/day & getting results. I was taking 1-3 grams, first round.

          Fwiw, maybe something, maybe nothing, maybe just temporary, 9-12g seems to be helping. Pretty cheap experiment. Tho Sardi sez it might be headed to short squeeze supplies if the lungers get wind of it.

              • Strange you should say that. I was texting earlier with a friend and told her about a speeding ticket I got with my common load of 50 cases of beer. My main defense was “I can’t drive 55”. I couldn’t. My old 454 just didn’t want to run 55 and the pickup had only done 55 down really rough dirt roads. The only way I can obey a speed limit is to either look “suspicious” driving much below or on cruise control and my cruise doesn’t work right now.

                I do long for the good old days when speeding meant I only had to open that highly modified 1000 Zuk up and scream away. I don’t recall getting a ticket in the El Camino that would easily do 140+. It didn’t hurt the law used Ford’s back then that wouldn’t get out of their own way. Interceptor my butt.

            • Dr. Jekyll shows his Hyde, the Jekyll Island Hydes is so well hid they believe what’s coming won’t find them, despite the Hyde-seeking missles not ever missing so far. Hyde & seek & peekaboo & peak oil, tulip bulbs, dollar bills…bonfire o’ the empire”s” must be nuclear, the coldest of gamete fusions performing back-to-back-to-back sets at the palladium & catalyzing every noxious bubble of gaseous indigestion the parasitoids can malefactor…

              Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun
              But mama, that’s where the fun is ~ Manfred Mann…

              …man, fredo was unmanned by his own brother, man…he’s my bro, but that ain’t heavy, so be sure to weigh his body down, cuz hope floats & goin’ against the family is hopeless, so don’t ask for whom the Pandora panhandles, it cast iron panhandles for thee, & she can bring home the bacon, fry it up in that pan, & never ever let ya’ forget yer a man, fredo, with the cast iron sinking feeling heaviness….

              As for those kraut doctors & “their” Hippocratic hypocrisy – Brandt was hanged, I see, so maybe a noose to complete the outfit — they got their eugenics’plainin’ to do Lucy from murika – which said murky’s accreted aback the previously common law precedented all legal now to force-vaccinate: one hand washes (lather-rinse-repeat) the other.

              Dodgeball: if ya’ can’t dodge a vaccination, ya’ can’t dodge sterilization-abortion-euthanasia neither.

              Weus! The greater good! Herd “immunity” (from prosecution) trumps even when the presidency’s been Trumped.

      • Eric – NO country is truly “Free”, at least per Libertarian standards.

        However, the “free-EST” country of all these days, at least one with a viable economy and a semblance of rule of law, is RUSSIA. Certainly religious freedom is far more respected there, and it’s officially Orthodox Christian. How the worm has truly turned.

        • Hi Doug,

          Yup. There is more personal liberty in the countries of the old Soviet Union than in this country, today. So sad. Almost makes me wish the missiles had flown back in ’83. It might have been a better end to the Grand Experiment.

      • As the world turns, what’s in that bucket sloshes…Galt’s gulch can only ever be neath Galt’s galoshes…these are the daze of our – weus! – lives.

        That said don’t mean galoshes should be glued to any particular patch of ground. Trailers for sale, or rent…♪♫♪

      • Hey Eric!

        Yep. If it weren’t for my mother, I’d be gone already. Always better to walk away at a leisurely pace, than to run screaming in the night. [I’m not complaining- I greatly appreciate the fact that my mother is still around and viable!].

        And like Doug says, below, there may be no truly free places…..but there are freer places by comparison- and these days, just about anywhere outside of the US/UK(and it’s former commonwealths)/The EU are freer than here- even Russia, if one could stand the weather.

        For me, just to be in a place with a truly local economy, where locally grown food is sold in markets by the growers, and where they just don’t have the technological infrastructure nor the massive government infrastructure, would be huge.

        For me, the island nations of the South Pacific have always been the ultimate goal…but at this point, just about any smaller country would be a BIG improvement- even many of the socialistic ones do not have the levels of control and tyranny, and interference in daily life which we have here.

        I think at this point, instead of looking for the perfect place (which doesn’t exist) we need to look at it more in terms of baby steps. Get free of the ever-escalating tyranny here, first- and then see what things look like once we’ve experienced the change- but one thing is for sure: Here, we are just facing more and more tyranny, and all of the loopholes are being rapidly closed- and our fellow citizens, in their happy acceptance of that tyranny, and even furthering of it; as well as the societal disintegration around us, have made it so that we are living in a hostile nation, where our enemy is not just the state, but also all of the good Germans around us- and there is nowhere in the US to go, where the tentacles of the Federal government do not reach, or where the state and local governments are not on a course of becoming just like the rest of the country, because thanks to the national media, federally controlled school;s, and the model of government practiced in every state, it is the same no matter where one goes in this country- and the few places that have remained a little freer are now starting to “catch up”- and with a further influx of Federal money via stimuluses and bailouts, etc. we are basically seeing The New Deal II, only now with Star Wars technology and Orwellian surveillance which didn’t exist in FDR’s day.

        The choice is: To stay here and comply or die….or to leave and regain at least some aspects of freedom in our lives. If we must stay a bit longer because of personal obligations, let us at least use the time wisely to survey our options and make plans, so that when we are no longer obligated, we can actually do something. Just the thought of escaping this BS is uplifting.

        You and I especially are in an enviable position, as we are not indebted; we have at least some assets, and we are not tied to a 9-5 job. We can DO it! The only thing stopping us in the near future….is us.

        We already know what it is like to do it- you, having already done it, escaping NoVa, and myself NYC- and we have experienced the HUMONGOUS difference it makes! Those places are catching up with us, as it were- and I don’t know about you, but I want to break free again, because it can only get better if we do. We have nothing to lose- except for the lunacy around us. My move 19 years ago made a HUGE difference in my personal life and happiness, as I’m sure yours also did- and now it is time for the next step. We either keep moving forward and regain at least some lost freedom, or we sit on our hands and complain and do nothing. We still have too many years ahead of us to do nothing, and we still have the health and opportunity to do something. We can’t live in denial, like the Germans in the 30’s, because we know too much, and know where this is headed; Hell, it is here now…and it is getting worse by the day.

        And just as we woke up one day, and suddenly everything was different (not because something really happened, but because the TV said so, and the fools all bought it) so too, it may well happen that we’ll wake up one day, and suddenly the value of our biggest asset- our land and home- will be worth 50%, or the borders will be closed, etc.

        • Nunz, as much as I may agree with your perspective, I also think that even with media mind numbed masses being bamboozled, the government is growing more and more incompetent. So much so that a lot of people are starting to wake up from their stupor, and becoming less dependent upon Uncle, and more self reliant.

          If you can keep an extremely low profile, and can get by without having to venture from your homestead, I think you could very easily get through the worst of it.

          i read an article a while back about how great parts of Bolivia were. These were areas that were so remote, the government didn’t see any point in bothering to shake anyone down. It was just too much trouble. Their focus is in the big cities. That’s where all the easy money is, no?

          I’ve been talking with some people down in Nicaragua, and they say there’s a lot of the “hut, hut, hut” going on, but it’s just in the big cities, or towns. In smaller communities, the city limits are still regimented, but as you get out into the country, people can still visit their neighbors, and be out and about.

          Another friend in Costa Rica says it’s the same story where he is as well.

          • Yeah, Shnark- the wild areas of Central and South America are about the only viable places there. As I’ve said, I may use Belize as a stepping stone, but from what I’ve heard in real life from people, it seems that crime and socialism are rampant in most of those countries….except in the real remote areas, that I think I’m gonna try and make it to the South Pacific if possible.

            I think, as Mark3 said, some of the Asian countries are very good for people who want the amenities of the first-world. Not what I want though. Just getting out of the USSA is the first step though. I think it’d be a huge improvement, pretty much no matter where we’d go, within reason.

          • Something that’s gotta be in every go-bag is compensatory abilities/measures against liening towers o’ pissantry. And the more alien you look to alienated locals, the more that pissantry’s gonna’ incline in your direction, even in unstressed times. In stressed times those towers o’ powerlessness can come a’ crushin like domino theory potentials made kinetic actual.

            The Alien is a xenomorph (& parisitoid), & xenophobia – & xenoscaping (not to be confused with xeriscaping) – is *definitely* a thing. The “other” is damn near always the fave offering on sacrificial altars & buffet lines.

            When – ideally, before — the moobelines come, maybe Maybelline & prosthetics that you know how to use…

            …So along with everything else, a degree in Hollywood cosmetology & effects.


      • where to go? At one point I would have said Ecuador or Nicarauga both cheap and not too far away. However they have both had troubles lately. Now I dont know. Maybe Hungary. European charm and great food. As mentioned Russia with their smoke show women but yeah the cold is no joke there. Some small caribbean island nations maybe.

          • There’s quite a few men my age(70) in Vietnam and Cambodia. It’s really dirt cheap living, possibly more dirt cheap than you could stand.

        • or if you really want to get creative maybe Lebanon Belarus or Syria. Would love to visit. Especially Syria,

    • Where going rubs up agin coming is where the two ships o’ schizo fight club don’t pass in the roundy-round roundtable knight – they vel & cro & “go” what they always were: dead in the water.

  2. Menards instituted their dictates of mask wearing to shop in there stores on last Friday. On the Wednesday prior to this. I shopped at Menards and walked in the “Exit” doorway like I normally do. It saves me time and distance of entering the “Entrance” and having to double back through store to get my drywall joint compound. No fuss, no mask, no problem.

    Saturday, I was not aware of Menards turn to the dark side. I tried to walk in the “Exit” and big TSAesque signs were plaster on and in front of exit. Plus posted employees not letting me in. So I go to “Entrance”, and witness the sheep lining up for their masks at “customer service”, which they charge a $1.00 for the pleasure of carbon dioxide buildup and oxygen asphyxiation while shopping. To make matter’s worse there is 8 x 10 list Covididiot rules before you can enter store. #1 Wear Mask. I promptly turned around and went elsewhere to make my purchase.

    I did send an email to Menards stating I was disappointed in them giving into the virus fear. I also included a health study link on masks not working and being dangerous for people with heart issues. Finally, I stated that I normally spend between $500 to $1,500 in painting supplies and materials annually. That I would be taking my business elsewhere, to a business with common sense, and more fortitude.

    Menards response was this.


    I am very sorry we let you down. We need and appreciate your business. I appreciate the heads up on this and we will get on it at once.

    Thank you,

    I guess it better than the standard “we’re just trying to keep everyone safe”, B.S. corporate speak auto response, but it doesn’t really give much hope either.

    • Hi Michael,

      Excellent! The more of us who do this, the greater the chances they will stop doing it – the Fear Masking. Keep it up – and encourage others to do the same!

      • You tell ’em, Eric! Just like our refusal to fly had such an impact on airport tyranny! 😉

        (Sorry. I couldn’t resist!)

        • Hi Nunz,

          I understand your pessimism; I share it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to fight this with every tool at my disposal and go down fighting, if it comes to that. I want to live and enjoy my routines, my Trans-Am and sunny days to come as much as any man. But these things will be taken and gone if we don’t fight – and then what’s the point of living?

          • Ditto, Eric! I’m not saying that we shouldn’t fight it. I’ll fight it till the bitter end, and then some! I’m just saying that we are not going to have any effect on what the tyrants and their obedient, brainwashed slaves do.

            We (or more specifically, you!) however, do accomplish some good among our freedom-loving brethren, by helping to embolden them to also take a stand in their own lives. Thus, we do help those who can see- but those who are blind are beyond help- but they are the very ones who perpatuate the system and give power to the tyrants…who blinded them.

            • Fight it Nunz? As per I knew would happen and failed to do anything about it, I know have only enough ammo I can lift in each .50 cal box. Now it’s nearly 50% higher. Glad they sent me money to make up for the huge inflation. I just wonder what govt. program will pay for a new Leupold scope. I’m not scopeless but I’m spoiled to at least a 50mm objective lens that will see in the dark. I was counting on a gold ring 60mm with 5X35 magnification. Seems like those .54 cal scopes are much more expensive. Hell, I could buy a good pickup for the price of one.

              • 8, that’s one fight we can not win, as a tiny minorority….but if they come, at least we can take a few of ’em with us before we expire.

                • Nunz, notice I said nothing about winning the war but one battle would be nice. I have to start on a replacement for a part I once had. I like how it dropped in and dropped out.

                  • (in Wallace’s house)

                    Malcolm: I say we hit back now.

                    MacClannough: We cannot fight them. It’s suicide.

                    Campbell: Wallace is right. We fight them!

                    MacClannough: Every nobleman who had the will to fight was at that meeting. We cannot beat an army. Not with the 50 farmers we can raise.

                    Malcolm: We do not have to beat them. Just fight them. Now who’s with me.

                    Campbell (among others): I am, Wallace.

                    MacClannough: Alright, alright.

                    Malcolm: Ready.

                    Remember how that went? How the whole flick flickered? After all that, “the scots” are still part o’ UK – & many/most want to stay in the EU metastasis, too.

                    At some point fighting for the sake of fighting might be seen as the point it seems to be. Oceania has always been at war with eastasia, etcetcetc.

      • eric, what I find amazing is how it’s getting worse as the virus disappears. The wife and I went to the doctor yesterday and everyone was wearing masks. They were a month ago too. This time I was told by the doctor everyone had to wear a mask and gave me one. She showed me which side was which and I still see no difference.

        I was informed I’d need it the next visit, in a month…Ok. I did mention it was hurting everyone’s immune system since it causes you to have too much CO2 and not enough oxygen. She said that was true. She also said there hadn’t been anyone tested positive in our county.

        My little gears are whirring but I remained silent after saying they were good reducing your immunity which she agreed with. I guess the fact there has not been one case in our county is proof they work although not everyone was wearing one a month ago. All this is such horseshit.

        And here’s the real story. The act was written in January of 2019. No guess as to why over 200 CEO’s cashed out during the first month of this year. Surely they and the “sick” movie stars had no idea of what was coming.

        • Eight! Of course it gets worse as the virus disappears- just as terrorism-theater got worse the further we got from 9-11. It’s not as if the masses see and perceive reality. Their “reality” is what’s on the TV, and what the dear tyrants and profs say…..and the things they say and the laws they foist on us get get worse and worse as time goes by.

          It’s like there is a time delay between the initial attack of BS (the play) and then the reaction to it, once the audience is made sufficiently afraid and the plot has been established in their heads.

          • Nunz, so true and the audience keeps reproducing and getting stupider all the time. I caught on in the early 60’s when JFK was killed by Lee Harvey McVeigh and then Dorothy Killgallen was murdered while she was overdosing herself.

            Not long after we had a ship in a harbor that was attacked by commies in sanpans that nobody on board ever saw or experienced the attack. All the pilots went to bed and got up for sorties the next day and completely missed the night attack. They never even knew about it till they were told to not ever mention it or stay in prison the rest of their life. No doubt they then knew something was up……but who wants to speak to the press? No worries though, McCain sang like a bird and the rest had to pay for it.

            I think that was a John Prine song similar to In Spite of Ourselves. RIP John, we miss yee.

            • Ah well, Eight- those Japs are darn sneaky! Who’d ever eggspect anyone to attack at night- and just after all “our” ships were moved out of the Pacific? Real cunning!

              What kills me, is how they made a saint out of John F. Fitzgerald! Hell…..they got onme of their own, and a Kennedy, to boot! Win/win. In a way, I guess it’s sort of good they didn’t do that to the Shrub. Imagine hearing about THAT for 50+ years if they did?!

              • Nunz, not to mention those Spanish frogmen. Those sneaky bastards, blowing up the good old Maine.

                Makes me want to go to the “hood” and get something illicit. Not real sure where the ‘hood’ is in this county or this part of the country, but it’s there, I know it is cause the pols tells us all the time it is.

                Don’t know where Evan William hangs out but I’d like to. Reckon he’s still running that still? Oh wait, I can see by the morning’s red glare, the still still bursting in air. Oh say can you see that star spangled pasture? Well, it’s a bit dark. Reckon I’ll wait till morning.

    • I’m surprised the big-box retailers don’t make us hop on one leg to “minimize ground contact”. lol

  3. Good points Eric,
    I’ve thought long and hard about your view/question concerning not enough people objecting…because of course I see that I object and act but not enough people object (for example with the TSA) and act to make a difference. My conclusion is that I must derive my life from known and trusted persons and give up on the structures dependent on the psychopaths. Broadly speaking, it falls upon us/me to become civilized and create civilization…there will not be adequate numbers of others who are going to do it.

    • Hi Jim,

      Never let them win before we lose! They want us to not try – to assume they will win. Let’s fight like tigers until we either win or know we did everything we could to avoid losing.

      • Oh, they’ll win- over the vast majority- but at least NOT over us. That’s the way it’s always been; only those of us who care can manage to preserve a little liberty and dignity in our own lives.

        • And you are so right. Maybe we can change some younger minds. My young friends tell me everyone who has served has smelled the rat.

  4. Eric, I am with you.

    The mask mania hasn’t struck too hard in my part of the country yet, but I see more and more people wearing them even though the virus contagion is winding down.

    I was in two big box stores today–Lowe’s and Home Depot. It was creepy. Warning signs everywhere, taped lines everywhere, most of the employees and a large part of the clientele masked. Every checkout has a plexiglass shield which has to be wiped down after every checkout. Etc., etc., etc. You know the drill.

    When I got home, I told my wife that I would wear a face mask if my employer (home remodeling) ordered me to, but I would complain about it. If I had to go to one of these stores while on company time and they had a mandatory policy, I would do it, but I would complain about it. On my own time, however, if I ever walk into a store, no matter how big or small, and they tell me to wear one, I will tell them that I and my money are going elsewhere, and start that process by walking right back out.

    Hopefully, that won’t happen, but it is a distinct possibility since society seems hell-bent on self-destruction.

  5. Of course if you are a commoner, not only must you wear a mask, but it must be a crappy, ineffective one (preferably homemade) befitting your station in life. You certainly may not wear a type that is now reserved for the sainted healthcare workers. I have a box of N95 masks in my shop. I put one on when I’m sanding or grinding to protect my lungs from the dust (which, btw, is probably more likely to kill me than the virus). I’m tempted to wear one in public, and when the midwits scold me for depriving doctors and nurses, tell them, “I bought this 25 years ago. Shut up and mind your own business!”

  6. Americans don’t want to be free. They want to be safe. They chose the porridge a long time ago. Now they’re reaping the fruit.

    • The bears are always coming home to roost, goldilocks.

      Flashing on the documentary flick about Timothy Treadwell, & the woman who did not tread well when she accepted his invitation to go camp out with the grizzlies.

    • Kathy: I agree. I (unfortunately) have a few liberal friends that I NEVER discuss politics with unless they bring it up. A couple of years ago they did, and at some point I said that the vast majority (99%?) of Americans don’t even know what liberty is. And I told them that if they knew what liberty actually meant, they wouldn’t (couldn’t) be liberals.

      To them, and many other people I know who aren’t necessarily liberals, even before COVID their main interests in life were how to “get” money from government, and to always vote for the politicians who promised to do exactly that AND who promise to infringe on more of their liberties (of course they don’t see it that way, they see it as more “security”).

      I’ve thought for at least ten years now that the American experiment in freedom was doomed. Now it is reality. I would love to be wrong about that.

  7. Been reading your comments here for awhile, and the question that remains for me is: Did you vote for the elected representatives in question, and do you still vote for them, and if so, why? Do I think that voting makes a difference? Not anymore. I think once it did, before the corruption got too deeply entrenched, before the assassination squads became ubiquitous, but not so much anymore. And Eric, good luck at your gym, but the gym will close before eliminating the mask requirement. That’s just boobus americanus today. He has chosen safety and comfort, and he’ll sacrifice anything, and anyone, for that.

    • Hi Kathy,

      You are probably right in re the gym closing before eliminating the requirement. Good. I am almost looking forward to an “underground” workout. I feel more free than I have in years – because I no longer care. I am done participating and obeying.

      It is enough.

      • Eric, I agree with your points in the article, but have a bit of a different conclusion — I’m leaning towards Kathy’s point. Your gym, plus, 10,000+ other businesses, may close for good from lack of business. But they will never know if it was because of people like you or from people too scared to leave their homes. From what I see, the latter will be the driving force.

        • Hi Bruce,

          Oh, they’ll know. I – along with several friends – plan to tell the owner, in person, why we’re cancelling our memberships. And I will video record it and then put it online. She – the owner – will know.

        • Spot-on, Kathy and Bruce!

          This is why I have never voted. Voting for the supposed lesser-evil is still giving one’s assent to evil- and these days, there isn’t even any lesser evil- just those whose words may sound a little less evil on some points- and even those words are meaningless, because the “issues” they discuss are not the real issues, and even if they were, we all know that the actors are pathological liars.

          Any business that doesn’t comply with the BS, will: a)Lose more customers for not complying than if they did comply, because those of us who see through the BS and care enough about our liberties are a very small minority, and b)they will be hut-hut-hutted and shut down by the state.

          Just like any airport/airline which would not comply with the terrorism theater- They’d not only lose 98% of their customers (Who have absolutely no objections to being treated like criminals and humiliated), but they’d be shut down within minutes by the state.

          What we are facing is no different than what people faced in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany- We must go underground to survive, but to advertise that among the general population is defacto suicide, and will not in any way be an impediment to the system, nor cause the brainwashed to see.

          This is about survival and preservation of liberties…not about evangelism or changing the system, because that is not going to happen- any more so than boycotting Google would change Google, or the opinion of the hundreds of millions who don’t know/don’t care about the censorship and other evils Google perpetrates; It just keeps us free of those things.

      • eric, Fight Club.. and to think you might get in on the start. Now that’s a goal worth striving for.

    • I’ve had a Costco membership for 22 years, and I won’t be renewing it this year. Costco’s Chief Pinhead Officer has decided that all Costco members must signal their virtue by wearing a mask and by walking all the way to the end of the building in order to queue up at the entrance.

      I found this out of Thursday when I went there to get my usual 5 bags of coffee beans. The employee supervising the queue has known me for about 20 of the 22 years and let me ignore the queue and enter by the exit because I need an electric cart to shop.

      I bought my five bags of coffee beans and started out to grind them, when I learned that the grinder had been sequestered Because Corona. That did it. Having to go and buy my own grinder was the insult that, added to the injury of being told that I would need a mask to come in starting on Monday (which is today, BTW), helped me make the decision to dump Costco.

      I don’t even intend to let anyone at Costco know about it, either, because I wouldn’t renew my membership even if their pinhead CEO stopped trying to wrangle the members in order to signal his own virtue to the authorities. He won’t stop being a leftard clown with whom I refuse to do another nickel’s worth of business, so why waste my time trying to clue him in?

      • Hey Anon, those face masks are a hazard for people with COPD, congestive heart failure, etc. They cause a build up of carbon dioxide, especially if you’re running around a Costco in a hurry. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

        They approached me like a SWAT team yesterday, and informed me that I needed a mask. I didn’t have one so they offered me a complimentary one. I wore it because they have flea and tick prevention that is a fraction of what it costs anywhere else. I am tempted to get a three year supply, and then drop my membership as well, but they have so many killer deals going all the time, it’s tough.

        JFK imported 2000 boxes of Cuban cigars just before they changed our foreign policy with Cuba.

        • So THAT’S why they offed JFK! They wanted his cigars! Now that that’s solved, we can move on to real mysteries, like: What does that switch in the living room do, that appears to have no purpose?

        • No Indians (allowed, served). No mexicans. No coloreds. No stars of david. No maskless.

          Masks seem like stars of david…like david slinged hisownself, sees stars. Shoulda’ worn a helmet, david.

          No property for the privates. Businesses weren’t private even before they were euthanized-euphemized “public accommodations.” But the public was always what the self-accomodators said it was, too.

          • Hi Ozy,

            The yellow armband/star of David thing is interesting because the Nazis regarded Jewish people as a bacilli that required sanity measures to rid the body (Germany) of. And now, in the name of sickness, Americans are being treated as bacilli, too.

            • Nazis, Faucis…too bad the whole thing can’t be called off.

              I’m close to someone whose relatives wore the star until many of those stars were extinguished.

              But that rhyming experience of others, familial others even, does not stand a chance against the less scary now-narrative.

              This friend once told me, years ago, before it got this advanced, that what I said was understood, but that fixing gaze upon it was unaffordable.

              Fear…& hoping – against hope – for the best. Over & over & over again.

              It is very obviously not a learning issue. It is issuance of loins, these chops-chops-chops.

      • Anon, Not trying to change your mind at all. Have it your way as some fast chain says(don’t use any of them and haven’t had tv in much over a decade) but I only grind about a week’s worth coffee and leave the rest sealed. I could buy just about anything I’d drink ground or whole bean but I prefer to keep the bean and taste intact as best I can.

        I have gotten picky even about filtering and use a French press with no organic filters. I always detested that paper taste but how to get rid of it except to pour it in a jar and let it settle and re-heat in a cup and then found the French had beaten me to it and never looked back since.

  8. No masks for me. There is no scientific evidence gathered by independent 3rd parties that proves masks will work against the flu or any coronavirus. I am not participating in the New Marxist Society and all its mandates. If you are that fearful of catching any sickness, then by all means follow the dictates of the knucklehead authorities and go live the rest of your wretched life in a closet.

    And you can forget any life-saving (a major miscalculation) vaccines for Covid-19. The medical community has been working for over a decade to come up with a coronavirus vaccine. Yes, we have had coronavirsuses floating around for decades. They have failed because vaccines need to be injected into the blood stream and covid is a lung and respiratory inflammation. Something breathed into the lungs would be a better solution.

    I do support smaller businesses more than larger ones, but if I need a mask to enter, I will go elsewhere. I do not want a socialist company like Amazon to be the only resource for everything. I have made my choice to continue living as I have done pre-panic and not to be cowering in my closet at the behest of some idiot politicians and medical authorities that are only concerned with advancing their silly political agendas.

    • Andrew Kaufman MD, NY State, in his analysis of the Conjob virus, says wearing any type
      of “less than professional” mask to block the virus is useless because it would be like
      a 6 foot man walking through a 60 foot doorway.

  9. The mask has become a status symbol here in P.C.ville at Whole Foods where the special people shop and at the supermarket where the common folk shop. Both have gone full Soviet. 45 minute wait to get in (masks required) while we physdist 6 feet apart in the rain. Shelves are starting to turn up bare. And now we have the S.P.’s (Supermarket Police) as a kind of TSA at the doors and who then bustle around supervising the sheepers (sheepy shoppers) in the one-way aisles and at the WAIT HERE check out line.

    The need and desire for status and power is universal. Some poor guy or gal who spends the day stocking shelves and taking crap from his/her supervisor at last has some of both. down.

    And talk about “Yaw papers pleeze!” I gotta go get my car inspected today, a far more daunting, “what’re they gonna get me for this time” exercise than our online sessions at the zojo (the zoom dojo.)

  10. Big scene at Menards over the weekend, if you didn’t have a mask you had to buy one at the door to enter. People were pissed, some bought, some left, most were disgusted. Parking lot was littered with the masks after people picked up what the needed and left. Another brilliant business decision by corporate America. You have to wonder if corporations today are working for customers or the Government?

    • Hi Mike,

      If people comply with Fear Masking orders, they will deserve the forced vaccinations and tracking that’s coming – just as they deserve the crotch fondling at the airport. The problem, of course, is that the rest of us don’t deserve either.

      The time to fight is now – before this cements.

    • Mike,
      I was stopped from entering Menards today by their 2 mask police employees guarding the entrance turnstiles. This still isn’t sitting well with me. I have a small elderberry farm and have conservatively spent a very hard earned 30k their over the last 2 years renovating an old barn on my property that my wife and I run a farm market out of. Its not unusual for me to shop their multiple times per week due to the lumberyard. However, to Eric’s point on the gym, The mask requirement is a relationship ender for me. I was just telling a friend that Menards was my last safe haven…but I guess if you brag on the dog or it’ll piss on the carpet!

      • Excellent, BamBam!

        I told the owner of the place I used to buy vitamins and so on at that – Nature’s Emporium in Roanoke – I’ll never darken his door again. Not only does this shop have a Fear Mask mandate, they won’t even allow you inside the door. You’re required to wait outside while the Fear Masked employee gets your order.

        See you later, ‘gator.

  11. I will not renew my Costco membership that expired a week ago, because the stores now require that customers wear masks. My health, liberty, and common sense are more important to me than possibly getting a few bargains.

    • Excellent, Sharon!

      And, ditto. In fact, look for a video here shortly of me tearing up my card in their faces and telling them to go to hell.

    • Local government is behind many of the mask orders.
      The independent grocer I go to held out with no mask and no enforcement of silly lines on the floor. They put them there but everyone ignored them. However the government stepped in with a mask mandate or else and thus there is one. Lines on the floor still being ignored.

  12. This is the biggest “bamboozlement” in the history of humanity. The virus is real, but vastly overstated for ideological/political reasons, and it should surprise no one that this scam has brought the United States to its knees, as that was the plan all along; the other countries around the world are just collateral damage. We live today in a world of highly educated imbeciles indoctrinated and impoverished, both mentally and financially, by a higher education system that stole their financial futures while teaching them to hate their very humanity, with only woke self-righteousness as a possible antidote to their learned self loathing. This is about not merely destroying the U.S. Constitution (long time gone), but restructuring the basic parameters of social order and destroying the concept of individual liberty that has been Humanity’s highest calling since the days of the Magna Carta.

    Folks, do not succumb. I will not wear a mask for the rest of my life, I will not live in fear of the air that I breathe. I will not drink alone when I can go to a bar and maybe, just maybe, wind up having sex with someone whose last name I never bothered to ask about, and if I have to go to a 21st century speakeasy to do so, then so be it, worked once, will work again. Finally, if you’re too cowardly to shake hands with me when we meet, then fine; you’re a fool and I want nothing to do with you anyway. You’ve been had.

    • They taught them not to think, if you don’t think you will obey instead. The banality of evil is that they don’t think, they followed orders. When the Nazi’s said they were just following orders they meant it. They couldn’t see how it was wrong as long as they did as they were told. Then when the rules changed and they were on trial they agreed to the new rules and went to their deaths believing that was fair and correct as well. The guy who coined the term Banality of Evil said they displayed a curious but quite genuine inability to think. How did they get the German people to forget how to think, they got at them young and kept at them, Kindergarten and then all the way through. Hut Hut Hut…

      • Hi Brad,

        This is it, exactly. The inability to think. Deliberately manufactured. Follow the rules; obey authority. This is the mentality of the typical homo Americanus now. Salted with unctuous virtue signaling about following the rules. Which is also deliberate.

      • B of E was Hanna Arendt. Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. & the jewish PR machine gave her hell for broadcasting that observation.

        Later, Milgram reproduced her observation in “Americans” with his electric shock obedience to authority idea.

        Neither “nationality,” nor where the WABAC machine is set to, has anything to do with it. Humanimal is poorly made, & that crisis has never gone to waste – cuz waste is big “business,” the biggest there is.

    • Ditto, Stacy!

      As I wrote about in the article, I will organize a Samizdat (underground) Gym if I cannot work out openly and freely, without being made to perform Sickness Kabuki. If enough of us refuse to play along, this will end. But it is critical – I cannot over-emphasize the importance – to not comply with Fear Masking.

      • Hi Ya Eric!

        I lover the idea of your samizdat! That is what we all need to do in our own locales in many aspects of life if we can find like-minded neighbors- but do understand, that such is for our own survival, and so that we do not have to give-in. It is NOT going to have any effect on the majority around us- any more so than sheltering Jews in Nazi Germany had the effect of convincing other “good Germans” that rounding up Jews (or anyone else) was evil.

        It is for our expedience; the right thing to do….but it is not going to overcome the brainwashing of the masses. As time goes on, that brainwashing will increase- just as it did with terrorism theater- and the majority will just view us as “social terrorists” and kooks, because such is the nature of mass brainwashing.

        As a Christian, this subject is very near my heart, because if we capitulate and give in to the mask-wearing et al, we would also do the same when it comes to The Mark Of The Beast, which this is really just the prelude to. So it is definitely time to for Christians and Libertarians to go underground, until and if we can escape to saner places (which may well be impossible now or in the very near future)- but we’re not going to stop this, and even less so as the consequences for “disobedience” are ramped-up, and most of our neighbors become 5G-enabled snitches.

        In fact, it behooves us, rather thasn evangelizing to the masses, to rather be careful about the specifics we disclose to those who do not think like us- much like members of underground house-churches in Soviet-era Russia or China or North Korea, because there will essentially be a bounty our heads, and those among our neighbors who know of our doings will rat us out, and we will be quickly destroyed, while they will be accounted “heroes” for doing so.

        I can just see ther headlines already: “Illegal Underground gym/church/social club/farmers market Busted For Not Following Health Guidelines And Endangering The Community”…..

        “BUMBLEPHUK. Wednesday, 5 people were arrested while exercising in close proximity to one another in an underground make-shift gym. The DEC, county health department and local law-enforcement raided a garage on Oak St. where area residents were assembled without proper permits. Participants were not following social-distancing guidelines or even wearing masks, posing great danger to the community. Officials decontaminated the sructure, which is now slated for demolition. Law enforcement acted upon tips received from several neighbors of the illegal facility to make the bust. ”

        “When interviewed, one neighbor, Mark O. Beest, said that he was appreciative of the local heroes for doing their job and keeping him and his family safe.”

        “We urge all readers to report suspicious activities to law enforcement, so that our community can be kept safe from the spread of this dangerous plague”.

        • Hi Nunz!

          I’m typing this in my truck, sitting in the parking lot of the coffee shop where I’m not allowed to sit inside anymore. I’m wearing my ear tag – and I have a bumper sticker on my truck that reads: Fear the Police State More Than The Virus (home-made).

          Speaking just for me:

          I won’t just run under the radar anymore. I no longer care. Or rather, I care enough not to. Someone has got to stand up; might as well be me. I have no children. They can take me off to the Gulag. I won’t live like a fugitive.

          On my feet – even if maybe not for long – is better than longer, on my knees.

          • I agree, Eric. I refuse to live as a slave. I always have. Haven’t flown since 1988. I’ve never been a “client” of the IRS, I will not have “health insurance”, etc. These are the lines I will defend at all costs, because if I can not retain my basic liberties and dignity, it makes no difference what the consequences may be, because I will never serve any master besides God Almighty and myself- else I would not be a man- and if I can not be a man, than I may as well be dead. To live as a slave is not to live.

        • Hey Nunz, What you’re saying makes perfect sense, however, I also have this irresistible urge to stir the pot. The masks are to prevent the spread of the virus, not for preventing infection. If that’s the case, then those who are wearing those masks really shouldn’t be out in public at all. If I get tested, and can prove I have the antibodies, and have immunity, I should be able to go about my business sans artificial persona.

          Wearing a mask with some drops of red around the mouth area might get people’s attention as well. I suppose they could still kick you out of Costco or some other store even if you’re complying with their mandate, but when the assumption is that everyone has it anyways, then why single you out just because you might look like death warmed over? It’s discrimination based upon a disability. It’s also a problem for people who have COPD, congestive heart failure, etc. One of these days someone is going to pass out in one of these stores, and there’s going to be one lawsuit after another. If that happens, I suspect they will all go to curbside pick up.

          I’m pointing this out because you know how to think outside the box. I’m sure you can come up with some ideas as well.

          • I’m with ya, Shnark!

            I was thinking the same. An article on LRC the other day basically made the point: “Sorry, can’t wear mask, I have a physical disability”. “What’s your disability?”. “Sorry, according to the ADA I can not be required to disclose that”.

            I’d rather just tell them to eff off- but the reality is, I have to go shopping for my 95 year-old mother- but I will NOT wear a stoopit mask- so I may have to be creative, rather than belligerent.

            • So the wife and I got to the doc Monday. She sent me in for some blood tests(I really needed them)and then told me I tested negative for Covid. I took it cooly but as one mad mofo. Nothing was ever said about covid before the test. Then she said we had had 0 positives for covid in the county. There actually is something wrong with me or I would have told her to stick it up her ass. As it was, I have to go to a specialist. No doubt he’d absolve me of being covid positive too and that ain’t my problem at all. I have recently had two old friends have multiple surgeries and treatment for cancer. It’s not like I think I’m immortal like Gates or Fauci or Birx or Trump. And I know without a doubt I could easily die from .22 flu.

              • I know what ya mean, Eight- They say if ya shoot a Texan with a .22, he’s liable to get mad at ya. You could lose your temper, then yer blood pressure would go up, and you could have a stroke and die! Never use a fly swatter on a man!

                Blood tests? I thought they had to do a DNA test for Corona? Maybe only in NY……. Hell, don’t give the bastards your DNA!

                • Nunz, I have known several Texans to get the .22 flu and not really get mad. One did it to himself and then walked 5 miles after he decided it hadn’t been his best idea. Another couple did it to their brother, one on accident and one on purpose. They both helped each other out and things were fine except for the one on accident and he was never too sharp after that. I heard the one in the jaw was a mighty relief as an extraction. I never said everybody in Texas was smart and I won’t ever say it.

  13. Eric, I’m a guest once in a while now on David Gornoski’s radio show, I stole your Hut Hut Hut line and used it on there. If fits today’s tomfoolery perfectly. Hut Hut Hut…… freaking idiots.

  14. Another great article, thanks Eric.

    I suspect that there would be many businesses that would actually be glad that we are rebelling. It would make it much easier to explain to the Nannies that way. Right now they are caving to the few squeaky wheels when most of them would probably like to stand up to them but are afraid to take the hit financially. Let them know it’s going to hit them either way and I bet they jump at the excuse to get back to normal.

    A Gym in particular knows that customers are going to be lost if they have to wear the mask. Nobody want’s to work out in one if they don’t have to. It certainly won’t be good for business to make people wear them, you might as well just put together a different workout plan if that’s the way it’s going to be half the time. And like you said, they will start pulling this stuff all the time if the nannies have their way.

    I say that you will be doing you gym owner a big favor if you make your stand, in my opinion they will thank you for it sooner or later. Masks would kill their business anyway. You would be saving them from the nannies and themselves.

  15. eric, I smelled the rat right away. A friend was offered finished hogs(250 lbs) 3 days ago for $100/each. He didn’t get there fast enough and they were all sold(300). This should put your mind to ease that this entire shitty is a banker/deep state effort to starve the nation.

    • True,,, they’re destroying crops, killing pigs, cattle and chickens,,, dumping milk etc.

      In 1935 they did the same. Starved millions of Americans to keep the prices up. Politicians don’t give a damn about you,,, it’s all about power. You can see by the link I posted previously that all this is pure bullshit.
      In Kansas City you have to have your “Contact Information” to enter any business. They are steadily upping the ante. These are not laws! They have not been passed by legislators. They are dictates from lowly Mayors, Councils, and Governors and completely unlawful.
      Soon it won’t be going to the beach, or gym that will be the problem. It will be surviving….

      • ken, it’s different this time. They’re starving out farmers and ranchers to take over completely. This isn’t the dust bowl, it’s a verifiable attack to reduce the population and take over everything. Can you say “slaves”?

        • A lot of the problem is that the dairy and cattle industry has two different supply chains, the grocery chain and the restaurant chain. Half of that is now shut down, the same goes for produce.

          You are not wrong about the attack and takeover of the industry and it’s not the first time the government has shifted the industry away from small farms, they have been at work at it since Nixon’s man stated Go Big or Go Home.

          Years ago I worked in the feed business back when they implemented the Cattle and Dairy farm buyouts, that was an attack they made in the early 90’s. They wiped out entire areas by buying out farmers and ranchers.

          They had first screwed up our trade deals so prices crashed making people desperate for the bailouts they had also become dependent on over the years, only this time they cut the bailouts and went for buyouts instead. The farmers and ranchers who took the buyout money agreed to never get back into the industry. Production went down prices went up, then the government loosed the trade deals up a bit and corporate farms came in to take over the best parcels all over the state.

          The farm subsidies are also an attack on the small farmer. You can look it up, all the subsidies go to the big corporations so when years are bad they are bailed out but small farmers go bankrupt, the corporate farms then have the bailout money to buy them out.

          I grew up on a farm and that’s really what I wanted to do with my life but things happen and I went another way. My family still farms but they are almost a corporate situation now themselves. Between all the various family members they farm thousands of acres in the Thumb of Michigan. They avoided the debt trap of Nixon’s days that led to the early 80’s destruction largely due to their distrust of government.

          Go Big or Go Home meant Go Get Loans and don’t worry we will sell everything to China, until we decide not to and then you can go bankrupt and the corporations can buy you out. There are other similar attacks that have taken place along the way as part of the great consolidation, they are relentless.

          This will wipe out more small farms and leave us with little other than the big corporate farms to rely on, some will hang in there until the next attack but eventually they will get them all.

          Government loves to create monopolies, it’s one of the few things they are good at.

          • “Government loves to create monopolies, it’s one of the few things they are good at.”

            Gov is monopoly, imposed by monopolists, to beget/expand monopoly.

            But despite the continuousness of noses being rubbed in that fact, bruce willis in his elfin baldness continues to Die Hard & celebrate “the founders,” magna carta, blah-blah-blah.

            Same exact mechanism as patellar reflex is parental reflex. Bruce & the other kids are boundaryless on their own, need the mamas & the papas to draw the lines. Encirclement is swaddling is linus blankey good. & those granting themselves official linus blankey mfg monopoly agree.

            There’s your nuclear family, with its woven in nuclear meltdowns – ripped jeans are in the genes — right there.

          • Then you should know crop insurance, big ag and big pharm along with banks have worked together to take out small farmers.

            I had a friend who was small but his dad was much larger and together he would have been much larger but somebody at the bank wanted his land. After a good cotton crop and a pretty good amount of money in the bank, the financing arm(can’t call the name right now, brain fart)denied him operating money for the next year, right out of the blue. It ruined him. He had always had physical problems from being run over by a 71 98 when he was 14 and riding his Honda 50 out in front of the car. He died several times going to the hospitable but was tough enough he lived with multiple operations on his body and extremities and lived for years in a wheel chair before he was ambulatory.

            After they ruined him he drank and drugged himself to death. It was the only way he had to make a living.

            A local banker who was old and dying told a few of my friends one day about many times he’d taken people’s land from them and it was a confessional. He said he was ashamed of many things he’d done in his life. I guess that was the cause of him being a bad alcoholic. He didn’t write any of it down for obvious reasons since he left family and they would have been wiped out but he was guilty and said so.

            But bigger has always been the goal and between the entities I listed has become the norm now. I know people who have had to change over to ranching to get by without all the political shenanigans. I had equipment and enough land pledged to me in 84 I was about to become a cotton farmer, one of the farmers that had always been. But in 85 nearly everything done had to be done with chemicals and I saw the writing on the wall. Working with those chemicals made me sick and I saw my dad’s generation dying from them. I decided to forgo it and instead began to truck farm. Of all the times to have this happen, we had rains like no one had ever seen before. All my land was underwater for almost a year and a half. So was a lot of equipment. Maybe that was one of those 100+ year phenomena or maybe it wasn’t. It was the end of my truck farming. So I just dropped the farming off the description of employment and returned to plain trucking.

  16. FYI
    Death count from CDC.

    Total Deaths wit pneumonia, influenza, or Covid = 54,217 …. the number spread by MSM and supposed alternative sites like Zerohedge and Drudge. They are using combined numbers. ROFLMAO. Talk about being conned!

    Total Deaths Covid = 11,356.

  17. Indeed, one’s wallet is the only effective voter registration. It’s a pity, but tyrants don’t impose tyranny, the obedient do. I suspect the obedient are going to be shocked to the core when they start missing meals. What passes for civilization is a not very good paint job covering how uncivilized people can be when they get hungry. Let us hope the object of their rage is those who are truly responsible for their hunger, and not those who still have some food left.

    • OK. Now I want two T-shirts:

      JWK’s statement on a T-shirt: Tyrants Don’t Impose, The Obedient Do.

      Eric’s statement: Sickness Kabuki (with a mask below the words, or a masked face below the words.

      I also like “Terrorism Kabuki: The TSA”. I was an airline pilot and saw that those up top had to jump through the hoops, while the rampers and others down in baggage just badged in.

      Eric, can you do this or suggest it to someone who might do it. I’m mad as hell and telling everyone I know already. A good crop of T-shirts notifies a hundred times as many people if you get out and about.

  18. The governor of Idaho decreed that restaurants could reopen for dining on the 16th of May–MAYBE, if there’s no “spike” in cases. I went and dined at a restaurant for lunch today. There were probably 60-70 people there. No masks, no social distancing. None of it. When I got home from working, I strolled through my small town of 3500 people just to see if any businesses were open that had been closed. There are four bars. All four of them were open for business, even though they aren’t supposed to open until “phase 4” of der fuhrer’s plan which is the end of June at the earliest.

    It’s nice to see other people finally saying fuck you governor. My business is essential. What are you going to do about it? Finally they are starting to realize that they can go down sitting at home, or they can fight for their right to live life as they choose.

    I’m keeping a close eye on the businesses that open before they are supposed to, so I know which ones to support later on. I have yet to see a small business here mandate any mask policy. I’ll be damned if I support one that does. I’ve been making it a point to drive to the gas stations that have no tape on the floor and no shields on the counters. Even if I pay extra for fuel and a drink.

    • I’m curious how “masks mandatory” would work in a restaurant setting — it’s kinda hard to eat with a mask covering your mouth…LOL. Just wondering how they’d try to pull that off….🤔

      • Hi Chris,

        In restaurants, they’ll require masks for admittance but permit you to take them off during the meal. It’s all theater. That so many people cannot see this is depressing.

      • I just went to a pizza joint that was “allowed” to re-open Saturday night and all the workers from the manager on down to the dishwashers were wearing the face diaper along with latex gloves.

        That was just creepy.

    • Hi Ancap,

      Your post about the resistance brightened my day; I have been racking my brain to think of some way to coordinate all of this – at least in terms of publicizing this, so as to give heart to everyone doing this.

      In my area there is a gym – Titan Fitness, Roanoke – that is also defying the Sickness Psychotics. I am doing all I can to support the owner and have decided to start by cancelling my Crunch membership, as the owner has remained closed for almost two months now while Titan opened weeks ago, without a Fear Mask requirement, either.

      • Hey Eric,

        I try to find out any businesses that I can and then send mass texts out to people in hopes that they support those businesses. It’s hard to bring mass awareness that way, but I’m doing the best I can. I have also racked my brain, but that’s the best I can come up with so far outside of “THEIR” means like facebook.

        There are two gyms in Idaho Falls, only about 14 miles south of the rural area where I live, that are opening. They are Anytime fitness gyms. They told the governor to screw off and they are open. I’m hoping the owner of the Anytime fitness in my small town will take notice and open. Or lose all of their business to the Idaho Falls locations.

        We only have the rights that we assert. We can beg the governors to “let” us open up our lives, or we can do it.

  19. I do not like to brag, but I do have many gas masks that were really cheap with super cheap filters. I figured that they would be useful for giveaways to people that wanted to go against the cops in the forthcoming battles.
    My favorite is one in really good shape from the WW1 era. The rubber has not deteriorated noticeably and it is ugly as hell. It is a full head cover with glass eyehole thingies and a proboscis to a swinging filter can.
    I will wear it to the bank to get a fashion reaction. I deal with a small local bank so they know me and do not demand that I take it off for proper identification when transacting more than five thousand.

  20. I have been fashioning masks from the ragbag and found that the wife’s old thoroughly washed cotton undies make the easiest to adapt.
    Sure, I get stares in the grocery store, but it is worth it for the SAAAFFTEEEy.
    I breathe through the double crotch part for extra protection.

    • Hi Erie,

      I refuse to play kabuki with the mentally ill. To assuage their phobias and anxieties by pretending their anxieties and phobias are reasonable. To do that is demeaning to me and dangerous for us.

  21. Fezzik:
    Why do you wear a mask? Were you burned by acid, or something like that?

    Man in Black:
    Oh no, it’s just that they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.

  22. Met the Geezer who owns the local fish and chip shop near me when i was at the local shop today, he’s been shut for the last 5 weeks so i told him that because he closed i won’t be buying his food ever again. I will continue to patronise the butcher, fishmonger, Kebab shop and the grocery store whom all stayed open the bakers didn’t so i won’t be buying my bread and cakes from them.

  23. Many businesses in America are like that now. Their product or service is secondary to their insipid virtue-signaling. Which they seem to think matters more than the products or services they offer.

    Almost ALL businesses in Amerika operate that way nowadays. Has anyone else noticed that in any given industry, everybody’s product or service is pretty much indistinguishable from the competition’s? And that it’s usually very mediocre at best, and downright unacceptable at worst? In any case it’s seldom worth the inflated price you pay for it. I’ve reached the point where I HATE giving any of my money to ANY business, because none of them do anything to really genuinely earn it. More and more I work toward barter with neighbors or self-sustainment.

    • Yes I’ve noticed too, and I agree. You can’t buy almost anything from any non fortune 100 company. A company that hates me, hates its employees, and hates this country. A company that advertises how much they care about me during this time, and that they’ll always be there so I can buy their stuff. It’s disgusting honestly. And if I don’t want to spend $100 for a toothbrush, I have to give them more power by giving them money. I buy used when I can. And everything else, you can never find exactly what you want. Quality is cheapened and cheapened. Customer service, returns, etc are designed to be so long, antagonizing, frustrating, and of course inexpensive, so that the customer gives up on their request. They cannot be contacted, or you have to wait for hours. Etc, etc, etc. It’s like they don’t want you to do business with them. So I try not to. The good news is they’ve pushed me towards minimalism.

      • hmnmmm toothbrushes. … These are high quality made in the USA toothbrushes, not made in china or Mexico like the others at the major stores. I would rather do business with a medium sized business than P/G or Walgreens.

  24. Today offered one small smidgen of comic relief: the ubiquitous madness of impending doom finally drove Elon Musk over the edge and through the looking glass. In a furious tweetstorm, he vented the unraveling seams of his mottled mind:

    Tesla stock price is too high imo

    I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house.

    My gf @Grimezsz is mad at me

    This unhinged babble earned him a reproach from Kylie Jenner:

    b1tch get off twitter and get it together

    Mush’s commentary on Tesla’s price seems to violate an SEC consent order which requires his tweets to be vetted by a stable adult.

    Poor guy seems to be headed for a nervous breakdown. Hope it don’t end with mayhem, SWAT teams and flamethrowers.

    • In terms of well-deserved, nuclear-grade comeuppances, Elon is one of the Top 100 Most Deserving Recipients.

  25. Any suggestions if all grocery stores in a certain area require a mask on to shop? Just take it off once inside and see what happens?

    • My regular grocery store “requires” them. Since this began, I have just walked in sans mask and nobody says a word. If they did happen to say anything, I planned to just ignore them.

      They also have a sign at the door that says no more than one person per cart. Yeah, right. I shop with my wife. Good luck with that one. My kids have also come along a couple times. No one says a word.

        • Eric, I’m in total agreement with you this time. This is how principled people, deal with these types of problems. Lets just hope that enough people do it to make a difference.

      • My plan is just to say “No habla Engliss”. If you’re in an area with multi-lingual signs/speakers…maybe “Latka Gravas’s”[From the great old sit-com “Taxi”] language woul;d do- Ibby dah?

        • That only works for folks with enough melanin.

          A blonde, green-eyed white guy could not get away with that!

          • I do it all the time, I am a old fart with no hair and a goat, blue eyes and I say “No habla engliss” all the time and get away with it. If challanged I say “Que? Pendejo…” And keep walking and ignore their stupid caterwauling and smile……

          • I could just say something in Gaelic LOL

            Don’t remember much now, though – maybe just: “ciamar a tha sibh?”

        • “Ich kann kein Englisch sprechen.”

          On the one hand, I have a last name that might let me pull that off. On the other hand, actual Germans have learned English at school since at least the ’60s, so there aren’t even many of them who can honestly make that claim. On the gripping hand, how many Americans know that about Germans?

          • ***”“Ich kann kein Englisch sprechen.””***

            Perfect! That’s easier for me to say!

            Hey, I’m in Kentucky….they probably wouldn’t even realize what language it is! At worst, maybe ask if I’m from “Germania”. 🙂

            Maybe I picked it up through osmosis- heck, my best friend back in NY has “heil” in his last name!

      • Wegman’s has little signs here and there notifying customers of limits on some items. I ignore the limits and buy whatever I want. So far, no cashier has tried to limit what I buy at the checkout. Last week, the cashier wasn’t wearing a mask. I thanked her that, and she said she just tells them that she has asthma and can’t wear a mask.

        She said her friend, a nurse, told her that a mask wouldn’t protect her from anything smaller than dust, so it’s pointless. I agreed with her and said, “Masks aren’t effective against imaginary viruses anyway”.

    • Hi Alex,

      Ignore the order, if not physically prevented from entering the store. If isn’t, shop somewhere else – and always wear your ear tag!

    • Read the “letter of the law” carefully. If all it requires is the wearing of a mask, cut holes in it for your nose and mouth to breathe through. If anyone pitches a fit about that, ask them what part of the requirement EXPICITLY requires the COMPLETE covering of the ENTIRE nose and mouth.

    • If you don’t want the hassle, most supermarkets will take online orders and do “contactless delivery” if you don’t mind shopping that way. I have a friend who has bought into the propaganda hook line and sinker. Due to sheer terror he has not ventured out of his house in over a month and gets everything delivered. (Of course the person delivering the goods may be a plague carrier and contaminating the goods, so what’s the point?)

      Admittedly I just put on the damned useless mask rather than get into an argument with the lemmings guarding the store entrances. I have some cheap dust masks around for working on cars and just use one of those – totally useless for stopping anything of course but all the apparatchiks care about is you have a face covering. I guess the muzzie chicks have a head start on this.

      • Not that I’d expect you to know, Jason, but isn’t there supposed to be some Asian fetish about a girl wearing a face mask in their porn? Who knew they’d be “right”?

        Yeah, I carry one for an establishment that I want to patronize here in the Sacramento area so that I avoid the hassle, and I agree that it’s palliative at best. FWIW, I do put on my nitrile gloves, which, if you’re careful, you can reuse quite a bit as long as you reverse them after taking them off and inflate by mouth. Obviously, if you’re conscientious, you don’t want to have the condensate from your breath in contact with shared surfaces, right?

        My trouble is that even though “Murica” is as close as the border of the once-great State of Calipornia, the closest crossing is at US 50 at South Lake Tahoe…that’s about 90 minutes IF there’s no traffic, snow, or rain. Even then, most of the Reno-Tahoe area is simply a drier version of NorCal with casinos. Culturally, it’s just about the same. It’s only once you get out on US 50 towards Fernley that you run into the “Old West”, and even then suburbia is slowly encroached as the road is being gradually “improved”. Hey, I do like Fernley, it’s a nice, quiet semi-arid town of about 10K folks with a Naval Air Station, but I have to either be on a “Second Amendment” trip (one can find places to shoot a lot easier in NV than in CA, so it’s worth the drive) or headed to “Yew-Tah” to see either my eldest daughter or my “little goil”, and right now the “baby” is on her LDS mission in the Southeast USA.

        It’s one thing for an establishment, out of fear of negative publicity or to avoid LAWSUITS (most likely reason, I should think), to require PPE. It’s another for the heavy hand of the Almighty State to dictate the actions of ADULTS. This is getting fucking ridiculous. Recently our Governor, Gavin “Useless’ Newsom, arbitrarily ordered Orange County to close its beaches after what he mis-perceived to be flagrant disregard for the “social distancing”. I saw an interview with one of the mayors of the affected cities, whom said that the Governor never contacted him, nor any other OC mayors, nor the OC County Board of Supervisors before this arbitrary decree. At least the OC Sheriff has publicly declared he will NOT enforce the Governor’s “fatwa”. I suppose that all that the State can do is close ITS beaches in the OC and post either private guards, State rangers, or the CHP to ensure compliance. But any county beaches and strips of beach, which, by CA law, are PUBLIC property (e.g., the beach cannot be legally titled to any “beachfront” property owner, if indeed there’s so much as a few feet of sand next to the ocean), and must allow PUBLIC ACCESS, the Governor does not have the authority to close over the objections of the local municipality.

        At least there’s already an effort to recall this arrogant twit.

        • Haven’t heard anything like that about oriental gals but it certainly sounds possible.

          What I’m really sick of is the continuous propaganda wherever one turns. I detest most television but the wife likes her shows so the idiot box is on much more than I’d like. Seems like nearly every damned commercial is pushing “social distancing,” pushing “flattening the curve”, pushing “law enforcement heroes” – push, push, push; day after day, week after week for over a month and for who knows how much longer. Didn’t take long for them to appear either, the ad agencies must have been working overtime to crank that crap out.

          • Hi Jason,

            I turned off TeeVee long ago and it does make an enormous difference – but you can’t even go outside anymore without being propagandized. Roadside billboards in my area urge Fear Mask wearing and anti-social distancing.

            I feel like Winston in Room 101.

          • i’m watching tv with the wife as i type this and it’s all adverts from huge corporations filmed by a member of their staff in their house or at least made to look like that telling me how these are difficult times and we need to stay safe and how they are here for me. I despise the lot of them. I live in Fife Scotland and we’ve had 700 people infected and no deaths and you’d think the black death as around. I do know that a lot of people are sick of it and are going about visiting friends and the like. Even had the window cleaner round on Thursday. Plenty people not buying this bollocks but when the armed government junta can do what they like to you many people are scared of that. I’m not, fuck the police. Ride fast die old

          • A friend of #1 son, whom does hellaciously great voice imitations, already has a routine about an Asian girl getting her “fancy” tickled. He just did the ‘masked’ version. My sides are STILL hurting from the laughter!

        • Greetings from Corona, Riverside County, CA.
          According to California law, the Pacific Ocean, up to the high tide line, belongs to the people, It is *NOT* Gabbin’ Nuisance’s private swimming pool. Swimming in the ocean, or surfing the waves, are not crimes.

          What *IS* a crime, is the Nuisance’s recent “sweetheart deal” to buy 2 million N95 dust mask respirators from a Chinese company through a nameless U.S. intermediary, for an outrageous price, without following normal state procurement laws.

          To hell with der Kaiser.
          Long live the revolution.

          • “Gabbin’ Nuisance”! Gotta love that one!

            Damn straight! We Californians are SURFERS, not “SERFS”! Maybe we ought to remind this would-be czar what became of the LAST one.

            As for the purchase of 2M N95 dust masks, likely a payoff to the Chicom cronies, and the “intermediary” is likely a company owned by Speaker Pelosi’s husband, that got a sweetheart deal AND kickbacks, all at the considerable expense of the already overburdened CA taxpayer.

            It’s time for those of us in “Calipornia”, with any spine between us, to rise up and get on with our lives, and tell “Gabbin” to go fuck himself.

  26. I called my gym today. They are open. I fully intend to cancel my membership (and demand a refund of last month’s) if masks are mandatory. I don’t expect that to be the case, but we’ll see.

  27. Apparently it’s state law to wear masks here in Dirty Jerzy, so I play along just to get into places and then take it off.

    I don’t see anyone telling me to put it back on inside, and if they told me to put it back on, I’d just tell them I’m not gonna pay at that point for the shit.

    All this bullshit over a flu…

    • At supermarkets just across the river in PA, all the area supermarkets and the local Home Depot require masks. What’s more, they have people at the door enforcing this. I wear the mask (an old respirator for me) inside; once out the door, off it comes. Even though we’re supposed to wear them whenever we’re outside the house, I don’t normally wear my mask. I only wear it in places like grocery stores where they make a stink about it, because I NEED to eat.

      • Exactly

        Apparently parks are being opened tomorrow, might as well go there for some fresh air and sunlight I don’t get at the 9-5 and laugh if some sheep gets pissy over me not virtue signaling with a mask.

        Should of clarified, only places I really been to are grocery stores. Local Quick Check, I didn’t even wear it and the cashier I see all the time didn’t react at all, like here’s your lotto tickets

    • Zane, this is about MUCH more than than this over hyped flu. That is just the cover for one of the largest scams in human history. The entire global ponzi fiat scheme is starting to unravel. This (and the actions of the War Lords) gives them the cover they need to spread countless trillions of funny money around, in their current pathetic attempts to keep it going, just a bit longer. Failing that, they will go to Plan B. A global digital system, which they have been working on for a long time now.

  28. As said above, the problem is numbers ; there are not enough people with brains left. The sheeple just comply and look askance at any who dont. I stopped flying commercially after all the BS…and getting thrown out of a major US airport for daring to protest and mentioning that most hated document, the Constitution. OK, i dont occasionally go as far as I might, but thats alright, Im still making a statement and Im still right. Sometimes one must suffer for Truth.
    The internet [as well as one on one conversation] is our soapbox, which is why (((they))) want to control it so badly. The ballot box is rigged and is , quite frankly, useless. Regrettably, the cartridge box is all we have left I fear.
    Ammo up.

    • Yeah, Luke- Flying is the perfect example. The fact that the VAST majority are willing to give up their most basic rights, and be humiliated and degraded, just for a bit of convenience, says it all. All of those millions are our enemies, because they’re not merely complying….but because their compliance proves their loyalty to their overlords, and their acceptance of tyranny- a tyranny which they have the collective power to easily overthrow if they just cared to, by simply voting with their feet and not flying. If half of those millions stopped flying, that particular tyranny would end immediately- but if such people cared enough, we would have never gotten to that point in the first place.

      • Ya know, I like the common sense that a fictional American, one Archibald Bunker, veteran of “Dubya-Dubya Two, da Big One”, whom reached the rank of buck sergeant in the Army (“dat’s Air Corps, dere!”) while serving in Foggia, Italy, and came home after the war to marry one Edith Baines, demonstrated in the hysteria at the time (ca. 1972) over the issue of skyjacking. Archie’s solution? At every flight, as the passengers embark, pass out the sidearms (presumably to adults only, I’m sure he didn’t mean to give a five-year old girl a Smith&Wesson Model 29). This way, a would-be hijacker would have no tactical advantage over fellow passengers, because they were all “equal”. At the end of the flight, collect the issued pistols.

        Of course, my solution would be even simpler: treat air piracy as like any other: i.e., a swift summary execution, and put the hijacker’s rotting corpse on public display at the airport that he embarked from, with the sign, “Ye be warned…”

      • Same here … haven’t been on a plane or airport since 2004 and don’t plan to … I do and can drive wherever I need to and plan for the extra time it takes … MUCH less stressful and I make it an enjoyable trip!

    • I haven’t flown barely ever… but I did fly somewhere last year only because it was for medical reasons. Anyways, some foreign airports were fine (tokyo & philippines), but at south korea there was too many passport checks (isn’t ONCE enough?) and nowhere in the airport to buy water (!) yet they make you throw out your water that you already have from the plane (makes no sense), AND some airport employee came up to me (I was waiting at the gate for my connecting flight) and asked me alot of questions about my backpack — “where did you get it? is it yours? did you buy it from anyone on the plane?” etc. OMG, what a joke. Total harassment.

      Then, when I came back to USA, arrived at Seattle airport (in WA), they made me go through a full customs inspection… they combed through all my stuff THREE separate times. Waste of time. Asked me bunch of stupid questions, same ones over and over, were mean & threatening … so bad I talked to my congressperson and filed a complaint — congressperson says customs has TONS of complaints (many from immigration/border though). The customs agents were SO BAD they should be fired and thrown in jail — just NASTY TORMENTERS, purposefully put words in my mouth and lied to me… they’re rotten THUGS. Too much to list here… said my bottle of water was ‘suspicious’ [give me a break] and that they’re scared of me because I might have a weapon in my pocket [seriously? after arriving from multiple flights that’s literally impossible obviously] — just total BS. They’re the kind of subhumans that, if you encountered them in a back alley, you’d shoot them and not feel guilty about it.. scum of the earth.

  29. Sad thing is, that since the majority of people are brainwashed, those of us who will not comply are a very small minority. The businesses would probably lose more money if they accommodated us, because by doing so they’d lose the business of the fearful who wouldn’t want to be in close proximity to us unmasked rogues- so they will choose to accommodate the majority. 🙁

    We are essentially in the same position as tryiung to convince North Koreans that communism is bad…..

    It’s not a question of just losing our business. It is instead: Do you want to retain our business and lose 90% of the other customers, or merely lose the 1% of us, and retain the other 99%? (99% because the 90% demand the “safety” of everyone wearing masks, and the other 9% don’t care either way). Add to that the consequences to the businesses disobeying the government mandates…..and they’ll gladly say “See ya!” to us.

    • Nunz, you’re a pessimist. There is a lot more than 1% of us, There is the 1-5% hard core, probably 15-20% liberty leaning, 50% DILLIGAF who will do as little as necessary to use what they need and want of the system, and and about 20-30% cringing/effeminate bitches of whatever plumbing who demand to be told what to do.
      DILLIGAF is smarter short term and least stress, but if you’re smarter/more philosophical you will realize that it is important to stand for something and speak up about it. And if you’re stupid and authoritarian you WANT to stand up and speak up for whatever your leaders and masters say.
      You’re right about business putting up with the mandates. When you’re in business you realize: 1. you’re doing it for the money and 2. You have a huge target on your back and 3. The stupid and authoritarian will see that target and call in fire on it.

      • A pessimist sees the glass as half full. An optimist sees the glass as half empty. A cynic asks who the hell took half of my beer…

      • Ernie, I always enjoy and often agree with your comments, so don’t take this the wrong way….but:

        How many votes did Ron Paul get in the ’08 primary?

        I rest my case!

        • Well, for that matter, despite his supposedly gaudy popular vote tally in 2016, how many ELECTORAL VOTES did Gary Johnson get (via the election itself, not as a result of a useless gesture in the E.C.)? Answer: ZILCH.

          Johnson should have focused his campaign on the following states only: NV, ID, MT, UT, AZ, and NM. Had he managed to win in all of those states, which WOULD be a stretch, and treat whatever he got in other states as meaningless “fluff”, he’d had 35 electoral votes. This still might not have kept the Orange Guy from winning it, but assuming other voting patterns were the same, Trump would have had 282 votes, and the Hildebeast 221. Which MIGHT have given impetus to get 13 of Trump’s electors to swing over. Of course, if you look at how many states Johnson’s tally was significantly greater than the margin between Trump and Clinton, it should at least be hope that the Libertarian cause can make a difference even if there’s a hard time prevailing in the big contest.

        • Nunzio, the Ron Pal campaign opened my eyes to the dishonesty displayed during the electoral process via boxes of votes (lost), rules changed last minute prompted by the Mittens campaign, etc. It just means that the system is run by gangsters with no honor. It doesn’t mean you have to join it or give in.

      • 80:20. Then 20 minus 80% That’s it, tops.

        But that’s not all.

        3.2 of the 4 got “beer” goggles on when it comes to what a zed’s deadicated tip o’ the tail minority can bathtub gin up amongst the swillers…and Zed thought the guy encased in leather was a gimp. Well, gimps prolly on continuum, too, eh?

        3.2 don’t make for many Neo…& even he believes he knows Kung Fu.

        I didn’t do it for the money. That woulda’ put a target on my bank. The SA’s I just fired.

  30. It’s been said that the people’s political power comes in three boxes: the soap box, the ballot box, and the cartridge box.

    The people’s political, as well as social and economic power, also comes from three body parts: your feet, your pocket, and your mouth.

    Feet: Leave businesses whose business practices you don’t support. Go to those you do. The same goes for jobs; leave employers whose business practices you don’t support, and find jobs at those who do. Leave cities, counties, states, and even countries whose policies you don’t support for ones you do. I predict that by the time the 2030 Census rolls around, quite a few people will have left the most draconian and crowded states in favor of less draconian and crowded states. In a time where it’s been proven beyond doubt that a lot of jobs can be done remotely, this is more important than ever. Governors, that vroom vroom sound is the sound of moving vans leaving your state, viz. California.

    Pockets: Donate to charities and organizations that promote freedom and mutual aid for their members outside of big business and government. Patronize small local businesses instead of corporate chains. (There’s a reason why the big box stores opened first or never closed; it’s far easier to impose political correctness through a few big chains than dozens of independent shops; á la big sporting goods stores no longer stocking scary rifles.)

    Mouth: Tell everyone you know which businesses have caved to Sickness Theater, and which have not. Tell them to patronize the latter. Give good reviews to businesses that treat customers like the valued business partners they are, and not so good reviews to businesses that treat customers like cattle.

  31. Problem is, then as now, there simply isn’t a critical mass of free thinkers or people who value their innate dignity. Why this is so confounds me. If people accepted and continue to accept being irradiated, seen naked, and fondled just to get on an airplane – the ultimate in humiliating and dehumanizing a person – what makes you believe mask wearing will produce any different result? You can see it already, most are wearing masks in public and few are not. They will shriek at you for failing to fall in line. They have fallen for the lie, or they fear the beat down and ruination of their life if they dare to resist. In short, our numbers are insignificant and will remain so. I don’t see any evidence this will change. Worse, we still have very far to fall before it can potentially change.

    • I think it may also have to do with geographic location. round here (Oklahoma), I’d estimate mask wearers at about 30%. Mostly elderly, which is understandable. I do see the occasional imbecile riding a bike or walking outdoors with a mask. I laugh and shake my head so that they can see me.

    • Multiple generations of “facts” being drummed into our heads about how America is so great because of our great leadership. Nothing about how the entire midwest is one big farm… or that Americans figured out what to do with oil and electricity… or that we have very large natural borders that protect us from everyone else… or that for the first 200 years of European settlements we had to pretty much fend for ourselves (again because the “help” was a few weeks away on the other side of the ocean) and that spirit continued with western expansion. No, it was all thanks to a few rich guys who wanted to keep their stuff.

  32. My job has decided we all have to wear masks & gloves with strict anti-social distancing in place. I don’t like it, I’ve pushed back as hard as I can (as have a few others), but I like getting paid & I don’t fancy my odds on the job market right now.

    I have heard similar requirements (mask, gloves, anti-social distancing) from others who have gone back to work even outside of manufacturing. Clearly this is driven by some kind of government edict but no one is saying what: state? OSHA? Executive diktat? terms of bailout money received (unlikely b/c I’m pretty sure one other place didn’t get a bailout)?

    So I submit, for now, although grudgingly. I just heard yesterday the layoffs are getting deeper (no one knows when the OEM’s are going to start back up–so far it keeps getting pushed back–lots of unsold inventory on car lots), & the latest round is dangerously close (lost 1/3 of my team). If they get me next I won’t have to wear it any more, so there would be that…

    But I absolutely refuse to shop where a mask is required. That is non-negotiable.

  33. It appears at this moment in time the businesses and government are holding hands and do not seem to care what citizens/customers think. Governments have destroyed the very economies that feed them. Like many States/Counties and Cities they are just waiting for the freshly printed digit bailouts which dilute the base but still spend whether earned or not. If not enough they will simply raise taxes or print more or both.
    The Magic Money Theory (MMT) is at the heart of this nonsense. Businesses/People are looking forward to Universal Basic Income (UBI). Both are unicorn theories and will eventually lead to massive destruction but that is then,,, this is now. This is the classical destruction of an empire as history describes. The destruction will become more evident as time goes by. History advises action but People rarely act leaving that to those that are the culprits which just creates more misery. Chaos awaits us and it’s not far from where we are.

    • I can’t think of a better argument to live “off the grid” as much as possible. And how interesting it is that “preppers” and “off the grid” folks are denounced as eccentrics, kooks, and weirdos, but lately, interestingly enough, the FBI considers them as potential TERRORISTS. That’s right…living your own life and MINDING YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS makes you a “terrorist”.

      The “tree of liberty”, as Jefferson put it, is LONG OVERDUE for its “refreshing”.

    • Ken, there was a post on Zerohedge a few days ago that discussed a record number of CEOs that left companies last year which is odd if we were in a ‘strong’ economy (at least from a marketing standpoint). What did they know? Did they receive hints from the Davos meetings? Another reason I think large companies are going along with Scarf lady and Dr. Faucistein is that they know that the will receive bail out funds which will allow them to out last smaller competitors thus further consolidating capital into fewer hands. This feeds the control loop whereby the commies/nazi control freaks can have an easier time exerting control over fewer people who control evermore consolidated industries.

      • Cory, I hope you realize corporations make law in the US. Matters not which one, a corporation group or several types of corporations are making book on it.


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