The Cruelty of Because Corona

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Corona is killing in more ways than one.

In fact, it is killing in worse ways than one.

On the innumerate basis of fear over a less than one-half-of-one-percent chance of dying from Corona (the math based on people infected people vs. people who’ve died) Health Deciders who now insist we regard them as Health Heroes – have not only destroyed the economic lives of more than 30 million people so far (a far higher percentage of “cases” than the percent of the population felled by Corona) they are also tearing families apart.

What follows is a personal story I hesitated to publicize until now because it is not my purpose to embarrass anyone but the White Coats have forced me to this extreme because of their despicable callousness and cruelty – Because Corona – and I will not have it. I also won’t have others having it – or rather, having it imposed upon them, Because Corona.


Perhaps by making a public stink, something positive will get done.

My mother is 83 years old and an inmate at a state psychiatric hospital; not because she is nuts but because she has dementia. She was taken there by the state, which performed a “wellness check” on her about a month ago, based – I believe – on actions incited Because Corona.

Her daily routine for the past couple of years involved walking down the street from her apartment in downtown Roanoke to the bank where she knew the manager and tellers. She would bring them a copy of the newspaper and spend an hour or so talking with them. This was her chief social interaction. Along came Corona – and the bank closed its doors. My sister and I suspect our mom was bewildered by this; she doesn’t understand Because Corona. She’s 83; she’s got dementia.

But she was functional.

I checked on her once a week, paying attention to her condition and the state of her apartment, which was always clean and tidy.

We suspect she was pestered by busybodies about being outside of the building where she lived – Because Corona – and didn’t know how to deal with this.

She had previously gone outside every day, both to visit the people at the bank and to walk her trash to the box outside the building.

A week into being “locked down” inside the building – Because Corona –  she threw some trash outside – from her window – and this triggered the “wellness check” from the Health Sicherheitsdeinst, which spirited her to a hospital and then to a psychiatric hospital at Catawba, Virginia.

I don’t dispute that this may have been necessary. I do dispute being denied the opportunity to see my own mother – Because Corona.

Indefinitely. They – the Health Sicherheitsdeinst – refuse to grant me permission to visit. Not today, not next week. Not next month. Not ever, maybe. Well, not before it’s too late. See the letter posted with this article.

This despite my not having Corona and being willing to confirm this by testing. It does not matter – Because Corona – regardless of facts or humanity. A mindless obeisance to rules established by control freaks who care more about their rules than common decency.

Since her dragooning, my mom has suddenly become incontinent and (apparently) cannot dress herself without assistance. She was fully continent a month ago and required no assistance dressing herself or dealing with her persona hygiene. She is depressed and confused and asks me every time I call her – I am allowed to do that – why I have not come to see her.

I tell her I am trying. She doesn’t know I am forbidden.

My sister wants to fly out from California to see her, too – but is unable to make plans – Because Corona. Because of the arbitrary edicts imposed by arbitrary bureaucrats who’ve somehow acquired absolute power over us.

It is insufferable, infuriating. And incredibly cruel.

Who are these people? Where did they get this dictatorial power?

What gives them the right to separate families? For that matter, to close businesses and house-arrest people without dementia – or sickness of any kind?

Presumptive sickness is become the new tool of terror. Ululating Islamic terrorists having lost their power to terrorize the populace – and enable the terrorizers to assume unlimited power over the populace.

How much longer will we permit ourselves to be terrorized by these people? To concede to them unlimited power to control our lives? To destroy lives? Economically, psychologically – and inevitably, literally.

People are going to starve. They are going to go crazy – by being kenneled like animals and treated like cattle when they are allowed to go out. We cannot get together with our friends. We cannot see our elderly parents in nursing homes and hospitals, some of whom will die in the meanwhile – not Because Corona (the virus) but because of the arbitrary cruelty imposed in the name of the virus.

Why does hypothetical sickness trump the actual lives of millions of people? Why are some old people condemned to a lonely death because of fear they might get sick? Why does that fear – expressed by people who have no skin in the game – trump the human right of elderly people to visit with their own family, perhaps for the last time?

These are hard questions that deserve a better answer than Because Corona.

. . .

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  1. Hi Eric, I’ll be praying for you and your mom, while also calling for fire to rain down on the snitching busybodies who called the “authorities” on your mother. These scolds and snitches would be perfectly at home in the former East Germany, they love the local Stasi. Hopefully you can get a good lawyer/judge to issue an injunction to release her but those wheels grind slowly. Maybe you could get a couple friends together and just march in there and carry her out before they could react; if I was closer I’d sign up for that. Keep raising a stink, and I think there’s still some flights out of California (airlines are required to have some minimal schedule to get Uncle’s handout) that your sister could get to help you out.

    • Yeah, Mike, there’s this especially evil POS named de Blasio. He encourages everyone to snitch on everyone else for money. Of course what they get will be somebody snitching on them and he’ll get even more money. That SOB has socked away enough Covid money to last millions of people a lifetime.

  2. Eric-My sincerest sympathies to you and your family and the worst anger and disgust toward the reprobates in government who are confining your mother illegally!

    I work in the financial services industry as a staff person at the primary office here in Champaign, IL. One of my colleagues lost her elderly mother, 97, who was in a nursing home at the end, yet, surprisingly, was able to visit her and be with her as she passed on.


    • The scary thing is, that this BS is not angering MORE people. They just accept it, as they do every other thing they’ve been programmed to.

      My sister is in the hospital for her COPD. She said “This sucks, that I can’t even have anyone visit”. When I commented on what BS this sickness kabuki is, she just said something to the effect of “Well, it is necessary”. I’ve always used my sister’s behavior/opinions as a perfect indicator of the mind-set of the masses. Above all, they believe in TV and government- no matter how many times they’ve been lied to before – it is always forgotten the next time, if the lies are even realized at all.

    • Thanks, Steve!

      Virginia is under the sway of a particularly cretinous Dear Leader by the name of “Coonman” Northam. He lisps like The Chimp and values our freedom as much as The Chimp did.

  3. “What gives them the right to separate families? For that matter, to close businesses and house-arrest people without dementia – or sickness of any kind?”
    Absolutely nothing but the consent of the victim. It’s always the same, the Jew kneeling in front of the ditch, the American flyer kneeling in front of the Samurai sword, the Kulak obeying their laws as they slowly starved to death.
    I have to note how many approve of the separation of families when it’s being done to those awful deadbeat dads, and the family “courts” (no jury or accuser needed or allowed).
    It is now time for action, and it will start as the petty tyrants continue to revel in their newly grasped powers. What just happened at the Michigan statehouse was prescient and peaceful, unfortunately the wretched cu&t governess is still consuming valuable oxygen and calories.
    Eric, I’ll include your mom in my prayers.

    • I remember, maybe 10 years ago or so, Tennessee was going to implement a state income tax. A bunch of armed folk showed up at the capitol, waving their guns and smashing windows. Tennessee never did establish that tax! The violent only understand violence.

      No one ever talked an armed robber out of robbing them with words of signs. A peaceful protest is not a protest- it is comedy for the entertainment of the tyrants; and a show of obedience. No one fears the obedient.

      • The time to resist was a few generations ago. The fire extinguisher only does any good when the fire is small. Once the whole house is engulfed….it’s time to jump out the window.

        • The time to resist was a few generations ago? So, it’s our grandparents’ fault? Something’s wrong with you, kid.

          • So, Anon, ya mean it was perfectly O-K when our grandparents were complicit with the tyranny of the establishment of the IRS, Social Security, gun control, perpetual wars, zoning and “planning”, welfare, farm subsidies….ad ininitim?

            Now we are somehow expected to dismantle the gargantuan system of government tyranny and propaganda which they not only sat quietly on hands and let proliferate, but even gave their assent to and participated in and helped to build?

          • More interested in cutting that tree down. Best time is not after it’s 70 ft. tall and the trunk is three feet in diameter…..and it’s surrounded by other trees and poison oak and rattle snakes…..

  4. This is bullshit. A pox on all of the houses of those responsible for this unspeakable act of inhumane cruelty.

  5. Eric,
    If the State took her away then she is technically incarcerated. Perhaps you can have an attorney draft a writ of habeas corpus. I am really sorry you and your family are be subjected to this. This corona BS has got to stop…now.

  6. Don’t know what to say except my best wishes for your mom. I can only suggest a high powered lawyer.Even that probably won’t work as it seems most everyone somehow believes these crooked politicians have authority to quarantine healthy people and to shut down businesses stopping all commerce. Of course plain old common sense says they do not but I’m plum dumb worn out saying that.
    We have lowlife county commissioners and mayors here dictating what can and cannot be done. The whole thing has gone berserk. We have a governor dictating which businesses can be open and which can not. They are dictating what you can buy, lines on the floor telling you which direction you are required to go. The cops are ticketing/incarcerating people that have broken no law.
    It gets worse by the day. Every control freak on the planet is having their day including businesses virtual claiming how much they care for you and their employees frightened to death of lawsuits claiming they haven’t done enough to protect everyone.
    Your mother is a victim of these people from Donald Trump to your local yokel,,, not the alleged virus that they are hyping and has not been proven to even exist. She is likely getting drugged without her or your permission which explains her incontinence and ability to dress. She is at the mercy of the State which will determine what happens to her in the same way they determine what happens to us now that we have totally surrendered. Nursing, psychiatric, hospice facilities are the most horrifying and despicable aspect of our society apart from politicians. I pray she will be okay.
    As I see it, This situation will only get worse.

  7. Eric –
    This is unspeakably cruel.
    My heart goes out to you, and to your mom.

    BOL attempting to talk sense to AGTs and Snake People.
    Long live the revolution.

  8. Well SHIT! That’s about the most disgusting thing I’ve heard about CV. But then again, I’m not surprised. After all, we are no longer human beings. In the eyes of the Sociopaths In Charge, we are indeed cattle, and deserving of no more respect or consideration than such. I’m going to have to go out and misbehave today. Perhaps I am a cow, but i’m not a tame one. After all, the proverbial bull in the china shop is a cow too. While our feminized culture has attempted to castrate me, they haven’t gotten it done yet. Seems they may not realize the potential for mayhem of a still endowed cow. Time for a demonstration.

    • Thanks, JWK –

      I plan to raise as much stink as I’m capable of. I doubt, also, that my family is the only family dealing with this kind of thing.

      Because Corona has to stop. Now.

      • eric, I surely hope you and everyone else watched that YT the Rancher made telling about how all crops, including crops of animals are being destroyed because there are no processing plants.

        I recall when Tyson shut down it’s largest chicken plant. Over 300 people employed but 4 were sick. It was implied it was CV but there was no testing. Same thing for every meat processor. So why could fruit and veggies be harvested?

        Some woman idiot took me to task and asked “So you’d just have a crew picking veggies and when they were all dead, just get another crew”. How stupid can you possibly be. And I have noticed it’s the female of the species that believes this shit to a much higher degree then men.

        I thought this country could be turned around somehow without violence. I no longer believe that now. I want first shot at Bill Gates and Zuckerberg and the members of the Fed but I know I’d have to a long line to stand in to get that shot. I’d just like to get close enough to “bump their tires”.

        • eight…yesterday’s foray was into a sea of masks, no gender distinction (& one guy may have surveil-snitched me). But the day before, among only a few total, was an older maskless woman. I said “congratulations.” “For what?” “No mask.” “Thank you. I agree.”

          It ain’t a boy/girl thing, never has been. The rush to “join” after 9-11, for example, is the same damn thing. Gimme a mask. Gimme a uniform. Point me in a direction………….

          Most are born scared, live scared, die scared. Soaring song of, mostly, irony juxta all the inner\personal banal villainy:

        • Eight, we’ve not even started to see how bad this is going to get. Keep your eyes open, and your powder dry. There are some VERY evil people involved in this. But there are still decent people, here and there. Even some in positions of power. The Oligarchs aren’t a monolithic group, and the enemies of our country aren’t unopposed. Try to keep your emotions in check, and pick your hill wisely…

          • I hope you watched that video by The Rancher. It’ll make you skip a breath just to think about it. My freezers are full. The deer and wild hogs are thick and there’s always cattle in the field. I can just open the front door and give one a stun shot.

        • Hi Eight, put me in the line for a crack at Cheney, the Chimp, Rumsfeld, and their associated minions. Also Kissinger, can’t believe that evil s.o.b. is still wasting our oxygen, he must be a vampire living off the blood of children.

          • Mike, I know. It’s hard to believe. Karl Rove is even making the news……again. I’d include him too.

            • Eight, at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain popped out of the grave and started warmongering like he always has! (Probably would, except Satan probably enjoys his company too much!)

              • Shit Nunz, did you see Laura and Jeb have to pick their jaws off the floor when they had a “funeral” for GHWB? That SOB is probably still alive and they just told everybody he was and he was the instrument of killing JFK. Notice Laura asked the shrub a question and he just nodded confirmation.

                That has to be one of the most evil family in existence and I’d help to rid them of a heartbeat. They are evil incarnate as is Kissinger. They must have some way of immortality or they wouldn’t be alive and still making plans for the future.

                • Apparently, 8, an election is an event to determine which crime family will be the figurehead for the USA. Bush 1, Clinton, Bush II finished this country off. Almst all of the current evils lead back to them. They were the nails in the coffin. The Janitor-in-Chief and Trump just kept it all alive and put the finishing touches on it.

                  I can not even imagine all of the evils that the Bushes have perpetrated, for decades- and the ones we know of are just the tip of the iceberg.

                  And to think…there are even higher-ups, whom THEY take orders from! It is truly unfathomable to think of what they plot!

                  • Nunzio, the so called “elite” tend to be out right psychopaths, which means monster in human form. The only limits on their evil, is their ability to order others to follow their orders. Since they tend to be surrounded by sociopaths and other psychopaths, that means very few limits. Most AGW’s excuse this by saying, they are just “following orders”. In other words, they let others do their thinking, just so they can put food on their families (Thank you Bush the Lessor).

                    • Exactly, BJ.

                      It has been this way ever since there has been government- only these days, it is to the point of absurdity, as they have colonized the whole world under this model of governance, and have used the power of propaganda, propagated through schools and the media, to relegate the majority into faithful slaves who will fight for their masters and oppose all who do not do so.

                    • Watching it now, Eight! Where did AOC get that Donald Trump costume, and how did she age it so much?

                      Funny- most’the people I know think they voted for a Repugnantcan…..but methinks they elected a Dumbocrap!

                      And the cocksucker is BRAGGING about bankrupting this country and everyone in it!

                      Guess the libby-libs didn’t have to wait for the election to get the “Green New Deal” after all….although it seems like an old deal to me…..the usual bum deal!

                      I can’t watch the whole thing- McCONnell is up now…I can’t listen to this canned BS! If I’m gonna watch stuff of this “quality” I’d rather watch Kukla, Fran and Ollie.

                      How ANYONE can participate in political theater, after hearing any of the crap these actors spew, is beyond me!

                      May they all rot in the Lake Of Fire! (The actors)

                    • Yep Nunz, it convinced me of what I had suspected all along. Being saved so many times by the Rothschild’s how could he not be one?

                    • Well, Eight- He’s all about “equality”- Can all Americans can be equal to him and go bankrupt, just like he did!

                      Somebody should make a vid playing one of OM’s campaign speeches…and then playing one of these recent ones. Night and day….but the plebes will line up in November to cheer for all the liars and wave flags as usual.

          • I remember seeing Heinz (Kissinger) on the news when I was a little kid in the early 70’s, and he was old THEN!

            He’s 96 years old! He must run on evil!

  9. Eric I lost my mom to dementia this year she was 85. My deepest sympathies. What theyre doing to your mother is unspeakably cruel. It sounds like she was doing fine before which is rare for a dementia patient. Those fucking rats.

    • Thanks, Mark – and my sympathies in return regarding your mom. What’s going on is vile on so many levels – but this may be among the most vile. I’ll be publicizing this on the radio in a few days and maybe that will get some traction …

  10. All men are created equal.

    Don’t wish to make a bad thing worse. You ought to have an equal right to become her ward. Without out you or your sister from where is there any greater claim?

    Before any wise-ass claims this isn’t actual law, ought to visit the fact that even the US code prefixes itself by way of organic law: 1. The Declaration of Independance 2.The Articles of Confederation. 3. The Northwest Ordinace 4. The Constitution for the United States.

    You may pursue happiness even as it is continually yanked out of your possesion.

    Of course you would be enacting the same by dening them the same, lawful and legal, except in their court.

    They can’t abide by the lhe organic law that organizes them, in fact no right was ever created. Except in their and their victims heads.

    The opposite of faith is not doubt, it is certainty.

  11. This is a travesty. I’m very sorry for you both. They’re probably drugging her at that place. IMO, most of the ‘health care’ industry is pure evil. Sure, there’s some suckers that went into it for a job because they thought it was still 1955, but they soon become depressed & disappointed. Seriously, HOW CRUEL are those “people” telling you that you can’t even visit your own mother? Me thinks you could make a national case out of this. Who would possibly argue against you? Plus, the whole thing is heartbreaking. I’d make a national stink about this if I were you. Maybe if you’re lucky one of your state senators or state representatives will help you, there’s still a few halfway decent ones out there.

    I’m going to pray for you, and everyone else that is being hurt in any way by all of this evil.

    Here’s a poem I came up with that helps me to feel a little better about all of the heartbreaking crimes going on:
    Truth is brighter than the noonday sun, honor is the law, justice will be done, love will conquer all.

  12. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for posting this. I’m sorry to hear of all this; I’m in a similar situation with my father.

    My dad is 77 and had a hemorrhagic stroke at age 54 that left him with right-side paralysis and a speech impediment. He’s been in a nursing home for the most part since then.

    He’s had several bouts of aspirational pneumonia the past several years. The latest occurred the second week of March this year, and he was in the hospital right when the Corona shutdowns began. We had a representative from Hospice come in and meet with us in his ICU room and explain what his options were; the doctors didn’t recommend any more ventilators since he’d been weakened by them to the point where putting one in was riskier than the pneumonia. We made the decision to have him go back to the nursing home and do swallowing therapy for the aspirational issues since the pneumonia was easing, and see how he did, and leave Hospice as an option. She told us, “quite frankly, your biggest risk is being 77 years old and having had a stroke. You’re more susceptible to everything.” He understood this, and was able to communicate (with my help) that he was willing to accept the risks in order to continue eating as he has been and enjoy his activities at the nursing home as he’s been doing. This was the same day the governor of Ohio ordered nursing homes closed to all visitors, even those in hospice situations. My dad usually reads his paper and watches TV, so he’s aware of what’s happening “on the outside”. However, being in and out of sedation in the ICU, he wasn’t aware of all that was hitting the fan with “Corona” and the lockdowns, etc. He was understandably agitated; the nurse on duty and I had to explain to him what was going on to settle him down.

    He was sent back to the nursing home the following day, and has been doing well enough since. However, the nursing home said no visitors can be allowed per “governor’s orders” — not even if we both wear PPE, meet in a separate room away from other residents, etc., no exceptions. The only options are phone calls or video calls (which have to be arranged, have done one so far); to this point he seems to be doing well, so I haven’t had to “go to war” yet. If it continues much further under these circumstances, that may have to change though, as I am an only child and his power of attorney (my mother passed away in 2009).

    During the week he was in the hospital, I was in the room with him regularly, at the doctor’s encouragement (no mask, gloves, etc., not even suggested, only precaution was the usual hand sanitizer before and after visiting) shook hands with doctors (bare hands, oh the humanity!), ate in at restaurants or the hospital cafeteria, didn’t “social distance”, and stayed in a hotel a couple nights. So did basically everything I’m not “supposed” to do “because Corona”…yet here I still am, when I should be dead if the media nonsense and “government restrictions” are to be believed.
    These experiences are a big reason why I don’t buy the Coronaphobia and oppose the draconian measures being taken — I had the “tough conversations” with and about my dad, and he and I both agreed that accepting risk was the only way he could enjoy his life to the best of his ability, rather than hiding under the covers from every possible danger. And I very much resent politicians and their appointees — who have never met me, my father, or the vast majority of the people whose lives their decrees impact — believing it’s their business to tell us what’s “best” for us — and use the threat of force to get us to follow them.

    Thanks again for posting this, Eric, and hope things work better and keep us posted if you don’t mind!

  13. I feel for you Eric. I understand your anger. I suspect this will not end well for her and you. I don’t know what else to say. What has this world come to?

  14. Heard this about Stalin. “Bullet fee.”

    Smells like letting relatives visit, but only after the ghost has flown.

    The case I know about that might spark some ideas: the imprisoned mother had some emergency that got her transferred to hospital – where daughter was allowed to see her. Once hospital finished taking their take, daughter took mother home – not back to prison.

    • Eric, they get that power (not authority) from their position. Most are appointed by someone wearing a Funny Hat. How does one get a Funny Hat? By winning a Popularity Contest (other wise known as an election). Once one has a Funny Hat, the Enforcer class at that level of Funny Hat, takes orders from you. The higher the level of Funny Hat, the more enforcers listen to you. The reality is just that simple. Stripped of all its illusions/delusions it all boils down to who the Big Men with (clubs/spears/swords/guns) take their orders from.

      That reality is the real reason for the Second Amendment. But when one subverts the education of the people, it makes being armed MUCH less useful. Rules for Rulers deals with some of these issues.

  15. Guys,

    I did something I don’t often do anymore: listened to Mark Levin. During his opening monologue, he talked about the protests taking place all over America. He then went on to say how PROUD he was of the protesters, because they were so well behaved and non-violent. I wanted to throw up! I wanted to call him, but I was too disgusted to after hearing that comment. I wanted to call him too, but I didn’t want to hold for over an hour, only to be cut off when I made my point. My point would’ve been this: maybe it’s TIME for violence when protesting Corona! I’ll explain why…

    There are a couple of reasons why I think we might have to get violent to put a stop to this tyrannical BS. One, the lefties have used violence or the threat thereof with great success. Two, the Founders said that, at times, violence is necessary.

    Whatever you guys may think about the left, one cannot deny that they have been WILDLY SUCCESSFUL in advancing their agenda. They’ve made impressive strides over the years. If this were a football game, the left would be up 49-17 with only a few minutes left in the game. While the left has used many tools to advance its agenda, one of them has been violence or the credible threat of violence. it’s worked well, because politicos are scared of the lefties. Ergo, it’s long past time that freedom lovers steal some pages out of their playbook.

    That leads to my second point: the Founders acknowledged that, at times, violence would be necessary to get or keep freedom. Jefferson had this to say: when people fear the gov’t, you have tyranny; when the gov’t fears the people, you have liberty. Why would gov’t fear the people? What would put fear in to the hearts of tyrants? I submit to you that it’s violence or the threat of violence. They don’t want to be shot! If we put fear in to these authoritarians’ hearts, then we can have liberty once again. Only then will we have liberty once again…

    • The only real power any protesters have, is the threat of violence. Without it, they are just people milling around, and their action then becomes as signatory and meaningless as signing a petition.

      The alternate media has become as worthless as the mainstream media.

      • Well said nunz and mark. I always roll my eyes when people go stand outside their state capitol building and hold up signs asking the criminals to stop violating the peoples’ human rights and not letting the people vote on important bills/laws. In OR, the state dictators have been repeatedly violating definitive polices about how to pass laws (they do dirty tricks), and they’re trying to pass bills without having an election even though their bills legally require the people to vote on them, and some state senators & representatives openly say this… yet NOONE gets arrested or even fired. Funny how that works. Plus they’ve openly been running many grifting scams over the years, and committed other horrendous crimes & FRAUD against the people, yet, they still keep getting elected somehow and never get fired or fined or jailed. This whole state of OR is a BAD JOKE.

        IMO, the only solution is for the people to manage their counties and states OUTSIDE of the box. Then ironically they won’t even need to be violent. Power = numbers. It always has, always will.

        • The very best thing that can be done is ignoring their edicts. That’s what must be done. Standing outside holding a sign demanding everything opens doesn’t open it. Taking the action to open things up is what opens them.

          I don’t go to bars, but I went last night and put a $50 on the table to buy drinks for the people sitting in a building that “shouldn’t” be open and no-one is distancing, wearing a mask, or sanitizing the shit out of everything. Then I left to cheers.

          Jesus was revolutionary because he ignored the box that ‘they’ demanded he live in. Holding a sign and signing petitions is the essence of their box. Don’t live in it. Nothing infuriates them more than ignoring them.

          • Har! That’s great, Anc!

            Only thing that woulda made it better, is if ya would’ve said (prior to buying the drinks) “Free drink to everyone who smokes a cigarette!”.

  16. A friend of mine rescued his mother from a care home the day before the lockdown began. She’s 90 and not very well but not at deaths door but if she’d stayed there chances are some “health Hero’s” would bring the virus with them when they enter the home and that would see her off. When he’s allowed back out to work (he’s a roofer) he says he doesn’t know how he’s gonna do it but she’s not going back.

  17. What’s crazy is that, as a half way educated libertarian, you and I suspected this was somewhat of a hoax from the beginning. Now that our suspicions were confirmed about a month ago, the state has doubled down. And not enough people care.

  18. THIS. MAKES. ME. SO. MAD……I’m not even going to rant…….

    I’d been thinking about this very thing since this Corona BS began- Suppose my mother had a health issue and had to go into the hospi’l….. I wouldn’t even be able to visit?! She’s just banished to the corn field- as if being sick is a crime warranting the same isolation from society and one’s loved ones as would be imposed on a murderer!

    If THIS has not sparked enough of our countrymen who possess even the least desire for the basic liberties into drastic action and rebellion…nothing will.

    “One day we will wake up, and everything will be different”- That day has arrived.

    To quote the aquatic philosopher, Daffy Duck- This “is despiccccable!”.

    We have nothing left to lose…they have taken it all. There is no aspect of life that they haven’t tyrannized and dominated.

  19. Eric, best wishes in pursuing your mother’s best interests. Now your hostility towards all this COVID-19 induced panic is understandable, not that it had lacked for justification as it is. I recall some 25 years ago when I lost MINE own mother (she was 59), and at least managed to get in some visits in her last days, in spite of the personal troubles that an acrimonious divorce was putting me through at the time. I wish you success in being able to just BE with her, and that you’ll yet have further opportunities to do so.

    An excerpt from the St. George, Utah newspaper on how “social distancing” is having an adverse impact on seniors:

    This is a factor that many of these libtard busybodies, likely most of whom are NOT observing their own “Fatwas” anyway, either failed to consider or don’t give a damn about, at least for we “mundanes”. How many of the elderly, even if they’re getting a steady supply of food, toiletries, medicines, and other “necessities”, are still wasting away emotionally and mentally due to the ENFORCED isolation? How many of the family ties, a necessary thread in a healthy society, have been disrupted by all this panic-induced and politically convenient BS?

    I’d certainly like to see my 86 y.o. father whom lives with my younger (but not young-EST) sister in good ol’ Fresburg, yet, since I work a lot and circulate freely, running interference shopping-wise so my grandkids aren’t having to contend with panicky idiots so much, and she and her AGW hubby (a “Leftenant” with the County Sheriff) are fearful of inadvertent contact that THEY fear could harm him. So we converse via the phone, but it’s been a couple of months, since my return trip from getting in some Spring Training ball in AZ, since we’ve just hung out and chewed the fat. Never mind that the younger of my grandkids didn’t understand at first why Grandpa wouldn’t let them get close or be hugged; they thought I didn’t love them anymore! But just imagine, about a month ago, when I dropped off some essentials to my step-daughter and her family (they had no $$ for Easter ham and the trimmings, and couldn’t get TP, which, due to foresight, AND the “Senior” hours which I took advantage of, I have in more than ample supply), had I let my 5 y.o. grandson (their third kid) jump up into my arms, and a busybody neighbor saw that and “finked” to the authorities, what sort of grief both they and yours truly could have been subjected to. I did find out why TWICE I was accosted by female Sac County Sheriff’s deputies (not the same one) while out on walks, recently, due to the local “grapevine”…turns out it was the wife of a local politician, likely bored since all the society parties or whatever she had to occupy her otherwise pathetic life, whom took it upon herself to report those whom SHE thought were either not properly “socially distancing” or had the “appropriate” PPE. Well, as the first time was the last night that my g/f was in town (she had to go back to her own 83 y.o. mother in Texas, as her ability, with all this Corona-panic, to get a caregiver for an indefinite basis is compromised at the moment, but the recent “lifting” of the Texas “fatwas” may help), and why in the HELL would a man walking in the evening with his lady be ANYTHING to be ‘suspicious’ of? I have a friend in a neighboring LDS ward in Fair Oaks whom is a Captain on the Sheriff’s Department, and he looked into it after i mentioned it on a FB page. He assured me that this was taken care of recently by briefing the deputies in the field as to how to deal better with these calls and not unduly pester law-abiding folks just trying to maintain a semblance of a NORMAL life.

    Again, Eric, best of luck with your Ma, and I’m hoping to see, before long, a picture of your mother, you, and your sister, TOGETHER again! And while you’re at it, could you arrange a pic of Governor Northam’s severed head on a pike?

  20. I’m sorry about this story. It pisses me off. The sad thing is that no one cares about the plight of older people. My parents passed long ago. 1988 and 1996. It is probably a blessing for them that they never saw what this country has become.

  21. Eric, I know somebody who died alone at a nursing home, because corona. This individual’s family wanted to be with them while this was happening, but regular visits were not allowed. Everyone knew this individual would die soon. The nursing home said they’d call when the time was coming, so that the family could come visit at that time. The family was eventually called and told the individual died 10 minutes ago, and that they should come if they wish.

    • Brandonjin, that has a familiar ring. My mother had open heart surgery and wasn’t doing well. You could only visit the ICU and I’m assuming other parts of the hospital during certain hours so families sat in silence in waiting rooms. Once kicked out for the night I retired to a friend’s home and gave them my number. I think it was about 4 am they called and said she wasn’t going to make it and we(the family)could come in. Of course when we got there she was dead and had been for some time, cold as the ICU. Hadn’t even bothered to cover her, just a chopped up body lying there. My sisters began blubbering and I got mad, so mad I had to leave and wait for them.

      I’m very sorry for your whole family, especially your mother who probably has no idea what’s happening. I can even tell you how it happened. She was upset and continued to be, not understanding why she had to stay there. They rightly said she was “agitated” and drugged her and just continued to drug her and that has no doubt caused her downhill turn. Drugs have a way of doing that, especially when given too often and to people who don’t need them.

      I’d be seriously considering getting someone who would get a nurse uniform(can’t be you, they’d pick you off afterward), go see her, put her in a wheelchair and take her out as if they knew what they were doing. Put her in a room rented not by you, your sister and not give out real names. She wouldn’t be in your house and you would obviously be completely unaware and rightly outraged they had lost her. Without drugs she might come back around. I am more sorry about this than I can say.

      I told my wife about this. She is disgusted but not surprised. She’s been through similar as have I but at least I could see my father, well, look at his unresponsive body while he was starved to death at a hospice. I always wondered how a hospice works. I know now. I also understand why no one leaves except feet up. Again, my heart hurts for you. I hope against hope that you are able to see her and somehow get her out of prison.

      I was in a neighboring town one day and this older gentlemen I knew was standing on the corner by the traffic light. I waved and he waved back so I asked him if he needed a ride. He got in and asked where I was headed. I told him and he asked to be dropped off in a town on the way since that was where he called home in the way I might call it home even though we’re both rural dwellers.

      I dropped him at the convenience store and he thanked me and bid me a good day and I did same.

      I stopped by my parents house and mentioned I’d given him a ride. My mother told me I shouldn’t have done that, that he was a ward of a nursing home in the town I picked him up in. I nearly told her to shove it but I replied he was fine, knew me and my family and wanted to go have some coffee with others who might be there. I can’t tolerate jail of any form unless someone is a serial killer or the like.

      In my life I’ve given rides to people who were obviously fleeing some situation. Almost always I’d give them money. Run my friend, get to where you want/need to go and I wish you luck with this 20 dollar bill. Guess I inherited that from my father.


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