Sympathy Gone . . . Dollars, Too

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Lenin had a term for them – the people who helped him to erect the most monstrous system of human oppression ever.

He called them useful idiots.

The term refers to people who eagerly assist in their own destruction; who practically beg for it –  in order to show just how orthodox they are.

And who, thereby, facilitate the destruction of everything – and everyone.

Like many of today’s business owners, who’ve already bear-hugged being declared “non-essential” for the sake of showing just how much they care about “the health of their customers”- as signs on their closed doors often say. The health of their customers being entirely not the reason people do business with them, of course.

People want to buy something – or get something done. If it’s health they’re looking for, they go to the doctor – or maybe a gym, except those are shuttered, too.

At first, commiseration was in order. These business owners meant well and besides, what could they realistically do? The government – the handful of people with the power to decree themselves (and their corporate friends) “essential”  – would sic armed thugs on these business owners if they continued to offer the products and services people wanted to buy.

And so they closed their doors – and pretended “we are all in this together.” Of course we are not in this together. Whenever you hear “we” anything, remember the story about the Lone Ranger and Tonto surrounded by angry Sioux. The Lone Ranger said, “I guess we’re finished, old friend.”

And Tonto said,”What you mean we, white man”?

In fact, we – those of us not riddled with Sickness Psychosis – are not in it with them. The  business owners who are now serving as the useful idiots of them, the government and corporate interests who are using the fear-addled Corona Cattle to incite a stampede toward the Corona’d States of America, a continent-sized company town in which everyone submits and obeys because we’re all in this together.

They tried to impose the Company Town on the basis of keeping us saaaaaaaaaaafe – but that was an incomplete solution; it worked to make cars insufferable and air travel despicable but there were too many outs. People didn’t have to play along.

A more comprehensive solution was needed.

 “Health” – the possibility of sickness conflated with certain death – is a much better excuse to get people to surrender their freedom and demand you surrender yours, too.

As another Russian of the same era, Solzhenitsyn, explained: The best way to get men to do evil is to convince them they are doing good. What could be more good than “keeping our customers” healthy” or “stopping the spread”?

For that, anything is not only justified but necessary – and those opposed are very bad. For them, anything is justified, too. And necessary.

But what if the “good” is bad?

Then we have a problem. A crisis. We have inverted – and weaponized – morality. Doing good becomes the most vicious, relentless, remorseless tool for imposing evil imaginable. Millions of corpses piled high in the old Soviet Union. Perhaps here, too – but not because of physical sickness.

Rather a sickness of mind – and soul.

People assist – willingly – in their own destruction and demand the destruction of their fellow men, when they are perceived to be not “good.”

As by not wearing a Fear Mask.

Of course, the fear-riddled insist it’s to “stop the spread.” Of what, exactly, is a question not to be asked. It does not matter that you aren’t sick. You might be. Someone might be. Therefore, everyone must wear a maskand everyone will be vaccinated and tracked. This is necessary because it is good.

The useful idiots (watch this video to see just how idiotic) are assuring this will happen by decreeing mask-wearing (and more) before the government makes it mandatory.

We – the not-idiots – have perhaps one last chance to use the one tool we still have that we may still legally use to raise our hands and say, simply, no.

It is our economic veto.

Refuse to do business with any business that insists on Sickness Kabuki as a condition of your being allowed to transact business. I will give you a specific example, with a solution that Solzhenitsyn might have applauded:

I have heard through the grapevine that my gym, Crunch Fitness in Roanoke – the time to get very specific, very publicly, has arrived – has a “plan” in place for when the government decrees it may open again, with conditions. The plan – apparently – is that only ten people will be allowed in a time – Through the chute! Walk along the taped lines! – all required to wear a mask and required to stay at a specific station until another one is free, musical cow style.

Lifers in prison aren’t subjected to such treatment – and neither will I be. And my dollars will now go elsewhere, if this is in fact the plan. I also plan to tell the owner, Patsy, my reasons for cancelling my business – never to return – in person. I am friends with several others who will do the same, if we are not free to just walk in and work out without being made to perform Sickness Kabuki.

Aka, the Submission Dance.

This goes generally.

Any business that requires Sickness Kabuki/Submission Dancing will no longer get a cent from me – and I will tell them so, loudly and publicly. Perhaps the shame will persuade but I suspect the loss of business will be far more effective.

If enough of us say no.

Do not be a useful idiot – by accepting that you must perform Sickness Kabuki – especially not for the sake of something like a family-sized container of mayonnaise at Costco. Tear up your membership card – right in front of them – and right in front of all the mask-wearing Corona Cattle, too.

And my solution?

It is appropriately  . . . Soviet.

My lifting buddies and I have decided to open an underground gym. Samizdat Fitness! A secret place known only to us where we can work out without Sickness Kabuki, among people whose minds haven’t been destroyed by Sickness Psychosis.

We will not comply. They will not even know.

Let the businesses of the useful idiots burn to the ground – economically speaking. No one deserves it more than people who not only haven’t got any self-respect, who will submit to anything in order to be allowed to eke out a living, but who will happily cash in your self-respect and help the government force you to submit to everything in order to make a greasy goddamned dollar.

May their chains rest heavily upon their shoulders.

. . .

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  1. One of my favorite quotes is from “The Outlaw Josie Wales”.

    Here is the discussion between Fletcher and the mass-murdering leader of the Kansas Redlegs, Terrill, who is the Union officer who killed Wales’ family — even though neither Josey nor his family ever owned slaves. Both of them are hunting Josey, who, after his tragedy, turned Missouri Confederate:

    Fletcher: We kill Josey Wales and it ends.

    Terrill: Doin’ right ain’t got no end.

  2. I’m continuously astonished that anyone, much less most, believes a single fucking thing the US Sociopaths In Charge and their mockingbird media says. Have they not lied to us on a daily basis for every living person’s entire existence? And suddenly they’ve seen the light and are consumed by concern for our well being? Tyrants are pipsqueaks that don’t have the power to wipe their own ass, much less inflict tyranny. Tyranny is created by the morons who willingly and insistently subject themselves to it. The current farce will be the end of the US, and that end is rightly deserved. If you are holding significant cash, buy something you can trade with while its still worth something. If you don’t have arms and/or a stockpile of ammunition, get some and learn how to use them. They will also be useful trade items. Things are going to turn to shit, and do so quickly.

  3. Never has this quote rang more true…

    Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. Their very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be ‘cured’ against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals. — C. S. Lewis

    • What makes it so easy for our oppressors is that, sadly and by design, most of our fellow citizens have, in fact, been reduced to having the cognitive reasoning skills of “infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals”.

  4. Precisely correct – I have already begun my boycotts and have made it plain as to why, including emails to major manufacturers. Those who care about ‘right’ wont be an issue to begin with and those that are an issue only care about the shekel; maybe taking some income from them will wake them up, if even a bit. Even if it doesnt, its the right thing to do.

  5. Fear is baseline, foundation. Social proof – also fear based – saddles that.

    Ideology? Just narrative. Just words. Just babbling. Just aural appearances.

    “People come to believe whatever they must believe when they must believe it.” ~ Bill Bonner

    Bonner’s bon mot encapsulates humanimal condition. Belief is “in charge,” not believers.

    But that doesn’t mean control is not just as much an illusion amongst non-believers who – fearfully – insist otherwise.

    Poetically, self-fulfillingly, the fear that is the key in all the would-be locks, the would-be containment systems, begets entropy, & “proves” the fears justified. No amount of mentality ever has or ever will vitiate the visceral contact patch that keeps the roman roaders riding along in their automatonmobiles.

  6. Eric, try X3bar. I resisted at first, lifting weights for years. But, it’s true, it’s better than weights, definitely more muscle growth and strength now.

  7. At this stage I don’t honestly think the government is trying to infringe on our rights, at least not as a primary goal anymore. I think the issue they find themselves in is that this virus was going to be great cover for the economic collapse they caused (again) but when it turned out not to have the death toll they promised they found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    At this stage if they mass reopen the result would be a full realization the economic destruction their policies have created (both the malinvestment from before as well as the reaction to CoVid) as well as a concession that CoVid was not as serious. So now they are going to play the CoVid card for a bit longer so they can slowly reopen things in hopes that the unemployment will go down while they still have CoVid active to blame as well as continue to tick up a death toll numbers.

    The funny part in all this is when those moo cows finally realize you can’t turn off and on an economy like a light switch… I firmly believe that is when you are going to start to see some real anger. When the final tally (peer reviewed) comes in from all over the world and we find the economic damage and fallout far exceeds that of anything CoVid did.

    Those 50 governors are going to find a less than receptive electorate. Trump on the other hand has done a really good job on insolating himself from owning this. Not that he isn’t just as guilty as everyone else; just that he played the game of politics well.

    • The funny part in all this is when those moo cows finally realize you can’t turn off and on an economy like a light switch… I firmly believe that is when you are going to start to see some real anger. When the final tally (peer reviewed) comes in from all over the world and we find the economic damage and fallout far exceeds that of anything CoVid did.

      If there is one obvious attribute of the current crop of sheeple inhabiting the USSA that distinguishes them from the hearty souls that founded this country and who keep it going for its its first 175 years, it is their inability to process and accept adverse reality.

      Rather than learn from what happened, internalize WHY it happened (they were too complacent and ignorant, allowing themselves to be led to destruction), suck it up, cut their losses, and set out to do things differently in the future, they’ll do what the current generation of Millennials is infamous for: collapsing in a weepy meltdown, demonizing the un-PC truth that is behind their bleak reality and those who expose it, and continue down the path of repeating history sooner rather than later.

      I sincerely hope I’m wrong here, but the inability of humans in general and American humans in particular to learn anyfuckingthing whatsoever from history is too well established a pattern to ignore.

    • Matt: I think there’s some truth to your point. The pols are definitely trying to save face at this point, but they are still using this bs pandemic to try to control the citizenry. There are many factors involved and none of them are conducive to liberty and freedom. I pray to god that the electorate finally wakes and makes the pols pay dearly.

      • Guys, it goes much deeper than just trying to cover the defunct economy. If it were just that, they wouldn’t just keep on doing the very same things that got them there- on steroids, no less- i.e. the trillions of dollars just printed up for “the stimulus”.

        Bill Clinton is out there pimping “contact tracing” through the auspices of his Clinton Global Foundation- which is now possible through the auspices of the 5G network which Trump has championed and now implemented (Like I’ve always said….no matter who the plebes vote for, there is only one party, and they all work together towards the same agnda).

        This charade is being used to establish global governance, with person-to-person surveillance and snitching that would have made the Soviets drool with envy. This COVID nonsense is nothing but the play to justify their actions and make the plebes even demand such measures to “keep them safe”.

        Remember, this is worldwide- not just a US thing.

        • Exactly. There was too much effort and planning and, of course, too many worldwide actors (Tedros, Klaus Schwab, etc.) to believe it’s just about the US no matter how influential the US is to the world.

    • Quit it!!! Trump is no better or worse than any other one of the US Sociopaths In Charge. He was bought long ago by the bank cartel when Rothschild Inc. bailed him out of his Taj Mahal fiasco. Did he not reauthorize the Patriot act? Has he not continued the endless criminal wars for profit ongoing around the world? Are you not subjected to being groped and/or irradiated any time you attempt to board an airplane? NOTHING has changed since he took office except for the ridiculous tyranny we are now subject to over the flu part 2, and the monstrous amount of transgenerational debt he recently signed into law for the benefit of the bank cartel and corporations.

      • Damn right! If people can’t see they are just two different wings on the same bird of prey then there is little hope that we will get through any challenge. They’re all the SAME people. Every single one of them!

  8. Haven’t worn a mask yet. And most places where I live are now ‘requiring’ it. I get nasty looks, and only a few have said ‘you are supposed to wear a mask!’
    I either don’t reply at all, or say ‘So’.

    • I wore a mask out yesterday and still got nasty looks.

      Apparently you’re still supposed to wear pants with them LOL

  9. As to the OP, yes, absolutely! As I mentioned in another thread recently, I’m going to risk looking like an idiot in public and continue giving myself home haircuts. If barbers don’t have enough respect for themselves, their livelihoods, or their customers to give Uncle the middle finger and open up shop again, then they don’t deserve a penny of my or any other man’s money.

    Ditto for restaurants – especially Chinese ones. ALL of these (Chinese) hereabouts have been closed for the last two months. Maybe the Chinese community fears retribution, but wouldn’t common sense, to say nothing of one’s sense of economic self-preservation, dictate that thry not only stay open, but go out of their way to provide the best food and service possible?

    Anyway, my days of eating Chinese takeout food are done. I hope every one of their damned restaurants stays permanently closed.

    • The problem is, the business owners will receive no back up from their fellow citizens. When the armed thugs show up to make an arrest, instead of eating lead, they’ll get applause from the Cattle. We need to have an organized alternative government with milita.

      • There were armed citizens supporting Dallas salon owner, Shelly Luther. She not only opened up her salon again; she not only flouted orders to close; she RIPPED UP the orders telling her to close. The lady has balls! She has more balls than most guys do. Anyway, there were armed people supporting her.

        • MM, I hate to say it but then we’re dealing with the crowd that only respects physical power. Once outnumbered, they’ll back down like the whiny little bitches they are. Catch some of that Ducote bs. Sumbitch is a crazy fuck totally wanting to be tyrant in charge.

      • Hi Zach,m

        Agreed. The colonists were forced into this corner as well. At some point, we have to stand our ground – no matter the consequences.

        • eric, Right on. It’s a shame we can’t have logical discourse but tyrants can’t stand up to logical anything. They only recognize who has the biggest gun.

          I’ll take donations for a .338 Lapua and scope to match.

        • Colonists…of NYC’s in St. Pete…SoCal’s & Chicagoans in Phoenix…”Americans” in SA…etc. Maybe it takes a little experience. Maybe a little observation. But nothing so anal as colonoscopy: colonists bring their geometry – including corners – with them.

          Wherever ya’ go, there you are. & there they are, too.

          • Yep, Ozy. All most of ’em want are the way it used to be where they were from, and or more affordability. Most of the escapees are the ones who helped to make their former locales the cesspools that they now are….and proceed to do the same in their new locales. If they were yearning to be free, they would have fled their former locales long ago instead of waiting till the quality of life became intolerable.

            They tolerate the BS for 30 or 40 years, and advocate perpetuating it because they have a vested interest in getting their lucrative civil-service union 6-figure pension…..then live off of the proceeds of that tyranny in a better place. They “got theirs”.

            How many say “screw it! I’d rather be free and live within my means by whatever I can provide myself”?

            • Yes, that’s exactly the point, Nunzio. Nest fouling is the dirtybird norm.

              Have been reading about the good old days when sanitation & hygiene hadn’t been 2+2’d to health (as for example when raw sewage, or offal & carcasses {Chicago meatpackers}, would go into the same waters that were used for drinking…), & how all the various & sundry vested interests in status quo fought tooth & nail to keep “getting theirs.”

              That fouling compares in a straight line to the social security expats south of the border who can’t afford where they fled from but can’t stop themselves from taking every “opportunity” to recreate ever increasing costs of living via their pals & benefactors in the “new” state/gov.

              The 2+2 of dirtybirds is not “getting theirs.” It’s getting over. On anybody they can, including unborn future generations.

              Those poor old colonists were typically the got over ones where they fled from, & then became the getting over ones where they fled to.

              For a bit.

              Until the better getter overs among ‘em pushed the nouveau go’s back down again.

              Either way, inversion or inversion’d, the smog & pollution domes over Phx, Denver, on & on everywhere massmanimal congregates are always the same.

              V for Vendetta: “What was done to me was monstrous.” “And it created a monster.”

              That’s a simplification that skips the crucial step, tho. Monsters aren’t created by the great out there. Monsters “made manifest” were, & always are, inherent.


      • A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State….

        Pretty well summarizes it, and why the Feds eliminated the State militias in the early 1900s.

    • Dude, if swearing off Chinese food makes you feel better, by all means.

      However, most of what Americans THINK is “Chinese” cuisine is, in fact, quite American, a unique blend of Chinese methods and spices with domestic ingredients. And contrary to what you may have heard, if you start dating a Chinese chick, you needn’t fear for the welfare of Sylvester the Cat.

      Most Chinese-Americans came here because they or their ancestors were tired of the bullshit going on in their land of origin, as is usually the case with most immigrants. Typically from their perspective, the Chicoms are nothing more than this generation’s warlords and oligarchs, the same that have ruled over that unfortunate land for five thousand years. Believe you me, they’ve little good to say about Xi and his gang.

      • Yeah, Doug- REAL Chink food is great- especially the Hunan and Szchezuan varieties! This fast-food bastardized crap that we call Chinese food…is utter crap.

        One of the few, brief times in my life that I had a 9-5 job, I worked for a guy who was from Taiwan. He used to send me to a REAL Chinese take-out only restaurant…..which existed for the Chinese people in the area, and where the staff didn’t speak any Engrish- and holy crud! Their food was amazing. I’ve never seen fried chicken in my life that could compare with theirs.

        You’d walk in, and it was just a tiny room, with a little window to which you’d walk up to and just give the little old Chinese guy a number, and he’d hand you your food and take your money.

        • Nunz, it’s rare in west Texas to find one but I love real Vietnamese and Cambodian food. They have some wild tastes and really hot peppers.

          My first meal with a family in Mexico we had fresh caught fish and a lot of fresh veggies picked just outside town. I asked what this bowl of red stuff was and conversation stopped. One that spoke English told me it was ground pepper, too hot for everyone. I put a dollop on something and ate it. Everybody’s sitting there waiting for me to have a fit. I chewed and swallowed and gave my sincere approval. Then I slathered it over everything and had a great meal. They finally pulled their tongues in and shut their mouths and then started cheering me. Next day I go to el centro and pick up a couple jars of it. We had plenty while I was there and I bought a bunch to bring home. It was oily enough if you couldn’t take it you were going to suffer. I wish I could get it all the time.

          We eat Mezetta habanero sauce but for about a year nobody had it for some reason. I did a search and found the factory in Ca. and ordered a case of it for less than what it cost at the store. Some bacon and eggs and a bottle of habanero sauce. Now that’s what I call breakfast.

        • Hey Nunz and Doug,

          If you haven’t already, check out Grace Young.

          Her books are amazing and her passion for real Chinese food is infectious. I have a hand made Chinese cast iron wok. It is very light, unlike American cast iron, it’s lighter than a carbon steel wok. I had the interior surface ground smooth, and it’s just amazing.

          Her recipes and descriptions are wonderful, she’ll have you making top shelf real Chinese food right from the start.


          • Don’t know why you’d want it slick. The whole point of a wok is being able to keep the contents up on the sides.

          • Mmmm! Thanks, Jeremy! I’ll bookmark that! I’ve been doing stir-fry in a heavy-bottomed sauce pan!

            There is NOTHING like good cast iron! I inherited this little cast frying pan many years ago, and it is of a quality you can not find these days. I think it’s from Australia, as it says “Sydney” on the bottom. But man! That thing is so slick….better than any Teflon (I HATE Teflon!).

            • Hey Nunz,

              She’s great. Wonderful recipes, beautiful photos and fascinating commentary on the history and culture of Chinese cuisine.

              Yes, cast iron is the best. I have a wall in my kitchen dedicated to it. Unlike hipster douchebags, they’re not decorative, I use them every day.

              Anyway, you have an old Wagner-Ware pan. Sydney was a model. Those are awesome, keep it forever.


              • Wagner-ware! Ah! Thanks a million, Jeremy! I may just keep my eyes open for some used ones, to replace my bigger newer pans. I don’t fry things often…but when I do, and if the Wagner is too small for the job (Which it usually is) I always feel like I’m slumming, using the newer lesser-quality ones. I fully do intend to keep that Wagner till I croak!

                Wait…wait…hipsters use frying pans for decorations?! Well don’t that put brakes on your fixie!

                • Hey Nunz,

                  Wagner-Ware is part of the “holy trinity” of American cast iron (Wagner-Ware, Griswold and Piqua-Ware). Unfortunately, good vintage iron, at a reasonable price, is hard to find. And yes, cast iron became very popular among the wealthy hipster crowd, and I heard from a few dedicated sellers that many bought it as decoration (anecdotal, of course).

                  Anyway, all three are now defunct and the only one left that dates back to that period is Lodge (which never developed the reputation of the above three). Still, they are ubiquitous and inexpensive. But, they’re really heavy and the cooking surface is not ground after casting, so it is pebbly, not smooth. I have a modern Lodge 10.5″ griddle in my quiver that I use everyday. I ground the pebbly surface smooth with an orbital sander and re-seasoned it. It’s as good as anything I own (fried eggs slide off of it) but it took a couple of hours of work to get the surface as I like it.


                  Wagner-Ware made a comeback of sorts in the 90’s with a model called “1891 Original” (it was not based on an “original’ design). These were sold unfinished (like all current Lodge) and polished, which produced a very smooth cooking surface. If you can find any of the polished ones, they’re really nice pans, and usually pretty cheap.

                  As Eight noted, good cast iron can be found at thrift stores and flea markets for reasonable prices. Dedicated sellers are easy to find on-line, but prices are usually high. There is also a lot of really good, unbranded, vintage cast iron available, you just have to know how to spot it. Many business of that period would buy a run of generic iron and give it as gifts to good customers.

                  Of the “holy trinity” Piqua-Ware is my favorite, but they’re the hardest to find. They used a thinner cast and were lighter than Griswold or Wagner. Griswold is most prized by collectors, but can still be found for cheap at thrift stores and flea markets. When looking for “old iron”, generic is a fine alternative, just look for pans that are similar in uniformity and design as the good branded ones (perhaps the best pan I ever owned was generic but, in a fit of misguided generosity, I gave it to a good friend). Also, it doesn’t matter how crappy they look as long as they are not heavily pitted or cracked. Rust doesn’t matter either as long as it hasn’t eaten away the iron.

                  If not hopelessly damaged, good cast iron can always be brought back to life. A run through a self-cleaning oven cycle will burn off every bit of crud on the nastiest looking pan. A lye bath also works really well. Then, clean it thoroughly and season.


                  • Wow! Thanks for the education, Jeremy!

                    I suspect that my other cast iron pans are Lodges- Heavy and pebbly. They do work just fine though- but after using the Wagner…..

                    The Wagner wasn’t perfect when I got it- the family friend whom I inherited it from (Along with most of her other household furnishings -RIP Margie Kochersberger d. 1988) just basically cooked in it, and apparently never coated it with oil after washing it, etc. It had some light rust, and wasn’t super-slippery- but just with use and some basic care, I got it into great shape. I swear, I look for excuses to use that pan!

                    • Darn, Jeremy! For $125, it had better come with a chef and groceries! 🙂

                      If anything, I should be paring down my collection of pots and pans. I only use maybe three of ’em on a regular basis….the rest get used rarely or never.

                      As a natural minimalist, I always say that all I really need for cooking are 3 pots/pans and a good knife. The rest is just excess.

                      Good to know though, that at least they are still making some good quality skillets!

                    • Yeah, ozy, that’s the expensive stuff I saw. Kent says it is great but then he got it for free.

                    • Eight…I don’t own any Butter Pat. But those prices compare to 100+ year old Griswolds. I bet Leno’s got a wall of the stuff hanging in his garage…all the old iron’s gone into museum collections.

                    • Darn, Ozy! The pan ain’t ‘upposed to cost more than the stove! 🙂

                      Heck, I’m the kinda guy that even if ya gave me one’a them eggspensive thangs for free, I’d brag about the one I got at the Salivation Army for $5. (Not that I’ve gotten any at the Salivation Army yet!).

                      My mother has a pot- I don’t know what ya call it- it’s a cast iron oval pot with a deep lid, that she uses for making pot roast and such- which originally belonged to my grandmother- it’s gotta be at least 80 years old- likely more. NOTHING can duplicate what ya get when ya use that pot!

                      I always wondered why my cabbage and potatoes never comes like my mother’s- Turns out, she makes hers in that pot…and there’s just no way to duplicate it.

                    • Hey Nunz,

                      Well, I like bringing old cast iron back to life but, if I didn’t or hadn’t the time, it’s reasonably priced for the quality and the convenience. I usually pay $5.00 – $20.00 for good vintage cast iron and then spend a few hours, spread over a couple of days, to make it right.


                    • Nunz, that’s a dutch oven and I would take for ours. They used to make a top with divots for biscuits and another top to cover that.

                      I have what is called a trivet, 3 horse shoes welded together at the sides to make a triangle with legs and you can just put coals on the ground and on the top and cook whatever you need.

                      Nothing has the taste of a good cast iron pan.

                    • Jeremy, my mother had a new 10″ skillet someone had given her. She didn’t use it since she already had an ancient one. She gave it to me when I left for college. I used hell out of it and still do.

                    • ozy, cast iron is old school and the only way to cook. You’ll never cook the great taste I do without cast iron.

                  • One of my neighbors threw away several cast iron pans when he moved out. One of them was a Griswold chicken fryer.
                    I fished them out of the dumpster pronto and gave the Griswold to a friend (I already have one).
                    Picked up a propane powered flat top griddle under similar circumstances…
                    Unreal what people throw away.

                    • Cast iron’s old school & the new mather’s can’t calc…nor even cook, often enough

                      Had my eye on a Griswold aebleskiver pan. Guy wanted $300. I blinked, & it was gone.

            • Nunz, if there’s a Goodwill, check it out now and then. The upper class or people who’ve inherited, can’t get rid of cast iron fast enough. You know they’re all those new super coatings that are great and poison hell out of you.

              • Good idear, Eight! Normally, you can’t find anything good around here at thrift stores (T’was the one good thing about Long Island….lots of people with money who’d get rid of good stuff…and especially old things, from a plethora of old stores back in the day).

                Here, it’s mainly Walmart crud…..and prior to that, there weren’t many stores- and if anyone has anything remotely decent and old…they think it’s “an antique”……

                But it sure wouldn’t hurt to take a look now and then when I go to town.

  10. Talk about irony.

    30 years ago the Soviet Union fell without a shot being fired. The people came out in droves to express their new found Liberty.

    Now, the first nation founded on the Rights of Man and established to protect said Rights has collapsed…without a shot being fired. People now cower in their homes, afraid of their fellow citizens and beg the government for permission to Live their Lives.

    May God and our progeny forgive us for our failings.

    • H Mark,

      Not all of us, by god! And it was always thus. Never forget this. A committed minority always determines policy. We have allowed them to determine policy for far too long. Enough.

      • eric, we had to go get some groceries a couple days ago. The only people we saw with masks were women and employees(they had to wear them and I sympathized while they just shook their heads in disgust). I saw one man shopping with a mask.

        Then we had to go to Wally for a load of snot meds since we’re right in the middle of spring with high pollen counts and alternate between sneezing and blowing our noses. Very few with masks there. Not finding the dog food I feed CJ, he gets some expensive beef and venison that nobody had but Tractor Supply was a spot of freedom with no employees wearing masks or shoppers. It’s hard to fool country folk. Not so much with the crowded masses.

        • Tucker is a great actor, but don’t forget he’s still one of ‘them.’ I’ve watched performances by numerous governors and health directors lately. They are all repeating the same lines, almost verbatim. Whoever is writing their scripts/speeches is apparently the same source.

          • Pappa, I just watched a Louder with Crowder with Don Trump JR. It was great. He said all the things he dad wants to say. At the end he admitted he’s always Heavily Armed. Speaking of which, have you noticed the Secret Service no longer has machine gun briefcases. They are always clutching a lap top. Sure would like to see the inside of one of those “laptops”.

  11. Another day, another Nurse speaking out saying how hospitals/doctors are killing people. Says it’s going on everywhere but mostly in lovely New York. If I understood her correctly if a person came in with a cough or some kind of respiratory problem and their oxygen level was under 92% they were admitted and put on a ventilator. Most died. According to her, most could talk, walk, and were able to make complete sentences when admitted. Since most were Medicare/Medicaid the hospital receives an additional $52,000 from government. Going to wiki it seems most hospitals in the past would not consider a ventilator until oxygen got below 80%. Think I’d stay home and take my chances.

    Well the scam is slowly getting out,,,
    Washington Times 04/28: “Covid 19 Turning Out To Be A Big Hoax Perpetrated By Media”

    Number of Americans out of work now over 36 million. Many are not eligible for unemployment. Many possible suicides, malnutrition, murder possibilities here government and hospitals can chalk up to ‘the virus’.

    And the tax issue is starting to come up:
    Nashville raising Property Taxes 32%… and many are for it! Other cities and counties are doing same. Texas is trying to raise them but a resolution passed awhile back only allows them to raise by 3.5% without a public vote.
    I suspect all the politicians that perpetrated this hoax by illegally shutting down their economies will do the same. Gotta pay the enforcers after all.

    Georgia is reopening their restaurants, nail salons, etc,,, except gyms, bars, nightclubs. The governor is kind enough to allow indoor dining [isn’t that White of him] but social distancing and temperature checks will have to be made. But Atlanta Mayer says opening the city must be executed in a cautious manner….
    Georga alleged CV Deaths 775
    Georgia Population ~ 10,000,000
    Death percentage 775 / 10,000,000 = 0.0000775
    Really scary eh! Of course now they’re using the ‘infected’ number (20,000) which produces a more scary number. Herd immunity would require 8,000,000 to have had the disease. But that’s not mentioned.

    Welcome to Fascist America where Free America surrendered without firing a shot, not even a whimper. In lieu of the Armband we wear masks. All in less than three months.

    • Thanks for the news info. I like it when commenters post news summaries. I can’t read any news online because it makes me puke and it’s beyond the twilight zone. Don’t even get me started about TV news shows … BAAARRRF! Too late, just thinking about them made me barf.

      • I second that, Harry! Even if one knows they are hearing/reading lies…..the cumulative effect still ends up altering one’s perception, and ya end up believing at least a part of the BS, just from the constant repetitive themes, and the attack upon the emotions which all of the drivel is designed to work on.

        • Well said. GAWD I hate this day & age… I’m so sick of mind control everywhere in the FAKE media. There’s SO many crimes against the people all going on at the same time, it’s kind of overwhelming… I’m just trying to survive, I’d LIKE to be able to LIVE my life and have some hope for the future, but lately more and more I’m just thinking this world is a horrible HELL and I’m kind of looking forward to passing away someday, there’s just no joy or peace in this world anymore. I know USA has been alot better than other countries… just knowing other countries are going through horrible wars and hells of their own is disconcerting enough. I imagine EVERYONE in USA must be more or less like me now — entire planet has gone fubar with evil dictators having a field day. There’s no foundation of stability anymore — it’s all madness, and the dictators are just getting worse and worse! I don’t have any kids, and I’M GLAD because I feel sorry for all the kids and the poor parents must feel so sad for their kids’ futures, this entire world is HEARTBREAKING right now. And I don’t know when/how anything is ever going to get any better… the only hope is if the people get together and TAKE OVER for gawd’s sakes it’s long overdue. Sigh.

    • Given the huge amount of Medicare fraud that went on in the Tri-State area once the “Russian” mob moved in (most of them did indeed come from “Russia”, or the Soviet Union when it was still going, but are, in fact, JEWISH, and many didn’t come from “Mother Russia” but first spent a few years in ISRAEL, where often they got a few steps ahead of the cops there), that so many cases next to and in “New Yawk” were diagnosed, at numbers about 10X per capita as the rest of the country, it seems the entire country has been DUPED by a clever SCAM. Millions of Americans in areas actually worth saving out of work over the sake of that libtard cesspool. What the hell has this country come to.

      “Dishonest Abe” already settled, by force of arms, the question of whether a state, or, more precisely, a group of states, proclaiming itself a sovereign nation, as our “Founding Fookers” had done in 1776, could leave the Union of their own accord. My question is, how can we kick a state or portion thereof OUT?

  12. went out Dirt bike riding yesterday and the cops showed up at the old coal bing we were racing round, off course we didn’t hang around and let them take our bikes but i’m a fifty year old man and i felt like a teenager being chased by the cops for er….. riding my dirt bike around the old coal bing and up the woods. I’ll be out riding again this weekend only we’re away up the hills. It’s no safeguard against the cops but sod them. I’m also out on my road bike every day and have noticed a steady rise in traffic since the lockdown began. More every day. I’ve lived my whole life on my own terms, run my own business and ask nothing from anyone. This lockdown shows just how many people live life like they are still school children being told what to do by the teachers. It’s very disappointing indeed

    • “This lockdown shows just how many people live life like they are still school children being told what to do by the teachers”

      Exactly, Anon. People say the public schools are a failure. I say they are a raging success. Yes, they fail at education but, they are perfect vessels for indoctrination.

      • indeed, the aim of the school is to make everyone “part of the community” To share “common goals” and any number of communist buzz words. We need to start teaching individualism and self reliance as the number one thing a human needs. I am not my brothers keeper and he isn’t mine. We, off course, can work together as long as both parties agree it’ll be for our mutual benefit but no compulsion can be applied. I’m afraid most people will never live a day of their lives without being scared of the day they never saw nor look after themselves. I was the Anon poster i just hadn’t signed in before i posted.

        • Yeah, all that “community” and “together” words is just hypnotic brainwashing. This country HAS NO COMMUNITY whatsoever … it has dictators and their propaganda machine. The people don’t communicate and they aren’t united… so there’s no “community”. The dictators don’t let the people VOTE on anything, so the people have no say in anything — that’s the OPPOSITE of “community” and “together”ness.

        • I asked my 30 year old neighbor if he wanted to turn up some dirt for a garde. He replied “(I won’t do it with mispellings)whoss tractors? I’m thinking no shit, does the tractor owner make a difference? So I replied, What diff does it make?(it’s the friend of a friend I don’t know and his name was never mentioned).

          He says, we already have peppers, squash and pumpkins. So I replied, You don’t eat veggies?. He said he had plenty(a few plants I can guarantee). Then he said he had a spotlight and a rifle and would kill everything he needed.

          I said that was fine till he was standing in a line with a chit waiting for govt. to dole out what they said he could have. Oh, he got a kick out of that and denigrated me even more.

          I was going to offer him one of the same 230lb hogs I am about to buy for $100 since the hog farm has no processor to take hundreds of hogs to.

          I held my breath so he replied it was all bullshit and the govt had already spent billions for some name of a town in Africa he botched so bad I don’t have a clue as to the real name.

          It was then I said that standing in line and starving waiting for govt. food had happened at least 3 times I could remember in this country. He got a big kick out of that and indicated I was an idiot. I didn’t try to convince him again.

          We stocked the tank today and while putting the fish in, a big deer and another came from the spillway and one walked in and swum the length of the tank, got out and relaxed in the grass in the shade of a couple big cottonwoods. He lives on a rocky hill with no water or decently turned ground. I thought about it a while and sent him the video of the deer swimming our tank and lying down 80 feet away while we were talking and watching the fish. No reply. Some people know so much they starve themselves to death. I learned from my grandparents and parents food can be extremely hard to get. But most of all, I read a lot of books growing up about the times of lack of food in this country. I’m certain he has no idea the govt. took people’s food and gave them some worthless script during WW11 while families starved from being left too little.

          Those who don’t know history………

  13. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

    Thus the highly instructive phenomenon of Vice President Pence wandering the corridors of the famed Mayo Clinic, ministering to the sick and healing not a few, but sans mask.

    An irreverent doctor named Augie Lindmark nailed it: “If the vice president shows up at your doorstep at a time when hospitals are getting massive infusions of federal funds, the red carpet is rolling out, with or without masks.”

    Of course, Pence was not taking a stand for liberty. Rather, in his disordered mind, Pence is an emissary of the Deity, protected by guardian angels hovering at each shoulder, trailing clouds of glory.

    Likewise, Sec State Pompeo — another Bible-thumping fundie — is laying the ground for another gigantic land theft by the state of Israel this summer, in pursuit of its apocalyptic agenda of ethnic cleansing and human sacrifice of lesser peoples.

    If these ain’t the Trib Times already, the president’s deluded zealots are doing everything possible to bring on the Rapture — for the precious few who qualify. The Remnant will just have to tough it out as best they can, in their grim Coronadorps and Covidburgs.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yup; I’m sitting here in the parking lot of my Corona’d coffee shop… wearing my ear tag, to show my contempt for being treated like a cow by these people.

      Did a heavy workout before – in the proto Samizdat Gym – to get my mind clear first.

  14. I was just thinking about this subject, as the overlord of Kentucky has decreed that as of May 11th, all the two-legged bovine must wear a “mask” in public. T’was just debating what I will say when kicked out of the local stores for not wearing the precursor to the Mark Of The Beast- probably something to the effect of “From here on out, I will just buy what I’d normally buy here, online.”.

    I know a while back, in reference to getting out of the USSA I had said that ‘One day we’re gonna wake up, and suddenly everything’s gonna be different”- Shoot- even I didn’t expect it would be NOW!

    • I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. They actually did it. It’s real. Coincidence theorists have at last been vindicated. Alas, it is a hollow victory.

  15. Eric,

    Samizdat Fitness-I love it!

    I’m in basic agreement with taking your business elsewhere too. Unfortunately, some of us don’t HAVE that choice. Where I live we have mostly big supermarkets, and they’re ALL doing the mask kabuki, per Fuhrer Wolf. The only choice we’ll have is among those who are and aren’t enforcing the mask kabuki.

    I have been resisting in other ways though. I’ve been going out when I WANT, not when the gov’t says. Furthermore, I got away from the cops last night!

    I went out to eat, then go to the supermarket after eating. I learned the hard way to never shop on an empty stomach.

    Anyway, I took the long way to Taco Bell, as that’s one of the few restaurants open. I wanted to get out of the house, and I wanted to exercise my car. I was on 519 in NJ doing 65-70 in a 50. A NJSP SUV passed me going the other way, and I was like, “Oh, shit!” Not only was I speeding; I was violating the BS house arrest order. In my mirror, when the cop was 1/4 a mile or so behind me, I saw him slow down and start turning around. I knew from previous experience that he was coming for me. I slowed down a bit, but not all the way. A few seconds later, I saw a side road and turned off on it. I did so to hide, buy time, and figure out what to do next to hopefully get away from the AGW. A little bit later, I saw a road I know, turned on it, and continued on to my destination a different way. I engaged in a bit of passive resistance last night-mission accomplished!

      • Swamp,

        You CAN go out, provided the trip is “necessary”; for example, if you’re going to the doctor, getting food, or getting pet supplies, that’s okay. Restaurants can remain open if they do takeout and/or delivery. “Essential”, i.e. life sustaining businesses, can remain open, such as grocery stores, drug stores, etc. I was going to the grocery store after I ate, so my trip was essential. I just took the long way there… 😉

    • Ahh…Taco Bell…where Cocteau invited John Spartan to dine with him after “rescuing” him from the arch-criminal Simon Phoenix. Again, a disturbingly prescient move from 27 years ago. Be well.

      • Everything was Taco Bell! Not only that, you had the chip or whatever in your right hand-a la Revelation 13 of the Bible…

  16. S-U-B-M-I-S-S-I-O-N DANCE!
    You can Moo if you want to, leave your fears behind
    Cause if your friends don’t submit, and if they don’t submit
    Well they can be fined!
    I say, you can’t go where we want to, a place they will always find
    And we can act like we come from out of this world
    Leave the real one far behind,
    And we can submit

  17. We seem to be getting into the short rows…
    Keeping us, AKA “We are all in this together…”, saaaaaafe has progressed from wrecking our cars with EPA and other gadgets, to destroying the Second Amendment with gun legislation (TNX Coonman and Bloomturd), to now making all the herd wear the Cow Bell of a face mask and soon to carry immunization papers.
    I do not know if an economic embargo will work, but it is worth a try. I recall that it finally pulled the plug on Henry Ford and his Dearborn newspaper…guess by whom ???
    What I do know is that saying “NO” is the answer to a lot of this bull shit.
    But having said it before on this venue, that is not easy or likely for MEN who already cannot say “NO” at home. The MGTOW crowd is reporting that the government sponsored COVID-19 hoax is greatly distressing to the distaff side of the house. They are coming back to their formerly rejected men in large numbers. Maybe that will embolden the Dick Swingers to reestablishing their FRAMES and relearn the power of “NO”. I hope so !
    Only time will tell…
    1988 Citroën 2CV6
    2005 VW Passat TDI

    • Well said Jack! Most of the married guys I know are doing exactly what their scared to death coronaphobe wives are telling them to do. Damn disgraceful.

        • eric, this is sorta crass but true. Back in my “yute”, I had a shiny hot car, nice clothes and a line of crap I learned to change for the need. If I had just fed my good cooking to more women I’d have been covered up with sex although I seemed to have plenty. The point is, a good cover story and things that bling and shine kept my bed stocked. I learned women are so easy to bullshit it’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel. Sorry to say, it works that way for things such as govt. and news organizations and other forms of brainwashing. I often wonder what the special ingredients are in women’s shampoos.

          I do remember going into beauty shops with a female and leaving half-stunned by the chemicals in the air. I can only imagine how stunned they must have been with it going into their pores.

        • As a friend and high school chum, whom also at 61 years of infesting this rock still NEVER MARRIED, put it, “If it floats, flies, or fucks, it’s CHEAPER TO RENT!”

          He has two fine home in Fresno (inherited his parents home and lives in that, rents out his old pad), a yacht, a speed boat, a Cowboy Cadillac, THREE airplanes, and a bunch of other toys. He still gets plenty of tail, apparently. And what PAID for all that? A Janitorial business with now ten employees, where he STILL goes out in the wee hours around Fresburg and has his own route of buildings to clean, along with supervising and dealing with clients and his accountant (his sister). Meanwhile, I still have to work and am paying off the SECOND divorce, in fact, will write that check (EFT) to the ex, which is worth it to keep her quiet and out of my hair and 700 miles away. Sure, I’ve got kids and grandkids to show for it, whereas my friend was always “careful”…but, in the analysis, WHOM is happier?

          • “Legal” slavery. Such is the business of fambly courts.

            Can confirm your friend’s observations. At 58 and never hitched; no kids; no fancy expensive house; no job in town….and lots of peace and quiet, I’m happier than anyone I know. I haven’t missed a thing.

            I literally just got off the phone with a good friend back in Nueva York- who used to be a happy-go-lucky guy who never complained. Got married in his 40’s and had a sprog- He’s now 51…and now complains constantly. He is miserable. Spends hours a day commuting to the Bronx….to work in a multicultural stew where few around him actually do any work. That’s his life now; Commute; work; commute; sleep. Put on a BBQ or go to a lesbian wedding for the wife’s side of the fambly on the weekends.

            He could have been retired and having a nice life. Before he got matrried, he had saved a few hundred grand from being single and not having any expensive habits… he’s screwed for the foreseeable future….and if he everr gets free, he will not be free- but what he has had to endure for the last decade will only have been a foretaste of what his life will be like then.

            I count my blessings. I would not be able to live like these people live.

            • “he had saved a few hundred grand from being single and not having any expensive habits…” And once he said “I do” (and was ‘done’), her net worth instantly increased by about $100K. And that’s at minimum in “New Yawk”, which, instead of being a “community property” state, where at least IN THEORY it’s “50-50”, should wifey figure out at what point it’s time to cash out, likely he’ll have to fork over not only EVERYTHING that HE worked for since they hitched (after all, the creature with the crack MUST be sustained in her ‘lifestyle’ that HIS hard work got her accustomed to, on the legal theory that no good deed ought to go unpunished), but fork over huge sums of his future earnings in child support and alimony, while she can take on a live-in lover and support him, her, or “it” (we ARE talking about NY). Should somehow he remarry and at least THIS time, finding a female with some earning power, the income of wifey#2 will be factored, even in a roundabout way, since he in theory “owns” half of what the new wife brings in (funny how a divorced and remarried flea-male will howl indignantly when the same rule is applied to HER, or it’s SHE that has to pay child support), but the judge almost never figures what’s good for the goose is likewise good for the gander.

              With the ex-wife about 700 miles away in “Yew-Tah” and the g/f about 1,500 of em (most of the time, she travels quite freely, but that’s another tale) in “Tejas”, I keep telling myself…why FUCK UP a GOOD THING?

      • Woman LOVE the drama associated with this nonsense. It plays on their innate, never-allayed sense of FEAR, which, like drama, is as essential to their existence as oxygen, water, and food.

        Wanna make your woman hate your guts? Solve a problem (or set of problems) for her that takes all the fear and drama out of her life. It literally robs her of her life’s driving force.

        • Must disagree ; any woman worth her salt appreciates a problem solving man. Furthermore, they will look to their man for strength and direction. cant comment on moral-less skanks much as I know none, but good ones – and they are few I understand – are not that way.

          • Hard to find those women. They’re like Lib said, full of drama and they love it. Nothing better than to piss you off, no matter how long it takes or how much shit they have to talk. If you speak back, no force involved, they’re all of a sudden the victim. It’s been drilled into them… to speak. I don’t drill those types.

            • DS,

              I heard the same saying: if it flies, floats, or fucks, you’re better off renting. The rest of this thread makes me happy to have reached an age where I find a good dump more satisfying than an orgasm! Thank goodness I’m no longer a slave to the damnable sex drive…

  18. As retail and office space become worthless it might finally get easier to rent out space in a strip mall or other location. I still see the empty former K-Mart, empty former JP Penny’s, and former Sears and wonder what might be a good use for them. But they’ve been empty so long now I’m pretty sure that the mall’s ownership isn’t willing to take “something” instead of nothing for the space. Probably because having a loss on their investment helps offset the tax bill from some other investment. But this year will be different. If the zombie RET’s doesn’t have any revenue at all there’s no tax bill (and in fact you’ve probably got your hand out). So maybe they’ll finally be willing to deal.

    Good luck and maybe you can figure out how to call it a “private club” or something to keep Uncle off your back. Although I’d guess in VA that might bring out the SJWs who demand entry…

      • EP;

        FWIW A good technique to get rent to match revenue (and thus cap the downside risk of being shut down) is to get the landlord to take a % of the gross of the tenant.

        Having been a partner on a chiropractic gym I can tell you from experience that it’s a hard business with thin margins and to survive it needs strong marketing due to membership attrition.

        Making expenses variable to match revenue assures that you don’t get negative cash flow.

    • Real Estate is the most corrupt and manipulated sector of the economy. Most residential and commercial real estate is realistically worth pennies on the dollar of its current assessed value and should have collapsed to the Earth’s core after the 2008 meltdown. Yet the Bankster Regime used every tool at its disposal, plus some new and desperate inventions, to keep the market from correcting. Still, the laws of economics are like those of physics: immutable. You can only prevent reality from asserting itself for so long. The correction, WHEN it comes, not if, is going to be epic.

      • We have met the enemy and it is us. Well, not us exactly, but the people we have managing our retirement. Aging populations aren’t too keen on seeing their retirement nest egg go from ostrich to hummingbird size because someone micromanaged a crash. And local governments don’t want to see their cash cow go away with reassessment, especially when they’re on the hook for a large number of people’s defined benefits. And the rest don’t want to watch grandma vote the bums out for reals, because we all know that the world is perfect just the way it is.

        You say corruption, I say tomato.

      • Lib, its close to the most corrupt. But THE most corrupt has to be banking in its various guises. Its almost the very root, of whats wrong with much of the world. The root itself, of course, is government… ^^ What to watch for, is when the price of vital productive assets crash, and the banks (and those behind them…) swoop in and buy them up for pennies on the dollar. Prime restate, business assets, all of it available to them for a tiny fraction of their real value. All because they own the politicians, and the politicians control the enforcer class.

        • Everyone needs to protest….with guns. I wish I could get everyone’s attention and get them to watch this. It’s what I’ve been saying for months. Everyone, including ranchers and farmers(and the public)are victims of corporations. We’re going to STARVE. Is anyone listening?

          • It has to play out. There’s no getting in front of it any more than donning masks, of any kind, gets those donners passers in front of anything. That aspect is one even the preppers miss, seems to me. If it gets that far, it’ll be like The Road (Cormac McCarthy). Roving packs of wildings, in clothes, & in costumes, defining greater good as they go.

            I looked at the comments below the markymark link. Most seemed on the gov side. Could be stacked. But I didn’t see a single unmasked face today, when I went out. And one guy, who scurried away from me, in what seemed like outrage, in the checkout line, was driving away as I was leaving, slowed down, lookin my way, maybe was jotting the plate# on my truck. Cuz, simon the gov sez everybody wear the star of david/mask….


            Want to ask you about that deer. Around here, most everywhere was my impression, meat needs be inspected for that mad deer disease.

          • Eight, you’d have to be nuts to protest without being armed these days. I’ve been saying to expect food shortages since the middle of march. This has gone beyond stupid.
            @ Ozy, the scared sheep can all fuck off, just don’t force me to defend myself. I read a bunch of those same comments and agree that some of them are probably paid trolls but there are disturbingly high numbers of kool aid drinkers too.

            I have to do a small job monday for a large MIC corp. and they require us to wear masks. It pisses me off to no end but I am going to suck it up this time only because I am not ready to screw over my boss yet. He has this annoying habit of accepting jobs from scum and I am reaching my limit. FFS when they want to see your birth certificate, require non-disclosure agreements, have 500+ page health and safety plans, and want to nitpick over costs you’d think a person would refuse. It’s not prestigious, it’s groveling. Maybe he’ll wake up and smell the bullshit (yeah right).

              • I highly doubt that, guess I wasn’t clear enough. Maybe I should have said ‘one would’ rather than “you’d”.
                Just preaching to the choir…


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