Elon Escapes – Again

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Maybe he has the negatives. You know – the goods on some powerful people, which he uses to escape ever being held accountable for anything he says or does or doesn’t deliver.

Like the “affordable” electric car.

Or publicly smearing a private citizen as a pedophile.

Musk – who did just that to Vernon Unsworth, the diver who rescued a group of kids trapped in an underwater cavern – apparently out of spite, because Unsworth’s rescue interfered with Musk’s planned publicity stunt (to use a Tesla submarine to rescue the kids) has been found nicht schuldig – not guilty – for doing what he very clearly did do.

Despite their being no question that Musk called Unsworth a “pedo guy” in a Tweet broadcast to millions, all over the world – a jury decided this wasn’t defamatory. In spite of zero evidence that Unsworth is a “pedo guy.”

Despite the fact that millions of people will now suspect him of being exactly that – such awful accusations having a tendency to stick, to leave questions in people’s minds. . . forever.

Would you leave your kid with a “pedo guy”? Would you hire one?

No worries. Elon didn’t mean it.  Except, he did – very much. He didn’t just off-the-cuff accuse Unsworth of being a kid toucher, he sicced a private investigator on him. It didn’t cut any ice with the jury, which released Elon from all accountability.

Which means that whatever the actual cost in dollars – and reputation – suffered by Unsworth, who did absolutely nothing to merit the public abuse motivated not by concern, let alone facts but by vindictiveness – he gets nothing.

Not even an apology.

Ronald Reagan – accused by his enemies of being the Teflon President – had nothing on Musk.

Probably because Ronnie didn’t have the negatives. Or rather, because Elon has all the right friends. Which he’s got because he serves a purpose. In this respect, he is much more like another figure, recently deceased.

Jeffrey Epstein.

But Elon remains . . . useful. Perhaps that will change.

Here’s hoping it will.

. . .

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  1. “Like the “affordable” electric car.”

    Affordable is a relative term like small or far, the M 3 is affordable, I know that for a fact because I am seeing them regularly now, so lots of people can afford them. The military claims multi role aircraft are more ‘affordable’ even if they cost many times a single role aircraft as all you have to do is divide the cost of a multi role aircraft by a large number and claim it replaces that many single role aircraft. Teslas are multi role cars. They replace a sedan/suv and a sports car, and if that is not enough add a few other roles.

    How to achieve affordability with a Tesla:
    1) price your fantasy Tesla
    2) determine what price is affordable.
    3) declare the number of roles equal to Round-Up[ (1)/(2) ]
    Bonus: actually name the different roles needed to achieve part (3)

    • Hi Rich,

      Yup. It isn’t surprising that Musk is a poor driver; he also knows very little about cars. He’s a technocrat, enamored of technology and possessed by the lust to be a “star.” I can’t relate to people like him. He’s a Kardashian, but less honest.

      • I find it interesting Eloi is never seen with a woman. Not saying he’s good looking but anyone with that sort of money doesn’t need to be good looking as we all know.

      • I have this wonderful vision of Elon the incompetent flipping his truck into a drainage canal.

        The idea of him being unable to break the window or open the doors as the battery ignites, simultaneously drowning and burning Elon.

        Preferably with Unsworth standing nearby giving a nice slow golf clap.

        I generally wish harm on another human. Elon does not really qualify.

  2. Musk must have some connections. He’s pulled a lot of stunts that would have consequences for most. I do get a laugh at how he keeps “burning the shorts”. Everything looks bad, the hedge funds pile in short then Musk pulls a rabbit out of his ass and sends the stock rallying.

  3. I think Unsworth is suing Musk in several countries. Maybe he can win one of those. Not that he will ever get anything, even if he did win………

  4. Can’t wait ’til Musk has to pay for all the damage his fraud’s caused (Autopilot kills, Battery fires, tools left stranded) and hopefully, the EV “Craze” Uncle is forcing down our throats fades away like a bad nightmare.

    Where did this case take place, did Muskrat pay off or shop the Jury?


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