“Pedo Guy” Getting His Day in Court

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Some of the money Elon Musk has mulcted from taxpayers may go to good use.

The aging tech hipster and rent seeker will face a potentially expensive defamation lawsuit by British diver Vernon Unsworth, whom he publicly and falsely branded a pedophile and child rapist, a “pedo guy” when his offer to use Teslian tech to rescue kids trapped in an underwater cave was rejected.

U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson in Los Angeles said a reasonable jury could conclude that Musk’s comments were more than merely opinions and scheduled a trial for Oct. 22.

The same judge already denied Musk’s bid to dismiss the lawsuit brought by Unsworth, without explaining his reasoning.

Unsworth became a target for Musk after saying on CNN that a mini-submarine offered for the rescue by Musk from his company SpaceX was a “PR stunt” and that Musk could “stick his submarine where it hurts.”

In retaliation, Musk let loose the “pedo guy” smear on Twitter and urged a BuzzFeed News reporter by email to investigate Unsworth and “stop defending child rapists.”

Bad enough that Elon gets away with ripping off money.

At last, he may have to pay some of that money back.

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    • The state is broke and Pritzker the hutt wants to spend a lot more. So there’s also a gas tax increase and registration increase and progressive income tax and much more in the works.


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