Elon’s “Imaginative ” Tweets…

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Elon Musk wants the defamation suit brought against him by British diver Vernon Unsworth – whom he publicly accused of being a pedophile and child rapist after Unsworth declined Elon’s assistance rescuing a Thai soccer team (and their coach) who were trapped in an underwater cave – thrown in the woods.

Elon’s lawyers dismiss it all as “imaginative attacks” that amounted to a “schoolyard spat” and claim that, in any event, Musk’s accusations of pedophilia and child rape were protected “free speech.”

But Musk did more than just call names. He demanded – publicly – that Unsworth be investigated for pedophilia – urging a BuzzFeed reporter to “stop defending child rapists.”

That’s pretty heavy – and besides, calling a guy a jerk or whatever is not the same thing as publicly accusing someone of something not merely despicable but criminal.

How much is Unsworth’s reputation worth?

We’ll soon find out.

A hearing is scheduled for April, about four months from now.

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  1. Musk will probably quietly settle out of court and say nothing more about it. His adoring press will conveniently forget about it, too. The range-of-the-moment American public will be unaware that there was ever any kind of flap and Teflon Musk will be smelling like a rose, PR-wise.

    • Hi Axis Sally,

      I think that’s what will happen, too. It’s revealing, isn’t it – as regards the bias of the media? They practically crucified Trump over “grab them by the pussy” – his crudely braggadocious comment about his normal/heterosexual (and not criminal) sexual exploits- but let it slide when a guy like Elon tosses around child-rape accusations.

  2. No, Elon, this is a clear classic case of slander. You will lose. If you want to end this, write the man a big check now rather then later.

    It’s telling how people complain about Trumps tweets, but this guy seems to get a pass.

    • Hi Rich,

      Agreed… it’s also hideously beyond the pale. I don’t like Elon – I think he’s a fraud and a rent-seeker – but those are legitimate appellations, based on tangible facts. I would never accuse him of something like the things he accused Unsworth of, without some pretty damned persuasive reason to (a la Kevin Spacey).

      I hope Unsworth relieves Elon of a Brinks truck’s worth of cash.


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