“He Didn’t Just Die, Did He?”

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Here’s video of armed government workers in Dallas, TX taunting a mentally disabled man they have pinned to the ground, knees in back . . . until he’s nicely dead. The man – who poses no “threat” to the “safety” of the AGWs – can be heard begging for his life as the AGWs crack jokes, laugh at him.

After awhile, the man stops moving. 

There’s pretty clearly something wrong. But no effort is made to find out what – or help the now-inert man. Minutes go by, during which the man’s life slips away.

“Five more minutes, mom!” one of the AGWs can be heard saying. “I don’t wanna go to school!”

“First day, can’t be late.”

Tony – the man – isn’t moving. The AGWs shake him a bit, beginning to grok that their victim isn’t going to be “resisting” anything any more.

I don’t know… he just got quiet,” one of the AGWs can be heard saying.

Eventually, paramedics show up – by which time, an undertaker was needed.

“He didn’t just die, did he?” and AGW asks.

Yup. He just did.

Hut! Hut! Hut!  

. . .

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  1. They were indicted by a Grand Jury but the Dallas DA dropped the charges! The perps in Blue were put back on duty and are out cruising the streets for more victims to keep the streets safe. 🙁

    Martin Armstrong had a interesting article concerning where the most tickets are issued….. Iowa for Gods sake! 23.2 pct of the drivers. 148,755 tickets. Many States are not far behind.


    • That’s funny, I am a resident of Iowa.
      We have some of the worst drivers on the planet.
      If those numbers include camera tickets, I have two relatives that are upping the average 🙂

    • Amazing that they were even indicted, but of course the “just us” system can’t allow that. These pigs should be charged with murder; the courts enabling this crap are a large part of the problem. What really needs to happen is a friend or relative of this poor bastard track these thugs down and administer some true street justice.

  2. Show THIS video whenever your conservative friends start lionizing LEOs. Speaking of which, I GAG when POTUS says, “We love our LEOs” at his rallies…

    • Hi Mark,

      I have; unfortunately, the “conservatives” are as incorrigible – as cognitively dissonant – as Teslians. Facts aren’t going to change their minds. They love “law enforcement.” I once asked a now ex-friend who claimed to be a “conservative” – i.e., someone who (supposedly) distrusts government – why he practically worshipped the government’s enforcers. Cue the look of a brook trout…

      • Con-servatives always clamor for a small government and low taxes but just try and touch the military/intelligence industrial complex they worship.

        • Yeah, right! If we used our armed forces and intelligence services in purely defensive roles; if we used them to stay neutral like Switzerland does; both would be a lot smaller…

          • I don’t suppose anyone has read that WaPo published 20,000 documents of the cost of the Iraq war since 01. It’s purported to be $1.5T. That’s a fair amount of money for “some” people to make and for us to pay.

    • I’ve tried that. They simply default to “Those are just a few bad apples.” and go about sharing the videos/stories about the cop dancing with the kids in the street, or playing basketball, etc…
      I once shared the story of Donna Watts (if you don’t know about her: Florida State Cop who pulled over and arrested a Miami cop who was speeding, up to 120MPH, on I95 for miles and miles, refusing to pull over and she was harassed incessantly by hundreds of cops who looked up her personal information on the NCIC system for crossing the ‘Thin Blue Line’. She actually brought a lawsuit on those they could actually find the names on) on some Book of Face page to show how systemic this culture of abuse was and the responses from those who worship at the Church of The Blue Swine were still “Few bad apples”.
      Same thing happened when William Grigg shared commentary from the trial of the crap piles who murdered Kelly Thomas, where a retired FBI agent said the video of the beating was one of the most vile things he’d ever seen, rebuking the pigs, and the gallery, which was filled with pigs, booed and jeered him. “Few bad apples”

    • Hi Anon,

      I harp on this maybe too much, but I think it’s important… AGWs have been “trained” to regard any person not an AGW as a target; a “threat” to their “safety.” Being white – and clearly not a “threat” provides no immunity; I found this out firsthand. We are one side of the line – the AGWs on the other.

      • It is important. It’s not black versus white. It’s us versus them. I view LEOs as ravening wolves unless demonstrated otherwise, at the moment. That doesn’t mean that they can’t and won’t turn.

      • About a third of them have been trained in the armed forces, of which it’s likely a significant number have mental issues, since they were sent halfway around the world to kill people who had done them no harm, and seeing their comrades killed by the compatriots of those they had killed. Kind of generates an “us vs them” mindset. There is a reason suicide is the most popular cause of death in the military.

        • Hi JWK,

          Yup. I’ve been arguing for years that “service” in the military ought to be an automatic disqualification to be a civilian peace keeper (as opposed to the AGWs we have). The requirements of the two are incompatible – irreconcilable. The very last thing wanted – if we’re sane – in a civilian peacekeeper is a Hut! Hut! Hutter!

          • I would make a distinction between multiple term service members or ‘lifers’ and the guys that got in for 2-4 years and got out because of the bullshit. People sign up for a lot of different reasons (no jobs, GI bill, family says it’s prestigious, etc.) and not every military member is an authoritarian control freak. Unfortunately the ‘Hut! Hut! Hutters’ are the ones attracted to positions of ‘authority’ in all walks of life. Devil in the details.
            4 years army here…

            • Hi Bob,

              I hear you; but I also think the “training” and culture of the military – which is to obey orders and expect orders given to be obeyed – as well as the “us vs. them” and dominate/kill the “enemy” – are antithetical to the role of keeping the peace, which (ought) to be about de-escalation, conflict resolution and so on.

              • A consideration should also include what job/M.O.S. the person had, and what branch the person was in. Probably all Marines should be prevented since they are typically the most obedient to authority and are very hard core (but former Marines are invited to chime in here). I was a mechanic in the Army. There is no way that I would ever choose to be a coproach anyway, but non-combat arms personnel would tend to be less likely to view others as enemies by default. I wouldn’t think that ex-sailors and air force vets would tend to be hut hutters either.
                The very best solution would be to abolish all of the police forces completely because the State uses them as domination and extortion tools against us! We should instead hire security firms if needed at a community level or individuals can share the cost of hiring a security guard to make the rounds.

      • There are plenty of videos on the Internet where AGWs took lethal action on a homeless person “armed” with a pair of scissors or a table knife or throwing rocks. It’s sickening, cops are now “threatened” if you have a toothpick.

        • Hi D,

          Yes – and it’s even worse than that. The slightest lack of deference is taken as a “threat” to their “safety.” That’s how they’re trained to respond, at any rate. That training being the “shock and awe” tactics of a military occupation force, which is what AGWs are. It is why I use the term generically, too. It in encompasses “civilian” AGWs and the military as the two are now almost indistinguishable.


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