A Visit to the Vet’s . . .

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Pets have no say about getting vaccinated – and “fixed.” Their owners decide such things. It is the natural order of things. Of course, they are animals, without the capacity to rationally decide such things for themselves.

But what about their owners?

They are being treated just like pets – livestock is the better word, perhaps, since the element of affection applies with regard to pets; cattle and such are treated as they are for altogether different reasons.

Or rather, different motives.

The beasts we eat and use must be kept just healthy enough, just long enough to serve our purpose. They are interchangeable and – ultimately – disposable. Their happiness doesn’t enter into it. Exceptional measures are almost never taken to save the life – or even ease the suffering – of a sick/elderly cow.

They are summarily turned into dog food, often roughly.

Do you feel affectionately treated by your owners? The people who will soon be taking you to the vet – so to speak? Where you will be fixed – via a vaccine they assure you is perfectly safe – but immunize themselves from legal liability if not? Which they intend to force you to take – and therefore, assume all the physical risk of being forced to take? Even if you could sue them – and won – would it compensate you for a debilitating and very possibly chronic, lifelong illness you contracted as a result?

It is common knowledge that the vaccines given to pets – and to us – come with risks. Pet owners weigh the risks vs. the benefits for their animals, because their animals cannot weigh them. In the case of our owners, we are to be denied the right to weigh them.

Just as we have been denied the right to decide for ourselves whether it is “safe” to go outside, or to work, or Undiapered.

Our owners know best – and we have as much say about it as the pup in the pet crate.

This is doctrine, straight out of the technocratic manual. And there literally is a manual. See Edward Bernays and Propaganda, written in the ‘20s by a man who practically invented what is today styled “public relations” – and who also worked on the infamous – but largely unknown today – Creel Commission.

This commission was formed under the auspices of one of America’s founding totalitarians, the pedantic prig Woodrow Wilson, who gave Americans  – who sold Americans (editorial accuracy) on the income tax and the “federal” reserve, which is in fact a cartel of private banks who acquired the power to manipulate the currency via Wilson’s supine complicity. It was formed to sell Americans on the war to end all wars. Or rather, to sell Americans on the idea of spilling their blood and treasure on a European war that involved their interests not at all.

The Creel Commission made them interested – by a concentrated and concerted propaganda campaign directed at “the Hun” – shorthand for everything German. This included outright lies about atrocities that never happened (which, after exposure, had the effect of making the actual atrocities of the next war less believable initially) such as babies heads allegedly being dashed against walls by pickle-helmeted junker-apes.

This propaganda was inescapable. And the social pressure it created to go along was immense and almost impossible to resist. Those who did resist were cast as dangerous… even traitors.

Does it sound . . . familiar?

Americans were roused to a war-fever pitch and got the war Wilson wanted – and paid men like Bernays to foment. On purpose, in the most calculated and cynical and degenerate way conceivable  . . . to the mind of anyone with morals a notch or two above those of men like Wilson and Berrnays.

Minds like theirs are hard-selling Diapers now. Vaccines – and tracking – tomorrow.

These men regard themselves – openly, brazenly – as our betters and owners; the herders of stupid cattle who cannot be trusted much less allowed to come to their own decisions. The will decide for the cattle, whose only role is  to hear – and obey.

Without even realizing it. 

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society,” wrote Bernays. “Those who manipulate (italics added) this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government (italics added) which is the true ruling power of our country.”

“It might be better to have . . . committees of wise men who would chose our rulers, dictate our conduct private and public …”

Does it have a  . . . familiar ring?

Calling Dr. Fauci . . . one of your owners.

Turning on CNN – and the rest, which is actually only a few – all beholden to the invisible government mentioned by Bernays. This would be the financial interests – such as the pharmaceutical interests – that own the media via advertising. Just as Fauci is a creature of Bill Gates so also are Anderson Cooper, et al the pets of Merck and Pfizer. Robert Kennedy – an honest liberal and possibly a decent man – has been trying to get the word out about this for decades but it’s a hard task when the very entities you’re trying to get the word out about control the word and its getting out.

Instead, the cases! The cases! All the time. From everywhere you turn. Which leads to Diapers, all the time – everywhere you go.

Which will lead to your trip to the vet’s to get fixed.

If you let them be your owners.

. . .

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  1. Hey, what happened to America? There it was, gone.

    Never thought I would be in Maskistan, but here I am. That reminds me, I need a new air filter for my truck’s engine. Breathing is important.

    My dog needs shots for distemper, rabies, along with a general checkup. He bites the hand that feeds him until he gets fed. It is an outrage! har

    Ahimsa and vipassana will make your life better.

  2. Worse than animals,,, Humans have the choice of being free or being owned, the majority electing the latter as it is the easier course in life. Those that want to be free and left alone shame the majority, are a threat to their owners and are cast off as rejects and conspiracy theorists needing reigned in. Which is the reason for forcing the useless mask just to get food and essentials. To show freedom loving strays they are not so free after all and return them to the herd.

  3. Oh, btw… (((bernays))) was kin to freud; make of that what you may. And the lies of attrocities in WW1 were recycled during WW2 – only fifference is that the attrocities – and many more, were actually perpetrated…by the soviets and japanese. And ‘allies’ to a lesser extent. Again, the German was slandered as is (((their))) MO. Fact.

    • Hey, there Lukie baby, how’s it hanging? Of course you are wrong as usual for ((((your kind)))). Have you ever actually talked to people who lived in the countries that those wonderful Germans went marching into? Of course not. You’re just another ((((filthy little weak-minded “aryan” coward)))) spewing lies and made-up “history” to suit your addled worldview. The idea that the Germans were the “good guys” in WWII is utterly and completely ludicrous, and trivially disproved by people who were actually there. You wouldn’t know a “fact” if you tripped over it.

      I really have to laugh at phony “Christians” like yourself who worship a Jew as a god while vomiting all over his teachings. You certainly are no Christian. Quite the contrary, it is obvious that you and your fellow travelers worship lies. Probably a Satanist at heart.

    • Hi Luke

      The ‘standard’ history of WWI and WWII as depicted by the winners is not even close to the ‘real’ history. That said it is as impossible to convince others of this fact as it is to convince mask wearers that the masks are useless.
      The majority cannot break their indoctrination. They do not understand they have been lied to their entire life and really do not want to know. Any historian writing truth about these wars have been slandered and ruined. The Internet is slowly being either purged of these historians or they’re actually changing their writings. The only way now is actual books but even those are disappearing as digital destroys another information source. Soon the lies will be truths with nothing to question their validity.

      • Hi Ken. Great observation about the move to digital and the cleansing that goes on there. The memory hole is alive and well on the internet. Anything that goes against the prevailing orthodoxy is banned or excised.
        Having recognized the trend some years ago, I have made sure that I get “subversive” books in print form rather than on Kindle. Amazon can block a Kindle book at any time, and even if they don’t it’s hard to share it with others. My library of great liberty oriented books will be available to future generations, unless the government eventually implements that 451 degree solution.

  4. My understanding is that the Pharmaceutical industry got a free get out of jail card from congress when they passed a law regarding so called improving the safety of vaccines. Under this law if any individual brings a private lawsuit against a vaccine company, they will not be going up just against the pharmaceutical company but federal justice department lawyers will be defending the firm at no cost. Also….if you happen to win…the case is sealed so that future lawsuits are denied the benefit of prior court precedent. So you suffer the same damage you and your lawyers have to prove it all over again from scratch. Not that I like lawyers but no other industry enjoys such protection.
    These vaccines use mouse brain tissue to attenuate the virus so in theory your immune system sees a less virulent version of the virus. Problem is that strands of DNA from the mouse ride along with this and get get Autism, Cancer and a host of other problems not worth avoiding the disease itself.

    • Exactly right, Hans!

      And in re the fundamental thing: A healthy person with a sound immune system doesn’t need a vaccine; more precisely, it is reasonable – based on sound risk-reward calculations – to skip the vaccination based on the remote chance of serious infection (let alone death) and the elimination of any chance of vaccine-induced sickness.

      As with Diapers, it is not one-size-fits-all.

      Diapers – in hospitals – reasonable. Forcing healthy people outside of hospitals to Diaper – unreasonable.

    • National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 is the one that set them free. Created why one might ask?

      “The VICP was established after lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers and healthcare providers threatened to cause vaccine shortages and reduce vaccination rates.” Payouts to shut people up as of 2018 – ~3.9 BILLION!

      Autism is the word used to describe people injured by vaccines. A new movie is either out or coming out shortly. 1986 THE ACT: DR. WAKEFIELD’S NEW FILM

      • Introduced and approved in a Democratic majority House,,, Passed by a Republican majority Senate and signed by Republican president Ronald Reagan.

      • Bingo — the stabs give people BRAIN DAMAGE — that way the population won’t rebel against more horrible abuses from these criminals. Why can’t they just give you something to take orally? No — they always want to INJECT it STRAIGHT into your VEINS!!! What the heck is with these creeps? They’re all a bunch of STABBERS. When cops see a suspicious person with a knife coming at them… the cops shoot them dead… as right they should. But the sheeple, they’re like “oh goodie, stab me with poisons, yay, and stab my kids too, wouldn’t want my kids to be able to think or be smart”.

    • There will always be a small percentage of people who have negative reactions to any medical treatment. That does not mean that the treatment will not benefit a vast majority of people.

      Pharmaceutical companies want to make money, that’s the way the system works. Diseases that once killed millions now are rare or have been eradicated completely. Injuries and infections that would have been a death sentence are now healed with surgeries and antibiotics. I’ll withhold judgement on a Wuhan vaccine until the facts are in.

      • And how will you, a commoner, know when “the facts are in” or, if or when they are, whether they’re actually factual? Who will you trust?

      • 2 points, friend. 1. If you knowingly consent to the risks of your own free will, be my very special guest to partake of the vaccine fad. 2. Quack medics and quack medicines take credit for the improved health and sanitation brought to you by engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

        Polio was largely extinct before the Sabin-Salk vaccine, and its one of the more worthwhile cost benefit ratios in the vaccine world. Measles, mumps, chicken pox, are pretty much without merit but if you’re willing to take the 1% risk for the 1 in 500000 benefit, and weaken your natural immune system, why then have at ‘er son.

        Just don’t expect me to go along with your choices.

      • Actually, I’ll trust my doctor. When we got polio shots as kids, they were considered a miracle, and polio was far from extinct. As an engineer, I assure you engineers didn’t cure my Melanoma or fix the leg I broke and the infection that followed after a motorcycle wreck. Use common sense and get advice from medical professionals you trust.

        • Hi Griff,

          I’ve never suggested you shouldn’t be free to trust your doctor; only that you refrain from demanding that I (and others) be forced to obey him.

        • In a free society, wearing medical masks and getting vaccinations for any disease should be a personal choice.

          Sadly, the “woke” orthodoxy has politicized everything, including health care, to create fear, chaos and confusion. Medicine, science, education, journalism, government, even religion, the cornerstones of civil society have all be corrupted by Marxists with the goal of defeating Trump and seizing political power. Unbiased facts and truth are now among the rarest of commodities.

      • Hi Griff,

        A couple of things… first, the lethality of WuFlu has been grotesquely exaggerated. Most people who have had it don’t even know they had it – i.e., no symptoms, even. Much less death. Thus, the need for a vaccine has been grossly exaggerated.

        And – as with Face Diapers – the vaccine won’t be something that’s just available if you want to avail yourself. It will be forced on you, using threats of economic excommunication and perhaps worse.

        This is the crux of the problem – as with so many of the things discussed here. It’s not the thing itself – it’s the way the thing is being shoved down our throats, one-size-fits-all, by people who think their say-so counts more than our right to say no, thanks.

      • “There will always be a small percentage of people who have negative reactions to any medical treatment. That does not mean that the treatment will not benefit a vast majority of people.”

        Using stats as of 2015. 1 in 56 children are now affected by Autism. It’s estimated that by 2035 it will be 1 in 10. Meanwhile childhood chronic illness is the highest it has ever been. You’d have to be blind or willfully ignorant to think that vaccines benefit the “vast majority.”

      • Hi Griff,

        Of course they – the pharmaceutical companies – want to make money. That is not the problem. The problem is that the pharmaceutical companies want to force you to give them money . . . and your body.

  5. There is damn little that resembles liberty in the republic supposedly created for the specific purpose of promoting and protecting it. We may have more than other nations have, but such is rapidly changing. There is no political activity more destructive of liberty and than war. As can be seen now in the war on “the plague”. Truth is the first casualty of war, and our current state of affairs perfectly demonstrates so. There is ongoing debate regarding what various evil acts may or may not have been committed by our Psychopaths In Charge, which misses the fundamental issue. Regardless what they may or may not have done, with little doubt, and supported by an abundance of evidence, there is nothing you or I can imagine that is so evil those Psychopaths In Charge will not do it if they determine it’s in their best interest. Which to my mind makes whether they have done so, or are doing so, almost inconsequential, as there is little doubt they WILL do so.

  6. “He kept us out of the war!” – Wilson campaign slogan

    A truly despicable man. The old question of “If you could go back in time and kill Hitler would you?” is answered as “Hell no! I’d go back and kill Woodrow Wilson!” He, along with the other elites, did more to create our modern dystopian society than anyone. All of the “systemic” issues we’ve been grappling with over the last century have their roots in his presidency. Sure, all that existed before, but Wilson’s “reforms” codified and normalized them. Under the guise of science and reason he created the definitions of class and race, demography, and set the stage for an “Intelligentsia” class of regulators who would somehow be incorruptible overlords, gently steering society through the many storms and keeping us from hurting ourselves. All the while ignoring human nature, including his own failings.

    • Yes: Wilson finally put the exclamation point on what was started by Lincoln. I wonder what the Marxist connection is to Wilson? Was he a Marx disciple?

      • Wilsons (((advisers))) and (((handlers))) were all marxist. He – wilson – was well rewarded and Awarded by them. Well documented.

        • What a hoot! Like virtually all “leaders”, Wilison was quite capable of being a psychopathic dirtbag all on his own. Much like yourself, he didn’t need “advisers” or “handlers” to make him into one. It is quite evident that ((((you)))) worship the Father of Lies.

    • Last month Woody Wilson had his name removed from Princeton’s school of public policy. Not for being a lying warmonger, though. Rather, because — by the retroactive application of today’s standards to the culture of a hundred years ago — he qualifies as a racist.

      Contemporary critics are outraged at Woody’s glib claim that slaves “were happy and well-cared for.” But isn’t Woody’s insight still true for most of us human livestock today, here on the neofeudal plantation?

      Just look how Woody’s Federal Reserve, with its relentless stock ramping, has made the improbable Elon Musk into the fifth richest lifeform on the planet.

      Message: WE CARE.

    • Actually, I’d go back farther than that. Without Lincoln and the war to prevent southern independence, there may be several countries now instead of one USA. That would mean no single nation on this side of the Atlantic to interfere in the great European war of 1914, no Versailles treaty (so no Hitler), no Fed, no FDR with his welfare state, etc.

      Brings up a good point. Why, oh why, do we need one USA? Obviously roughly half the people in it are idiots (i.e. liberals, clovers, etc.) and the other roughly half are less idiotic (conservatives, etc.). And a relative handful of us just want to be left the hell alone (libertarians, people who simply don’t give a shit, etc.). Is there any good reason we have to be forced to live together in the same country? No? Fine, let’s break it up. Parts of the left coast (coastal CA, OR and WA) can go their own way, parts of the east coast (Boston to northern VA) can go their own way, parts of the midwest (Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis) can go their own way, and leave the rest of us alone.

      • Although it sounds good in theory the problem is that the parasites and control freaks won’t just go their own way and leave us alone if they have their own country. Those people who adhere to statist/collectivist philosophies don’t know the meaning of “live and let live”. The very idea of people living freely without centralized control is their Great Satan. Additionally, since looters produce nothing of value on their own they need to feed off of the producers. Put all the leeches in their own country and they would need to reach beyond their borders to find productive people to loot.

        So while having separate countries is an attractive-sounding proposition at first blush I don’t think it would fly.

      • you mean like Europe, the Middle East and Africa?

        No way that would ever be possible!

        One thing that we did succeed in was making Americans all look alike. We’re all fat, annoying and ugly.

      • Hi Copperhead,

        I’ve always considered it tragic that the Confederacy enabled Lincoln by allowing itself to be maneuvered into “firing the first shot.” A purely defensive posture would, I think, have been far more ideologically successful and thus increased the prospects of political success without resort to military success.

        Many people do not know that sentiment in the North was by no means rabid for “union” at gunpoint. The Confederacy stood a solid chance of peaceful separation; it is a shame that it didn’t happen.

        • The federal government likes to agitate their targets into acts that the public will accept as the first attack. Like one kid poking another until the poked kid punches the poking one.


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