Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 11/01/22

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Here’s the audio of my weekly get-together with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show. We talked about Weepin’ Wolensky, forgiveness – and atonement – among other things!

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  1. Was the vaxx premeditated murder? Well here is some prime evidence:

    1. Exemptions: Exempt from Biden’s vaccine mandates: Congress/legislative branch, Congressional staff, Judicial branch, White House staff, CDC employees, FDA employees, USPS employees, NIAID employees, Pfizer employees, Moderna employees, illegal aliens, Chinese students.

    2. Blank risk statements.

    3. Attempts to use courts to hide risk from public.

    4. Public figures feigning vaccination on television with fake needles.

    I say hang ’em high, hang every one of these god damned bastards for what they did to us, and if you need any rope, then you can get it free from Bill’s Rope Supply:

    NO FORGIVENESS ERIC! Don’t give them one inch because they are just trying to weasel out of their felonius crimes so they can live another day and plot to kill us again.

  2. What you did not cover Eric, about this forgiveness crap, is that Walensky MURDERED millions and millions of people.

    Fauci and Walensky and Trump and Biden are murderers, mass murderers in a real state level genocide program./

    They all deserve public execution, live on TV, up against the White House, shot dead by a company of Marines.

    And then when nearly all of DC is shot dead for all of their immense crimes against us, the firing squad is sent down to Atlanta to do the same to ALL OF THE ADL for censoring and canceling our first amendment rights.

    Here is the latest ADL threat against the Amerikan people:


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