Separation Ruminations

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We all know it can’t go on. Like a bad marriage, the “union” is a barren, emotionally alienated thing held together by nothing more than the inertia of tradition and the threat of force directed at the side that suggests the best thing to do would be for each side to go its separate way.

Peacefully, ideally.

Our side would certainly consider that ideal, for we want nothing more from the other side than to be let alone. We are not interested in the other side’s money. We merely wish to hold onto our own. To raise our families and live as we see fit – respecting everyone’s equal right to do the same. We like our history – but do not begrudge anyone else’s theirs. Only requesting that they do not attempt to replace ours with theirs.

We want to decide for ourselves with whom we do business; whether to open our doors – and for anyone who wishes to walk through them to be free to do so.

There are so many things but it really comes down to just one thing. We want to live – and are willing to let live. The other side regards that as a “threat to our democracy.” It means a threat to its hegemony. It must be one-size-fits-all, the size determined by the other side.

Irreconcilable differences. No common ground – for a wolf and his supper cannot have common ground. There are two alternatives for the “supper,” if he doesn’t wish to become that. The first is to get away from the wolf.

The second is to be supper.

Which is it going to be?

That separation is necessary is obvious – except to those on the other side, who know they need our side just as a wolf needs his supper. For that reason, they will never agree to peacefully let us depart, just as the wolf will not wish the rabbit a good evening and watch him hop off into the woods.

It is obvious to the wolf – on the other side – that our side cannot be allowed to depart, no matter how much they despise our side. This is interesting, when you think about it a little but. In a bad marriage, if each spouse is basically sane and well-meant, it’s understood that the best thing for both is for each to go their separate ways with as little damage to either side as can be managed. An equitable divvying up of assets. A handshake or a hug when the papers are signed. After all, they loved each other, once – and (one hopes) do not hate each other, now.

But what if one of the two is abusive? Cannot accept that the marriage has failed, works to prevent the other from leaving and – when he or she does finally leave – does everything possible to hurt them?

That is what we’re dealing with now, writ large. The other side does not intend to ever let us go, notwithstanding it loathes us viscerally – which, you’d think, would be motive enough to agree to a separation. What sane person wants to live with someone they cannot stand? Whom they know only remains on account of duress?

The question begs its answer.

An insane person.

An insane political philosophy.

Or, something worse. Something evil. A political philosophy founded on bullying. On making other people do things they do not want to do – and denying them the right to do the things they want to do. A philosophy of taking by force things that rightly belong to others. A mentality of meddling, in everything.

They hate us, but do not want to let us go in peace – for they feed off of us. Financially as well as psychologically. They require that we stay, even though they cannot stand the thought of us – because they need us.

But we do not need them.

And they know this.

It eats away at whatever remains of their humanity, etiolating into ever-increasing viciousness directed our way (viz, the red backlit rhetoric of Dark Brandon the other night).

Separation is the only solution. But how?

It is one thing to acknowledge the necessity of the thing – assuming our side wishes to avoid becoming a wolf’s “supper.” But the logistics of the thing are as complicated as the divorce is necessary.

In 1861, the sides were clearly arranged by geography. In our time, the other side is often right next door. Write large, how does our side separate from the other side? This is perhaps the most important question of our time, succeeded in importance by only one other thing.

That being the doing of it – and the sooner it is done, the better it will be.

For our side, at least.

. . .

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  1. Honestly a split would never work

    1. The “left” by and large controls the large economic centers, which I would be loathe to leave in the hands of commies so they can use it to finance a foreign army to attack their newly separated ideological foes.

    2. The “right” by and large controls the productive and agricultural centers, despite the efforts or investments of commie supporting transnational corporations, which their embittered foes would no doubt not allow to be left in the hands of a “christofascist theocracy” as they no doubt would style it.

    The only option for peace is simply for one side to wipe out the other.

    You cannot make peace with evil. Real evil or merely the perception of evil doesn’t matter.

    To both the left and right its a matter of faith. The only difference being how corporeal the thing they worship is.

    • Hi Beau,

      One of the many problems with this is that (speaking as a white man of pure “Aryan” ancestry) many of my (and presumably, your) racial kinsmen are loathsome collectivists. I would far rather have Thomas Sowell or David Webb as my neighbor than Joe Biden or any of a number of others I could cite. The issue isn’t black vs. white. It is collectivism vs. its opposite.

      • biden (small letter intended) would be in the ‘integrated sovereign state’ IF what they claim to believe is true, as would those you call ‘loathsome kinsman’ who are collectivists.

        if the plan described were in place, i think Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams would be good counterbalances in either the ‘black sovereign state’, or the ‘integrated state’ to what those collectivist groups embrace.

        the whole point of submitting the link is to get people thinking about ways this nation could be divided successfully since it seems division is the only answer to the polarization evident today.

    • It would appear that our fellow whites are more complicit in grand-scale tyranny, and in destroying our own race and culture than any other group could ever hope to be (With the exception of a subset of Jews…).

      • Amen, Nunz!

        Most of us here admire or condemn people as individuals – based on who they are (manifested by what they do) and don’t give anyone a pass (or abuse) just because they aren’t “x” – irrespective of what they do.

        • Absolutely, Eric! Gimma a “state” full of Murray Rothbards and Thomas Sowells, and I wouldn’t care if i was the only honky there! Pursuers of liberty, truth and justice are rare among humans of all stripes. Some are more functional/respectable than others as a group….but I sure wouldn’t want to be in a state that includes GWB, Pedo Joe nor Obozo (They belong in Detroit anyway, since their collectivist policies are partly responsible for such fiascos!)

  2. “Once one concedes that a single world government is not necessary, then where does one logically stop at the permissibility of separate states? If Canada and the United States can be separate nations without being denounced as in a state of impermissible ‘anarchy’, why may not the South secede from the United States? New York State from the Union? New York City from the state? Why may not Manhattan secede? Each neighbourhood? Each block? Each house? Each person?”

    Murray Rothbard

  3. Russia would be at the top of my alternate places to live. It’s practically all white and the people are civilized and the government doesn’t hate them. No drag queens, ransacked 7/11’s etc etc. Good folks living their lives. Southern Russia is fairly temperate and St Petersburg doesn’t get too cold although not sure I could deal with the extreme seasonal vatiation in daylight there. I look at this guys livestreams as he travels around beautiful safe cities, outdoor concerts, feels just like you’re there

    • Hi Mark, and if you’ve read Putin’s speeches over the past few months re: Ukraine, etc.. he sounds a lot more like our founding fathers than any of our guys in the past 20-30 years.

    • Mark3,

      You are spot on about Russia. I have visited there several times and am married to a Russian woman. Unfortunately, there is virtually no truthful reporting about Russia in the U.S., other than LewRockwell, RT, or other non-MSM.

      Russia has a lot to offer: low taxes (13%-15% max income tax rates); cheap energy, food, and public transport; tons of land (they offer free homesteads in the Far East, even to foreigners), clean, safe cities; and an almost endless supply of incredibly beautiful, intellectual women that would remind you of American women in the 1940s (i.e. supportive, caring, loving children and wanting to build a family).

      Baklykov does a great job showing the country, but also check out this:

      • Hi Sasha,

        I admire and respect the Russian people. I’ve gotten to know a couple (husband of a friend of mine). Russia, itself, is a place I’d like to visit and were I not attached, it’s where I’d flee, probably. It’s ironic, eh? The land of the old Soviet Union has become a freer land than this land.

  4. I think this can be condensed into those who are enslaved and those who enslave. Of course a slave-owner doesn’t want to part ways with their slave, who they feel they own. A slave leaving means the slave-owner can no longer parasite the labor/life of the slave. And of course, sometimes the slave-owner just wants another living thing to inflict derision and pain upon for the sheer sake of the slave-owner’s pleasure. The slave can’t fight back without the collective vengeance of the other slave-owners destroying him.

    • To go further: the wolf doesn’t want to torture or enslave the sheep. The wolf just wants to eat the sheep once. Then the sheep’s pain is over. Then the wolf must find a new sheep.

      In our world, killing the slaves would be less ideal. They prefer enslavement. A continuous draw on the slave, seldom enough to kill, but enough to ensure a lifetime of slavery. Not just for the sake of stealing their labor/productivity/ and eventually life, but for the pleasure it brings them to inflict misery on another.

      The wolf probably doesn’t take pleasure in the pain of the sheep. If the wolf could, he would likely choose to kill the sheep as quickly and painlessly as possible.

      The slave-owners in our current realm, clearly, make the opposite choice.

  5. Here in Scotland the divide is between those who want independence and those who wish to remain in the union. But no matter what your view, the vast majority want handouts from government. People look outside themselves for answers to their problems, thus guaranteeing they will always have problems.

    My personal view is to ignore it and do what I want. So far so good.

    BTW, I still don’t know who the new PM is and GAF.

  6. One way to avoid being ‘supper’, is to move out of the wolf’s hunting grounds. Some will say that’s cowardly, and that you should stand against the wolf. I agree, but there is also the fact that if it get’s to the point of fighting the wolf back, your life has changed forever. And maybe that is what will happen. I’m OK with the huge life change if it comes to it.
    I wouldn’t call them wolves though, but good analogy. Probably more like an animal that is all bark and no bite, can’t think of one at the moment.
    From my perspective, I live in a deep blue state (even though our County is not) and took the hard work/effort to invest (time, work, and money) what we initially called a ‘vacation’ home in a deep red state. The transformation of happiness/satisfaction was apparent to me quickly. Basically surrounded by 80% half-insane to full blown insane to 80% the other way. Refreshing is understated.
    Moving your life is hard, and we’ve decided the transition, if needed, would make itself apparent, which it now has.
    Many are doing it with the real estate in our red area tripling in the past few years, while our blue area continues to decline (with a little bubble cause of corona in between).
    There are thousands of little towns in deep red states. My definition of a deep red state is one in which the states rural population can out-vote the city/population center.

    • Hey Chrisin,

      I agree with you about the little towns in deep red states, and how hard it is to move. We did it ten years ago this week. The problem remains that we will never vote our way out of this. We could have a 10-1 advantage, the city still gets what the city wants, per dominion and slimy Sore-ohs.

      Even if there were honest selections, it wouldn’t take long (1 two year term or less) for the newly selected to become corrupted, its in the nature of the human beast. The beast system knows what every single person craves. I really don’t know any completely uncorruptable individuals.

      Still some hope in finding like minds and gathering in loose confederation. We found such a place in N.Az. Its changing fast though as the dunder heads who watched California get ruined move here with the same attitude, all while expecting a different outcome.

      If I was to move at all it would be to a remote place in Tiera Del Fuego, or Alaska.

      • Hi Norman, mostly agree. However, in our deep red little town, we too have seen some, not many, insane’s move in, but they don’t last long, and go home or to another place. Usually within a year. Only the non-insane’s seem to make it here. It makes sense to me, that the average family man finally has had enough and makes the move, and for the large majority, they are the non-insane. I’m glad I am one of them and have been mostly accepted by the locals. 7 years so far, and also glad we beat the tripling of real estate. Most here acknowledge it’s going down, but never back to where it was. Consensus here is it will stop going down at around half of usual.

        • Thats a very good point about the number that return to where they came. You must be somewhere a little cold. Here in Az many don’t leave because the weather is always so nice and the sun, it always shines.

          We bought our property at the very bottom of the market in 2012. I’m kind of hoping it tests the previous lows so we can add to our holdings. Maybe get some cows, or sheep. We have mostly grassy land but 4 acres is kind of small for livestock how we have it set up.

          We just got a new neighbor. My long time neighbor moved to a bigger town and gave the property to his son. The son has a wife and three kids and teaches concealed carry classes, so just the kind of neighbor I want. I liked his dad a lot but the kid is like the 2.0 version, younger smarter, faster. will be a nice balance to the New York fag hag who lives down the lane from us.

          • Thing I’ve noticed about the smattering of former city-dwellers we get here (I specifically moved here because it is off the beaten path and not likely to attract many escapees), is that a typical scenario seems to be retirees in their late 50’s-late 60’s- not the ones with the big 6-figure civil-service unio pensions, but the poorer ones who are seeking cheaper digs.

            They come here thinking that they’re going to have a city/suburban-style social life among bored people who are looking to socialize and participate in busy-work activities, and then become very disappointed when they realize that people here stay busy with their farms and families (Who actually still reside close by) and have plenty of relatives and old friends to occupy any dead time, and that the locals really don’t have anything in common with the strays from the big city- so they soon pack up and leave, and go to FL or AZ, where there are lots of others like themselves.

            Funny thiong is how they complain- as if it’s the locals fault that they didn’t scope things ouit better and just expected that they could move into long-standing traditional communities of people who have roots in the area for many generations, and just expect to find a coffee klotch for the wife or a tennis club. Then they blame the locals and say that they are unfriendly and cliquish.

            • Thats the common thread with all of them, they complain about how it could be better if it were more like… I was unhappy for the first couple years, then I found horseshoes, we had a group of about 20 guys would meet in the park daily and have us a nice pitching and bitching session. was kind of an informal militia if you will. I made some great friends but alas most have died or are now enfeebled, So I just keep myself busy. I got my wife, business, dogs, side business, and doom stead to work on. I don’t have a lot of time to complain. I also have met many people who weren’t born here, yet have lived here for 40+ years and the multi-generational families still consider them to be the newbies.

              I wish you’d find a way to entertain those folks Nunzio, keep em occupied as we don’t need them showing up round here.

            • See the same thing Nunzio, although I think that is a lesser reason if/why they leave. I think climate and then getting cast out are larger reasons, but I could be wrong. Thx.

          • Hi Norman, yes, colder climate helps keep some away. I met a real cowboy once and he said “and why Montana will always stay around 1M people, the coastal (he said CA) people absolutely can’t handle our winters”
            I will add that the insane’s are very opinionated, and locals hate that with a passion. Very soon they are cast out, and they don’t fit in anywhere. Most of them go away.

            • Hey ChrisIN,

              My son says similar about where he lives in Alaska. More than half who settle there don’t last past the first winter.

              I find the insane’s, at least those most opinionated are mostly made up of a single demographic. White privileged boomer women.

  7. **”“…how does our side separate from the other side?””**

    We don’t have a side. The lines which are being drawn are blue and red. No matter which side wins, we lose. There aren’t enough of “us” to make a side. It’s like the Catholics and the Protestants- if you’re not a Catholic or a Protestant, it doesn’t matter who wins, because neither will let you be. If you’re a witch, the pope will burn you for not being a Catholic, and the Puritans will burn you for being a witch.

    • Correctamundo, Nunz, but I would go even further to say between the Asses and Elephants they just like to tell us there are two sides. The problem is it is the same snake body, but it comes with two heads. It is still going to bite you and point to the other guy and say, “he did it.”

      There are two sides out there, but it is the elites and the rest of us. Those who believe that if we obtain one particular party everything will be solved are naive. They will save themselves. Sometimes, the rules they make may benefit us in some way (most of the time they don’t), but don’t give them any credence that they did it for us. Because they didn’t.

      A saying from my fav President (and the one and only one that had not tied himself to a political party):

      “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

      I wish they still made them like George. 🙁

  8. “In 1861, the sides were clearly arranged by geography”
    Not so clearly. My home state of Missouri is a clear example. Maryland is another. Many family members shooting at each other.
    We will get the separation. It’s just a matter of how much blood is spilled in the process, and how many will go hungry. The Blues are destined to failure. What they insist on is not in the least sustainable. So they will collapse eventually. And the Reds will suffer along with them. Just not quite as badly. But suffer we will.

    • I suspect we will see a general collapse of the nation. The Blues being helpless to rebuild, the Reds not so much, and won’t be agreeable to being raped pillaged and plundered by the Blues as they were after 1865. A process that is STILL going on. There is a reason Alabama and Mississippi are still among the poorest in the nation. They’re still being “reconstructed”.

      • **”I suspect we will see a general collapse of the nation. “**

        ^This. Like Rome, there are too many divergent sides and no clear lines. There is nothing left of nation or culture to rally around (As the nation and what it once sorta stood for has collapsed, and we now have a hodge-podge of ‘diverse’ cultures from elsewhere). People are almost entirely occupied with bread and circuses (Entertainment and vacations) and are fat and lazy. Like Rome, indifference and a lack of anything to believe in, mixed with corruption and dysfunction is causing the decay which like cancer consumes the entire organism and can not be stopped once it has progressed through the whole system.

        • Nun, I think you hit the nail on the head. We are too diverse, a nation that has no common culture cannot survive. All of these different cultures living side by side that have absolutely nothing in common. They come over here, have infiltrated society from local governments up to the top. They want our country to be like the country they left. None of these people ever assimilate, they always stay hyphenated–if that. Look at Europe, look at the people in charge of all of those countries.
          The other problem would be voting. Everyone can vote, even dead people and you can vote as many times as you want. That system is so corrupt it’s useless for the average person, although it doesn’t really matter because the average person that I know is clueless and actually thinks that their vote counts.

  9. I never thought or compared Bite-me to my X wife but now you bring it up Eric, it makes total sense: Vicious, vindictive, self-entitled, feels entitled to someone else’s human effort for life, spreads venous hatred and lies…just to name a few.

  10. “…how does our side separate from the other side?”

    I don’t think there’s enough balls & backbones in state legislatures to do so in the first place. Certainly not here in Alabama. There’s likely another generation or two of teaching truth & increasing numbers before that can happen.

  11. I have thought about this at great length. I have concluded that there will be no Battle of Concord 2.0. Americans have a lot of guns but they are too fat, stupid, disorganized and out of shape to form units and take on FedGov. Beyond that 50% of them are on the government teat somehow.

    If secession didn’t work when half the states had organized militia units comprised of skilled shooters officered by West Point grads who resigned their commissions to lead the Confederate Army, it isn’t going to work now, particularly with the level of electronic surveillance at the government’s disposal.

    I have concluded that the only way for this to happen is through a Soviet-style collapse of the regime from within. It might be from an infrastructure collapse, a currency collapse, or something else. It’s clear that they cannot sustain the clown show forever. But they can and will do a lot of damage in the interim.

    Probably the only thing we can do in the short run is accelerate the collapse by not contributing to the system, by taking as much from the system as we can, by not giving it moral authority, by not complying with as much as we can, by paying as little in taxes as we can, by not flying the flag and saying the Pledge and by dissociating ourselves as much as possible and not giving The System any of our skills and talents.

    And by telling the government and the cops to “Fuck Off” at every single opportunity.

  12. ‘A political philosophy founded on bullying.’ — eric

    Roger Kimball amplifies:

    ‘The late Andrew Breitbart liked to point out that politics is downstream from culture.

    ‘In “Joe Biden and the Sovietization of America,” to be published in October, I mention Gleichschaltung, the attempt to bring all aspects of life into alignment with the governing philosophy of the state.

    ‘The term was popularized in Germany in the late 1930s, but it describes a process that is common to all totalitarian societies. It involves the politicization of all aspects of life, the surrender of individuality to ideology.

    ‘What we call “political correctness” hints at the program. The fascistic formula “the personal is the political” gives one expression to this idea, since, taken seriously, it denies the legitimacy of the personal altogether.

  13. People on opposite ideological sides living side-by-side is not new. For instance, the poor-soil Ozarks of northwest Arkansas did not participate in the then-wealthy delta plantation economy, which drove the state’s secession on May 6, 1861. Consequently NW Arkansas, full of Republican sympathizers in a Confederate state, fell under Union control in 1862 and remained so.

    Geographical lines are still drawn today in red and blue states, though a minority (cities in the red states; rural areas in blue states) gets dragged along unwillingly.

    Two options, really. If federalism were restored by paring back the leviathan fedgov to its original limited powers — say, via a constitutional convention — some of the current irritants would be removed.

    But the Uniparty never intends to yield power. ALL D-party and R-party politicians implicitly believe that the fedgov has plenipotentiary power to do absolutely anything. Even Mr MAGA, in his 2-hour Wilkes-Barre rant Friday night, advocated for the fedgov to execute drug dealers after drumhead trials … sounding just like Nixon with his fedgov War on Drugs.

    Ultimately, this is not a governmental phenomenon, but a cultural one. After 1865, the yankee mentality of feeling entitled to meddle in other peoples’ business went national. The Appalachian borderers’ demand to ‘leave us the hell alone’ was suppressed, and remains so.
    Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America by David Hackett Fischer lays out the cultural divide in full historical detail.

    People who want to be left alone are a permanent minority. They will have to set their own course as best they can, through whatever form of secession is possible. Even individual states breaking up, as repeatedly proposed in California, would set the logs rolling downhill, acquiring more momentum as they go.

    With the menacing senile puppet Dark Brandon in nominal charge, backed by a murderous, invisible, Fourth Branch junta, the time is right to rip this joint and bust the hell out.

    • Jim

      If the present constitution hasn’t worked how will a new one be any better. That’s was the reasoning for the soft coup the founders used to eliminate the Articles.

      Everything the present government is doing is unconstitutional. A constitution is only as good if the people respect and defend it.

      Today’s populace have willingly allowed this to happen,,,, they will do the same for any future constitution.

      • Jim, Ken, Eric et al,

        The founding of the U.S. was an abortion from the getgo…..there were two philosophical positions….the Hamiltonian which was local control of the same ole cronyist bullshit vs. the Jeffersonian (as flawed as that was) which was favorable to individual freedom….the Hamiltonians won….full stop. Read Murray Rothbard’s Conceived in Liberty and Patrick Newman’s Cronyism in America for details. Dissolution of the American state is inevitable. The recent events highlight this with the Biden junta demonizing so many of the opposition….the camps can’t be far behind…or can they? There is a post modernist ideology underpinning the authoritarian establishment that has been drummed into the youth of Amerika via the indoctrination camps we call public education. Tom Woods has a new ebook on national divorce….it’s really the only peaceful path to separation….will it happen? Who knows….big, fascist government has the big guns and the willingness to use them against the populace. One thing is certain…the Amerikan empire is expiring. The best hope for individuals who respect individual autonomy is to gather with fellow travellers either intellectually or in meatspace and create parallel cultural environments for survival and thriving… sure ain’t coming out of the centers of political power.

    • Jim,
      A constitutional convention is the very worst idea I have heard to solve our problem is disparity of view. The wolves will participate in it far more vigorously than the sheep will, and we will end up the worst for it.

  14. Have a look at:

    I have ancestors in Ecuador. Did you know that countries like Antigua and Barbuda are English speaking and use the dollar? Many of the countries listed allow dual citizenship, i.e., you don’t have to renounce the US citizenship. Countries like Ecuador, Cost Rica, Antigua, etc, allow property ownership by non-citizens.

    You have to figure out how to make at least $1000 a month and you gotta figure out which countries are forcing the poisonous gene therapy or you’d be in a “out of the frying pan and into the fire” situation. But there are possibilities.

    Also, with the US currently going nuts, maybe it will break down, collapse and rebuild into something not insane? One could get a temporary residency in some other country, wait ten years and see what happened.

    I’m getting old. So retiring on tropical island or some place that is mostly warm, as long as they don’t force the poison, doesn’t sound that bad. I dunno. I need to read more about it.

    • Thanks, Mark –

      We all need to put on our thinking caps until someone can figure out the how. We all know the why – and that it must be accomplished… somehow.

      • It’s a tough one Eric,
        I like my location geographically, politically not so much. I like Florida politically but can’t take the heat and humidity. The proposal to bring it all down and start over would probably end badly since govco has way bigger firepower than us and isn’t going quietly. If we could only ditch all the alphabet agencies and Gestapo security and get back to what the founders intended it would be great. Sadly I don’t see that ever happening.

        • Hi Mike,

          The USSA also had way more firepower in Nam, too, but a lot is to be said with a guy and a rifle who knows the lay of the land. If one looks at the numbers, sure, gov has a huge advantage, but history tells another story. The American Revolution, The Crusades, anytime a developed nation goes into the Middle East, etc.

          That is the one mistake the enemy always makes – it invades without knowing the topography. It is almost a guaranteed lost every time. If one wishes to win a war don’t fight on territory you don’t know.

  15. (edited links to avoid spam filter)

    Twenty-two million people work for federal, state and local governments. Broken out by state that’s anywhere from 10.1% to 20% of the workforce:

    www. statista. com/statistics/204535/number-of-governmental-employees-in-the-us/

    www. businessinsider. com/percentage-workforce-employed-by-government-every-us-state-2019-1?op=1

    Assuming most of them are married, that’s two votes for expanding the status quo. And considering they’re “in the business” they vote in every election, for their guy. Hillary was their guy. O’Biden is their guy. You bet the Bush Dynasty was their guy, but so was AlGore. Trump, he wasn’t their guy.

    Those 40 million votes for O’Biden came from the government employees. The libs of TikTalk, they’re government employees. Those people protesting abortion and construction projects and cheering on the draining of Lake Mead, they’re government employees. That blue-hair freak with the mouth like the grill of a Buick (although that’s an insult to Harley Earl), they’re government employees. The real swing votes come from the people who don’t care about who’s in office, as long as they keep the cheddar coming their way.

    And the arms dealers in the information wars, who keep putting the government employees front and center on the monitors.

    • My spouse works for the Federal Government. No way would she ever vote for Biden, and she’s not alone in her office, despite the Hairplugged One’s portrait hanging in the lobby.

      It took a *long* time for that portrait to show up BTW.

      • Thanks for shitting on my point! It wouldn’t be a conversation on the Internet without people like you! 😘

        Of course NOT EVERY government employee, contractor, member of the military, or state department official votes Democrat, but a very large percentage of them do. Enough to sway elections. Enough to get Bernie Sanders a spot in the Democratic Party debates. Enough to make it appear half the country loves the government. Enough to make California and New York permanently Democrat.

        • Sorry, Ready.

          This time last year, I was working for Clapper and keeping my fingers crossed that I would find a new job before the HR droid got brave enough to broach the subject of mandatory jabs, a policy the company was toying with implementing as a wannabe DoD contractor.

          My wife had to take both jabs and a booster so she wasn’t sympathetic until catching the bug and faring much worse than I did jab free recently. Her line is now that she’s done working for the Feds if they want another booster.

          Interestingly, she has contact with a lot of IRS agents day-to-day in her job. They’re over jabs and the Hairplugged One as well.

        • RK

          Most have no qualifications for any other job. What a gig! Do nothing and make a 150 big ones a year, They might not like what’s going on but they will vote to keep their gig for sure.

          Then the millions of handouts. Think they’ll vote for secession and lose the freebies producers are paying for. Even the elderly SS will be out the door and they at least prepaid.

          When the rubber hits the road,,, they will vote for their jobs and freebies and is why .gov wants you on the dole.

    • @ RK

      Ahh cmon, what the heck. You’re being too hard on these guys. It’s only about 95% that are lazy, incompetent, stupid, uncaring, boring, arrogant, greedy & selfish. And to think they give a bad name to the whole lot.

      The point you make is a good reason why these freeloaders should be term limited (no more than 4 years on the job, with rare exceptions) and never again allow anywhere near a voting booth. Therefore, and hereafter, any current or ex-G.E. caught within 5 miles of a voting station should receive extreme & immediate justice upon conviction. There…problem solved.

  16. Twenty-two million people work for federal, state and local governments. Broken out by state that’s anywhere from 10.1% to 20% of the workforce:

    Assuming most of them are married, that’s two votes for expanding the status quo. And considering they’re “in the business” they vote in every election, for their guy. Hillary was their guy. O’Biden is their guy. You bet the Bush Dynasty was their guy, but so was AlGore. Trump, he wasn’t their guy.

    Those 40 million votes for O’Biden came from the government employees. The libs of TikTalk, they’re government employees. Those people protesting abortion and construction projects and cheering on the draining of Lake Mead, they’re government employees. That blue-hair freak with the mouth like the grill of a Buick (although that’s an insult to Harley Earl), they’re government employees. The real swing votes come from the people who don’t care about who’s in office, as long as they keep the cheddar coming their way.

    And the arms dealers in the information wars, who keep putting the government employees front and center on the monitors.

    • You’re mining gold, RK. The only thing I think you are wrong about is the percentages. I think they are higher. Have you seen the results of any school bond issue? Around here, in the SE-USA, it’s usually a 70-30 win for GovCo.

      If you look at the largest employers in counties in much of the SE-USA you will find The County itself if the biggest employer, followed by the School System then the largest municipality. If not, these three are in the top 5. It’s called Voting Yourself Largesse.

      I don’t know how you stop this peacefully. The taxpayers (the host) are greatly outnumbered by the tax consumers(the parasite). They won’t vote themselves out of a job or income. It must collapse under the weight of its own contradictions [h/t Ayn Rand]. The problem is it will take down everyone else in the process. That’s because parasites only die when they kill the host

      • Mark,
        I don’t know about where you live, but where I live, school bond votes are ALWAYS in April, when voter turnout is low, and teachers and school staff can turn out in mass and get what they want.

    • One more point, RK.

      Back in the 90’s when I was heavily involved in local politics, a proposal was issued by the largest local municipality. It was call “Vision 2015”. It spoke of all the wonderful things that they would do to “improve the community” by then. It had tons of stats. There were two that really caught my eye, they were about changes in the county between 1970 and 1995.

      Population change +19%
      Government Employment change +69%

      • Mark I wonder if that was due to population decline or just increases in “services?” One thing I can’t figure out about Detroit is why they don’t just abondon parts of the city they cannot support? After the neighborhoods were burned out they still have to provide serivces to the few houses that remain. Why not just cut ’em loose? It takes a given number of people to run a sewer system, keep roads clean and drivable, etc. Once there’s no property taxes coming in, why keep the infrastructure in place? When I was a kid the city (I lived in the suburbs) had extremely high taxes because they figured the steel mill would never close, and that supported all the businesses. As they moved out to the suburbs and the steel mill closed, the tax base eroded away to the point where anyone could buy one of the the old department stores (that had been there since the 1800s) for $1, but you had to pay all the back taxes. This building took up an entire block and was 4 stories and a basement. It finally became a junior college, and the city still gets no tax revenue from it. But I’ll bet the city payroll is the same size as it was in the 1960s, maybe a little smaller but not zero for sure.

  17. Well said, Eric. You’ve written in the past (I’m paraphrasing), “We’re at war, it just hasn’t been formally declared yet.” Would you agree that Biden’s speech last week was the formal Declaration of War against us?

    • Jim,
      The small amount I was willing to listen to certainly sounded like it. The last time a POTUS declared war on roughly half the nation about 650,000 Americans died.


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