The Happy Divorce, Just Maybe . . .

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Most people who’ve gotten divorced don’t regret it, after the fact – notwithstanding the unpleasantness of going through a divorce. Because the alternative is usually worse. That being spending the rest of your life chained to someone you no longer love or who no longer loves you. 

Possibly, someone who hates your guts – and is out to make your life as miserable as they possibly can. 

That is not usually the case, one hopes. More often – one hopes – it is simply that the couple has drifted apart; they no longer understand each other. Their values differ – and cannot be reconciled. In such a case, the only reasonable option is a parting – hopefully, with as little damage done to each side as possible. 

America is arguably at such a stage.

It is clear there are irreconcilable differences – the usual metric for deciding that a marriage cannot be salvaged.

One “spouse” – loosely defined as the political Left – is determined to impose its values (all if them) on the other, irrespective of the other “spouse’s” profound antipathy to those values. The former cannot abide peaceful coexistence – as embodied by the once-functional give-and-take that defined the American political process, wherein sometimes the other side won an election and the results were accepted, if not with pleasure, with equanimity. We’ll do better next time – and an effort was made to persuade the electorate to vote differently in a subsequent election.

There were no fangs-bared threats of violence if one side didn’t like the outcome of an election, which things were once considered mostly legitimate because they appeared to be usually just that. If there were serious questions of electoral impropriety, these would generally be looked into, seriously. Especially by the once-upon-a-time somewhat legitimate “media,” as the press was formerly styled. It served as a kind of mediator in between the sides, the mere fact of potential exposure of extreme bad faith/shenanigans being a sufficient check on the worst of them happening.

The “media,” of course, have become a lot like deliberately malicious Child Protective Services people who side with one side in a custody case, not because one side has a legitimate case as regards the fitness of the other to have custody of the kids – but simply because the CPS person likes the one parent over the other. Possibly, is having an affair with them. Or was simply bought off – as in the case of the “media” in these latter days, which is nothing more than a well-paid gaggle of shills who earn their daily bread by “reporting” exactly what they are told – and not reporting exactly what they are told not to.

Everyone knows this.

Knows what it means. Which is that one side never gets a fair hearing – while the other insists that everything is not only fair but to question that it may not be amounts to a kind of moral failing verging on the criminal; something to be suppressed and, failing that, punished.

Thus, mediation – therapy – are pointless exercises. Rendered more so by the bleak dawning of realization that there can be no accommodation because one side will not bend, even a little. Could not care less about the other side’s feelings, wants or needs.

Everyone also knows which side that is.

It is the side – the “spouse,” so to speak – that absolutely, militantly insists (demands!) that the other spouse concede on everything. Give up everything that is of importance to them. Submit, without question, to everything as the condition of remaining married.

No, that is not quite accurate. For it is not a “marriage.” It is a form of ownership asserted, by the one side. For that side – the Left side – divorce is, accordingly, not permissible. For to accede to that would be an admission of a voluntarily entered into arrangement by both parties, which either party is not for-life chained to, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how awful it is.

The Left will never agree to a parting of the ways, for the sake of both sides. And there is sound reason for this – from the point-of-view of the Left.

It is, simply, that the Left cannot abide differences. Is constitutionally incapable of agreeing-to-disagree and leaving it that. The Left knows it cannot convince everyone that the tenets of Leftism – which is the denial, via force, of everything individual, peaceful and voluntary – are desirable and must, therefore, threaten force to compel everyone to submit to the tenets of Leftism.

Everyone who is honest about it also knows this to be true, too.

In stark contrast, the other side – the other “spouse,” to continue our analogy – is more than willing to work with the Left, at least insofar as being willing to leave the Leftists room to live according to their own values, so long as these values aren’t imposed by force on those who do not agree with them. This being perhaps the core difference in values between the two spouses. It is as if one spouse is willing to accept the other spouse’s desire to watch football with the guys on Sunday – while the other spouse threatens the other with a gun if he dares to tune into the game.

Such a “marriage” cannot be saved. Is not worth saving. Indeed, it is arguably not a marriage – in the ultimate sense of the term. For a marriage, properly speaking, is a gentle give-and-take, of mutual respect and admiration.

Of trust – based on love – the one for the other.

Is it even necessary to state that there is no trust or love lost between the two sides? That one side, far more than the other, hates the other side? That hatred expressed tangibly in the form of obvious threats, for nothing more than the other side asking to be respected and let alone?

And so, it has come to this.

The technicality of “marriage” still exists but both sides know it no longer exists – as a meaningful thing. It is sad, as is true of the ending of all such marriages, entered into once-upon-a-time with the best of intentions but – somehow – changed into something else along the way. Something tragic, unfixable.

Except by divorce.

The only question remaining is – how? Will it be amicable? It could be, as almost all divorces could be, if the two sides are willing to let it be. But we all know that one side will never let it be such. Will do whatever it takes to keep – just the right word – the unwilling spouse within the bounds of a “marriage” that has become a prison.

Which leaves the abused spouse with either of two choices: To submit and endure. Or to leave, whatever it takes – and no matter how unwilling the abusive spouse is to allow it.

In the end, it will be happier.

At least, for one side.

. . .

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  1. The left insists that our marriage to them is sacramental. Till death (our death, imposed by them) do we part. We’ll have to look into an annulment, because I don’t recall ever signing any social contact, so I doubt a valid marriage ever existed.

  2. Neil Oliver: This supposed utopia we’re having rammed down our throats isn’t working
    This is rare an intelligent speaker.

    jcmsaf said:
    How refreshing to hear a voice like Neil’s on TV. An opinion that reflects that of the common man. Down to earth, rational and well rounded.

    A breakdown of the utopi the leftist/communist/nazis are bringing you….

  3. Parasitic government….letting the infrastructure collapse……and lots more homeless….

    How Public Pensions Turn Cities Into Unlivable Hellholes

    public pension funds are grossly underfunded. Consequently, more and more pension funds are borrowing money to play the markets. The goal is to boost returns to cover their massive funding gaps.

    pension funds can attempt to fill their funding gaps by requesting increases in yearly contributions from governments and workers. But the public-employee unions go full ape when such measures are proposed. So the remaining option is to take on greater risk. What could go wrong?

    According to a Municipal Market Analytics analysis of Bloomberg data, more than 100 city, county, state, and other governments borrowed for their pension funds last year. This is twice the highest number that did so in any prior year.

    Standing behind these pension funds are state and local taxpayers – that’s you, acting as the ATM. Moreover, when the investment returns of public pension funds fall short, governments are primarily responsible for filling the void. This means cutting other spending and services or increasing taxes.

    Covering pension fund obligations is a massive drag on state and local government finances. The fact is, there’s a legion of public workers out there who’ve been promised a retirement that’s no longer affordable.

    These grand promises must be broken.

    You can witness the effects when traversing through just about every city in America that has been in existence for more than 60 years. By repeatedly reallocating spending from much needed services, the present and future conditions of cities and municipalities are being transformed to unlivable hellholes.

    Your neighbor, who retired from the city over 25 years ago, may frequently lament the shoddy conditions of the streets and sidewalks. He may bemoan the lack of resources to address burgeoning homeless encampments and the mobs of mentally ill zombies flailing about on the tired asphalt.

    in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.
    ATTENTION: in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers.

  4. We are approaching the moment when Atlas will shrug. The Deplorables, as The Left fashions them, will simply stop. No more food deliveries to the Urban Lumberjacks, no more fixing your plumbing, no more car repairs, no more…well, you get the point.

    Ayn Rand must be sayin’ “I told you so.”

  5. In response to the Supreme Court’s invalidation of ‘may issue’ carry permits, here is the contemptuous response of NY’s Gov Kathy ‘Ho’ Chul:

    Applicants will have to show they have “the essential character, temperament and judgment necessary to be entrusted with a weapon and to use it only in a manner that does not endanger oneself and others.”

    As part of that assessment, applicants have to turn over a list of social media accounts they’ve maintained in the past three years.

    “Sometimes, they’re telegraphing their intent to cause harm to others,” Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, said at a news conference.

    People applying for a license to carry a handgun will also have to provide four character references, take 16 hours of firearms safety training plus two hours of practice at a range, undergo periodic background checks and turn over contact information for their spouse, domestic partner or any other adults living in their household.

    New York: pure malevolence toward gun owners, privacy, the Bill of Rights.

    Yankeeism is a congenital affliction that can’t be treated or fixed.

  6. Using history as a guide, I think there are 3 probable ways for the future to play out (with variations on each theme of course).

    Synopsis No. 1
    This future has the highest likelihood IMO and therefore the one I’m betting on (but not what I’m hoping for)
    Our current political circumstance & direction stays intact with economic conditions getting gradually worse and we deplorables simply do the same thing we’ve been doing all along, which is nothing. There’s no organized resistance to speak of and we simply muddle along for the shitty ride, bitching and complaining which serves no usual purpose. The flicker of freedom dims and our numbers begin to decline as more & more give in and turn to the dark side to save their economic hides. Similar situation to early 1930’s Germany. Emigration rates pick up and eventually skyrocket as normal people are persecuted for their political expression (good luck trying to get out of the country at this point). Those who do not dance to the govt’s tune find themselves and their standards of living reduced to a bare subsistence. This is the long, slow decline scenario.

    No. 2 is the economic collapse scenario. This is the one you must hope for because it’s the only one with a reasonable chance for change without a long, drawn-out & distasteful future. And it’s the only one which can derail the govt gravy train and gives us a chance to break the back of the status quo. People lose their jobs by the millions, the dollar hyper-inflates and bankruptcy rules the day, including federal, state, and local governments. And this is key because now for the first time in american recorded history govt employees are laid off by the scads. Of course practically everyone dependent of govt for their income will be affected and will be screaming to throw the bums out. This will send the economy reeling making it appear we’ve returned to 1929, although this downturn wont look anything like those days. Many people will be motivated to take action and have the desire to return to the good old days, ala Ronnie Reagan. Since so many now have nothing more to lose they’ll consider taking almost any new direction. Perhaps they’ll choose liberty. Granted it’s a long shot, but possible.

    No. 3 is too scary to mention, but here goes. On the plus side it’s the least likely. This one plays out like a Mad Max scenario. The country turns into a modern version of the Lebanese civil war of the 1970’s/1980’s. People begin to revolt as political redress is null and void. Human rights are diminished, poverty is entrenched, and freedom is non existent as the govt clamps down on the growing number of protesters. Militant factions form and they become violent. Lawlessness, terrorism, violent crime is the order of the day. Like some classic Old World uprising or revolt (can you say Bosnia 1990’s) the country is ripped apart with many factions attempting to grab the reins of govt power. God only knows how the future plays out under this scenario.

    Now, based on society’s reaction to what began about 2-1/2 years ago, I feel very confident putting my chips on outcome #1 or some variation. Any takers?

    • I like to choose option 3 for $100, Alex.

      Hi Dave,

      When will this happen? When the draft re-emerges, which will likely be in the next year or two. World War III is on our doorstep. Zelensky has just introduced a shakedown to NATO…$5 billion a month for Ukrainian bureaucrats or this war will be at Europe and America’s doorstep.

      A large amount of the American public is already distrustful of politicians. Now tell them that Little Johnny who just graduated high school and Little Susie who is a junior in college will now be drafted (after they have been fully vaxxed for umpteen potential viruses) and will be shipped overseas to a strange land, because “your country needs you.”

      Russia, Taiwan, North Korea, Iran…take your pick. The USSA is a sitting duck right now. We are the laughing stock of the world. “Our” President can’t combine three coherent sentences together. We portray weakness, ineptitude, and a vast degree of unwelcome wokeness. We have no solid alliances, except those we are able to buy off.

      Look at our Congress…clueless, sheltered, and egotistical. They would (and have) sold out our people and resources to the highest bidder to line their own fat pockets. It won’t be Pelosi’s grandchildren going to war, it will be ours. Kids that have spent the last generation learning diversity and acceptance rather than their ABCs and 123s. It will be a slaughter fest with body bags lining Dover Air Force base. Do you want to see an angry parent…kill their kid.

      The Mad Max scenario is already beginning throughout the rest of the world…Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Pakistan, and Argentina. As governments continue to lockdown their citizenry more and more protests and overthrows will take place. The problem is we are battling a faceless enemy as they send AI and drones our way rather than the usual tanks and soldiers.

      Hell is fast approaching.

      • Hi RG.

        The reason they stopped the draft, was that it was unifying opposition to their wars. That was placing their entire Imperial system in danger. As soon as the draft went away, so did the mass resistance to their actions. I can’t really see them bringing it back. Especially not if it includes women this time. That doesn’t mean they will not, given the current crowd, but the consequences would not be positive for them.

        Also, the vast majority of people do not trust government or their various enablers. That goes double for those who have lost loved ones to the medical industrial complex.

        A government that has lost the basic trust/toleration of the majority can not govern. They must rule. But that becomes more and more difficult, as their actions produce more enemies. This basic fact is one of the reasons that the Empire has lost every war its been in since WWII.

        The basic idea of the sociopaths/psychopaths behind the WEF and other such, is to produce enough chaos so that the general population see’s them and their schemes as the lesser evil.

        But chaos can not be controlled with any precision. Emergent behavior is far too complex to be modeled. The risk of totally destroying the various systems of civilization itself are becoming greater, the further they push their mad agenda.

        In the face of mass die offs, they risk someone or some group acting as a seed in a super saturated solution. How that proceeds from there is also too complex to model. But it usually doesn’t bode well for the past power system.

        But it is known that tribalism/nationalism is very dangerous to their schemes. Instead of a relative handful of nation states they can corrupt and control. They risk the rise of many, many tribal/national groups, who have good reason to hate them and their globalist actions.

        We are heading into a dark future. Of that there is little doubt. But those who have made preparations for what is to come, will have a better chance of surviving. Once we are past the great die off, perhaps those who survive will be able to start putting the pieces back together. After having dealt with those responsible for this madness of course. Other wise, they will simply slink back into the shadows, and wait for their next opportunity.

  7. Here is another America is Being Suicided:

    Happy 4th of July,
    you faithless fools

    Belief in the big lie
    is how you will die

    A country gone bad,
    a government gone mad

    Americans are too stupid
    to be ashamed of themselves

    700 million will die from vaccines

    Happy birthday, America. It very likely could be our last. It has become completely impossible to ignore the fact that we suddenly find ourselves in a country gone bad run by a government gone mad, making war on a country we don’t have to fight that is destroying our own country in the process.

    • Hi Dan..

      Your agreement is unnecessary. Nor that of anyone else. The Gang WILL rule, no matter the cost. They have refined this scam for hundreds of years. The Tyrant Lincoln demonstrated the reality, underlying the illusions/delusions. No matter how many must die, their Rule will continue.

      Some of the Founders understood that reality. Which is why they demanded that the Second Amendment be part of the Bill of Rights. That has long since been badly undermined by generations of government indoctrination and mass/social media propaganda.

      But all is not lost. Don’t listen to the merchants of despair.

      The Gangs (governments) power is an illusion/delusion. It is based on the general belief in their “authority”. As more and more people start to question that, the systems glaring weak spots become more and more obvious. The last two plus years have been a very useful demonstration of this. It wasn’t just the oligarchs who have been taking notes.

      I’d like to think that there is a relatively peaceful method of resolving these matters. But past history, and our current reality don’t support that conclusion. That being the case, we all need to focus on our families, and do our best to ride out the dark storm that is rushing down upon us.

  8. This type of divorce will never have the practical impact we’d all want because the physical separation normally characteristic of a marital divorce is unachievable. Similar to marital divorces, in which one spouse makes it their business o torment the former spouse, the left isn’t satisfied having us out of their lives because they know their form of civilization is unsustainable. Instead, they need someone to commit violence and mayhem against, and do everything possible to impose their own self-torment and misery on us. Therefore, any so-called divorce is symbolic and has no practical value.

    • DC, a symbolic divorce is worse than having no practical value—the System will treat it as a provocation and a pretext to get rough.

      To continue beating this “in-house divorce” analogy into the ground…imagine a battered wife theatrically declares to her tormenter, “I’m-a di-VORCIN’ you ya big brute! Me ‘n the young’uns are gonna live on THIS side of this chalk-line I jus’ done made! ‘N yer gonna keep yer fat ass on THAT side o’ the chalk-line, ya mean sunnuvabeyitch!

      What happens next in this unpropitious tableau…?

  9. The revolution (the 13 states) and the war between the states (the Confederacy) required men of conscious, men of resolution, men of character and most importantly men with testosterone. For the most part, these conditions no longer exist. The Biden administration and most of clowngress is proof in the pudding. Historians will write volumes on the fall of the decadent depraved and feminized USA and how closely it tracked the fall of Rome. These things are cooked in the cycles of time.

    • Hi Ken

      They getting rid rid of alpha males….part of the woke bs….

      The extermination injections work, the people in canada, australia, england, new zealand, U.S., europe that didn’t get the placebo are dropping dead or injured/dying, mostly whites so far, the most hated. The military was injected, so weakened…
      A chinese professor says china just won a biological war against the U.S., softening up the enemy….

      Some say we are in WW3, weakening the enemy before invasion is a smart move…..goes in hand with gun control (disarming the enemy), and elimination of alpha males.

      • Hi Anon1,

        Respectfully, I disagree that there is a direct elimination of alpha males. The alpha males are doing this to themselves. I can understand how many are unhappy with the way that society is heading. As a female, I am unhappy with the way it is going too, but we all just can’t cross our arms, frown, and say, “I am not participating.”

        The alpha males do not wish to marry, they don’t wish to have children or adopt, they no longer wish to start businesses, or handle positions of leadership. Can I understand some of their reasoning? Of course. It is an ugly world out there. These men are known for being highly intelligent, magnetic, strong, intuitive, quick decision makers, etc. When they take themselves out of society, society loses. Women lose. Kids lose. The nuclear family is finished. I applaud the alpha men that are out there and taking charge, as well as the men that reared them. We need more like them. But, asking a handful of capable and masculine men to step up to handle the commitments that the other million don’t want to make isn’t real fair. When boys (and girls) don’t have a strong father figure they make bad decisions realizing that the consequences are usually nil. They then create children that make those same bad selections. The cycle becomes never ending.

        I am very lucky that I was born into a family with strong men (and women). They knew what their duties were and obliged by them. They were providers. Their children knew there would be consequences for ill-advised behavior. They also administered a moral compass to those who surrounded them. These traits are dearly missed in today’s citizenry.

        • RE: “I applaud the alpha men that are out there and taking charge”

          … The guys in this short bit seem to fit the bill, it’s good to see them, sometimes, with all this text, & loonie Marxists grabbing the headlines & running the TeeVee shows, I forget how many of us are out there:

          ‘Friday gun practice… Are you ready…’

          See also, this title:

          ‘QUARTER of Americans say they are ready to take up arms against the government: Poll also finds that more than a third of those currently own guns’

          (It’s a Daily Mail URL which is too long & will screw up the comment, it’s easy enough to find.)

          And, in other news, the deer fly bloom is about done in my area! Those bastards are The Worst biting insects in North America. I’d rather be attacked by fire ants than be bitten by those M^&y!*$#ers!

          … “We now have a vast, decentralized, reality-based invisible resistance all across the land. It encompasses Christians and atheists, liberals and libertarians and conservatives, traditionalists and radicals, rural folk and disaffected urbanites, the political and the apolitical — all united (without any formal effort at unity) in the plain-facts understanding that established systems (political, medical, legal, educational, and more) are too broken to reform and that we can and must and will route around the damage.” …

        • They also seek to eliminate women. Feminism today is so much about turning women into Great Value brand men. The implication of their ideas is that men are superior and women won’t be equal until they can live like men. Is that not “sexist”? The idea is to turn both of us into a homogeneous mush of nihilistic garbage.

          Masculinity and femininity are being replaced by effeminacy and emasculacy (that’s a word right?). Mere perversions of their proper forms.

    • Well said, Dan! Not a day goes by lately that I don’t think of ancient Rome. DC even has the architecture of Rome- they have made an “image to the Beast” and have assumed that Beast’s characteristics, as has the populace. There aren’t enough people who care enough t oresist the tyranny of either side (And both sides are equally tyrannical), nor the character or strength to do anything about it, so Babylon just lopes along with no chesiveness, going in a bunch of divergent directions, none of which further society; tyranny increases and civilization declines, and people just go their own way.

      Under such conditions, even the best and most productive can not thrive and produce and lead the most functional lives, because all actions are now first and foremost reactions, as evading the Crazy Emperor and his Senators must become the primary objective in order to just exist, and the free market has long ago been legislated out of existence- so life becomes a game centered around navigating through the pitfalls of tyranny, lunacy, crime, and economic destruction- versus when a society is relatively free, and the majority can lead functional successful family and economic lives, when all one had to do was worry about living a responsible and peaceful life- which was not difficult before we had The Beast to battle with in every endeavor of life, and the media obscuring reality.

  10. Ah, not to worry- When the not-so-different-from-each-other sides get a little too far apart, some event just “coincidentally” comes along- like 9-11 (or maybe this time a nuke detonation that can be blamed on Russia) which makes everyone forget their differences and give up any vestiges of remaining rights, and serve The Beast with renewed fervor.

    Besides, “we” could never have a civil war, since the sides are no longer grouped by location- especially today, now that so many people have fled CA NY IL etc. and flooded TX TN ID MT, etc. Flyover country is now inhabited by just as many lefties as the cities; and it’s not just the refugees from the cities (Most of whom were just fleeing high taxes, expensive RE and crime/declining quality of life) but it’s also the kids of every farmer who were indoctrinated in the colleges their parents paid good money for them to attend- and even the farmers themselves, as their livelihood no longer depends on their ability to produce things of value which they can sell on the free market, but rather now depends more on subsidies and price supports to grow things which they would not be able to sell on the free market if there still were a free market; or to not grow anything at all.

    And neither side (When speaking about the typical D or R) really cares all that much. The media is always in frenzy, and some of the proles may make a little noise- sign a petition, or march in a protest- but other than casting a vote now and then, the average person isn’t going to do diddly squat- and really, considering how the population is now distributed, how could they do anything? It would have to be hand-to-hand combat in every town and city.

    There are no clear sides, and sadly, the citizens who possess the guns are the least likely to use them, and wouldn’t be much of a match for the huge united fronts of the left which are assembled by millions in every large city.

    Anything that looks like it may be leading to a widespread confrontational movement is just in reality a part of the plan to balkanize the US- and not in the good sense, as in decentralizing power- but rather to make things more manageable for the NWO which is taking shape- which can not allow any ‘superpowers’ which might have the power and wealth to go their own way.

    So sit and watch the show…and the flames- preferably from a beach or jungle or desert far far away.

    • I must disagree with your statement:
      “There are no clear sides, and sadly, the citizens who possess the guns are the least likely to use them, and wouldn’t be much of a match for the huge united fronts of the left which are assembled by millions in every large city.”
      Actually it is the cities that will collapse first. Just look at the supply-chain problems that we are currently experiencing. It would only take three days of total transportation infrastructure stoppage to paralyze the cities. City residents will go hungry first. If and when they attempt to control the rural areas, they will have a big “surprise” coming.
      As to gun owners being the least likely to use them, you could not be more mistaken. Most gun owners recognize that they have responsibilities and are aware that the government would like nothing more than to disarm everyone but themselves and their left-wing lackeys. Gun owners know that “jumping the gun” and acting impulsively will do absolutely no good and are aware of the consequences.
      Gun owners are biding their time, and will not act irrationally. A good example of this is that of the January 6th defendants who were purposely “false flagged” into their situation and are presently languishing in American gulags while awaiting their “trials” at the hands of left-wing criminals. Us aware whites already know that we have targets on our backs if we attempt to defend our lives. The St. Louis couple that was charged for defending themselves and the malicious prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse are but two of many examples of the left using the judicial process to steamroller us whites. Compare that with the non-prosecution of the rioters who perpetrated the 2020 “summer of love”.
      The only thing keeping the government from responding against its citizens IS the proliferation and amount of small-arms that are possessed by ordinary citizen patriots out there.
      As to the assertion that the government possesses far greater quantities and types of arms to be used against citizens, low-level (intensity) guerrilla and “hit and run” tactics can easily be utilized which will grind down the enemy to a halt. There are many military veterans who know exactly what I am talking about.

      • Hi Anarchyst,
        I would tend to agree with you that the cities will fall first- although I’m beginning to think that small towns and rural areas won’t be far behind, seeing as how so many former city-dwellers have been dispersed to such areas, and the looming prospect that transportation my become a problem as functional sustainable gas-engined vehicles become rarer.

        The fact that all of those cities are now full of refugees/invaders, who don’t give a rat’s patoot about liberty, and many of whom would just as soon see us dead, and even participate in our dispatching, is another issue which many are not counting on.

        Re: Gun owners: Keep in mind that a HUGE percentage of are either fiormer or current military/pigs, or supports of the same, and the picture doesn’t look so rosy. Remember how many rushed to sign up to become mercenary slaves after 9-11? How many people of all stripes had those stupid ribbons on their cars? How many “said something” every time they “saw something” (Like some guy taking a picture on the street), how many chanted in unison “If you’re with us, you’re against us”?

        Never underestimate the stupidity of the average American moron. Remember all of those retards wearing masks- and even googles and gloves for a while in some places?

        You’re expecting reason and sanity to come from such a majority? Sorry buddy, but they will do whatever the TV tells ’em to do- as they have time and time again. Just wait till the TV tells ’em the nukes are flying or that little green men are invading….. They’ll stab their own grandmothers in the heart if they think she’s not with them. The people who elect these tyants are no better than the scum they elect- be that scum GWB, DJT, Obozo or the current buffoon.

      • “…low-level (intensity) guerrilla and “hit and run” tactics can easily be utilized which will grind down the enemy to a halt. There are many military veterans who know exactly what I am talking about….”

        In a true civil war fighting will be as you say. The military will be able to do nothing as the conflict will be front and center, not some far away land.

    • Hi Nunzio.

      Doomed! Doomed I tell you! Repent of your sins! For the Very End Of Days is near!

      Nunzio, I know you are more intelligent and educated than that. (which is what makes it so much fun to tease you 🙂 )

      Yes, there is no doubt that the next few years are going to be “challenging”. How could they not, given the useful idiots in charge? But once one gets outside of the collectivist hives, one finds quite a number of people with common sense, respect for our traditions, and who have managed to pass those on to their children.

      Being the student of history that you are, I’ve no doubt you understand how collapse typically proceeds through a society/civilization.

      We are well past the first phase as we speak. But you must have also noticed that elements of collapse are not all negative. There are multi tiered feed back loops (both positive and negative). Emergent behavior is more complex to model than global climate. And we all know what a dogs breakfast the IPCC has made of that. Do you really think that the WEF will fare any better?

      Look into the positive aspects of those who manage to survive what is coming. They will not have the patience, time/energy or resources to tolerate the Woke, or their toxic ideology.
      Not to mention that most of the Woke are no longer going to be a problem in another few years. As all causes deaths continue to pile up, they will have removed themselves from the equation.

      The key to our future is found in things like Ron Paul’s home schooling system. Which has grown enormously over the last two plus years.

      Don’t give in to the merchants of despair. There is yet hope for the future. We may not live to see it, but our children and grand children will.

      • Hey BJ.,
        Yep. We can both agree that collapse is well underway. The exact form the final stages may take is a matter for gypsies with crystal balls to ponder….but we needn’t even concern ourselves with such details- it is enough to know that it won’t be good (Neither would it be good to suffer this sick puppy to labor on any longer).

        Where we may disagree is in thinking that the aftermath may be positive. In the supernatural sense, I would agree that we are on the verge of good- but physically speaking….when empires/societies collapse, it is almost always certain that it is replaced by that which is worse- and the more so when the fall is being artificially created and hastened by those who have a plan to make it’s replacement something which isw far worse and on a larger scale.

      • Hi BJ,

        In re: “Don’t give in to the merchants of despair.”

        I like this. I try to live this. Because failing this, a fatalism sets in – and then, why bother? But it’s not just attitude that’s important, as such. It is that attitudes have consequences, too. Acting – in a positive way – comes from having the attitude that your actions can and even will have positive outcomes. Not always, of course. Not even necessarily. But … inevitably.

        Keep a stiff upper lip. Do not let these losers get us down. There are enough of us to make a difference. And every day we don’t forget that is a day closer to when we do.

        • Hi Eric

          Dr. Vernon Coleman: We Have Six Months of Freedom Left

          Too many people accept it all without a murmur.
          The collective silence will be our undoing.
          They are picking us off one at a time.

          Within the EU there is already talk of food rationing. Food and fuel rationing are inevitable. And they’ll be controlled by an App.

          when economies crash the number of people dying always soars. People cannot afford to eat properly and nor can they afford to keep warm. Undertakers and florists are the only businesses which can expect boom times ahead.

  11. ‘do these pinheads not recall the Cuban missile crisis?’

    NATO’s hardball rhetoric these days echoes the brutal invective of Nikita Khrushchev:

    On 12 October 1960, Philippine UN delegate Lorenzo Sumulong referred to “the peoples of Eastern Europe and elsewhere which have been deprived of the free exercise of their civil and political rights and which have been swallowed up, so to speak, by the Soviet Union.”

    Upon hearing this, Khrushchev quickly came to the rostrum, brushed Sumulong aside, and branded him as “a jerk, a stooge, a lackey” and a “toady of American imperialism.”

    Khrushchev pounded his fists on his desk in protest as Sumulong continued to speak, and at one point picked up his shoe and banged the desk with it. — Wikipedia

    NATO, this week:

    ‘We will continue to counter Russia’s lies and reject its irresponsible rhetoric. We face systemic competition from those, including the People’s Republic of China, who challenge our interests, security, and values.

    ‘Climate change is … a threat multiplier. We have decided on a goal to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions. We will ensure increased national defence expenditures and NATO common funding.

    ‘We have decided on new measures to step up support to partners including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova. The accession of Finland and Sweden will make them safer, NATO stronger, and the Euro-Atlantic area more secure.’

    Talk about a belligerent, paranoid rant. Looking forward to “Biden” banging his shoe on the UN podium this September.

  12. Collectively, The Left doesn’t have a “day job” that pays the bills and offers some measure of financial security, as much as can exist in this country these days.

    Instead, most on that side exist on inheritance, spousal income, and quota-filling jobs at publicly traded companies who must bow to the Biden thing to the point that Corporate America is still ready to foist jabs on everyone if Congress has the stones to pass a bill.

    A “divorce” would mean one side would end up living in a cardboard box in a figurative sense for many, if not literal in some cases.

      • Hi Roscoe.

        Which will be followed by whom? The Red states would ignore them. Hell, at this point even the purple states aren’t taking this nonsense seriously.

        You do realize what happens if they nuke the filibuster and then lose the senate? That reality is why I expect several members of the democratic side to refuse. They aren’t all insane and/or stupid.

  13. The war criminal Lincoln already demonstrated what the powerful and abusive statists (leftists) will do to keep their unearned and undeserved power.
    DC is beyond redemption.
    Ripley expressed the solution in the film “Aliens.” NIFOITOWTBS.

    • If every political representative on Earth was given the Ripley treatment, I doubt it would make much difference. Micro-nuking the millions of office buildings full of bureaucrats, however… One can dream.

    • Hans, did you hear about what happened after Lorena Bobbit “bobbed” it ? She got in her car, drove off and threw it out the window. Just so happens there were two drunks driving in a car behind her. When it bounced off of their windshield, one drunk looks at the other and says ” Damn, did you see the dick on that bug ???”

  14. Americans, all of them, are the oft-beat red-headed step child that gets blamed for everything and is victimized to boot.

    Everybody knows that by now, a known known no one wants to admit to be true. Nobody is happy about any of it, too bad, suckers. There will be no divorce, you’ll just see it their way… or else.

    Say what you will about the tenets of leftism, at least it’s an ethos.

    Have to paraphrase Walter Sobjak.

    They’re also nihilists making your life as miserable as they possibly can.

    More like an internecine battle to the finish.

  15. If there’s one thing the Canadian truck driver protest showed, it’s that Canada needs a national divorce more than the US does.

  16. ‘Will it be amicable?’ — eric


    I refer not to the US, but to the West vs Russia.

    In Madrid, “Biden” cut a deal with Turkey to admit Sweden and Finland to NATO, adding 830 miles of direct, eye-to-eye, NATO-Russia border confrontation.

    NATO further and outrageously threatened to expand into Georgia and Moldova — two more former Soviet republics, like Ukraine.

    “Biden” said the US will establish a military base in Poland and send more troops to Romania.

    Shadowy powers behind the senile meat puppet “Biden” are setting us up for World War III, plain and simple.

    Not a peep of protest will be heard from the craven rabble of 535 Kongress Klowns.

    In fact, committees marking up the NDAA added tens of billions beyond what “Biden” requested.

    This summer, we’re on our own. It’s wartime, both at home and abroad.

    • Indeed Jim, do these pinheads not recall the Cuban missile crisis? I was i HS back then and wondered if I was going to live to graduation. That was with nukes 90 miles offshore; why is Boobus Americanus incapable of seeing the other side’s point of view? Imagine the hair-on-fire rhetoric of the PTB if Russia had troops, missiles, etc. on our borders. That’s how Vlad sees it and I get it, especially if you know anything about Russian history. Clowngress and the other assorted warmongers must think they can hide out in their fuehrerbunkers while the rest of us serfs get fried but I don’t see any good outcome for them afterwards on a planet no longer capable of supporting life.
      Now that’s some real climate change.

    • Crazy times ahead, for sure. Who knows, it’s a horserace with lotsa, ‘the seen & the unseen’.

      ‘The Plan Emerges: America’s Leadership Will “Dismantle Russia” for Good’

      … “And for those who believe the CSCE is a toothless think tank, consider that the Commission is made up of nine members from the US House of Representatives, nine members from the United States Senate, and one member each from the Departments of State, Defense, and Commerce. […]

      the announcement of “Decolonization Russia” did not refer to the meetup as a “discussion.” Instead, it appears that Congressman Cohen was being “briefed” on the latest foreign policy strategies for Russia, and Ukraine. To this end, these genius idealists in the employ of America have come down to this plan of action.” …

  17. I think they way to achieve this is to encourage a deep blue state to secede the next time someone with an “R” after their name gets into the White House. No matter how milquetoast that guy is, he will be the next Hitler.

    “Hey California, if you secede you can have your single payer system and have your IC engine ban tomorrow,” can be the line.

  18. Lincoln proved that a National Divorce cannot be had peacefully. And even when you are fighting over your autonomy and separation, Lincoln proved that they will not fight fairly. Brace yourself.

    One can hope that we move State to State and stop mingling within States, but I doubt that will happen as it did North and South many years ago. The average (lunatic) Lefty will be convinced somehow that ‘the right’ leaving and wanting to be left alone peacefully will be dangerous. Probably by framing them to be armed and extremely dangerous to their ‘way of life’. And it will be dangerous to the Left as if they have their own country, they will not be able to afford their way of life or survive for very long. History proves that, and anyone that has a brain know it. They will need the hardworking ‘right’ to feed them and do the jobs the ‘creatives’ won’t do. Ya know… basic infrastructure type jobs like trash, electricity, water cleaning…

    It’ll never work. Watch out for traps.

    • Lincoln was a bastard who wanted war. The South wanted to secede peacefully, but Lincoln could not abide the loss of revenue through tariffs that the South remitted to the then small federal government. For more information, obtain and read “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo. You will never see Lincoln in the same light again…

  19. Eric- “the outcome of an election, which things were once considered mostly legitimate because they appeared to be usually just that.”
    I seriously doubt there has ever been an election without abundant fraud. I believe it was Stalin who once proclaimed that it mattered little how people vote, it only matters who counts the votes.
    Even the election of JFK was fraught with fraud in winning Illinois, through the Chicago voting scheme, “vote early, vote often, and don’t let death stop you.

  20. Eric, I think your characterization of left and right is valid when applied to the people, and a divorce, amicable or otherwise, might well be the ticket, and might even be possible.
    When applied to the two dominant US political parties however, the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird, as someone wiser than I once said.
    In other words, RG is right – one side will be entirely unrepresented in the courtroom and thus have no choice but to burn the entire MF house down. Given the severity of that option, it’s unlikely to happen.

  21. The Right (most of it) has religion. The Left has reason (“the thing that makes some fact intelligible” – But the structure in our brain that creates religion still exists in the Left, it didn’t go away just becuase they don’t like it. So they created a surrogate in reason. That’s fine, except that religion never came up with an effective counter to the scientific method, at least when it is distorted by the Left.

    In 2013, the Obama administration announced BRAIN Initiative, an attempt to map the human brain in the same way the human genome was decoded. Much of the junk science research about gender and racisim seems to have been published since then. To my unenlightened eye, it appears that the conclusions were reached and then research was done to prove them, no different than 17th century philosophers proving the Earth was the center of the universe and then trying to jam planetary orbital mechanics into their theory.

    If your world view is that racisim is rampant, you’ll conclude that everything is rasist and work backwards. If someone does a study showing that babies’ brains might react differently to skin color (in an FMRI machine), that just backs up your claim.

    It didn’t say the child started singing Dixie and waving the Stars and Bars, but hey, there’s a different pattern on the brain, so might as well call it the same thing. The right knows this is all bullshit but doesn’t do any counter-research to show that, despite the lower primate reaction to stimulus, most humans are somewhat better at supressing them than apes and chimpanzees.

    • Ready,
      The very definition of “civilization” can be boiled down to repressing our instincts. Once upon a time, racism was a perfectly normal instinctive reaction, as when the Mongol horde came riding over the horizon. As a nation, we have largely disposed of racism, despite all the caterwauling that it’s institutional. We are born with our instincts, and nothing else. Later on we learn alternatives to instinct. And become civilized.

      • That’s the “logical” outcome if you accept the scientific notion that gender is a construct of one’s mind and environment. Just like you have to accept the concept of superposition (which is incomprehensible without understanding the math behind it), you have to accept a pregnant man. Even if your English Lit degree didn’t cover that.

        • Hi RK,

          This is our problem. Those of us that know a man cannot get pregnant refuse to call bull shit on it. Those that feel the need to profess their “pronouns” to the world we don’t call bull shit on. Those that feel Drag Queen Story Time is a valuable lesson for every kindergartner we don’t call bull shit on. When the stores that we shop at throw their woke views in our faces we don’t call bull shit on it. When they say we have to register our guns and ammo we don’t call bull shit. When they tell us we can’t collect rainwater on our own freaking land we don’t call bull shit. When we go to a doctor, and they tell us we need four booster shots for a cold we don’t call bull shit. Those that feel “birthing parent” is the new terminology for “Mommy”, we don’t call bull shit.

          This is what happens when we stay quiet.

          • Speaking of “woke” stores, I was shopping at a Kroger a week or two ago and, tucked away in the back of the store, not necessarily front and center but still there, were gay “pride” headdress thingies (think Medusa snakes on a headband) for… CHILDREN. I went over and said WTF out loud. I thought about beefing with the nearest employee but the guy was like 17 and it isn’t his fault. When I got to the asst. mgr, he was like “thanks for your opinion.” I shop there because, IMO, they have the best stuff at the best prices but I’m trying to vote my dollars away as much as possible.

          • RG – Everyone who hears about DQST says no. The problem is most of us aren’t aware of what’s been happening because of the gelded media.

            Remember how the MSM made Bush the First a laughing stock? Remember how they loved everything the Clintons did? Then remember how Bush the Second started pulling press credentials from contrarian reporters? And how the FCC (and the rest of the Department of Commerce) allowed massive consolidation of media outlets, creating massive publicly traded corporations, who’s boards of directors have a fiduciary duty to not rock the boat?

            Then, thanks to the HR department, instead of reporters being hired because of their experience, they get hired because of “credentials.” A wet behind the ears J-school grad (or worse… “communications” major) has a more appropriate resume than an industry veteran. So you end up with people who know how to ask basic questions, but have no depth at all, and wouldn’t know a lie if the interviewee prefaced it with “I’m going to tell you a lie now.”

      • Jim, that’s why I included Webster’s definition. Reason in this case is attempting to find meaning in a “fact.” Doesn’t matter if the fact is true or not, as long as it promotes the agenda.

  22. The one silver lining of the “covid” hoax is that the battle lines are a lot more clear and the sides more physically aligned through the interstate migration. The so-called red states received a large influx of the more liberty minded. Hopefully this will help promote the prospect of a divorce or at least nullification of leftist ideology in those places.

    Of course, with that said, it’s apparent that the puritans cannot rest knowing that others remain free.

  23. I like your analogy, Eric. This “relationship” is going to transpire in two ways. The right (aka the injured spouse) will bow down to the abusive spouse (as they are now) and accept this is their fate. Why? Because they are terrified to start over, it is too overwhelming, and my personal favorite “it is better for the children” (aka the country).

    The “divorce” will only occur if the injured spouse finds the willingness to fight. Maybe they get to a point of being slapped around too many times and snap. It doesn’t matter how they reach the breaking point, but it will be combustible.

    There will be no easy way out. There will be no amicable divorce. The injured spouse does not have the ability to simply walk away. The other spouse will not let them. This concludes with one of the following: the injured spouse accepts their fate and loss of freedom, lying to themselves that this is the right way of handling it or do they confront the bastard knowing the only way to escape is to burn the MF house down with them.

    There are no other options.

    • RG,
      indeed, any animal, including us, can only be pushed so far before there is a violent reaction. Witness any mangy mutt turning into a vicious purveyor of death and destruction if backed into a corner. And here we are.

      • Yep, John, here we are…accepting the fate as the injured spouse, knowing we won’t fight, but will retreat until the ugliness settles down or they have taken away all of your rights.

        I am as guilty as the next person, so I am no means pointing fingers. If any of us have something to lose we won’t fight unless the fight comes to our front door. The deck is stacked against us and those that were willing to break rank (the NothingFest on January 6th aka “Insurrection Day”) showed us that they (the Swamp, sometimes called government) will mow us over so quick we won’t have time to bug out. Our judicial system is a joke, and our Constitution has been decimated. If they are willing to throw you in jail for taking the Wicked Witch of the West’s podium and marching through a Congressional building that we all fund -what would they do if we were to do a full-blown Guy Fawkes Gunpower Plot (no pun intended)? Forget a lifetime in jail, all of a sudden, the left would be clamoring for the perpetrators to be strung out and firesquaded come dawn. So much for being anti-gun.

        The few rebels that are out there will go Gray Man and will avoid the confrontation. Governments, worldwide, know this. People will only fight when they have lost everything. We aren’t there yet. We are still holding on to a dream that sometime, somewhere, in someplace this will turn. Until they have taken our shelter and starved our bellies we will not rise up.

        • Hi RG

          72 hours from anarchy, if people don’t eat for 3 days they get angry….

          after 6 months of zero food around…..cannibalism….long pig on the menu….(that is what the cannibals called it, supposed to taste like pork)

        • Indeed RG, no revolution was ever started by fat people. Perhaps why the FedGov nutrition guidelines encourage obesity?

    • RE: “The “divorce” will only occur if the injured spouse finds the willingness to fight.” And, “There are no other options.”

      In a Gary North link I posted the other day he mentioned that when goobermint checks start bouncing, then there will be a reaction, ~ the willingness to fight(?) that seems like a sort of third option?

      ‘BRICS Announces New World Reserve Currency as America Commits Economic Suicide’

      … “At what point will Americans begin to care enough to work together and do something?

      When the nuclear bombs start falling?

      America is being mass-murdered by our own Federal Government.

      And the emerging, new globalized economy will let it happen.

      Unless Americans take back control of their own government, America will soon end.

      That’s the plan being executed right now.”


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