Happy De-Platforming!

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Just a quick post to thank all of you, the readers and contributors, for a great year and for making this possible.

Most of you know that the organs (as Solzhenitsyn might have styled them) are using their effective monopoly control over all modern forms of communication – the Internet, social media – to stifle information and opinion that isn’t orthodox.

For a brief decade or so, the Internet really was free. It enabled contrarian viewpoints to end-run what had been the information lockdown of pre-Internet media outlets  – i.e., the major TV networks, of which there were just three; the major print media, of which there were also basically just three – The New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times – all of them run by the ideologically simpatico.

That lockdown is in the process of being reasserted. It is being done by suppressing dissenting or just different viewpoints via what is styled (in the hideous jargon of technocratic tyranny) “de-platforming,” which means barring any person who produces “objectionable” material from making it available through entities such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and so on – all of them owned, it is important to point out, by the same cartel or might as well be – as in the case of the New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times.

It’s not censorship, per se – since the offending material hasn’t (yet) been characterized as illegal.

But it amounts to the same thing.

These entities used to serve as apolitical conduits for information – generating their revenue from advertising associated with the information being conduited. They now suppress information that rubs up against the ideological biases of the owners of these conduits – even if that information is popular and generates lots of revenue. The technocratic elites did not anticipate, probably, that so many millions of people disagree with their biases – and take issue with their agenda.

These “deplorables” – as Hillary made the mistake of publicly calling them – used the new tools provided by the technocracy  to spread (and read and listen to and view) differing points of view.

Having let the cat out of the bag, the question became: How to stuff him back in?

It was easy enough.

“De-platforming” was one way. Another – in the case of Goo-guhl – was (and is) manipulation of search results to bury the offender’s material, or even to not list it at all – which has the effect of un-personing the material and its creator, airbrushing them out of existence like Stalin’s out-of-favor cronies.

The organs issue bland, Kafkaesque decrees about “violating terms of service” or accusations of purveying “hate” speech – but nothing specific (let alone illegal) need be cited; often, the alleged “violation” amounts to nothing more than tilting an inscrutable algorithm. There is no practical way to find out why the algorithm tilted – which is just the point: To preclude even the opportunity to correct whatever the problem supposedly is.

It works most effectively.

The offender – someone like Alex Jones, who has millions of viewers and listeners – is silenced almost as thoroughly as if the government had kicked in his door and dragged him off to a cage for “sedition.”

But his real crime is popularity.

The organs practically writhe with fury that someone like him (or me, or any other person who isn’t in lockstep with them) has an audience.  Efforts that rival the Royal Navy’s quest to sink the  Bismarck are roused and rallied to place obstacles in between the popular writer/speaker/video-maker and his audience. To prevent him from growing his audience, if possible.

And to apply economic pressure.

The organs control almost all advertising on their mediums – and critical online payment methods (e.g., ZahlenFreunde, which is an adjunct of Goo-guhl). Along with “de-platforming” comes “de-monetizing.” The popular writer/speaker/video-maker who was making a living via the ads viewed by his audience suddenly isn’t because the ads get pulled – once again, for unspecified “violations.”

And regardless of the fact that of people were viewing those ads. The virulence of the organs is such that they are willing to lose money for the sake of landing blow against those not in lockstep with their politics.

The “de-platformed/de-monetized” writer/speaker/video-maker is still free to publish online, to operate their own web pages. But it becomes hard to make a living doing it – even when the audience is huge, because the advertising revenue becomes nil. These won’t take long hopefully, but they will prevail.

Sites like this one have evaded that economic torpedo attack by relying mostly on direct reader support, obviating the need to kowtow to the algorithms of Goo-guhl and eliminating any worry about what Gesichterbuch thinks about what you’re reading/seeing here.

But the next shoe is already halfway fallen to the floor.

2019 is likely to be the year for the attempted outright banning (if not criminalizing) of any public expression of viewpoints that depart in the slightest from the rancid PC orthodoxies which almost everyone must already at least pretend to agree with. Everyone knows – even if they cannot actually say – what may and may not be said.

At work, at school . . . almost everywhere except (as Winston Smith, the main character in Orwell’s 1984 put it) in one’s own bed, whispered in the dark of night.

Even then, Alexa might be listening.

Speech codes already exist in many Western European countries and it is beyond naive to believe it could not happen here. Because it already has.

The First Amendment could be rendered a functional nullity as quickly as the Fourth, Fifth and (arguably) Second Amendments have been.

Internet Service Providers/website hosting companies could simply decide to not provide service to “objectionable” publishers. These ISPs and web-hosting companies are, after all, part of the same technocratic oligarchy which is making it very hard to make a living outside the fences of political correctness.

The next step is that obvious – or ought to be. If you’re not  asleep at the wheel.

They’ll start (once again, as they already have) with outliers like Alex Jones, easy to demonize. Then – the principle having been established – the practice will be expanded.  See the fire being directed at reasonable (and factual) commentators such as Jordan Peterson and Tucker Carson and Ben Shapiro – precisely because they are reasonable and factual and thus, persuasive – and so, dangerous.

And at me, for being neither left nor right but opposed to both.

When a Libertarian – someone whose bedrock principle is to shun violence and insist upon the equal rights of every human individual to be left unmolested and free to pursue his (or her) happiness, as they see it, so long as they don’t infringe upon the equal rights of others to the same – has to worry about being “de-platformed” and “de-monetized” and possibly being caged – you know the sun is getting low in the sky.

So, again – thanks to everyone out there who has supported not just EPautos but freedom of expression generally. I suspect matters are coming to a head, sooner rather than later – and it bucks me up to know people like you have got my back!

Here’s to a great 2019!

. . .

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  1. Thank you Eric – very good articles and observations. Appreciate the hard work you have put into this site and the commenters as well. We are in terminal decline. It is very ironic that I am considered a radical now because I am independent, conservative, lean towards libertarian, and believe the governments only role is in protecting my property and natural rights as an individual.

    • Hi 1Unknown,

      Ditto and amen. Even in my work – as a car journalist – I have become an outlier, if not a Freak, because I actually like cars, like driving and so despise the things that tend to impair our freedom to drive and which are turning cars into mobile cribs controlled by the government and corporations, which increasingly might as well be the same entity.

      But I will continue firing until the last shell – in the spirit of Bismarck.

      Tally ho!

  2. We have been the “frog in the water” for a long time and we are close to boiling and being cooked. The schools use Facebag to communicate with parents and I am looked down on like i don’t care about my kids’ schooling b/c I ask questions in person. The reply is ” well we posted it on Facebag” and they are disgusted that I am not a Facebagger.

    • Hi Droop,

      I get the Blank Stares also – for not being a FaceBagger. People cannot understand why I am not posting every random detail of my life on a social media site. It is flabbergasting – and depressing. Also, genius.

      Just think. The Soviet NKVD and the East German Stasi spent endless resources attempting to gather up the thoughts and inclinations of their enslaved populations; Americans not only give it up for free they give it up eagerly.

      • Mornin’ Eric!

        You know what’s really interesting too? I’ve noticed that a large percentage of friends and relatives (The ones whom I’ve kept in touch with over the long-term), no longer can be bothered to communicate personally- or if they do, it is in a greatly diminished capacity. Too much trouble to send an email, I guess. And forget about people saying things directly to you as part of a two-way conversation; on FaceCrook, it’s more like: Just publish your narrative, and view other’s reactions to it, and vise-a-versa.

        Instead of dialogue, social media is more like advertising and promoting oneself. Personal PR.

        Those of us who refuse to participate, see who our true friends are- as many will just cast you by the wayside….preferring the company of ‘that guy they used to say hi to in 8th grade’ who they ‘found’ through the magic of FaceCrook after having had no contact for 30 years; or their neighbor’s sister’s cousin’s husband’s friend whom they never met, but who recognized their name…..because being on their FaceCrook friend list is better than actually being friends with someone in real life who doesn’t use FaceCrook! 🙂

        And even after the revelations of spying, data collection, and social experimentation by FB becomes mainstream common knowledge… They just don’t care!!!

        • A sign of the times is that last year I met up with a high school friend who called out of the blue. A few other people from school showed up too.

          “I thought you were dead as I have not seen you on Facebook” was heard more than once.

          Me – “I thought you were living, but it turns out you were just Facebooking”.

          Did not re-kindle many friendships as I don’t Facebook and they…. who cares.

  3. People just leave the platforms as it becomes more obvious that they won’t allow criticism.

    If the 1st amendment fails, I’m very worried that the 2nd amendment will come into effect, and be used for it’s actual purpose. I’m not looking forward to that scenario.

    • Hi Richard,

      Yes, but what is the alternative to the Internet and the major ISPs? If Goo-guuuhl or Gesichertbuch or Twatter ban a writer it’s only a short hop for the ISP to do the same and I expect that to happen. The waters are already being tested – for example, certain providers block certain sites; they can’t be accessed so even those who already know about them and so would not be affected by a search index de-listing can’t get to the site. Filthy Cox Cable (a local ISP in my area) bans this site already.

      And so far, it seems a majority of Americans don’t care – so long as “the game” is on and they have chips in the cabinet.

  4. Don’t worry, Mr. Peters. The people will eventually rise up and take back what’s rightfully theirs (ours); albeit it may take a little longer this go ’round since TPTB have essentially figured out ways to “sedate the cattle” via smart gadgets and social media.

    • Bluegrey, the fact that they haven’t risen up in all the other areas of life in which government and corporations oppress them; and have let it get to this absurd level, is proof that they never will. Society is too highly controlled today. The majority can not even think for themselves.

      Look, we had 60 million people vote for that disgusting corrupt murderous bitch Hillary. They wanted her to rule them; they want more of this SJW PC bullsquat. And another 60 million voted for the guy who tells the stinking cops “not to be so nice”.

      They send their kids to colleges where they don’t learn one practical thing- but where they are taught by liberal idiots, and come back highly in debt and wash dishes because their degree is worthless, and even if it weren’t, there are no real jobs for ’em anyway…

      Look at “socialized medicine”- almost every American other than us wants it.

      They want to be ruled.
      They want to rule their neighbors.
      They want to have others spend their money.
      They want YOUR speech restricted, so that they’re not offended.
      They don’t care if their own speech is restricted, or their right to bear arms is obliterated, because they don’t care about those things, because they are part of a giant collective, and they will accept whatever the collective decrees; will rely on it for their safety and well-being; and wouldn’t dare say anything that’d run afoul of *current* PC thought.

      It’s over. The Western world, and especially America, are a lost cause. They’re just tying up the loose ends now; locking out the small minority of people like you and me; and putting the finishing touches on their evil plan.

  5. This stuff is snowballing REALLY fast now!

    Patreon cancelled the account of someone named Sargon Of Akkad, because he refered to Nazis as “niggers” ON ANOTHER PLATFORM- and while this has sparked a big exodus from Patreon by others in protest, it is likely that Patreon won’t even care, because it’ll just represent a small minority to them; and will essentially help them clean house of the kind of people they don’t want- i.e. those who will not be held hostage to Patreon’s policing.

    The recent shut-down of the nationwide Topix forums is even more disturbing. While likely not politically motivated, but rather probably a financial decision, due to severely declining usage since the ascension of social media, it nonetheless means the loss of the only place where one could anonymously post on a venue which offered a specific forum to just about every town and city in the country, and which was pretty much the sole venue on which strangers in any given area could post local information, news (Including the details that the media leaves out; things the media doesn’t cover; actions of local police, and their corruption, etc.), opinions, etc. and interact with people from their area anonymously and or with whom they would not otherwise come in contact with.

    The internet is becoming just another branch of the mass media.

    First, they take away your ability to earn any money from your endeavors on the web…then they just go after anything which does not comply with the New World religion of political correctness. Their standards and policies are ever changing and no one can ever know them; they do not even abide by their own rules (Those those two things were admitted by a Patreon exec!); they will persecute people for the mere use of a single word if they are looking to get rid of you, while allowing others such as ANTIFA to brazenly break concretely-stated rules (Like advocating violence and making threats of such), and just basically do whatever they care to, to get rid of anyone whom they don’t like, for any reason.

    This is why I’ve been warning people for many years not to rely on the internet for their main income; and not to rely on social media for communication and information….because for the majority, once ya become dependent, they’ve got you (and all of your data, and the profile they build of you, etc.)- and once that happens, most people will just go along, not to lose things that are convenient and familiar. And we are now seeing that very thing come to fruition.

    • “…and not to rely on social media for communication and information….because for the majority, once ya become dependent, they’ve got you (and all of your data, and the profile they build of you, etc.)…”

      See, I knew there was a reason why I never liked the idea of “anti-social” media to begin with. Ever since “MySpace” became popular back when I was in high school 12+ years ago, I never really understood the whole concept of putting one’s private life on the internet. Guess I was one the few “sheep” who knew not to eat the tainted feed.

      • Exactly, Blue.

        Even if it weren’t for all of the spying, censorship and control and all……I prefer to communicate with people individually. It seems like most people just want to publish their private lives, and then distribute it to a crowd.

        Have you noticed how people’s personal communication skills have so greatly declined since the advent of social[ist] media, too?!

        Everyone’s surrounded by a host of high-tech communication devices, but their communications are often little more than grunts and incomplete sentences. They have the attention span of moths; and they seem to make no distinction between communicating with their grandma, or the jerk down the street, or the guy they knew in high-school whom they never considered important enough to look-up and place a phone call to in the last 30 years….but now that it’s convenient and they can add him to their “friends” list…they do it!

        And those of us who don’t use FaceRook or dumb smartphones are not even counted as human anymore. Manmy products are now centered around the stupid phones; you can only access certain things on FaceRook- like certain bidness’s webpages, etc; classifieds, etc. They’re herding everyone into this matrix of control (‘cept us)…and notice how willingly most gladly go along with it all!

        • “It seems like most people just want to publish their private lives, and then distribute it to a crowd. ”

          Industrialized narcissism. Their insecure inner little child screaming ‘Look at ME! ‘Look at ME!’, seeking gratification and relevance by random audience.

          The self made illusion of relevance over actual relevance.

  6. Happy New Year Eric, There is a special place for your writings in the last thing I own: the few cubic centimeters inside my skull.

    • Hi Ice,

      Libertarians – me included – have wrestled with this one. Is it censorship when private entities do it? No, in a legal sense. Because they do not have the power to forbid publication, per se.

      But they do have the power to suppress publication – and it amounts to the same thing, when the entities at issue effectively control the means of publication.

      • Hi Eric and Ice,

        When GovCo outsources censorship to “private” companies, it is censorship. The recent congressional hearings should be considered extortion (censor yourselves, lest we have to). However, the “extorted” companies deserve no sympathy as they are willing participants. As Caitlin Johnstone correctly observes, “in a corporatist system of government, corporate censorship is state censorship.” A few good lefties, like Caitlin Johnstone, understand that social media platforms collude with government to censor unacceptable opinions, nullifying the legal prohibition on government censorship, while producing the same results. However, their solution, regulate those companies like public utilities, is absurd as it requires believing that the same entity pressuring media platforms to eliminate disfavored thought, will also prevent those media platforms from censoring. This naïveté would be charming were it not so dangerous.

        On the other side, the unfortunately common libertarian/free market, “but,… private” dismissal of this fascist censorship, is equally absurd (Ice, I understand that you were being sarcastic). “Fascist” is a loaded and mostly misused term, but it best describes what is going on. The collusion of the political and business elite, to advance the goals of the State, is a key component of Fascist ideology. This is precisely what is happening here. Most of the private, free market is neither private nor free. Any libertarian analysis of this issue must offer some meaningful definition of a private company. At the least, it should receive the majority of its’ income through voluntary transactions, refrain from acting on behalf of the State and never solicit firm or industry specific subsidies.

        Companies like the GEO group, CCA, Academi (formerly Blackwater) or any similar companies are not “private”. The HFC and ethanol industries, all of the Musk empire and most of the “green” businesses are not “private”. Social media companies, that have received billions in subsidies, lobby for more, and act on behalf of the State, are not “private”. I don’t know the best approach to dealing with this problem but, I do know that the leftist solution, more regulation, and the “but,…private” dismissal by some libertarians are equally ridiculous.



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