Reader Question: Has Demand for IC “Peaked”?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Hilary writes: I saw the following about “Demand for combustion engines may have peaked in 2018”… it looks like PR for electric cars is in full-court press for 2019.

My reply: The coverage of electric cars is analogous to the coverage of Trump. Both stretch bias to almost unreal extremes; both are repellently dishonest. With regard to the item you mention, the reason “demand” for IC vehicles has “peaked” (if it actually has) is only because of overbearing government mandates that are systematically working toward their elimination.

The whole thing is an artificially contrived, top-down push. Take away the (fatuous) “zero emissions” production quotas, the massive (and multi-tiered) subsidies and eliminate the 50 MPG fuel economy fatwa – which is another de facto electric car production mandate – and the “market” for EVs withers to nearly nil, for the simple reason that EVs cost too much to make economic sense for most people, as an alternative to IC-powered cars and impose too much in the way of hassles to overcome whatever charms they may possess.

The whole thing is nothing less than a government/media-driven frenzy for reasons that are clearly sinister – else EVs would be left to succeed or fail on their merits. The fact that they are not being allowed to fail – and forced to “succeed” ought to tell you all you need to know.

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