Reader Question: The EV IV?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Jim asks: I’ve been reading your articles on electric vehicle subsidies. The local Aurora Colorado newspaper reports that the local Nissan dealer is putting together a purchase package for Nissan Leafs, that are being sold for about half off the retail price. The incentives are provided by: The local dealer, the local electric company, the state of Colorado and the Federal government. With most of the incentives coming from the government or the local regulated utility.

What a deal!

My reply: Uncle gets what Uncle wants – and Uncle wants us in EVs – and out of cars that aren’t.

The problem is  . . . incentives.

For most people to buy EVs on their own, I mean.

Hence the need to provide them . . . at other people’s expense. Every one of the incentives  you mention has to be paid for. But they aren’t paid for by the people who buy these EVs.

EVs are thus yet another wealth transfer scheme – Obamacare on wheels. Only in this case, it’s from the working/middle class to the affluent.

The government – and other interests pushing all of this – will of course have to withdraw the incentives at some point – because (as Margaret Thatcher said) eventually you run out of other people’s money – at which point those addicted to them will have to go cold turkey and have to pay the true cost of their EVs.

Most people won’t be able to pay this cost. Because most people cannot (a) afford a $40,000-plus car (this is what the “least expensive” EV, the Nissan Leaf would likely cost if all the subsidies were rescinded) that (b) will not last as long as a non-electric car and so must be replaced more and (c) bet your bippie the cost of electricity will rise through taxes and other means to a level that approximates the cost of gasoline.

At which point, most people will be forced to give up their cars.

And that, friend Jim, is the true purpose behind all of this.

. . .

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