AGW Says “Get the Fuck Out of Our Way”

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Here’s video of a female armed government worker advising us “civilians” to “get the fuck out of her way” when she rolls up behind us. Else risk her finding something to “pull us over” for – i.e., to use the threat of murderous violence legalized by her badge and enforced by her gun – to punish us for affronting her Authority.

She is fully attired in her stormtrooperess gear and no doubt feels very powerful – probably because she knows she can Hut! Hut! Hut! with impunity. Or at least, to a degree that us “civilians” would never be able to get away with. It being illegal for us to do what this (and other) AGWs can do as a matter of routine, having been endowed by the state with the Authority to do it.

The comedian Jimmy Dore does a fine job dissecting this. Comedians these days being among the most insightful truth-tellers extant, chiefly because for humor to be funny it must contain truth. It is why Seinfeld was hilarious when he wrote the episode about Kramer refusing to wear the AIDS pin.

This is less funny –  but no less truthful.

This woman isn’t merely an AGW. She is a pathological narcissist with a grudge against anyone who does not genuflect before her august presence. She is a danger to anyone who has the bad luck to encounter her, who does not have a shield (and a gun to go with it).

Otherwise, it’s Hut! Hut! Hut!

This is among the core afflictions besetting us. It is also the incarnation of the absurd assertion that these AGWs “serve” us. In fact, they serve Authority – as its archetypes and its enforcers. They regard themselves as above the law while we are obliged to obey it. And them – because in their minds, they are the law.

And when they are caught on video flagrantly abusing it, what usually happens? Nothing. Or at least, very little – relative to what would happen to us for doing the same. In this case, the hero-ess states clearly that she will find a way to get you, if you affront her Authority. In plain language – her language – she will make something up. And then use her badge and gun to pin it on you.

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  1. This is a very important and overlooked point. If one is not active duty military, they are a civillian.

    Thank you Eric for putting quotes around the word civilian where they rightfully belong. I live near Seattle and have heard the local radio station morons use the term civilians to mean non-cops for years. I have sent messages many times over the years, as I am sure many others have, but the embarrassing error continues.

    It seems that 99 percent of people now are either of the opinion that cops are above us “civilians” or that they are racist oppressors. The latter opinion can be suspended when the anti gun fool has a situation which may require a gun to be resolved.

  2. The female AGW has an Id that is haywire gone wild, reptilian brain stem and all that jazz. She’s an animal, pure, plain and simple.

    Take off the monkey suit with the 15 pieces of flair, she has no clothes. Clean her up some and with a little tenderness, she’ll come around and give in to her madness.

    The only answer to get the fuck out of the way is to leave and never go back.

    Get me outta here.

    Very good advice for the female AGW who could possibly become a functioning woman in society.

    She needs help, in other words.

    Can’t pull anybody over if there is nobody there.

  3. The video shows an example of White Female Privilege. Shouldn’t be any female cops. In an honest world, most wouldn’t make the cut.

  4. The truth is, when I’m driving, I’m quick to do as she says here, chiefly because of that ruthlessly impatient meth/steroid driven attitude this armed government savior exhibits in this video.

    If you move aside, 95% of the time, they’ll pass you, being impatient and not wanting to abide the posted rate-of-travel restrictions themselves. Do it not, and they’ll be angered, and as she says, find a reason to hassle you for some time, if not cuff you, impound your car, and impose numerous difficulties on your life for months or years for inconveniencing them for a few moments.

    That’s if she doesn’t decide to empty every magazine on her person into your body.


    “In this case, the hero-ess states clearly that she will find a way to get you…”

    I’ve always thought that “heroine” was the correct and eloquent term, but I’ll bet Eric is being a tiny bit derisive, here.

    The other day, I heard the term “shero” on the tee-vee, and had to face-palm.

  5. Eric says “In fact, they serve Authority – as its archetypes and its enforcers”

    The real people who should be blamed are the politicians who write the laws. The police are the enforcers. Some one votes for the politicians who make the laws. Here in my city some one actually voted in a progressive, socialist, tribal member to be mayor. WTF !!!
    He claims that he will equalize the income disparities of black and brown people relative to White people. This is not the country that I grew up in. Itz some thing else and itz going to get worse.

    • They are also the ones who hire them, and the ones that don’t fire them when the do ignorant dangerous things, like this so called gal.
      I wanted to slap her when I saw her picture, before I read the article and saw the video. Psychopaths have a certain look about them, as she does.

  6. And as always, in any interaction with government or its agents, “I’ll kill you if you disobey”. The very foundation of government. Without that threat, they would all be largely be ignored. As this professional cunt would be in a sane world.

    • “she knows she can Hut! Hut! Hut! with impunity”
      While she should be held to HIGHER ethical standard than ordinary and SANE people.

  7. News flash:
    Civilian police are *CIVILIANS*.
    Military police (MPs, APs, SPs) are not.

    When I was a boy, living in Albuquerque, the MPs (Sandia Base) and APs (Kirtland AFB) were physically fit and squared away. They gave very precise and unambiguous signals while directing traffic on base. Civilian cops (APD), by contrast, tended to be sloppy, unkempt and disorganized, at least compared to the their military counterparts.

    My Dad, a WWII USAAF veteran, was very derisive of the civilian oinkers, belly overhanging belt, waving flashlights around in whatever manner caught their fancy, in an attempt to “direct” traffic.

    At that time neither civilian nor military police wore BDUs, camo or otherwise, nor bulletproof vests, nor carried “assault rifles.”

  8. There’s a story out of Mississippi where a power-mad state trooper pulled over a man named Jimbo and he fought the ticket in court and dared put up a Facebook page about his treatment at the hands of this trooper. The trooper pulled him over again and said, stupidly, on his dashcam, “I’m going to get that MF.”

    The story ended well, as Jimbo had all of his charges dismissed. But he still had to take off work, pay attorneys, recover his truck from impound, etc.

  9. I thought the picture was of a cartoon character. Gives new meaning to power tripping but that is what the PTB like and will only hire those with a 100 and lower IQ. She is channeling Callahan. But the truth is most cops require a 100 to 1 ratio before they take on one citizen or stand around with coffee and cookies while kids are being shot in a school. Once they disarm all of us,,, can you just imagine…..

    • Hi Ken,

      Women AGWs are arguably more of a threat than male ones. Because women – like this one – are physically at a huge disadvantage relative to even an average “civilian” male. Ergo, she has to make up for it with extreme aggressive posturing and the implicit threat of the gun she has and the badge she wears. Take those away and most men would just push her out of the way and leave her sputtering spittle after them.

      • Before I retired, I saw similar in the workplace. Many women who gain a position of authority want to make damn sure all the men know it.
        Then there are the sane ones. God bless them.

      • That certainly was true back in the 70s-90s but less and less so since.
        After decades of equalized officer safety training I don’t think it matters much any longer. Cops are now punished job wise if they de-escalate etc. Men are trained to respond with a firearm or taser just as the women are. There’s even one case where a guy was suicidal and the female cop was making progress talking him down and the male cops showed up as backup and killed the guy. She was written up for trying to talk the guy down. It’s just crap shoot either way now these days.

        • Hi Brent,

          That’s true. But I bet women who become AGWs are even more likely to have anger management and other issues. Itching to teach men, especially, who’s Boss. Of course, the fundamental problem isn’t a matter of sex. It is the very idea of “law enforcement.” There was plenty of that in the Soviet Union and also National Socialist Germany (I like to spell it out so as to point out the socialism that “Nazi” obscures).

  10. This video has been around for awhile now and she did get some sort of reprimand or other job consequences of ultimately no significance (even if they fired her she’d soon be working in another department).

    I’ve had a number of instances where I’ve encountered cops that obviously think like her. These cops are always mysteriously ‘on a call’ if ever pressured. Yet they have all the time in the world to inconvenience or punish people who upset their feelings of privilege.

  11. This video has been out for some time now, but nonetheless offensive for sure. The best way to deal with people like this is to shun them from polite society. We know her name and the general area where she lives. She should be refused service in any store or shop that she enters. She should be shunned by her existing friends, etc. She should be ridiculed and mocked by the public. Unfortunately, this will not happen.

  12. After watching that Jimmy Dore video about that female cop, I can’t help but wonder if she’s related in some way to any of the female “authority figures” who’ve gone all mad with power at the height of COVID hysteria, such as now former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, fmr New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, or even fmr Oregon Governor Kate Brown.


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