Officer Go Fuck Yourself

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Here’s a clip that “law and order” conservative Republican types might get something out of:

A “hero” cop points a loaded assault rifle at journalists and threatens to “fucking kill” them. What would happen to an ordinary citizen who did such a thing?

He’d likely be dead faster than you could say “officer safety.”

If, that is, a cop saw an ordinary citizen raise a loaded rifle, point it at someone and threaten to “fucking kill them.”

When cops point loaded guns at ordinary citizens and threaten to “fucking kill them,” it’s ok.


Just as it’s legal for cops to speed (and do other things ordinary citizens dare not do) with virtual impunity. To abuse people egregiously – and then be assigned “desk duty” or (better yet) put on paid leave.

Not even the worry of a reprimand – much less the felony charge (minimally) that would result were an ordinary citizen to raise a loaded weapon in the direction of another person in public.

Ask yourself: If these “heroes” behave this way on camera – toward white journalists – can you imagine how they behave off camera, toward blacks?

Note to Republicans: This is not a defense of the blacks who’ve been looting. That – the looting – is peripheral. The Ferguson Occupation is central. Officer Go Fuck Yourself

The in-living-color display of what the state’s enforcers really think of us – and what they are itching to do to us, given the least provocation.

That is, the least – the flimsiest – excuse.

A great many of these “heroes” are bullies; some outright sadists. Harsh? No. What’s harsh is a thug scrum of cops beating a homeless man to death; what’s harsh is maiming a baby with a flash-bang grenade during a state-sanctioned home-invasion “raid.” The depressingly routine shooting of people’s pets. Etc.

Just a brief sampling; there are many more such examples (EPautos has a running catalogue; click here to view).

We are constantly told that cops are “heroes.” But heroes – the real deal – are willing to put their own lives at risk for the sake of other peoples’ lives; to accept risk, to face danger. Today’s cops seem to think, contrariwise, that the slightest perceived threat  to their “safety” justifies a belligerent – even a lethally proactive – response. There is nothing heroic about an armed, body-armored state enforcer raining blows upon, Tasering – even murdering (via chokehold, as in New York recently) unarmed and retreating citizens. To merely argue with a cop – as in the case of now-dead Eric Garner – is to risk a possibly life altering (indeed, life-ending) beat-down.

What we see in the Ferguson video is not an aberration. The isolated case of a “rogue” cop. This sort of thing has become practice.

A fresh video pops up on YouTube literally every week.

Cops “prone” ordinary citizens for nothing more than legally walking down the street with a gun not pointed at anyone. That is, cops bellow FREEZE! and order citizens to kneel/lay face down on the pavement, sights trained on their center mass, and then subject them to a rough search.

For not pointing a loaded gun at anyone.

They do this in clear violation of the law they’re ostensibly paid to enforce. The law that says it’s legal for a citizen to carry openly (or concealed). All it takes to abrogate this law – and point loaded guns at the citizen – is the “hero” cop’s assertion of “concern” for their “safety.”

These assaults under color of law are almost never punished. Just as the “hero” who threatened to “fucking kill” the journalists filming the cammo wilding in Ferguson will not be issued so much as a demerit point for his recklessly criminal handling of an assault rifle.

Remember that old saying, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”?

It only applies to us. Hell, even when we know “the law” – and they don’t – it still doesn’t matter. Whether it’s our ex-right to peacefully assemble or our defunct right-in-name-only to carry a firearm, the decisive thing now is who wields authority.

They do. Better get hip to it.

The other day, another “hero” explained in print (Washington Post story here) the proper attitude of reflexive deference and immediate submission mundanes ought to hold toward his fellow enforcers of the law:

Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me. Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?

Breathtaking.Fallujah pic

Just do what I tell you.

Submit. Obey.

Or else.

The chickens have come home to roost.

America has become Fallujah.

And we’re all sand niggers now.

Throw it in the Woods?

Update: After the video above went viral, “officer go fuck yourself” was identified as Ray Albers; reportedly, he has been removed from duty in Ferguson (see here).  However, “removed from duty in Feruson” does not mean Albers has been permanently taken off “the force” – much less that he (unlike any ordinary citizen who did what he is clearly seen doing on video) will face any criminal charges. Because – per Richard Nixon, dearly departed –  pointing loaded rifles at people is only a crime when ordinary citizens do it.


  1. About that Eric Garner video – he was laying there for over 7 minutes, not breathing, and nobody even tried CPR. Our “finest” in blue have never heard of CPR? Now, I have been only been a doctor for 17 years, so maybe I missed something. Maybe breathing is overrated after all. Or maybe they have been trained in a newer technique – when somebody is not breathing, just stand there and look concerned, maybe place a hand on his chest every couple of minutes. I am not familiar with that technique. I’d better start reviewing that latest resuscitation techniques.

    • Not performing cpr if youre certified is my opinion is murder. I didnt do it perfectly but i believe I saved a man’s life with it recently. its not perfect technique its timing. You have to do it right fucking now.

  2. Dear eric,

    I imagine it’s a flaw of WordPress. I just wanted to point out that when you make a comment at the same time as us peons do, your comment sends ours into cyber Hell, never to be seen again.

    That’s my impression, anyway. …Unless there’s some kind of bucket?

    It seems like there’s not anything you can do about it [Nor, should you] I just felt like pointing that out after wasting my time typing words that won’t change anything in spite of my intentions. Psft,… ashafukincrapallgonetohell, Dalek-sons-of-bitches!

  3. The Mike Brown killing was a cold blooded murder – Storm Clouds Gathering. Mike Brown was never at the store where the cigars were taken – Store’s Lawyer.

    The Mike Brown Shooting – What You’re Not Being Told – StormCloudsGathering

    Ferguson store owner’s lawyer: “never saw Mike Brown that weekend.”

    Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord! – Godspell

    Day By Day – Godspell

    They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love

    5th Dimension – The Declaration of Independence

      • Nice to listen to the old stuff. To the time before we all became Daleks. To the time before we all died alone inside, a long long time ago…

        Along Comes Mary – The Association – Music Machine

        And then along comes Mary. And does she want to set them free, and let them see reality. From where she got her name. And will they struggle much when told that such a tender touch as hers. Will make them not the same. When we met I was sure out to lunch. Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch.

        And when the morning of the warning’s passed, the gassed. And flaccid kids are flung across the stars. The psychodramas and the traumas gone. The songs are left unsung and hung upon the scars. And then along comes Mary.

        T-Tops 1968-2002
        Vinyl Long Playing Records 1930-1991

        “The Man Who Sold The World”

        We passed upon the stair, we spoke of was and when. Although I wasn’t there, he said I was his friend. Which came as some surprise I spoke into his eyes.
        I thought you died alone, a long long time ago

        Oh no, not me. I never lost control. You’re face to face. With The Man Who Sold The World

        I laughed and shook his hand, and made my way back home. I searched for form and land, for years and years I roamed. I gazed a gazely stare at all the millions here. We must have died alone, a long long time ago

        The Man Who Sold The World (Vinyl LP) {24 bits – 96 khz}David Bowie

        I’d Like To Get To Know You – Spanky & Our Gang

        The Cowsils – The Rain, The Park, & Other Things

        Josie Outlaw White T-Shirt Ice Bucket Challenge!!

        Dalek Relaxation For Humans

        – Dear Dalek, every make and model, go fuck yourself!

  4. @eric, phalease write another article soon. I am starting to get sick of seeing the top of the bald head of officer ‘fuck off’ when I visit here. I mean, really.

  5. Hi Eric, spot on about the police being above the law. I have seen them speeding, running stop signs and also turning on their lights and sirens to move past traffic, only to get back to their normal cruising speed.
    The immigration officials at airports are also cut from the same cloth as the nice officer in the “Fuck yourself” video. Almost all my non-American friends who visit the US for work or pleasure say that their first experience of America is always the most unpleasant one. Some of them don’t even want to visit any more.

    • And why, pray tell, are they exempt from the HOV lane restrictions? Not that I believe those should exist, but I don’t dare violate w/o risking a $500 paper + points. And, at least where I am stuck in traffic alongside them (I-270), they seem to be underutilized. Waste of tax money for a social engineering experiment.

    • I just watched that video (graphic). He had his hand in his pocket and was acting irrational. When confronted by the police he was actually telling them to shoot him and refused to take his hand out of his pocket while walking right up to the officers against their demand to stop. What he asked for he got…..shot. I feel no ill will for stupid irrational people and never will. My concerns are for the average person minding his own business or harming know one.

      • So what you are saying is that in your opinion being irrational (possibly due to mental illness or emotional problems), or of low intelligence, is a crime that is best handled via summary execution by the State.

  6. Everything today is “race”.
    Everything today is “police brutality”.
    Everything today is “politically correct”.
    Everything today is “double standards”

    Stop blaming the police for the politicians and the Supreme Court who use the Constitution and Bill of Rights as toilet paper.

    It would be “raciss” if the police let Blacks burn their town.
    It is “raciss” if the police stop Blacks from burning their town.

    Eric, what is the best course of action? It is just sooooo easy to play the “race” card isn’t it.

    • “Stop blaming the police for the politicians and the Supreme Court who use the Constitution and Bill of Rights as toilet paper.”

      Excuses, excuses.

      If police really were mindless automotons simply following their programming that might be the case. However, police are human beings (or so we are told). They have a choice as to how they conduct themselves and how they understand and enforce the law, as well as whether they adopt a militaristic “us vs. them” attitude.

      Human beings are also equipped with a conscience. They have the option to walk out if their job situation really is forcing them to do what they know is wrong.

      Any time a cop attacks an unarmed, harmless “mundane” it is a choice that cop is personally making, not that of the politicians and the courts.

      • RE: “Any time a cop attacks an unarmed, harmless “mundane” it is a choice that cop is personally making, not that of the politicians and the courts.”

        You mean, like this?: From a link in the article, ‘Give Up Your Police State or Live Under It’ By Dan Sanchez. [The court sure does seem to be trying hard to look the other way, if not condone it, after the fact:]

        “another recipient of the tender mercies of the same police department that shot Michael Brown the case of Henry Davis

      • Dear Jason,

        Well said indeed.

        One might well paraphrase Joe’s rationalizations.

        ““Police should stop blaming the politicians and the Supreme Court who use the Constitution and Bill of Rights as toilet paper, when the police themselves willingly act as the politicians and Supremes’ armed enforcers.”

        For LEOs to blame the pols and Supremes is like Mafia soldiers blaming the Mafia bosses, underbosses, and capos for breaking the legs of shopkeepers who “owe” them their monthly payments of “protection money.”

        I’m surprised you would actually post a comment like that.

        • Indeed, there’s a cop blog I visit now and then. Local. They whine and moan about the politicians every day. But they never ever consider cutting the politicians off at the knee caps by refusing to serve them. Instead they just moan about how the city isn’t funding their pensions, about how promotions are political, and much more. So the politicians keep using them.

          • Pawns. All of them. BrentP.

            I wonder, when did it start for them? In elementary school? In Jr. High? In High school?

            When Did they let some others run roughshod over them and direct their anger, their resentment, or their pent up angst? What was it that allowed them to give this power over to others to control them?

            I know a guy who became a cop, several. They were like puppets on a string. I tried to treat them as equals but they wouldn’t have it, it always came back to them wanting to lash out against the world – while being directed – or supported by those those around them. They could Never do such shit by themselves, without, it seemed to me, knowingly coming across as,… a jerk. …And they knew it.

            ‘Groupthink’ I guess? Or, something like that?

      • JoePA is a(n ex-?) pig, so it’s no surprise that he works overtime in posts like these to deflect blame for porcine criminal violence away from himself and his fellow swine and onto everyone and everything else. It’s “minds” like his are conditioned in the porkademy. Like the conditioning undergone by military recruits in boot camp, this conditioning is usually lifelong. Only a few are able to wash themselves of it completely. Joe isn’t one of these, although to his credit he has benefitted from some red-pill wisdom by coming here and has absorbed much more of the light than most of his peers.

    • I blame the police for enforcing flagrant violations of the Constitution they swore to uphold.
      Just because Some faggot in a black mumu decided (against case law and evidence, in some cases) that this law is OK. (Bachi decision; Kelo decision; Just to name two egregious ones, there are PLENTY of others.)

      Not to mention when Piggly Wiggly decides he doesn’t like something, and makes up justification to “do something about it.” IE, macing cuffed people for not being quiet, or tackling teen girls from behind, then charging them with assault and resisting when they wiggle.

      This sort of behavior should result in execution of cop (as criminal and traitor, since he’s breaking his oath).

      Too bad you refuse to see that a pig is a pig is a pig, and they should be executed for failing to enforce laws when it’s inconvenient, then zealously enforcing laws for profit, then zealously enforcing laws when they feel like it – including examples where they excuse judge/mayor/other pig, and OVER-enforce on “mere mundanes.”
      And I’m noticing up here, they travel more and more in packs… Which means, they should be picked off from a distance, and off-duty just means easier target.

      We want to clean up the system, there are only a few ways to do it.
      Most effective is to “persuade” people to do right in the first case. Since we’ve removed religion, and the police won’t police themselves? Soemone has to take out the trash.

      They all wear the same uniform, though.

      Note that someone who is not in fact an animal themselves can note a decrease in thuggish behavior and disappear again. Say there’s a 50% decrease in egregious abuse of power, per reported incidents (like the suggestions above, where handcuffed people get maced, or handcuffed suspects suddenly commit suicide inside a cop car, or people are killed in no-knock raids – at the wrong address.)
      That might be enough for someone to walk away. Figure it’s time for the “mantle of the bat” (Punsiher, more like) to pass to a new generation.

      Otherwise, we’ll end up with organic enforcers like the robot cops of “Elysium.” It was a remarkable well-played scene, where the machines – based purely on a facial scan of the protagonist, as he goes to work – decide to ensure he doesn’t have contraband, break his arm to ensure compliance, throw his posessions all over the street, and demonstrate a total lack of humor (not surprising for machines – but oh so accurate for the modern pig.) There was no contraband, there was no reason for the assault, there wasn’t even suspicion…. But they made the world safe for “decent people” (Who, if you recall, lived on an orbital ring in complete luxury, and killed any interlopers – whle denying medical care and even food to the “little people.”)

      I’m likely cut from the same cloth; I used to root for the police, I even liked watching Cops at one time. Considered them when I found I couldn’t enlist, for a few moments; then reasoned the eyes would still be an issue. Turns out being blind is a positive attribute for cops.

      We need to open their eyes. I care little about what happens to the thugs in uniform. Less about those out of uniform (IE, Fibbie, Batfe, etc.)
      So, no mercy, they’d show us none. They have an entire system to back them up; we couldn’t get a neighbor to show up at our funeral, by comparison.
      There has to be equilibrium, there must be integrity and parity. If they can lie to us we can lie to them. Can’t allow an over-zealous prosecutor to charge people under RICO act, deny them their savings (under RICO), and then have the court declare they MUST have sufficient assets, and deny them public defender access. If he coughed up money for a lawyer, it would be held against him. So, “find” money, it’s an admission of guilt. Don’t have money, you’re just hiding assets to avoid the RICO freeze. But you can’t claim lack of proper representation, because you “have assets.” It’s ASSININE, no matter WHAT – it’s like giving a pyromaniac matches and gasoline, and telling them not to light fires. Then you act surprised when something burns, because you told them not to play with matches….
      The Psychopath wants to USE his power.
      It’s the same sort of disease.

      I’d rather pass unnoticed, stay honest – but they don’t play that game, they WANT to be noticed – and lying, extortion, abuse of power, twisting words and facts, is all part of the trade.
      For all of them, not just cops.

      So feed them to the fish heads and let’s move on…

      • We all root for the cops when we’re young, and probably consider being one at some point in our lives. Though, even in my single digits I was still scared of them.

        I was never into COPS, but I did like high-speed pursuits. I still kinda do. Because loud engines and speed are fun. And the fight or flight/cat and mouse situation gets the adrenaline pumping. That was the only part I wanted to do anyway.

        • Oh, one last thing, RE: “We all root for the cops when we’re young, and probably consider being one at some point in our lives.”

          No offense, Brandonjin, but – No – “we” don’t “all” do that.

          Tarzan wasn’t a cop. [Not as far as I recall. But I suppose that could have been an illusion too, why not, most everything is?]

          Anyway, Conan wasn’t a cop.

          And, the funnest thing in days gone by was pretending to be, ‘The Dukes of Hazards’ outrunning,… the stupid assed cops.

          I wonder this: did you like the high-speed pursuits and the loud engines and speed? …Did you wish you were the guy chasing the leader? …Or, did you like the guy out in front seeking freedom?

          The lion or the gazelle? …Hard choice, eh?

          • Any of you guys remember the original Omega Man movie with Charleton Heston? It’s one of the first movies I remember from childhood. The image of Heston driving through the empty streets of NY in a big red convertible, stopping to blast a mutant with his grease gun.

            Much better than cop porn!

            Remember your Sartre: Hell is other people.

            (He meant Clovers.)

          • Dear Eric,

            Yup. Remember it and other similar dystopian SF films well.

            The great appeal of these films was indeed what you said.

            Suddenly the entire world is a Clover Free Zone! Yay!

            That’s one of the things I like about the Zombie Apocalypse stories, including The Walking Dead.

            As tough as it may be to survive zombies, at least you can shoot them, and not have to worry about being arrested by costumed thugs and indicted for “illegal gun ownership.”

          • eric, last week the wife picked up Zombieland in the discount bin for me. I think I like it because the narrator is such a clover in so many ways but efficient and a realist. His rules are hilarious but sane. So many contradictions. Woody just getting off on taking his frustrations out on zombies. And the girls are pure predators in their own way. Double tap.

            • I’ve gotta git me a copy of that, Eight!

              Been busy giving the old Kaw the spa treatment… almost have her feeling herself again….

          • eric, trade you Zombieland for a ride on the Kaw. I smile every time I think about that bike. Yee haw and GTF outta my way.

          • I’d almost go East of the Mississippi to be at that. …Almost.
            …Such a temptation. It would hurt not to go.

            I saw the film, ‘Scarface’ for the first time tonight. (Yeah, I know, I must be the only person with a TV who hasn’t seen it) It left me wondering, is the ending what lays in wait for the liberty movement? Some sum bitch walking in the back way ready to take out freedom while the hoards of Empire swarm in through the front door?

            …Just a thought.

            The saying, “Say hello to my little friend” seems so powerless to me now – where once I thought it was something – back when I didn’t know the full story. [Then I thought of Jean vs. the take the guys at Economic Policy Journal have on the approach to confronting The Empire.] WHoa, W.F.D..

          • @helot:

            Yeah – I guess I’m getting old, suddenly – I’m thinking things through more and more, and …
            It’s not the size of the gun, it’s HAVING ENOUGH GUNS (and implicit in that is, 1. Enough people to use them, and 2. they hit the target, and 3. many won’t go home, and accept that.)

            Sad, I’d LIKE to be able to make a point or two, but … thinking things through… House always wins.

      • @Jean. I’m half way through watching the film, ‘War and Peace’ for the first time. During most of it, I kept thinking about a lot of what you wrote throughout the ages here at EPA. …And how many scenes countered all that and reinforced some of it. Have you watched it recently?

        I really wanted to transcribe a lot of the quotes on the film as I thought they were highly relevant to today…. But I’ve lost a bit of motivation to do so.

        At any rate, at the half-way point through the film, I highly recommend it to everyone.
        …The more things change, the more they stay the same. ….And, there’s some lessons to learn from history.

        That’s all I have to say.

        …Now, as Alfred Hitchcock might say, “I’m going back to watching the film.”

        • It’s been a while, precisely because it IS so long. 🙂
          Minor note: We can’t wait for the Russian Winter. Won’t work that way now. so unless some higher intelligence in space comes to visit and imposes corrective actions – it’s up to us. OTOH, can’t see a sabre as a toy… It makes you do foolish things.

          At any rate, since it’s been over 10 years, my understanding has increased – I should watch it again. I likely missed a LOT, or misunderstood a lot.

        • helot, you might wanna read the book also. This site reminds me of why I’m semi-depressed today. Oh, didn’t mean for that to be a pun. There I go again. But speaking with engineers yesterday that don’t get it, and you’d think they would and later speaking with a truck driver who gets it, I wonder who really does get it. Hell, I can tell a really good joke, just not one that I guess involves sex necessarily or racism and get one laugh out of 20 people. I tell good jokes too. If any of my friends were still alive they’d LOL or maybe ROTFLTAO. I take pleasure in the slightest of jokes. Like yesterday on the John Boy and Billy show they had the guy from Chicago with the really nasal hard twang accent trying to perfect his English accent that sounded exactly like he always does and that was mildly funny but at the end he was using colloquial Brit terms and said he had to go, he was late for tea and strumpets. John Boy said “uh, I think you mean tea and crumpets” to which the guy answered “no”. I LOL. Everybody else sat there with no reaction. Oh well, glad I ain’t with ’em today. I later recounted this to another trucker. He said “hey, where’s he gettin them strumpets anyway?” and we both laughed. Indeed, I think I need to pick up a couple, have em for lunch or tea, whichever comes first so to speak. Thanks to eric and everybody on this site for having some intelligence…..I need that.

          • Fortunately, having IQ and a mind aren’t mutual. 😉

            BTW, if you see a mind wandering – he’s probably not lost, but ask who he’s from, and if it’s mine – tell him he’s overdue at work? 😉

    • Dear Joe,

      Jason already pointed out how your screed about “blaming the police” was beside the point. So I’ll concentrate on another important point, which you seem determined to keep missing.

      You clearly have free market anarchists confused with “bleeding heart liberals.” Free market anarchists are the furthest thing from “bleeding heart liberals.” Bleeding heart liberals want a nanny state, complete with costumed thugs to loot us at gunpoint so they can pay for race-based welfare state programs and so-called “public protection.”

      Free market anarchists want none of that. Free market anarchists are perfectly content to make their own way through life, in each and every instance. The last thing we want is costumed thugs “protecting” us, the way they “protected” Cliven Bundy in Nevada.

      We are fully capable of protecting ourselves. We have our AR-15s and Glock 19s that we are happy to either open carry or concealed carry. We can easily blow away Trayvon Martin type thugs who attack us, as George Zimmerman clearly demonstrated.

      Our problem is not with them. We can deal with them. Easy peasy. Our problem is with the costumed thugs who point loaded M-16s at us and threaten to “fucking kill” us, when we open carry or concealed carry, or after we have dealt with Trayvon Martin type thugs perfectly well on our own.

      You see, we free market anarchists are not the ones who have been duped. Al Sharpton has never fooled us for one second.

      No. Just the opposite. The “law and order” conservative authoritarians are the ones who have been stampeded lemming like by the PTB into demanding a police state or even martial law.

    • Dear Joe,

      Far from being taken in by race pimps such as Al Sharpton, opponents of the nanny state know better.

      Here is what a Chinese American friend of mine in SF posted on FB:

      Urban blacks in distressed, largely black blighted cities like Ferguson, Missouri are looting Asian storekeepers, victimizing Asian “lumpen” immigrants at the bottom of America’s economic food chain, in America’s blighted cities…… the Patels, the Ah Wongs, Ah Meis… these are the new immigrants from Asia who are struggling to “make it in America”… and these arm-chair idiots are talking about a “rainbow” coalition of colored minorities?

      The “arm-chair idiots” he refers to are bleeding heart liberal Chinese American politicians.

    • Dear Joe,

      To sum up, the PTB and their costumed enforcers, cannot dupe freedom loving Americans into turning to them in order to seek protection from Trayvon Martin type low-lifes.

      They are the enemies of decent hard-working people. But we can deal with them easily enough, as George Zimmerman and Bernard Goetz showed.

      Our biggest enemy is not them, it is the PTB and their costumed thugs whose real agenda is our disarmament and enslavement.

      Don’t think we don’t know what the real game is. Don’t think we don’t see the Bigger Picture.

    • JoePa – “Stop blaming the police …”
      Sorry, but the Nuremberg trials, biased as they may have been in favor of the winners, settled that question. Personal responsibility, while not explicitly stated in the NAP, should be considered part of our Prime Directive.

  7. Well, obviously, the crowd of bystanders caused ‘officer fuck off’ to act the way he did. It wasn’t the android, ‘er I mean, the cops fault for reacting the way he did, The Law, and the law and order crowd have accepted the idea that all results between a cop and the public are due to the members of the public’s actions. “Look what they made him do”?
    The Terminator phrase, “Rise of the Machines” applies, the cops (robots) have been elevated to a caste level above mere mundanes. At the same time, it appears as though cops are nothing more than android Robocop dogs which are following a software programming. If cops don’t act according to their programming and do something seemingly stupid it’s as if it’s nothing more than a software glitch caused by the mere mundanes around them or the tools cops use.
    Machines can’t be accused of acting stupidly, only mere mundanes can, we saw that in the shootout in the streets of NYC awhile back and here’s yet another example:

    “An Orlando police officer mistakenly shot and killed an innocent woman during a confrontation with a gunman at a downtown bar […] Police were called after a complaint about a man with a gun outside the club who was banging on the door. The suspect was identified as 23-year-old Kody Roach […] “There was a guy who was kicked out of a bar because he was too drunk and now he’s waving his handgun,” the employee told a police dispatcher. “I had to run inside and lock my door before he did something stupid.” […]

    He is facing a charge of carrying a concealed firearm. Other charges, possibly felony murder, are pending. […] Police Lt. Frank Nunez, a 19-year veteran, was shot in the leg and is at home recovering. In a news conference Tuesday afternoon [the police] said Roach had not discharged his gun.

    The police chief expressed remorse at the killing of Fernanda Godinez, saying: “As police officers, our job is to protect the public and keep our residents safe, and one of the most challenging aspects of our job is when criminal activity affects innocent bystanders.” […]

    Police who responded to the scene first tried to tell the suspect to drop the weapon and lie on the floor. When he refused, they tried to use a stun gun on Roach before shooting him when he either tried to raise his weapon or reach for the wires attached to the stun gun, Lee said.

    [The police] said there was no indication that Roach had a chance to fire any shots. […] “The preliminary indication is that during this situation a bullet was discharged from Officer Eduardo Sanguino’s firearm and fatally struck Maria inside the establishment,” […] Sanguino and Angel are on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting.” …

    Innocent woman killed at downtown bar by officer’s stray bullet, chief says

  8. In a better society, the government thug with extremely poor judgement and weapon handling skills would have been be killed on the spot. Obviously it would have been self-defense by everyone that fool swept with the muzzle of his rifle. That didn’t happen so he serves as a role model for others with the thug mentality. Unfortunately, I expect that this will all get worse as the Hegelian dialectic plays out at multiple levels.

    • You have to wonder what would have occurred had the “rioters” in Fallujah… sorry, FERGUSON….(I get those two confused) shown up with their firearms. I wonder if they would have been so thoroughly tear gassed, etc.?
      People are going to look at what happened at Bundy Ranch (where the cops were forced to stand down by a heavily armed group of protesters) and what happened in Ferguson.

      • Hi Paul,

        I agree.

        Arguably, these incidents are modern analogs to Lexington and Concord – they just aren’t perceived as such from our perspective “in the now.”

  9. this cop is not following firearm safety, never point the firearm at something you don’t intend to destroy. oh wait, nevermind, he doesn’t mind destroying unarmed people. His new surname should be “Fuckoff”, that way people can say: “Mr. Fuckoff; fuck off.”

    it is quite disheartening even trying to discuss this issue with people who “get it” on so many other issues but are blinded by what the cops do and stand for.

    i was getting into it with 2 commenters on another site regarding the toddler who was injured by a flashbang; now they wont’ help pay the kid’s medical bills for the direct harm they caused. one was a former DEA agent and govt spook and i find out that the other has dozens of cop friends and a son-in-law that is a cop so tickets aren’t a problem. only a small % of these raids go bad and preaching about how we are all more in danger from mistakes made by doctors and shouldn’t worry so much about the police state makes me think so much less of my fellow man. we really are surrounded by mentally disturbed and corrupted people.

    i guess one can’t expect someone to disagree with something that they are so heavily invested in agreeing with.

  10. For a few seconds there we nearly had a discussion about the appalling militarization of local police forces. But as with most real issues that manage to squeeze by on the MSN, this one sank down the memory hole nearly as soon as it appeared.

    And by the way, whatever happened to that airliner supposedly shot down by the evil Russians or their “rebel” friends? Oh, the memory hole again.

  11. A clash of cultures and ideologies is coming. Ferguson is but looking at an active rendition of the program for the upcoming play; being the symptoms of something much deeper.

    • Hi Salt,

      Pitting blacks against whites is just another manifestation of divide and conquer. No doubt, there is a very real – and very dangerous – black underclass.

      But the real threat – to blacks and whites – is the government class.

      • if the cop invovled in the shooting was black or the 18yo was white this would have been a non-event. the only thing that gets the msm riled up is a racism twist these days.

        the cops have to be viewed as heroes and virtuous, they are the instrument of the govt and if they are in the wrong then the govt itself is in the wrong and that narrative can’t be allowed to gain traction.

        • Harry,

          I respectfully disagree with your last sentence. Our federal government is going to crucify the police officer that shot the thug. Oh, the officer may have been defending himself from an assault but he was profiling the ‘poor child’. And that’s how they are going to make an example of him, putting the law enforcement community on notice.

          The events unfolding are not about stabilizing the country but are rather about destabilizing it. There’s a couple of potential paths that this drama can take but the best outcome will only temporarily put the cork in the bottle while continuing to shake it up.

          • Joe, I agree that your grabbermint will try to be seen “doing something” to appease the riots. I don’t believe crucifixion of the officer will do that entirely on its own, however he’s only one fall-guy in thousands so it don’t matter to TPTB.

            The rest of your post makes perfect sense. There’s always an ulterior motive.

          • Hi Joe,

            If cops were better than thugs, they’d have my sympathy. But in several ways, they’re worse than common street thugs.

            Street thugs, for one, do not operate under color of law – and one may legally defend oneself when a common street thug attacks.

            If cops restricted themselves to peace keeping – as opposed to law enforcing – it’d be a different dynamic. As it is, cops have become enforcers.

            That is, they’ve become thugs.

            Only, worse – because we’re required to submit and obey. And to defend ourselves amounts to “resisting” – and invites a potentially lethal (and legalized) response.

          • now it does seem like they are going to crucify him but they will insist he is an anomaly and distance themselves from him.
            the cop who may or may not have justifiably shot m brown may be crucified but officer Gofuukurcelf will probably see the same kind of punishment as the pig that maced those college students a little while back. he will become notorious online and among certain circles but the consequences will be minimal.

        • Eric,

          Apologies but I think you’ve misunderstood me. I’m not advocating sympathy for the parasitic over class. I was pointing out that the system will eat it’s own when it’s priorities are threatened.

          – Joe

          • Joe, you make a good point but are missing one thing in my estimation(and estimation it is since you can’t ever tell WTF these idiots will do next)but I think Holder is going to go through motions and justify what this pigtard did. This will keep the battle heated but give the msm some bs they can spin to the masses so they can feel it’s been given “due respect” or something along those lines. Sorry, not too sharp today. I plead temporary insanity.

      • I kinda like the way the French do things. If their grabbermint makes a policy they don’t like, they riot. That definitely gets the message across, but I don’t advocate damage to the innocent and their property as a side effect.

        Peaceful protest in the millions is best, but there’s always an element within any protest that causes more harm than good.

      • Eric,
        Regarding blacks and whites being pitted against one another, I believe that our natural differences that led to segregation and jim crow we’re just the wisdom of our ancestors protecting their own from a dangerous and destructive class that we’ve been forced to tolerate since emancipation. In the modern post Civil Rights bill blacks are a weapon and it’s fair to ask ourselves who is wielding it?

          • Bevin,

            Kman may be a Klansman but he does have a point. Slow down and look at the message.

            “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [blacks] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.” –Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography, 1821. ME 1:72

            – Joe

            • Hi Joe,

              Bevin has already made the point I wanted to – and excellently.

              The source waters of hatred – black toward white and white toward black – is coercion. Blacks dragged here to be slaves; whites forced to hire/rent to/work with blacks – and so on.

              There has been egregious harm done all around, but blaming one another rather than the government… who benefits?

              I worked in DC for many years and came to know some of the Nation of Islam guys (black Muslims). They get it. They understand how blacks are being manipulated – not out of genuine concern for their situation, but for the advantage of usually white (but sometimes black) “leaders” who use them as pawns, period.

              There are whites who prefer to be around other whites, prefer “white” culture” (e.g., music, history, food, etc.) and so on and there are blacks who feel the same way about their culture, music, affinities. And there are people who are comfortable crossing over, partaking of both. Left in peace, people would organize themselves along whatever lines seemed to them preferable – and no no harm done to anyone.

              But once you start forcing people to “accept” (or not accept) one another on the basis of race – or sex or any other such classification – what do you get?

              You get resentment, anger – and eventually, inevitably, a recipe for social explosion.

          • Dear Joe,

            Actually, Jefferson believed otherwise in his heart of hearts. He simply couldn’t reconcile what he thought he was obligated to believe, with what he actually felt.

            What he actually felt, and actually did, made him what Klansmen would call a “nigger lover” and “race traitor.”

            Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: A Brief Account

            Based on documentary, scientific, statistical, and oral history evidence, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation (TJF) Research Committee Report on Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings (January 2000) remains the most comprehensive analysis of this historical topic. Ten years later, TJF and most historians believe that, years after his wife’s death, Thomas Jefferson was the father of the six children of Sally Hemings mentioned in Jefferson’s records, including Beverly, Harriet, Madison, and Eston Hemings.

            Not that any of this is relevant. As I said before, it’s not about white vs. black. It’s about the PTB vs. ordinary people.

            The Ferguson “white vs. black” issue is a distraction, just like Sandy Hook “school safety issue” was a distraction. The real issue is always expansion of government power at the expense of individual liberty. The real agenda is always disarmament, then enslavement.

            Under free market anarchism, there would be no legislators or judges as we know them. There would be no costumed thugs to enforce their will, then whine “They made me do it!”

            Some voluntaryist communities would be racially color blind. Others would be racially segregated. Either way, no problem. No violations of the NAP.

            But that is not what white supremacists want. They want a government that will enforce compulsory racial segregation. Unfortunately for them — and even those of us who are not racists, what we got is a government that will enforce compulsory racial integration, affirmative action, and “free shit.”

            Hope Kman is happy. Ideas have consequences. Not always the one’s one imagines.

          • Joe and Bevin,

            The key words in the Jefferson quote are “under any government.” It always has been and continues to be government that pits groups, including racial groups, against one another. Left on their own, people tend to find ways to cooperate. If they don’t, reality eventually forces them to, absent government intervention.

          • Dear Mike,

            No disagreement here.

            Government is nothing more than a euphemism for institutionalized/legitimized brute force coercion.

            The fact is, coerced racial integration merely leads to a backlash and increased race hatred.

            Both conservatives and liberals lie when they say they value freedom. If one is a libertarian, then one’s core value must be liberty, otherwise one is lying about being a libertarian. Liberty, aka freedom, must trump all else, including “social stability,” the real core value of conservatives, or “social justice,” the real core value of modern day socialist liberals.

            Ironically enough, liberty, aka freedom, actually results in greater social stability and genuine social justice, as opposed to coerced egalitarianism.

          • Bevin and Mike,

            I agree with you both. But the reality of the situation is that a lot of urban neighborhoods have been under a process of forced immigration for long enough to have caused a major shift in the demographics. It doesn’t help that the media and pop culture also fans the flames of old grudges and stereotypes that continue to the pitting of the different races against each other.

            I’m generally in agreement that left to their own devices that people will cooperate but any change in government will come with disruptions and as food and other resources get scarce people naturally divide along cultural and racial lines. Even without a disruption, as neighborhoods swing more into being composed of a single race the populations of these neighborhoods consider the area ‘theirs’ to the exclusion of any other. In most of the neighborhoods that have reached this tipping point, people who are not of the dominant race are actively hunted and assaulted. I could only imagine what it would be like after a reset event.

            I’m fine with a theoretical discussion but please don’t pretend that if a switch was flipped that the residents of these neighborhoods undergoing forced integration will sing Kumbaya around a campfire roasting marshmallows.

            – Joe

          • Jason,

            The Presbyterians own not a single major television outlet or major movie studio. They have not a single supreme court justice or a cabinet level position in the white house. Definitely not the Presbyterians.

            – Joe

          • The Presbyterians are absolutely the worst elements within the Protestant movement.

            Fucking meddlers in other countries’ internal politics.

            • I throw ’em both in The Woods!

              Well, their “evangelical” pushy proselytizing, which not infrequently extends beyond the pulpit and into the political realm.

              Yankeeism and Cloverism are just permutations of the Protestant “holier than thou/repent/do as we say” ethic.

              Feed ’em fish heads.

          • Joe,

            That’s just what they want you to think. They are very slick and cunning, those Presbys. Don’t be taken in by the International Presbyterian Conspiracy.

          • “Links or it didn’t happen.”

            I hate to be the one to break it to you, Joe, but the sum total of human knowledge is not found on the internet. I have personal knowledge of many things that will not be found in “links” yet I can assure you that they did happen.

            As you can see from Bevin’s post on the subject, there fortunately are others who are aware of the threat posed by the International Presbyterian Conspiracy. You should make an effort not to remain one of their unwitting tools.

          • Jason,

            Any large conspiracy leaves a trace. Especially on the internet. It’s because it’s so easy to disseminate information that makes the internet such a great breeding ground for rumors.

            And because we’re discussing this topic I’m sure some crackpot will start a website tomorrow and start ‘chronicling’ it for us.

            – Joe

            – Joe

          • “Any large conspiracy leaves a trace.”

            There is certainly evidence of Presbyterian perfidy. Their penchant for meddling in the internal politics of nations has been brought up by another participant here. However, it is the rare person who is able to put all the pieces together to arrive at the inevitable conclusion as to the truly diabolical nature of this insidious group.

            Presbyterians want you to believe they are merely a harmless religious sect following their own particular beliefs and traditions. Those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear know better. Beware the International Presbyterian.

          • Dear Jason, Joe,

            The Presbyterians are one of the two major outside forces behind the Taiwan independence movement on in the Taiwan region of China.

            The other? Do you even have to ask? The C… I… A…

          • Dear Eric,

            Amen to that. I penned this a few years back, in 2007.


            The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan is almost a caricature of the hypocritical colonialist missionary depicted in literature and film.

            It has been meddling in China’s domestic politics for nearly a century, driving a wedge between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan by instilling hatred for mainland Chinese in the hearts and minds of the Chinese people on Taiwan.

            In their fanatical quest to divide China, ministers of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan have even advocated violating the Ninth Commandment, which states: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

            I wrote about this in Taiwan’s Stolen Election, Part III

            The Ninth Commandment, according to the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

            During his 2004 re-election campaign, Chen Shui-bian ordered Chen Yu-hao, former chairman of the Tuntex Group and a fugitive exiled to the US, placed on Taiwan’s “Ten Most Wanted” list. Chen Shui-bian was desperate to cast himself as a squeaky clean political reformer at Chen Yu-hao’s expense.

            A furious Chen Yu-hao responded by appearing on television and revealing the ugly truth. Chen Shui-bian had eagerly pocketed a fortune in political contributions from Chen Yu-hao over the past decade.

            When Chen Shui-bian tried to deny the charges, Chen Yu-hao revealed that ROC legislator Shen Fu-hsiung, a DPP “elder” with a reputation for honesty within DPP circles was an eyewitness who saw Chen Yu-hao hand First Lady Wu Shu-chen a bag full of cash.

            Considering Shen was also Chen Shui-bian’s campaign manager, Chen Yu-hao’s revelation put Shen in a somewhat awkward position. Rather than lie, Shen went into hiding for the following week.

            What happened next was like a scene out of a black comedy by Stanley Kubrick.

            A delegation of ministers from the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, a long time abettor of Taiwan independence, paid an emergency visit to Shen. What textual truth did these supposedly devout Christians share with him? They solemnly assured Shen that it was not a sin to lie as long as it was in a good cause. In other words, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, unless of course it advances Taiwan independence.”

            Are you getting a sense of the moral character of the people involved in the Taiwan independence movement?

    • Dear Salt,

      Quite right.

      Just as 9/11 was not about “protecting us from terrists [sic]” and Sandy Hook was not about “protecting us from loonies,” so Ferguson is not about “protecting us from a violent underclass.”

      Everything government does is always about one thing. Expanding its own power, at the expense of our lives, liberty, and property.

      Nothing else. That’s it.

      It is always about stampeding us into turning towards the goonvermin for “help.”

      What is the biggest lie ever told?

      “I’m from the government. I’m here to help.”

  12. Dear Eric,

    Right on the money!

    Many “law and order” conservative authoritarians just don’t get it. They assume any criticism of the militarized police state tactics in Ferguson means one has swallowed Al Sharpton’s bullshit about “gentle giants.”

    Michael Brown is not the issue. Neither is Al Sharpton. Neither is Jesse Jackson. It’s not about any of them.

    It’s about us. It’s about “mere mundanes,” Will Grigg’s term for ordinary peace-loving individuals such as ourselves, who lack privileged political status.

    The PTB are playing “law and order” conservative authoritarians like a fiddle. They have manipulated them into rallying behind the same regime whose costumed thugs confiscated our guns during Katrina.

    How stupid can they get???

    • Bevin,

      It has been said that the difference between genius an stupidity is that genius has its limits.

      While not all thugs (ie LEOs) behave in this manner, even 1 is 1 too many. It only takes a little bit of poison to spoil the soup for all.

      When the people that are supposed to represent L&O behave no different (or worse) than the criminal element they claim to defend the public then they should not be surprised when the public treats them accordingly.

      • Dear mith,

        No argument there.

        I just wonder how much longer this can go on. We have to be approaching some sort of breaking point.

        • Bevin,
          This kind of thing could go on indefinitely….or not. That’s the trouble with human society in this modern world: there’s just too much complexity to be able to predict timing and order of events.

          And to be honest, I think I’ve even grown a little skeptical of the prognosticators on our team who think that the demise of the USA is inevitable. It is not; there is no such thing as inevitable except for the death of the Sun. Indeed, from our perspective as an-caps and related perspectives, the Black Swan Event that will completely undermine our philosophy is the failure of the USA to collapse. Are you prepared for that catastrophe?

          • Dear Mike,

            I’m basing my projections on history.

            China has a 5000 year old history. Almost any scenario one can imagine, China has already undergone in one form or another.

            China has had periods in her history when the economy was damned close to laissez-faire. It has also had times in her history when the political system was damned close to 1984 or Brave New World. And I’m not talking about under Mao Zedong!

            But the interesting thing is, that the more brutal the regime, the shorter its life span. There is an unmistakable correlation between oppression and rebellion, an inverse correlation.

            I don’t think the myth of “American Exceptionalism” applies here any more than it applies anywhere else.

            I think human nature is more alike across cultures than it is different.

          • Bevin,
            I think the main point of Nassim Taleb’s idea of the Black Swan Event (BSE) is that it only takes one single observation of something to undermine the empirical support for some particular worldview regardless of how high the mountain of observations has grown to support that view. Thus, it took just one observation of an actual black swan in Australia to force European ornithologists to throw out the idea that all swans are white, even though centuries of observations of this bird in Europe had confirmed that this bird was white! To use the same logic, the repeated failure of various forms of statehood over a 5000 year time span is compelling but one cannot preclude the possibility that some state some where will persist for a very long time. As abhorrent and disheartening as I find this notion, such a state could very well be the USA (or some other one; please let it be Monaco).

            And here’s the important part of Taleb’s argument: Modernity is dominated by BSEs. For instance, absolutely no one who was writing at the time predicted either the short term or long term consequences of WWI. No one. But here it is, one hundred years after the fact, and it’s as if the war has merely changed tempo (there have been some quiet periods), mode (nukes and drones), and location (“liberated” Ottoman turf). There was no historical precedent for such an on-going calamity and therefore no one predicted it. But that’s the trouble with history in the modern era: when it matters most, history ain’t what it used to be. Human nature hasn’t changed over the last 5000 years, but human society and its complex web of interactions, including the miserable state, has changed dramatically. The result is that we live in a world where rare events with extreme consequences change the path of human potential more so than do the day-to-day, ordinary ups and downs that we expect to occur in the course of a normal lifetime.

            So to repeat my initial position. BSE is a matter of perspective. Thus the BSE for us reading this blog will be for the Officer GoFuckYourselfs, against all expectations of libertarian social and economic theory and historical observation, to keep on doing what they do for at least as long as you and I can hang on to this mortal coil. And to me, this possibility matters in very real terms because, at this point in my life, I am highly invested, both financial and emotionally, in the possibility that the state will die sometime in my lifetime. If I was more nimble intellectually, I’d try to play it both ways—death of the state or persistence of the state—but this is very difficult for me to do. I have only so many drawers in the file cabinet of my brain.

            By the way, the statist’s BSE is of course the collapse of the state. Most people are not prepared for this possibility and its consequences.

    • “Only two things are infinite, the univese, and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the former.” -Albert Einstein.

      Most of us are above-normal IQ. Our writing skills attest to that. Our logic attests to that.
      Most (all?) of us were fooled growing up….

      And most people are more geared towards NOT losing things, than actually GAINING something through hard work.

      So, you can fool most of the people, Most of the time, and those are the ones you want to focus on. (Bushism 223. Though I made the number up.) 🙂 😛

      • Excellent point Jean:

        “And most people are more geared towards NOT losing things, than actually GAINING something through hard work.”

        In some quarters the hard work is avoided at all costs, in others there’s none to go around, the rest have no choice but to avoid the hard work in order to be around to protect what they stand to lose.


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