Haircuts for Heroes

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Apparently, “heroes” – armed government workers – are immune from Corona, both getting it and spreading it. At least, in Miami – where a special exemption has been made for “heroes” in need of haircuts. They can visit the barber. But no one else can.

It is very much of a piece with the exemption from”buckle up” laws, “speeding” laws and pretty much all laws, when you get down to it.

Which ought to make people angry but almost never does – because people have been operant conditioned to regard armed government workers as “heroes” – and thus entitled to special dispensation.

But those of us with still-operant brains can discern the con. Especially as regards Corona. If this virus is so very deadly – and public heath so very much at risk – then it is unconscionable for armed government workers to be exempted from “social distancing” requirements . . . for the sake of getting a haircut.


It makes my teeth ache.

And they ask me why I drink.

. . .

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  1. I rebelled against buzzcuts as a child. I got a haircut in military school that I didn’t like so I took scissors and chopped out big sections and got forty hours of extra duty for being a BA.
    My hair now is not terribly long and is getting back the natural curl. My wife hates it because I do not need to dye it as it is the same shit brown as when we were married.
    She is freaking out that her grey roots show and actually used some spray paint on it that runs in the rain. Things are getting goofy.

    • Off topic but does anyone know about the reliability of twelve year old Cadillac CTS-Vs? I like manual gearboxes so that they are harder to steal.

    • Hi Help Me,

      We have it in our power to wake up… by refusing to accept this. If enough of us do, it will all be over. The key being enough of us.

      I’m doing all I can. I hope others will, too. Before none of us can do anything about it.

  2. What I find terribly disturbing is that there seems to be a hell of a lot of international cooperation among the various gangs of Sociopaths In Charge in the execution of this fraud. I fear that there is something so monstrously evil afoot that the sane among us can’t even comprehend it. When we see psychopaths like the eugenicist with a vastly exaggerated opinion of himself Bill Gates trotted out as “expert authority” you know we are in serious trouble.

    • Hi JWK,

      I agree; the coordination is extremely troubling. If people – enough people – don’t wake up soon (and push back, hard) night will fall. It won’t be an Orwell-style nightmare but rather something more like Brave New World… a nightmare even worse for people with thinking brains.

      • I have no problem believing what has happened. 911 was the precursor with the Patriot Act(sic). There are no consequences.

        When 219 or more CEO’s cash in after Jan 1, it tole me everything I needed to know.

        I’d suspect the next move will be shutting down the internet since people like my SIL believe every lie they see on network tv.

        Trump thought he wouldn’t be caught in the lie about Elmhurst hospital but immediately there were people all around it and in it taking videos giving the lie to what he said about trucks of corpses.

        The war has started and hopefully, people will catch on. I’d suggest everyone buy an 11 meter radio since they’re down in the $300 range now.

        We’ll need all the coordination we can get and it’s obvious which side the cops are going to take. I knew people couldn’t continue to constantly be treated worse over the years without some event bringing it to a fruition.

        Many people I’ve spoken with have said the same thing I have. There’s no point in giving a vaccine to a corpse. I will NOT live on my knees.

  3. Can’t believe those equipment belts cops wear don’t come with cup holders and doughnut storage trays.

    An idea for any entrepreneurs among us…

  4. The old “Heroes” better watch out. They’re in competition with the new “Heroes” Healthcare workers for idol worship and bootlicking. The news outlets, and commercials are all jumping on the bandwagon. Ugh, I can’t take the insanity any more.

    • Hi Man,

      This is . . . sick. And, true. At my coffee shop, where you can’t sit anymore, there are bags of free popcorn for “health care workers” who are “on the front lines.”

        • The local liquor store could get tp when nobody else could. So now they sell it. A friend recommended they add a barbershop. I texted the owner, she was amused. Now she’s probably considering it. They own the building next door. Liquor by the drink in that store with a barbershop.

          • Back when I was still working as a plumber, until I developed an allergy to step ladders causing my knees to hurt, I installed plumbing in a business that combined a laundromat with a bar. It was called “Suds and Duds”.

    • the idea doctors are smart is really wrong. Theyre just as indoctrinated in groupthink with the complete absence of critical thinking skills as any public school teacher.

      • THAT is the truth, M3! Doctors are “Highly trained”- Being trained (like a fog) means that you don’t think, experiment, judge for yourself, innovate… just do what you were taught to do- or what those above you in the hierarchy tell you to do; ignore anything to the contrary that their eyes tell them.

        That is the case with most professions which require a high degree of edumacation- if you make it through the gauntlet of sheepskins, you have proven your obedience and willingness to accept what you were told- whether you believe it or not.

      • In fact I am often amazed how stupid one of them can be after 12 years of schooling. And how exaggerated their ego can become. I’ve often seen them go ballistic if one of their patients defies their recommendations and chooses to live their life as they prefer instead.

    • Like all occupation forces they segregate themselves. Apart and above, at least that’s how they see it. I get a lot of roles playing cops and soldiers, and a lot of people ask me if I am / was one. It’s become insulting to even be mistaken for one of them, so I’ve let my hair grow. (Didn’t you comment once that you did the same, Eric?). I will absolutely never emulate their dress, their “style”, or their attitude. Not that they’ll notice, but we should all shun them in every way possible.

      • Exactly, Bill B! I will never drive an Explorer; I will never wear those fancy sunglasses; I will not own/carry a 9mm….and luckily, I don’t eat donuts anyway…so nothing to worry about there!

  5. #2, son, living in Nevada, where at least, for now, the Second Amendment is respected, and he’s well availed himself of that right, really gets rankled at the ‘tude of his AGW uncle. Now, don’t get me wrong, my Bro-in-Law is about as conscientious and sensitive as they come in that profession. Him you’d want to pull you over (he actually is a Lieutenant and a supervisor in the main jail in the county where he works) if that must happen. But it rankles my boy how uncle brags about the “toys” that HE can have because he’s an AGW, but “civilians” CAN’T. A state of affairs that the “Founding Fookers” would have considered abhorrent.

  6. In the magnum opus, The Rise and Fall of the American Empire, this story will be in the chapter entitled, But Some Were More Equal Than Others.

  7. Do as I say, not as i do. Chicago mayor has been closing down things left and right, but had time to get a haircut. When caught she said, “i like my pampering”. And what, others don’t want to be pampered now? What a hypocrite. But the norm for a politician.

    • I’ve noticed tensions rising rich. generally speaking.

      People aren’t typically speaking out although I’m happy to say that we’re getting jobbed when I talk to random people. I’ve found that about half of the strangers that I run across and say that they too agree that something’s not passing the sniff test although they don’t see the forest for the trees.

      It’s generally not sitting well with even more that government workers, including teachers who are doing a horrendous job of online teaching for my HS daughter and even my son who’s at VA Tech, while the rest of us with businesses are hoping to simply not be forced to go under.

      I’ve heard that many if not most federal employees are getting full pay but only going to work every other week. What the …

      We’re turning into a huge East Germany w/ a surveillance system that would make the STASI (Staat Sicherheit/homeland security in German) blush with embarrassment from having such a flimsy and superficial operation.

      This government overreach isn’t going to end well. These measures are dire. We’ve been lied to repeatedly by ALL government agencies and departments involved. Life is not livable like this. It’s a pressure-cooker. (Is this what they want? Because if so it’s also going to impact the local level)

      Now we find out via Jon Rappaport that the vast majority of tests provided to “test for Corona” don’t actually detect Corona, they simply detect a variety of illness or disease among which are the array of cold & flu possibilities.

      The good news is that people in hospitals have stopped dying from any and all diseases. We’ve conquered disease. Except for that darn Corona virus tho. We’ll have to get Scooby Doo and the Dream Machine on the scene.

      This past week here was the one in which fatalities were supposed to have skyrocketed with tens of thousands of deaths. Didn’t happen. Oh, and last week they said the same about the week prior. They’re obviously inflating death stats to every extent.

      We’ve also now found out that respirators were actually killing people. No wonder douche-bag angel-of-death Cuomo wanted 30,000 more.

      In other news, it was discovered that many of the ‘tests” were tainted with Corona. Hmmm!

      All these errors and mistakes. But wait, errors and mistakes made in US hospitals cost us 250,000 lives annually, which on average is over 20,000/month. Funny tho, none of those people that I talk to that believe all the hokey don’t take THAT seriously. Corona is far worse they say. The errors and mistakes account for a MILLION people every 4 years. But nothin’ to see here. Go to the hospital where those that kill 20k/month will take good care of you and hook you up to a respirato…, oh, scratch that, can’t do that anymore. Forget the FACT that hospitals are the absolute worst place to be for purposes of avoiding catching anything.

      Honestly, I feel like I’m in the movie Idiocracy. Or like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode where people are clueless as to what’s going on around them.

      Another week or two, three tops, all those people are going to be bitching at which point I’m going to tell them that they’re being selfish like they’re lecturing others right now.

      I actually spoke to a high-school friend of mine earlier this evening. We discussed/argued about the death stats. I told him that more have died from numerous other things and that if we’re going to shut the nation down for every flu why not just shut it down from October thru April. He actually thought I was serious and truthfully thought it was a sound option.

      And don’t forget, when the “men in blue” start killing their local citizenry, make sure you tell everyone to thank them for protecting them. And by all means, again, if troops start shooting down our own citizenry at some point, we need to make sure to remind everyone to thank them for their service to defend us.

      I didn’t think that so many people could possibly be so gullible. Boy how wrong I was.

      Funny too, in Orwell’s 1984 people are forced to keep their TVs on 24/7. He got that wrong. People today don’t need to be forced, the second they walk into their homes they grab the remote and turn it on. It’s on 24/7 in the homes of many people that I know apart from when they’re sleeping, although I’ve known a few to leave their TVs on in their bedrooms all night. Gotta be a horrible way to try to sleep.

      As for me, I detest TV. The “information” that comes from it, besides being pure propaganda by design, is for fools and simpletons and those that are easily gullible.

      The trouble that the establishment has is that they’ve taken away the circus part of the bread and circus, which is the distracting part. As the bread begins to diminish, well, we’ll see what happens. I’m sure the same things that have happened elsewhere throughout world history. But wait, I forgot, in America we’re impervious to such maladies. USA! USA! USA!

      Can’t take away peoples’ Brawndo and disallow them from watching “Ow! My balls!” They start getting restless then.

      • Reimbursement for stats: saw some MN doc/politician interview. He said that medicare pays hospitals $1900 for every covid diagnosis, & $3900 for every one of those that gets put on a ventilator….

        Rhymes with what happened to installation & price numbers of pacemakers after those became listed under medicare, back in early-mid 60’s.

        Rhymin’ Simon Sez…& the waxed simonize their asses off.

        • People without insurance is what you’re speaking of. The hospital gets paid $1900 for a positive diagnosis. They get paid between $39,000 and $42,000 for each of those people who are put on a respirator. It’s a cash cow(obviously)for hospitals so they fudge the numbers, in other words, they lie to make huge amounts of money.

          • Sho’nuff.


            But also…the details are such & thus, saith the Simons.

            And maybe they are & maybe they aren’t. Either way, these books were made for cookin’. And you thought Fahrenheit 451 meant flames? ☺

            The ordering needs be source, then content.

            Since these sources have been on the payola roll since forever, the minutia/details needs must fall by the wayside.

            Not kicking all that to the curb keeps folks busified debating purposely planted tree details that make the forest invisible. Is the boy tellin’ true ’bout the wolves, *this time*?

            So I gotta go with a couple by Carly, here:


            Bonfire of the vanities…I might rise above, I might go below, ride with the tide & go with the flow (more than one way both these can be seen, done…).

  8. Since the AGWs like buzz cuts, why don’t they simply cut their own hair? I keep my hair short, and I cut my own. I paid $10 or so for a Comair cutter, and it paid for itself immediately. Considering haircuts go for $15-$20 on up, why don’t the “heroes” cut their own hair vs. paying someone to do it?

    • Marky,

      You make an excellent point.That’s a very rudimentary cut. But let me ask you…. how do we know that he didn’t do that cut by himself, or with just a little help from his “domestic partner?”

      Female armed government workers (FAGWs?) might have more challenges. However, in the interests of gender equality, perhaps they should be held to the same hair standards as the officer pictured above? Problem solved. 🙂

    • That’s communism for ya! Those in the party can have all of the things that the plebes must “sacrifice” for “the common good”.

      • More true than you’d believe, Nunz. In the Soviet era, that was part of the perks that were OPENLY mentioned when recruiting for the Communist Party. Only about 1% of Soviet subjects were actually Party members. They had special stores, restaurants, and travel privileges that the “proletariat”, even IF they plenty of that “monopoly money” know as the Ruble, could only dream of, or obtain on the black market. Starting in the late 1960s, Soviet youth were just crazy about getting American jeans, and Levi’s were like GOLD. It was common for a Soviet-era teen to have Daddy pay as much as $250 equivalent for top-brand jeans (never mind the bribe to the clerk to get one that “just became available) at a time when that was more than the average Soviet monthly wage, and you could get the same in the USA for about $20, even then considered an extravagance here.

        One of the books that I unfortunately lost in that 2015 house fire was a book by an expatriate Soviet lawyer titled “USSR: Society of Corruption”. He was a Jew whom had relatives in Israel that managed to raise enough to get him the appropriate papers to emigrate. According to him, there was no way any factory manager could ever hope to meet his production goals save by “misappropriated” and downright theft, but everyone knew this. As long as the correct palms were greased, folks looked the other way. This lawyer, whom worked at first as a state prosecutor and later a defense attorney, noted that those accused of corruption either blabbed to the wrong people or otherwise did something to piss off those at the top. Their justice system served to rid the trouble-makers and gave the illusion that the Soviet State tried to ferret out corruption. Truth is, without it, it would have collapsed long before it finally did.

    • Quite right. I’m 65 years old and have never paid for a hair cut. I’ve either cut my own crew cut, or let it grow as it will. After this view, I’m inclined toward the latter.

      • Yeah, no one has ever been able to give me a decent haircut (I have weird hair)- I’ve finally- at 58- learned to do it well myself, and my hair looks better now than it e er has. And it’s not hard…and I can do it whenever needed, so my hair stays looking nice now.

        • Nunz, I have a double cowlick, make Alfalfa look good when my hair is short. I just let it grow and when I’m driving a truck, I give it a half-ass Mullet except it is too curly which is fine with me.


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