Ear Tags & Clovers

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This began as an ear tag update – more than 100 in the herd now! – but became a rant about Clovers. I picked up one on a straight section of road; the Clover ran right up my tailpipe, just about. Clovers love to tailgate – but never pass. And when the road turned curvy, poor ol’ Clover couldn’t keep up!

Which makes the point that Clovers can’t drive. Yet they’re the ones who complain about others’ driving.

Mind: I am all for fast (and courteous) driving. But if you can’t drive fast in the curves, then you have no business driving fast, ever.

And – per the good doctor – I find discourtesy unspeakable in any context.

. . .

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  1. Ha.. I used to ‘enroll’ clovers in ‘understeer’ school when they tailgated me.

    Just like your scenario Eric, when I had a tailgating clover, I would keep my pace (like you) or increase it right before the curve, keep that pace going in, through, and exiting the corner.

    My clovers, because they tailgated me on the straights thought they could do the same in the corners-keep up w me.

    Somewhere near the apex of the corner, the front end of their car would plow toward the outside fog line, and often over it.

    A quick off the throttle response from clover remedied the situation. I would never have them tailgate me again, let alone, like your clover, appear in my rear view mirror.

    Good times. 😷😷😷

  2. Back when I 1. was a filthy limit watcher and 2. didn’t realize that bicycles on the road were still a thing, the kind of road user I most hated to come up behind was the cell-phone-yakking SUV driver who did 10 over on the straightaways and then held you up in the corners. Easy way to turn a relaxing drive into an agonizing plod.


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