PA Hero Threatens to “Beat The Shit” out of Kid

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Video: Cop Threatens To “Beat The Sh*t” Out Of Teen For Looking At Him

“Keep f*cking walking”

A Philadelphia cop will face disciplinary action following the emergence of a video showing him threatening to “beat the shit” out of a young man for merely looking at him.

“Hey, big man, you got a problem?” the officer is seen asking one of a group of teenagers who he is harassing. “Because I notice you keep trying to make eye contact.”

“Keep f*cking walking, and next time you look at me in my f*cking eye, I’m going to beat the sh*t out of you,” the officer exclaims, adding “Now get the f*ck outta here.”

The video was uploaded to Facebook originally ten days ago, presumably by the offending teen, or one of his friends, Damaris Abercrombie.

Since that time, the footage has been viewed almost 90,000 times and shared over 2000 times.

Abercrombie has not responded to requests for clarification of the time and location of the footage.

However, Police told reporters with NBC10 that they were aware of the incident and the officer in the video will be disciplined. However, they did not elaborate on the case or give any details of the punishment the cop will face.

Speaking with NBC10, a law enforcement source said that the officer belongs to the 19th District.

“The video does not reflect well on the officer,” an anonymous Philadelphia Police official said. “I have no doubt he had good reason to be exasperated but you have to maintain your professional demeanor.”

Remember kids, in the new America merely looking a police overlord in the eye could get you killed.



  1. But if we were to ‘beat the shit’ out of every LEO, there would not be anything left of most of them.

    • Don’t worry. Some other costumed cretin in his own precinct will likely beat the shit out of this orificer’s kids.


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