Hero Loses (For Once)

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Outfit: Thornton (IL) Police Department

Phone: 708-877-4440

I was working at a bank owned home which is private property. I was approached by a police officer from the rear of the property. He demanded to know what business I had at this particular property. I responded by saying I was working. He then asked for ID and I then responded by saying I do not believe I have committed any crimes or violated any laws to be under investigation. The police officer then asked me if I was refusing to provide an ID. I responded by saying that I felt like i was being harassed for my personal information and I was fearful because the police officer is armed with deadly weapons.

My co-worker then starts the video recording and walks up to me handing me the video camera to continue recording as he provides a work order to prove that we do in fact have permission to be on that particular property..

Even after seeing this proof the police officer continues harassing me and my coworker for ID’s. The police officer then attempts to use manipulation to convince me to understand his street gang tactics.

After I remain firm the office continues to beat his logic into me until my co-worker shuts him down! A win for me and co-worker!


  1. “Has a crime been reported as happening here? Then please leave and stop hindering me from my work; you are trespassing on private property”.

    End of conversation. At that point, if the predator wants to arrest; let him arrest (as if he were going to, he would anyway) and it never pays to try and engage these morons in debates of reason and logic- much less morality, because they are devoid of such traits.

    [In NY for example: A recent court case, it was admitted that the PD would not hire anyone who proved to have an IQ over 104 (!!!-about the intelligence of a normal 7th-grader!). They want people who will follow orders…not think- of course, the official reason was that “people of a higher IQ might become bored with the work” !!!!]

    Of course though, it is easy for us to postulate what *we would do* from the comfort of our own computers….but ideally, I’d hope what I wrote in the first paragraph would have been my response if confronted by the wild swine in that situation.

  2. Missed this one. Yet another one in my area……….

    The scary thing, Thornton is far from the worst department in the area. Though they are well known as a village sized speed trap (small town, little other revenue).

  3. Hate it when people refer to cops as “Sir”. That moron cop should be charged with trespass and harassment. I wouldn’t even have asked if I were free to go. Under Common Law, you have no requirement to carry or show ID and you have no obligation whatsoever to facilitate police investigations. If anything, the cop should have been grilled for ID and valid investigative documents.

    “Right now pal, you’re causing us a nuisance and you have no charges let alone probable cause against us. You’re fishing. Get off this property now before we charge you with trespass. I won’t ask again.”

    • Ditto that, Rev.

      It’s degrading – and despicable.

      Bare civility – and no honorifics – is all that’s called for.

      Maybe not even that.

    • A thought occurs to me a lot lately, as I view these “heroes” in action: How ordinary – below ordinary – most of the Nazis looked, once their Hugo Boss uniforms were taken away. Today’s “heroes” are of a piece. Generally, they are most unimpressive specimens. Which stands to reason. The system, after all, selects for the low-brow. And who else would want to be involved in such “work”?


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