I Smashed My Camera

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You may have noticed I have not included video rants with my last two reviews. It’s because I got driven to an act of Bruce Banner-esque rage by the got-damned little Contour Roam SOB I have been using for the past couple of years. It would shut itself off after about 45 seconds of recording. I could not get it to stop doing this and while trying to deal with it on Friday, I went all Hulk Smash on it and now it’s not recording anything. Ever. Again.

The good news is my amigo Troy is going to let me borrow his GoPro thing – which I will have to figure out how to use, but he says the video quality will be much better.

Also – we made it to Green for May. Thank you, all of you.

Should have some new rants up shortly. For now – late Sunday – I am spent and heading outside to drool for awhile.

Yer Pal,


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  1. Assuming you have all the pieces, you should try to repair it. It’s no different than auto repair conceptually. At least do an autopsy to determine fatal damage

    Disassembly of Contour ROAM

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  2. The Gopro should be harder to break. My cousin fished a working one out of the gulf of Mexico the other day. Full of the guys surfing videos, the last one a twenty minute clip of him trying to grab it back out of the water. Failing of course. According to the time stamp, it was in the water nearly a week.

  3. The gopro has a very annoying interface. It’s much like a 1980s device. Like a VCR with two buttons to control all the settings.

    • “press the menu button two times, while holding the snorglotz button down steadily for more than 2 seconds, but not more than 4.7 seconds while sticking your finger up your ass….”

  4. I’m not a violent person. I especially hate taking out frustrations on inanimate onjects…..but darn it, these electronic doo-dads will do it to ya! My last victim was a Motorola cell phone back in the 90’s. I hated that damn thing! One day, after yet another round of frustration, I just calmly let the damn thing fall out of my hand and onto the pavement, and then smushed it with my foot.

    My current camera, a Sanyo Xacti CG6 or something, has been a good little camera, but it’s such a pain getting it to do what I want it to do, when I want it to do it. You have to access most features through a menu (like everything else these days). It’s going to be my next victim- it’s the only way I’ll be motivated enough to get a new one. Trouble, do they make any cameras anymore that have a lot of tactile controls for all of the various features? I need to research that- but I may just have to forgo video, and return to film for still photography. I’m getting to the point where I refuse to buy into all of this electronic BS.

    The stupid devices have a million features and do a zillion things….but it’s such a pain to access many of them, it’s just not worth it- so your fancy-schmancy device may as well just be some basic nrick from the 1950’s, because that’s the way it ends up being used anyway.

    And if you don’t use the various features often, who even remembers how to use them when the time comes that you want to use them? I want buttons and dials and switches…not menus and jog dials. (Oh, and Sanyo no longer makes the battery for my camera, so all you can get now is aftermarket…and the aftermarket ones SUCK! What’s ensure that my next POS camera won’t have that issue?)

    Are comments supposed to be longer than the article they’re commenting on? 🙂


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