Today’s Clover: On-Ramp Creeper (May 5, 2018)

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Here’s a video of a Clover creeping up an on-ramp, “merging” onto an Interstate highway by pulling in front of traffic doing 70 while he’s doing maybe 15… typical Clover. Traffic is supposed to accommodate him by slowing to his speed, so he can merge. Clover does not grok that the idea is to accelerate to a speed sufficient to smoothly blend in with the traffic he’s trying to merge with – ideally, without forcing anyone to stab their brakes on his account.

But Clover thinks accelerating is aggressive. He doesn’t think it’s aggressive to just pull in front of much faster moving traffic, expecting traffic to slow down for him.

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  1. These guys are not only dangerous to folks already on the Interstate, they’re dangerous to those that are behind them also trying to get on the Interstate.

    I have literally been stuck behind one of these ass-hats on what is a short merge lane, but, otherwise not necessarily complicated, it just requires the use of that accelerator pedal. Of course when clover is eating up your entire runway time, this causes problems with now more than 1 vehicle (clover and mine, and whomever else is behind clover) trying to merge and not being at speed.

    What makes it more amazing, I find a hole, sadly still behind clover, and know I better get left and start hitting the gas… and what does clover do, he pulls left as well, but, still creeping along! Ugh!!

  2. What’s worse is when (I) am looking over my left shoulder, or into the driver’s side door mirror, watching for a spot into the freeway lane, when that happens! After a few times of almost plowing into the guy in front of me, I now don’t do that. I check first for the guy ahead of me that is also merging.

  3. That happens here in Victoria, Australia all the time now. I don’t know about other states, as I have not been interstate for several years in a car. They cause havoc around the ramps, both on and off, and you see an increasing number of crosses around the ramps now. It’s an indication people can no longer use the cognitive functions present in their brains.

  4. When I see people drive like that I find myself saying “Opposite day stupid, opposite day. Do the opposite of what you think is right and you’ll be correct for a change.”

  5. Yeah, there is at least one of these in front of me every other time I take a ramp! A year ago I was on a ramp that had a shoulder as wide as a lane, and one stupid bitch doing this shit in front of me was taking the ramp completely to the right of the white lane, full on the shoulder! In my van, I passed the dumbass with my horn blaring full-on; these people should not even be on the damn road!


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