Diaper Report 8/16/21

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This Diaper Report is filed from a “hot spot” of sickness psychosis and weaponized hypochondria – Earth Fare, in Roanoke, VA. It is a good barometer of the spread – or not – of this mental illness because it was one of the most extremely sick (in the head) places in the area, at the height of this engineered mass panic.

Everyone was Diapered – except your narrator, of course – who was denied entry for that reason. The most extreme forms of sick Kabuki were “practiced” within – with face-effaced Nurse Ratcheds behind the plexiglass at every cash register. This was the case – for months, even after the governor-gesundheitsfuhrer lifted the face-effacing “mandates” (this strange new practice of issuing personal orders that some respect as having the force of law, as if duly enacted by a legislature accountable to the voters).

But almost as quickly as the Diapers came on, last year, they have come off, this year. And – theme of this report – they do not appear to be coming on again, this year. Only about a fourth of the people entering were wearing; a sad cohort of pitiful, ill people. But distinctly in the minority. For the most part, normalcy. The crazies appeared as crazies used to appear in normal times – a small number of strange, furtive, freaky-looking people shuffling to and fro like inmates in a loony bin.

The fear seems to be wearing off – and not just at Earth Fare. Before I stopped there, I visited Home Depot to get some boards to frame the footers for my new chicken coop. Almost no one there was wearing the symbol of sickness, excepting the employees – who wore it desultorily and even contemptuously – hanging off their chins, noses blatantly exposed. Corporate can decree the wearing – but not the respecting.

The whole thing is becoming a laughingstock – and this is psychologically healthy, the tonic for curing what ails us.

And, them.

The people still effacing their faces – out of fear, because they’ve been PTSD’d into believing they will die if they don’t – can now see that everyone else isn’t dying, despite not wearing. This will, over time, have the salutary effect of calming their fears and – with some luck – get almost everyone to stop wearing the vile things except for a handful of the truly pathological – and they will always be among us.

The difference being they’ll be obviously pathological – and their strange aberrance will vitiate any power they have to impose it on others. Just as no one pays any attention to the raving of schizophrenics in alleys – beyond giving them a wide berth.

Things are getting better. They just don’t seem to be – if you’re still watching the TeeVee, where the same people who weaponized hypochondria are working double-overtime shifts to revive the fear that’s begun to wane – which they are absolutely desperate to do because they understand they must do so – and succeed – else the jig will be up.

I suspect it already is – there’s just a lag, in between millions of individuals individually deciding they’ve had enough and – more than that – coming to understand they were not only conned but made to feel guilty for daring to question anything the people behind the con insisted they must believe – and must do.

My sense is people are now at the don’t-push-it stage. I suspect it is why only a few “hot spots” of insanity have even tried to re-impose general Face-Diapering again. There are riots, ongoing, in Paris over the government’s Proof of Jab (to eat, to get a cup of coffee) edicts, with Freedom Cafes openly flouting the government. The government here looks increasingly like a bad clown show, led by a clown who can’t even remember how to make balloon Dachshunds anymore.

They are losing – and they know it. The job at hand now is simply to let them keep on losing, chiefly by refusing to give a damn about anything they say. Show them the hand. Laugh in their faces. They cannot stand this – and neither can their lies. Laughter does a great job of dissipating fear. Mass refusal makes mass enforcement impossible.

We’re so close now. Let’s not let it slip away.

. . .

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  1. Here’s a report from my banana republic (Panama). Diapers, well…they are still worn, even at midday with temperatures above 95F and high humidity. Sigh.

    However, an interesting thing happened. Near Panama City, there’s an island called Taboga. People normally go over there and spend the day at the beach, or they stay a whole weekend at the island. However, our enlightened health authorities passed a decree that from now on, anyone going there must either be fully-vaxed, or take a PCR test before boarding a ferry.

    Surprise, surprise. People stopped going to the island. The ferries back and forth are practically empty. Restaurants at the island are empty. Quite a lot of folks here have expressed their disgust & opposition to jab mandates & coercion. Let’s see if it keeps like that; hopefully it grows (specially now that adverse events have begun to manifest).
    What’s worse, one of the health officials is a member of the “company” doing the PCR tests at the ferry docks. This of course is nothing surprising at all, as corruption is rampant here.

    There will be two football (soccer) games here during the first days of September (world cup qualifiers). The federation has announced that tickets will be sold only to fully-vaxed people. Let’s see how it goes; hopefully we keep the Moscow way going.

    • Hi Marauder,

      I applaud the citizens for not participating. That is the only way that we will win back our freedoms….the other side must realize we will stand firm and not contribute a damn dollar to the charade.

  2. Hi all,

    In NM “our” vicious cunt (sorry, bitch is not strong enough) of a governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has just reimposed the mask mandate. Fuck her, fuck the people that support this shit.


    • Yeah, I read that. SUX, big time.
      My condolences you have to put up with that stupid cow & her BS.

      ABQ my home town. HHS Class of 1966.
      Sister still lives there.
      Great place to be a kid in the 1950s & 1960s.
      Now, not so much.

      • Hi turtle,

        I moved to NM in 1984 to attend St. John’s college (the college of knowledge, ha ha). At first I hated SF, everything seemed so fake, faux adobe, whitewashed history, etc… I couldn’t see the beauty, everything seemed drab and dry. But, I grew to love it by traveling around the State, eventually my eyes could see the subtlety and beauty of the desert. As a Michigander, accustomed to verdant green and copious access to water, I literally could not see the beauty here. I craved water and went on “water quests” nearly every weekend. I learned to see the astonishing beauty here. Now, I hate it again; the beauty is still here but the the repressive liberal conformity is driving me crazy. Gotta move, just not sure where to go.


        • Hi Jeremy. I used to vacation in NM a lot and grew to love Santa Fe and Albuquerque. My dream was to retire there. And then political reality stepped in. Or reared its ugly head. My state of Virginia is far from being a bastion of libertarianism, but the political climate of NM is appalling. Even my old Marine Corps buddy who grew up in Los Alamos and graduated from NMSU decided to stay here for that reason. (He still misses NM food, as do I, but he duplicates it as best he can. We often reminisce about Lot-a-burgers with green chile.)

          • Hi, Mike,
            New Mexico is a big state, and the political climate depends heavily on where you are. Like most states, the cities tend to lean left, and the rural areas more libertarian, live and let live, everyone pulls his own weight, no handouts unless you are in dire need.

            Problem is, the cities have the votes, sort of by definition. I guarantee you that lefty ideas which might be popular in ABQ will find no traction in Hobbs, Carlsbad, Clayton, or Farmington.

            There is also the paradox that NM, a very poor state overall, has the highest number of PhDs per capita of any US state. This, of course, is due to the enormous presence of the nuclear weapons establishment, as well as the U.S. military.

            In my experience, the Fed Pols, regardless of party affiliation, tend to see their role, to a great extent, as bringing federal spending to their state, just like their counterparts in other states where sucking off the federal tit is big business. Henry M. Jackson (WA) was not called the “Senator from Boeing” for nothing.

            In New Mexico, I never could see a dime’s worth of difference between Clinton P. Anderson (Democrat) and Pete V. Domenici (Republican). “Dollar hounds,” both of them.

            But enough politics. Now is the height of green chile harvest in the Hatch Valley. If you can roast your own, you can dice & freeze it, which will last for 5 years, at least, in your freezer. Don’t get ripped off, though. Hatch chile was “discovered” by the trendies a few years ago, and some online sellers are asking outrageous prices for fresh peppers. Don’t fall for it.

            Other “comida autentica” to look out for are dry land farmed pinto beans from east of the Sandias, and actual (dry) posole corn (not even close to canned hominy – yecch). For these, you will probably have to get someone local to buy for you and ship privately. For those who know, no explanation is necessary, as the saying goes.

        • Hi, Jeremy,
          Interesting comments you have.
          I had one HS classmate who attended St. John’s Santa Fe.
          HHS, at that time, was an excellent public high school, whose graduates tended to do very well in so-called “elite” universities. Now, I understand it is at the bottom of the heap. Sad.

          They say if you stay in NM long enough to wear out a pair of shoes, you are likely to stay a long time. There is, as you said, great natural beauty, provided your senses are attuned to it.

          These days, though, I am reading more and more about violent crime in ABQ, and that, plus politics and increased population, totally puts me off the idea of ever moving back there, despite my frustrations with life in SoCal. Like you, I have considered various destinations, but for now have opted to “shelter in place,” so to speak.

          I try to define my own “local environment,” and ignore the “crazies” as much as possible. There are many good people in California, you just have to find them…which may be the cultural equivalent of appreciating the beauty of the Sonoran (SW US) desert. 🙂

          Decades ago, my sister managed a restaurant in Santa Fe. Even at that time, she said outsiders were moving in and driving up the price of RE, pricing locals out of the market. When you see a Rolls with California plates parked in front of a restaurant, you know the clock is ticking. “Discovered,” and “trendy,” as they say. Not for me, thanks.

          I always enjoy your thoughtful comments, even if (as has happened) I disagree with your POV on a particular topic.

          Take care,

          • Hi Turtle,

            In re “discovered and “trendy”:

            I’m dealing with the same here in my once quiet rural county of Floyd, Va. When I moved here almost 20 years ago, I did so to get away from the Northern Virginia-ites, even though I myself moved from there. But I did not bring Northern Virginia with me. I came here to be a part of what was here. To live the rural, country life. Unfortunately, others moved here and decided that it was not “trendy” enough for them; not “hip” and “cool.” So they did things like launch Floyd Fest – a huge conclave that attracts thousands of people from all over the country, unfortunately. Yes, yes. Live music from “cool” bands. And that brings the Element – the people who turn a place like this into a place like Northern Virginia. By making it appealing to them. By transforming it from a “boring” little town with “nothing to do” it becomes a place with too too many people doing too much. The fools do not grok it.

            It’s not reached critical mass yet – but it is on track – and I begin to consider having to move, which really annoys me as I love the area and have invested huge time, effort and life in my place and dread the idea of having to reboot. If I must, I will – and the next time, it’ll be hopefully far enough away from anything “trendy” that I’ll never have to deal with it again, while I live!

            • hi, Eric,
              I remember reading when I was a boy that some of the early “pioneers” had the mindset that if they could see the smoke from a neighbor’s chimney, it was time to move on. 🙂

          • Hi turtle,

            Thanks for the kind words. Alas, I just resigned from my pool league team after receiving an email from the APA of NM informing me that, due to the latest dictate from our tyrant in chief, masks will be required during league play.

            Yes, Californians who tire of ruining their own state, feel a need to ruin other states as well, NM being a prime victim. But, the mechanism is facilitated by the greed of politicos who leverage property taxes to force the recalcitrant natives from their historical property.


            • Re the diaper diktat: Infuriating. Earlier this year, my son signed up for the local swim team. Outdoor pool. Even if “covid” is a thing, I would have assumed that most rational people would conclude that fresh air, sunshine, and chlorine would mitigate any possible “infection” issues. Not so. They tried to get the kids to wear masks at the meets (again, outdoor) and “social distance.” They actually had mask Karens to police this. My son and I ignored them.

              I had signed up as a volunteer, but didn’t learn of the requirement for diapers until the night before the first meet. I registered my disapproval with the volunteer coordinator the next morning at the meet and she removed me from the list and actually gave me partial credit for volunteering.

              Eventually, somehow sanity prevailed and by July 1 the idiocy was lifted and I did volunteer plenty.

              They were planning to bill those who didn’t volunteer about $150. I say, just try to collect from me.

              So infuriating that TPTB are trying to destroy everything. Hope you can create/join a sane league soon.

            • Hi Jeremy,

              I am sorry to hear that, but you made the right choice.

              I just got off the phone with one of my sisters (not the one that is sick), but the one who is allowing her four year old to attend pre school in a mask all day. To say that I am livid is putting it bluntly. It is not even my kiddo, but she and I just got into a quite a spat. Her response is “there is nothing that I can do”. My response was “Yes, there is. Tell them you are pulling her out effective today and you will be back tomorrow to collect a refund on her tuition.” How is a two year old, three year old, or four year suppose to understand what is going on? All this does is make them distrustful of people who don’t wear masks and decreases their ability to communicate through facial recognition. A recent survey stated that children born in the last year have a lower IQ than those born in previous years. I wonder why! Probably because they see a bunch of masked up zombies’ walking around. It is sickening.

              Until we tell these assholes to go pound sand this will continue.

              • >All this does is make them distrustful of people
                Worse than that, RG.
                1. It dehumanizes them, by concealing their faces, deprives them of their very humanity.
                2. It conditions them to mindlessly obey “authority,” or as Eric spells it, “authoritay.”

                Where I live, all the school yards are surrounded by 8′ tall, ugly galvanized steel picket fences. The school children are, quite literally, growing up behind bars, from preschool onwards.

                Sad irony that the school prison one block from my house is named after Thomas Jefferson. TJ must be doing at least 6000 subterranean RPM by now, judging by the state of what was once a great country.

                • Hi turtle,

                  You are right. This way people (especially kids) are made to accept their chains without even knowing it. Eight foot fence, masks, shot after shot after shot, and this will all be deemed normal.

                  I have gone from having sympathy for the kids to outright anger at the parents. Why is it acceptable and why are people so damn complacent?

              • Amen, RG!

                I am at the point of almost not being able to hold my tongue when in public anymore – when I see Diapered parents leading around a Diapered child. In the absence of any “mandate” that they must. It sickens me. I infuriates me. These people are abusing children – and being treated as if they were saints.

                “Until we tell these assholes to go pound sand this will continue.”

                Amen. Indeed.

                • Hi Eric,

                  I am still pissed. All this goes to show is the world really isn’t listening. We can read study after study, make rational arguments, provide solid evidence that masks, jabs, government, etc. doesn’t work and it falls on death ears.

                • This past weekend, I was at a neighborhood event. One of the tents had free con-jabs for everyone – including kids. It was all I could do not to kick the table over and chase them all out. I can only pray that those kids will somehow have got saline instead.

            • Hi, Jeremy,

              Thankfully, we still have Prop. 13 in CA.
              Thanks, Howard Jarvis.

              I have lived in the same house for 40 years, and pay property taxes based on the acquisition price of $67,000 in 1981, indexed modestly for inflation.
              Anyone who bought the property today would have a tax basis of ~$500,000, @ ~1.25%, or ~$6250/yr.

              I could not afford to buy my own house, in today’s market, and if I had to pay property taxes based on current market value, the amount would be more than quadruple what I now pay.

              I have close friends who recently moved from SoCal to Oklahoma City, motivated in part by RE costs. In SoCal, they had no hope of ever owning property, whereas in OK it is an achievable goal.

              Plenty of people who have left CA have done the calculation and decided to “take the money and run,” knowing full well it is a one way journey.

              Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, and northern Idaho seem to be popular destinations, from what I have heard. I guarantee you those people are *NOT* leftists. 🙂

  3. Someone I knew growing up posted this, it’s comedy gold. I don’t know where it came from, but it’s perfect.

    Bud: ‘You can’t come in here!’
    Lou: ‘Why not?’
    Bud: ‘Well because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But I’m not sick.’
    Bud: ‘It doesn’t matter.’
    Lou: ‘Well, why does that guy get to go in?’
    Bud: ‘Because he’s vaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But he’s sick!’
    Bud: ‘It’s alright. Everyone in here is vaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘Wait a minute. Are you saying everyone in there is vaccinated?’
    Bud: ‘Yes.’
    Lou: ‘So then why can’t I go in there if everyone is vaccinated?’
    Bud: ‘Because you’ll make them sick.’
    Lou: ‘How will I make them sick if I’m NOT sick and they’re vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But they’re vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘But they can still get sick.’
    Lou: ‘So what the heck does the vaccine do?’
    Bud: ‘It vaccinates.’
    Lou: ‘So vaccinated people can’t spread covid?’
    Bud: ‘Oh no. They can spread covid just as easily as an unvaccinated person.’
    Lou: ‘I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Look. I’m not sick.
    Bud: ‘Ok.’
    Lou: ‘And the guy you let in IS sick.’
    Bud: ‘That’s right.’
    Lou: ‘And everybody in there can still get sick even though they’re vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘Certainly.’
    Lou: ‘So why can’t I go in again?’
    Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘I’m not asking who’s vaccinated or not!’
    Bud: ‘I’m just telling you how it is.’
    Lou: ‘Nevermind. I’ll just put on my mask.’
    Bud: ‘That’s fine.’
    Lou: ‘Now I can go in?’
    Bud: ‘Absolutely not?’
    Lou: ‘But I have a mask!’
    Bud: ‘Doesn’t matter.’
    Lou: ‘I was able to come in here yesterday with a mask.’
    Bud: ‘I know.’
    Lou: So why can’t I come in here today with a mask? ….If you say ‘because I’m unvaccinated’ again, I’ll break your arm.’
    Bud: ‘Take it easy buddy.’
    Lou: ‘So the mask is no good anymore.’
    Bud: ‘No, it’s still good.’
    Lou: ‘But I can’t come in?’
    Bud: ‘Correct.’
    Lou: ‘Why not?’
    Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But the mask prevents the germs from getting out.’
    Bud: ‘Yes, but people can still catch your germs.’
    Lou: ‘But they’re all vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘Yes, but they can still get sick.’
    Lou: ‘But I’m not sick!!’
    Bud: ‘You can still get them sick.’
    Lou: ‘So then masks don’t work!’
    Bud: ‘Masks work quite well.’
    Lou: ‘So how in the heck can I get vaccinated people sick if I’m not sick and masks work?’
    Bud: ‘Third base.’

  4. I’m honestly jealous of the many reports here of diaper resistance and heresy across the land. I’m in Florida enjoying the same, but will soon return to NYC’s CT suburbs, where I understand diapers are almost fully back on, this time mandated by small town mayors – FFS. I’ll now have to resort to long distance shopping and speakeasy conveniences as I did before. But I’ll still see these freaks out and about every damn place I go, including outdoors No resistance from them, they want it, they demand it, they need it. What a depressing way to end a vacation. 🙁

    • BAC, I am a small town mayor and I order you to not wear a mask. If a mayor has the authority to tell you to wear a mask, surely a mayor has the authority to tell you not to, nicht war?

    • Europe and the USSA continually underestimates our competitors. We believe that these guys are living in caves with technology supplied by the Amish. We couldn’t be more wrong. Many of our competitors/foes were educated in the Western Hemisphere. They have access to Twitter, Facebook, and all things via the internet. They are versed in current events. We need to stop believing that Europe and the USSA are as elite as we would like to appear. We are blind to our own demise and refuse to believe it could happen. Weak countries, along with weak people, are attacked. We may have a billion guns in this country, but will we use them when necessary? Because it may be sooner than later.

      • Hi RG,

        I think the people who control the USSA understand it very well. They intend to demoralize/ruin this country, which is necessary to establish the world government that the people who control the entities looking to establish world government desire. These entities almost completely control the USSA, through international/interlocking corporations and bought and paid for politicians.

  5. Here in the Detroit suburbs, Home Depot had a “Please wear a mask in our store” sign. People walking in were about 50% masked. We walked in and then out immediately because the Garden Center was closed, both from inside the store and from the outside entrance. No explanation given, but my guess is they have less employees these days so hours to the garden center are limited. Wish they would have posted a sign indicating that, if so.

  6. The narrative is failing, and the Sociopaths In Charge are starting to panic. Which is a dangerous situation. If you have any opinion at all that counters the narrative of the Sociopaths In Charge, you are now a terrorist. Censoring us is no longer enough. They want us in camps. Where they can make us dead. “Too bad the NAZIs picked the wrong target. Their method was perfect.”

  7. Here in our conservative CA county, the local news is we are in the middle of the Delta Varient phase and the mask signs have become recommendations and spring up at selected grocery stores (oddly not Whole Foods!). Nordstrom in the mall has a sign at the entrance recommending masks for both vaccinated and unvaccinated. A tray with masks at door and a masked staff person standing in the middle of the store with hands behind back doing nothing. I was surprised to see the signs at the door since they had not been there just a week ago. I had no mask on me and did not want to take one from the tray so just went in to return items mail ordered and no one reprimanded me. The customers were mostly all masked. What surprised me was that in the rest of the mall where masks are not required at all, abut 2/3 of the people voluntarily wore them anyways. Yet at the food stores, only about 20%. Weird.

  8. Report from Universal Orlando: 20% or more diapered up in the parks and in the resort hotels. In 90 degree heat and humidity. For what it’s worth.

  9. As I said in the last post, I sat on a jury last week. The courts are running with a “COVID” protocol. This means masks in the courtroom, the jury spaced out 6 feet and extremely limited space for the public to view (probably about 4 people total could be in the audience), although I believe it was live-streamed. I had to sit out in the audience seating, in a space marked as a properly safe distance. The only place in the courthouse where masks were required was in the courtroom. As soon as we were in the hallway we could remove it, even in the jury pen. The witness stand was encased in plexiglass panels, except on the little gate/door to get in and out. Apparently the virus doesn’t know how to navigate past that or there’s a force field of some sort. The lawyers and witnesses removed their masks while speaking, including close talking in microphones (the DA’s mic handling skills reminded me of PC Principal on South Park). Again, apparently the mics have some anti-viral defense. Most of the jurors kept their noses exposed. Evidence was freely exchanged between the witnesses and lawyers, and of course was given to the jury in a big pile. I’m sure there was no attempt to sterilize any paper. The bailiff had to wipe down the witness stand after each one stepped down, but from what I understand to be effective most disinfectant sprays need to sit on the surface for a minute or so before wiping, but I’m not a janitorial engineer or home economist.

    Much of the evidence presented was video. Because of the location of the monitor the jury was permitted to move around for a better view. Those of us who were out in the audience seating instantly violated the 6 foot rule so we could view the evidence, then went back and sat down in our assigned seat area. Everyone was clearly going through the motions.

    Nothing more than Kabuki.

    The worst part was, despite everything looking like the poor bastard was being railroaded, he is guilty. He actually did grope those two girls in the toy aisle. Despite the overwrought testimony of the mom, and obvious coaching the daughters… despite the local PD doing a horrible job at investigation… despite the over-credentialed child services bureaucrat’s pretentious attitude… he is guilty. The state did what it was supposed to do, albeit poorly and at great expense. A few of the jurors and I thought that this could have been handled with a little old fashioned frontier justice, but when you’re a rich Aspenite you get the state to do your dirty work.

  10. Just when I thought it was getting better…

    Our pastor’s mother-in-law died a few weeks ago. My wife and I attended the visitation and funeral. I saw maybe two masks the whole time, even though everybody in the family had been obedient diaperers earlier in the scamdemic.

    Then a neighbor of ours was killed in a tractor accident. He was a wonderful guy and widely known and respected in the community. You couldn’t get anywhere near the funeral home for the visitation, and the funeral was private, so I can’t say what the diaper situation was there.

    Saturday a dear tennis buddy of ours died at age 82 of severe heart arrhythmia (I wonder if it was the frankenshots). His granddaughter sent word that the family wanted his tennis friends to serve as pallbearers, and I was the first to volunteer. This morning I read the obituary that was posted late yesterday, and it contains this:


    So now I have to tell the family that I can’t be there, because wearing a mask for several hours would literally make me sick.

    Damn the evil bastards who started this stupid superstition.

    • Very sad to hear about this, Roland – but I applaud your refusal to be leveraged by a desire to pay respects to submit to enabling the spread of the psychosis. I’ve been at odds with my sister over my absolute refusal to put on a god-damned Diaper – for any reason and even for a moment – because I see this as a test, a very important test, of our willingness to become a willing part of a viciously evil narrative that will lead (arguably, has already led) to a variant of oppression never before conceivable on this earth.

      I urge everyone to consider this – and to consider total refusal, because even if the cost is friends/family or a job, that cost is far less than what will come from wearing the god-damned things.

      • Thanks Eric. I think the evil of the “face covering” madness is particularly apparent when it comes to funerals. We are prevented from lending comfort when it is most needed, all because of stupid politics.
        Ed owned a successful business in the big city, and moved to our community because he visited one time and thought it would be a nice place to play tennis in retirement. He and I once played a four-and-a-half-hour singles match in 95-degree heat. He had been playing all his life, but I had just taken up the sport. He hit a lot of what we call “junk”: drop shots, under-spin, side-spin, what-the-hell-was-that-spin. When I would flub the return, he would laugh that great big cackling laugh of his. I once told him that someday I was going to beat him in singles, even if I had to wait him out and stand him up in his coffin on the other side of the net.
        I do not want to inject principle at a time like this, so I’m not going to tell the family that I won’t wear a mask; I’ll tell them that I can’t. I believe I am being truthful. I’ve always had a slight problem with getting light-headed when I have to stand for long periods in social settings like that, so I’m pretty sure a mask would literally make me sick.

        • One could hold your own “No Masks Allowed” funeral, and invite whomever would prefer not to wear a mask. I’m pretty sure one could find a place to do so, with little effort and MUCH cheaper than a funeral home. I thought of doing so too late for my Father’s funeral last November, and instead simply didn’t have one, since I knew most that came would insist on wearing one..

          • Hi John, yes, I’m sure that could be done, but I’m not about to raise the issue with the grieving family. I will just leave it at “I’m sorry, I can’t attend because masks make me sick.”
            I went to the dentist for a checkup this morning, and nobody in the waiting room was diapered. The hygienists and dentists had surgical masks on while working, but that’s always been the case, since it’s what those things are designed for: to keep them from spitting on their patients and being splashed by fluids. It makes the funeral requirement all the more puzzling.

    • I was just thinking about the accommodation of hypochondria this morning. How it’s now unacceptable to avoid or not pander to those with overt symptoms of mental illness.

      I feel for you WRT your friend’s funeral. I fault the family, though, at this point, as much as the evil SOB’s behind this. Instead of respecting the by now obvious fact that people feel differently about diapering, and embracing the many scientific studies rejecting the diapers, the family of the deceased are choosing the diapering (perverted “feelings”) over friends and family. It’s a variation on the “bridezilla” who tramples over everyone because she’s in the spotlight. Now, everyone can’t wait for their turn to be a bridezilla. Why couldn’t they at least say diapering was “encouraged”?

      I had a similar situation earlier this year. A lifelong friend’s mom (who was like a second mom to me) passed, within 2 weeks of her second jab. Although her daughter knew how I felt and appeared to agree, she insisted that I should wear a mask, even to go to a private viewing. (I had asked if I could go with just her and her dad to view the body and pay respects.)

      Mercifully, I had an excuse for not attending (we were planning to be out of town). Although I didn’t wind up going out of town, I couldn’t and wouldn’t violate my conscience to accommodate mental illness. I didn’t tell her that I was available to go, because it would have caused hard feelings. So I missed out on paying my last respects to the deceased and supporting the family because of their own idiotic decision. BTW, watched the funeral service online. Everyone except one pastor was masked. It was hideous.

      • Thanks Anon. I wonder whether it was the family’s idea or if the funeral director might have said, “And of course you will want to require masks, right?” I had checked out some videos from that church, and it didn’t look like they were mask nuts, so I suspect it might be the funeral home’s default “policy” and the family just nodded.
        I’ve been using N-95 masks for 30 years for what they are designed for, but I’m pretty sure that I would not be able to wear a useless rag for a whole church service without getting literally ill. I’ll have to think of a way to gently tell them that.

        • Good luck. I am sorry that you are having to choose between your own health and accommodating mental illness. Not to put down the family, but again they are the ones in charge – funerals cost thousands and even if the funeral director suggested it, they were in the driver’s seat, so to speak. I can’t imagine a funeral home being so adamant about diapers that they would turn away customers. It wouldn’t be a good business decision for very long. I have seen numerous obituaries over the last year where the services were “postponed until a later date,” presumably to avoid this very situation being imposed on the friends and family of the deceased.

          There seems to be a default mode these days to bow to insanity, that somehow it is fitting to assume everyone is or will accept it, and it is very troubling.

  11. My workplace has reinstituted diapers for people working in the proximity of others. I DO NOT wear in the office and I scowl and stare at those who do. When I’m on the production floor, I do wear one that says “STUPID FACE DIAPER… ARREST FAUCI” I don’t want complaints from the floor that I wasn’t wearing. The prodution manager is a rule follower who believes whatever the government tells her. I had one guy ask who Fauci was. I am well liked by production personnel because I help them solve the simple crap they can’t solve. (and a bit of hard stuff), so there it is.

    I think that everyone from the janitor to HR knows where I really stand on this. The compliance at the plant is down from last year. At the office it is about the same.

    At the stores around Oklahoma City and the surrounding, diapering is up by about 15 percent to 25-30 percent diapered, far below this time last year where it was around 90-100 percent diapered. We should have pushed back then

    • The production manager is a rule follower who believes whatever the government tells HER.
      As usual. And apologies to RG but the yin and the yang are way out of balance.

    • My workplace brought them back, as well. Although I have a package of about 8 new ones (someone gave it to me … I would NEVER spend any of my money on those things) I choose to wear two I found wadded up in my car console. One of them is filthy, with old make up and car gunk on it. I think I wiped my vape-fogged windshield at some point. I’ve intentionally made it worse, smudging ink, chocolate and Hawaiian Punch on it and scraping it along the brick wall outside. It is a true “Dirty Fear Rag” in every sense.
      The other is slightly cleaner but still obviously old. I wrote “BS” on the bottom corner of it. I rotate between those two.
      Best I can do on the rebelling front. I lack the spine to tell them to fuck off and be unemployed, I guess. I could find something else, I’m sure, but I’m worry about shot mandates, which aren’t actually in effect at my job now. Although if they do mandate the clot shot, I will have no choice. But I will at least make them fire me, instead of quitting in protest.

      • It’s hard to fight back. Fear of consequences motivates a lot of people. Loss of employment is a big one. Willingness to accept any outcome, including death, is a state of mind that often surprises with the actual results. And in the end, we’re all going to die anyway.

  12. Took the family to Galveston, Texas last week. No one at the beach wearing, of course. In Houston and in Galveston at the shops & restaurants most of the staff seemed to wear the diaper, but most customers did not. On the way back stopped at Peter’s BBQ in Ellinger, Texas (great BBQ) – no staff mask and only one pathetic masked family (felt bad for the kids).

    Dang, now I want BBQ.

    Locally, it’s a mix, which can be expected with our proximity to Austin. The shop I take my car for alignment, no one working there wears one and few to no customers do, likewise at the feed store – both of these are locally owned. At HEB (grocery chain), most of the people working there are diapered and about half the customers. At Home Depot about a quarter of customers were diapered.

    At work they’ve never cared in the office we lease, just Regus cares in the common areas, which are managed by Regus. Regus has gone to a “maskless if jabbed” policy, which since it’s the honor system, is pretty much do what you want. A number of my co-workers (engineers like me) still diaper, but never consistently – I haven’t figured out why they do or don’t, nor any pattern to it. I just bite my tongue rather than stating the obvious – figured no good would come of providing unsolicited opinions.

  13. Here in Taxachusetts the mentally ill hypochondriacs are clamoring for the governor to impose a statewide diaper mandate, which to his credit he has refused. Of course that hasn’t stopped the local tyrant mayors from imposing their own mandates in a few towns. Went grocery shopping today in one of those places – small sign on the door but no enforcers and about 50-50 compliance inside, so even the serfs here are getting tired of the Kabuki theater.

    • This is good news, Mike!

      My correspondents from all over the country are filing reports similar to yours; the mania is waning – though a cohort (about 20 percent of the population) remains virulently hypochondriacal. These are the loud-mouths who are responsible for all our woes. They are the same Freaks who were previously afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome; the ones screaming and rending hair over the Orange Man, when he reigned.

      The rest of the country has been patient and not pushed back against these mentally ill – these psychotic – people. I think that time is coming to an end.

  14. My report from the Sillycon Valley.
    Although Santa Clara county re- introduced diaper mandated crap, I have been able to buy groceries and beer sans diaper. But i had a confrontation at the local liquor store today, I was the only one undiapered.

    As I was paying for my beer, I was bullshitting with the Arab clerk. I said to him, “I bet you can’t wait for the time when you can pull all this crap off your check out counter” (the plexiglass shields) He said we still have to wear masks. He has been quite ok with me coming in there without a diaper. Then I heard the voice behind me.

    ” If it wasn’t for the nimrods, this would have been over a long time ago”.

    I saw this guy in the parking lot when I arrived at the store. He was in his late 40’s or early 50’s, he hopped out of a jacked up Dodge diesel truck, huge barking dog sitting shotgun, he was wearing a camouflaged, I don’t what you call it, neck diaper, whatever.

    I turned around to see and saw the dick. I smiled, kind of chuckled, then said, ” You’re absolutely right, 100%, if it wasn’t for the “nimrods”, this would have been over with a long time ago! Then I walked out.

    • Hi William,

      Excellent, sir!

      A cringing, hysterical Karen is bad enough. But a “macho” guy in his Diaper? God spare us! I used to be friendly with one such, a big “gun rights” guy who was absolutely militant about his 2A rights (and good on him for being so, as regards that). But he became quite the Ken (the male Karen) when the subject of my “speeding” came up. He became really angry when I would voice my contempt for AGWs hassling people for driving faster than some arbitrary number posted on a sign, absent any other reason. He would bark about the “threat posed to his family” by “speeders.” I would reply: Well, some people regard that AR you carry around all the time as a “threat” to their families, too. Both fears serving as pretexts to restrict/punish people for harms not caused. He did not like this at all. One of the reasons we’re not friendly anymore.

      He and his son both Diaper, naturally.

      • Eric – are you sure his name is not Kevin? Back about 6 months ago, a guy I work with named Kevin asked me if I had gotten the shot. I told him emphatically no and that I had an adverse reaction to a tetnus shot two decades ago (where my immune system started running out of control). I asked him why he wanted to know. He said the CDC guidelines or something of the sort. I told him that I thought he CDC is bullshit.

        Recently, he was overheard saying that people should just shut up and take the shot. I wish he would have said it in front of me. We probably would have ended up in the parking lot.

        I’m not a big guy, but people like that would provoke me into inflicting some type of damage, even though he could probably take me down. I am just not going to put up with much. Not that I ever did.

        • Amen, Swamp!

          I know myself well enough to know I cannot endure the presence of Diaperers and would lose control of myself if accosted by one. More so a Needler. I’ll live in a tent in the Woods if I have to. I will not abide either the Diaper or the Needle. I’ve had enough of both already.

        • I too had a reaction to a tetanus shot about 3 years ago, without my consent I might add, while I wasn’t looking, and my immune system went wild as well, and stayed that way. So now I have rheumatoid arthritis. The last time I saw a rheumatologist he insisted I needed to take a flu shot. After I explained that the flu shot had adjuvants to stimulate my immune system, and that my immune system was already overstimulated, he got that deer in the headlights look for a few seconds, and then repeated that I needed one anyway.

      • Re: dangerous speeding

        Theres a big difference between “speeding” on a wide open road with good visibility and little traffic and weaving through heavy congestion in the city or blowing through a parking lot filled with pedestrians and obstacles. It’s the difference between shooting into a berm out in the country and hunting pidgeons with a 9 in central park. Neither will cause harm for certain but one shows callous disregard for others or at the very least is rude and imposing.

        Gun guy is just as much of a dick as someone who would mandate all gun use be in approved indoor shooting ranges.

  15. Montana Report

    Life is almost completely normal and has been for a while. An uptick in diaperfaces lately, but still only maybe 10%. The legislature passed a law that prohibits force-jabbing people with a vaccine under EUA or undergoing trials. It also prohibits discrimination based on jab status.

    So now my employer has decided to reinstate diapering but has said everyone has to because the discrimination clause prohibits them from requiring that only the unjabbed rediaper. How’s that for backdoor incitement? Hey jabbees, you have to diaper because of the unjabbed!

    How’s that for fomenting a hostile workplace? Maybe a lawsuit is in order. At the very least a Cease & Desist letter ought to get their attention.

    • Hell yeah. From the beginning of this thing, the only way to stop this insanity is to institute direct diaper prohibitions on anyone.

  16. Perhaps the fear is generally wearing off, but you can’t win everything. My lineman school (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College) just reinstated their diaper order. The professors couldn’t hate it more, but they have to enforce it to keep their jobs. Unfortunately, this means I had to don the damned thing. I did rub car cup holder shit all over it to give it no greater dignity than I had to. That’s the best I can do today. Their punishment for failure to comply is expulsion from the program forever.

    I am thinking about getting an injunction against it (given they are a public university and I could argue freedom of conscience and/or speech, and that I paid them to get an education and not so they can take my money and then eject me), but I am a poor college student and lawsuits cost money. It remains strictly a maybe for now. I ain’t no servile bitch and I ain’t waiting for the bureaucracy to give me permission either.

    • I know it’s not a, good thing. I dislike pointing it out.

      “Unfortunately, this means I had to don the damned thing.”

      “I ain’t no servile bitch”

      Either, or.
      There’s No, in between.
      Do, or do not.

        • Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I have somewhat disappointed myself that I wore it again. But, I actually got away with not wearing it today, thanks to the fact that my building has shown to be a bastion of non-compliance. We are already feeling the pressure of administration on us, with manifested itself in the form of a threat thinly veiled as a kind e-mail, so who knows how long the disobedience will last. I like to think they wouldn’t close all the energy programs and kick everyone out, but I could be wrong.

          Even if I do have to “acquiesce”, I can still mitigate the damage. We are taught there to be lawyers as much as we are linemen, so the system can be taken advantage of as much as possible. “Where’s the spec?” one of my professors said as he donned the shittiest, most transparent mask I’ve ever seen (it was almost like smudged glass, and they can do nothing about it). I am not interested in getting kicked out of something I have a large sum of money invested in, but I will do what I can. And again, though I donned Der Heilige Lappen, I’m not going to passively take the tyranny of administration. But getting kicked out at this point is the very last resort. If i must wear it, I will make a great mockery of it.

          • A mockery of it is good and I understand your dilemma.

            However; it is a far cry from, “I ain’t no servile bitch and I ain’t waiting for the bureaucracy to give me permission either.”

            “acquiesce” reminds me of this bit by JP:


            • Great video! To be honest, I’m finding less and less willingness to comply within my building. The students ain’t listening, the professors don’t care if they’re fired, snd everything administration does just creates more spite from its students. They’re pushing harder than ever and mask wearing is lower than ever. They’re probably cooking some master plan up right now that will be unleashed come next week, I will have to see. Again, they (probably) aren’t crazy enough to shutter both the gas and electric programs and fire all the professors, so if we stick to our guns they should back off. But again, they might be crazy. If I do end up wearing it again, it will be a diaper with cup holder shit smeared on it, maybe I’ll write something offensive on it that makes administration uneasy letting me display it.

  17. There’s an outdoor State-owned concert venue here in Utah that has wide-open fresh-air outdoor concerts each Summer. Just checked their website. They are so so butt-hurt that the Utah State legislature passed a bill barring them from requiring masks or vaccines. So their website states that although they are legally barred from requiring them, “we will continue to encourage all our guests to follow health and safety guidelines from the CDC and the Salt Lake County Health Department.” Likewise, the Salt Lake County mayor ordered masks for all district schools, but in a packed and rowdy county council meeting the other night, the county council voted 6-3 to override the mayor’s order. Salt Lake City, but not the entire county, is full of California and East Coast Communist transplants who moved here & are now trying to turn our Red State into the shitholes they created and then abandoned.

    • We refer to our once live-and-let-live weird state now as Calirado. Or Commierado. Or East California. Maybe you Utahns can stunt the festering. At least you don’t have a turncoat like Polis. He isn’t a transplant per se, h was born here, left to California and returned to doom us.

  18. Weird (encouraging, but mixed) experience yesterday at the Miguel’s, Jr., in San Bernardino, CA.

    We were passing through just when they open for breakfast. We braced ourselves to stride past any signage with bare faces, but were delighted to find no signage whatsoever…and, in fact we were greeted by an angelic Latina face, in all its cherubic glory, smiling at us as its owner unlocked the door to open for business! Inside, the cashiers and expediters were wonderfully maskless! (The bathroom attendant and cooks, however, wore surgeon’s masks…huh. Go figure.)

    We happily sat waiting for our order, feeling almost normal…until the next customer showed up. Voluntary masker. I expected him to remove it when he saw that the cashiers were faced, but no. Murmured his order through soggy cloth and stood around faceless to wait for his order. Several other customers came in: all gimp-muzzled! All kept the fetish-cloths on the whole time, even though the faced cashiers gazed at them with their dispassion on full display.

    Don’t know what to make of the thing overall, but it was bounds better than L.A., which incidentally has now decreed by City Council vote that only the Vaxxxed may pass the threshold of any retail shop or restaurant.

  19. I made a run to Home Depot this morning as well. (2 1/2″ deck screws, a big box) It was Just as you described it, except None, Nada, Zip of the customers were wearing a face diaper.

    I’m trying to draw similarities between lack of compliance wearing face diapers with the fall of Saigon, er I mean Kabul.

    Did you see the video of the people hanging onto the aircraft as they took off from the airport? Wow. Bizarre shit.

  20. I have to go to the office tomorrow. They reinstated the mask fiat, ya know, cuz it worked so freaking well last time. I’m taking an empty milk jug to piss in since I refuse to wear the stupid ass mask in order to get up and go through ‘common areas’. See, aerosols, viruses, farts, BO, vulgar rap music, etc don’t go up & over cubicle walls. Just hallways, restrooms, and such. I’m a minority of one when it comes to standing up to the face diaper & their vacuous ‘vaccine’. I truly don’t understand how such smart people (all engineers) can be so fucking obtuse & compliant.

    • An extended stay at conformity camp and their heavy investment in a culture that trapped them with phony status and worthless trinkets. That’s why they’re obtuse and compliant. To rebel now is to lose everything they wasted their lives on. Might as well keep their heads down and continue doing some faceless entities busy work and paying more taxes for the privilege.

      • Yep. The “Middle Class” is taking the sad ride of the Sunk-Cost Fallacy all the way down through oppression, past chattel slavery, across the stockyard, and right into a sensory-deprivation box in BF Skinner’s lab…

      • Correct anon. The ego is the most powerful force in existence, and most people are still spiritual infants who can never ever EVER voice the 3 most powerful words in existence:

        I. Was. Wrong.

  21. Have travelled up to Edinburgh to get out a bit during the kids holidays. Thankfully – nobody’s taking masks too seriously here (though its still legally required here). Was going inside St Giles cathedral – the first place where they said “you need a mask” at the gate. Im like “i dont have one” he said “well are you exempt”. I said “yes I am”…. he asked “you’ve sure now right” im like “yup ofcourse” and he let me in …. love it when people openly make a mockery of this nonsense…

    another funny thing – my daughter told my wife when they were waiting for me at a restaurant “mama i just saw a man coming that looked just like baba, but then I realised hes wearing a mask and baba would never do that !!”

  22. Here in Hawaii plantation mentality, the masks have never come off since the beginning and are still in place, but seen rarely out-of-doors unless it’s a tourist.

    It is heartwarming however, to know of the upcoming class action lawsuit being spearheaded by a leading Honolulu attorney, against the governor and mayor. Early in the video, the testimony of the Honolulu fire chief is a real tear jerker as he explains he is about to lose his 20 year career (his father 37 years) over a mandated, unproven “experimental vaccine”


  23. I sincerely hope you’re right, Eric. Here in coastal NC, diaper wearing is still practiced by only a committed minority. But one thing I noticed in my latest sojourn to the city is that quite a few high school and college kids have started wearing them again (especially in the upscale parts of town). I suspect it has become something of a “cool kids” trend for some of them. Here’s hoping this youthful stupidity doesn’t spread.

  24. After our dictator’s, er, governor’s mandates expired, I stopped seeing many diapers running around. Lately it’s been increasing a bit, though they’re still in the minority. I used to mutter to myself when I saw them in stores, “Get that stupid f*****g s**t off your face.” Now I mutter, “Communist!” to myself when I see them. OK, maybe some of them aren’t communists, just scared, but the sentiment is the same – obey and wear the uniform.

    You mentioned old people in your video, that they might want the jab. My mom is 89, and she says they can keep their poison. I think she knows that she’s pretty close to her expected lifespan as it is (she hopes to make it to 90 – next March – though I think she could go as long as 95), so she’s just not worried about any virus. Besides, I’ve been pulling out the sail fawn here and there and showing her videos like Dr Peter McCullough, etc. She knows this is all a bunch of crap and doesn’t buy it, though she does watch the TV news every day.

    • Jim –

      Good for your mom refusing to be needle-raped. That she has got her wits together says more about her than her TV watching – in my humble view.

      Changing gears, has that ex-wife of yours lost any weight?

      • Since you asked, she had weight loss surgery a couple of years after the divorce (gee, thanks, couldn’t do that while we were married?!). Sent me a few pictures (she still had my cell number because I owed alimony – she’s not getting my new number when I change it). Since we live in separate states, I never see her anymore. Thank God!

        After the treatment I got from both ex-wives and a couple of other women in the past, I have no desire to get into another relationship. Maybe ever. We’ll see about that. But absolutely no marriage again, ever.

  25. I just love the diaper reports, Eric. Maybe because we all discuss what’s going on in our areas of the world.

    Anyway, went to Tennessee this weekend to attend a large gathering of maybe 400+ people and I might have seen 5 face diapers. I guess most people who are truly afraid wouldn’t really be attending such an event, though. Then, went to a restaurant and I don’t remember if any of the staff were wearing anything on their faces. I guess not , because it would have really stood out after barely seeing one all day.

  26. This article is very positive — something I desperately needed.

    Just a random thought I had recently… We should live our lives as if we will get reincarned on planet Earth again soon after our death — so make the world a better place than it was when you got here, because you might have to come back again.

    • I got invited to a party last Saturday night, ~ 25 people? Everyone was Totally Human. Some of them had been party hopping.

      The best part for me was, the guys talking about guns, shooting coyotes and other varmints,… and they knew sooo much more about all that than I.

      Watching the women gather around a table together & just be Normal women, that was the second best part.

  27. The outright defiance is much stronger now. No attempts at enforcement, only recommendations to be ignored. The partisans exist, though. The percentages have moved around a bit and things clearly break along political lines. The framing of folks who oppose “the measures to stop the spread of convid” as at least potential “terrorists” by the secret police appears to be an escalation on their part.

    • Who are the terrorists, really?

      Who is deliberately inducing population-level fear in order to impose an agenda?

      The REAL terrorists are Fauci, Gates, Schwab, Buffett, Biden, Harris, Newsom, Cuomo, Whitmer, …you get the idea.

      • The eye of the beholder. I have a photo I pulled from the internet 7-8 yrs ago of Ronnie Raygun sitting in the Oval Office in the mid-80s with a bunch of Talibs who were fighting the Soviets (they weren’t Taliban yet, though) where he referred to them as the “moral equivalent of the founding fathers.” I used to post it in comments during the “muzzies hates ur freedumbs” days. Just as true now I suppose…

          • I’m super familiar with First Blood and Rambo but had to wiki Rambo 3. I am getting some aspect of your reference but is there something I’m missing that’s profound?

            • The ending has a really sappy tribute in support of Reagan and the mujahadeen (ie proto-Taliban)

              That, and Tambo crashes into a Soviet helicopter with a tank.

              • Haha! Of course! Another anecdote. When I was a kid/teen in the 80s my family always had reader’s digest on the back of the commode. In between the pharma ads, I remember reading glowing paens to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and their tenacious fight against the Soviets, as well as how St. Reagan and our glorious gov’t was funding them via the CIA. Other articles were written about how our “ally” Saddam was fighting those evil Iranians. The 80’s were, as Eric might say, the “inverse” of later decades.

                • A college teacher I had once pointed out in the early 1990’s that those fighters were one of the biggest ‘problems’ in the world at that time. “What to do with with them” he asked.

                  I thought the other big problem was a lack of shared values in this country.

                  I guess nobody else, er few others, were having similar conversations back then.

                  • The early 90s were, IMO, the height of “shared values” in this country. We all watched the same news, Teevee “programs”, movies, etc. Guys like Rothbard, Rockwell, and Ron Paul were in the wilderness. I wouldn’t want to unlearn what I know now to go back to then…

        • That is priceless.
          Shout out to the Afghans who, so far, have kicked the British, the Soviets, and the Americans out of their country. They did it all without heavy weapons, against three of the most fearsome military machines on the planet.

          I guess the CIA will have to find itself some new poppy farmers, somewhere else. Stay tuned for the next U.S. war to promote “freedumb.”

          • But in the case of the USA, of fedgov, the war was never meant to be won, only continue for as long as politically possible.

  28. Wonderful! I am aware of a group of high school students who plan to defy the “mask mandates” recently reimposed by the gesundheitsfuhrers of the school board when they start back to school. No state “mandate,” but the school board is a bunch of busybodies who can’t let go of control. We will see if they try to suspend/expel all of these kids. I hope they make up a majority. Another high schooler told me her friends are planning for their homecoming dance. They are tired of the kabuki, too. I believe some went diaperless last school year. Same school district. Hope the sanity spreads.

    Agree that the decrees, etc., are NOT laws. Even if they were, they should be defied. As some of us have done from the beginning.

    Maybe people recognizing the need to resist is catching on, even if some are late to the party.

      • Me, too. As for the young people I’m speaking of, I am encouraging them to do what is right – that may have once meant “listening to their elders,” but now it truly means, use their God-given discernment and stand up for what is right. NO MASKS!!

    • Just learned that some of these students are also planning a protest march this weekend. I’m going, along with my teenage son.

  29. This communist takeover is just getting started.

    This is not the type of operation that they will just up and quit because people start fussing about it. They control the food, water, fuel, energy, and communications. When has a situation like we are in ever ended well?

    -No diaper
    -No needle
    -No quarter

    • Yeah… they should not be controlling our survival infrastructure — which is: food & water, energy, communications, transportation, and also the money system. We humans are completely disorganized right now, we need to be centralizing, not decentralizing. We’re already decentralized — we have no organization at all. If we would get just a tiny bit of people in every county together to organize we’d rule, but instead everyone just lets this tiny minority of crazies rule, and we all just keep to ourselves and think we’re going to survive as individual ‘islands’. This is how civilizations fall. People need to unite and reestablish communities/socieities, not be individual ‘doomsday preppers’.

      • Yep. Prepare, but organize. Local political organization is the way fight. Start with municipal and county governments, with special attention to local mayors and county sheriffs.

        • Fight City Hall, in other words…

          I’d rather live a short life with no politics, than a long life of constant, futile political struggle.

      • Amen brother. I’ve been a small city councilman for 20 years and a mayor for 10.

        A word of advice- prepare to have your eyes opened and your faith shaken- the mob are true believers, they are natural democrats (if we want it or don’t, it’s ALL subject to a vote and YOU have to obey). They are vicious and evil and respect none of the rules of civilized society. Understand that you are going to war, and your tactics had better be flexible. Never compromise on principle and always tell them why.

        Now go forth and multiply brothers. The lowest common denominator, the internal barbarians, have destroyed our old bonds. It is up to us to rebuild them to their former glory, and to incorporate all the new lessons. (Hint- government has no legitimate authority to mandate anything, and only limited authority to forbid things).


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