Health Kulaks

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We are witnessing the Kulakization – in the name of “public health” – of people who object to being told they must submit to an injection with what is supposedly medicine.

The reference is to the cohort of land-owning farmers in the early Soviet Union under Stalin, who resisted the forced collectivization of farming. They were framed as a threat to the masses, the people who didn’t have their own plot of land – because they did.

A relentless government propaganda campaign was used to generate hate toward those evil Kulaks, who preferred to feed themselves on their own land rather than be fed – maybe – on government land. Inevitably, the Kulaks were forced – at bayonet point – to give up their farms and were herded into collective farms, where no one owned anything at all – and the only food you got was whatever the government decided to give you.

Stalin and his minions – the state – now controlled and so owned everything. Those who objected were targeted; those who resisted were killed.

If it doesn’t sound familiar, you haven’t been listening. History is trying to warn us. And not just us, the latter-day Kulaks – the people who are being framed as a threat to public health by objecting to this business of being pressured to submit to an injection of supposed medicine, who are now being threatened with exclusion from commerce, from society – and inevitably, far worse – as this will end with murderous violence if it is not stopped right now, before it can gather the kinetic energy necessary to inevitability.

Someone will have to do the rounding up – and worse – of those resisting.

It won’t be Uncle Joe Biden. It won’t be Dr. Fauci.

As you read this, consider that there are people out there – perhaps your next-door neighbors – who are ready to do their bidding. To become the NKVD goon squads of Health. Eager to see the “hesitant” – the refusers – forced to submit, by whatever means necessary. They are being psychologically conditioned to feel righteous about the horrors they will be called upon to commit in the name of a mass psychosis, engineered by psychopathic personalities.

Many will commit them with enthusiasm, if given the authority to do so. Which the psychopaths are eager to give them. Some of these useful idiots may live to regret what they did – but it will never undo what they did.

Evil requires the sanction of the good. Very few people are outright psychopaths who enjoy hurting others, who would kill without compunction – and with glee – if they were given license to do so. But there are lots of people who can be manipulated by psychopaths to hurt – and kill. All that’s necessary is the sanction of legality and the societal-cultural framing of the action as vitally necessary for the general safety. This makes a person who isn’t evil feel good about performing evil acts. Which makes such a person zealous about performing them.

This is the way pogroms begin. Pogroms leading to mass murder, performed officially.

History isn’t whispering. It is screaming, from the depths of a mass grave containing the corpses of millions of people. But the pages have no voice, as few bother to read them these days. It cannot happen again? It never happened – in the minds of people who are unaware it ever happened and who for that reason do not understand the how or the why and who for that reason are blind and to deaf to the now.

When half the country becomes the victim and the other half the party of victimization, the entire country is victimized – save the leadership, which sits atop the pile of corpses, with a satisfied smile.

A few somehow refuse to have anything to do with it, a hard thing in a society turned insane by fear and hate.

We don’t even know what is in these alleged medicines as there’s no disclosure to permit informed consent. One cannot consent to a contract that is blank – and under the terms of which the other party is absolved of all obligations and responsibilities. It is just one of the many sound reasons why so many do not wish to consent to it.

Our consent is being rescinded, regardless, via Sophie’s Choices: Either submit to this contract or lose your job. You cannot enter here. You may not travel there. How long before you may not leave your house? How much longer before they send goons to kick down the door to your house?

Ask a Kulak. Except you can’t – because Stalin had them all rounded up and most of them killed.

Some reading this may recoil and say it’s an exaggeration. It’s just a shot. Is it really? How do you stop short of rounding people up who’ve been officially designated an enemy class? A biological threat? How do you say, this far – but no farther? When you have egged on half the population to hate and fear the other half and told one half that the other half is “taking away their freedom” by refusing to give up their freedom, how do you reconcile the two?

There are only two ways – and one of them requires half the population to brutalize the other half into the submission. Or, simply, kill them. As Stalin himself is said to have put it:

Death solves all problems. No man, no problem.

The other way is separation and that, too, is rarely achieved peacefully, politically – notwithstanding all the fine words once taught to children in school regarding what their ancestors did in 1776 and even they had to fight to get away from the people who would not leave them be, much less let them go.

Why not?

It is a question that ought to be asked – and answered – more often. People generally do not expect a couple that has irreconcilable differences to stay together; that is to say, they do not think it is right – much less decent – to force the unhappy couple to remain together.  But – somehow – the logic of this does not scale to the political, as it ought to. Because it would allow for a peaceful separation when differences become irreconcilable.

Of course, in politics as in some marriages, it is not peace that’s wanted. It is subjugation. It is control – enforced with threats, including death threats, should that become necessary to maintain the unholy union.

This time, in the name of the Holy Jab. But the underlying psychosis – the urge to smash in faces – remains the same.

Ask a Kulak.

If you could.

. . .

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    FBI holds 11-year-old girl hostage, at gunpoint, while 40 “agents” search home of her father for evidence that he…

    attended the “Stop the Steal” rally in D.C. On Unz, Anglin aptly explains that this isn’t “like” the NKVD circa 1917…this is worse. Secret charges. “Sealed investigation.” The works.

    The feral government is literally now breaking down doors. Do we really think people will “organize” on account of this “wake-up call”?

  2. We’re in that weird part of something big… something monumental, where we need to speak up as if the end is near. It’s always that awkward ‘the sky is falling’ type of speak (to most people) but it must be done. Most people will hear that masks are evil or about control, same with the jabs, but shake it off as kooky talk. Say it anyway. One of those people may hear it later, after seeing something and a spark might happen in their minds. Do anything and everything you can.

    Because if we do nothing, the end is here.

    • Hi Andrew,

      The end is here already. I agree with you. We are in the midst of a monumental event. Trying to change people’s minds, at this late date, isn’t doable. If they haven’t seen through the rose colored glasses, by now, they never will. I have stopped trying to convince. We have become broken records. The best thing any of us can do is to surround ourselves with like minded people and prep our asses off.

      I don’t see a last stand being made just a fallen society that will disintegrate into small communities/tribes and try to rebuild on the outskirts of a collapsed government. The best thing any of us can do is Keep Quiet and Carry On.

  3. Another exceptional article and history lesson, Eric.

    The plight of the Kulak also sounds very much like what’s happening in South Africa at this time. It is said that South Africa now is a view to our not-too-distant future.

    But whatever is our future, your Kulak analogy applies all-too-well to too many places right now, in the bizarre and dystopian present.

    I think the decisions we make now are the most important, perhaps in our lives. It’s the preparations, the education, the hardening of our resolve that can truly win this.

    “Their war to exterminate mankind had raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present. Tonight…”

    • Thanks for the kind words, BaDnOn!

      I think if more people knew history, fewer people would be so insouciant about “masks” – and for that reason, “vaccines” would be very hard to force people to take. But a generations-long effort to enstupify the general public via government schools – which not only fail to impart the lessons of history but also purposely stunt the capacity to think – has created generations of ignorant, thoughtless people who are as easy to manipulate as a child with Down Syndrome.

      • That’s a fact, Eric. In school, I really only remember one teacher who properly explained the horrors of communism and the means by which people were controlled by authoritarian governments.

        One Mr. Sneider.

        He also taught us how to draw, taught us German, had us draw a Panzer V (Panther)… Hmmm… But he also gave us the knowing of a lot of things. I think I learned more from him than most of the others combined. Teachers like that are so rare. I think he’d most certainly be fired in today’s scholastic environment. Far too much “wrongthink”.

        Still, I’d never heard the story of the Kulaks, so thanks for that!

        • The story of the Kulaks is so strong because there is no denying what was done to them. The Soviets documented it. The deliberate murder of about 20 million. For daring to support themselves in spite of the state.
          Mandatory public education is the longest running, and by far most successful psyop in history, and the progenitors openly proclaimed this current result is exactly what they intended.

          • Evil will always tell you what it is doing. Call it pride, hubris, or whatever.

            It is up to each of us what we do with that information.

  4. A strange thing im hearing – the Taliban are banning the covid vaccine in Afghanistan in provinces they have taken…. so now do you get more bodily autonomy in Taliban territory than in the west!?!?!

    • Did you hear that through personal contacts in South Asia (which I seem to recall you saying you have)?

      Or on “the news”? Because it it’s on “the news,” I would assume it’s purely cultural-war-Other-demonization-propaganda, and altogether made-up.

      If true, however, it wouldn’t surprise me. The Shot seems a ready-made symbol of the materialistic wickedness characteristic of the Western usurpers being evicted, which the Taliban would see fit to reject.

      • Its an indian news site reporting it… yeh your right could be propaganda…. though they have over the years prevented western aid agencies from vaccinating children out there, so really wouldn’t be surprised…

  5. I have to say, if AZT Fauci shows up at my door to car me off, I’d laugh so hard he probably could.

    I’m in a good position, everything is paid off & I don’t owe anybody anything.
    Take my job, I’ll get another. It might suck but I won’t be made a pharma slave.

    Just waiting for the day they push someone too far.

  6. I wish people would stop using their language. Never again utter the words “vaccine hesitant”. I am not hesitating. Hesitating implies the inevitable capitulation. How about “vaccine defiant”.

    • I have been denying the existence of vaccine “hesitancy” for several weeks now. With the abundance of opportunity to get a vaccine, those who were truly hesitant have either gotten vaxxed, or will refuse to do so. There has been a slight uptick in vaccinations since they started paying people to take them, preying upon the poor, who need the cash now.

  7. Implementation of the Communist policy prescriptions to cure the Wuhan (masks, lockdowns, jabs), stop climate change (no fossil fuels, no nuclear energy) and rectify every societal injustice (Critical Race Theory, open borders, reparations) will result in the social and economic destruction of the country. All these policies add up to a war on Western Civilization by the global elites with the initial goal of total population control, then depopulation for “sustainable” development.

    Many have been driven by fear and propaganda, but no sacrifice has been required of them. The rent is paid, food is on the table, gas is in the car and the lights are on. When those things are no longer available, attitudes and behaviors will change.

    Buy local, bank local, organize local, be ready.

  8. “We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real
    economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated.
    We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done by themselves: they will go to the
    slaughterhouse on their own.”
    “The Future Of Life”—-Jacques Attali, 1981, interview with Michel Salomon.
    “The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated” Pandemic to Depopulate 1981

  9. “Evil requires the sanction of the good.”
    Easily the best sentence you’ve ever written, Eric.
    A close second: There ain’t no end to doing good, boy.” (Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, one of the best movies of all time.

  10. Sad how easy it is to manipulate people, to make them believe doing evil is good. But worse is that you see the people who are already lining up for their armband actually publicly stating on their favorite social media forum that this is all somehow different from Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, and that THEY would never have loaded people onto boxcars or tell the soldiers where the Jews were hiding. Yet here they are, licking their chops at the prospect of kicking the unvaxxed out of life. Psychologists call it rationalizing.

    • A guilty pleasure is wading into the Nextdoor cesspool. It’s hilarious seeing the ones with Jewish names on Nextdoor getting all butthurt when someone brings up the vaccine and wearing a yellow star armband or some comparison to the Holocaust… “So sad that such a hateful and disgusting comparison is made.”

      Also hilarious how many of the talking heads, interviewees, who are Jewish (Walensky, Andy Slavitt, Dershowitz, I’m sure there are more), are some of the most vocal for using Nazi tactics on people they don’t like. They get all slobbery when it’s THEIR turn to point the gun.

      • Hi Michael,

        The people who object to the comparison to the treatment given Jews in the ’30s in Germany with the treatment of people who object to Face Diapers and Needles today are cognitively dissonant. In both cases, people innocent of having caused harm to anyone are demonized, made the object officially endorsed abuse, forcibly excluded from public life, required to identify their status via external paraphernalia… the only difference between now and then is that it hasn’t yet gotten as far as rounding people up and herding them into ghettos for special handling. But only a fool – or someone intellectually dishonest – will deny that it could and probably will get there, if not brought to a screeching halt.

      • They get “butt-hurt”, Michael, b/c Jews tend to make better “Nazis” than the REAL Nazis ever were…both on TV, Hogan’s Heroes being the most hilarious example, as John Banner (Sgt. Schultz), Werner Klemperer (Col. Klink), Leon Askin (Gen. Burkhalter) and even Howard Caine (SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Hoffsteddter), all Jewish, portrayed Germans/Nazis, and in “Star Trek”, in the infamous episode, “Patterns of Force”, William Shatner (Captain Kirk) is assured by Leonard Nimoy (Commander Spock) that he’d make a “convincing” Nazi, but Spock himself is ferreted out, due to his “unhealthy” pallor, by the unamed SS-Sturmbannfuhrer (Gilbert Greene), who demands that he removes his helemt, thereby exposing his “alien” ears!.

        As for real life, and do Jews make “better Nazis”? Ask any Palestinian in Gaza or the West Bank.

  11. Eric, *YOU* are a Kulak, as I am sure you realize.
    How *dare* you live beyond range of the approved “plugin” transportation devices, beyond the reach of the Holy Umbilical.
    How *dare* you keep fit, eat healthy food, and avoid mandated, regular, and expensive “blessings” by the Snake People.
    How *dare* you evade paying your tithe-or-better to the purveyors of the Holy Sacraments administered by Ingestion or Injection.
    And how *dare* you grow your own food.

    “When you’re looking for your freedom…
    Can’t find it anywhere”
    Take it to the limit…

    • How DARE Eric grow a garden and keep a hothouse and/or a chicken coop, “selfishly” keeping produce, meat, and eggs for himself, and exploiting those “worker” chickens? How DARE Eric keep on hands the firearms and other weapons of his choice to protect his property, his person, and his loved ones?

      Be assured, the Self-sufficient, both in sustenance, and in THOUGHT, are perceived to be the greatest “threat” to that gaggle of control freaks that have STOLEN the Government…especially for the “Crime” of living one’s own life, IN PEACE, and demanding to be left the HELL ALONE!

      • Hi Doug,

        It’s crazy, isn’t it? Or maybe not. It’s only “crazy” from the standpoint of the person who objects to being made a slave; from the standpoint of the person looking to enslave people, it is the farthest thing from crazy. It makes perfect sense to object to self-responsibility, to never leaving anyone alone.

  12. Dr. Fraud and Company are losing the narrative. I just returned from SC and there is no plandemic there. Oh, you see a mask or two walking around the grocery store, but they are the rarity, not the norm. Just returned home and hit the grocery store this morning. For the first 20 minutes I was the only person in the store unmasked. No sign. No requirement. No mandate. People willingly wearing it. No one said anything to me, but it felt so odd returning from a state where everything was wide open and life had returned to a semi normal. On the way back stopped into a small restaurant (more like a dive) off of I95 that felt like something out of the 1950s (décor and all). Felt right at home with the NC twang, little old ladies/waitresses shouting over each other, people coming in from church dressed to the max, no masks, delicious fried chicken, black eyed peas, and yams slathered in butter and brown sugar and a slice of homemade coconut cake. Hubby and I have decided to make it our new stop each time we have to drive down the interstate. I am pretty sure COVID tried staying in town, but he was chased out by these gals before he made it across the county line. My guess is if one had to look through some purses there would be a Ruger SP101 in each one. 🙂 It was nice and had the feelings of a bygone era. The restaurant’s design has not changed since it opened in 1953.

      • Hi karalan,

        I believe it can. I still think this country will go hard right in the next 3-4 years. There will be dark days ahead, but the increase in crime, inflation, CRT, wars, plandemics, etc. will have many people throwing up their hands and wanting to return to a simpler time. They haven’t gotten their yet, and many may not even consider such an extreme transformation, but most will get to a breaking point as our once “normal living” spirals into chaos into a society that was never imagined.

        • I sincerely hope you’re right. There never was a better thing than the America that shone a beacon of freedom and light over the world. I fear it’s been lost.

        • RG –

          I really appreciate your ongoing observations anent diaper displays as well as your gourmet experiences.

          As for your nourishment at the NC dive, this Kulak wouldn’t give you a kopeck for it. Okay, in a pinch, the fried chicken (its protein), but everything else, yuk.

          • Hi LM,

            You are not a Southerner are you? You probably don’t eat pecan pie or shrimp and grits, either. 😉 I have a sweet potato soufflé that no one has ever exited my house not loving (even people who dislike sweet potatoes). A well cooked (not canned, but actually homemade) Southern meal should be a requirement that every individual should partake in before they exit the Earth. You may actually change your mind. 🙂

        • Much of the agenda of the left requires a society of comfort to facilitate it. If you are busy trying to find something to eat, you aren’t too concerned about using the correct pronouns.

    • Hi RG

      Our family is currently touring the gulf coast. New Orleans, Gulfport, Gulf Shores, the panhandle, now onto Orlando. New Orleans was awful – 50% diapers, many outside, No Mask, No Service on all doors (we had no masks and plenty of service). Today in NOLA they will require proof of vaccination at restaurants, etc. We were so glad to get the hell out of there. So disappointed, I expected way better out of them. As bad as NYC.

      Good news, though: no pandemic going on in Mississippi or Alabama or Florida. Servers and store clerks mostly diapered up, but no one else is. Friendly service everywhere.

      One cool point – for our last day in NOLA, our restaurant called to confirm our reservation and tell us proof of vaccination would be required. We told them to piss off and cancel our reservation. Then the person on the phone said, well, we can seat you outside but you won’t be able to use the bathroom. So we said piss off and cancel our reservation. Then they came back and said, alright, ok to do whatever we want. So we ate there unmasked and without discussion of vaccines. Point is, money talks, don’t give one inch, and they will easily fold. But I guess it won’t stop them from hassling you.

      • Hi BAC,

        Sorry to hear about NOLA. That’s sad. I have never been, but did look forward to visiting in the future. I don’t understand why NOLA would fold the way that it has. Florida and South Carolina are my escapes now. I am just waiting for the housing market bubble to pop and my next house is somewhere between Amelia Island and Melbourne.

        Glad to MS, AL, and FL haven’t changed. Have a great time!

      • > Our family is currently touring the gulf coast. New Orleans, Gulfport, Gulf Shores, the panhandle, now onto Orlando. New Orleans was awful – 50% diapers, many outside, No Mask, No Service on all doors (we had no masks and plenty of service). Today in NOLA they will require proof of vaccination at restaurants, etc. We were so glad to get the hell out of there. So disappointed, I expected way better out of them. As bad as NYC.

        I was through there a couple of months ago…spent a long day on the road from San Antonio to Fort Walton Beach. I bypassed NOLA because (1) I’d been there in better times and (2) wanted to avoid the evening rush-hour traffic. Little did I know some dumbass would jam up I-12 between Baton Rouge and Slidell for over an hour by running off the road. I suspected Louisiana would be as frakked up as Nevada, on account of both states having Demorat governors, etc., so other than a stop for gas and lunch just across the state line from Texas (which was admittedly normal, at a Carl^H^H^H^HHardee’s inside a truck stop), I drove straight through Louisiana.

        I drove through Mississippi (except for another gas-and-food stop) and Alabama, but can confirm that the Florida Panhandle is pretty much back to normal. You’ll find a few Diapered here and there (probably employees stuck with unenlightened policy), but from the motel where I stayed to the Waffle House where I grabbed breakfast to the seafood shack where I ate dinner, I was given no grief anywhere for breathing free. Not a bad return to the place of my birth, 40 years after I’d last been there. 🙂 (As close as I could get to it, anyway, given I was born at Eglin AFB, just up the road a bit.)

        It had definitely changed over the past 40 years. Okaloosa Island used to just be beach after beach after beach (though I think the water park was there back in the day), but it’s almost entirely built up with resorts and vacation homes now.

        Next stop after that was Jacksonville, and while the hotel still had all its sickness kabuki signage up, nobody was enforcing it.

    • RG, I believe you are right. I just spent most of the summer in a deep red state, where there was zero masking except for the occasional tourist from the ‘city’ wearing one. Life was as normal as I remember it, being there about 7 years now. The locals talked about the national news, all with disdain.
      Then I returned to my normal deep blue state a week ago, dreading it, and I was pleasantly surprised that I have only seen 20% masking, although we are in a semi-rural county, 1 hr outside of the extreme masses.
      I wonder though, if it’s simply because there is no ‘official state’ mask mandate at the moment? And that if/when it happens, that everyone buys in again?

      • Hi Chris,

        You are right. No masking, because there is no mandate. It doesn’t even have to be at a state or local level. Once the first Walmart puts up a “no mask, no vax, no service” the rest of Corporate America will follow and then most citizens will don their cheap $.14 Chinese, breathable, three layer face mask and pull out their phones showing their QR code. I expect we have about three weeks.

    • I haven’t worn a mask anywhere since the requirements were lifted last spring. Even interstate travel, without exception. Last week I was selected to sit on a jury. Masks in the courtroom. As much “fun” as it would have been to test the court’s blinking ability, I didn’t really want to spend the night in county lockup. So, like most of the other jurors I wore the damn thing down on my chin. No one said a word. But it was strange, like going back to 2020 again, except that it was only in one room of the building. Even in the jury pen no one masked except the bailiff who was probably required to do so.

      And before anyone asked if I know about jury nullification, it wasn’t that kind of case. Despite the mishandling of the investigation by the local PD, it was pretty clear that this 30 YO man actually did grope an eleven year old girl and her nine year old sister in the toy aisle. He should have taken the plea deal I’m sure he was offered.

    • you haven’t been to hawaii

      doomers are demanding ‘vax passports’ as their reward for compliance

      the unvaxxed must be sent to camps or just starv

  13. “this will end with murderous violence if it is not stopped right now.”
    Even without the jab and the covid, this has been coming for a long time. A lot of writers besides Eric saw it and warned. I blogged about this future 15 years ago, but was far from the first.
    The pendulum of human history occasionally swings to mass murder, and there has been litle doubt for quite some time that we’re headed there again.
    Can it be stopped? I doubt it.
    There’s only one option – don’t get on that train. Die first, because you will most assuredly die later if you do.

    • The ultimate failure of the Sociopaths In Charge is they haven’t been able to disarm us, which is usually one of if not the first thing a tyrant does when it acquires power. As Hitler correctly surmised, it’s much easier to load people on the train if they aren’t shooting at you.

  14. ‘It won’t be Uncle Joe Biden.’ — EP

    “Biden’s” presi-duncy effectively ended Aug 15, 2021, as his fatal Afghan blunder rose up and snakebit him.

    From now on, he’s just an elderly caretaker, mainly working on trying to ascertain where he is and what day it is.

    ‘Leadership’ is completely up for grabs now. Uncle Joe had better hope the military is not too pissed about his total clusterfvck. Six thousand troops at Kabul airport are totally dependent on the kindness and generosity of the Taliban, since they are completely surrounded, like West Berlin post-1961.

    How’s that vaccine mandate for soldiers workin’ out for you, Joe? Smiling happy faces, yes?

    • Hi Jim,

      I believe the fall of Afghanistan (at least so quickly) is a major kink in the sides of the TPTB. I don’t think they saw that one coming and there is no way to jam the genie back into the bottle.

      I hate natural events, wars, and just all around bad times, but there is another world out there that many of us are forgetting about still exists. I didn’t see one mask on any of the Taliban members as they stormed the Presidential Palace. As Europeans and Americans are worried about a flu virus and when they get their next booster shot there are tribes and militias that are taking over airports, embassies, and countries.

      This is a huge embarrassment for the Biden Administration. It is their Saigon. The Taliban were patient. They sat and waited for the Manchurian Candidate to take his position as the next puppet of the United States. I had serious concerns with the election of Biden and the restart of Obama 2.0. The world is weak. As the rest of the world cowers in fear about the 18th variant circulating they aren’t looking behind them to see if they will be beheaded. We are fools to believe that everything will be in lockstep. The Middle East, Africa, and Asia will not play this game that TPTB think they will win. Something always comes along to destroy the elite’s advantage. What happened this weekend – the fall of Kabul, the 7.2 earthquake in Haiti, and three volcanos going stronger in Alaska are just a few examples that no one is truly in charge and the game can change on a dime.

      • There are some men (you will agree that I have good reason to exclude women) of a certain vintage in Afghanistan who will go to bed tonight knowing that they have ejected two barbaric, mass murdering empires from their ancestral homeland in the last 30 years.

        And they did it without a 2nd amendment.

          • Is that what the Afghan Army did yesterday as they were laying down their arms to allow the Taliban free range….protecting women? If that is so, I suggest the women kick out the lump in bed next to them and replace it with a Mossberg 500.

            • I concur. I didn’t mean to imply that all men defend all women all the time. What I think is true is that in those instances when women are defended, men do it, and must.
              Notions of equality aside, it is always men who protect and safeguard. I have yet to hear of a war or conflict won by women while the men stayed home and looked after the kids. There’s a reason for that.

              • For a simple reason. In regard to the continuation of the species, men are largely expendable, and we know it. Women and children aren’t. Any society that does not embrace “women and children first” is doomed to extinction. Which is why violence and death are the purview of men, while nurture and life are those of women. Stick that in your trans pipe and smoke it.

              • Hi karalan,

                On the major items, like war, I can understand your side, but women fight, too. Maybe they aren’t sent off to war with an M-16 on their shoulder lugging a 70 lb. bag of cargo, but ask the mom with two small kids at home when she hears glass breaking or the lady who is followed through a parking garage with a target on her back.

                I have two children. I would take a bullet for them any day of the week. If it was a decision of my life vs theirs I don’t have to think about it.

                I am not about to enlist in the military to fight on unknown topography, but I have no problem with brandishing a firearm and cocking it at some scum that has put my family in jeopardy.

        • No doubt, we look weak. The Soviet Union stayed only for 9 years, we apparently felt the need to one up the Russians by staying for a solid 20. The USAA is ripe for a takeover. This weekend we became the laughingstock of the world. The question becomes how does one remove a sitting President, when the Veep is disliked even more? Military coup? Chinese invasion? The scenarios are endless.

          • “We” are not the gov’t or its hired killers who invaded and occupied a foreign land for close to 20 yrs. This is an important distinction.

            • “We” are American citizens, whether “we” agree with the tactics of our government or not. It will not matter to those who invade our homeland if “we” did not believe it was justifiable to put our footprints onto foreign soil. That will not be a question asked before we are shot, arrested, or beheaded.

              “We” as a country look weak. The Chinese are watching this play out. They know we will not fight as they take over Taiwan. The Russians are watching this, too. It is the exact reason they marched onto the Crimean Peninsula and have been there for the last seven years with no defiance. They will likely start a march eastward into Ukraine knowing that the American government and military will not stop them.

          • Laughingstock indeed. Although it’s state propaganda, officially that of Russia….


            However no matter the underlying real truth or not, it’s telling when you read beyond the domestic corrupt media. Many good articles but I thought that one was a good start.

            “”It was indeed somewhat unexpected,” he said in response to a question. “We believed that the Afghan army – whatever it is – would still show resistance for some time. However, it seems we were too optimistic about the quality of troops trained by the Americans and NATO forces. They fled at the first gunshot,” Kabulov emphasized.”

        • I think what in the west is the “2nd amendment” is a birth right and duty for many out there. Was with a cousins husband over the weekend, was telling stories of his father back in the day, how he used to carry his revolver when he went out of town. Ive met his father, hes one of the nicest most soft spoken people you would ever meet, and an extremely well known professional in Pakistan. You would never imagine a guy like him armed. But the guy kept a revolver when he went far from the city, because should the need arise – he knew he had to be ready to protect his family…..

      • What about all those bodies piling up in the wake of the Taliban? Oh, there aren’t any.
        There’s really no way to leave occupied territory gracefully unless the population is pacified. I don’t think the Taliban are pacified. They could not have moved as they did without broad public support. Which means the Afghani’s wanted the US and company gone. As people usually do when occupied by foreign troops. Well, except for those in Kabul on the gravy train.

        • ‘Afghani’s wanted the US and company gone. As people usually do when occupied by foreign troops.’ — JK

          Meanwhile, the Russian and Chinese embassies in Kabul are operating normally. Xi Jinping met with the top Taliban leader last month. China sees investment opportunities there, as it avoids interfering in Afghan politics, and asks the Afghans to do the same in regard to China’s Muslims.

          Whereas insane America comprehensively wrecked Afghanistan (at a deadweight loss of $2.2 trillion), installed corrupt puppets, tried to make the country safe for democracy, gay marriage and the transgendered, etc. Its 20-year occupation produced nothing; left nothing.

          America is indeed an exceptional country — exceptionally hated for its blind arrogance and cultural imperialism. That’s our poisoned legacy from the wars of Woody Wilson and Ape [sic] Lincoln, derived from the obsessive meddling of yankee culture, wont to force itself like a violent nihilistic rapist onto offended others.

          And on the pedestal, these words appear:
          My name is Obamamandias, King of Kings;
          Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

          Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
          Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
          The lone and level sands stretch far away.

          — Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ozymandias

        • Its interesting how the west has an impression of “taliban vs normal Afghan person” They dont seem to realise that there are many different ethnicities and tribes, all fighting it out amongst each other. The only time they unite is when a foreigner seems to come in….. its funny because today was on a tour in Edinburgh and she was talking about the tribes in Scotland who well always fought each other till the English came in, at which point they united to fight them… And whatever the view or propaganda is in the west, there is a lot of on the ground support for these guys (and resentment for the corrupt western puppet leadership)- otherwise the army of hundreds of thousands with billions in arms wouldn’t just flee like that….

          • The point being, regardless how much the US Sociopaths In Charge may approve or disapprove, its none of their business how people in other nations work out their differences. All they’ve accomplished with such effort is to delay the inevitable.

            • True – there are a number of jokes talking about how the laid back Taliban and gave their country to the Americans for 20 years to do some infrastructure and re-arm them…. then when the Americans finished they took it back !!

              But yes – its crazy how western nations think they can impose their version of “democracy” on countries around the world…

      • “I believe the fall of Afghanistan (at least so quickly) is a major kink in the sides of the TPTB. I don’t think they saw that one coming”

        That is astoundingly naive. The whole thing is a carefully scripted and stage-managed affair, and is a highly predictable reconfiguration of political-military dynamics in light of China’s current position of supremacy over the U.S. The effortless Taliban campaign follows conspicuously on the heels of a Sino-Taliban confab that took place July 28. (This image really says it all:,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/ )

        The timing of the Sino-Taliban confab shows clearly that diplomatic preparations were being made with foreknowledge of exactly what’s happening now. So, What’s happening now? you ask. Nothing more exciting or surprising than China easing into its role of untrammeled dominance on the world stage. And the way China does business is…well, by doing business. (Not by military occupation.)

        The July confab was China giving the green light to the Taliban, and pledging full (silent) support. Foreign Minister Wang Yi was further assuring the Taliban that the rabid dog U.S. force was being instructed to withdraw. Of course, there needs to be enough whizz-bang pyrotechnics to convince the brain-dead U.S. public and rank-and-file military bureaucracy that there was some element of “battle” or “engagement” involved in this reconfiguration. This will allow the military brass and the civilian administration to save face. But, make no mistake about it. The U.S. is now under Chinese stewardship, and the Chinese are not interested in the destructive methods of “American Hegemony.” The Taliban are going to be granted limited, local sovereignty, and conduct the region’s internal affairs in a way that is suitable to the culture of the people. (The Chinese tend to be humble enough to know that local authorities are much better equipped to know and manage the cultural peculiarities of their masses.) In exchange, China will continue building out its infrastructure of the post-Reset world, where China is the techno-bureaucratic center of the data colonies of the world. (Until, of course, the Israelis destroy them from within, too–but that won’t be for several decades yet. Let’s not get sidetracked.)

        Remember, the United States is in Receivership, for the benefit of its longtime, indulgent creditor, China. The U.S. will no longer be permitted to harry the world with its sadistic and profligate military adventurism. It’s time for their troops to go home…

        and enforce the injection mandates that will perfect the integration of the mass of American bio-slaves into the waiting Social Credit matrix…

        • The Chinese Communist Party has the advantage of a generation of highly motivated membership who were given a little more leeway than former party members. They drank the kool aide, yes, but also benefited handsomely from the risk taken. Now they are looking to take it to the next level. We’ll see what happens when the next generation comes along. What will become of the Chinese miracle when the new bureaucracy doesn’t quite meet their production targets, doesn’t quite get the five year plan implemented, doesn’t quite get the exponential growth of their predecessor? Will the party leaders accept incremental growth? Will they fudge the numbers to make it look like they are succeeding? Will they put the beat down on the proletariat and export food that should be going to feed the people? History suggests the latter.

  15. Eric, we your readers are tempted to say this very frequently, but this time, I really really mean it:

    This is unquestionably one of your best, most vital and incisive pieces to date. You have captured the perilous current moment with brutal precision, and with your trademark moral clarity.

    The frantic level of aggression coming from the TeeVee eidolons is truly alarming. I do not have TeeVee in my home, but I had my attention brought to a clip of a press conference by Houston’s ghoulish mayor where he all but proclaims on the spot that being unvaccinated is a clear and present danger punishable by summary-judgment death. (In the clip, he is even wearing a mask bearing the hostile and deranged imperative legend: “MASK UP!”)

    Politicians and newsreaders are bandying about the term “tolerance” with seething impatience and mounting resentment. And when they say “zero tolerance” for “Covidus” what they mean is zero tolerance for humans who refuse to commune with the venomous/alien/unnatural ingredients in the Stab. The TeeVee Gimps are off their leashes, possessed by the fervor of witch doctors performing a Rain Dance to summon the Storm of Needles. And the thunder is gathering…

    • Wot, no Telescreen?
      Shocking, positively scandalous, that.
      Best to watch your backside, citizen.
      They do keep records, you know…*
      *I get “encouraged “regularly by Spectrum to “add TeeVee” for “only” $XX.00 per month.
      No thank you, comrades.

      • I actually got a call from a Spectrum rep some years ago, who expressed consternation at my lack of desire to add on TeeVee for no additional fee, and was utterly incapable of understanding me when I said that I would be basically just storing their cable box to no benefit to me, and cluttering my residence with unwanted equipment. “But, you don’t have TV at all!” she cried, as if informing me I had a scorpion on my shoulder. “You need some TV! It’ll be free for you!”

        “I don’t want your equipment in my house.” I replied, and forcefully repeated, “Not interested. Hanging up now.”

        I imagine she’s still sitting in the call center, sputtering in disbelief.

        That hard sell only went to show that infesting people’s houses with Terrorvision is to their benefit, just like contaminating people’s bodies with mystery bug-juice.

  16. It’s not so much the actual Federal Agents who are relatively easy to discover, it’s their criminal (often murderous) deputized Confidential Informants or CI’s who are supremely difficult to spot.

    Trust people you’ve known personally for a long time who have no criminal records. CI’s are almost always created when flipped on a deal from felony prosecution.

  17. Well the SHTF in my family this weekend. Not sure if it’s possible to reconcile with them; wish I could give details.
    damn, damn, damn our government.

    • You can give details if you wish. Many our families (and now careers) have been destroyed by this mass psychosis, mine included.

      • Hi David: sorry to hear about your situation. In my case, if you overlay mass psychosis, as you say, over a person that is already self-centered and insecure, and then in addition suggest that they are heros because they work in the health care field, on top of the fact that politically, culturally we were already opposites, and then one refuses to “believe” in you-know-what – you get a nuclear blast.

    • I have no wish to be “reconciled” with the broken-robot TeeVee parrots that replaced my family in March 2020.

      No upside.

      • Pod People? Freelance_Philosopher.

        Dang, I actually told my dad that, “My Dad told me once that if everyone was jumping off a very high bridge onto rocks, would you?” Or, some such.

        He said he’d have to talk to that guy
        It did no good, he got The Shot.

        • Again, I invoke Eric’s brilliant observation that “Science fiction” is less fiction than it is pending reality. The sinister intelligence behind this global takeover has been whispering to humanity in barely-veiled metaphors through literature and entertainment since the last Great Reset, 2,021 years ago. (Pod People, Body Snatchers, the Thing (John Carpenter version), the Beast with a Billion Backs. These metaphors all did real-world work of psychologically priming and preparing the meat-vessels for their long-planned bodily colonization and honest-to-goodness spiritual possession.)

          The Herd of Humanity was thereby prepared to be unable to discern fiction from reality, so that when the truly unnatural occurs, it is met not with shock and revulsion but rather with a sense of inevitability, closure, relief, and even satisfaction.

          Now, the Herd has been quite literally brain-hacked by the TeeVee Signal, and their minds have–quite literally–been replaced by a profane program: a self-destruct sequence. Sorry about your dad, Helot, but he didn’t stand a chance against the TeeVee People. They’ve had Top Men working on this issue a very long time. It’s strictly a technical issue, after all…

          • Profound post, Freelance_Philosopher!

            Especially this part:

            “so that when the truly unnatural occurs, it is met not with shock and revulsion but rather with a sense of inevitability, closure, relief, and even satisfaction.”

  18. It is remarkable, how the propagation of pure hatred is being proposed, encouraged, and supported. As if “the NAZIs used the correct method against the wrong target”. Not uncommon to see videos of people in total RAGE because someone does not agree with them. In fact, CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media is all on board with such. All perfectly wiling to commit murder, as long as they don’t have to commit it in person. If they can get the “law” behind them. We’re on a precipice now, between violent resistance, or a return to sanity. Let us pray for the latter.

  19. **”But there are lots of people who can be manipulated by psychopaths to hurt – and kill. All that’s necessary is the sanction of legality and the societal-cultural framing of the action as vitally necessary for the general safety. This makes a person who isn’t evil feel good about performing evil acts. “**

    Such has long been normalized by modern society, as that is exactly the paradigm used to keep the military, cops, and all of the ABC government agencies well stocked by the millions- and not only does it work like a charm to recruit those millions and assuage any lingering compunctions of conscience on the part of participants in those evils, but it even causes most of their intended victims to view those fiendish participants as “heroes”, rather than their enemy, criminals, and servants of evil which they are.

    That paradigm has worked very effectively throughout history, and even more so today, thanks to the propaganda, social engineering and brainwashing which is now universally disseminated on a massive scale via media and ‘education'[indoctrination], which all now work hand-in-hand to propagate an ‘official’ narrative as determined by a global cabal.

    tl;dr: You nailed it, Eric!

    • I notice some of the “wannabe military” civilian law enforcement honchos hereabouts have begun wearing campaign ribbons to complement their General Eisenhauer “four star general” lapel decorations.
      For example, here is City of Fontana Chief of Police, in full regalia:*

      Probably won’t be long before we start seeing Police Paratroops badges and Police Ranger tabs.
      *City of Fontana paid $1,000,000 to the parents of the deceased felon, who had a record of committing similar crimes. Police Chief Green expressed copious sympathy for his grieving parents, but none whatsoever for the victim of the crime, a woman living alone, whose domicile was invaded in the wee hours of he morning by a large man dressed in black, including a black hood.

      To my knowledge, burglary of an occupied residence is considered a *violent* *felony* in the State of California. Have you ever been the victim of such a crime? I have, two nights running in fact. From personal experience, I can say it changes you, and not for the better.

      I am a fairly large male, well able to defend myself in most circumstances, but I lived in a state of fear for some time thereafter, even though I am armed. A small woman, living alone? Use your imagination, if you dare.

  20. I would agree it’s their (goal) to isolate and demonize the unjabbed as they did the kulaks in uncle Joe’s Russia. I don’t think it will work across the board. Sure you’ll have pockets like NYC, LA, SF, insert whatever leftist metropolis hell hole here _____. That’s only because many of these urbanized slaves will beg for it, (govern me harder daddy!)
    The only enforcement they have is the respect for LEOs and other agencies which is quickly waning. They don’t have the manpower, morale, or weaponry. Just look at how “duh strongestest army in duh world” handled a bunch of peasant warriors with AK’S in Afghanistan. We have the numbers, we need resolve, and that’s growing in my estimation.

    I’m seeing far fewer people going along with the stupidity in my area. Even in Karentown areas masking amongst employees and patrons of businesses is still very low. Many people I know “who just didn’t want to make waves” earlier on have officially hit the F-U stage. To the point of not caring if their own families cut them off regarding masks and the clot shot. We’ve barely even begun to resist and globohomo can sense it’s losing, hence the ratcheting up of all the fear and propaganda. It’s all they have. If we don’t comply and don’t sabotage ourselves they lost.

    • “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.”

      Nicholas Klein (a union boss, ironically)

      It was later attributed (probably wrongly) to Ghandhi as “First They Ignore You, Then They Laugh at You, Then They Attack You, Then You Win.”

  21. “Freedom spoils, and lack of freedom teaches.”
    Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn-Gulag Archipelago
    CDC is already writing about confining people in camps. The lesson is about to begin.
    If just 10-15% do not comply they will fail. We may need a national strike when the day comes.
    Our effort must be non-violent. They will try to create false flag operations like embedding FBI into planning of a Jan 6th style event. Know your FBI agents.
    When it becomes door to door, then we have nothing to loose but resist all out.

    • It’s not so much the actual Federal Agents who are relatively easy to discover, it’s their criminal (often murderous) deputized Confidential Informants or CI’s who are supremely difficult to spot.

      Trust people you’ve known personally for a long time who have no criminal records. CI’s are almost always created when flipped on a deal from felony prosecution.

    • Non-violence worked for Gandhi. That was a one-of, unique to its historical context. I don’t recall any others – correct me if I’m mistaken.
      On the other hand, violent resistance doesn’t usually work either, barring the odd French Revolution (which didn’t last long).
      Black’s Rule 3 of government: Government grows until it destroys the civilization it is built on. Yes, we’re going there, again.

  22. Let them try Mark. Way more of us than them, and our ranks grow daily with newly vcxx hesitant. If they pay a price, if they’re unsure about their ability to finish the shift, won’t be any goons with guns left to drive the trucks and round people up. Everyone who has committed in their soul to not take the clot shot needs to be made aware of the words of A.S ‘how we ‘burned in the camps later.’ Most who are just now coming around to the realization of how wrong headed this is have no idea what he said or any thing about his story. If the apparatchiks decide to cross the line, imprisoning people for refusal of experimental gene the-rapy, them anything and everything is on the table to stop the hut hut hutting as Eric calls it.

    I’ll tell you what Government won’t give this nasty orange goo to its people. Thats the Taliban. Much we Murkins can learn from them, heres hoping we do it quickly.

  23. Hi Eric:

    I have to disagree with you on your dire outlook (at least for now). I was very worried about a wave of sickness psychosis overwhelming society over the past few weeks. However, from my perspective, there’s a lot of pushback from many I know and observe. The one area that warms my heart is the comment sections where the propaganda is being pushed (here’s a good example: These comments are nearly 100% negative (i.e. against jabs, masking and lockdowns). That wasn’t the case last year at this time. Also, I sense a lot of jab remorse out there.

    People may not be quite as stupid as I had though. It’s apparent to most that the elites overplayed their fake pandemic.

    • Yeah seems like more folks globally are coming around to how insane things have gotten, there are maskers and jabbers out there who are starting to realize that if the non-injected ain’t free, nobody’s free, that much they are willing to agree on.

      The imminence depends on the area though, one friend out in CA can’t get away from it fast enough and feels like they’re outnumbered by crazies. The company I work for in south jersey’s guzzlin the koolaid so bad that I know they would sell any of us noncompliant ones out to the govt in a heartbeat…has me wishing I could redact all instances of my home address from their damn system. All the yuppifying and brainwashing they engage in has me ashamed to be workin for em…they don’t rep the backwoods lifestyle this area has to offer, more concerned with their stocks and their netflix queue and their disney vacations 🥱

      I def need to find more of my own kind around here. Already decided if the CA friend needs asylum ahead of the potential interstate travel bans..well I was never huge on roommates, but I care even less for loved ones being subjected to medical tyranny..ain’t the time for fussin, too much work to be done.

    • I agree, Mister –

      I also see signs of growing – overt – dissent. But that is why I think it is so important to hammer the point about the dangers posed by all of this; about the urgent necessity to stomp this in its crib. And then drive an eighteen-wheeler over its corpse.

  24. I’ve lost familial relationships, friendships, respect from colleagues, and have been booted off once cherished internet forums because I don’t believe the lie and I will not comply. In the end I don’t really care. As Neal Boortz used to say: I own me. Since I own me I and I alone decide what’s best for me. And if I get bayoneted for that stance at least I get to die a free man.

  25. Eric, you are correct, it won’t be Biden and Fauci coming to round you up. Just as it was never going to be Obama or Clinton at your door demanding you hand over your guns. It will be the cops and military in their Humvees and MRAPS launching the assault.

    For all the “conservatives” that lick the boots of the police state, you are going to find out what and who they really are. You will get the ATM treatment as described to me by a North Carolina Highway [Patrol]Man, they’ll Ask you, then Tell you, then MAKE you. They won’t give a damn about your blue-line flag or “I Support the Troops” bumper stickers. You will comply or die…just like the Kulaks.


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