GM Says: Ihre Papieren, Bitte!

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It used to be governments that demanded to see your “papers.” Today, it’s corporations. Which function as governments, without the bother of elections – without the hassle of having to pass laws that might be reviewed (and rejected) by courts.

Instead, policies – which have the force and effect of laws – and which you cannot appeal. There is only the choice: Comply – or be fired.

Which wouldn’t be so terrible were it not for the terrible fact that corporations – a relative handful, effectively – now own the country, in the sense that is becoming very difficult for anyone to find employment that isn’t corporate. The tentacles of the octopus reach into every nook and cranny. Even businesses that aren’t corporations often have to deal with them – as suppliers, as their major customers.

And thereby, the corporations set policies which become very difficult to avoid.

The genius of this deserves grudging respect. It is the realization of Mussolini’s dictum about “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State” – via corporations, which exploit their disingenuous status as “private” enterprises to audaciously impose that which the state dare not even propose.

GM has just imposed a requirement that every salaried employee must produce papers to prove they have rolled up their sleeve and been injected with the Jab that the corporation decrees they must submit to as a condition of their employment. That is to say, do this – or be fired.

It will be done via a “confidential reporting tool” – with all the confidentiality that attends providing a corporation with details about yourself. It’ll be just between you . . . and every sour-pussed frau in the “human resources” department; every busybody at the HMO that issues the corporate health insurance policy. And of course, the corporation’s partner, the government – which will surely have the same access to everything in the corporate database that the DMV/car insurance partnership has regarding your “status.”

According to the Detroit News, the papers, please policy will initially affect 40,000 workers. Italicized to reflect the reality that – eventually – this will encompass everyone who does business with GM, perhaps even car journalists such as this writer. Is it unlikely that access to press cars for evaluation will soon be conditional upon Proof of Jab?

It is inevitable.

Government can only do so much, in part because government is not everywhere. When the country became a “Homeland” some 20 years ago this September 11th – and it became impossible to travel by air without being degraded by being presumed a “terrorist” and made to spread your legs to prove otherwise – it was possible to opt out by no longer traveling by air.

One could still drive.

It was inconvenient, obviously, to put airports on the No-Go list but it was a doable thing. Life could go on. More importantly, work could go on. Certain jobs require air travel, it is true. But not most. One could get a different job, if one didn’t like the idea of having to spread one’s legs and stand there like a convicted felon being processed while a government agent touched you in places and ways that were – prior to America-as-a-Homeland – an act of criminal sexual assault.

But how do you avoid being processed at work? When the only work – as a practical matter – is corporate work?

“Reporting your vaccination status to GM Medical helps the company assess the overall immunity level of our employee population and determine appropriate measures to support employee safety,” says Dr. Jeffery Hess, GM’s corporate medical director.

Any relation to Rudolf?

Or perhaps Karl – as in Docktor Professor und SS-Standartenfuhrer Karl Brandt?

“In addition to helping assess the overall immunity of our employee population, the information will also be used to verify compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols, such as mask wearing, and influence future public health decisions the company may need to make to continue to protect our employees and the business,” says GM spokesperson Maria Raynal.

When – how – did corporations become arbiters of the health of the people who work for them? It happened, of course, when corporations became the dispensers of health insurance, tied to corporate employment – a misbegotten thing arising from government, after the latter imposed wage and price controls some 80 years ago, during World War II (also brought to you by government). Corporations could not pay employees more money to lure employees, so they paid them in kind – with health coverage, provided by the corporation.

Of course, this benefit came at a cost. The employee’s health was now a matter of corporate “concern,” as opposed to his own business. It became the wedge used to insert the corporation into the employee’s business.

No-smoking edicts; degrading requirements to pee in a cup while someone watches – to assure the corporation you’re not a drug addict.

And now, 80-something years after the fact, corporations assert their regal prerogative to require employees to submit to dangerous medical procedures and produce proof – papers – that they have submitted.

Else be fired – and good luck finding a job anywhere else. Else lose accrued benefits, including perhaps years invested in a corporate pension or supported 401k. The weight of this leverage is enormous, especially since there is little, if any alternative.

The government hardly needs to “mandate” anything when it can get corporations to do the same on its behalf, the both of these entities profiting from the degradation and dehumanization imposed on people rendered economically impotent to resist.

Is there a solution? A way out?


Corporations must be done away with. Their have-it-both-ways status.

These creatures of government, masquerading as private enterprises.

Which they are to the same degree that Caitlyn Jenner is a woman. It was – it remains – an enormous, a suicidal mistake, to grant government-created entities the status of private enterprises. They are not, by definition. Only human beings can rightly be said to own property; not legally confected “corporate persons.” And one can only hold flesh-and-blood human beings accountable for the harms they cause.

What is going on now would be all-but-impossible in a free market, decentralized system of thousands of individually-owned business, owned and run by human beings and bound by the same rules that have always bound human beings.

A relative handful of giant corporations are able to abuse human beings because of their government-granted status as corporations; they have the legal benefit of “rights” – without the human obligation of being held responsible for the harms they cause.

They can do as they like, with impunity – driven by sociopathy. They are unbound by empathy or conscience, nor chastened by guilt. They crave dominion and that is all.

They are able to act as governments, without the essential restrictions that keep governments in check, somewhat – such as elections and courts that can be used to challenge what governments do and without which government becomes transparently illegitimate, tyrannical – and which can be rightly resisted with every effort that can be brought to bear.

Until similar discipline is applied to corporations, we can expect to be tyrannized by them to a degree no government has ever achieved.

. . .

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  1. Dear, Raider Girl, RE: “Most of my faith now is based on old scientific journals and studies.”

    You can do that, yet perhaps consider this bit which I find to be Full Tilt, do you remember pinball machines?:

    “Here is a stunning quote from a doctor who has quite probably read and analyzed as many medical-drug studies as any other doctor in the world:

    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)

    Also consider, the massive worldwide electronic control grid The Power Elite have erected isn’t intended for the obedient followers. That seems like a big clue as to what their plans are.

    The Bell Tolls, for whom?

  2. Excerpts from an email from my buddy Dr Chris Martenson (PhD Pathology, Duke University; ex-VP at Pfizer):

    ‘I am sad, annoyed and angered to announce that a video of mine posted to YouTube on Tuesday August 24th entitled “Your Job or the Jab” was stricken by YouTube for “violating community standards.”

    ‘Perhaps it was that I dared to observe that hundreds of thousands of women have reported profound disruptions to their menstrual cycles after receiving vaccinations. This is a fact.

    ‘It is also a fact that YouTube very recently expanded its list of banned topics to include mentioning side effects of “approved” Covid-19 vaccines.

    ‘Even if I am wrong about the connection between women’s fertility cycles and the vaccines, my observation about cycle disruption should be allowed to stand, be vigorously debated, and then shot down with data.

    ‘But know this: I will not change, and I will not back down.

    ‘Come join us at our new platforms over at Odysee and Rumble. Each has pros and cons, so we’re carefully weighing which will become our new home.’

    So far, Chris’s ‘Your Job or the Jab’ video does not show up at Odysee or Rumble. I’ll continue looking for a link to it.

    Meanwhile, his take on the game-changing Israeli study showing that natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity is posted here:

    • >It is also a fact that YouTube very recently expanded its list of banned topics
      Is there an official list of “banned topics” which the public is allowed to see?
      My impression has been that YouTube can strike without warning, deleting videos which contain ideas of which its owners disapprove, and banning those who have posted “wrongthink.”

  3. ‘It is a hotly-contested issue whether unvaxxed will even be permitted to serve on juries! Non-adherents to Covidism should pretty much write off any notion of seeking redress in the “courts.” — Freelance_Philosopher

    Amendment VI: ‘In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed …’

    If implemented, vaccine apartheid most definitely would apply a systematic demographic skew to juries.

    Such a jury skew would cast a shadow on all cases, not just covid-related ones.

    It’s an utterly dastardly notion to tamper with the jury pool by excluding the skeptical ‘hesitant’ — therefore highly attractive to the sociopaths in charge!

  4. The FUN and awkward part on all this is that in the Land of Guns not a single bullet was still used to fight against this…

    I guess those with guns are just huge pussies that only like to use the guns to kill animals, to fire at paper targets or to kill unarmed uman animals in bars/cchools/theaters and so on!

    • Hi Voz,

      There is a tipping point; I don’t think we’ve reached it quite yet. Whether the balance goes one way – or the other – remains to be seen.

      I agree that millions of Americans are poltroons and worse. But millions aren’t.

      • “Chicago Judge Strips Mother Of Parental Rights For Being Unvaccinated” not one!

        Clearly that tipping point is very similar to “peak oil”…

        • Here’s Mag breakin’ down the story of a poor young, single mother getting evicted by an evil landlord requiring the Stab, out of the blue.

          (The clip also includes the creepy-ass sodomite lawyer admonishing the viewers in TeeVeeLand that they have no recourse in any situation, and must submit the the Shot, which some other commenters here have brought up.)

          • Think if it was 2018 and employers decided to require proof of vaccination from immigrant employees. What if landlords required of it immigrant renters? What if businesses refused to serve a certain minority? Or hire them? What would the news like in the link be saying then?

    • Over the years, I’ve always chuckled a little bit when self-styled “conservatives” inevitably end up rhetorically stroking their guns and proficiency with such in internet comment sections. Maybe Eric’s right, though. We’ll see.

    • I think it’s the only reason why they haven’t tried to push the Australian model of total lockdown on us; because we have guns and a great many would use them.

      • Hi Philo,

        Indeed. I am not a “tough guy.” I absolutely loathe violence and have zero desire to engage in it. All I ask is to be let alone. But – if these creeps attempt to drag me to some kind of Jab Camp or anything like that, what choice is there but to defend oneself?

        • If 1A is denied, 2A is the next one. I’ve known a few people that have killed others, and it most definitely messed them up. I don’t want to be one of those. I’ve had a line in the sand for many years. I will not be disarmed. I have a new one. I will not be stuck with this needle. In both cases I would rather die. What point in living the life that would result from either?

          • I have never killed anyone, but I had an AGW off himself on my front bumper once, over 30 years ago. My GF at the time was a Vietnam vet who had two helicopters shot out from under her (her MOS was Photographer).

            Following the wreck, she said to me, “Well, you are one of us now.” At the time, I had no idea what she was talking about, but I found out. Although I had only a small taste of what Debbi and her best friend David (82nd Airborne, Bronze Star, Purple Heart) had known, I can tell you that PTSS is not something you want to experience.

            My thoughts: choose carefully the hill on which you are willing to die.

            I very nearly cut the head off a grocery store manager last January for refusing to sell me food because I refused to wear the Holy Face Diaper. Sage advice from three dispassionate observers, one being a commenter on this forum, convinced me the disgusting toady was not worth my life.

            If it comes to it, I hope my death accomplishes something, and does not merely provide energy to power the Mighty Wurlitzer of State propaganda.

            I have lived my Biblically allotted three score and ten, plus two bonus years, to date, and am hoping to live many more, being descended from hardy ancestors of Northern European heritage.

            Better to live on your feet than to die on your knees.

        • I think (hope?) there are many Josey Wales’ out there. We just want to be left to live our lives in peace, raise our children, praise God for His blessings upon us and work so our children can have a better life than we.

          However, if push comes to shove and the “authorities” make living such a life impossible, I think you will see a whirlwind.

        • As we are pushed further and further towards our breaking point, I must remind myself that violence is only justifiable if in defense of self or others.

          But at what point is it justifiable to go after, preemptively, those who would harm us? Just as the common street thug will never declare that he is about to kill you, they will not declare war on us. They will sneak up on us one by one when we are vulnerable.

          Should we wait for the knock at our door, outnumbered and out-gunned? The water I’m stewing in now is fine. It’s a little warm, but not yet boiling. I’ll wait a little longer.

    • So “voza0db”…. who exactly do you suggest we kill at this point? I’m curious. Names please….

      Hypothetically speaking of course.

  5. Similar to G.M. giving the strong arm to its salaried employees Walmart is said to also be pressuring their corporate executives to get the slave jab, is it safe to say – generally – the lower down the corporate rung a person is, the less the pressure, incentives and such there are?

    The letter in this article gives examples of how the compliance rate to get the slave jab is higher, the further up the corporate ladder you go:

    ‘Injection Resistance Is a Class Thing’ By Michael Tracey

    I have read numerous comments about how, if the expectation of massive worldwide deaths due to the slave jab comes to pass, why would The Power Elite do that knowing that the main core of this group would be their most loyal and dog-like obedient followers.

    I was thinking about history, the cultural revolution in China and the killing fields of Cambodia and such, at one time there were mass attacks against any and all educated people – the intellectuals – going so far at one point to slay those who simply wore eye-glasses as that was considered a mark of educatedness, or something like that and were viewed as a threat to Communist Power and Control similar to the liquidation of the useful idiots by the Soviets after they obtained power, a.k.a. The Ring.

    In light of all of the above, add a dash of a comment from Dr. Igor Shepherd in his August 28, 2021 article, ‘mRNA Vaccines: The Silent Weapon’

    “Because the masses have accepted vaccinations as preventive medicine for decades, most would reject the possibility that a vaccine could be used as a bioweapon against them. Nonetheless, strong evidence of a global “coup” is piling up as more and more citizens become alarmed that this pandemic is less about health and safety, and more about the restructuring and destruction of our laws, economy, civil rights, and freedoms—everything that occurs during an enemy takeover, and not during a pandemic. And with no enforced treaty to protect civilians against biological weapons of mass destruction, silent warfare against all of humanity becomes today’s reality.”

    Are the intellectuals being targeted?

    • Bionic Mosquito had a piece on LRC yesterday in which he speculated about the jab and how maybe TPTB weren’t targeting the intellectuals, the obedient, but rather weaponizing them into superspreaders in order to sicken/kill the non-compliant. At the end he concludes, tongue in cheek mostly, that maybe it’s time for the unjabbed to “mask up.” This type of strategy would be similar to the strategy used by farmers with the weed killer Round Up. Create GMO crops that are round up ready, which survive the chemical, while all non-GMO plants around them, like weeds and organic plants, are killed, leaving only the desired crops to survive.

      • Could be so, Hatteraszek. Idk.

        Only, in using the historical track record, there’s evidence of a pattern, a blueprint of sorts. The intellectuals, even, or especially, the obedient intellectuals have in the past been viewed as the primary threat to those whom posses The Ring.
        Is it different this time?

        • The ones who enthusiastically acquiesce to evil, hoping the crocodile will eat them last, are the first ones sacrificed when the crocodile gains power. It knows it can’t trust them.

      • ‘weaponizing them [the vaxxed] into superspreaders in order to sicken/kill the non-compliant’ — Hatteraszek

        … which would make segregated vaxxed-only indoor venues into deadly ‘covid dens,’ from which the vaxxed emerge coughing and gasping, to puzzled stares from the unvaxxed plebeians outside.

        That is, the intended beneficiaries of vaccine apartheid could end up being its victims instead.

        Never underestimate the boundless incompetence of Big Gov.

        We showed the Taliban … and we’ll show covid!

        • I’m not so sure TPTB 20 year war in Afghanistan or the GWOT was a failure for them. I expect the War on Sickness to “fail” similarly. To take the round up analogy a bit further, both the gmo plants and the glyphosate chemical are notorious for unwanted distribution, contaminating even the most highly segregated (gmo vs. organic) farming lands almost exclusively to the detriment of the organic.

    • Re: killing their dog-like followers.

      The corporate and regional management-the medical professionals-the untouchable bureaucrats-the tenured educators- these all EXPECT lives of luxury and status for their deal with the devil, their years of collusion with organized crime. If the high standards of living in the west are to be flattened like the curve these minions of material and social wealth become a liability. Not only do they have the resources to bite the hand that feeds, they also know where the bodies are buried-having done the syndicates dirty work their whole careers. The useful idiots job of managing the western human farm is done. Their purge will bring about a great crash in the consolidated systems and networks that feed substance to the writhing masses.

    • I don’t believe this. I know several people who have had the flu known as COVID and everybody made it through fine. No hospitals, fortunately, no deaths, just a week or less of feeling like crap. In that same breath I also don’t know of anyone (personally) who has received the jab and died. I have a few acquaintances who do know (or suspect) there is a link due to the person’s age and health status. I do know many people that have received it though and they do not look healthy. Several of them worry me due to the sudden onslaught of breathing issues, paleness, joint pain, and head fog.

      Like the scientists of today we don’t know what we don’t know. There may not be a massive death spiral due to the jab, but maybe decades of decades of auto immune diseases begin popping up. I know young 40 year olds walking around with canes due to issues of RA, lupus, MS, etc. and taking more pills than your typical 85 year old. Everybody seems to be on something. I am starting to look at the jab as just another pill. Something else to destroy an individual’s natural immune system and get them hooked. This would just lead to continued growth for Big Pharma. Do they plan to kill us? Yeah, but it will be once they drain you of every last cent….when your prescriptions cost more than your mortgage, they have you.

      • Likewise the few people I’m acquainted with that got the “Rona” got over it quickly at the price of a few “crap” days. Some folks I know have been “Jabbed”, others not, AFAIK, no one’s experienced any several side effects.

        I think you’re onto something, RG. Some, including professionals you wouldn’t normally consider part of the “tinfoil hat” crowd, are spreading dire warnings of a massive “die-off” that will hit the “Jabbed”. While I wouldn’t put it past the gaggle of control freaks, sociopaths, and psychopaths that have grabbed control of this country, I don’t see how the worst incident of GENOCIDE would serve THEIR selfish interests. As a Star Wars cartoon put it, in depicting an exchange between Palpatine and Vader, the Emperor advises his apprentice to rein in that explosive temper of his, saying that he had no desire to rule over “An Empire of the DEAD”.

        That Big Pharma and the servile politicians that lap up to them and take their monies would effect the pushing of yet another “treatment” that would put big bucks in their pockets, and also render us further economically and medically ENSLAVED, would seem more credible. It’d also have the “benefit”, from their POV, of weakening the populace, rendering it less capable of independent action…and REBELLION.

        • Hi Doug,

          It took me a bit of time to walk my thoughts back from such items as the Deagal Report. When I finally realized there could be left leaning (or just wrong doing) psychopaths integrating bad information with good to rile the masses. I can’t take websites like Natural News seriously, because it is so “out there.” I also avoid prepper sites that continually consist of “We are going to die.” Yes, eventually we are.

          Most of my faith now is based on old scientific journals and studies. The NIH reports from years past and their testing on animals do concern me. The outcome was not good for the ferrets and mice. My guess is there will be some deaths associated with it, but Big Pharma already has a pill for it for everyone else. No money is made by dead people. People dying….the profits are terrific. It is a sick world.

      • >Something else to destroy an individual’s natural immune system

        That, or, perhaps “inadvertently,” (no, really inadvertently) cause other issues which require lifelong medication.

        One possible example:
        We’ve been hearing a lot about possible blood clots, which can cause ischemic strokes, heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis, etc., all of which are very scary. If any of this “proves out” ITLR, due to “further research,” which there was “no time to perform” prior to rollout of COVID vaccines, because ‘health emergency,’ you can bet Big Pharma and Big Medicine will be pushing anti-coagulants on anyone who gook the jab(s).

        The Doctor Gods and their lesser acolytes, the Pharma Gods, will be here to “rescue” you from their prior depredations. The “standard of care” will require everyone who took the The Jab, a.k.a. the Holy Needle, to eat rat poison:
        for the rest of their lives.

      • Job One when entering a House of Doom, a.k.a. “hospital,” is to insert the Money Catheter. These are extremely high capacity devices, which are designed to rapidly a) exhaust your insurance benefits, and b) drain your bank account.

        State of the art in 2014, based on my own experience, was a currency flow rate of ~US$92/minute, or ~US$5520/hour, but technology has undoubtedly improved since then.

    • Exactly, Mark O –

      If it “works” then the person who is “vaccinated” is “safe.” Of course, it doesn’t “work” – in terms of assuring the “vaccinated” doesn’t get sick; this is now indisputable. Another exposure of the lies peddled by the pushers of these “vaccines” – like the lie that “masks” prevent sickness. Like the even more odious lie that people who aren’t sick can get others sick – and so must wear the “mask.”

      Like the core lie – that the entire country ought to be in panic mode over sickness when this sickness is unlikely to kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population.

  6. Social media platform Gab launches ‘No Vax Mandate Job Board’

    I have yet to read the comments here, perhaps someone else already posted this? It seems like a start. It’s, ‘something’, better than, ‘nothing’.
    Imho, it’s good to see there are enough real thinking human beings that this even exists. I hope a whole Lot of people find new jobs instead of submitting to the slave jab system.

    Anyway, daily it seems, I find myself thinking or saying, “We know they’re lying, they know they’re lying, yet they continue to lie.” F.B.’s.

    • I saw a letter from the Congress demanding information from Gab to be turned over to that “committee” (of morons) investigation the Jan 6th unrest at the Capitol building.

      Mr. Torba is too “nice” and too “Christian” to tell the Congress to go fornicate with themselves. I have an advantage, being a “Jack Mormon”…I don’t have to limit myself to “What would JESUS do?”, I can say, “What would ORRIN PORTER ROCKWELL” do, then SHOOT the bastards!

  7. If you are a Christian, the religious exemption comes into play. If they fire you anyway, it does not mean that they actually stop paying your salary in perpetuity, it just means that you don’t have to work for it anymore. Hint: Lawsuit.

    But that probably won’t be needed, since the federal reserve note is about collapse.

    After the first 100 million US residents die of the DNA modifier in the next 2 -3 years (, or of the gamma-beta-fucktard variant if you believe the BS, there is going to be a horrendous labor shortage. The employers who required the death jab will likely not be around.

    But neither will at least half of all white people since they are the majority of gullible suckers getting the poison.

    The ashkernazis want to genocide the euros first because most of the other ethnicities are simply too obedient and for the most part, do not believe in the concept of freedom. Sorry, but it’s the truth. I heard an example of this today, “It’s the government’s job to take care of me”. (…because I am an obedient little sl…..)

    • The employers who require the death stab will not be getting the death stab. They will require their employees to get the stab. None of the vax makers are requiring their employees to get the stab because they need their employees to keep producing the endless stream of drugs that make their profits. Since I am now retired, I do not have to acquiesce to their dehumanising poisonous ideologies. Great time to be out of the workforce.

  8. Why the fuck does an auto manufacturer have a “corporate medical director”? Are they going to create their own government? Do they have an education department too? An intelligence unit? A “justice” department? How about a “defense” department, or an “anti-terrorism” unit?. They can create a private GM military to enforce their private GM mandates. Another example of something way too big. Another example of why they shouldn’t have been bailed out. Making cars is old GM. They’re building up their fiefdom for the next system.

    • It’s all that regulatory compliance and corporate governance crap. People who work for large companies know what I’m talking about. It’s that department that comes up with those mandatory training “modules” you have to do every January and acknowledge that you took it on some form. Topics usually include harassment, ethics, security, and new this year: “diversity and inclusion” and bio-safety. Everyone who’s been around for more than 6 months is just going through the motions because if anyone really needs the training they’re probably going to be escorted out anyway.

    • “How about a “defense” department, or an “anti-terrorism” unit?”

      Actually, Henry Ford had a corporate goon squad of enforcers back in the 1930s… so this is not nearly as far-fetched as you might think.

      • His GOONS…versus the Union THUGS…how labor “disputes” were “settled” in the “good old days”.

        Trust me, Henry Ford just wanted to build cars…LOTS of ’em…but FoMoCo was branching out into other endeavors, like aviation (think of the famed Ford Tri-Motor), domestic appliances (PhilCo), and electronics (PhilCo again). In part, a lot of the violence directed AGAINST Ford was orchestrated as much by his CORPORATE rivals as by the unions.

        And, don’t forget, old Henry had the “nerve” to publish the “Dearborn Independent” and distribute copies of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Made CERTAIN folks sorta “touchy”! And, in spite of condemning “Jewish Bolshevism”, Ford had NO problem with making a deal with Stalin’s USSR, establishing joint Ford-USSR ventures, like the GAZ factory in Nihzny Novogorod (called Gorki during the Communist era) and later the Kama River truck plant (which also produced all the diesel tank engines for the Soviet Army). Never mind that Ford had, and still has, operations overseas, as in the UK and Germany, and you’ve got a whole lot of parties which can make trouble FOR you (or AGAINST you).

        • Henry Ford’s “goons” were part of his “Service Department” (yes, that was the real name of his investigative division) who investigated both prospective and current employees, making sure that they were living up to American ideals and standards. Ford’s high-paying jobs were so desirable, employees were willing to put up with Ford’s intrusive policies. That being said, some of today’s immigrants could use a good “talking to” on how to be a “good American”.
          As to Ford’s “Dearborn Independent” articles on the “Protocols”, he later realized that he was fighting a battle that he could not win. Constructing factories and making vehicles for “Uncle Joe” was just another business deal, no different than what IBM was doing in pre-war Germany. In both cases, it was only business.

          • As for “Nazi-shaming” IBM re: “Holohoax”, like many German subsidiaries of American corporations, by 1938 or so, IBM GbmH was more or less on its own, operating as an independent company from its USA “parent”. The punch card and tabulating machine business been the state-of-the-art in data processing, of course the SS would use them to manage their inmates, as undoubtedly the Wehrmacht was doing to manage military personnel. Too make it short (too late), the IBM parent would likely have had no idea of what its German subsidiary was up to, not that they were necessary looking TOO hard. Nor would Ford have had much to do with German military contracts, or GM with its Opel subsidiary, such was the way things were done. Standard Oil, likewise, sold petroleum to the Nazi regime, but it’s not as if the Rockefeller family knew about it or was involved with that business decision, being it was some 30 years after the 1911 anti-trust breakup. Like many of the “Seven Sisters” of the oil business, Standard by that time was quite a few separate companies, some of them overseas and/or in neutral countries that were not bound against trade with Germany.

      • Henry Ford certainly di not invent the corporate goon squad. Does the name Pinkerton ring a bell? Pullman strike? Ludlow massacre?

        Mr. Ford was, however, a great believer in vertical integration of industry, keeping functions in house as opposed to contracting with “independent” (actually captive) subcontractors.

  9. I read somewhere, a guy in who executing his job, runs across the vast spectrum of employees: VP’s, to line managers, to line workers. His observation was that propensity to get the jab, or to accept what the jab offers, goes down as with one’s rank in the company. The premise of his article was to say it wasn’t across race, but across class. Well presented and I found it to be quite reasonable logic.

  10. Ol’ Doc Hess stated, “our employee population”. Why not put it more bluntly, “Our F-ing Slaves”.

    Go back and read the Declaration of Independence. We are endowed BY OUR CREATOR with certain unalienable RIGHTS. That in order to preserve those Rights governments are instituted among men, etc.

    In other words, our Rights can just as easily and effectively abused, denied and rescinded by NON government actors. In this case, corporations. Governments, in Jefferson’s mind, were set up to protect us from abuse, not enable it. Or, as Doc Hess makes clear, private ownership of slaves is OK.

  11. Just heard a rumor that unvaccinated GM employees will be forced to drive a Chevy Bolt until they agree to take the jab…….

    • It’s Chevy “Volt”, not “Bolt”, which is an animated dog. The Chevy product is likewise a “dog”, just not so “animated”.

      • Hi Douglas,

        The Chevy Volt is a plug in hybrid, unlike any other. The Bolt is a pure EV. The Volt is a brilliant car which, if any of the eco-loons actually believed their own bullshit, would be seen, and promoted, as vastly superior to pure EV’s.

        I posted this awhile back,

        In reply to Anonymous.

        “Hi Anon,

        “maybe – someone can make an electric generator that fits in that front trunk space freed up in electric cars……”

        Someone did, Chevy engineers. The result being the Volt, a brilliant car, and the only EV that makes any sense. It combines the convenience of an EV for daily commuting and the practicality of an ICE for long distance driving. It can be fully charged overnight on standard household equipment, gets 35-50 miles of pure EV range (more than enough for most commuting needs) and doesn’t demand a new, redundant nationwide infrastructure to operate practically. So, of course, the only sensible, full purpose, EV has been canned in favor of long range pure EV’s. Which, if widely adopted, will require a massive increase in generating capacity, and huge changes in residential and commercial infrastructure. Curious how the “environmental costs” of the massive, and necessary (to make EV’s even poorly approximate the practicality of an ICE), infrastructure changes is never discussed by the mainstream media and the PTB. It’s almost like “saving the planet” is not the real goal”.


        • Here in “Wokeland” (Sacramento Metro Area, NorCal), I’ve seen plenty of “Volts”, but no “Bolts”, so I wondered if someone had misheard the brand name. From what I recall, wasn’t the “Volt” designed as a plug-in hybrid from the get-go? In that respect, better than the much ballyhooed Prius, which otherwise, IMO, has been well-engineered.

          I agree that considering all the issues of infrastructure, increased demand for electricity generation, and problems of disposal of batteries, that the gains to “save the planet” would be nebulous if not downright ILLUSORY.

          • Hi Douglas,

            Yes, the Volt was designed as a plug in hybrid from the get go. But, even there it is unique. It operates as an EV, even when the engine is running. Except in very rare circumstances, the engine simply acts as an on board generator. My Volt (first generation) will go about 35 miles on battery power, more than enough for most of my daily driving needs. It will fully recharge overnight on standard household power, no 240 “fast charger” upgrades necessary. But, I can make an impromptu cross country trip (which I’ve done) without having to plan it around charging stations, When the battery is depleted, the engine/generator seamlessly kicks on and provides juice for the electric motor. Chevy did a terrible job marketing the car, most thought it was just a short range EV or hybrid like the Prius.


      • Douglas:
        Do an internet search for the Chevy Bolt…….GM is taking a one billion dollar charge to recall and replace the battery in every Bolt sold due to charging fires(Source—Zero Hedge).

        • One…BILLION…dollar…”Charge”. Har dee har har har…

          What should be sobering it’s that’s chump change anymore, definitely in “Gubmint” (think of the late Senator Everett Dirksen) and even in the big corporations.

  12. I think what’s the most perplexing here (though WE understand a bit more about what’s it’s really all about) is the lack of any kind of acknowledgement that the vaccines do NOTHING to “stop the spread”. It is now blatantly and unmistakably obvious. And “stopping the spread” is the only ostensible impetus behind mandating vaccines. And, as we’re beginning to see, they might actually be promoting the spread. “You’re killing grandma, fucking vaxxers!”
    Though, of course, much of the population is completely ignorant to any of these revelations.

    • ‘Vaccines do NOTHING to “stop the spread”. It is now blatantly and unmistakably obvious.’ — BaDnOn

      The CDC’s report on July 2021 breakthrough cases in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, released August 6, 2021, speculated that ‘the viral load of vaccinated and unvaccinated persons infected with SARS-CoV-2 is similar.’

      Obviously, this implies that vaccinated people can spread covid. But the CDC did not explore this implication. Their only practical reco was ‘more masks.’

      Still fixated on vaccine efficiency rather than the now-delicate topic of stopping the spread, this week the CDC admitted that ‘Adjusted Vaccine Efficiency during this Delta-predominant period was 66%.’

      A month earlier, an Israeli Health Ministry study found Pfizer’s vaccine efficiency had dropped to 39% against the delta variant.

      BUT, the original US FDA criterion for licensing vaccines was a threshold of 50% efficiency. If efficiency in fact has dropped to 39%, Pfizer vax don’t even qualify for licensing anymore.

      The rule of law says take the sucker off the market, now. But Big Pharma, moving the goalposts, says ‘Triple vax, then we can advance the ball just past the 50 percent line. First down! And it’s all legal!

      • Hey Jim,

        Regarding your last line: MAYBE… I see a law of diminishing returns coming to haunt them. Interesting though. I didn’t know about a requirement for 50% efficiency. Makes me wonder how flu vaccines make the cut, but I guess since there is a new one every year…

        • ‘To ensure that a widely deployed COVID-19 vaccine is effective, the primary efficacy endpoint point estimate for a placebo-controlled efficacy trial should be at least 50%.’ See page 14 of this FDA document dated June 2020:

          The 50% efficacy threshold has gone down the memory hole. But it’s plausible that Israel’s triple-vax debacle was urged upon them by Pfizer in a desperate bid to preserve licensure of BNT162b2 vaccine — now in jeopardy if the Israeli figure of 39% is correct.

  13. This is purely second hand anecdotal for sure, but last year a friend of mine was fired from her job without due process. This was a pretty clear case of wrongful termination and any B-grade lawyer would be able to get a pretty good settlement, which is all she wanted. It took her two months to find a lawyer because most of them were swamped with COVID cases, where employees were suing the employer for not providing a “safe” working environment. You bet they’re going to require vaccination, just because the legal department says so.

    And now that the drooler in chief has made it a requirement for all federal employees, it will quickly spread to any company that has a government contract, state governments and their contractors, and then pretty much anyone who enters a government building, like the DMV. I wonder what will happen when a potential juror is called up for duty but is unvaccinated? Will they get a deferral or be in contempt of court?

    • youre friend should have found another job instead of bitching to a lawyer. To yours and Erics point yes the mandates are getting fierce. Illinois Governor fatso just rolled out a whole slew of illegal ones yesterday that directly affects me. The enforcement process is a bit of a joke so far but wait for retinal scans and federal databases.

      • Hi Mark,

        I note for the record that Pritzker – like so many of the people using “health” as the excuse to tyrannize the population – is a disgusting fat slob who has obviously taken very little care of his health. The insolent effrontery of such people infuriates me. They cannot be troubled to moderate what they eat, nor to exercise – and so are “vulnerable” to sickness – but people who do actually take care of their health, proactively, and for that reason are unthreatened by this sickness must be forced to perform various acts of Kabuki for the sake of these people’s fears about getting sick. And now, we are threatened with something that isn’t merely degrading but actually dangerous – by people whose personal choices are the main reason they themselves are in “danger.”

        To be clear: I bear no animosity toward overweight people, per se. Indeed, I feel sympathy for them. But they cross a line when they start to lecture – and threaten – other people, who are not the problem. The problem is themselves – and it’s up to them to deal with it.

      • She’s less than 5 years from being eligible for social security. She’s not going to get a new job. I know I’m only hearing her side, but it seems to follow a pattern I’ve seen before, where an older manager hires someone who is able to fix major problems but steps on toes (usually by fixing someone else’s cock-up). Manager protects the good employee and department is ultimately much better than before. Then manager leaves and replacement is a bullshitter with “people skills.” So now competent employee is under the microscope and becomes a target.

        She has a good case, it’s not a small company that will be bankrupted by standard 2 years salary and go away settlement, and this manager was a bad hire. There needs to be consequences for hiring incompetent middle managers.

        • yes but that consequence should be a decline in that company’s competitive position by making poor staffing choices not handled through the courts and judged by communists. really got to disagree with you on that one. She’ll make a ton of money via government sugar daddy anyway.

  14. Eric, am wondering – if you have a jab because your company mandated it, and then you have an issue – who’s liable? Is it the same as workplace injury ?

    • There seem to be opinions going both ways on whether an employer would be liable for injury due to mandated vaccination. Probably it would have to be decided in the courts.

      • And if things go as they should, it should happen rather quickly, and possibly massively. I have little faith in the courts, but this will inflict pain on those requiring vaccination. Any other thing an employer does that damages your health, including such mundane things as failing to adequately deice the sidewalk, is grounds for judgment, so I can see no reason not for compelled vaccination.

    • I just saw news report recently, featuring a TV “lawyer”, claiming that you have no recourse because you didn’t HAVE to take the jab, because you could just quit. The same with apartment buildings issuing the requirement.

      That said, I’ll bet a lawsuit against said company or apartment COULD go the distance.

      How many lawsuits have been successful regarding employer negligence or outright malicious disregard? Many. Hell, if people successfully sue for slipping on a recently mopped floor or spilling fucking hot coffee on their lap, a suit regarding an injury caused by a mandatory jab SHOULD sure-as-hell be taken seriously.

      If not, then we’ll know the courts have been fully infiltrated. And I’m sure some here will say that is already the case.

      • The TV lawyer is wrong. Let’s compare two situations. An employer that requires the “jab” introducing a foreign substance into one’s body as a condition of continued employment is no different than the employer who demands to see a woman employee’s breasts as a condition of continued employment.
        The problem is that many lawyers are not too bright and will go along with the flow. The key is to find some hungry lawyer who is willing to take the case.

        • Anarchyst,

          I tend to agree, although those cases are quite a bit different in that the woman who shows her breasts might be psychologically and emotionally scarred, but the vax victim might be paralyzed or dead.

          About lawyers being not too bright: I can’t speak to that. Though, from my experience, they usually just know what forms to fill out and where to find them. Then of course, there is legal precedent, meaning you need to do a little research. That may be quite oversimplified, but I’ll bet a little legal precedent exists here, and you’re right. A lawyer with something to prove could make all the difference.

        • P.S.

          After seeing Freelance’s thorough and articulate response below, you can conclude that 1. He’s quite sharp and 2. The situation looks grim.

          • BDO (and everyone)

            Thanks for the complimentary notes on my rough “once-around-the-track” on the perils of seeking redress in the government courts.

            It occurs to me that to try to challenge the Will of the Government by litigating in the courts is like trying to challenge the Will of Bill Gates by playing Call of Duty on XBOX.

    • Hi Nasir,

      That’s a legal question and I’m not qualified to answer it; Freelance is, though – and I’m hoping he will chime in. The weird aspect here is that the manufacturer of the item in question is largely immune from liability. So that leaves the employer. I suspect the courts will say that it was not forced; that one could avoid the Jab by quitting. Of course, there is also the element of duress and the fact that an employer cannot legally mandate an employee do or submit to anything they say. For example, I imagine it would be actionable if an employer demanded an employee show her breasts – and I think there have been successful lawsuits about such things.

      I suppose we’ll soon see.

      • Eric,

        Yes, and I know you and I and others have ranted on this before, but these repugnantly duplicitous swine have fought for and won endless regulatory efforts against private employers regarding every facet of business and safety, effectively showering on employers many onerous burdens and restrictions.

        …And now, it’s “Of course they can mandate a jab! Employers can do whatever they want!”. Makes me sick to hear these hypocrites. One way or the other, assholes!

      • Either way, the problem is as you have outlined it in the article – that corporations and government are nearly one. In practice, this will mean that I expect courts to fully side with the corporations in terms of likely outright dismissal of such cases. I don’t expect them to reach the merits, because the “wrong” result could be a great disaster to the corporations. Government won’t allow that, so they’ve got the corporations’ backs. Look how F’n deferential the courts have been to every intrusion that carries a covid label. Why would that change here?

        Even if a case or two reaches the merits in favor of the employees, many would likely be reversed on appeal. Then, you might at best have a circuit split. Anyone think the Supreme Court would even grant cert, and if they did, would rule in favor of the people? Then we’d have PRECEDENT (there’s that word again) that will be exploited for God knows what else, as is the usual course of things.

        Look, in a sane world, which we don’t have, you might expect redress in the courts. I would not expect this to be an avenue that’s going to turn out well. Again, we have almost no recourse and the walls are closing in fast.

      • Hey Eric:

        Nasir asks 2 questions: 1.) “Who’s liable?” and 2.) “Is it workplace injury?” (The answers to both are pretty complicated, boring, and non-reassuring.)

        Starting with #2: This issue would be determined in an administrative court that has special jurisdiction over the state’s Workers’ Compensation program, which is a highly formula-based statutory scheme of more-or-less no-fault compensation. I am not yet aware of anyone making a work-comp claim based on a Stabby Boo-Boo. But an administrative court would make the determination, usually with limited recourse to a general court in certain circumstances as an appellate process (depending on jurisdiction). OSHA has vacillated on whether they would treat it as an injury in the “course and scope” of employment for the purposes of reporting-requirement compliance. The latest word is: no, it would not trigger reporting requirements as a workplace injury. This policy won’t necessarily control one way or the other whether a work-comp claim could be denied, but it would probably be persuasive to the work-comp administrative court.

        But the thing is: Workers Compensation is a fucking nightmare. If your claim is indeed deemed a “workplace injury” then you are entitled to rigidly-calculated compensation based on a manual of arbitrary codes-and-amounts. No runaway sympathetic juries or blockbuster verdicts are possible. You get something an actuary has calculated for your injury class X income X reduction in capacity (and so forth). You’re stuck in a bureaucratic labyrinth with a pittance to show for it at the end of the day, best-case scenario. (So be careful what you wish for if you decide to file a work-comp claim.)

        Re #2: Short answer is: YOU ARE! (By default.) Can you maybe thread the needle and shift that “liability” to someone else, such as the employer? Well, if you sued the employer, they might very well decide to take the position that it’s an injury in “course and scope” precisely so that they can send you into the pauper’s prison of the work-comp bureaucracy, so that they avoid the potential exposure of a full-value jury verdict. (See how it’s all set up to FUCK you?!?!) Even if you win that issue, the employer won’t be on the hook under products liability (which is more-or-less strict liability in most states) because the employer is not in the actual chain of distribution. Therefore, now you’ve got to get them for vanilla “Negligence.” For that, you’ve got to prove: FIRST: that the employer did an unreasonable thing by requiring the Stab. This is an exceedingly hard sell to a jury full of masked-up, fully-vaxxed, pharmaslave TeeVee acolytes. SECOND: you’ve got to prove MEDICAL CAUSATION which would be virtually impossible. In all likelihood, your judge will exclude ANY expert willing to say that the Stab caused the injury, because any such opinion by its very nature runs counter to “principles and methods generally accepted in the medical and scientific communities.”

        To me, it is a very open question about whether the manufacturer is on the hook under Products Liability under this “approved” name..Criminality? Comorbidity? Something like that. Some groups (like Children’s Health Defense) SEEM to be assuming that only the EUA version is protected under the PREP Act, but I am not satisfied of that yet, and the issue won’t be ripe until they Freaks in Charge exhaust their backlog of the EUA-label inventory.

        I bet you wish you hadn’t nudged me to weigh in!

        • One more note: remember that the JUDGE IS ALSO a mask-gimp vaxxhead who goes home every night, doffs his Wraith-Robe and vegges to CNNBCSM for four hours.
          Right now, as the courts are gearing up to resume trial calendars in earnest (yes, they’ve mostly been closed since March 2020!), it is a hotly-contested issue whether unvaxxed will even be permitted to serve on juries!

          This is the mentality you’ll be dealing with! And soon, of course, nobody unvaxxed will even be permitted to set forth in the courthouses!

          Non-adherents to Covidism should pretty much write off any notion of seeking redress in the “courts”.

            • I try to tone down the sarcastic characterizations, but it’s difficult to restrain myself, so sometimes I run into mild trouble from the bench.
              But usually judges adore me.
              (And I pretend the feeling is mutual…)

        • Hey, F.P.,
          In Commifornia, GovCo has decreed that if you contract the dread COVID, the legal presumption is that you were infected at your place of employment. I do not have a reference, but remember reading this crazy idea some time ago. The craziness caused it to stick in my mind.

          So, if your “adverse outcome” involves diagnosis with active COVID subsequent to receiving the jab, it would seem irrelevant whether you got the jab. Employer has a CalOSHA reportable, unless he can prove you got the ‘VID somewhere else (GFL). At least, that is my understanding. It is bullshit, I know, but I have not heard of a legal challenge to date. Of course, finding that out via the local Commie press would be difficult, even if it happened.

          I see that as the only possible exception to your excellent and thorough analysis.
          Stroke? Heart attack? Yer f*cked.
          Got the ‘VID? Your employer, poor bastard, is on the hook, but only to the extent of having his insurance rating downgraded, which is not a trivial result.

          Clearly, jurisdiction matters. FL or VA may have other rules, or simply defer to US OSHA, which AFAIK, has no such presumption. Maybe you can confirm or correct my assertion?

          • A court will NEVER, EVER treat a “breakthrough” case as a consequence of the Stab. Such an assertion wouldn’t even “compute” to the court.
            A “breakthrough” happens despite the Stab, in their minds. And besides: “It would have been so much worse if they hadn’t been vaxxinated!” The employer deserves a medal!

            • Yes, but..
              My point is that, AFAIK, contracting COVID, from whatever source, is LEGALLY PRESUMED, in CA, to be a result of your workplace environment, jab or no jab.

              GovCo & courts being the lying, devious mofos they are, I certainly do not rule out your conclusion.

              It will be interesting to observe their so-called “reasoning,” in that case. I’ll be sure to bring my own popcorn; it should be quite a show.

              The court will probably “take judicial notice” of whatever the quivering piece of tofu in the black robe believes to be true, and that will be that.
              A Doctor-God said it, heshe believes it, and that settles it. Amen.

              One thing is certain: logic will have absolutely nothing to do with it. 🙁

              • The reason Cali. decreed that outlandish “presumption” was to scare employers with the prospect of direct liability (for failure to “follow guidelines” and “implement mitigation measures”).

                It’s funny: they probably didn’t consider whether that presumption would trigger work-comp coverage, because that wasn’t their concern…and frankly that would never concern them too much. (What does Gov. Gruesome care if some low-rent work-comp carrier has to pay for some anti-inflammatory steroids for two weeks for a handful of sniffly workers?)

                In juridical practice, I find it most likely that a regular court would allow a claim against an employer for “Negligence in Following CDC Guidelines” but at the same time a Work-Comp board would deem that exact same illness not in course-and-scope so as to trigger work-comp coverage.

                They don’t have to prove a harmonious coexistence of the two outcomes to you.

                • >The reason Cali. decreed that outlandish “presumption” was to scare employers
                  Yes, exactly right, and thereby coerce them into becoming “law” (actually, decree) enforcers. Note it is *all* employers, not just the medical industry.

                  As you have pointed out, the “big dick” which has been stuck up their arses has two prongs, and the more fearsome of the two sometimes uses the alias “Saul Goodman.”

                  To my knowledge, Comp claims go first to the employer’s Worker’s Comp carrier, and that insurance company would be the entity which would be in a position to challenge the “presumption” of workplace injury.

                  Are they likely to do that? Well, that depends. The information I have from my brother, who retired as a claims specialist with State Farm, is that is a routine cost-benefit calculation. It comes down to either a) pay policy limits, or b) litigate.

                  The policy holder has no say in that decision, but gets to pay increased premiums in case substantial claims are paid. Nice, eh? And in the case of hospitalization, the claims *will* be substantial.

                  If “litigate,” in this instance, actually means appeal to a State administrative board rather than a court of law, then I can say, based on my own experience with State of CA Labor Board, the Board’s primary objective will be a quick settlement, because the administrator gets high marks for number of cases settled. Binding arbitration, IOW.

                  >They don’t have to prove a harmonious coexistence of the two outcomes to you.
                  Of course not. Two distinct proceedings in two distinct venues. That is why there can be simultaneously four, five, or six fingers, as the Party may decree, on any given day.

                  How many fingers do you see, Winston?

        • Hi Freelance – thanks for this info…. yes perhaps ignorance was bliss in this case. Though wanted to know as my brother whos in the US doesnt want to take the jab, but his company has mandated it. Lets see where it goes.

    • I was talking to my wife about this today. I am going to have a lawyer draft up a “waiver” to present to the company declaring that if I am required to have the jab to maintain employment, then they accept all liability for any adverse events that occur as a result of said jab. If they do not sign, and I am fired, it may help my case when I sue their assses.

      • Catherine Austin Fitts has a template of just such a document at

        (This is not an endorsement or an opinion of the usefulness or advisability of using such a document.)

      • Philo,
        Before you send your attorney letter…read this from yesterday over at Lew Rockwell
        Just remember the narrative of the vaccines doing good is crumbling and time is on your side. Wait out the deadline then start the process.
        (If you are on the *keep team* and a good asset maybe just go direct to your President and tell him; I’m not taking the jab and knock off this crap and stop wasting our time.

        • These examples from Allan Stevo are pretty good if one wants to bide time and remain at their job. I agree with him when he says things can change on a dime. September 2021 is going to be a month that will either be “Winds of Change” (cred given to The Scorpions) or things will remain the same (or even worse), but we know what to prepare for.

          1. Gavin Newsome (CA gov) is up for recall on September 14th. If he is (and Aunt Nancy doesn’t throw in some additional ballots) it is likely Larry Elders (a Republican) will be a shoo in for the governorship. This will not only have a paramount effect on the state, but quite possibly the US Senate and the country. Barbara Feinstein (US Senator) is 88 years old. It is obvious to anymore that watches and listens to her that she is not all there. If she was to pass (or resign due to her health) Elder would have the ability to name a new Senator until the next election. This would put the US Senate at 51-49 Republicans. There are a lot of what ifs in this scenario so I am not holding my breath, but it isn’t impossible.

          2. Justin Trudeau is up for re-election on September 20th. If anyone has been reading the news out of Canada a very loud minority are downright pissed. Trudeau has had to cancel events and hire additional security. As of right now the Conservatives and Liberal Parties are neck in neck with about 32% of the vote each. The New Democrat Party has around 20% of the vote. This is going to be a nail biter and could very well change the Canadian government’s direction for the incoming years.

          3. Afghanistan…..who the hell knows what will happen. I would not be surprised to find a few ISIS-K members to have made it on board our planes and have since landed at Dulles Airport. This September 11th is the 20th anniversary of 9-11. Do we expect for all to be quiet on the Western Front? I hope it is a boring day, but the Taliban and ISIS have proven to us that they are extremely patient. A few large venue attacks or grocery store bombings and COVID will be the last thing on Americans mind.

          4. Hurricane Ida. An expected Cat 4 aiming for the Gulf Coast. Old lady named hurricanes should always be worrisome – Camille, Opal, Katrina, Donna, Sandy, Laura…..they never show up quietly. Just another crisis for Uncle Joe to handle.

          5. President Harris? I don’t know whether to just move or gag….maybe both. It could be a horrible month for our current senile Manchurian Candidate. Would Nancy actually invoke the 25th? I guess we will see if Joe makes it through the month.

          • Hi, RG,

            The Nuisance,
            a.k.a. Greasy Gavin,
            a.k.a Gruesome Newsom,
            must go, sooner or later.
            Whether that will happen this coming September 11th, er, 14th, is anybody’s guess, but I am long (not short) that transaction, though I personally voted thumbs down. Place your bets now, folks. The official Voter Information Guide provides ample evidence that the formerly great State of California is truly the Land of Granola (fruits, nuts, and a large residue of flakes).

            As a resident of western Riverside County, I was proud to vote for our very own County Supervisor, Jeff Hewitt, though I have no expectation of him winning. It says something not very flattering about CA that a talk show host is considered the front runner, and the only previously successful recall of a governor installed an action movie star in Sacramento. Realize this is the state which previously brought us (in reverse chronological order) Ronnie Raygun, George Murphy, and Helen Gahagan.
            Prof. Tom Lehrer wrote a song about that, which you can find on YouTube, and the Austin lounge Lizards wrote one focusing only on “Big Ron,” which you can also find on YouTube, if you are so inclined. 🙂

            Perhaps Ms. Pelosi’s political prospects would improve were she to form a musical group, of which she would be the lead “singer.” I propose the name “Screechin’ Nancy and the Nancy Boys, she being U.S. Rep from San Francisco. I shudder to speculate on possible choice of material.

            Former Gov. Moonbeam (Jerry Brown) at least had the good sense and taste to date Linda Ronstadt.

            >Barbara Feinstein
            That would be Dianne Feinstein, former mayor of San Francisco, in which capacity she did an excellent job, IMO.
            However, she appears to be well past her “last permitted sell date,” as you have noted.
            Her husband, Richard Blum:
            is, shall we say, connected. Clearly, any replacement would need to be, as well, which is one more reason I do not hold my breath in anticipation of a talk radio host being installed as Governor of California. TPTB are unlikely to allow that, IMO.

            Weaving spiders, kommen sie hier. Schnell, bitte.

            • Yep, you are right. I was thinking Barbara Boxer, hence Barbara Feinstein….they kinda are the same person. Barbara just no longer happens to be in Congress. Heard she got robbed of a telephone recently. How bad is crime when even former Democrat Senators are assaulted?

              I am not holding my breath that Newsome will be recalled. There is too much money and too many Democrat hands in the cookie jar, but I like to appeal on wishful thinking. I am not a great fan of Larry’s….never listened to his radio show, have seen him on the news as a contributor a few times, but, I just want the mess in CA to come to a screeching halt and maybe get the streets cleaned up a bit. It would be nice to turn on the San Fran news (which I watch time to time) and not see tent cities on sidewalks and in front of businesses or when watching what is going on in LA and they show pics of Venice Beach….we could actually see the beach. It is the small things.

              • Hi, RG,
                >.they kinda are the same person.
                injection molded, no doubt. 🙂

                There are many “campers” on the sidewalks of downtown LA, as well as along the Santa Ana River Trail. The “good people” of Orange County complained loudly enough last year for the “tent cities” along SART (Obamaville? Bidenville?) to be raided, although I do not know if they were totally dismantled. Here in Riverside County, homeless encampments have the opportunity to hide out in the giant cane (Arundo Donax) along the SA River bottom, coexistent with feral hogs, and out of the purview of the Jennifers and Todds who like to go “hikinggg” but do not want to see anything which disturbs their tender sensibilities..

                From time to time, Riverside Sheriff’s deputies roust them, but my sense is that RSO would rather let them be, as long as they aren’t harming anyone.

                Too bad there is no such thang as “smellovision,” in which case you would be privileged to experience the “vibrant atmosphere” of Baghdad by the Bay, replete with the odor of human urine and human feces, which I understand some denizens of that locale find to be quite charming.

            • TB,

              I think RG confused Diane Franken Feinstein with Barbara Boxer. Both were commie hags; both were from CA; and both served in the US Senate. Under those circumstances, it’s easy to mistake one for the other; after all, there’s little DIFFERENCE between Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein…

              • Boxer, Fartstain, Hitlery, Peloosey….I can’t tell any of those rabid disgusting dykes apart- They could well all be the same person for all I know. Has anyone ever seen them all together at the same time?

                Ditto Moo-shell Obozo and Scamal Harris- Scamala could well just be Moo-shell with a case of what Michael Jackson had- ya know, that thing what causes yer skin to go light….white envy.

                • Amazing what a light sandblasting can do for a politician’s career, eh? Notice the mulattos are all referred to as “people of color,” not blacks, which might be too scary.

                  I heard a rumor, long ago, that Barry O’s favorite Christmas carol is “White Christmas.” Actually I made up the rumor; it seems plausible to me. 🙂

                  I once worked with a black fellow, Roy Thompson, a preacher’s son with a sense of humor, who had this to say:
                  “I’m black, not ‘colored.’ Some of you ‘white’ people have blue eyes, yellow hair, ,and a red neck. Now that’s what *I* call ‘colored.’ “

                  • **”Some of you ‘white’ people have blue eyes,
                    yellow hair, ,and a red neck. Now that’s what *I* call ‘colored.’ “”**

                    LOL! THat’s a keeper! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I left GM several months ago because it was clear this, along with other craziness, was coming. Several other coworkers left as well. I now have many former colleagues, who I expected to be GM lifers, calling me asking for me to hire them. People that have options will leave. This won’t bode well long term for GM or other corporations that follow suit.

    • Hi xGM,

      Kudos to you and the other former employees. I hope you were able to be rehired quickly. It is a tough call, because the possibility of no paycheck for a time is a hard pill to swallow, but you and others stood by your principles and nothing beats that.

    • Hi xGM, do you have any idea how many people are willing to resign over this? I mean if its only a few, unfortunately doubt it would impact GM much…

    • Thank you for taking the stand you have, xGM –

      I personally know a number of people who either worked or work for GM still; off the record, they tell me interesting/harrowing things about the goings-on there. It saddens me greatly, as GM was once a fine company, led by car-guys who loved vehicles and driving and would have been floored by this Woke stuff that has taken over upper management. I still love my Trans-Am, of course – but it was made before GM changed.

      • Well, Mr. Peters, everyone knows, esp. Scott Kilmer, that GM’s days are numbered and by very few. Will it even exist in 3 years? I am not betting on it.

      • I agree. If you resign, you forfeit all rights. They are the ones making demands of you. If you quit, you are letting them off the hook. Make them follow through on their threats so you may have standing if you choose to take things to court.

        • Aside from that, firing somebody can be emotional and difficult to do, especially where the employee is well-liked. Make the employer engage in this difficult task knowing that he is now depriving somebody of his livelihood. Make the employer have to sleep with that on his conscience.

  16. And speaking of GM: They have recently decreed that by 2023, all of their new cars will be equipped with an interlock device which prevents one from shifting into drive if the driver’s seatbelt is not buckled! (It is becoming more and more apparent why manual trannies have been being phased out). This “feature” is already offered as an ‘option’ on a few of their current models, and believe is already standard equipment on at least one current model.

    There is no government mandate for this (Yet…) -GM has just arrogated to itself the authority to impose such upon those who are clueless enough to buy GM’s junk.

    Or, does GM know that such an interlock will may soon be mandated by the tyrants?

    • Nunz, as you are probably aware the seatbelt interlock thing was imposed by government diktat back in the 1970s (in that case the car would not even start until you buckled up) but the public outcry was so strong that Uncle actually capitulated on that one.

      Of course back then the saaaaaaafety cult was not nearly as strong as it is today. Middle-aged adults at that time had lived through the Great Depression and the war and had a totally different mindset than today’s snowflakes.

      • Ya know what’s interesting,Jason? That companies used to care so much about the bottom line, that when they saw that their actions were met with disapproval by the public, they quickly changed course so as to curry the favor of the public. Of course, that was when actually selling products and making a profit thereby was the primary occupation of these corporations- as opposed to today, where appealing to Wall Street by maintaining the philosophy and image of the month; currying the favor and subsidies of bureaucrats; and ‘carbon credits’ are of more concern than attracting and retaining actual customers.

        AND that there used to be a public outcry when the public would see something which would invade their privacy, destroy their liberty, or offend the traditional values held by most- vs. today where the majority will throw their own culture andvalues under the bus so as not to appear to be hostile towards nor ‘offend’ some freakish 0.1% contingent of freaks, or where people will see their privacy being blatantly invaded, what they say and what they see censored, and have their senses mortally offended, and just shrug and say “Oh well, what can you do?”, because the cost of suffering even the slightest inconvenience- like not being able to be herded the zoos they call airports, or not being able to use Facebook is just too much of a price to pay- even for many who hope for a revolt, as they wait for others to perform one.

        • Hey Nunz!
          Growing up as you did in the NY/NJ area a comment I heard a lot of was “none of your damn business” or “mind your own business”.
          We need to go back to those good old days.

          • Some people have shockingly lost this ability. Now they think everything is their business. Like the neighbor who called the cops on my nephew for riding his small quad on the road a grand total of 7 houses from his house to mine so he could play with his cousins. Or the branch covidians who think me wearing a piece of cloth over my face and injecting myself with their poison jab is going to keep them safe from the scary virus.

      • Hi Jason,
        I had a rental car back then with one of those interlocks and it was a complete pita. The only way we found to start the damn thing was to fasten the seat belt on the empty driver’s seat and then turn the key while standing outside the car. Can’t wait to see how the newest iteration of that works out 😖

    • Well, if my ’89 F-150 had such an “interlick* device,” I would have been parked for the past 2 weeks, because the driver’s side seat belt is inoperative.(locked up, will not extend). New seat belt on order, expected to arrive tomorrow.
      Suck mine, bozos.
      Kein Airbag, also.

  17. I was at a long time customers house yesterday to install a new water heater. This guy is very old, but his views always seemed pretty solid and libertarian in nature. He has a huge expensive gun safe in his living room and we have discussed gun related laws many times, he likes to talk politics which I generally avoid while working. About a six months ago I was there to change some faucets and he told me how he wasn’t afraid, would never get jabbed, yada yada yada.

    So I’m about twenty minutes into the installation when he comes out and asks me if I got the ‘vaccine.’ I tell him no, and I have no plans to get it. He tells me he just got his second shot. Then he starts in on how good he feels. Asks me if I know the percent of doctors who have gotten the shot? (He is a retired surgeon by the by.) My answer in a somewhat Forest Gumpish manner is “20 percent?” He then seems to get hostile, almost like a different guy entirely. He looks at me with anger in his eyes and says 98.9 percent. I almost laughed, thinking he’s now trolling me. He’s not, he’s serious as a heart attack, he goes into some spiel about polio. WTF I’m thinking.

    So after listening to this polio rant, and “would I deny ‘polio?” and other nonsensical ravings I told him Every vaccine I ever received, including polio was to protect me, not everyone else, just me. I asked this man of ‘Science’ how 100 years of science could be erased in six months on the say so of one so called doctor. I told him I am waiting for an explanation of why this is different. Not ‘because we say so’ or ‘we are smarter than you,’ or ‘just because.’ But a solid, scientific explanation as to why after 100 years, shots now protect everyone but the recipient.

    At first he was at a loss for words, then he looked at me with a straight face and said, “The science is settled.” I didn’t know weather to laugh or to cry. I considered walking out leaving him without water and telling him to fuck of. The whole incident was very disturbing, it was like someone or something else had taken possession of this little old man who I previously thought had a few brain cells to rub together.

    Something in the mainstream kool-aid has changed this last month. Many oldsters Ive encountered have brought up ‘polio.’ Almost as if you deny the Jim Jones Jab, you are akin to a holocaust denier, AKA Polio denier. Its has empowered them to become crusaders for the shit shot. It is a very disturbing trend that bears watching.

    Cue Thomas Dolby.

    • Hi Norman,

      I think many that have received the jab feel the need to justify it, because the little voice in the back of their head realizes something could be amiss. It they keep telling themselves “I did it for society, my government would never harm me, or all my friends did it and they are fine” they can quiet that nagging little feeling.

      The upsetting thing is the shot has now ruined a once cordial relationship for both parties.

      • Hi RG,

        I think your correct, Ive seen some evidence of this kind of reaction lately. What I hadn’t seen was this much of a 180 from someone I wouldn’t have expected it from. Man of science, lots of letters after his name etc etc etc.

    • Hi Norman: it wouldn’t shock me if it comes out that the jab affects the part of the brain that controls empathy based on my experience with a jabbed relative recently. In my case, an avalanche of accusations was unloaded against me; I’m left with the feeling I’m one step short of being an unfeeling monster in this person’s opinion.

      • Hi Snapdragon,

        I’m sorry about your experience. I had a similar one with my mom who just informed us she had taken both jabs. I didn’t know what to say, almost begun crying except I don’t cry. Then she started carrying on about the whys of it. She told me that the pastor of her church had said it was mandatory for all church activities.

        I was speechless so she went on to tell me that after talking to the pastor she felt it was gods will. She became furious at me when I mansplained to her how GOD had nothing to do with it. Reminded her about GOD giving her an immune system for such things. Also the idea that we are to avoid ‘strong delusions’ and that her pastor is a faggot for telling her GOD demands this, and that if I ever see her pastor again I’m going to beat his ass.

        Needless to say she was furious at that remark, and I as well am now a monster in the eyes of my mom. The worst part is the wife and I now have two moms that were holding out that have now completely given in all in order to fit in.

        • Hi Norman,

          I share your anger toward that pastor; he manipulated and pressured your mom to accept what she instinctively didn’t want to – using his “man of god” aura/authority to sway her. Despicable. I’d want to beat his ass, too.

          • This sounds like Stockholm Syndrome. She was pushed into something she didn’t want to do, but caved into it eventually, and now, she’s an advocate as a way to mentally accept the whole thing.

          • Hi Eric,

            This news was pretty unsettling. The wife and I spent over a month with her, and a couple months with Mom in law over the winter. We set them both up with food delivery, got their houses squared away so they could both have live in help if they needed it. They were both adamant against the Vax. Now six months later they both caved.

            The state of California is at fault. She had a water aerobics class she went to three times a week for years. They shut it down in the early days of the pandemic. Her church as well shut down. I ask myself what kind of a church allows themselves to be shut down. Thats right a corporatist church owned lock stock and barrel by big daddy .Guv.

        • Sorry to hear about your experience, Norman. Thank you though, for mansplaining things to her. It’s just incredible to me that people believe (all of a sudden) that humans need frequent injections of artificial chemicals to keep them alive. It’s just insanity. How did the human race possibly survive all these thousands, who knows, ten thousands of years without these God-forsaken jabs?

      • Hi Snap,

        It’s interesting how they invert this, isn’t it? We’re “selfish” for asking questions, looking into it, making decisions based on facts and reason – and absolutely defending the right of others to do precisely the same, as regards themselves. But these “self-less” people expect us to do as they feel and if we don’t, then we are somehow bad people.

        • Hi Eric: yes, it is interesting and surreal. I do cry sometimes, but not very often. This latest encounter, which was an airing of self-rightous grievances towards me and my husband, left me in tears.

        • It’s Fear. 24/7 fear being put into the minds of everyone watching the idiot box, social media, popular celebrities saying X, websites, newspapers, friends, family ect. The more one sees the Fear Porn, depending on personality type, the more one is liable to get the holy jab.
          Other personality types see the situation as an ‘Extreme Over-Sell’ and that raises all kinds of questions. As in Why? As in something is not right about all of this..

    • ‘Then [the retired surgeon] looked at me with a straight face and said, “The science is settled.”’ — Norman Franklin

      This codger thinks a credential he earned decades ago makes him a scientist. He’s wrong.

      Science changes fast, particularly in medicine. A lay person who diligently reads recent, original sources can be better informed than a professional who lacks the time or motivation to keep up to date.

      Old Sawbones don’t know that the Pfizer vaccine study, by design, did not assess whether the vaxxed cohort could spread covid disease. ‘Stop the spread’ was a dogmatic assumption which proved to be sadly false.

      Now we know, from multiple recent studies, that vaxxed individuals can carry the same viral load as unvaxxed people, and thus spread the delta variant.

      In Israel, where the average adult has received more than two jabs, thanks to a month of frenzied triple vaxxing, the daily ‘case rate’ is in total runaway. Today it reached an appalling 937 per million. The chart don’t lie:

      As it turns out, Pfizer’s ZYKLON B vaccine carries a nasty sting in the tail. Five years from now, Israel’s public health faceplant will feature as a cautionary tale in epidemiology textbooks.

      Don’t try this in your own Homelands, comrades!

      • Hi Jim

        I think him telling me the science is settled is more a talking point he picked up than him thinking he’s a scientist, but the question about do I know how many doctors have received the shot? “98.9%” that really blew my mind. Even though I could tell he just pulled it out his ass, he said it with a fervent certainty designed to intimidate me into just accepting it. I really almost walked away. I don’t really need the money and even though I don’t work more than 25-30 hours a week on plumbing I’m thinking its time to find some new skill sets and work from home.

        The only science I know was from high school Biology and Chemistry from way back in the early 80s. I just don’t get how they think they can get away with saying the science changed, thats that. I want to know where they learned that a vaccine no longer protects the recipient, only the world at large. Were they wrong then or are they wrong now. Say it, and back it up with some facts. Not just ‘Faux-che said so thats why’.

        “I am not sick” may become the modern day mantra equivalent to the 60s civil rights people with their signs reading “I am a man.” I am sick of this infantile country full of grown children.

        • Science has changed – it’s gone from hypothesis-driven empirical testing to abstract political science concepts such as consensus and ipse dixit.

          Before last year, I had never known there were so many millions of virologists and immunologists walking among us. I’ve been equally surprised at how my explanations to people about this, as I am a real Ph.D immunologist who both studied T cell response to respiratory viruses and taught medical school not that long ago, are ignored or impugned for being at odds with the official narrative. I’ve lost nearly all respect for people and have little hope for the immediate future – we cannot survive this level of wanton and willful ignorance.

          • Hi Bac,

            The world is awash in experts. It amazes me how many people will watch a you tube video, then all the sudden they are experts. Being a real virologist what do you think? Is it a kill shot or is it not a kill shot? I don’t know, so much heat on each side with very little light.

            The only upside I see if it is a kill shot is that nominal IQ should increase as all these dummies die off.

        • ‘Then [the retired surgeon] looked at me with a straight face and said, “The science is settled.”’

          At one time the science was settled that leaches and blood letting cured illness. Aren’t we glad people of those era’s decided to look for other ways to treat the sick?

          • Yep, and as I understand it, a fellow named George Washington, of whom we have all heard, died of severe anemia because his medical “professionals” bled him out.

            These days, they tend to just bleed your bank account.
            Porsches cost money, you know.

    • Older people, even if they are still in control over their facilities, become more adverse to risk. Part of this is a side effect of coming to terms with your own mortality, but there is clinical evidence that your mind just changes to be more risk adverse. Jordan Peterson talks about this in one of his fable lectures (maybe the one about Pinocchio). And along with that a propensity to defer to authority, which was already very strong in the depression/WW2 generation. I see it in my parents. They’ve always felt that authorities are more trustworthy than other citizens, have a deep love of the Federal Government (and lately a hatred of the state government), but it seems to be magnified now. Oh, not in individual politicians, or even the “three branches,” but the bureaucracy and military are 100% trusted even in the face of clear malpractice/malfeasance.

      • Curious to me, as I seem to be getting less risk averse as I approach my expiration date. True that there are things I use to do that I no longer do because I’m aware of my decline in ability, but the risk has increased, not my aversion to it. I would instead attribute such aversion to the LACK of coming to terms with one’s mortality. I fear death as much as most, but as I have treated fear all my life, I will NOT let it run my life.

    • Hey, Norman,
      You should have asked him about smallpox.
      Those of us of a “certain age” have a scar on our right shoulder which proves we have been vaccinated against smallpox, a deadly disease which kills ~30% of those who contract it. In fact, IIRC, the very term “vaccinate” come from the Latin word for “cow,” (vaca, in Spanish) the smallpox vaccine having been developed by realizing that folks who contracted cowpox, a less lethal disease, were immune to smallpox.

      Today’ s young people are not vaccinated against smallpox, the argument being that smallpox has been “wiped out” “in the wild,” so smallpox vaccination is no longer necessary.

      However, smallpox cultures do exist, in government biowarfare laboratories, along with anthrax, etc., etc.
      The “unvaccinated” (with respect to smallpox) will suffer massive casualties, should a government, or NGO, decide to launch a smallpox biowarfare attack. Those of us old folks who are “fully vaccinated” should do just fine. Most of us also have natural immunity to mumps, measles and chicken pox, as our mothers deliberately got us exposed to those diseases, so we would contract them, recover, and have long lasting immunity. This was considered normal in the 1950s (I was born in 1949).

      Polio was definitely a “big deal” in the 1950s. We all got the Salk vaccine as soon after approval as our family physicians were able to obtain it. I had an elementary school classmate who was unlucky enough to contract polio before the vaccines were available. Like Franklin D. Roosevelt, he could not walk without metal braces on his legs. No baseball for Anthony, unfortunately.

      • blues, this is a deeply fascinating and disturbing observation:

        “The “unvaccinated” (with respect to smallpox) will suffer massive casualties, should a government, or NGO, decide to launch a smallpox biowarfare attack.”

        …especially in light of the concerted effort, it would seem, to hasten the deaths of our elders with the current toxic fake-vcxx…

        • Remember he “anthrax letters” in the aftermath of nahnleven?
          Remember sarin in the Tokyo subway?
          There is always some sicko, or group of sickos, who “bleeve” their perverted agenda justifies killing large numbers of people. It need not be a government entity.

          Then again, it might be. During WWII, that “profound stateman,” Winston (“let’s gas the natives”) Churchill, was all for dropping anthrax on Germany, which would have rendered a large area of central Europe uninhabitable by anyone (not only those evil Germans) for a very long time.

          If you are not familiar with this story, search on Operation Vegetarian. Gruinard Island, the island used by the British for testing their anthrax bioweapons, remained deadly to animal life until some “hippie environmentalists” agitated to have the place cleaned up, decades later.

      • You don’t become immune to chicken pox when you get it. In fact you never get rid of it. You reach an accommodation with it. Until you get Shingles, which is chicken pox part 2. Indeed, those who were vaccinated are at tremendous risk from Measles and Mumps, because they depend on far inferior vaccine immunity in stead of their own.

        • Yes, I know that. I have been fortunate to not get shingles, so far, although I believe you have stated previously that you were not so lucky. My Mom had shingles, twice, and she said it was painful.

          My uncle contracted Mumps as an adult, serving in the U.S. Army during WWII. My understanding, via family folklore, is that Mumps is very painful for adult males, because it attacks the testes (does not cause sterility – my uncle’s four healthy offspring attest to that).
          The disease is much less severe for pre-pubescent males, in whom it mainly results in swollen lymph nodes in the neck, which was my own experience. Sick, but not deathly so, and recovery conveys lifelong immunity.

          I do not understand the mindset that illness is to be avoided at all costs, especially by artificial means, rather than a challenge to be overcome, if possible, by the natural defenses of a healthy organism.

    • Your portrayal of this old guy sounded definitely…creepy, especially with the line “The science is settled” after you brought up a very good point.

      He’s just…gone and…different. To quote Rowdy Roddy, “I don’t like this onnnnne bit.”

  18. I have read about a newly formed group on Gab which consists of business owners who refuse the COVID nonsense (vax and masks). To me, this is the answer to employment problems. The ability to find a friendly employer who will not require such things of their employees.

    I believe I read about it on Lew Rockwell. I am not on Gab, so have not confirmed.

    • I’m on Gab, i can confirm this is true. The page has been started, now its only a matter of getting word out to business owners of the same mindset as us.

    • Philo,

      I heard of that too, via David Knight. Sounds like it might be worth some investigation. That’s the kind of thing that’s needed, and now.

    • We’re in a spiritual war. Any successful tactic is going to be countered by the forces of evil. How, I cannot say because evil has no rules or standards it follows. They may simply murder Torba, another suicide with 4 shotgun blasts to the back of the head. And/or find that Gab is a haven for terrorists, money laundering, and kiddie porn. Bet on it.

      There is no magic bullet- only god will ultimately help you. Religion most likely won’t as it is a corrupt human institution, take pope Bergoglio (Please!). Support good people doing good things, forgive their mistakes. Shun evil doers.

      The tribulations have only begun- get your affairs in order, your philosophy right, your tactics practiced and start thinking about strategy. We all die, it is how we live that matters.

      • Amen, Ernie. The cure for their mortal fear can’t be administered through logic and reason. This is truly a spiritual battle. Logic and reason in the face of heightened fear may work for a time but it’s effect is fleeting. They are in need of an inoculation of their spirit that grants them immunity from the lie that this world and this life is all there is and no matter how oppressive or enslaved their existence, they are at least still “alive”. They need to stop looking around on how to save the temporal and look above on how to save the eternal. Then the battle plans for the temporal become clear.

        If you draw breath this day, it’s b/c this day was granted to you. You didn’t claim it. It was not owed to you. Free will exists and choices have consequences but what percentage do those contribute to you being upright this very day? How close have we all been to seemingly deadly circumstance in our lives and come out unscathed? Was it our choices or just not our time? How many healthy robust people have we all known to simply die of odd, obscure, or sudden circumstances? Unavoidable, beyond knowing the future or unknowable? Would they still be here had they given up all freedoms, crawled in a hole, and outsourced their physical well-being to men proclaiming to be experts & authorities? To what end? History shows us what happens to people who allow themselves to be domesticated by a ruling class. The same thing that happens to all domesticated livestock.

        I imagine most alive today come from a line of ancestors with spiritual foundations to their lives that allowed them to survive extreme events and conditions that would break most of us. They would view the events of today and the behavior of their kin and hide their faces in shame. Surviving what they did took courage and strength yet their strength was not their own. Their strength did not come from self or the worldly. It was granted from above. This is the strength needed to defeat the foes we face today. The strength to continue to seek truth and speak truth in the face of destroyers, deceivers, the deceived and the lost.

  19. I think that those who give a damn have had waaaaaaay long enough to see this sort of thing coming- No, not specifically in this form- i.e having to be injected in order to work for the corporations, but rather the general principle that the vast majority of corporations are amoral or immoral, and that to be dependent upon one for one’s livelihood inevitably requires obedience and compliance to whatever such corps decree. It is not unlike joining the military, in which one cedes all liberty and personal choice and autonomy for a stipend and the ‘security’ of continued servitude(employment).

    It has become accepted as normal for the majority to enter into voluntary servitude- allowing others to dictate how they dress, how they speak, how they behave, what they believe (Think: ‘Sensitivity training’; education requirements, etc.). The requiring of submission to medical treatments is just the next logical step.

    One either rejects such servitude from the moment they become aware of it (For me, thankfully, that moment was when I was very young- and I rejected involvement with such a system before I ever had the chance to become entangled in it), because once one becomes reliant upon that system, and all of the liabilities it entails, it is very very difficult to free oneself. (I only personally know one person who managed to escape after decades of involvement).

    tl;dr: For those who are willing to compromise their liberty and autonomy, and accept the role of being a cog in a machine which imposes such requirements, and which practices and furthers tyranny and censorship, etc., it is rather fitting that it has come down to this.

    • Well said Nunz. You know at least 2, Buddy. My path was different- I was a good student- got good grades, got the National Merit Scholarship and a fellowship full ride to a big name university in Texas. There I had the good fortune to fall in with some punk rock loving, weed smoking surfers.

      But I still followed the school to engineering career path, until just a few months before I graduated. Then I got hit with a “child support” claim by a drunken, drug abusing welfare case and railroaded by the system. That opened my eyes completely to the evil that is the state. Had it not been for that I probably would have been a great conformist rock ribbed Republican backing the war an drugs and “our” boys in blue. I found out that the law is usually the bad guys, that democracy is a gang of thugs and an innocent voting on a gang rape.

      In retrospect, I see God’s hand in educating me and preparing me for what is coming. It is my fervent hope that many others are getting that rude awakening. But it is entirely in god’s hands.

      • Hi Ernie,

        Similar consciousness-expanding experience here. When I was 19 and in college,I was “busted” (man) for growing pot in my dorm room. Charged with felony “production/manufacture with intent to distribute.” Serious stuff. I was handcuffed and taken to jail. My friends bailed me out, but the charge lingered. I was lucky. At court, it was reduced to misdemeanor possession and I got a fine, that’s all. But I could have been a convicted felon, sent to prison. My life essentially destroyed – as many lives have been destroyed – over some plants.

        I realized then, in a very personal way, how evil it is to criminalize conduct that involves no harm to others, where there is no victim. Just “the law” – and the arbitrary, vicious power it wields.

      • **”In retrospect, I see God’s hand in educating me and preparing me for what is coming. “**

        Amen to that, my friend! I literally marvel every day at the myriad of experiences and circumstances I have been blessed to have been able to witness, from my earliest years- both negative and positive- as if literally the way of good and evil being screened before me.

        And the best part is that I did not have to experience most of the bad personally…I was just able to see it like a fly on the wall!

        I wish I could go back and relive my whole life again. I wouldn’t change a thing…I’d just like to experience it again….have a little refresher!

        The crucial moment for me- when I actually made one of my first real choices which would determine what side I was on, was when I decided to drop-out of high skool! Wish that I had documented with picture or something! It was my emancipation proclamation. Cut ties with the system…and never looked back! Happy life with no regrets ensued!

      • Hey, Ernie,
        I am continually amazed by the level of knowledge, intelligence and sophistication which “comes out of the woodwork,” so to speak, on this forum. No one here wears “credentials” on their sleeve, not being insecure, but as time goes by, details leak out. 🙂

        Like you, I was a GLB (Good Little Boy), studied hard, NMS finalist, high (but not perfect) SATs, partial ride to a prestigious institution. S.B. @ age 20, published paper, worked summers in the nuclear weapons industry (Sandia, LLNL). I can tell you Ed Teller was batshit, based on listening to him lecture on his favorite topic.

        Got all the way to grad school before I asked the question, “WTF am I doin’ here?”
        Didn’t have any good answer, so I punted, hid out in the NM desert for 4 years, eventually “rejoined” society in a limited way, kidding myself I was doing this “on my own terms” (ha ha ha). I guess the alternative is to pull a Ted Kaczynski.

        Not going there, to be sure.
        Stay well, compadre.

    • >It has become accepted as normal for the majority to enter into voluntary servitude- allowing others to dictate how they dress, how they speak, how they behave, what they believe
      And then there are the rest of us… 🙂
      The “remnant,” so to speak, who will not be ruled.

      It is sad to smell the fear on a public or corporate employee, who lives in terror of being terminated from his employment, believing he will not find another comparable job, and that termination from employment is equivalent to termination from life.

      Those of us who have skills which are in demand in private industry know that is not so. Our skills, whether laying brick or programming a computer, are our security. Old saying in construction industry, “I was looking for a job when I found this one.” Have skills, will travel. In other words, a journey man.

      • Debt slaves behave in such a way. They don’t fear unemployment, they fear losing all the mostly worthless crap they owe money on.

  20. Everyone in Corporate America is on vacation this week and next, especially the HR and C-suites. My own company has a “all hands” call scheduled for the Thursday after Labor Day.

  21. ‘eventually – this will encompass everyone who does business with GM’ — EP

    Thanks, Mary Barra! You continue to undershoot my lowest expectations.

    A pattern is emerging: in fascist America — meaning not ‘right wing,’ as commonly misunderstood, but corporations slavishly serving the State as Eric points out — GM, Ford and Stellantis are flopping down and spreading ’em in response to the Big Gov mantra of ‘EVs for all.’

    Whereas Japanese makers, in response to EV mandates, exhibit notable signs of ‘hesitancy.’

    A Toyota chief actually dared to point out that the electric grid and charging infrastructure for EVs don’t exist, and would not constitute a great environmental benefit even if they did.

    In my little peckerwood town, some neighbors who ‘buy American’ don’t hesitate to voice their virtue at the sight of my imported rice-buckets (not ‘rice-rockets,’ since they’re old and somewhat slow).

    But these would-be patriots are gonna learn that ‘buy American’ has morphed into supporting totalitarian, woke marxism. America’s sell-out auto makers aren’t getting another thin dime for me, anytime, evahhhhhh. They can kiss mah ass.

    • It is ironic, to me at least, that the lefties, a.k.a. pinkos, attempt to slime conservatives and populists by calling them “Fascists” and “Nazis,” when in fact the people they are targeting are much more likely to *NOT* be part of corporate America than the ones who are flinging the dung.

    • Buy American? Its been several years, but at one point in time a US assembled Honda Accord had more American made parts than a Chevy Malibu.

    • It appears to be the female CEOs who are the hardest driving in removing freedoms from the workplaces. My 3 brothers now feel it was a mistake giving women the right to vote.

    • The Japanese are starting to ask some serious questions of Moderna.

      I don’t know what’s up, exactly, but my instinct tells me that they smell a rat and are beginning to ask questions. This is probably Moderna’s chance to come clean now. If I’m right, Moderna had better have a very good explanation because in my experience the Japanese are impossible to BS, and once they start asking questions they won’t stop until they have satisfactory answers.

      I don’t think this is over yet, folks.

  22. General Motors does one thing, sells vehicles. However, if there would be no buyers, it would be a problem.

    Don’t have to buy anything General Motors manufactures.

    Don’t need a Chevrolet anymore.

    A boycott of GM products would sink them fast.

    Don’t have to dance to the tune.

    • Their cars aren’t even that good these days. At one time, they made just about the best stuff out there (or at least the best that much of anyone could afford). Sad to see them go, but they aren’t what they used to be and haven’t been for some time.

      When they auction off what’s left, I hope someone can buy the good bits & start over with engineers and car guys again.

  23. As I’ve long argued, corporations only have the rights their creator gives them, just like us. Except their creator is not quite so benevolent as ours might be, being sociopaths and all. If a business is wholly dependent on the state for its existence, I see no logic in defining them as private businesses. If they don’t do as the state says, the state can immediately rescind ALL of their rights. Hence the cashflow from corporations to the state, and vice versa. To maintain those rights, and the associated profits endowed upon them by the state, and the state taking its cut from the profits.
    Regarding acquiescence to corporate mandated vaccination, would you take a shot of Fentanyl to keep your job? How about several? Say every three months, forever? The only difference being we KNOW the long term effects of Fentanyl, but have no idea what the long term effects of the vaccines might be. Every now vaccinated person on the planet could be dead in a year for all anyone knows for certain. So, it’s not a decision to be made lightly. You may be deciding between your job and your life, most definitely your job and your liberty.

    • Could make for an interesting 13th amendment case “wage slavery is still slavery,” or some such.

      Won’t get anywhere, but if it did it could be an interesting line of argument.

  24. Or we can do something even easier….we quit. What is Walmart if every single one of their cashiers quit at the local store? Will the few in top management leave their comfy offices in Bentonville, Arkansas, to stock shelves and ring up customers? What if the Amazon workers didn’t show up to the warehouse for a week or two?

    American citizens built these companies up, we sure as hell can tear them down. We need to share one voice though. The start up of the labor unions in the early 20th century was created when workers banded together and supported each other. Do we believe that Carnegie Steel was not as involved with government at the turn of the century as GM is today? Hell, JP Morgan (the man, not the business) actually loaned the government money during the Panic of 1907. Large, multinational corporations have always influenced governments worldwide. This is nothing new, just the names change.

    To break up corporations you would need representatives to amend and abolish existing laws. Do you think this is a possibility when these businesses write large campaign contributions to these same lawmakers? The only way that citizens have a voice is through boycotting; not voting, not writing your Congressmen, not going on Twitter and saying how much you hate XYZ Company and then stopping into this same store to buy dog food and cigarettes on your way home from work, but to stop purchasing from them. A business with no customers has no revenue and therefore holds no power.

    • 100% correct, which is why i despise the sean hannity’s of the world who tell their millions of listeners not to boycot. Oh, no, don’t be like liberals and boycot, these companies have every right, blah, balh, blah. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. We, the people, have the power to end this right now. Any company that demands a jab for employment/entry needs to be boycotted. It will be a burden on us to find local suppliers but how do these companies function if half their customers chose to stop shopping there?

      • Hi Antilles,

        Hannity says this to protect his own self interest….the advertising dollars to his shows. Sean could care a less about the little man. He is the elite and will do and say anything to make sure his life remains comfortable.

        • Hannity has a sizeable rental property empire beyond the radio show which I’m sure depends on corporate suppliers as well as paychecks making the monthly rent payments.

        • Amen, RG –

          Hannity is an infomercial; he is a performer, putting on a show. Whenever I have the misfortune to inadvertently hear the faux populist intro to his show – some country song about how “we’re comin’ to your city” – I have to check my gag reflex. He lately segues seamlessly from his commentary to hawking some cheesy service or product. It floors me. How greedy is he? He must be a multimillionaire and yet he still willingly reads ad copy. Mind, I have no issue with ads, per se. But it annoys me when ads are mixed with editorial – and when a commentator transforms into a pitchman, just like that.

          I take some pride in not being involved in that sort of thing. Sure, there are ads on this site. But they are clearly ads – separate from editorial – and I never pitch products as part of a commentary and never will.

          • Hannity is also a shill for “our bestest bestest friend in the middle east–israel”. While listening to his radio show, a caller asked Hannity about israel’s deliberate “act of war” against the USA with its attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) on June 8, 1967. I damn near fell out of my chair when Hannity proclaimed that “israel is our friend and never would have done such a thing” (Hannity’s exact words). That was the beginning of the end for Hannity’s credibility.
            If I had my way, israel would have been turned into a “glass parking lot” on June 9, 1967.

            • Of course you would want to murder millions of innocent people, including women and children, who had nothing to do with the incident. The reason you would want to commit that kind of mass murder is because you’re a hate-filled loon. (Do you likewise believe that Iran would have been justified in turning the United States into a “glass parking lot” on July 3, 1988, for the USS Vincennes shooting down Iran Air Flight 655?)

              In other “words of wisdom” you have expressed the idea that a call for a commercial boycott was a declaration of war against Germany, and that introns were put in our DNA by space aliens. Funny stuff.

              But please, continue. Your inane prattling is amusing. We can just imagine the spittle running down your chin. (By the way, have you managed yet to convince anyone who was actually there that the Holocaust “didn’t happen”? Kind of funny that you maintain that when right here you expressed the desire to do just that kind of thing.)

              • ha ha jason
                You are confirming my premise…
                Your statement:
                /”Of course you would want to murder millions of innocent people, including women and children, who had nothing to do with the incident.”/
                …is the staple of the jewish belief system. Every jewish holiday is a celebration of conquest, destruction, and yes, genocide, where every living thing is destroyed. Calling the kettle black is your stock in trade.

          • Eric,

            The problem is despite everything he has pushed for the last 10+ years never coming to fruition. He being the sleezy controled opposition that keeps the people hoping that the great “99%.of good fbi agents”(his words) are about to come down and arrest all the co-conspirators and OM will be put back into office any day now, a great many still listen and beleive him. I’ve heard that we don’t boycott line, we’re better than the libs bs from too many normally good people who should know better. Its more frustrating talking to a hannity conservative than it is talking to a leftist because at least with the leftist you know they are truly lost. Its unbelievably frustrating when you hear people who should understand that we will never gain ground if we don’t start fighting fire with fire touting the hannity talking points, which are basically the rino establishment talking points.

          • Eric,

            I CAN’T STAND Sean Hannity, either! I heard somewhere that his salary is $29 Million a year. Anyway, he won’t say anything crtical of Big Pharma, let alone The Holy Jab; Big Pharma’s ad $ pay a large part of his salary. He won’t upset THAT apple cart! He’s a sleazy, two bit whore…

          • I’ve listened to Sean for many years, even after he showed me the fool he was over Terry Schaivo.

            He kept insisting the parents had say but they did not. The father gave his daughter away at the wedding. Do marriage vows mean nothing?

            He has done nothing but shill for the state. If Gdub wanted to torture, it was ok, because it wasn’t “technically” torture. Must be in the same reasoning that it depends on the meaning of “is”. His “stop Hillary express” brought us Obama. He’s a deep state face man.

            • The Schiavo case is complicated as her husband had a hand in her injuries, causing them himself. He wanted her DEAD so that she would could not tell the truth about her husband’s abusive behavior. Add to that, the large insurance policy he took out on her life before her injuries. Starving a person who is capable of limited communication is just plain wrong.

    • If people could just be convinced that all the doodads, nick knacks, and whirligigs Madison Street has convinced us we can’t live without, are not nutritional requirements. “If I lose my job, I won’t be able to by the latest iteration of an iPhone”, or eat prime rib three meals a week, or live in housing twice the size I need. Sacrifice needs to be made to defeat this, and its not a thing current US culture is much interested in. They better start getting interested in it, If they want to live. With absolute tyranny comes death.

      • Hi John,

        Sometimes I am surprised America has made it this far.

        Sacrifices do need to be made, that is the truth, but I prefer to do without based on my principles rather than having to sacrifice later down the road on government commands. This will happen. The debt is too high, the Stock Market is in a bubble, inflation is increasing steadily, and the Fed refuses to make the hard decisions needed to get these things under control. One can almost feel the bottom about to drop. It has become when, not if.

        • RG,

          Inflation is increasing more than it seems because food and fuel are not part of the equation. Shoprite early this week 3 1/2 pounds of thin cut chicken cutlets was between $8 & $10 when OM was in office. That same package of chicken with the resident pedophile is between $18 & $20. That is a very in your face noticeable increase to anyone who shops for a family of 4 or larger. And my wife wonders why i planning 2 hunting trips this fall.

          • I have noticed. I buy my meat and seafood from local farmers and seamen. My local beef farmer has held prices steady, which I can’t believe, but the seafood has skyrocketed by 40 to 60%. I have cut back substantially on it, which stinks since most of our dinner entrees were seafood based (shrimp, scallops, salmon, etc.). We have decreased it down to once per week and we consume more pork (chops/loins) and beef since those prices have held stable. I refuse to eat it plant based meat, which is what I see more and more in the grocery stores. Yuck!

          • Depending on hunting is a dead end. Game is simply not that abundant in the wild. They are not presented with ideal survival conditions. Quite the contrary. In my home State of Missouri, the White Tail deer was hunted almost to extinction by commercial hunting, feeding St Louis. Which ended in the 1930s or so because of the scarcity. One may see a vast amount of game, and presume otherwise, but with far more pressure presented by lots of people hunting for survival, that vast quantity will quickly disappear. There are capable hunters aplenty that aren’t hunting for subsistence. If they start, the game population will crash.

            • True enough, John. But it will work for a while, and that is going to be important. Without commercial ag (with all its’ warts) and natural fuels like coal, oil, and gas, we are well above the carrying capacity of our world.

        • RG,

          For the first time in a couple of years (pre COVID), I needed to get some socks, underwear, etc. I looked at a six pack of colored, pocket t-shirts. I like them because they’re cheap, have the handy pocket, and are comfy. When I last shopped for them, they were $9 and change for a pack of six; I want to say $9.98, but I can’t remember exactly. I know that they were below $10 though.

          Guess how much they are now? They’re $13.46! In dollar terms, that’s not a bad price; it’s still a good deal at $2.24 per t-shirt. In percentage terms though, it’s a different picture; the price increase of this item I commonly buy has gone up about 35% in 1.5-2 years! I think that most of that increase occurred during the last year, as I recall buying some tees in late 2019.

          Hamburger is a similar story. They used to be $6-$6.50 for a four pack of patties weighing in at 1-1.25#. Now, they’re $7.50. I can’t remember the exact price, as I buy a couple of packs at a time and freeze them. Even if we use $6.50 as the old price, that represents about 15.4% increase.

          As for gasoline, a biggie for many people, I’ve noticed. I’m paying about $1 more per gallon than I was when OM was in office. I think much of the inflation at the pump is courtesy of Dementia Joe stopping the Keystone XL pipeline and stopping drilling on Federal lands; whenever supply is reduced while demand remains the same or increases, prices go up-duh! That’s Econ 101.

          I also bought a smaller car. I knew that, sooner or later, gasoline would go back above $3/gal. Whether it was due to geopolitical events, disaster (natural and/or man made), or OM leaving office (something that would’ve happened by January, 2025 at the latest), that gasoline would eventually go back above $3/gallon, so I bought my car with that in mind.

          For other items, the price increases haven’t been as bad; other things have only gone up a a few cents. I think part of it depends on demand for the product in question. I think another part of the inflation equation is supply chain issues, which are messed up, courtesy of Uncle.

    • ‘JP Morgan (the man, not the business) actually loaned the government money during the Panic of 1907.’ — Raider Girl

      Yes. Then ol’ JP gathered his cronies at Jekyll Island, Georgia, to conspire that in future panics, a newly-fashioned ‘Federal Reserve’ would lend money to them instead, as a risk-free reward.

      Thanks, Woody Wilson!

      Today, this insane clown posse is meeting to discuss the delicate issue of how to extricate themselves from the biggest ‘everything bubble’ in human history, without touching off an epic crash that will make the Dark Ages look like Roman Holiday.

      I give them one-in-a-thousand odds of pulling it off. #BornToFail #FUBAR

      • Hi Publius,

        Walmart is doing the same. It’s seems they are starting at the top and working their way down. I guess we will see shortly if those that hold salaried positions have any cajones.

          • John,

            Forty percent of American adults still have not gotten jabbed. After being inundated by media, government, incentives, visits and calls from health departments a large minority are still holding firm. Many people see the writing on the wall. I hope they hold the line.

            • The more pressure they put on the more many of us will resist. They’re not going to jab me unless they kill me first.

              • I agree with you, Jason. They will have to yank me out of the house and hold me down for I will not go willingly.

                I think many feel that way.

                • Same here, RG –

                  And that goes for most of not all the people in my immediate orbit, which is a fair number of folks. I may be enough to make a difference.

              • Same, Jason –

                I value my health mightily; even more so my right to my autonomy. I harm no one by not getting Jabbed, just as I harmed no one by not “masking.” I’ve not been sick this whole time. I’m so tired of being browbeaten by neurotic Freaks about how I “might” get sick and “might” get them sick. It’s the same “might” the same Freaks have used to hassle me over my “speeding,” which likewise has caused no harm to anyone, ever. After 30-something years, I think I’ve proved I’m entitled to some benefit of the doubt.

                Another thing that galls me is that most of these sickness obsessives are fat, shit-eating slobs. I just came back inside after a four mile run in 90 degree heat. That’s why I am healthy. I take care of myself. It is not my obligation to take care of people who do not.

            • I don’t trust any of that, but I suspect the number is quite a bit higher than 40%. But my perception is coming from a very rural area.

              • Hi Ernie,

                I think it is about 40 to 50% unjabbed. A large amount of urban and suburban areas have been vaxxed. I was surprised early on how many I talked to had happily lined up, but over the last three months I haven’t heard a peep, which means the rest of us are keeping our mouths shut and not saying anything.

                • RG,

                  In the now rare event that I’m asked about The Holy Jab, I just say that, since it was rushed, I’m going to wait and see what happens first. My uncle and brother, both of whom took the shot, know my stance on this (how could they not, since I tried to talk ’em out of it?), but no one else outside of my family does

                  • Same here, Mark. I have a few clients that I know there not jabbed and they know I am not, but we may be talking around 5 or 6.

                    If a client sounds like they want to start a discussion I change course. We all have our reasons for being jabbed and unjabbed and unless I am with family and friends I keep my opinions to myself and my status unknown.

    • >when these businesses write large campaign contributions to these same lawmakers?

      Hey, RG, do you have any idea what the ROI might be on a U.S. Senator? I imagine it is substantial, but also difficult to ascertain, since they are all privately held.

      Maybe some genius will figure a way to financialize this, package it, and sell shares to the general public. I expect there would have to be different classes of stock, though. It would not do for John & Sally Public to have the same voting rights as, let’s say, Boeing, or Pfizer.

      What do you think? I say, we need *MORE* corporations, not fewer. They would have to be called something else, though… plenty disciples of Eddie Bernays around to take care of that aspect.

      The possibilities are endless. Leveraged buyouts, mergers, acquisitions, mutual funds which invest in a “basket” of U.S. Representatives (the “basket cases”), and so on..

      Speaking of basket cases, check out these guys:

      • Hi turtle,

        I think you are thinking too small….might as well as governors, mayors, and even Presidents.

        The ROI is pretty much guaranteed to quadruple except for a few possible scenarios (affairs, embezzlements, horrific Afghanistan withdrawals, etc) that could occur. I probably would be selling my shares in Newsome, Cuomo, and the Bidens by now, but the Obamas and DeSantis stock still could triple over the coming years. I may throw a few thousand in the Elder brand, at least for the short term. How long before you think this stock would overtake Berkshire Hathaway? Heck, what am I talking about, Warren already beat us to it!

        • LOL 🙂
          The possibilities are endless, RG.
          Derivatives! Futures markets! Insider trading scandals!
          The mind boggles at the rivers of cash which might flow to a few shrewd and well connected operators. 🙂
          Oh, wait…

        • RG,
          Only quadruple ROI? Are you talking about the small, retail investor? For a corporation, they payoff for buying a pol is huge; it’s far beyond quadrupling, at least for the corporation. If they give $50K or $100K to a politico’s campaign or PAC, the politico could write a law that’s worth millions or billions to the sponsoring corporation!

          It’s no longer the old song we heard in civics class “I’m a bill, I’m a bill, I’m a bill on Capitol Hill”. What really happens is that the corporation or its lobbying firm on K Street write the bill, and the Congress critter is the salesman. That’s how it really works today.

            • 40 years ago, I was advised by a quite successful employer in the plumbing business that the best investment he ever made was political contribution, at the local level, State and below. They’re all whores. Their services can be bought. Including plumbing contracts.

              • Hi John,

                Well, when the crooks are legally allowed to “sell” other peoples property, they can offer some pretty sweet deals. “Man, I got a 100 million dollar subsidy for a measly two hundred thousand dollar bribe, can you fuckin’ believe it?”


              • I don’t dispute that, but you couldn’t pay me enough to take on a government contract. Hubby worked for a private company for awhile who dealt with local counties mechanical issues (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.). He quit after one year.

                1. Government employees are whiny….so much more than the private sector. Government doesn’t understand the meaning of no and everything has a price control attached to it. The hourly rate, the employee’s pay, the price mark up, etc.

                2. Nothing is ever to be truly fixed, only band aided. This is what frustrated hubby the most. Everything was to just ‘keep it up and running’ not to truly repair it so the problem would be gone. They wouldn’t pay the $1200 to change out the evap coil, but would happily place six service calls to keep putting refrigerant in a leaking AC system.

                3. The top tier of government will lie to their own employees. As a private sector contractor you are not allowed to speak with a government employee to explain what is broken, because you will be reemed out for it. An example, say a county office building is too hot. The worker places a call to the contractor to come fix what is broken. The contractor comes out and nothing is wrong with the system except that the temperature is set at 78. The contractor adjusts the temperature and the staff is happy because the office is cooler. The next day another service call is made. The office is hot again. Temp is back up to 78 degrees. Contractor calls communications (who handles the thermometers and entire system). They (top mgmt) want all rooms to be set at 78 degrees. You (private contractor) cannot tell the office workers this, but top mgmt refuses to tell the office workers this either.

                It is pathetic. One has to have the patience of a saint to be able to work within the walls of government.

          • The “bill” is the amount which comes due, once the vote is cast. 🙂 This is to insure politicians are “honest,” i.e., do the job they were paid to do by those who hire them.

            Amounts paid in advance are known in private industry as “retainer.” In politics, these are known as “campaign contributions. 🙂

    • Raider Girl,

      You’re very right. And now is an excellent time, as there will be no “scabs” to fill the job vacancies. There are so many vacancies now, it is astounding. Ironically, there are largely generated by the gov’t handouts. Many businesses are so low staffed and stocked that they can hardly function.

      Firstly, a Great Call-Out would be effective, and many of those employees might seek out any alternatives present, and go work there instead. My place of employment is hiring, for example, and the owner/CEO has vowed to never require the jab.

      Next, we need specific places to target regarding the collusion between government and corporations. What laws and/or legal definitions need to change in order to sever those tethers? Now is the time to bring solutions into fine focus.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        I would love to hear anyone’s suggestions. You are right we need to focus on specific places.

        What I have been doing is spending money and only hiring people who share my sentiment. My office cleaning lady is a non masker and unjabber. She has mentioned that a few of her clients plan to let her go since she refuses to get the shot. I have a few clients that I can recommend her to (similar thinkers) if her schedule frees up. My massage therapist is the same way. I was also able to find an appliance repairman and roofer through the same means. When most people show up at my door they are masked. I always answer that this is a mask free zone and they can wear it if they want, but it is not obligated. My repairman who stopped in a few weeks ago had the mask off before he stepped over the threshold. If they refuse to lose the mask then I usually continue shopping around. The day my roofer stopped in for an estimate I had a prepper video playing in the background. He knew who it was and we got into a like minded discussion. He was $1100 more than my other estimate (a masked up jabber), but I paid the difference because I want my money to go to those willing to stand up against the system who have the ability to critically think. It may cost me a bit more, but I consider it well worth it.

        • Good work, RG. I had to find a plumber to sign off on this sewer line I’m putting in (then a few more things and I’m OUT of this god-awful city!). I found a guy through a friend, and he showed up undiapered and actually shook my hand in introduction. I was impressed! So, if I need a plumber from here on out, I’ll be calling him.
          As with the diapers before, so it will be with the jabs, regarding business. I’ve always tried to ethically source business, but now the stakes are high as they’ve ever been.

  25. I read that the Aussie Truck drivers are going to shut down Australia in protest. I hope they are successful. Most of the GM employees will go along with the jab, likely most already have. But those who don’t I hope they call in with a 10-day sick out saying they have covid symptoms.

    • You hope the “truckies” are successful in “shutting down Australia”?

      That’s exactly what the overlords want: for the plebs to starve each other until every pleb is utterly desperate and dependent on the government coming in a asserting full-spectrum, top-down “order”.

      The truckies’ warnings to the public to “stock up on food” and so forth are precisely the same in effect as the governments’ orders to prepare for more disruptive “lockdowns” and mass privation.

      I’m not seeing what “success” means in that scenario. The Spider Men running this democide will happily nibble caviar and sip on adrenochrome-and-brandy and chortle while the masses tear aimlessly at the fabric of society for them. The truckies are just dancing to the same destructive tune as the cops and the bureaucrats.

      • Hi FP,

        How does one sip on brandy and dine on caviar when the producers of said products are not manufacturing, distributing, and stocking them? I guess the elite may have a few cases of aged brandy sitting around, but they have to get up and pour their own glass. God forbid, if the maid and chef don’t show up for work that day.

        • You seriously think these people rely on the same supply chains as the plebs shopping at Vons? Astonishing naivete. You probably think those people are affected by the airline slowdown as well…

          • FP,

            Do I believe the wealthy shop Food Lion or Whole Foods for groceries? No, they don’t, but the goods are still made by laborers, mainly overseas. My mother orders her cheese from France and would have it overnighted. Since Covid that is no longer possible. The wealthy are facing the same issues shortages and turnaround times as Joe Smoe even if he isn’t buying the same items. I deal with a few of the very wealthy (private planes, large homes in Naples, etc.). Their Trane XV20i Tru Comfort air conditioning unit isn’t being made any faster than the lower tier American Standard that is purchased by the rest of the public. The geo terminal units….ha,ha,ha….they may have them by the fall of 2022.

            The labor shortage and product displacement is being felt through all classes. Example, Christian Louboutin’s shoes made be able to be overnighted from Italy IF they have all the components available to make the high heel. Unfortunately, most of the items are not in stock or are sitting in a shipping container waiting to port. The products may be different, but everyone is experiencing the same hell.

            • “everyone is experiencing the same hell.”

              When I say “Spider Men” I am talking about a minuscule class of questionably-human creatures at the deep center of the global web of banking-military-intelligence power structures. These “people” (such as they are) are not waiting on Manolo Blahniks. They are essentially beyond and outside of all material motivations that you and I would recognize as human. They take luxuries like “human food” and “money” for granted. “Human food” and “money” are in fact tools of Their creation, designed just so in order to breed the Herd of subservient humans that predominate the population of Earth.

              They aren’t experiencing Hell. They are engineering this Hell.

      • I noticed last year that many “store brand” products sold by Stater Bros in SoCal had their labels redesigned to look much plainer than before. The old, more elaborate designs created a “brand identity.” The new ones look like they could be “government surplus,” or military supplies.

        I guess if the truckers strike, GovCo can declare another “emergency,” demonize the truckers, and deploy the National Guard to bring you government approved “food like” products. The major grocery chains will be “ready to help,” with appropriate packaging.

        I can hardly wait for the Cal Guard 6×6 with armed men in camo to roll up to my front gate. “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you.”

      • Well FL, the stabbed will be hard hit during the strike only more so actually. They will not heed the warning to stock up and will get caught out. The truckies are hopping mad because when they go interstate, they have to spend unpaid hours in line to get “tested” like lab rats. Plus the extra workloads due to the plandemic and the anti human cattle in a pasture bureaucraps. For once I support the union blokes.

        • I definitely sympathize with their grievance about testing, and I support them in walking away. However, I acknowledge that “shutting down Australia” is a tragic consequence of such principled action if they choose bravely to face it–but the “shutdown” is not a laudable goal in and of itself.


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