Rural Diapers

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So many things are topsy-turvy these days. Every day. It will not be surprising if the sun comes up at night tomorrow and goes down in the morning the next day. Equally unnerving is the reversal of Diapering.

Last time this year, most people you saw in rural areas were still showing their faces – a stark contrast to the near-universal face-effacing one saw in suburban and most of all, urban areas.

Now it’s the other way ’round.

At least, in my rural area. There are few face-effacers to be seen in Roanoke, Va – until just a month or so ago, a “hot spot” of face-effacing. Even where not enforced, one rarely saw another face when Orange Man was still very bad. It was a sea of “masks” – as these disgusting items are styled by those who do not understand what it means to wear one.

Or – worse – do.

But as of this week, even at the hottest spots of all – such as the “clean foods” store, Earth Fare, which is very popular with people superficially concerned about their health (italicized to reflect the fact that any otherwise healthy person who wears a “mask” is not healthy in the head and any otherwise healthy person who assumes the risk of being Jabbed is most definitely not actually concerned with their health) there are now lots of faces showing.

And only a handful of sad-looking face-effacers, generally the very old and the very young – the former with at least some reason for effacing; the latter’s capacity to reason having never developed or been superseded by he need to broadcast what they believe to be their moral superiority.

But otherwise, it appears almost normal downtown.

It is when you travel out of town that you begin to feel sick again – on account of what is to be seen. Fewer faces. More face-effacing. At the Food Lion on the outskirts of the tiny town of Floyd, Va – the hub of the rural county where I live (population approximately 15,000 last time I checked) it looks like it’s still last summer. There are Freaks everywhere. Some of them recoil in terror when a face-shower such as myself approaches too close to the prescribed Kabuki circle of six feet and no closer. I became aware of one such as I was pondering barbecue sauces and felt the presence of a disturbance in the Force. Well, of someone standing behind me – but making sure to “practice” the strange distance rituals of the Faucian Kabuki.

As I turned to ponder other food items, this creature – hard to know what it was, behind its “mask” – reared back like an alarmed cockatiel and bug-eyed-Moonwalked itself in the opposite direction, so as to avoid my deadly Undiapered breath.

I almost said boo! – but decided to behave myself.

But what accounts for this Rural Diapering? Country people used to be more sensible – less easy to dupe – than city people. Well, in terms of practical things – like cheating them on a land deal, for instance. Or feeding them a BS story about what’s not really wrong with their car. Country people tend to know how to do more everyday things that city (and suburban) people have no idea how to do – and usually have to call someone else to do.

But country people are also less sophisticated in other ways. Many – and I know many, personally – do not know there are other sources of information besides CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN. It’s what’s on cable, you see.   

Or rather, it is all they see – and hear. And so, believe.

Many of these people are fine, hard-working people- and that’s precisely the problem. They work. Usually, outdoors – or at least, with their hands. Not that this doesn’t involve their minds; of course it does. Anyone who can weld or wire a house or operate a backhoe isn’t stupid. But often such people do not have the time or the inclination to root around online for a different point of view – and facts – than those presented by what’s on cable.

So, all many of them hear is “mask,” “mask” and more “mask.” Even if they have been Vaxxed.

Lately, they are hearing about the “Delta” scariant – without any countervailing facts about its similar-to-the-original-Rona marginality as a threat to the otherwise healthy; and they’re not hearing that the Vaxxed are the ones that may be most at-risk from this new scariant of the ‘Rona.

Which is tragic because the reason for ongoing Diapering appears to be a propagated – by the cable box – fear of the “vaccine hesitant,” concentrated in rural areas. In other words, the rural face-effacers are terrified of the unVaxxed which they imagine to be exhaling death all around them when in fact the real threat is posed by the Vax being injected into them – which makes these poor people more likely to get (and die from) the newest Scariant.

But they haven’t heard that on the TeeVee – which is become something far worse than the idiot box it used to be.

. . .

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  1. Before the great Fraud-ci gave the ok to go unmasked; something similar happened to me in a Lowe’s (Stony Brook, NY), I was shopping for hanger hooks. A masked individual was stuck behind me, unsure of reaching past me to grab what he knew he wanted, while I was still deciding which one would meet my needs. I was unaware of his dilemma, until he spoke up asking if I could step aside, when I turned to reply he was shocked that I was unmasked. He asked if it was legal, told him it was and we chatted for a bit (like in the pre-COVID days about home improvement projects), he never lowered his mask but accepted that my masklessness was not dangerous (if masks work).

  2. “But they haven’t heard that on the TeeVee – which is become something far worse than the idiot box it used to be.”

    I’ll go with calling it “The Luminous False Prophet Shrine”, usually located within the living room that only an idiot would trust.

  3. One of the most unhealthy and malignant practices is watching TV. I weened myself from it — so many years ago now (more than 8), that I can’t really remember exactly when — by first watching things like Netflix or Amazon Prime exclusively (i.e., no cable). But there again, I got tired of the never ending liberal poisoning, never mind the fact that I just don’t have the time to watch people pretending to live some clever/witty and hardly believable scenarios.

    I have my own life to live. And these freaking hysterical idiots have made that steadily more challenging.

    People, as I used to do, plop down after work or when they want to “tune out” and relax with propaganda, force fed social engineering, and never ending advertisements for shit they don’t need. In a weakened state of mind and little energy to resist. But they don’t have time to look around outside of that poisonous bubble.

    Now I’m reading that the WHO says that even vaccinated people need to wear masks again because of the Delta nonsense. “Scariant”… I’m stealing that! Maybe it shouldn’t but that makes me laugh. To be clear, makes me laugh AT the stupid idiots that risked their very lives with a medical experiment, in desperation for normality which their TVs have told them time and again, WILL NEVER RETURN.

    By and large, these kind of people voted for this stupid shit and somehow have never managed to piece together that the people they voted for are abusive psychopaths. So, there’s no way they can be expected to ever learn the lesson that cooperating with abusive psychopaths never makes anything better.

    And they’ve made life much harder for those of us remaining few that haven’t completely lost our freaking minds. Much, much, harder.

    And they’ve made it much easier for the abusive psychopaths to continue to destroy our country and our lives.

    Please, oh followers of the mighty religion of (pseudo-) “science”, please wear several masks for durations that only people like you could possibly pull off. 4 – 5 masks… approaching 24 hours a day will help the world be a better place. I guarantee it.

    • You’d think that with how hooked they are to their “sail fawns” that they’d perform a search for some medical textbooks and encyclopedias they can download and view offline.

      With how vast the Internet is, one can even find complete medical textbooks and encyclopedias online for download as PDF files to get far more Informed Consent without the drawback of the threat of revisionist novelty (one can fit quite a few PDF texts on a 32GB MicroSD card). Even old dictionaries and medical encyclopedias on CD-ROM are superior (I’ve collected a whole bunch of those through the years since the early-’90s, then winding up creating .ISOs and being able to still use most of them on modern hardware today). And then there’s good ol’ typeset and bound print!

      The point is that Wiki-fying everything makes it even easier to make everything conform to the “approved” Narrative. Check out the Merriam Webster online dictionary definition for “vaccine” right now then compare it to its CD-ROM version released in 2003 (11th Collegiate Edition). Want to look behind the scenes of those crafting “The Narrative”? One can also find numerous versions of AP’s own StyleBooks! The proles have no idea regarding how the sausage is made, much less possessing zero desire to find out what’s in that sausage.

      It’s great to to know of others who broke the chains of the Luminous False Prophet Shrine within the living room. Hashing out ideas and learning new things is a great way to relax. Though some may think one is “weird” if one finds reading clinical research papers and diagnostic health info to be recreational.

      • I didn’t realize how motivated I was to research a health topic as I have been over the past year+. That’s even after what I thought was copious research a couple of years ago re a cancer diagnosis.

        It has become a passion, because it’s not just about health, it affects everything.

      • It’s sinister how Merriam Webster has changed the meaning of the word “vaccine.” Years ago I began noticing that Webster’s was becoming increasingly corrupted and “dumbed down” with each new version (including trendy “buzz” words that were formerly ignored while deleting quite a few erudite words). Then I stupidly threw away my dog-eared 1990 Collegiate dictionary for a shiny new one. Oh, how I regret it!

        • If it means anything, I have a copy of the American Heritage Dictionary 3rd Edition (circa 1992) that I am able to run from my 64-bit desktop via a 16-bit WINE layer. And here’s its definition of “vaccine”:

          1.a. A preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen’s structure that upon administration stimulates antibody production against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection. b. A vaccine prepared from the cowpox virus and inoculated against smallpox. 2. Computer Science. Software designed to detect and stop the progress of a computer virus.

          Or, for a real trip, how about it’s entry under “Webster’s 1913 Revised Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language”:

          [L. vaccinus, fr. vacca a cow; cf. Skr. vāc to bellow, to groan.]
          Of or pertaining to cows; pertaining to, derived from, or caused by, vaccinia;
          as, vaccine virus; the vaccine disease

          The virus of vaccinia used in vaccination.

          While it may be tricky to find a way to give you an ISO of the AHD3 (or the other dictionaries/encyclopedias I have on CD-ROM for that matter), the public domain “Webster’s 1913” can easily be obtained via Xiphos open-source bible study software.

          Anyway, we may be the sole survivors of the “vaccine disease”. So someone has to be around to point out where the knowledge is at that’s locked in print or polycarbonate.

  4. Face diapers here in east Idaho are almost non existent. Every once in a while you’ll see an older couple with one on. I chalk it up to watching the news or having a friend that died–or became really sick–“because rona” last winter.

    I remember last year thinking that it was crazy how many maskrats there were and I’m in the state that was “number one for anti mask activity” a year ago, according to a website I stumbled across last August or Sept.

    It’s a crazy world. Thanks for being a sane voice in it Eric.

  5. Why does anyone even care about some alleged killer germs anyways? Since when do people even care about supposed parasites? Why wouldn’t everyone just shrug and say “Whatever, if we die from a boogie-man, then that’s the way it is, but why even worry about it?” Since when did everyone become so obsessed with boogie-man germs anyways? This whole thing is beyond stupid.

    I can’t believe some numbers I recently read… supposedly ~70% of people in OR got the lethal injection. But that could be a lie. They probably lied to try and make people think it’s popular. Probably only 10% of the people got it LOL. But, could 70% really be true? IDK. If that’s true, then that is just pathetic. The people in this country are absolutely BRAINDEAD. Maybe that new human-gray hybrid species that they want to repopulate the planet with will be smarter. Or maybe not. Maybe they’ll just be more obedient. The gray species seems to be very obedient, from what I read. The creeps don’t like humans because we’re not obedient, at least we didn’t used to be, until they braindamaged & brainwashed the masses into zombies.

    • Out here in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, they say are also saying that “about 70%” have been vaccinated. Same for the entire state, if I got that right. Most of MD is populated by braindead liberals… reference City of Baltimore (etc). But out here in the sticks?! Even when MD executive orders make no distinction between vaxxed or not in any context?? Even with right wing people?? Even people that are ostensibly intelligent?!

      If I’ve heard it correctly, I remain the only person at my office that hasn’t been “fully” vaccinated… or heck, vaccinated at all… which I have zero plans to be ever. I’m a software engineer and my coworkers, mostly right wing, and supposedly “smart guys”… they apparently couldn’t wait to get it.

      I’m just waiting for the next round of mandates and maybe ADE for those “smart guys” next flu season. I’ll miss some of them, if ADE (etc) gets ’em. But what in hell were they thinking?? What tangible benefit was ever there? I just don’t get it.

    • KH, they’re fudging the numbers off course by saying 70% is only people that got the first shot, and that 50% is ‘fully’ vaxxed with the second shot. off course they need to say 70% to try and get more buy in’s.
      I doubt it’s even 50%, but that’s the ‘official’ number.

  6. Great article Eric and the replies below are great, especially the one’s that have said they learned a lot about things from you. Well done.
    I am in my rural west area for the summer, and except for the plane flight I haven’t seen a mask in 3 weeks, yahooooooooo. I can’t understand why you are seeing them in western VA.
    When I left my semi-rural eastern area 3 weeks ago, I saw maybe 5-10% maskers, nice.

  7. Nobody other than a few are wearing diapers in the Detroit area now. I had a deposition face to face yesterday (first FTF in more than a year my client was asked questions under oath by the opposing attorney), I had no diaper neither did my client or any other person. It was not at my office. The secretary handed out forms with the usual covid crap questions. I said we won’t give personal information. Ask your questions. I will object to that shit. End of story. Everyone knows it’s bullshit.

    Most people just need someone to lead the way. THAT is the real reason to stop people from getting together with family and friends (lockdowns). That is the way to communicate with people that you trust. Gotta stop that make it through Media only. Well all I got to say is if that is the plan “they” will lose. People individually are not as stupid/ignorant/gulible as some would like you to believe.

    Anyway keep your guns, keep your ammo. We do not want to go the way of the Brits, Aussie’s and Canuck’s. Thank god for the IRA (Provo’s as well), keep your guns and bombs lads only good thing going in the Isle’s.

  8. In central Kentucky rural areas are at practically zero masklets in public. Even in the more lefty hipster areas in the cities looks like about 15% max on any given day. It was at 90%+ on any given day two months ago. Mostly just older people, fag hipsters and the occasional virtue signaling middle aged karens now. The poor retarded creatures just can’t give it up I guess… It is good feel like I’m not visiting an insane asylum when I’m out doing my daily running though.

  9. Fifty miles north of Roanoke, Va……. The Virginia Military Institute is requiring a Covidstab for all cadets in the 2021-22 school year. Masks, quarantines and lots of Covidtesting on tap. Only exceptions to the jabs are for medical/religious purposes. With removal of the unmasked “Stonewall” Jackson statue from the Institue this past spring, a visible example of personal courage is gone. I don’t believe General Jackson would have tolerated even a “socially distanced” mask, swab or needle near his body.

    • Well. I bet at least few students (the survivors) will refuse. That will be the end of VMI. VMI was once the equivalent of Westpoint. It no longer get’s the same kind of funding as Westpoint as it picked the loser in the war of northern aggression.,

  10. That’s not been my experience in central Indiana. My husband pointed out “The further you get from Indy, the less they give a f**k.” Places with corporate overseers like walmart were ordering them during the last year (most aren’t now), but small businesses and restaurants never did in most places we went to south of Indianapolis.
    My workplace, which has ordered the fear rags since last summer, finally let them go July 1. My supervisor came over with a memo we each had to sign, basically a release of liability if we catch the bug at work. Ironic, because last year, we all DID catch the bug at work, way before fear mask orders, social distancing and vaccines, and we all lived to tell the tale.
    She said “They STRONGLY urge you to get vaccinated, and if you are, you don’t have to wear a mask.” However, the memo only said if we forgo CDC recommendations (such as being inside without a face diaper whilst being a dirty unvaccinated person), we can’t sue the company. The memo offers no insight into a way for the company to confirm who is or isn’t vaccinated and does not say you MUST keep wearing the dirty fear rag if you aren’t jabbed. I have chosen to follow the document I signed, not what my boss said.
    Since the pro-jabbers are into virtue signaling, I assume they’ve told everyone about their date with the shot. Those who have said nothing, like me, probably remain unadulterated.
    But of course, no one is wearing a dirty fear rag now except one weird guy who even wears his outside.

    • Hi Amy,

      I’m glad you finally get to take off the disgusting rag; I’m also hoping more people fin ally begin to see through the arbitrariness and absurdity of all the past year’s Kabuki.

  11. Where I live, about the only places that force the ridiculous masking seem to be doctor’s offices (and not all of them). In the local Walmart, most of the employees are showing their faces again, which is reassuring. When I do see someone wearing one of those disgusting rags, it is usually a teen or 20 something.
    I did see this guy in the Walmart one town over today, maybe 50ish or slightly older, who seemed to purposefully give me a HUGE space to pass him. Seemed weird anyway, considering he wasn’t wearing a rag either.

    • Hi La Gordita,

      We just returned from a shopping jag; at the Earth Fare joint, we stood in line at the checkout – not six feet away – from a Compleat Freak in the Rag and looking frantic at us within his nimbus. But he didn’t say anything, perhaps because of my belligerent redneck-weirdo vibe!

      • Eric,
        I usually go with the oblivious act, which isn’t really much of an act anymore, as I have grown accustomed to paying as little attention to people in the store as possible in the last year+. My husband notices much more than I do. I have just learned to tune that garbage out…maybe my training came from the fact that my husband and I are an interracial couple in a smallish town in the deep south I guess. … Things shouldn’t be this way anymore, but sometimes they are so I pay it no mind.

    • I’ll wager that the “virus” is smaller than the gaps between the plastic (polypropylene) fibers of that face diaper: “All are tiny – from about 15 to 300 nanometres in diameter (one nanometre equals one thousand-millionth of a metre); most are so small that they can be seen only with an electron microscope.” (pp. 790, “The British Medical Association A-Z FAMILY MEDICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA”).

      FYI, since DORLING KINDERSLEY publishes that volume as well as the AMA’s version of that medical encyclopedia in 1989, apart from the change from the metric system the content of that page “VIRUSES AND DISEASE”, is virtually identical. And both state that “coronaviruses” are a part of the “Common Cold”.

  12. Eric, your site is the first one I check each morning. I love seeing diaper updates in the politics section and have also enjoyed learning more about cars, which I was never interested in, and which I now fully appreciate as freedom machines. I now experience silent approval when seeing a Dodge Charger ripping down the highway and give more respect to motorcycles as well. Your voice of sanity and entertaining writing style have been a godsend during this pandemic while normal people like me struggled with the realization that our world was being deliberately turned inside out. I thank God there are still strong and moral people like you in this world. You keep my hope alive that there are many more who think like you who are quietly living their lives amid this madness.

      • I get the looks of fear that I’m a zombie plague carrier on the reg. Full u-turns in the store aisles when they turn to see an exposed face. Some of these folks are forever changed.

        Concur with Rebecca. Endeavor to persevere indeed.

        By the way Eric, has anyone else had issues with submitting questions via Ask Eric? I’ve tried to use a couple of times over the last few weeks and it complains of javascript being disabled, which it’s not. Just an FYI.

        Keep up the good work! For those of us with and without steady work ourselves b/c of these looney birds!

  13. Another thing you mention Eric which Im not sure how to deal with – there are GENUINELY people out there who think that 1) the rona is deadly, and 2) the mask will save them 3) the vaccine is very safe and the only way to survive this “pandemic”. But like you say these are the people who are just so busy in life. In my world, a lot of these are the guys, mostly older people, mostly British who every morning get up, read a “respectable” newspaper, get to work, and really are on top of their game. But in there world, the BBC really IS the most authoritative source! I know its hard to imagine – but there really are people like that…. The other day I had an encounter with such a person – When I was telling him stuff about say the UK yellow card reporting on how many issues vaccines have had, he was shocked (especially when he saw a UK GOV website with the data). And when I told him stuff about how other drugs are used all over the world, again he was fascinated (gave my own fathers example of his treatment in Pakistan)…..

    I always wonder how to reach these people. I mean theres not an ice cube in hells chance of them reaching your website on their own. Nor will they ever read a full scientific journal or research paper talking about the actual science…. I do genuinely feel bad at times for these guys – but what to do ??!

    • I’m guessing that those people would stand that same chance of watching “The Old Man in a Chair” or reading his website. If you ever go over to say BrandNewTube or Rumble or BitChute… even just to get a “pulse check” on what’s going on… you will see beyond “abundant” sources of dissenting opinions. That thing about “comforting lies” versus “harsh reality” has never been more apparent, huh?

      If anything, I do give older folks some amount of sympathy — which I give none to anyone younger than myself over this hysteria and “not knowing what to believe” kind of baloney. I’m 56 now and it all just so exhausting, especially when paired with a “never ending learning” job of software engineering or similar.

      But one thing that nobody should ever get a “pass” on, regardless of age: never ever should any government just be handed “the benefit of the doubt” (if there is one) and should be questioned as though they are what everyone knows governments are. The older one is, the more that should be the default stance.

      But here we are. 😕

  14. hehe Eric you’re point on a disturbance in the force – so true. Notice that so many times when im unmasked at the supermarket, lost in thought looking for some shit ive never heard of which my wife told me to get. I notice as im going through the shelves – that something is not right – you turn around and a creature with the face diaper is looking at you, at a “safe” distance…. wishing they could say something but having come to terms with the fact that you probably wont care or by now are ready to tell them off in a way they cant respond…… hence they just sit there – staring angrily….. 🙂

    • I actually get a kick out of the hysteria of the Branch Covidians when they scurry away and/or give me the dreaded looks of deep set fear. I tell myself (facetiously) that’s because I am now Darth Vader. They best keep a safe distance and pray that I do not alter the deal further!!

      muahahaha 😈

  15. I want to thank you Eric, you have been stalwart and steadfast against this scam since day one. You have not wavered or capitulated. your ancestors will be proud of you. I don’t know how many people your blog reaches but as for me I find it to be a font of ideas on how to push back in the face of this idiocy.

    I think part of the new terror theatre peddled by the lame stream has to do with India. I was working in a house the other day where faux news was droning on in the background. They were talking about India. My customer asked me what I thought about it, and I was like meh…. With a firm intonation in her voice she said “over one million people have died of the delta variant, one million people.”

    I wanted to say ‘you sure it wasn’t six million? Needless to say she wasn’t pleased when I responded with, “Thats nothing but a drop in the bucket.” You’d have thought I stabbed her in her navel by the priceless look on her face. I went on to explain that India probably has a billion people and a million is a rounding error probably less than 1%. I told her its less than die from the normal flu. She wasn’t swayed, a true believer to the end

    I hardly give a wet fart about what the covidiots think anymore. If they start talking about the scareiants I usually start talking right back at them about how deadly the jab is. How it was untested, How it was made by orange man to kill the dems. I ask them what happened to my body my choice? This makes them stop most of the time.

    I am truly sorry your beloved Virginia, a state with a rich and noble tradition of resistance has fallen so far. Arizona is heading the same way with all the POS Californians running away from the mess they made, now beginning to soil themselves all over the Grand Canyon state.

    Its sad, but like you say in other articles we keep preparing, working, building better lives for ourselves and our families, despite whats going on around us. I consider it a great blessing that we have a window of reprieve to get our affairs in order. All while being steeled in our resistance to the totalitarian boot trying to hut hut us into submission.

    • Thank you, Norman, for the kind words! It was nice to wake up to them this morning. There are many others who’ve also not wavered on this, either – and I salute them. If only it were more. But then, I remember the fact that it is always a small cohort that determines the ebb and flow of events – for good and for bad. Each one of us who refuses to give in – openly and is happy to say why – gives an example for others to follow. It is so easy to go with the flow; hard to question. Harder to act. But that is what keeps men from becoming sheep.

      There’ll be no baaaaa’ing here!

    • “How it was made by Orange Man to kill the Dems.” 🤣🤣🤣 Oh man that is priceless! You could maybe throw in a quote from Camel Toe Worthless from last year about how she wouldn’t get it if it came from the Trump administration.

  16. Off topic, but undoubtedly of interest to this community. Anyone who’s done business with can now embrace the horrifying reality that Blackstone now knows everything about you from your genome. All sales final. No refunds, no exchanges.

    Blackstone Completes Acquisition of Ancestry, Leading Online Family History Business, for $4.7 Billion

  17. Not seeing anything like that out west. In fact I’m seeing more and more employees’ faces as the “PPE” is less required. My employer lifted the requirement in non-public areas a few weeks ago for vaccinated employees but they’re also not asking for proof of vaccination (yet). They’re also starting to bring home workers back to the offices two to three days a week. A coworker mentioned this and that he wasn’t thrilled about it. I suggested if he wants to work from home for a few days just have a coughing fit in the cube farm.

    • The company that I work for has several branches and one in San Diego, CA. Just this past week they announced that, due to regulations of the State of CA, they require “proof” of vaccination to not wear a mask in their office. I actually started working at THAT office about 13.5 years ago and then moved out to Maryland. Despite MD being what it is, I have never once regretted the decision to leave CA. In fact I celebrate it often… especially hearing stuff like this vax proof mask pretend bullshit.

  18. Here in suburban Cleveland, it seems maybe 75% “unmasked” since the guvnah’s “mandates” expired a month ago. However, out of those still wearing face diapers, about 75% of *them* seem to be black. (My area is fairly mixed racially, so there’s enough of each race for the difference to be significant.). I’m not sure why this is; I’ve looked online out of curiosity and found inconclusive answers (some say blacks feel more susceptible to Corona but don’t trust the vices either, etc.) Does anyone know why this would be — is it health concerns, some sort of cultural message or symbol, etc.? It’s not just older black people either — I’ve seen plenty of black teens and 20-somethings still wearing the “masks” too.

    • I’ve actually found that a disproportionate numbers of maskers seem to be Chinamen. Then again, a lot of them (particular older women) could be seen walking around wearing masks even before the scamdemic.

  19. “But often such people do not have the time or the inclination to root around online for a different point of view – and facts – than those presented by what’s on cable.”

    Absolutely true. Socrates understood this in ancient Athens; at his trial, he said that the “craftsmen” had more actual wisdom than the sophists and the politicians — but thought that they had more knowledge than they actually did. In other words, they knew what they knew from working with their hands, but were uncurious about everything else — in no small part because, unlike the impoverished Socrates, they didn’t have the time to engage in philosophy and to “seek truth.”

    That’s been my observation as well. The working classes can sniff out bullshit if it will cost them money in next Friday’s paycheck, but are “conservative” in the sense that they accept what social and political institutions, including the media, tell them. That’s one of the main reasons why the “Trump revolution” failed. The working classes who supported him actually believed they could “make America great again” by waving the flag, voting Republican, and believing in the Constitution and in “free elections” — while the elites in the FBI and NSA and the courts and the media were fucking them over every step of the way.

    • X, Your comment is full of the stuff I often contemplate. When you say, “unlike the impoverished Socrates, they didn’t have the time to engage in philosophy and to “seek truth.”” I smell a form of bullshit (on the part of the working man & perhaps Socrates, not you) on the one hand it’s true, but on the other hand, they got the time and make the time to do things like binge watch a TeeVee series, spend a whole Saturday afternoon watching baseball or football and have enough time to know the details of the teams and the players down to the absolute minute, or just go shopping allll day & obsess about that grand vacation.

      They have the time! They just don’t – want – to make the time and put in the effort. For, whatever reason, I never understood.

      Fiat Dollars.
      The housing bubble.
      The safety cargo cult.
      Geoengineering, anybody? … Bueller?


      • No revolution was ever started by fat people. As long as they get the bread and circuses they don’t concern themselves too much with who’s running the show. One needs some kind of wake up call to change that. An epiphany of some sort. Everybody doesn’t have one. I’m hoping this charade creates some. Perhaps a lot of them. But such things move slowly. People are not eager to change the way they have looked at the world with the proof staring them in the face, much less with corporate media constantly feeding them lies.

        • It’s a painful process. And it is liable to fray family ties, or prevent romantic relationships from happening. These are difficult things for most people to deal with.

          • Morning, Publius!

            And old friend of mine – we dated, back in the Cretaceous – is single (divorced) and trying to find a viable date. No luck so far, for months ongoing. She tells me if the guy has a Diaper pic anywhere in his profile, he’s “swipe left” – the term for “nope.” I am grateful to the Motor Gods I found a sound and smart woman before this mess but also one who is as militantly anti-Kabuki as I am!

            • Yeah I’m trying to find a date too nowadays. And some women have a diaper pic — instant dealbreaker for me. It’s a sign of zero intelligence too — even if they wanted to say they were trying to comply with the scam, they could just say so in their profile text, but instead they post a pic, yet you can’t see their face, so obviously there is no point to posting a pic of their slave muzzle covered face. Therefore they are dumber than a box of rocks.

      • Helot
        “they got the time and make the time to do things like binge watch a TeeVee series, spend a whole Saturday afternoon watching baseball or football and have enough time to know the details of the teams and the players down to the absolute minute, or just go shopping allll day & obsess about that grand vacation.

        They have the time! They just don’t – want – to make the time and put in the effort. For, whatever reason, I never understood”

        Apparently most wage slaves, after working fifty hours a week and commuting another ten, happily convert their gray matter to tapioca with drugs and distractions whenever the cogs of the machine aren’t calling. The alternative is to reflect on the untenable position they’ve been shoehorned into. It’s a quick fix to grab the bottle and zone out rather than reflect on their never payable debts, the wife that hates them and is obviously setting up her plan b man-appliance, the freedoms lost by the day and the ever shrinking pool of gainful jobs that threatens to take everything they’ve worked decades to scratch together.

        The only real solution is to pull the drain plug but society is treading water, terrified of letting the fetid sewage down the drain.

    • I agree. But when the shit hits the fan. Well then what happened to the french royals. The brits are gonna get theirs soon as will the us “royals”

  20. As almost all (95%+) have joined the unwrapped face crowd, when I do see one of these zealotous hangers on, I find myself wondering what is wrong with them.

    So much easier mentally, as before I was wondering what was wrong with everyone.

  21. I like using my scary un-diapered face to my advantage. Went into a bagle shop the other day and it was the first time i bought coffee in probably 4 years. Anyway a diapered freak was standing right in front of the coffee dispenser and i really didn’t want to converse with it(her?). I knew if i walked up bare faced and smiling it would run for the hills. Sure enough once it realized i was inside of 6′ it ran to the opposite corner of the store and i was able to get my coffee in peace.

      • Fauci can’t keep up with himself, which is the problem with lying all the time. It’s hard to remember what lies you’ve told, so you know what lie to tell now.

    • As Eric mentioned I almost want to say “boo!” to the diapered freaks in my area. I still see a few wearing the diaper in their car, and when shopping can feel the hate radiating from the cultists that I get near. I do like how it clears them away from my path, almost laugh out loud sometimes.

      • RE: “I do like how it clears them away from my path”

        I’ve noticed that, too.

        I’ve stopped trying to make eye contact with them (they almost always avoid it, even if they’re 6’6′ and 250 lbs. and have a badassed look to ’em) or yield to them in most any way, even if they are polite, which is strange when they do that, be polite, extra polite, even (it may be bad of me, but I’ve been, ‘taking’ if presented the option, so-to-speak) they’re a bit like fluffy chickens, or something, taking wide birth of those filled with truth.
        They’re embracing anti-humanism, it seems.
        Fuck ’em, and let them enjoy their fish heads?

  22. I have no such experience in my nearby rural town. About the same a it has been for ever since this BS started. There is a small college in that town, and I suspect the few who have worn masks are faculty and admin personnel. I don’t know about your country folk, but apparently mine learned long ago not to trust big name news. We recognize BS when we smell it. This is a small county, 6-7k residents, and a poor one, so we are unlikely to see migrants.
    One or another British health agency recently reported that the Delta V is more contagious, and less dangerous. Just as viruses normally mutate. Which is why they go away, as this one is trying its best to. I have suspected this was likely, since all reports I’ve read wailing and moaning about Delta V cases never mentioned deaths. Which means they aren’t a problem, or they most certainly would have.

    • Just read another article, claiming that per that same British health agency Public Health England, most COVID deaths now are among the vaccinated. Curiouser and curiouser.

      • How will the ptb explain this to the (m)asses and how will they spin it to blame those of us who are not of the body?

        • That the unclean are spreading it to the vaccinated, and causing them to die. This will be accepted without question or debate. Because science.

          One must never ask, however, if the vaccines worked in the first place how they can get covid. It’s of a piece with the question of if you are vaccinated, how does my being unclean affect you? Not allowed to ask or answer these questions.

          • Also, none of them will ask, if it is the un-vaxed that are spreading it, why aren’t they falling ill and dying off in even greater numbers than the vaxed? That question will never be asked by anyone on the communist news network or its alphabet brethren.

            • I’ve noticed a LOT of omissions in news coverage. Omissions of critical information. Like an increase in deaths in parallel to the increase in cases regarding the Delta V. Which means there isn’t one. Which means the increase in cases is of no concern.

      • Australia in 2021 has 1 death from conjob. In 2021, so far 331 people have died from the conjob vax population control agent.

    • Kable:
      With low population numbers like that we gotta be close in NWFLA. Bay county here, maskies seem to be either tourists or old folk. Scary amount of blue state plates this year :[

  23. Not in Az, Eric, just to settle your nerves. When I go north, and out of this Mecca of Faucism, the diapers all but disappear from existence. It’s quite refreshing. The practice of diapering is still strong here in Phoenix, though not quite as it used to be.

    • Hey BaDnOn and Eric,
      Agree with BD about the AZ. It’s definitely less than 25% still diapering here. I don’t have the unease or hesitancy of going into a store here because no one’s bothered me for months. (Not saying it won’t come back, we’ll see).

      Can’t wait to make a summer trip to north AZ (SKIPPING FLAGSTAFF and probably Sedona lol) and saying hi to everyone.

      • Michael,

        I think Sedona is always a wonderful place to visit, even with the nutjobs who inhabit the area. In fact, they’re part of the fun. I would expect Flagstaff and Tucson to be openly hostile to heretics such as us, however.

        Also, I made a batch of grapefruit wine a while back, but haven’t yet bottled any. Maybe I’ll make good on getting you a bottle when I do. 🙂

  24. I’m glad I just don’t care what others are saying or doing.

    I agree, though, it’s depressing how many fools are out there.

    Just got hit with more cognitive dissonance today re the jab -daughter is a college athlete, and she received several emails re the jab from her local athletic conference, coach, and univ athletic director. Coach forwarded email from conference prez – where prez referenced what he *thinks* the NCAA will require re jabs (“testing” for all “unvaxxed” but none required for “vaxxed” – interesting, though, that only the “vaxxed”seem to “test positive”, and there were no “outbreaks” in their local conference this spring, but I digress…) Although the prez virtue signalled heavily about how it is the leadership’s responsibility to encourage jabs (!), and he realizes that his message may not be well received, he added that his sister’s polio in the early 50’s made him glad that he, his child, and grandchild are “protected” from THAT disease (yet, he never mentioned anywhere in the lengthy email whether he received the covid jab – how’s that for leadership?)…Coach then forwards prez’s email to athletes with a note that ALL must be “tested” if all are not jabbed…directly contradicting the message attached. I called him out on that and he agreed that “testing” was only for “unvaxxed”, but in my mind he was clearly trying to manipulate the student athletes into the jab….then the AD sent an email where at least he acknowledged that there could be health or religious exemptions from the jab, but still speculated on what the NCAA will require (who hasn’t TMK published their requirements yet, and nothing was linked in the emails)

    So much cognitive dissonance, it is exhausting for me as an adult with a functioning brain to unpack. Meanwhile, the overwhelming nature of it is driving these young athletes to throw away their futures. I can only pray that a significant number stand up. Our daughter knows we have her back…

    • RE: “I’m glad I just don’t care what others are saying or doing.”

      I hear ya.
      How-freaking-evah; I’m reminded of the line, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” What others are saying or doing, fits that bill.

      Also, I’m reminded of those who say some people got polio from the vax, and how polio was on the way out before the introduction of the vax, and that eradication was more likely due to improved sanitation conditions as a result of the efforts of those participating in the free market,… but, I digress. Just thinking out loud/

      Carry on.

      • “polio was on the way out before the introduction of the vax”
        Which is also true of many other diseases add their vaccines. If not eradicating themselves, becoming far less dangerous.

        • Hi John,

          I’ll preface this comment with it’s anecdotal… but: I don’t remember any of the kids I went to school with having serious (as in could kill them) allergies; now it seems every kid has them. No one I knew or even heard of as a kid had autism. There was one fat kid in my high school class of 600 kids. And he was chubby by today’s standards. Today, it seems every third kid is obese. Of the kids I know personally – my friends’ kids and nephews/nieces and such – the ones that are sickly are all “vaccinated.” The healthy and strong ones, aren’t.

          Some of these “vaccinated” kids have more health problems as teenagers than people in late middle age, including diabeeetus and hypertension. It is incredibly sad and very suspicious.

          • Indeed. Having become a victim of rheumatoid arthritis a couple of years ago, I’ve done a LOT of research on it. It is increasing in frequency. Curiously enough in close correlation with the increase in vaccinations. Nearly all of which contain Aluminum or Mercury to stimulate an immune response to a a substance that isn’t dangerous. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disease in which your immune system attacks your own tissue. Who would think that such might be the result of Aluminum and Mercury remaining in your system from vaccines? The last time I saw a rheumatologist he encouraged me to get a flu shot. I told him I think my immune response has been stimulated quite enough, thank you. Regarding obesity, the FDA nutrition guidelines are almost exactly the same as those the Ag Dept. publishes for fattening cattle. Perhaps a plan, since fat people don’t start revolutions.

      • Yep, I’ve heard the same re polio. It’s like the one-trick pony of gotchas to be used against the alleged “anti-vaxxers”.

        Had to ask my brother recently if he was aware of any other takes on the history of polio and its eradication – cuz, y’know, vaxes are the epitome of “protecting one’s health.”

    • One last thought, RE: “I can only pray that a significant number stand up.”

      ~ Per Allen Stevo: lead them, encourage them, act as if it won’t happen without your commitment to something greater than yourself.

      I wish you good fortune, whatever you do.

      • Thank you. I am trying to do the above – lead by example, and encourage others to do so, with a passionate commitment to know myself and my boundaries. WRT others, it is a fine balance, esp. with semi-adult children, to help them to make the right decisions. The sledgehammer approach is my preferred, but it doesn’t work as well as I would hope.

  25. Two weekends ago, I spent time riding my bike around Lancaster County, PA. Realizing many there are Amish, but the areas I rode through were the tourist areas of Strasburg, Intercourse (yes, it’s the name of a town) and Gap – and not one face diaper in sight. Even the Strasburg Railroad had Thomas the Tank Engine there and was crawling with families and kids, nobody, staff included, wore the filthy things. Not sure how much more rural you can get than this, but it does not seem to comport with what’s going on in SW Virginia.

    Yesterday in NYC, mid-town, only about 15% diapered up – mainly hipster twerps (can tell by their beards and homely women), Asians, and old people. This is down from >95% just this past spring. There, in the heart of rona country, land of the know-it-all useful idiot true believers, just a handful of holdouts – likely those who will never let it go.

    • There is a little scenic railroad near us that is operated privately for children and families. They are requiring diapers “in accordance with federal law for public transportation” (eye roll – this is a private passenger, open air train).

      Heard that deBlasio is saying no more “lockdowns”. Maybe this is signalling the end of the convid game for NYC.

    • Oh thank God, i’m going in August to ride the Norfolk & Western 611 (the prettiest steam engine ever IMHO) and when i bought the tickets Strasburg was still requiring diapers. I took the chance that sanity would reign by then. Thanks for confirming it.

    • I think “the rules” say that, one cannot mention the town of Intercourse without also mentioning that “it is dry”! 😁 As in “no liquor”. I’ve actually been there a couple times.

      My wife’s mother lives in Marrieta. We haven’t visited for a couple years, i.e., the duration of the covid hoax and a couple/few months before that. I like the area and the city of Lancaster. Very nice area but I get that it is very “blue” over there.

  26. I noticed a few weeks ago there were a bunch of (what I assumed to be) agent provocateurs on various news site chat boards spreading the propaganda Eric mentioned here. Specifically, they would say: “Well us non-maskers might have to start wearing masks to protect ourselves from the ‘shedding’ of the vaxxed crowd.” I can’t tell you how many times I saw this message spread around (including on this site’s chat board, if memory serves). It definitely sounds like a propaganda operation is afoot.

    • I’ve seen some stories of women, not jabbed, being affected hormonally or other ways by being around the jabbed. Like a lot of things about the gene therapies, much is still unknown. That being said, the non-diaperers I know personally, many of whom are concerned about shedding (which is a known aspect of traditional quackcines) still are not diapering or speaking of it as some way to avoid the potential issue. The diapering propaganda I see tends to relate to the scariants or serves to threaten the un-vaxxed.

      • I wonder if the alleged diapering for the unjabbed is yet another form of the psyop to try to get the holdouts to diaper…then ultimately, jab…they underestimate us mightily.

      • There is something to be said about the hormones, speaking as a woman. The last two months have resulted in EXCRUCIATING cramps for daughter and myself. Neither one of us is jabbed nor is most people in our family. The last couple of months have laid me out physically. Seriously, I actually have had to miss a day of work both times and I am doubled over in pain for about 6-8 hours that no amount of Motrin or clove tea will help. I could blame it on the onset of pre menopause, although I am still a little young for that. Something weird is going on.

        • This is very concerning, RG…

          My girlfriend is extremely worried about what you are describing, because her work puts her in close contact with Needled people. This business of erratic/painful periods is being reported by many women all over the country. Any other women reading this care to share their experiences?

          • Hi Eric,

            Has she been experiencing any issues? I hesitate to link it to viral shedding, because that means there is an actual live virus in those shots, which they have been telling us there isn’t, but the last few months have been pretty bad. Then again, I can blame it on my age. My daughter, though, that is a major concern to me.

            • Not necessarily a live virus. These vaccines are gene therapy, which has never been used before. The truth is, we have no idea what the vaccinated may be shedding. DNA instruction through RNA? We could possibly be getting “vaccinated” whether it please us or not.

              • It would be interesting to see how something like this would work. I haven’t worn a mask the whole time (not that it would actually help) so if anything is being transmitted I probably have it. Still I much rather take my chances with airborne transmission than the actual jab in my body. If nothing else I can at least guarantee I am not computer chipped.

              • Agreed. The presence or absence of a “virus” wouldn’t be the issue, to me. As “the virus” has been out and about for over a year now.

                The effects, if any, are most likely related imho to the technology, and toxins that are injected, then secreted. After all, living things are electromagnetic as well as chemical organisms.

            • The theory is that the Vaxxed are transmitting spike proteins via exosomes.

              There has been research into self disseminating vaccines for rodent control.

              It might be psychosomatic, but every time I have been around my Vaxxed sister-in-law, I feel real itchy.

          • I have noticed some strange occurrences with my cycle as well. Had a mega-period a few months ago. In all, it lasted about 3 weeks. I will spare you the details, but my doctor sent me to a gynocologist, because I am mid 40s and all that change of life could start happening in the not too distant future. Of course the gyno poked and prodded and in the end found nothing wrong. Didn’t stop her from trying to get me to consent to unnecessary medical procedures (IUD, or burning out the uterine lining). Anyway, I declined and told her I would take a wait and see position. Other than that, it has been mostly normal.
            On a side note, I did get pressure from her to get jabbed before I left the last appointment. She said “the vaccine is the only thing that can save lives” or some nonsense. Almost laughed in her face.

            • Thanks, La Gordita. Something strange is definitely happening. It is weird that many of us women are experiencing such incidents all around the same time.

              • Some people at work had the shot, but they were definitely in the minority from what I could tell. They offered the J and J at work and the next day about 100 people were out sick, not sure how many were out because of it though… high temps , body aches, etc.

                My parents got it because they wanted things to “go back to normal”. I practically begged them to at least hold off for awhile.

                  • Eric,
                    I saw that story on the teevee. It broke my heart. I don’t know what I would do to myself if I gave the OK for my daughter to get the jab, and then that happened. I can’t believe the mother sat there and said she “Believes in science, and is not anti-vax”. Really? After all that you still believe in science and vaccines? Shame on you.

                    I had to take my daughter to the doctor for a checkup this week, and she informed me my daughter needed the Gardasil and the meningitis vaccine. It might be time to find a new doctor. How can any doctor push the Gardasil vaccine? Don’t they realize how many lives have been destroyed by it? How it might even make women more susceptible to cervical cancer. A disease that kills at most 1 out of over 42,000 women. The meningitis vaccine does not even protect against the type B variant, and this variant is responsible for 1/3 of all cases of meningitis. Plus, meningitis only kills a handful of people in this country every year. To me, the risks far outweigh the rewards.

                    • Morning, Rush –

                      My girlfriend and I watched it also and were appalled. The “science”… yeah. How many times must it be repeated? Kids are at practically zero risk of death or serious illness from the ‘Rona – and that is a fact. It is also a fact that the “vaccine” carries with it both known as well as unknown risks – which are disproportionate to the putative benefit in the case of kids. These facts lead to a conclusion: Injecting perfectly healthy kids with a “vaccine” to “protect” them from an illness that presents almost no risk to them is absurd at best and criminally irresponsible at worst given what the effect of the “vaccine” could be.

                      Science is supposed to be premised upon facts. But we are dealing with politics – and the “science” of that.

                      It is tragic that some parents cannot understand the difference.

                • Hi LG and RG

                  It’s happening to my unvaccinated wife also – past several months with irregular cycles and extremely heavy flow, which has never happened before. A friend of hers, who just turned 40, got jabbed in February and then got lighter and then no periods; her doctor did a bunch of tests and just informed her she’s now entering menopause – at 40. All anecdotal, but no less bizarre.

            • Regarding OBGYN, BIG scandal back in the 70s regarding unnecessary hysterectomies. I don’t remember any numbers but thousands at least had one for no other purpose than for OBGYN to collect the bill.

                • John Kable,
                  Yes, I have heard of that before. I didn’t think this doctor was too bad at first, but she just kept getting more pushy. And I kept having to take days off work because every little thing required a separate doctor visit (and bill). One was for her to spend about 5 minutes telling me there was nothing abnormal about the test she did on me. Which turned into her trying to twist my arm into getting a covid shot. Really hope they don’t try to coerce all the pregnant women into taking it. That is a scary thought…

        • RG, Dr. Lee Merrit has mentioned this in a few patients she has seen recently. She has an interview on Brighteon site.

  27. It’s all about the echo chamber. Donald Rumsfeld died on Tuesday. Go to any conservative community and they’re dancing on the guy’s grave. Twenty years ago they couldn’t fellatiate the guy enough. They slam the jab, but pointing out that the Orange Failure is pushing it will get you burned at the stake.

    Most people don’t think. They just follow the herd.

  28. Hi Eric,

    Are you sure these people are real “rural” people and not transplants from up North? I am not seeing it where I live except in the grocery stores where these former city dwellers hang out. The local farms – nope, the farmer’s markets (made up of local farmers) – nope, the longtime local businesses – still unmasked.

    It doesn’t surprise me they are hanging out at the grocery stores since most transplants have no idea that food can be purchased elsewhere. I noticed TSC and Lowes is pretty much done with all masking except a few older people. HomeGoods and TJ Maxxs (which I have not been into for over 18 months) guarantee masking is just as prevalent as it was a year ago.

    • No transplant could play that wonderfully authentic bluegrass music every Friday and Saturday night.

      • Yes, they could, actually. I used to play bluegrass quite a lot. Not the best, but some of the best I played with were urbanites who had never seen a real live cow.

      • True, WV. Very few transplants could name an Earl Scruggs or Roy Clark song. Hubby was part of a bluegrass sit-in every Tuesday night, prior to COVID. It was a group of guys and a few gals (both fiddle players) who would just jam until late in the evening. They were quite talented for a bunch of good ol boys from Appalachia. 🙂

        • Lew Childre was a great hillbilly singer from Alabama. ‘I’m Alabamy bound’ is a great song. Listened to Lew’s music for sixty years now.

          I live a long ways from the Appalachians, however, I listen to both kinds of music, country and western.

          The Cleverly’s are a good modern hillbilly band with some humor to boot.

          The masked vaccinated are going to go insane!

        • Hello RG,

          “Hubby was part of a bluegrass sit-in every Tuesday night, prior to COVID”

          It saddens me that small but meaningful groups and events like this might never come back “post-COVID”, if there even will be such a thing. Possibly because people have been ingrained with fear of gathering, or that relationships have been permanently strained over the “mandates”, etc. The WuFlu edicts and associated nonsense seem to have torn apart many of the “little things” that make up the fabric American culture. Which is probably intentional. 😠

          I hope your husband can get back with his bluegrass group, and your family can continue doing things that you enjoy and add richness to life.


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