Will The Bandit (And General Lee) Be Outlawed Next?

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There is a very  good reason why the Confederate flag is under attack. It is because it is the rebel flag. The flag of resistance, of (as columnist Fred Reed so neatly – so accurately –  put it)… leave me the hell alone. This is why it’s favored by rural whites whose great-great-great grandparents never owned slaves nor wanted to – but who can’t stand annoying busybodies (they call ’em Yankees down South but the principle applies generally) who seem to think they are god’s anointed, sent hither to instruct and enlighten.confederate cars

Who cannot stand the idea that others (anywhere) might hold differing opinions, do things differently – and so must be compelled to hold the right opinions, do the right things.

As the Yankees define these things.

Think Hillary Clinton.

But Bill will do, too.

For that matter, so will George Bush. And Chris Christie.

Obama, too.general lee pic

They’re all the same, notwithstanding the color of their skin. Or of their party. The federal party. The party of government. Of control.

Of… everything.

Absolutely every last little thing. Down to the size of the cola you’ll be allowed to buy. And very soon, the opinions you’ll be allowed to hold.

Or at least, to express.

In the classic Clint Eastwood movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales, there is a scene in which the rabid Yankee “red leg” cavalryman states: “There ain’t no end to doing right.”

Exactly so.

Southerners (by birth and inclination) understand this – and rebel against it on an instinctive level.

The flag is thus a metaphorical – and literal – up yours to everything that Yankees stand for and are. Bandit finger

It is no accident that two of the most rebellious TV and movie cars ever – the black ’77 Trans-Am in Smokey & The Bandit and The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard – both proudly displayed the flag as they flouted authority.

Mark that.

Authority. The Rules. Arbitrary bullshit (like crossing a state line with a load of Coors beer) and the enforcers thereof. Who were mocked – while audiences cheered.

That’s what they’re going after. Because it is what they cannot abide.

It is what the real-life Senator James H. Lane and his “red leg” mercenaries portrayed in The Outlaw Josey Wales could not abide. And said so. Watch the movie. The dialogue is most instructional.captain red legs

All this “racism” stuff is just a front, a cudgel. A means by which to browbeat whatever remains of the spirit of independent action, contempt of authority and rejection of do-as-you’re-told into submission by equating these things with “racism.” Because there is nothing worse than “racism.” This being defined-down nowadays to encompass failure to show orgiastic enthusiasm for Kwanzaa over Christmas and a preference for the Declaration of Independence over Letter From a Birmingham Jail. It is no longer enough to not hate “people of color” (caucasians apparently being transparent) and eschew doing them harm.

To be willing to leave them the hell alone.

Oh, no.

One must – if one is white – writhe on the ground like Hitler chewing the carpet in guilty agony over the “legacy of slavery” and suchlike – which of course  includes any resistance whatsoever to the beneficent dictatorship of the Yankees (including those with Southern accents, like Bill) who wield political power not just in DC but everywhere.

Political – and economic.

The “human resources” people at work. The government school “Dr.” (always insisting upon the honorific) so and so. Google Adsense. The DMV apparat – and up the food chain. Rules and procedures. The least common denominator. For our own good, always.

The company town model, scaled nationally.

There will be no Confederate flag on the roof of the Google car.flag burning

It’s not for nothing they’re going after not merely the rebel flag but also other vestiges of leave me the hell alone – such as icons of Jefferson. And yes, I know. Tom owned slaves. This will be used to invalidate the Declaration of Independence just as the Lost Cause – withdrawing the consent of the governed – has been transmuted into a historically stilted brouhaha about being mean to black people. (Those who think the South was exclusively mean to blacks might want to check into how the North treated blacks, prior to the war and subsequently. Historian Tom DiLorenzo’s books being a great place to start. Then as now, the unctuous moralizing of Yankees riles precisely because of its brazen hypocrisy. It is now and has always been about power. Theirs, uber alles.)

But – again – it is not black vs. white that’s at issue here. It’s the individual vs. the collective hive.

The rebel yell – and the rebel flag – are affronts to the Yankee (by birth and inclination; either’s the same) but they cannot openly state the true reason for their hatred of these expressions of individualism. Thus they have adopted the effective (so far) tactic of accusing those who fly it (and yell it) of espousing “hatred.”

But wanting to be left the hell alone is not the same thing as “hating” – though the Yankee brain regards the two as synonymous. Hate is active, it seeks a target – a victim. The person who wants to be left the hell alone seeks only… to be left the hell alone. He will not bother you unless you decline to leave him alone – in which case, you’re like the person who goes out of his way to kick a bee hive.

And then blames the bees for stinging.

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  1. Eric,

    Will the Bandit and General Lee be outlawed? I think that, thanks to federal fatwas, they already have been; that’s just the cars themselves. The rebel flag was made an anathema, something worse than the Nazi flag…

    • Hi Mark,

      If my TA were black and gold (the “Smokey” scheme) I’d put a rebel flag plate on it. But it doesn’t work with the orange… In re the General Lee: The show was as “racist” as a bowl of oatmeal. Yet it has been scrubbed from TeeVee because of feigned outrage over the flag. Italicized because it’s disingenuous. Anyone who is genuinely upset by it is someone who needs therapy. Not accommodation.

  2. The scene in The Outlaw Josey Wales where he encounters Ten Bears is perhaps the most instructive conversation ever filmed. The fact that Ten Bears is played by Will Sampson who also played Chief in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest would seem that Sampson is telling us all we need to know about our current situation.

    • Hi Mark,

      That scene imprinted on me as a child (when I first saw the movie) and was probably one of the factors that helped nudge me along the road toward Libertarianism and non-aggression.

      But today, that movie (not just the scene) would never see the light of day. After all, it glorifies the Lost Cause and “racism.”

      So it would be said.

  3. In the interest of full disclosure: I am of Polish, Italian, Slovak and Jewish ancestry. My ancestors came to PA, OH, WV and IL around 1900. None of my ancestors held slaves or held any connection to slavery.

    That said, the thing that really gets under my skin about this whole Confederate flag business is the sheer amount of time, money, energy and attention that’s been wasted on a piece of cloth that could be put to better use.

    Lowering the Confederate flag will do jack and squat to improve relations between black people and white people. It won’t make anyone any less racist or violent. It won’t help black (or white) people be any healthier, wealthier or wiser. It won’t eradicate the thug cultures of black gangbangers and white skinheads. What it IS doing is antagonizing a lot of people.

    PS: They’ve already started messing around with Christopher Columbus statues, plaques and Columbus Day parades…

    • blacks could care less about the confederate flag and confederate monuments. Its all a jewish media controlled obsession because they hate native soputhern whites and christians in general. To the weirdo with 30 posts below uh you realize the South lost Lincolns War right? Its still one of the more relatively freer areas of the country but the native whites are being diluted by importing millions of 100% democrat illegals. The major cities are lost to the communists. Never would have haappened had we won.

      btw – the PC dukes of hazzard was hilarious

  4. All of this uproar over the Confederate flag is really pathetic, but not entirely unexpected. Any symbol that represents rebellion against societal convention will invariably be demonized at some point (For those of us old enough to remember, anything with KISS emblazoned on it could send school administrators and local politicians into conniptions well into the mid 80’s). The Confederate flag just got a pass for a little bit longer than most because it took a while to condition enough schoolchildren to equate “southern” with “racist”. Between teachers that taught actual history and parents that took the time to explain things to little Billy and Susie, it was an uphill battle at best. The Dukes of Hazzard and The Bandit created enough of a following to further marginalize the first grabs at the flag.

    The Gadsden flag and Molon Labe can represent similar ideals of “leave me the hell alone”, but not enough of the population have the mental faculties to comprehend their meaning or message.

    Perhaps it is time for a new flag, one that accurately represents those of us who wish to be left alone to pursue our own visions of life, liberty and happiness without the input of others. This flag should share no historical connotations that the intellectually vacant can misinterpret and apply false meaning to. My proposal is a simple fist with an vertically extended middle finger on a background of one’s own choosing.

    • El Guapo, I too like your handle. I had thought of changing mine recently due to a known enemy(not of my making but of a friend who had a shitty with a good mutual friend and simply included me, unknown to me for a while) and a reference he made to mine to other people since he knew the origin of “eight south”. But now with the Confederate flag brouhaha, I have decided to keep it. Since it was a double entendre originally, now I feel as if it’s taken on a completely other meaning also and that’s fine.

      I considered la loca de los gatos but it seemed a bit verbose, wordy if you will, loquacious, long winded ha ha ha ha.

      I like your flag idea but haven’t been able so far to think of an adversarial symbol to complement it.

  5. Aw poor diddems can no longer get government buildings to fly their custom flag. It’s the same tantrum Christian toddlers threw when the Ten Commandment was banned from public institutions. Christians think their religion is the only real religion therefore the 1A means the U.S. is a Christian nation. Rebels only the other hand, forgot the South lost the war and as such the Confederate flag has no place on a government building except for memorials and museums. Yes toddlers you’re free to buy Confederate flags for your own shirts, hats, belt buckles, etc., and wear them proudly. But you have no more right to have a Confederate flag on a government building than the LGBT do with their rainbow flag.Clover

    • Clover,

      I would not disagree with you if it were limited to that – but it’s not. The Confederate flag is to be rendered anathema – like the flag of Nazi Germany in Germany today. Where it is illegal to display the Nazi flag even on private (cough) property. The Confederate flag is to be placed in the same moral category as the Nazi flag. To equate rebelliousness and “leave me the hell alone” with racialism and so on, so as to delegitimize and suppress rebelliousness. We are to love authority, not flip it the bird.

      What is going on is a sort of cultural – and ideological – ethnic cleansing. It is no wild fear to be concerned that in the very near future, not only will it be illegal to display the Confederate flag on private property here, it will be illegal to express opinions that are not orthodox with regard to the South, the War and so on. It will be claimed that to do so constitutes “aggression” and perhaps even “terrorism.”

      And PS: The rainbow “flag” just recently “flew” over the White House.

      • I wonder if I could find a meme to the tune of a Middle-Eastern Christian on death row for practicing his faith musing that he thought he had it bad until he heard how bad U.S. Christians have it.Clover

  6. Banning the confederate flag because it is linked to atrocities committed by some who flew it?

    Better take down the Stars and Stripes, Union Jack, Tricolores, etcetera. The horrors committed under these flags are at least comparable and often worse.

    • Do you display the Confederate Flag? You are not banned from doing so. One Southern jurisdiction after another decided to remove their Confederate Flags and place them in military museums and other less noticeable places. They did not want to get into trouble with Northern progressives.

      • Lawrence,

        The issue here is not merely the removal of the flag from government buildings and so on. It is the anathematization of the flag, with the clear object being the eventual criminalization of it, as well as any public or private utterance that deviates from the officially orthodox views we’ll be required to have (or at least, pretend to have).

        Such has already happened elsewhere (Britain, Germany, Canada) and is happening here, too.

        Enforced orthodoxy. That’s the issue. Not the flag, per se.

        • The issue in the South is that there is no resistance by Southerners to Yankee (Progressives) tyranny. Nobody is holding a gun to the head of the Southern governing officials to forsake their heritage. These elected officials don’t want any trouble from Progressives. People can’t be timid and rebels at the same time.

          • Be careful about generalizing. It’s the same fallacy Clovers constantly trot out.

            The politicians in the South are kow-towing, certainly. But they do not represent individual Southerners who – as individuals – will respond each in their own way, to the extent they reasonably can.

            PS: “Progressive” is just another fundamentally meaningless label – in this case, used by the political right to demagog the political left. Both, however, are equally coercive collectivist. Neither oppose tyrannizing the individual for the sake of the group – as defined by a few individuals, who presume to speak for it.

            There is only one alternative to coercive collectivism (of whatever stripe):

            Libertarianism based on voluntary free association and non-aggression.

            • Nobody opposes “tyrannizing the individual for the sake of the group” more than RAMROD. Too bad that you are uncomfortable associating with me.

              • I don’t associate with you, Lawrence. I’ve merely attempted to engage you in discussion.

                I’ve had to moderate some of your posts because they’re profane, ad hominem attacks.

                And what is it with the constant referring to yourself in the third person?

                • Eric – “And what is it with the constant referring to yourself in the third person?”

                  Grandiosity and pretentious narcissism. At least that is ussualy the case in my observation.

            • I know this is a years old discussion, but I was under the impression that the LEFTIES adopted the “progessive” label, so as to sound more benign and “with it”.

  7. “Flag of Resistance”? Why is the Rebel Flag being taken down in one place after another in the South? You haven’t lost a war lately. There are no Federal Troops forcing compliance. The South is inhabited by submissive subjects, not rebels. Southerners are much less inclined to fight for what they posture to believe in than progressives in the North.

    The South is full of hot air and a breed of helpless whiners: “what will be outlawed next?”

    • Progressives, what a misnomer, regressives, now that’s accurate. Yep ramarod, southerners are just rolling over left and right, esp. Texans.

      We’re hoping the next thing to be outlawed will be the federal govt. and the yankees who inhabit and cohabit it.

      Am I right? What say “youse guyse”?

      You need to come to Texas so I can introduce you to some of the guys working on Patterson rig 310 that just love yankees telling them how to drill for oil.

      • No submissive Texans? Why don’t you give me your best example of Texans resisting Yankee or any other source of government over control. Texans are timid law abiders.

        How many times have you had the courage to defy government bullying? I will match my arrest record against every patron to this website.

        I could enjoy the company of the oil drillers better than you. I worked the steel mills in Indiana: open carry, drugs, prostitutes, illegal gambling, drunken violence and coon hunting. You strike me as being domesticated and scared to talk back to your wife.

        • Ramrod,

          This has been gone over many times already, but – for the new people here:

          An unequal fight is a losing – and so, pointless – fight.

          You are either foolish – or a troll, here to try to provoke someone into making a potentially actionable public statement.

          • I have made actionable public statements. When confronted by U.S. Judge Gottschall, I affirmed that I was in contempt of court and proud of it.

            I am proud to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and fight a loosing fight. I am a religious fanatic. You want to label me. Label me SEDITIONIST.

            PS you are not the only one who fears my courage; I have the order of protection to prove that.

            Live in safety, Eric.

            • You figured me out, Escher. I am trying to trick you Southerners into standing up against those that you elected to stop removing the Confederate Flag from public buildings. Why show appreciation for anyone that had the courage to kill Yankees who were occupying and destroying their neighborhoods. It is much nicer to show the Negros how guilty you feel about slaves that your ancestors never owned.

              • Lawrence,

                You’re generalizing – again (e.g., “those that you elected …”). The fallacy has been pointed out several times now, so you’re either obtuse or just trying to goad people (i.e., a troll).

                • There is nothing wrong with generalizing about groups of people, brands of cars, a restaurant’s menu, or anything else. A country’s culture is a generalization. Anticipating August’s weather is a generalization. Without generalizations, you might as well just keep your mouth shut.

                  You do have a legitimate complaint if you are being stereotyped into something that you are not. When that happens to me, I proclaim: “I am not like that”. I then explain with an example.

                  • Cars and other objects are not people. You seem to recognize this when you write:

                    “You do have a legitimate complaint if you are being stereotyped…”

                    In other words, when people generalize.

                    And, let’s keep on point.

                    I called attention to the fact that you generalized about Southerners (a generic group) voting for a politician – or behaving a certain way.

                    I assume you do not like to be characterized as doing (or not doing) something because “other people” have done (or not done it).


                    When it comes to people, there are only individuals.

      • Progressives is what they like to call themselves, going all the way back to Mr. Big Stick himself. I use it jokingly, like ‘heroes.’

        • Instead of joking about Progressives, why don’t you resist their demands to remove the Rebel Battle Flags that your brave ancestors fought under? You would have more self-esteem if you would shed that Libertarian streak that runs down your back.

          • Ramrod,

            The Southern states erred when they allowed the Northern states to maneuver them into a violent response (most especially Lee’s foolish invasion of the North). I hope Libertarians, generally, will learn from that mistake. We have the moral high ground. Defending it is a matter of maneuvering our opponents into revealing who and what they are.

            • Eric,
              As I understand it, it was the Southern politicos that pushed Lee into invading the north…
              And up until that point, the South was doing OK, just holding its own.
              But afterwards, they had no offers of foreign assistance, and no moral standing from view of the Northerners, either. (The Collectivists never granted them standing to withdraw from the Union anyway; what is a contract that can be unilaterally changed to be injurious to the second party? I think it’s pretty close to slavery… But the Yankees can’t wrap their feeble minds around that concept, the concept that we don’t NEED to be coerced to follow good ideas, which always also includes a hand in our wallet… )

              All that aside, any further details on Lee’s invasion that would indicate the North manipulated the South into invading?

              • Hi Jean,

                I have read various accounts – the main vein view being that Lee sought to end the war (to force a settlement) by bringing the war home to the North.

                The irony is that at First Manassas, this could have been done; was in fact almost done. The Confederates routed the Union forces; could have occupied DC – forced Lincoln to flee. Very possibly, this could have toppled his government and achieved the strategic aim of a legal separation.

                Fundamentally, the South was in the same position the colonies had been in vis-a-vis Great Britain. Meaning, they could not win an open battle on equal terms, because the terms were unequal. The North simply had more men, more equipment.

                But the South could have done what the colonies (what Washington) so successfully did. Avoid direct battles when possible; attrite the enemy. Exhaust his patience and will to continue.

                This would have been – I think – very doable, chiefly because most Northerners didn’t have fire in their bellies for the war. It was the relative minority of radical abolitionists and “centralizers” (e.g., the Whigs cum Republicans whose standard-bearer was Abe Lincoln) who wanted war. The people in the North would have soured on this quickly, were their own homes and land not subject to rapine and plunder and – critically – their menfolk sent far away (by Lincoln) to bleed and die for some “cause” they didn’t give a shit about.

                In my opinion, the South could have pulled it off had they simply been savvy enough to not fire first. To let the Yankees have Fort Sumter.

                Maneuver them into launching an invasion – and thereby, ceding the moral high ground to the South. Which then would have been seen – rightly – as defending its own soil, kith and kin, against a foreign aggressor.

                Had they done this along with a public statement agreeing to gradual emancipation/repatriation over say a 20-year-period… well, the “union” would not be what it is today, I suspect.

                • The war started at Ft. Sumter after yankees began stocking and manning the fort. What is never said in history books is the yankee navy was conducting(and still is all over the world)a blockage of the ports. They weren’t giving tickets or asking people to not use the ports, they were blowing ships out of the water. A blockade is an act of war…..anywhere on earth, then and now.

                  Not much has changed except the efficiency of the US navy to starve the people of some nation while the fat cats in govt. are working some deal somewhere else.
                  Same story every time. Masses of people going without the most basic needs for survival while their govt. bureaucrats and pols are rolling in dough and living elsewhere while US forces are keep us safe by starving people who had dick before he blockade began.

                  • I also recently learned that even though Sumter was referred to as a fort, it was basically a collection point for the tariffs over which the war began.

                  • Much as they are doing now within the country – fomenting revolution and discord in the hopes patriots will start shooting en masse.

                    They will win either way, they think…
                    they have more equipment, they are working on DNA databases (Pilot in Kuwait: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/is-a-mandatory-dna-database-for-all-americans-coming-soon_072015), and they are drying up the ammo supply and trying to disarm everyone they can… (Latest tactic is, if on SS, and you employ a fiduciary, you’re judged mentally incompetent, and forfeit weapons. Of note, you’d forfeit voting, too – no one has made THAT connection yet! But way to disenfranchise the old-timers who know what freedom was, at least. Even if accepting with the limitations of selection vs. election, this makes it even MORE important to use that “R” word… SOONER rather than too later.)

                    Maybe we should make it open season on the Elites? Might make things FAR more interesting, open people’s eyes… No fomenting terror on the masses, but on those pulling the strings….? Open 4GW.

                    And of course, it’s all STFU, no communication, and no motive or method…

                    Of note, most statists and Liberals will ALWAYS see the government as the hero – they’d be tagged, chipped, bagged, even – in worship of their god…
                    But once we get past those imbeciles…. 😉
                    [Of note, I’ve read that the Millennials are heavily socialist, too. I guess if FedGov can disenfranchise the Oldies, and fudge/fake the elections, AND get more Socialists voting, they can take us over from within… Again, making it “legal” now. And I also suppose that if Mommy and Daddy – FamGov? – are busy reassuring you, ensuring your ego is never confronted with reality, and they wipe your nose, clean your butt, and fellate your privates all the time – then you’ll grow up to be a pussy who cannot take care of yourself, and demand Gov’t wipe your @$$ for you, too… I fail to see why wolves should care about the flock of sheep, and the Sheepdog analogy is losing credence since the “sheepdogs” are turning more into wolves themselves… But I’m rambling.]

                • eric, another deciding factor was simply a fortuitous event for yankees and that was the potato famine. Vast amounts of Irish were riding on dubious ships simply looking for their next meal and when those ships unloaded in yankeeland, they had a choice of starving or signing up with that evil army. It’s no coincidence that Mexico is full of Irish enclaves as many of these “soldiers” had no stake in the game and readily crossed the Rio Grande and sought relief from the entire conflict.

                • “In my opinion, the South could have pulled it off had they simply been savvy enough to not fire first. To let the Yankees have Fort Sumter. “

                  The SOP for the fedgov’s wars has been to do all sorts of despicable things to those it wants to fight and then when finally the target strikes back or merely defends themselves fedgov proclaims the target nation started it.

                  So many wars follow this pattern. To the ordinary people fedgov portrays events as it was just sitting around minding its own business when out of the blue for no good reason so-and-so attacked. The public is never informed to the harassment and outright acts of war fedgov had been doing before that, sometimes for years.

                  Since the american public has become this uninformed rabble that reacts emotionally it still works long after it was first used. It’s also amazingly childish. It’s based on two siblings where one keeps annoying the other until the later throws a punch.

                  • Yes, how long was FDR’s administration harassing and blockading Japan before they bombed the fleet at Pearl?

            • Yep. If the Confederacy had pursued a guerilla/4GW startegy for which their geography and resources were ideally suited, the fedgov would’ve experienced Vietnam a century early, with very likely the same results. Alas, Lee, Beauregard, J. Davis, Longstreet, etc, were all West Point grads and thus captive to the Second Generation warfare ideology that dominates American military thinking (the silver lining to this being that the U.S. mitary is culturally incapable of either understanding or fighting a 4GW. Patriots take heart.)

              • I’ve also heard it suggested that if the CSA had abolished slavery, they would have taken what little moral high ground the USA had.

      • Hi Eight,

        This Ramrod person strikes me as a Rush Limbaugh/Hannity-esque Republican sort. They can usually be ID’d by their use of that word – “progressive.”

        What they object to is not coercive collectivism as such. Merely to the leftish form of it, which rejects “family values” and “tradition” and does not worship buzz cut, camouflaged authority icons.

        In other words, they – the Republican “conservatives” opposed to “progressives” – are the American latter-day equivalent (watered down, some) of the Stahlhelm in 1920s-’30s Germany. Order is what they crave. Tradition – enforced by the jackboot.

        • I have never voted for a Republican in my entire life. I did vote for George Wallace. I had a Confederate license plate on the front of my 1966 Galaxy. I wasn’t too timid to drive it around Berkly and San Francisco. I would display another one if Illinois didn’t mandate two plates.

          • Ok, fine.

            But beside the point. The point being the silly label – “progressive.”

            It does not get to the meat of the matter: Coercive collectivism.

            Republicans (“conservatives”) use the term because it vilifies without mentioning the unmentionable (coercive collectivism) because Republicans (“conservatives”) are just as guilty as “progressives” on that score. They both embrace coercive collectivism.

            They merely differ as to the form it ought to take.

            • I ordinarily use the old fashioned term “liberals”. I used the replacement term “progressives” because I saw others on your site use it.

              • I often use the term Progressive because that is how many of them seem to prefer to think of themselves. Of course they are actually nothing of the kind, any more than LEOs are heroes.

        • eric, I just want to remind everybody we’re well into the Jade Helm attack…..yes, attack…..for that’s what it is. Since I do a lot of trucking in the areas where they are chuting in , I worry about collecting one. I don’t worry for the sake of those i might collect but my own ass. It’s not like i can avoid some a-hole falling from the sky doing 75 in the dark of night. But no matter the circumstance, it will surely be my fault, even a planned killing if need be for some contrived conviction.

          Now some of you might think I’m being facetious or paranoid but I’ve been down this “road” before. If there isn’t a specific law to prosecute you, they’ll dream up something and I can say this from experience.

          I’m taking some cephalaxin(eric, you’ll love this one, Cat Scratch Fever) right now. Since I didn’t know what the doc had prescribed I looked over the particulars the pharmacy includes in prescriptions these days. On this one, it says it may skew drug tests and show false-positives for certain drugs but don’t say which drugs that would be.

          Since George Bush rammed through legislation when he was gov. that made it a crime to pass a drug test by using something other than your own bodily fluids and made it go on your permanent record should you fail a drug test for any reason(false-positives), you’ll be marked for life for a bad drug test….no matter if it’s poppy seed colaches. And that’s put many a person into a bind. Since I don’t have a clue as to what F-P’s cephalaxin would cause I’m literally hung out there for anything, such as a wreck, to cause me a drug test. Dandy eh? This is such a deranged country.

          And what part of the state do they say they’re targeting? Of course, the oil field, so I get to tread water for months and hope i don’t collect one of these nighttime “heroes” just doing my job. Catch 22!!

  8. I just recalled that Mattel has removed the Stars and Bars from their Gen. Lee and some other companies have also removed the Gen Lee itself. This is some sad dick.

  9. I was born in upstate New York, but have now lived, by choice, in the south east for quite a number of years. May I recommend a Ron Maxwell movie entitled “Copperhead”?

    I admire “Copperheads” to the point where I named one of my Homebrews after them:

    Copperhead Ale
    A “Copperhead” was a Northerner who sympathized with the Confederate Cause.
    Pale Ale Malt 15 lbs
    TF Rye Malt 10 lbs
    TF Oat Malt 5 Lbs
    MFB Special Aromatic 5 lbs
    MFB Dark Munich 5 lbs
    Mash for 75 minutes at ~150F. Try for ~14 gallons after a 90 minutes boil. Add enough malt extract or honey at the end of the boil for an OG of at least 1.100.
    Cluster Pellets 90 minutes 4.0 oz
    US Fuggle Pellets 60 minutes 0.5 oz
    US Goldings Pellets 5 minutes 0.5 oz
    Use Safbrew S04 or Nottingham yeast.
    Note: this ale may also serve as a base for the addition of fruit for the creation of a “Fruit Beer”. The Confederate Celt will be making a batch this coming brewing year (November through April) to which a cherry wine base is added. Stay tuned…………..

    By the way, I never had a Confederate Battle Flag or bumper sticker in the past. I will shortly, along with the Stars and Bars as well as the Bonnie Blue.

    • Confederate, that’s an interesting brew but one I’m doomed to miss since I am allergic to wheat and pass on most pale ales although I don’t see anything that would indicate wheat or gluten in this recipe. Do you ever make a black lager? I have decided to quit procrastinating and act on the homebrew book I bought decades ago.

      I’ve been thinking about what sort of vehicle I could make to use my well water on the way to the pressure tank to cool the barbuoy I intend to use to brew…..or would 68 degrees be too cool?

  10. Democrats lack the understanding what tolerance means. When we have their one world government, how will they deal with people who find the OK sign offensive? Will they tolerate their views or will they tell them to live with it and try irradicate their backwards thinking?

  11. 1)Rebels brought the Negros here.
    2)Rebels legislated slavery in as many Northern States as they could.
    3)Rebels were trying to bring slavery into the new territories as the war to discipline the South began.
    4)Rebels never were concerned that feral Negros would someday be destroying one decent White neighborhood after another in both the South and North.

    • Fact check, Ramrod.
      The ships the slaves came here in were primarily British, Dutch or Yankee. Not much shipping in the agricultural south.
      You are entitled to your racist opinions, and to spewing them if you wish. but not very many on this site are buying.

        • 1st, they were not rebels at that time. 2nd, the Yankee ships brought them as paid cargo. The ‘rebels’ could not have brought them here on their own.

            • No, but they were willing collaborators – greedy capitalists in today’s Progressive jargon.
              I’m not trying to justify slavery, but if it had been as ‘practical’ in the New England colonies/states, many probably would have joined in. It’s not that the Yankee Congregationalists were ‘more Christian’ than their Scottish Presbyterian neighbors to the South.

        • Must have attended Yankee schools and bought everything they pushed into your soft head. Not buying a single thing you claim Ramrod, you could not be more wrong.

          • Hey Bill, I numbered my claims. Why don’t you number your responses to what you claim is wrong. What kind of a school taught you that you can criticize someone’s education- that you know nothing about- as a substitute for your own explanation.

        • Here’s a bit of truth. Robert E. Lee(RIP)divested himself of slaves before the commencement of the yankee induced bloodbath while Grant still used his slaves as he and his butt-kissing, boot-licking Sherman scoured the earth of the American natives and used germ genocide on those already held prisoner. What a great gang they were.
          Try learning some accurate history and not the crap they taught you in your Marxist education.

          • I did not receive a Marxist education at Purdue. You have me confused with the University of Texas at Austin graduates.

            • There are very few colleges/universities in the USSA where you will not receive a Marxist education. Ask Walter Block.
              Putting Armstrong on the moon? Definitely Marxist.

                • Well, I’m not sure if this is still true or not, but at one time the University of Alabama held the record for graduating the most Super Bowl winning quarterbacks.
                  So what?

          • You provided your history. I provided my history. Once again, if you found some of my history to be inaccurate- rather than inconvenient- please explain.

            • For one thing, people who traded in slaves did so with the whole world and enslaved not only Negroes but every type of person on earth.

              Read Lincoln’s writings if you think almost everyone didn’t view Negroes as inferior. Jefferson and his friends used to discuss whether they were homo sapiens since they had never seen black people before.

              Lincoln wrote many times that he viewed the Negro to be inferior to the white races and said he could never see the two races living as equals or living together. At the time of Appamatox he was attempting to gather all the blacks and met with black leaders to send them all back to Africa. Charles duBois was a black, back to Africa activist who worked with Lincoln on this cause.

              Blacks had been slaves in Northern states as long as they had in southern states.

              I find it strange that no one ever bring up the fact that slavery encompasses more people now than ever. Saudi Arabia and it’s ruling Saud family have a huge amount of slaves as we speak but nobody complains about that.

              As far as Purdue is concerned, why would it not be replete with revisionist history as every other college I know of is.

              I have never been to a college where anyone ever mentioned the writings of Lincoln. That’s because they would have been out of work very quickly.

              I’m Scotch/Irish……wanta fight about it? And that’s mislabeling too since the Irish don’t fight about everything but are labeled as people who’d rather fight than argue. So why aren’t they crying about misconceptions about being Irish. Not all Scots abhor government, just all good Scots ha ha.

              I can not only live with people calling me redneck, I’m proud to be a redneck if that means I’m not a brainwashed yankee.

              • Purdue specializes in Engineering, Science, and putting Neil Armstrong on the Moon. There is a small side of the campus, we called it the dumb side, were social studies were taught. Without this side of the campus, there would have been even less coeds than the few that were there.

                • ramarod, I hate to break it to you but they got Neil weightless long ago so move on to something else now and that was NASA, not Poordoo. BTW, there’s a lot to be said for having plenty of the finest looking women on earth going to school with you. Yall should have tried the other side before settling. I have an old college bud who has a brother who’s a Ph.D at Purdue and works on global warming, makes big money doing it too. His brother would think more of his accomplishments without him being an Algorean.

                  • Why don’t you expose your behavior as a young man. Did you fall in love and become an employee?

                    RAMROD killed men and had his way with women.

                    • Looks like we have Bob Dole’s younger clone back again, referring to himself in third person.

                      Paul Ezra Rhodes killed men and had his way with women too. That made him an ignorant SOB who deserved to die.

                    • Ramrod,

                      Your “tough guy” posturing is tedious – and your habit of referring to yourself in the third person, Bob Dole-style, is flat-out weird.

  12. ‘Check your privilege’ Eric, you racist.
    Lawdy, lawdy, did I really say that?
    I was a Yankee by accident of birth, and had ancestors and other family members who, according to their diaries, proudly wore the blue. But I know better than that now.
    The 1st War of Secession, according to the history books, was fought against ‘taxation w/o representation.’ Well I have no representation now, and neither does anyone else I know of. So why are we not seceding? Because might makes right in the land of Dishonest Abe (read DiLorenzo, as suggested above, to find out what a real racist believes.)
    Also try reading The Founders 2nd Amendent, by Stephen Halbrook for a different take on the war of 1775-81.

    • You can’t pick your kin but that don’t mean you have to agree with them. BTW, i have never and will not dignify yankee with a capital letter. Screw SpellCheck….which doesn’t recognize SpellCheck as being correct either.

      yankees are so easily recognized in Tx. they don’t even have to speak.

      • I was a yankee, even a ‘dam yankee,’ living there for over 9 years. But at least I was never a ‘got dam yankee.’ I was grateful for a good job after I realized I was not cut out for a ‘career’ in dairy farming.

        • There’s an old saying in Texas about yankees. A yankee comes to Tx., visits, sees it and goes home. A damn yankee comes and stays. But I’d leave Tx. too if dairy farming was my plight. I was once offered a managing job for a small one. Too much work for me so the guy hired a wetback who worked for several years and then got a better job, probably after getting a green card since he had many children. More power to him too. He earned that card.

          • Yes, that’s what I was referring to above. And it goes on to say that a ‘got dam yankee’ not only comes and stays, but keeps complaining how much better everything was ‘back home.’
            Leading to “Welcome to Texas. Now go home!”
            In many ways I still consider myself a naturalized citizen of the Republic of Texas. My son is proud to have been born there, even if it was in Irving, in the shadow of Texas Stadium.

              • I don’t know if Tx Stadium still stands or not. My son probably could tell me. But its predecessor, the Cotton Bowl is still on the State Fair Grounds. That’s where they play the game that determines whether the Texas boys that crossed the Red River to go to college play better than the ones that stayed home.
                As for the Wowboys, in the words of Clover, ‘I could care less.’ Or any other pro team, for that matter.

                • Phillip the Bruce,

                  I do not care as much as when I was a teenager. Perhaps if I recvd a check from the wowboys, I would care much more.

                  I couldn’t care less that you “could care less”. 😉

          • OK folks,

            One comment about Yankees….and though I was born in MS, my mother was a second generation Italian born and raised in the Italian/Irish tenements of South Boston. While I lived in Texas, I heard this description….How are Yankees like hemorrhoids? When the come down and go back up that’s OK, but when they come down and stay, they’re a real pain in the ass.

            The whole battle flag of the army of northern VA issue is one of intolerance and bigotry….by the leftist progressives in government and its sycophants. We, white, male, heterosexuals raised in the South are the new niggers/Juden…you heard it here first. The powers behind this new wave of persecution want to keep people fighting over divisive issues because that deflects from the real damage the PtB are doing to our economy, culture and freedoms. As I’ve said before, pass the popcorn..it’s going to be an interesting show.

            Over the mountain, in Chattanooga we are seeing some blowback from the insane foreign policy of the Amerikan empire. Most of the sheeple are shocked and appalled, but I predict a lot more of this kind of event….like what’s going on in Europe. And, there’s not a damned thing that they can do about it other than to further erode our freedoms in the name of “safety”. Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted.

            • Too bad we can’t go the route of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.”
              But we don’t have a lunar colony with a rail cannon…

              We might have to resort to drones…. 😉

  13. With regards to finding ways to discard Jefferson’s work: Ever notice that if a person is for liberty he must never ever ever just deal with the way things are or it invalidates his beliefs? Now statists are forgiven horrific mismatches between their words and their actions as being what people have to do to get through the present system. Everyone from Hillary Clinton to Rand Paul is forgiven such transgressions. But if someone who believes in liberty must be 100% true to the cause no matter how it hurts him not to deal with the way things are. Not only that but he must ‘love it or leave it’.

    As to symbols, like Carlin said, leave them to symbol minded. But if we must there are other leave me the hell alone symbols they will have a much more difficult time with demonizing.

    • “there are other leave me the hell alone symbols” – Gadsden Flag, anyone?
      They may try to demonize that, but should have a harder time.

      • PtB, one of my favs. Most Tx. independence flags were some variant of molon labe. I didn’t realize till recently there was a “Come and Take It” revolutionary war flag. One of my favs though is the Bloody Arm flag. Without any words it says everything. That reminds me, I need to order the wife the Molon Labe T-shirt she wants and the cap I want, both cheap on ebay. Wish I could find a Bloody Arm cap.


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