Presidental Wireless Alerts

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I’m getting a lot of communication from big state nanny these days and it’s more and more an assault on my time an attention. It keeps getting worse and I can only image what might be next.cell phone alert picture

I don’t want to know how many people died on the highway this year in Texas. When I drive by the big signs every morning along the interstate with these “public service messages” my thoughts lean to how much did we pay for that? Who decides what messages go on the sign? Are they just conditioning us so that we obey when the message reads “drop everything, bring your family and report to the re-educations center by 10pm tonight”! “We know who you are. It’s on your easy tag, obey or be droned.”

Tell me something I’d like to know about. How many people were saved reading signs about how many people were killed this year? Hey there is an accident up ahead, take another route. Turn off your phone, put away your makeup, take the dog off your lap, put down your coffee, shut the hell up, stop reading the signs and watch where you’re going!

Now we’re assaulted at home with wireless alerts. You can’t opt out! I don’t want to get amber alerts, weather alters or “presidential” alerts on my phone while my attention is elsewhere. When is my attention elsewhere? All the time! Alert! Pick up your phone, read the signs, obey!

What an incredible intrusion. What do they expect? Should we all get up from whatever we’re doing, go to the window and look for a silver caprice with a missing elderly from a town 200 miles away? Get in my car, get up on the toll road and scan for child abusers in late 70’s firebird with a missing side mirror? Stand up, say the pledge of allegiance, sing the national anthem, curse terrorism, pay some extra taxes and buy something on my credit card?

Last night it was a flood alert. It’s already been raining for 24 hours straight don’t you think there might be some flooding? Should be all go up upstairs in the attic to wait it out? Maybe we should cut a hole in the roof just to be “safe” so we can sit up there and wait for the nanny to swoop down with a helicopter and rescue us?

What the hell is a presidential alert? Do I get to speak directly to the president with my alarm “hey asshole leave me and my stuff alone!” “Shut up and let me drive!” “Stop killing people!” What would you tell him?
What kind of War of the Worlds, false flag national emergency trick are they going to play on us next? How are they going to scare us into submission next? Anyone with half a brain stopped watching the “news” on television years ago. I haven’t listened to NPR in years so how are they going to make us afraid?

Newspapers? Ha. With our phones of course! No! Stop assaulting me, I don’t want it.

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  1. Yep, I think it’s all about keeping us alarmed and clamorous to be led to safety, as HL Mencken wrote. The last thing I need is a text from Obomber. I wouldn’t let him in my yard, let alone let him lead me anywhere. Sheesh.

  2. Garysco, I found out 10 years ago how bad a hard-on Canada had totalitarian-wise. A guy I know who worked for a big company with very complex machines was loaned out to a company in Canada because so few people knew how to fix them. He loads his tools and gets on a plane that lands in Canada where they promptly remove him and place him in custody. It seems that 7 years earlier he’d been convicted of DWI in the US. Canada said they didn’t allow criminals in their great country so he was put back on a flight to the US. They did tell him that 10 years after his conviction they’d review his status. You might ask Marc Emery how that Canadian justice is working for him.

  3. After being alerted you will be confiscated.

    “I was at the Canadian border, headed toward the freedom that exists a few feet beyond the last security check. I was gently waved down a side corridor.

    Ninety minutes later, I was let go, but not before something truly alarming happened. I’m pretty sure that the Canadian government captured a mirrored version of my smartphone — which pretty much holds the whole of my life.

    I’ll explain precisely how this happened in just a bit — in the hopes that perhaps you can take precautions that I did not. But let’s first establish that this practice is not unusual. According to documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union, this has become the standard backdoor method of search used today by governments around the world.

    – See more at:

  4. Users can block weather warnings and amber alerts but emergency alerts from the president cannot be blocked.

    Amber and weather alerts can be turned off on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone devices by following these simple steps.

    On most Android phones, you can disable Amber Alerts by drilling down in Settings to Wireless & Networks, then More, then Cell Broadcasts. IPhone users can find Amber Alerts under Settings/Notifications. There also are options to disable other Wireless Emergency Alerts


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