Out of Control Ohio Hero

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Here we go again.

What began as a routine traffic stop resulted in a man, his girlfriend, and his 14-year old son being tossed on the pavement and thrown in handcuffs.

Aaron Tatkowski had just arrived home when he saw his daughter-in-law, Cassandra Meyers, being pulled over by Officer Eric Hart.  There was something about the way Hart was speaking to Meyers that made Tatkowski get out of his truck to question the officer’s behavior.  The officer ordered Tatkowski to return to his truck, and he complied.

That’s when things spiraled out of control.

“He hollered for me to get back in my truck, so I got back in my truck,” Tatkowski told CBS affiliate WTOL. “Next thing you know, I’m yanked out of the truck and it made my girlfriend say a few things. He yanked her out of the truck.”

Tatkowski says Hart pulled himself, his girlfriend, and his 14-year-old son out of the truck and threw them to the ground. His two young granddaughters, who were sitting in the back seat, remained in the truck.

At one point Hart aimed a Taser and a handgun at the family, pointing the weapons directly at Tatkowski’s head.

Another witness attempted to call 911 for help.  Hart grabbed the man’s phone and tossed it aside.

This is when a witness began recording the incident (warning: contains strong language):


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  1. I can’t stand these YouTube heroes who can’t at least make life harder for that thug. Yeah! Let’s make a viral video! We’ll tell everyone later we didn’t want to get arrested! Walk up to him, take the pressure off, how hard is it?
    The people standing around enjoying the show and screaming like its a fun horror movie are no better than the piece of shit with the gun.

    • Hi Ethan,

      People – most people – still have to unlearn that cops are not “heroes” – and awaken to the reality that is “law enforcement” these days. I think their reaction initially is one of disbelief, which instills paralysis. But, give them time. I expect they’re going to get mad, just as we have.

    • Hey, Ethan. When I read eric’s response I wondered, have you ever read the short bit, The Moon is Down?


      The book, in relation to the videographers, has to do with the moment of time we are in currently. Not too mention your take on things are much the same as the miner in the beginning of the book. (A Very short book).
      After reading that, things, might make a bit more, well, not ‘sense’, but something like that. …It did for me anyway.
      Just my two Cents.

  2. Notice what a fat ass this cop has? Is that one of the requirements of the job, to be a fat assed, chickenshit bully? I’d guess he’s a “highly decorated member of the force” in his town.


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