Another Double Standard Hero

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Animal Control Hero… With a hoard of animals he’d have surely caged a Mere Mundane for having:

New York state and county authorities say that a Long Island animal control officer was illegally housing and selling hundreds of snakes and other reptiles from his own home.

Newsday reports that Richard Parrinello, 44, reportedly kept 850 snakes in his Brookhaven garage, including two 6-foot-long Burmese pythons, which are illegal in the state.

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  1. Fucking Northeast Boswash Megalopolis Yankees

    All I hear is yankitee yankee yank yank yankee yankitee yank.

    We just hogswoggled this hogswoggler of 1/2 million dollars. Oinkety, oink oink oink! Derpity derp herpity perp durrr!

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    StellaStiggletts • a day ago −
    Wonder how many people he is related to that work for the Town of Crookhaven??? Wake up, people.
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    ImFedUp • 21 hours ago
    “Snakes… why did it have to be snakes”!
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    jorgedee110 • a day ago −
    Good I hope he loses his job and has no money to live…Another POS abusing his job powers….Carpal Tunnel…….that’s a f’in joke……
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    Amber DeJong • 17 hours ago −
    Do any of you complaining know how to keep snakes? Do you know what condition the snakes are in? You’re acting like he’s some sort of meth dealer or something when in reality he’s no worse than a dog breeder, as long as the animals are safe and well taken care of how can he be judged just because he was in possession of the snakes? It’s not like they were all just free roaming. Hell man, that could easily have been over a million bucks worth of animals. I mean I get it’s locally illegal, but people are acting like he’s adding to the crime rate in the area or something, he’s breeding animals not cooking meth.
    It’s screwed up, snake breeders are not bad people! People who are breaking the laws doing businesses are maybe but he could have been fined for that if he had a successful Etsy account. This way of treating it like snakes and him owning them are they evil bad part of this story is insane. The government essentially just took a $500K business form him that they will probably kill most of.
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    Is there a way to differentiate the wholesome man, and marginally useful chaff mutant, from amongst the noxious poisonous Yankee weed?

    If not, then that’s 52 million people you have to write off. Also you have to write off the 233.8 million Yankees from the 11 other American Urban Yankee Cowtowns. Do you deny you’re a cog in a big Yankee city wheel even if you’re not in the Northeast, if so what’s your proof?

    It’s shocking, the way Americans Willingly Collectivized Into 11 Megacities totalling
    233,772,519 people. Once you subract that from the total population of 308,745,538, that leaves only 74,973,019 that are potential individualists, not mindless drones in some nefarious hyper-urbanized hive.

    Holy Shit, Vegas is in the Southern Cali Megaregion, i’m a Yankee too, how did that happen?

    Are You Part of the 11 Region American Hive Metropolis?

    Arizona Sun Corridor Population 2010: 5,653,766
    Cascadia Population 2010 (U.S. Portion): 8,367,519
    Florida Central Coastal Southern Population 2010 17,272,595
    Front Range Population 2010: 5,467,633
    Great Lakes Population 2010: 55,525,296
    Gulf Coast Population 2010: 13,414,934
    Northeast Yankee Population 2010: 52,332,123
    Northern California Population 2010: 14,037,605
    Piedmont Atlantic Population 2010: 17,611,162
    Southern California Population 2010: 24,361,642
    Texas Eastern Triangle Population 2010: 19,728,244


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