EP on “Radar Clutter”

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If you’ve got a radar detector – or are thinking about getting one – you may be interested in the following:


  1. ON the other hand, these new radar features on new cars can affect police radar. I see using this as a valid defence in court for speed scamera fines and other ones when the PIGS pull you over. If you look at the manuals for radar devices, you will see that they list major interferences and the other phrase, “Other interferences too numerous to mention.” This falls under the creation of “reasonable doubt”.

    • I think the best defense is sometime a good offense. The Escort 9500 with optional GPS unit automatically links to your phone and sends a message to the network(every other 8500 or 9500 owner)of the bogey(s) with the exact location and time. I know many people who’ve used them to great applauds in the patch over the last couple years. They rave about knowing where every radar that’s being used is in real time. While a detector isn’t illegal in Tx. I’ve always used the old trick of hiding it or turning it off when I get a signal but most now are using theirs in the optimum point and not worrying about it being seen since they don’t get caught and so many things mount on the windshield or the dash these days.

      Yes, you will need a smart phone to take advantage of it but these people are already using smart phones anyway for business reasons, the least of which is GPS and data transfer. It’s not uncommon to find printers hooked up for documents and maps. They’re expensive but that’s not germane for most people who use them since they must keep a clean record and lawyers are expensive too. Just my two cents here.

  2. With the old X-band detectors, automatic doors at shopping centres used to ping them all the time, but cops here gave up on that freq long before I got my first detector.


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