Best Radar Detector Out There

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I got asked the the other day which radar detector I consider the pick of the litter. It’s the Valentine 1 – and here’s why I like it:   V1 pic lead

* Directional threat indicators – 

The V1 tells you whether the radar (or laser) is coming at you from up ahead, from behind or from the side. Very helpful to know where the “threat” is.

And I am pretty sure, unique to the V1.

* Tracks multiple sources simultaneously and individually via visual and auditory alarms- 

This is extremely useful, especially the audible alarms for each radar band (e.g., X, K, Ka and so on) as this allows you to be aware of and monitor “threats” without needing to look at the unit.

In my area, most cops use Ka band, so when that light comes on – or the unique “ka” warning sound erupts – I know it’s time to slow down and be on guard. 

* Proximity warning via visual and audible cues- V1 2

How close is the radar to you? Are you getting closer to it (stationary source; a cop running radar by the side of the road) or is it getting closer to you (moving source; cop coming at you in the opposite lane, or possibly, coming up behind you). This gives you advance warning – and more time to scrub speed without having to slam on the brakes.

* Superior sensitivity- 

This has been objectively determined by multiple third part testing. Other units may give fewer false alarms, but the V1 is most reliable as far as warning you of real police radar within your vicinity. Yes, the unit may chirp (and light up) more often than some of the others, but I’ll take more false alarms – and fewer tickets – any time.

* Simple – 

The V1 is immediately comprehensible. No need to study a manual. Open the box, plug it in – and go for a drive. The units are also ruggedly made and V1 will fix it if it breaks – and update it, if it needs updating. angry pig picture

Now, to be fair, other detectors have features the V1 does not offer – such as “real time speed trap updates” (via cell phone/PDA). But the V1, in my opinion and experience, does the best job of snuffing out the smell of bacon. It’s kept me ticket-free for almost six years now.

And if you know how I drive, that is powerful testimony!

Other stuff: 

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  1. I’ve found that the best radar detector is the one in the other guys car. I quit using them back in the early 90’s and have only gotten 1 speeding ticket since then ( was averaging 2-3 a year before). Haven’t really slowed down my driving but it might help that I own 2 “grandpa grade” buicks at the moment. Flew past a couple of troopers at about 90 mph one day and they didn’t even give me a second look lol.
    cop magnets may include:
    loud pipes (except Hardly Ablesons cuz everyone knows they are slow)
    flashy paint/wheels
    anything with a wing
    anything with a hood scoop

  2. How does it do with direct sunlight? My cheap Belltronics detector is constantly going off with laser alerts (very loud and annoying) this time of year because the Sun angle is so low.

    • Hey Eric G,

      I’ve never had any false alarms with my V1 or passport 8500’s. If you get a bel, try the rx65. It’s the exact same as the passport 8500.

      I maintain that a cheap detector is worse than no detector. It’s just a false sense of security. Even the best don’t save you if you’re the only car on the road and pork is using instant on ka.

    • I get the rare Laser false alarm from LED brake lights. And once one from sunlight coming through blowing snow which apparently had a prism effect. Otherwise no effects from sunlight An interesting observation regarding the laser is that the cops were shooting me from too far away to get a return but allowing me plenty of time to slow down. I can’t sing praises to the V-1 loud enough.

  3. I have the database in my GPS to warn of speed traps as reported by the community. It is a mixed blessing depending on where you drive. On some stretches of freeway and in heavily patroled towns it alerts almost constantly, which is annoying, but lets me know I am driving through a traffic cop “cherry patch”.

  4. Eric,

    I bought a V1 back in October(based on your “pork protection post a few months back. I was skeptical, as I have 2 escort passport 8500’s. I needed the 3rd because I want one for each vehicle I own. I have been pulled over twice, with 1 ticket in the past year because of not having a detector in my wife’s suburban. I have not been disappointed with the V1. I actually swapped it with the passport from my Tundra since that is what I drive most days.

    I don’t believe the V1 has better range than the passport, but it is just as good. I love the arrows. The only complaint as far as features go is that you can’t shut x band off on the V1. I can do that with the passport.

    If Mike Valentine is reading this(hahaha), please get us the option for shutting off x band. Why not make the best even better? He always makes his updates available for prior units.

    Glad you pulled through in the black this month. SafeRide is looking out for you……..even with a cloverific name, he must not like clovers.


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