Ohio Heroes Blow Away Kid Playing With Toy Gun

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The moment before police opened fire on 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

CLEVELAND, OH — A 12-year-old boy was killed by police as he played alone in a park with a toy gun. Video of the shooting draws questions about the prudence of the aggressive police response.

The fatality occurred on November 22, 2014 in the unoccupied picnic area outside Cleveland’s Cudell Recreation Center. Tamir Rice, age 12, was hanging out near the picnic tables, playing with a plastic pistol.

A witness saw the boy and called the government to intervene. While the age and identity of the suspect was not immediately known, the 9-1-1 said twice that it might be a juvenile and that the gun was “probably fake.”

Tamir Rice, age 12.  (Image: Facebook)

Official channels allege that the caller’s doubts were not relayed to the responding officers of the Cleveland Police Department. The cops were simply dispatched to investigate a report of an armed individual in the park.

The undisputed facts are as follows: Two CPD officers arrived at the scene: Frank Gramback, 46, and Timothy Loehmann, 26. During the confrontation, rookie Officer Loehmann drew his weapon and fired twice, fatally wounding Rice.

Deputy Chief Ed Tomba claimed that Rice drew the (fake) pistol from his waistband after being told to raise his hands. He confirmed that the pistol was a replica — a black Airsoft pistol used to shoot plastic BBs — but that was only discovered after the shooting. The chief said the boy did not make any verbal threats and the gun was never pointed at officers.



  1. I saw a description in the comments section over at SHTFPlan of what happened in the video of the Wal-Mart customer who was shot by the cops for holding a pellet gun while in the store contemplating the purchase.
    It was, “the prudence of the aggressive police response”.

    The description of the video sure is different from the earlier accounts I read online of how things went down:

    Anonymous says:
    Comment ID: 3279808
    December 2, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    “I just watched the video of the Walmart shooting at Paul Craig Roberts’ website… it is very, very hard to watch!

    The guy has a pellet gun and the police slaughter him for holding it, as he talks on the phone to his wife… really hard to watch because he sees the cops pull up, realizes what’s about to take place, throws the toy gun down, and screams as he tries to hide, scooting on the floor, trying to hide– He is screaming hysterically, screaming, “its only a toy, its only a toy!”

    Of course, this does no good as the murderous bastard cops shoot him several times anyhow. WE HAVE A GESTAPO NOW– ITS NO LONGER THE POLICE!!! Its starting out slowly, but doubt not– Justice is gone and we have a Gestapo.

    What they are trying to convey to us is that its wrong to even hold toy guns– even kids will be slaughtered for this! They want your guns and they will do whatever it takes to convince you to give them up. Period.”

    And, did you guys see this?:

    The Powerful Music Video that Hackers Redirected Craigslist Users To


    It’s rap, but it seems well done and a bit relevant, imho. In a sort of Heavy Metal way, with a big heaping spoonful of, “America has become a weird and bleak place.” throughout.

  2. OK, I know my line of thinking will probably be denounced but. How can I say it, the individual that called 911 should be held 100% responsible for the death of this child. No call no death. Simple as that and that is what it boils down to.

    BTW, not excusing the state on this matter but hell the government lovers, at some point, have to be held responsible for their actions, mot dang it!

    David Ward
    Memphis, Tennessee

    • How about 50/50?

      I’m reminded of the film, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ where the pod people would point while screeching, mouths agape, as they ousted the real people for the… (attack squad?).

  3. Cops watch 12 year old in agony without rendering aid

    Dan Williams, a spokesman for Mayor Frank Jackson, said all of the officers’ actions are under investigation. Two of the officers are on administrative leave.

    He added that he was unsure of the regulations when it comes to giving medical help to a police shooting victim.

    – there you have the kind of thing you only hear about in Middle Eastern War Zones, North Korea, and the United States police states.

    Unsure of the regulations regarding a dying 12 year old boy? What about letting your humanity be your guide. Unless for some reason, you’ve jettisoned your humanity. Because you’re a psychotic soldier in a jackbooted police state.

    • You hit the nail on the head Tor, there is no humanity involved for these psychopaths; they probably enjoyed watching him die. Another question is what kind of douchebag calls the cops on a kid who he knows is merely playing with a toy?

      • Exactly Mike. Never ever call the police, unless you desire a situation to spiral out of control and people to die. There was no reason for the pork to do this even if the gun was real…..He’s a 12 year old!

        • Hi Ancap,

          In my childhood – all of 30 years ago – it was routine for kids to play “cops and robbers” with cap guns that looked real. To carry real .22 rifles down the street…. no one ever got shot by a cop for it, either.

          America has become a weird and bleak place.


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