Reader Question: Getting Away From Big Tech Stooges?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Nick asks: Have you done any research on alternative search engines, email, Twitter and so on that aren’t left wing censors and government stooges?

My reply: I’ve done more than research . . . I’ve taken action.

I joined Gab, for openers. You can find/follow me there; my handle is EPautos. I use Twitter and Facebook as I would a public urinal, in a pinch. I copy and paste links to my articles there; that’s all. I don’t spend a further second on either. I figure it can’t hurt me to use them when it helps me. I recommend the same. But do not help them in any way whatsoever. I’ve encouraged the people who follow me on Twitter and Facebook to follow me on Gab instead. (As for Parler: It appears to be croaked and no longer worth bothering with; logging in/creating a new account is extremely difficult if not impossible and – from what I gather – they now operate very much like FB and Twitter, deleting Wrongthink, etc.)

As far as search engines: I avoid Gurgle and rely on Duck instead; I am not a big computer person but am looking into Linux and other options as well. Proton is an excellent email server; I’m in process of moving all EPautos stuff associated with me to there as well.

You may have noticed I stopped posting videos on YouTube, which I did after they cancelled a Wrongthinkful video of mine. I now post them on Rumble, which does not punish Wrongthink.

In general, I think the way out of this is decentralization to the extent possible. We are oppressed by a relative handful of giant corporate cartels that have a daunting degree of control over practically everything, which we enable by participating/buying stuff from them. By not participating/buying – by shifting over to more local/personal interactions, both economic and social, I think we recover more control over our lives.

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  1. I am on Protonmail and Startpage search engine. I avoid all farcical media but am on rumble on occasion, just to watch and not participate. No time or interest in participating.
    Secure email:

  2. Barry, that is what I have long suspected about Proton, and anything else that openly claims to offer “privacy”. Ultimately, why else would the military even make the web available to the public, ‘cept to surveil them on a level never before possible? Are we to believe they actually used our money to do something benevolent for us for a change?

    • “The web” was created at CERN in Switzerland, not the U.S. military. “The web” is not “the internet” (which predates the former by a good many years), it is only one of the services that run on it.


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