On Not Needling

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Rational people are defined by their refusal to do irrational things. They ask why – as opposed to saying, ok.

A fine example of this would be a healthy person’s decision to not wear a “mask” – or permit himself to be “vaccinated” for an illness that poses next-to-nil threat of serious illness to a healthy person.

It would be like someone in their 20s going coffin-shopping. Or giving up driving because there is a small chance they might die in a car wreck.

But granny might die! Well, then granny should wear a “mask” – or stay home. Just as granny shouldn’t drive if she can’t see.

Mean spirited? No more so than a blind person insisting no one else can drive because they can’t see.

Why wear a “mask” when you aren’t sick?

It makes as much sense as wearing a raincoat when it isn’t raining. It makes even less sense to partially wear it, as many perfectly healthy people who wear these “masks” regularly do, as for example when entering a restaurant – and then not wearing it when they sit down to eat. This is as preposterous as taking a raincoat off and on in a thunderstorm.

It’s either “raining” – or it isn’t.   

The truth is these people are pathetic Kabuki performers who believe in the theater of obedience. If they really believed it was “raining” the ‘Rona, they’d never lower their “masks.” That would be like taking off one’s raincoat in the middle of a thunderstorm.

It would be worse, actually. Would you ever take off your “mask” in a closed room full of people exhaling hantavirus Or for that matter any virus you actually believed might kill you?

That they do take off their “masks” – which are often just old bandanas or disposable dust masks anyhow – after performing the required Kabuki  in order to be allowed to engage in what used to be considered normal everyday interactions – is as much a measure of their slavish poltroonery as it is of their hypocrisy.

Why get a “vaccine” – as this unknown substance they are trying to cajole and even force us all to take is styled – when you aren’t sick?

One that might very well make you sick?

The facts about the risk of the “vaccine” are not known. We don’t even know what’s actually in the “vaccine.”

But they want us to put this in our bodies.

What rational person allows himself to be injected with a “vaccine” that contains who-knows-what and which might cause who-knows-what manufactured by legally immunized pharmaceutical cartels with a massive monetary motive to establish a regime of forced mass “vaccinations”?

Meanwhile, it is known that the ‘Rona does not kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population. What rational person willingly assumes an unknown risk – that of taking a “vaccine” of who-knows-what that might do who-knows-what – which the manufacturers of have eliminated their risk of being held accountable for in the event you do get sick?

Would you buy a car on this basis?

Would a company be allowed to sell a car on this basis?

Rational people ask such questions – and expect answers. They get pressured, instead. They are characterized as “anti” vaccines. Which is the same as saying rational people are “anti” wearing of raincoats in the sunshine.

It is true – but not in a derogatory sense.

It is true in a rational sense. The problem is that the rational – who ask rational questions and demand rational answers – are being pathologized by the pathological.

There is an assertion about the “vaccine” that bears examination. It is claimed to be “95 percent” effective. That 5 percent not-effective is a much higher number – several whole numbers higher – than the fractional number representing the known risk of “the virus” to healthy people.

Why is it being characterized as unhealthy to point out such incongruities? To ask rational  questions based upon such factual considerations?

There is also the very real risk of normalizing this pathologically dangerous business of insisting that healthy people submit to “vaccinations” of who-knows-what, with all the risk of the taking thereof on the person being injected with who-knows-what as a general principle.

Not just this “vaccine.”

Future “vaccines” – which the pushers of this “vaccine” are already openly saying there will be more of. Given that The Variants! The Variants! – the ululation which is replacing The Cases! The Cases! – are potentially innumerable, it is likely there will be innumerable “vaccines” pushed upon the population, there being quite a lot of money to be made when you can force the entire population – or almost all of it – to take your product.

Especially when you’re not liable for whatever harm your product ends up inflicting on the people who are forced to take it.

How much is your health – which is fine right now and probably has been since before this mess began – worth to you? How about your future fertility? How about the risk that your joints might ache for the rest of your life? These are some of the known risks – the admitted risks – of the “vaccine.”

The liability for which is all yours, baby.

How much unknown risk are you willing to assume – for the sake of avoiding the well-known nearly nil risk of more than maybe feeling not-so-good for a few days?

If you even get sick at all.

If – as asserted – the “vaccine” is so very safe, then why are the manufacturers legally immunized from any harms it may cause? Perhaps if the same liability were in force that is in force for the manufacturers of cars, there would be less skepticism about these “vaccines.”

Rational people weigh such considerations.

Irrational people are carried away by their fears – and by their pathetic willingness to assume the risk of god-knows-what and the absolute certainty of some very unpleasant future things to come for the sake of being allowed to resume a degree of their formerly “normal” lives.

They agreed to this a priori – when they submitted to the Kabuki of “mask” wearing, the whole point of which was to suborn not just their but everyone else’s submission to the “vaccine.”

One follows the other as logically as accepting a hand on the thigh often leads to hands placed elsewhere. Can you feel it making its next move?

The whole point of the “masking” was – and remains – to get 100 percent of the population to demonstrate publicly that they are terrified of a “virus” that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the population.

In order to force 100 percent of them to accept a “vaccine” 99.8-something percent of them need like they need a raincoat in a thunderstorm – only with consequences that are far worse than merely looking like an idiot.

. . . 

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  1. Oh, ya gotta love this!

    Idiot ‘healthcare worker’ gets the shot, then gets the ‘Rona immediately afterwards, but instead of acknowledging the reality, she instead credits the shot for her ‘Rona being a ‘mild case’.

    And the eggspurts agree! Can’t make this stuff up!


    Idiots read that and then think that they’ve done their ‘research’, because that is ‘what the eggspurts say’.

    Another interesting tid-bit from the “article”: It is impossible to get the ‘Rona from the vaccine, ’cause the vaccine does not contain any live or dead viruses! Well if it doesn’t contain a live or dead virus…IT AIN’T A VACCINE!!!!! Of course, no one mentions that…so not one in a million will think it.

    C’mon now….this is what the eggspurts say! Who are you going to believe, those real government-approved experts…or those ‘tin-foil hatter conspiracy theorists on the interwebz?’.

    This society is SO far gone…..

    • Nunzio,

      “ Well if it doesn’t contain a live or dead virus…IT AIN’T A VACCINE!!!!!”

      What kind of nonsense are you talking about?

      It could be a booger or a 737MAX.

      If it has been officially proclaimed to be a vaccine then it is a vaccine.

      The witch doctors have spoken. It is so.

      Bow down to their licensed/collective wisdom Nunz.

      (Somebody needs to go to the re-education/happiness center.)

  2. Nunzio,

    “Tu-tu (Desmond? 🙂 )”

    It’s Desdemona to you Guido!😡

    Since RG called it quits, I’m feeling the need to identify as Y chromosome deficient today.

    On a more serious note, I thought you knew it was the backwards aeronauT. In the spirit of Douglas Corrigan. The guy who was denied permission to fly from the US to Europe.

    He did a “my bad” and flew from Jew York to Dublin. Said something about fog or low clouds causing disorientation. A hero of mine.

    “HAhaha! I don’t even want to imagine what kinda crowd ya must see at a Parliament concert!”

    Exactly the crowd you would imagine. But with a lot of Champale.


    “I still can’t figure out if you’re a schvatz, or a white guy who forgot to leave Detroit! 😀”

    Well I just figured out you’ve been lying to us. It’s schvaRtz!

    Admit it Nunzio. You’re from Boston.

    Where, after you pak the ca, the Rs float gently up into the jet stream and end up clear around the world in Eightsouthman’s warsh.

    I know of what I speak. I grew up in a sea of schvartz. I was the only honky on the block. City proper, not some suburbanite like Jeremy. 7 mile and Telegraph, Westside!

    “Reminds me, I had an ’81 Coupe DeVille in the 90’s in that firemist sham-pag-knee color….awesome car (Till the cam went bad in that stinking HT4100! )”

    The 4100, I remember it well. Had one in my Eighty Fo Cou de Ville. Came from the factory sounding like it was about to throw a rod. Apparently it only had oil galleys on one side. Explains your cam problems.

    “Remember this one:

    Sort of pisses me off. The last time I got away with kicking, screaming, begging, crying, and whining in order to go to a concert during the school year was for Live Bullet. My parents tired of paying for me to travel back to Michigan or so they told me.

    My guess is that they enjoyed the time AWAY from me.

    But I digress. The Holmes across the street from me had that 8 track. He claimed the studio version sucked white boy ass compared to seeing them live at Cobo.

    But occasionally his daddy would give us the keys to the Builak. So we would inevitably end up in the Duce and a Quatta at the McDonald’s drive thru.

    His dad’s 225s Delco 8 track only had one speaker in the dash. 100% total harmonic distortion when we cranked up that song.

    Can you picture that Nunzio?

    Now picture a white boy and the Holmes listening to that song. Screaming at the poor bastard at McDonald’s. “No Nigger! I said I want a muther Fukin’ Whopper!

    Good times.

    Disclaimer: small amounts of marijuana and adult beverages may have been involved.

    And Nunz, just in case the need ever arises. Nothing, and I really mean nothing on God’s green earth, will make a black girl loose her panties faster than a 4 pack of Champale.

    Your wasting your money on that fancy eyetalian sham-pag-knee if you’re wanting a little monkey paw.

    • Hey Tuan,

      “And Nunz, just in case the need ever arises. Nothing, and I really mean nothing on God’s green earth, will make a black girl loose her panties faster than a 4 pack of Champale”.

      In Africa, according to Robbie Fulks, it’s bourbon.


      Despite my tainted geography, I think you’ll enjoy this.


        • 8,

          I’ve been told that the inventor of the fleshlight originally designed it while working for a company called Semen Inc.

          He got pissed off at his boss and scaled it down from bull size to human size.

          Any truth to that?

          I only got 1:10 into the video. Should I watch the rest? I’m already hurting from laughing so hard.

          • T I’m not really up in it so I can’t supply any more info. But I always try to finish what I start, regardless of the out cum.

            • Eight,

              “ But I always try to finish what I start, regardless of the out cum.”

              I think it could be a thing if attached to the M16. I’d try it with the full auto.

              Due to the current price of ammunition dating is still probably cheaper. At least when I factor in my age.

              A younger man may have much better results.

              As we men get older, our partners inevitably discover why it is called a blow “job.”

              • Tu, we should warn Eight to avoid being in possession of any Champale. I hear it could have some terrible consequences!

                • Nunz,

                  That old bastard has been around a couple weeks more than we have.

                  Perhaps that is why it is easy to find wisdom in what he has to say.

                  My guess is he saw the monkey’s paw long ago. Perhaps even been scratched by it.

                  If anyone knows the dangers, it would be the Eightsouthman.

                • Nunzio,

                  “Champale. I hear it could have some terrible consequences!”

                  There is a reason why the founders of this great nation kept the men in the fields and the women in the house.

                  And it’s not because the sisterhood couldn’t master the necessary skills to pick cotton.

                  They had much better skills that were generally performed inside.

                  You should try the brown camel toe. Same great pink on the inside.

                  Try it. You’ll like it. Just like Mikey.


                  • T, used to date it in college. Extremely pretty and great to be around. It was the year old Mulatto that eventually made me chicken out. That was back in times when there was still racism.

                    • Trust me, whether it’s a black gal or a white one with the mulatto child (the latter being more common), you’re buying yourself a “heap o’ twubble” if you put a ring on her. And it ain’t the child that’ll be the cause of your woes to be…

                  • Tu,
                    Hey, seeing all the ‘bruthas’ running from those things and going after the white girls, (As if white girls ain’t crazy enough)…..
                    On rare occasions I have some some really sweet looking ones though- and I don’t mean those half-baked light-skinned white-looking ones [Wow…I’m being politically correct! I like my niggers black!] – But just like the white ones…they’re always crazy- ‘Cept for a friend of mine who’s really nice (and rejected by most blacks because she acts too white- despite being quite black- registered Republican and all)- but she’s too old for me (only a few years younger than myself) and not my type. Ironically, my mother likes her…. She never likes anyone I like! (Not that I’ve liked anyone for a long, long time).
                    RG quit? Officially, or just MIA? Was it something I said? Heh-heh…Cool! [Just kidding]

                    • “those half-baked light-skinned white-looking ones” well Nunz, with high-quality comments like that all over this site, it’s a wonder more people don’t pretend to drop dead and never come back here. Who wants to be associated with the likes of commenters like you? You can’t even decide between parentheses and brackets. Not to mention your racist comments. Bigot. What a fag.

                    • Hi Brandon (and Nunz, et al) –

                      I’d like to keep the debate here a the level it has historically achieved – which is high. It gets lowered by invective. I hope we can tone that down and keep things elevated, thereby. The point being to get more people to consider political/moral and practical issues from a point-of-view they may never have before.

                    • But…but….the white looking ones, they be racist, ’cause they look like them racist privileged honkies!
                      Besides, they probably gots some white blood in ’em, and then when ya make babies with them, they may turn out to look white- and could you imagine showing up at a welfare office anywhere except KY or WV with a white baby?! Hell, white girls don’t even do that anymore!
                      Brandon, you have to get with the times, or you’re gonna end up being like one of those horrible people from the 1960’s or 70’s, instead of an enlightened person like me and Al Gore (He’s brother! He got rhythm! Al-Gore-rhythm!), and you’ll never be able to enjoy this wonderful world all of these wonderful people, like AOC and Andrew Cuomo have created for us!

                    • Brandonjin,

                      Are you a real Jin?

                      I’ve always wanted to know how your kind fit that big couch in those little bottles.

                      Are you related to Barbara Eden? I always thought she was hot. She still holds a spot in the spank bank.

                      And how do you justify calling someone a fag and a bigot while at the same time bitching about their racism?

                      How can you hold conflicting values in that tiny little brain when you’re in that bottle?

                      Or do you only have those conflicting values when you’re full sized out of the bottle?

                      Just wondering.

                      Will you be pretending to be dead if asked questions, sorry, I mean attacked?

                      Do you think the captain of the Titanic cried on that cold April night so many years ago?

                      Are his tears the real reason the ship began to founder?

                    • Nunzio,

                      “RG quit? Officially, or just MIA? Was it something I said?”

                      Nope. Something you did. You attacked her with a wet noodle.

                      Didn’t your mother teach you to leave the Assault Linguine locked up when you go out to play?

                      You’re only allowed to chuck it when you are coon hunting on the back forty.

                    • Phewwwww, Tu! I thought maybe it was the *slight* aroma of garlic which people like to stereotypically pretend emanates from Pasta-fazool-Americans!

                    • Tu,

                      “And how do you justify calling someone a fag and a bigot while at the same time bitching about their racism?”

                      That’s the joke.

                      Eric, none of my comments like this towards Nunz are real. I was trying to be funny. I don’t care whether he uses parentheses or brackets.

                    • Tu,
                      We gotta dig up ol’ Gil and blow the dust and cocaine residue offin him, ’cause now that dey have niggas in space, I’m sure he’ll be happy, and relent about all those complaints he expresses in Whitey On The Moon (Never heard that before- surprisingly, ’cause I’m familiar with two of his pieces!)
                      Now I must return to my self-contemplation. I’m wracking my noggin trying to figger-out what I said that led Brandonjin to think that I possibly may have committed a vague lower-level micro-aggression. I will not rest until I find the nigger in the woodpile!

                    • Nunzio,

                      “ Whitey On The Moon (Never heard that before- surprisingly, ’cause I’m familiar with two of his pieces!)”

                      I first heard that live at one of the Ethnic Festivals in Detroit.

                      I couldn’t swear it was being performed by him.

                      As you know they all look alike. Musicians that is.

                      I just remember thinking that nobody was going to the moon anymore. White, black, or purple. It made me sad.

                      Did you like the song?

                    • Hehe, yeah, guys- Brandon is a MASTER at this sort of humor! (I was literally laughing out loud at his initial post!
                      Couldn’t ya’s tell by the way I play along?
                      Between Brandon’s dry, ironic, sarcastic humor, and crisp articulate writing, if this were 40 or 50 years ago, when there more intelligent people, and we were not as repressed, the dude would easily dethrone Andy Rooney!

                      Andy Rooney gets suspended:

                      Classic Andy Rooney:
                      “Bottled Water”

                      Wait…wait…Brandon blows that guy away!

                    • Awww, Brandon’s just injecting a li’l humor, Eric. Surprised you guys didn’t catch it! (My previous comment is “awaiting moderation” for some reason…)

          • Well, they do use a similar device to get semen from bulls for artificial insemination. A word of caution to anyone performing this. You have to stick your hand up their ass, generally as far as you can to palpate them to make sure you deliver the semen to the right spot. There is a glove made for your entire arm and it works well…..most of the time. Some cows get really freaked since they’re in a head chute. Instead of just pulling enough shit out of them you can feel the AI tool that’s in their hoo hoo. Just make sure to wear a long sleeved shirt.

            When one responds with the runs, it shoots out everything in their anus as liquid. If you have on too short a shirt sleeve it can squirt into your shirt sleeve at which point you have all that inside your shirt. At that point you wish you were naked so you can take a fast water hose shower. If your Wranglers are tight, it stops there, sorta but now your pants are soaked for a couple inches too.

            • Eight, wasn’t that an old beer commercial?:

              “You’ve been jerking-off bulls all day; Make sure you have tight Wranglers and a thirst for Miller, ’cause at the ranch, they don’t have a shower and they don’t have Bud!”

              • Nunz, when you AI, the semen is in a container that’s the temperature of liquid nitrogen. You pull out each dose and let it warm to a temperature that won’t hurt a cow. But obtaining semen is using a something like a milking machine to catch it but there is also an electrical part that causes the bull to eject his entire amount.

  3. As I read these comments, or anything else talking about COVID, I see the word, vaccine, and in my mind I see, “vaccine”. Putting quotes around it helps me to translate what they’re saying.

    • Brandonjin,

      “ That’s the joke.”

      Well! It wasn’t funny!

      I’m offended. https://youtu.be/j5Wtr8HMSnc

      And to make matters even worse! If I may quote from one of our dearly departed, “the amount of information that is uploaded here and from the US Treasury can be used by third parties for illegal purposes.”

      You sir, Brandonjin, are supporting terrorism!

      You also have failed to answer my question.

      Did the captain of the Titanic 😢?

  4. The facts about the risk of the “vaccine” are not known.

    One just needs to read the funny story of the sisters of the Villa Hills monastery to understand what the risks are…


    Facts like that way too many for me to mention them all!

    But better to be killed by the experts (scientists, doctors, nurses, politicians, billionaires and Owners) than by a invisible and mythical piece of RNA!

    • Speaking of “mythical” reminds me of a time in the summer of 2002 I saw an animal toodling across my grass patch. From 200 yds away I thought it was a coyote, a very weird coyote with mange. I knew I didn’t want it around so a shot from a .243 and it disappeared in the grass. I went to look at it. I had no camera with me since my sport cam had recently died and I didn’t have a phone with a camera. I didn’t dare tough the wife’s ultra-expensive Canon AE so I just looked. It appeared to be a coyote from a distance but examing it at close range I didn’t know what it was. It was similar to a coyote but the rear end was jacked up, nothing like a yote. The skin was black and it had only very thick hairs on it’s back but none anywhere else. The jaw was long and thin and the lower canine teeth were outside the jaw and there were two places indented in the upper jaw where they rested when it’s mouth was shut. It was something I’d never seen. So I get on the internet and find not much of anything but finally found a like image that said it was a mythical animal.

      The myth certainly didn’t act very mythical when a 90 grain bullet hit it. So I got to asking around and one guy said “Sounds like a chupacabra to me”. Years later you could find it was a south American animal and see pictures of it. For some reason when I see Bo Jiden, I think of it. By the way, later that year I shot another in a grass patch on the other side of the house. One was male and the other female. I noticed Bo Jiden and his keeper walk into a place that was a manufacturing facility of some sort. They both got inside the door and sort of balked and just stood there as if not understanding where they were. Chupa Joe and wife.

  5. It would be like someone doing preventing chemo and/or radiation “therapy” because “You never know!”

    Majority of uman animals are 3i – Ignorant, Irresponsible, Idiot

    No wonder we are witnessing this never ending Herd Hysteria in relation to cold/flu/pneumonia.

  6. It is fairly simple common sense to judge that these vaccines have not been tested for long term safety. How could they be? They only came into existence a few months ago. But despite this simple judgment, we are expected to be okay with having all 330 million Americans get the vaccine. Has it ever happened that the FDA approved a medication that was later found to be unsafe? Yes, it happens regularly. And that is after official FDA approval – not the emergency approval that allows them to administer the vaccine.

    I am not saying that the vaccine is unsafe, btw. I just think we don’t know for certain. So each person should weigh the risk of getting Covid and getting sick with the risk of the vaccine. And there should never be a punishment for making a very personal health care choice.

    • Amen, Krista –

      It is nothing less than deranged for healthy people – who stand a 99.8-plus percent chance of not dying from the ‘Rona – to get injected with a “vaccine” the side effects of which, as you note, are unknown and could prove to be far more of a threat to healthy people than the .0-something percent chance they might die from the ‘Rona.

      • Eric, what is even crazier is that people who have had the virus, recovered, and have antibodies and stronger immunity than the vaccine delivers – those people – are still required in many cases to get the vaccine. And the vaccine is more dangerous for people who have previously been infected with the virus. But once the bureaucrats make the rules then nobody is allowed to use common sense.e

        • Amen, Krista –

          But not this guy. I will never allow myself to be shot up with any substance contrary to my will. I will defend myself, if necessary.

          • It’s not really true they’re using the people of this country to test the jab. The average vaccine that finally makes it, which is a very small portion that are attempted, takes six years. Don’t worry though, the window for determining safety is similar to windows on cars these days, barely visible. Hey look, they worked 3 months before starting to “test” in mass all the while saying they worked with no side effects.

            Like the guy in the car said “Listen to your govt., they’d never steer you wrong. Govt. has some ideas I can’t afford, like a basement. On wet years you can go outside and jump up and down and soon you’ll have to move when the circle of water gets to about 8 feet in diameter. I could dig a basement or cellar this year…..maybe, but by spring’s end it might be another pump house without a pump.

            I couldn’t sleep a wink last night. I could hear those coronas circle around like a flock of starlings. That damned corona’s been chasing me for 50 years, ever since that fool pulled the trigger on that 12 gauge 3 inches from my ear. I can hear it right now. I used to think it went away when I was unconscious but as soon as I was awake, they were back like a million locusts.

      • Some people get Covid and don’t get sick at all. I know several people who fall into this category. Typically, young healthy people don’t get sick from Covid even if they show up Covid positive on the tests. There should certainly be a consideration as to the risk of getting sick from Coviid – and not just getting infected. Because who really cares if you get infected if you don’t get sick?

        • And why should anyone care if someone gets “covid” except the individual?

          I’ll take my chances. I have a 99.8% feeling that I’ll be fine.

    • Hi Krista and Eric,

      I am starting to see a clear cut trend that is taking place regarding this vaccine. Conservative women are not signing up for this shot about 2 to 1, maybe even 3 to 1. I would say about 50% of conservative/Republican men are getting it and about 90% of Dems.

      Also, our local paper this week actually showcased the amount of students that parents have pulled out of our local public school over the last year. The school system has lost over 5%, which is the equivalent of about $9 million dollars. I am hoping that even more parents will unenroll their children before the feds mandate the vaccine.

        • Actually, quite surprising they were not. They were focusing on how parents were sick and tired of their children falling further and further behind in school and how they did not want their child being taught through zoom.

          It was actually showing a couple homeschooled kids picking vegetables in their garden….unmasked, looking like they were enjoying themselves.

  7. No long term tests for efficacy or safety. There is not one shred of evidence that every single person that takes a COVID vaccine won’t drop dead in a year. Russian Roulette western style, where no one knows how many rounds are in the revolver.

      • “Reich wingers: A business has the right to refuse to bake a cake for gays!

        Also reich wingers: They won’t let me in without a mask! MUH RIGHTS!”

        One was the business’s own decision, and the other is a government mandate.

        Notice how in both cases they want to force another party to do something against their will, because that’s what leftists are all about. They want to force a business to bake a cake that they don’t want to bake (slavery), and they want to force people to adhere to their mask religion. No choice, no voluntary mutual decisions/exchanges, force, the way they want it done. And they act like they’re stuck in this cage with us, when they’re the ones doing the forcing, as always. They’re so stupid and evil they think we’re stupid and evil.

        Also, could you imagine giving people pharma’s drugs everyday and referring to yourself as heroic? A healthcare hero? What a joke.

        • That’s the only thing I could come up with. If I were talking to this person, I’d point out that, in the bakery’s case, that: 1) it was their decision, no one else’s; and 2) there were plenty of other bakeries to go to. In the case of the masks, it was an unconstitutional governor’s edict, not the free will decision of the business; in that case, everyone was being FORCED to wear the masks.

      • “WTF do you say in response?”

        Nothing. There is no point. Their arrogance and self-righteousness allows for no consideration for others, or that there is any possibility they could be the ones mistaken. Anyone not holding their view is wrong and should have no rights or consideration at all, they are sub-human. You can not live with, reason with or compromise with these types. This is when the violence should kick off because there is zero common ground now. They not only are not listening to reason, they are incapable.

        • Hi Anon,

          “Their arrogance and self-righteousness allows for no consideration for others, or that there is any possibility they could be the ones mistaken”.

          Exactly, the bleeding heart of “woke” culture is a toxic self-righteousness informed, in equal measure, by arrogance and ignorance, allowing the exercise of cruelty, masquerading as virtue.


          • Well said, Jeremy.
            In my long experience, arrogance and ignorance are frequent companions, because they do not know what they do not know.
            In these cases, ignorance is definitely *not* bliss.
            Most truly smart people I have known have been quite humble people.

    • Mark, did you see the story(ongoing)of the island where a volcano is erupting. They have cruise boats there to haul off the population but only if you get the jab. Those who don’t want it are going to have to steal a boat, or take their own boat or learn to make lava pancakes. If you went to the closest island, you’d have to arrive in the wee hours, in a fog preferably, then turn your boat back to where it was and leave the steering locked so nobody would know you were there.

      You could show up at the bar just like everyone else and blend in. If anyone asked why you didn’t change clothes all week, you could just blame the cruise line for losing your luggage.

      • Hi Eight,

        I have been following the coverage in St. Vincent. It is pretty dire. They are suffering a water shortage and a half of the island is covered in ash. I think your clarification is a good one – trust in government for nothing. The boat owners will be the only ones to make it out alive.

        I believe Carnival said they would not require the jab to get on the cruise ship, but the islands surrounding St. Vincent (St. Lucia, Grenada, and Barbados) refuse to allow unjabbed refugees onto the island and the cruise ship does not have the supplies and personnel to support St. Vincent residents. It is going to be interesting to see if animal instinct kicks in and Herbert Spencer’s survival of the fittest goes into overdrive.

        • RG,

          “ They are suffering a water shortage and a half of the island is covered in ash. ”


          Suffering from a water shortage in the middle of an ocean.

          If only the great god Govco could perform the magic of converting sea water into potable.

          Too bad no mere mortal has ever been able to achieve such a feat.

          I can just imagine the horrors of those people dehydrating to death. The headaches, the cramps, as they cry out, “Water water everywhere but nary a drop to drink.”

          Oh, the humanity!!!

          As the corpses pile up and further contaminate the ground water what can possibly be done?

          If only there existed a filter or some other method of removing the salt from the sea.

          Unfortunately these poor souls must perish. Unable as they are to convert hydric acid from its gaseous state.

  8. You know the bullshit is chest deep when a CDC director verbally conveys tearful “fear and impending doom” over a virus with a near 99 percent survival rate…She is a microcosm of the many weak and gutless sheep in this great nation….Join The Marines Honey—-We Have The Antidote For Your Fear—-

    • In a way I see this as a positive sign – it seems like nobody cares anymore, so she basically has to resort to throwing a tantrum to get attention !!

      • I agree with you Nasir that an emotional ploy is being used to gain attention. The antidote to fearmongering is Courage…and that specifically is Courage Under Fire. Simple words(Fire) from an “authority figure”and the weak panic from fright. Psychological manipulation has been around for thousands of years because it works….Remember the Lion in the Wizard of Oz? “I Do Believe In Spooks, I Do Believe In Spooks.” Today the mantra is “I Do Believe I’ll Die, I Do Believe I’ll Die.” Once the Wizard granted the lion Courage, he could growel and take back control of his life without irrational fear…..Sadly, I believe many Americans are not ready to recieve the gift of courage yet.

        • I believe the “Wizard”, one Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs (probably why he just went as “The Wizard”), con man and huckster that he is, convinced the Lion that he wasn’t a coward after all: “You, my friend, are a victim of disorganized thinking. You are under the unfortunate impression that just because you run away you have no courage; you’re confusing courage with wisdom.” The Lion, being handed some funky medal in honor of his participation in slaying the Wicked Witch of the West, discovers his self-confidence and is no longer “cowardly”. I’ll hazard a guess that prior to his long-standing gig as de facto ruler of the Emerald City, Oscar Diggs, as aptly portrayed by James Franco in the 2013 “Oz, the Great and Powerful”, had to indeed run from a certain royal ass-kicking, which is shown, in the same black-and-white style in the opening scene in 1905 Kansas, b/c he’d given one of his musical boxes (who knows where he got or STOLE these cheap imitations) to a young lady who is the finance of the Circus Strongman, and he’s none too pleased about it. As he’d given said boxes to Theodora (Mila Kunis) and Evanora (Rachel Weisz) as well, and both express bitter disappointment (indeed, Theodora is heartbroken to the point where she sheds acidic tears that scar her face), implying that more than a cheap trinket was exchanged. Considering how many lovely young ladies he got to “consort” with, Mr. Franco was one lucky sumbitch.

  9. I’m worried they’re going to start treating covid like a chronic condition – you know, take these pills for the rest of your life. Which pills beget more pills to counter the side effects, which pills beget more pills…. Like seeing grandmas pill box with nine different pills every day. Or the old lady who swallowed a fly, then a spider, then a bird.

    But now, a vaccine box instead of a pill box. And then pills to counteract the long term side effects of the vaccine. Which pills beget more pills…. A big pharma wet dream.

    • The Medical Industrial Complex has NEVER deserved the misguided trust and praise it’s gotten. There is one glaring statistic that demonstrates so. About 225,000 people in the US die from medical error every year. More than die from gunshot wounds and illegal drugs combined. And though it’s the third leading cause of death, it never ever shows as a cause of death on a death certificate. Add to that its near total disregard of nutrition as a factor in one’s health, even though one of the MOST important, and it becomes clearly evident that the current Medical Industrial Complex is no more valid than the snake oil salesmen it originated from. It is totally reliant on state enforcement of its total monopoly on snake oil sales….. I mean medicine. Just look at how it rushed to OUTLAW the use of Hydroxychloroquine against COVID. A thing practically NEVER done over a drug with few side effects, that demonstrates some benefit. Off label prescription is common. There are doctors who take the Hippocratic oath seriously, but they are so heavily influenced by the Medical Industrial Complex, there is little they can do without risking their livelihood, if not legal action against them for “criminal” acts. I’m not playing anymore. If I get sick, I’ll get well or I’ll die. I’m not turning my life over to the hyper-profit “all illnesses are an expensive drug deficiency” medical cartel.

      • I am with you, John.
        To put it bluntly, there are only three medical states of any living organism: doing well, doing poorly, or dead. The natural state is “doing well,” and when the organism is “doing poorly” it has mechanisms to repair itself. That is why its kind has survived for as long as it has. If the repair mechanisms fail, the organism dies. Eventually, one or another critical system fails beyond repair, in which case the individual organism dies. But the species survives, if it is a healthy species.
        That is all a consequence of the second law of thermodynamics, one of the fundamental laws of the universe. “Medicine men” are not gods, and cannot change the laws of nature.
        You want disease? Try a hospital They have lots of diseases there; maybe you could find one to your liking.
        They say Staphylococcus aureus is quite popular.
        >about one-third of people are “colonized” with the bacteria ​Staph aureus, meaning it lives on the skin in the noses of people without causing disease.
        They even have a “new, improved” version, known As MRSA. A friend of mine got that one.
        But there are, so to speak, “other cars on the lot.”
        If you don’t like the first one, perhaps the hospital will offer a “ten day trial exchange,” just like Cal Worthington used to.
        >this superbug … won’t cause problems until the person begins to take antibiotics for another illness.
        Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal.
        Mr. Worthington died a very rich man. 🙂
        I don’t know about his dog, Spot, though.

        • Yep, MRSA is quite popular. I got it from a barber back in 2000 after he didn’t sterilize his equipment after giving 3 muchachos their first American haircut. All those diseases we never considered getting are replete in Mexico.

          I got a pipe poked through my skull in 09 simple because the light wasn’t good and I was hauling ass trying to get an inside swamp cooler to work in a real sweat hole. 4 days later I get so sick I go home. I’m hurting so bad I just lay in bed and moaned and couldn’t stop for 2 weeks till my doctor’s app. came due. I didn’t even know I was broken out in a rash till the wife saw me when I got out of bed and she freaked out. The doc said it was the worst case he’d ever seen. My problem was the internal pain and didn’t even know I was broken out. So now I have Shingles and MRSA. MRSA seems to have to come to join Shingles when I break out. I gave up on taking antibiotics and antiviruls simultaneously so I just started using coconut oil and it helped more than anything till a doctor prescribed a tube of some sort of cream that helped greatly for both.

          I have a lot of fun with just scratches too. Had a cat scratch me yesterday and it didn’t hurt but it itched like hell. So I put some triple antibiotic ointment on it and covered it with a big bandage. Hours later I had to peel that off because I’m allergic to the glue on Band-Aids. I just put some of over-the-counter anti-itch cream on it. It helps about as much as anything. I was damned healthy before the MRSA. My asthma gets worse as I age so this masking bs has been hell on me when I go to a medical facility.

          I was born with a bad back but finally wore it out so after a bad truck wreck where I got run over from behind by a guy playing with his phone while driving a KW 900W hauling frac sand. Now I have to take hydrocodone and the rate depends on how my back and ribs are doing. I’m allergic to it so I only take tiny portions at a time.

          I thought I’d found the great relief with CBD oil and it did me well but last year Mr. Know it all Gregg Abbott passed a bill disallowing you to take hydrocodone and pot. I hadn’t had pot in decades but big pharma makes the test for THC and every type of CBD oil I try shows up as THC. My doctor said I wasn’t using the correct brand. I told her I wasn’t using the same brand the second time it showed THC. Both companies guarantee no more than .03% THC. I finally pointed out the obvious. They’re not testing for THC, they’re testing for CBD since they hate that as much as THC.

          So I had to give up CBD and now my Shingles just laughs at me as do my ribs and back. I can work more when it’s hot but cold weather gets to me. I long for the good old days when I wasn’t a slave to the pharmacy. I realize some people get a buzz or more on hydrocodone but I don’t, mainly because I take such small amounts.

          There is absolutely nothing govt. can’t make worse. They know more about everything than even researchers do about their specialty they research, quite amazing. I don’t know a trucker who doesn’t hate a seat belt. If you try to move forward very fast to see in a mirror if you’re turning, it will stop you and not let you see what you need to see “right now”. RR was correct about the 9 worst words to ever hear.

            • tb, thanks for the kind words. I never saw this coming at 40. Now that you mention it, I think I’ll have a cold one. Not a twelve pack like I used to, but a cold one or two.

              • Have one for me while you are at it, 8S. 🙂
                Not on the wagon, here, but am on the weight reduction program, and bier definitely has calories.

                  • I’ve know a lot of men who just drank liquor and had huge bellies. They probably ate quite a bit too. I do drink some bourbon but it’s a bit too hard on me to drink very much.

                    • I remember Orson the Rotund Welles hawking Paul Masson back in the 70’s. And working wine tastings. Some of those oenophiles were twiggy, some were Jack Spratt’s wife, and a lot of them were alcoholics with upturned noses & a memorized vocabulary & vernacular for describing the monkey on their backs. Dunno if he’s still able to float the note but awhile back read Johnny Depp drinks $30k/mo worth of vino veritas; he’s not bloated & I am envious. Cuz you just know it ain’t Paul Masson he’s interrogating. And cuz I can’t drink ferments & distillates at all, anymore. It’s a bless to count if you still can.

                    • ozymandias,

                      “a lot of them were alcoholics with upturned noses & a memorized vocabulary & vernacular for describing the monkey on their backs.”

                      You too can be a wine snob.

                      1.) Complex
                      2.) Balanced
                      3.) Layered
                      4.) Intense
                      5.) Well Rounded

                      That’s all you need to know.

                      aeronauT’s version of cliff notes if you will.

                    • Tua…Ha. I thought beauty is truth, truth beauty, that that’s all I need to know, or can know. But I think knowing all that’s facilitated by big Grecian urns full of the good stuff.

                      The great/fun Alan Rickman did one, however loosely based on what art imitates, that’s a good impression – Frank Gorshin or Rich Little level – of what the Seussian oenophiles know:


                      The great/fun Paul Giamatti did one, more tightly-wound based on the alcoholics I mentioned initially – but better, more poetic-transcending script & acting than at the tastings:


                    • Eric, gotta wonder how things would be now if Orson had gone all War of the Worlds on those two before they went that way on everybody else.

                • tb, I’m doing the same thing. I don’t drink like I did when I was working. My blood pressure is up and it’s from sleep apnea I just found out. I got a CPAP Thursday and am trying to build a stand for it high enough up the wall the cats can’t get to it. I hope it doesn’t take me too long to get used to it. I don’t think it would have ever happened had I been employed. It’s easy to stay in decent shape when you have to climb up in a big piece of dirt equipment, load a truck and haul it to a site, get on a grader and put it where needed and do that all day.

                  Now I can’t get a job because insurance companies are the only ones who can not hire you because of age. Everyone tells me I don’t look 71 and my mind hasn’t changed much from when I was much younger. You’d think that if I could still haul overweight, over-height, over-width loads(there’s a lot to know doing that work and a great amount of skill involved), that I’d still be doing it. And I would if I had my way.

                  I thought I would start back doing metal fabrication and build custom trailers but steel has recently gone through the roof so that’s going to be tough to do.

                  I don’t enjoy working cattle like I used to since I broke both bones and the Achilles Tendon pulled the center of the bone in my foot out. I sorta have that duck walk now, a Laurel and Hardy look.

                  Damned if I wouldn’t be a lot healthier just working and not worrying. This evil thing we’re living right now doesn’t help my point of view. If a young man who knows his craft can’t get a job…….well, you can see where it’s going for the elderly capable. But I appreciate the thought and I’ll have one and put your name on it. Much obliged to you. 8

                  • 8S,
                    If you can exercise AT ALL you should definitely do it. Doesn’t matter what type of exercise, just do it.
                    I am all too familiar with cases of those who were formerly physically active, and quit, sometimes involuntary restriction. Inactivity fu’s you brain as well as your body.
                    I spent many years in the field, earning my living as a framing carpenter and construction supervisor. The transition 25 years ago to sitting at a computer and detailing structural steel involved some challenges, not the least of which was keeping my weight in check. Stress is another, but related, issue.
                    I did fairly well up until a year or so ago, and then let myself slide into the toxic “F* it, I don’t give a sh*t” frame of mind.
                    Moment of truth arrived earlier this week, when I decided enough is enough. I *WILL* beat this. I hope you are successful in dealing with your multiple health problems as well, at least as far as that is possible.
                    Those of us who have been fortunate to enjoy excellent health most of our lives sometimes have difficulty comprehending the situation of those who have not been quite so fortunate. But, time catches up with us all, in the long run. Our task is to stave it off as long as possible. It’s either that, or pull a Hunter Thompson.
                    Take care, my friend.

                    • Yeah. Go from active to passive & one thing that can happen is Testo-aromatase-Estro. And you will feel it. Tho it seems like I should say you will smell it. There are otc supps that might help reign in that conversion. Indole-3-carbinol. DIM (Diindolylmethane…what I3C breaks down into, apparently).

                    • I agree totally with you Ozy. We’re now involved in a cold front. I told the wife I couldn’t wait for warm weather so I can ride my bike. But I need some energy to do anything and hopefully plenty of air and some sleep at night should help quite a bit with that.

                      I shared an RV with a guy in the patch who used a CPAP and he said it was a life-saver. I also worry about the wife and feel like I don’t really live with anyone which is a drag. I worry about the friend who had/has prostate(formerly)cancer. I know he’s just making it and I feel like there’s nothing wrong with me compared to him. I lost my last old friend I used to see fairly often back in August. He had sleep APNEA and heart problems for decades. He had ceased using the CPAP and that had to contribute to his death.

                    • Eight…have a graphic that won’t paste: picture of a Yoda-like creature saying “Exercise gives you energy but you need energy to exercise…Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.”

                      Wonder how well Madoff slept, the past few years, until The Big Sleep came around. I know there’s worse than him, uncaught, that sleep like saints.

                      CPAP…unless it’s a boat anchor. Have heard there have been improvements to reduce face-invaders aspects, but older days it was like trying to sleep with the alien impregnator wrapped around your head. Lots of people couldn’t do it. There’s something that loses tone, back of the throat, never heard it named, but have heard the sound that generates when it relaxes, in sleep, & blocks exhalation thru the nose & instead redirects exhalation, after some pause of varying length, forcefully, thru the mouth. Have wondered if vocalists, maybe wind instrumenteers, because of better tone in the throat, are less prone to apnea…& being mulcted by the apnea branch of the med-mafia. I know someone who can’t sleep on her back, or one side, without the throat collapse described occurring. But she’s got one side she can sleep on where collapse does not occur. And she uses an oxygen concentrator – just a canula. Concentrators can be prescribed, or private saled (craigslist).

                  • Eight…Well, lessee…

                    Seigniorage is the “right of the lord (seigneur) to mint money” & is the difference between the “value” denominated on those C-notes & the cost to produce & distribute those counterfeits…

                    Droit du seigneur (‘lord’s right’), also known as jus primae noctis (‘right of the first night’), was a supposed legal right in medieval Europe, allowing feudal lords to rape subordinate women, in particular, on their wedding nights…

                    Preferred pronouns (“yours” is “mine”) & gender slivering has gotten so beyond everything that the lessor has done takin’ to puttin’ the raping steel to my sourdough boule along with your job prospects, Eight. 2/3 the size & 3/3 the price is the one she brought home yesterday. Her blueberry muffin, which I didn’t see, is smaller, too, now that I mention it, she says.

                    But when I describe the fossilized crooks, demented crooks, debilitated crooks, incompetent crooks, frontwo/man’ing the 3-ring circus o’ state in certain company, “ageism” is the diagnosis hurled. Heads full of nuthin’ they win, tails in their own mouths you lose.
                    For the now.
                    But now is important.

                    • turtle…That guy’s good. Fun song, too, & more, since Dylan had quite a bit before he sold his catalog. Despite all the bags that added to the pile, doubt he’ll be invited to Davos. Been overdosing on Justin Johnson since I happened upon his fingerstyling, recently. Listen thru his catalog, sure to find likes.


                    • Nunz, the music I like spans 150 years. Something brought up music earlier today and I said I was a diehard fan of Slim Willet and the Hired Hands. Probably you’ve never heard of him/them, but they had a show on KRBC in Abilene…..Texas. His Theme song was Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes(don’t let the moon break your heart).

                    • Nunz, I should have commented they changed the band’s name from the Hired Hands to the Brush Cutters.

                    • You’re right, Eight- Never have heard of Slim Willet- but just took a gander on the Tube of You- Man! Now that is REAL country music! Not like that shit they make today. Gotta turn my mother onto that, she’ll LOVE it!
                      Yeah, my musical tastes are pretty eclectic too- Mund ya, I’m not a huge ‘music person’, but I like a lot of stuff from the 40’s, and just all sorts of stuff from the 60’s-80’s, even some jazz.
                      Even in NYC at the time, I was the only white kid to own a Parliament album in 1978!(And I still like that album!)

                    • Nunzio,

                      “I was the only white kid to own a Parliament album in 1978!(And I still like that album!)”

                      I saw them at Cobo with the spaceship.

                      Listening to Star Child as I write this.

                      Swing down, sweet chariot
                      Stop, and let me ride

                      And of course this – https://youtu.be/0bAE43v9csY

                      I had an 84 hardtop but you can the 1970 Cadillac Coup de Ville Convertible handles much better.

                      Nigger never spills a drop!

                      I think it’s the gold paint.

                    • Tu-tu (Desmond? 🙂 )

                      HAhaha! I don’t even want to imagine what kinda crowd ya must see at a Parliament concert!
                      I still can’t figure out if you’re a schvatz, or a white guy who forgot to leave Detroit! 😀

                      Reminds me, I had an ’81 Coupe DeVille in the 90’s in that firemist sham-pag-knee color….awesome car (Till the cam went bad in that stinking HT4100! )

                      Remember this one:

                      (Listening to this guaranteed I’d be 4-F from the Mafia forever!)

                    • Morning, Nunz!

                      Those old GM full-size dreadnoughts always make me doe-eyed with love. If I had the money, I’d be scouting for one now as it would be the perfect chariot for me and my achy shoulder. I’d go a few years older, though – and probably an Olds or Buick or Pontiac as they aren’t quite as visually raucous and I like to keep a more moderate profile, if you gnoe what I am ‘sayin!

                    • Hey Ya, Eric!
                      Yep! Given the choice, I’d go older too.
                      Hey, Crapillacs don’t have to be ostentatious though (‘cept when owned by certain homies or Sicilians…) -In stock configuration (including wheels and hubcaps) they were, after all, designed to appeal to the very conservative.
                      All the truly full-sized GM’s were pretty sweet indeed though- The Caddy’s just seemed a little more straight-forward (except for the Eldorado) whereas some of the competing corporate siblings seemed like they were putting the make-up on a little thick to try and imitate big sis who was naturally endowed 🙂

                    • You’d think being a man who’s played the ‘bone all his life I wouldn’t have this. But I’ve been wrong about a plethora of things.

                  • ozymandias,

                    What would they say about my choice of wine?

                    Aldi’s Winking Owl. $2.95 a bottle.

                    When I’m in the mood to throw fiscal caution to the wind, Ménage à Trois.

                    While some may be looking at color and clarity, I’m looking to catch a buzz.

                    Thanks for the links. I’d be willing to watch the first for sure.

                    • Hi Tuanorea,
                      Aldi’s line of Winking Owl wines are great bang for the buck. Also recommend Charles Shaw wines (2 buck Chuck though it’s actually 3) at Trader Joe’s.

              • Eight…Said from another snowy place, “can only understand it backwards, but gotta live it forwards (Kierkegaard). “You didn’t see it” is the fulcrum message of this flick – along with deference to Milgram-authority (zzzzt!). The one/s who did see it didn’t make it; random; & “deserve’s got nuthin’ to do with it” (Clint, with the cocked/aimed Spencer, in Unforgiven):


                Blindsided at 50, here. We are both right as rain about “doctors.”

  10. As I think I mentioned in another post, the “variants” is just a scam to provide a forever stream of income for Big Pharma. Even though my one smallpox and polio vaccines are good for life, somehow we “need” a Covid shot every year going forward to survive. What a complete crock! As Eric mentioned, there’s no substitute for your own immune system. Most people in my age group (70+) are already on half a dozen medications already for cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, whatever. I won’t take any of those poisons, even though my doctor keeps trying to push me onto statins because my cholesterol is “high” by Big Pharma’s guidelines. I’ve done enough research to know that your brain NEEDS a minimum amount of cholesterol to function properly, maybe that’s why we’re overrun with dumbasses nowadays.
    Don’t know if any of you are familiar with Dr. Douglass (rip) but he had a great common sense newsletter with good advice on how to stay healthy and avoid the pill pushers. Of course if he was still alive the PTB would assure he was silenced for veering from the mainstream; thank God Dr. Mercola is still publishing despite their best efforts to silence him.

    • think ive posted this here before – one of Chris Rocks best bits – there aint no money in the cure – the moneys in the medicine !! (basically about how the last thing doctors cured was polio ! and they’re angry about all the money they lost over that !)


      • Ah, but doctors really didn’t cure polio. Polio was on its way out due to engineers and natural philosophers (since scientists have given themselves a very bad name by eschewing actual science for politics and funding) developing hygiene and abundant good nutrition. The polio vaccine is the example always given of a “good” and “necessary” vaccine, when in fact it A. Caused many cases of polio and B. did not demonstrably increase the decrease of polio in the population.

        • Ernie, that’s exactly right. Polio was well on the way to extinction when the vaccine was produced. It was all a matter of cleanliness in all aspects of life.

  11. Got a call from the boss the other day:

    “Did you interact with the electrician who was working up at the hub site the other day?”
    “No, why?”

    “Oh, he tested positive for COVID. If you had been around him you would have to quarantine for two weeks.”

    “Can I change my answer?”

    Right now two weeks paid vacation, even if I have to “quarantine” sounds pretty nice. Methinks there are a lot of “cases” that are just that, a two week vacation. And what’s the issue with the asymptomatic carriers? Has anyone ever done the sort of mass testing of a population we’re doing now with any other virus? Maybe that’s just how it works, and we shouldn’t be too concerned.

    I’m sorry, I forgot my place. I’m not an epidemiologist. Just like I’m not a weatherman… but yet somehow I know when it’s going to rain.

    • Every morning we get our temperature read upon entering the building. Every morning I cross my fingers hoping to win the “go home & quarantine” lottery. Been pondering holding my coffee cup against my head but there are cameras everywhere. …sigh

      • Have them point the thingy at the inside of your elbow. Long term exposure of the pineal gland in your brain to the “rays” of the temp check thingy can’t be good for you.

        • There are no “rays” in an infrared thermometer. It works like a camera. It passively reads/measures spectral information.

          It does however remind me of the cartel assassin in “No country for old men” with his nail gun…

          • Gotcha. I’m not a physicist, but wouldn’t infrared have an effect on the human body like the ultraviolet at the other end of the spectrum?

            Not taking any chances here 🙂

    • Yup. If you play, buy pharmaceutical stock. Going to be a boom when the “mysterious illnesses” that only seem to hit jabbed folk comes on strong in the next couple of years.

    • Thanks for the link! David Knight has talked about this quite often. What kind of human being does one have to be to say, let alone push, something like this?

  12. My daughter contracted Covid-19 last week. She is feeling fine five days later.

    She was fearful at first that she would become deathly ill, apprehensive of what might possibly happen.

    You can’t panic and go ape shit nuts if you have been informing yourself on how infectious and deadly the corona virus is. Hundreds of miles separate us, she’s on her own until she needs some money. I doubt I can get sick unless from someone else.

    There are facts of the matter that make it matter.

    550,000 deaths in the United States in approximately one year plus.

    550 000/330 000 000=55/33 000=11/6600=1.1/660=0.00167×100=0.167

    100-0.167=99.833, 99.833 percent of the population in the US will live to die another day.

    For every 100 000 people, 99 833 live and 167 die from the dreaded Covid-19. About 14 per month in one year’s time.

    Maybe some here have heard of Zerohedge, maybe not. lol

    At that site I read where the vaccine contains aborted human male fetus dna, probably replicated in the lab, whether or not it is true, I don’t know, but it is a good rumor to disseminate.

    How the mRNA got there.

    Crick and Watson would probably be appalled and disgusted.

    Where’s Vincent Bugliosi when needed most?

    This is helter skelter time for 21st Century Schizoid Man.

    • Hi drumpish,

      Glad to hear your daughter is doing better.

      Most vaccines today have some form of cell line that has originated with an aborted fetus. For some reason the news does not want to call it “stem cells”, but the chicken pox, shingles, rubella, Hep A, as well as, J&Js COVID vaccine all use an aborted fetus’s cell lines. Most vaccine’s today use cell lines from aborted fetuses back in the late 1960 and 1970s. The J&J used the retinal cell line PER.C6 from a fetus from 1985. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines do not use fetus cell lines, but they have their own host of problems.

      • Raider Girl, Last week on LRC, an epidemiologist wrote a good article. He said the Moderna and Pfrizer vaccines don’t do much of anything. The people who’ve had those will hopefully find out and decide they don’t need the really dangerous J&J vaccination.

        The YT that eric supplied to this article is a must read. You’ll find out more honest information than any I have seen with the exception of Kary Mullis’s YT’s he did be fore he was murdered.

        West Texas is, according to nearly every ENT I’ve spoken with, one of the absolute worst places to live because of allergies. This fall when all the plants were doing their flowering and losing leaves and flowers, the wife and I both had a bad bout of allergies just like every year. You can almost set your clock by it or hell, set your Glock by it.

        After a couple weeks we had poured enough snot and sneezed enough for 100 people in some other part of the country. You can go to the hill country in Texas and fairly much avoid it except for cedar fever.

        After a couple weeks be both ran a bit more fever than usual(they don’t call it hayfever to nuttin.” Then we begin to feel really lousy and we sat(me) around and “laid” the old lady and took vast amounts of benedryl even though I will suffer greatly before taking it since it had a drug in it that causes Alzheimers. This went on for about a week and we got well. We’d had our seasonal flu right along with it only we didn’t say it was flu but fairly much knew it was.

        Now if you watch the YT in this article, you’ll be damned glad you had no vaccine. I don’t really want all those diseases that come with the J&J vaccine since I already have Shingles, MRSA and lupus. I inherited the lupus and bad back from my father. I got the Shingles from being vaccinated just like all the kids did. I got MRSA from a barber who’d just given 3 muchachos their first US haircut back in 2000 and he didn’t sterilize his razor. There are plenty contagious diseases to get but the worst I have is Shingles and we know why I have that disease.

        • Hi Eight,

          Hopefully you and the Mrs. are recovering and feeling stronger.

          I don’t believe the Pfizer and Moderna are innocent. We just don’t know what they do as of yet. The M-RNA vaccines terrify me a whole lot more than the J&J (I refuse to get any of them, so it is a moot point). I definitely do not like the idea of genetic code running through my body. I realize this is going to be the future of medicine (cancer treatments, vaccines, etc.), but I am going to hold out another 40 years and wait for the LT implications to take effect.

          • Raider Girl, we were only mildly sick for a week. It might have been the season flu since it felt like it. We had none of the symptoms of covid. It started with allergies just like always.

            There was a time I’d just be put out about it and never slow down. There was a time I could do countless things I no longer can do. Once 70 was just a memory, I noticed a few more things didn’t work as they once did.

    • “I read where the vaccine contains aborted human male fetus dna, probably replicated in the lab, whether or not it is true, I don’t know, but it is a good rumor to disseminate.”

      It is not a rumor. What you’re referring to are known as diploid cell lines. The most common cell lines found in vaccines are WI-38 (Wistar Institute 38) and MRC-5 (Medical Research Council cell strain 5). While I’m pretty sure diploid cells are not found in the mRNA style SARS-CoV-2 “vaccines” produced by Pfizer and Moderna, diploid cell lines are used to manufacture (and are found in) many vaccines. The Astrazeneca SARS-CoV-2 vaccine was produced using the HEK293 cell line. The Janssen SARS-CoV-2 vaccine used the PER.C6 cell line. Both HEK293 and PER.C6 are also derived from aborted fetal tissue.

      WI-38 is a diploid human cell line composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a 3-month-gestation female fetus. MRC-5 is a diploid cell culture line composed of fibroblasts, originally developed from the lung tissue of a 14-week-old aborted Caucasian male fetus.

      If you’d like to know more about the aborted fetal cells found in vaccines just google WI-38, MRC-5, HEK293 or PER.C6.

      • Indeed- considering the PCR test is 0-10% accurate as a diagnostic using CT of over 35m and knowing that the alleged virus has never been properly isolated/defined, somewhere between 0 and 55000 may have died from “Covid 19”.

        There is no pandemic and there never was.

        • I looked up the amount of deaths in the US per year. 2020 wasn’t nearly the largest loss of life. Let’s don’t let facts get in the way though.

          • In point of fact 8, (or as they say in Tejas,”This is no shit”…) All through the year of 2020 the US death rate was lower than 2019 and 2018. Of course the CDC then came in at the end of the year and added in 256,000 or so all cause deaths so now the official tally is slightly above normal. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

          • Fact/ fict/ fuct/…startin’ to sound german…hick/dick/dock/…runnin’ lab rodents – prolly none named Wild Bill – and clocks springin’ forward & fallin’ back…does anybody really know what time it is? – yes, saith the grandfather clockers in dc – yes, saith the grandchildren clockees from sea to shining sea…but factions & fictions are inputs…but fuctions insist no, those are finished outputs…which is why there is, & always has been, a pandemic…& the pandemicism privilege is systemic…biologic…innate…Agent Smith were the bad guy…but that didn’t make his faction fiction fuction when he shared his revelation…the vie•ral load’s (very much including grandfather’s official output stats – for anything) always been heavy my brother:


            • Ah, I get it now.
              If you get a disease, you have been infected.
              If you get Covid, you have been infucted.
              Infuction: colonization by an organism which seldom produces disease, but which the government claims to regard as dangerous, and uses as a weapon to force compliance with its agenda of total control of its citizens.
              Sample usage:
              I got infucted with Covid, and had to spend a month in solitary confinement without human contact.

  13. “It is claimed to be “95 percent” effective.”

    That claim is entirely number manipulated, cherry picked, not-random selected participant bullshit.

    And this is where the mutual eagerness of the two highly motivated groups — the public; the profiteers — intersect. The public wants to hear “95% effectiveness” and think it knows what those words means. The drug companies want the same thing as the public; it wants the public to think it knows what those words mean.

    But in the world of drug advertising, the word “effective” does not mean what you think it means. The other way to look at effectiveness is this: Based on the numbers released from phase 3 trials, the Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective, but 1% of the time. In the same way, the Moderna vaccine is 94% effective, but 2% of the time.

    That is just the first article I grabbed. I suggest people duckduck “95 percent effective vaccine”. FFS, even “vaccine” is an outright lie. mRNA is not a vaccine (though JJ version is not mRNA). That alone should be enough to remove all immunity form the manufacturers as they are straight up lying about WHAT they are injecting. But that would require a non-corrupt legal system, so no chance there.

    • And this,


      VAERS is know to only track less than 10% (some say 1%) of all “complications”. So anything reported should be multiplied by 10, at least.

      It really is looking like the Jab is going to kill more than the ‘Rona. At this point, I am now OK with that. Screw them for being gullible, ignorant fools. Evolution needs to weed out these ones anyway.

    • These pharmaceutical companies pulled the same statistical lie with statin drugs as well. They make a claim like a particular statin drug “reduces heart attack by 30%.” Sounds impressive. However, when you actually delve into the numbers you find out that it was something like 1% of the placebo cohort had a heart attack versus .7% of the statin cohort. Using pharmaceutical math, that magically translates into reducing one’s risk of heart attack by up to 30% (i.e. .7% is 30% less than 1%).

      They then convince lazy doctors to prescribe these drugs using this impressive statistic. The poor patients then get stuck on it for life and suffer terrible side effects (muscle wasting, diabetes, liver damage, memory loss, confusion, dizziness, etc.) without ever receiving any measurable benefit. The patients being lazy fools fail to do any research on their own and suffer through it because doctor’s orders.

      These are some truly evil creatures.

      • Yep – I know of several family members who have had these reactions to statins almost immediately!

        Chewing fiber tablets helps to lower cholesterol. Of course a healthy diet high in fiber and low in carbs is the best way.

  14. ‘Big Pharma will make sure there is never a cure for cancer or Type 1 diabetes’ — RG

    Big Pharma likewise will make sure that cheap, safe, practical treatments for those who do get sick from Covid-19 will be rigorously suppressed:

    ‘I was delighted when our paper on ivermectin passed a rigorous peer review and was accepted by Frontiers in Pharmacology. The abstract was viewed over 102,000 times by people hungry for answers.

    ‘Six weeks later, the journal suddenly rejected the paper, based on an unnamed “external expert” who stated that “our conclusions were unsupported,” contradicting the four senior, expert peer reviewers who had earlier accepted them. I can’t help but interpret this in context as censorship.’

    — Dr Pierre Kory


    Merck, the maker of STROMECTOL ivermectin in the US, issued a statement on Feb 4 claiming ‘no meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID’ and even questioning the safety of their own drug.


    If and when these brazen lies are finally exposed, Merck should get its corporate face ripped off.

    • Hi Jim,

      Who do you think are getting to these companies and the people?

      Why would a company downplay its own products, unless someone has told them to.

      • RG,

        Merck and other Big Pharma players are 100% dependent on FDA licensing and plant inspections to continue selling their highly profitable proprietary products.

        When Big Gov decrees, ‘Don’t promote repurposed, off-patent generics and undercut Operation Warp Speed,’ they dutifully fall into line.

        After all, the US gov could destroy Big Pharma overnight by opening the gates to cheap generics from India at one-tenth the price, vaporizing their business model.

        So Big Pharma obeys like good boys, without a peep of protest.

      • I read that there are certain emergency provisions that allow the vaccines to be given to the public without full FDA approval (they are still considered “experimental”). One provision is that there be no safe, reliable or standard treatment available for the disease.
        So anytime such a treatment is discussed, it gets downplayed and denigrated. HCQ would be a lifesaver for us, for example. It’s cheap, we know it’s mostly safe and it’s already available. If it worked for wuflu (and maybe it does … try getting the truth about ANYTHING these days), we could just treat the sickly and let COVID run its course. By the time the FDA approved a vaccine, we wouldn’t even need it.
        But where’s the profit in that?

        • Perhaps more importantly, where is the opportunity to poke the government nose into folks’ private business, and *CONTROL* their lives? Nowhere, is where.

  15. Makes sense when you consider that the “vaccine” wasn’t created for convid, convid was created for the “vaccine.”

    The jab is the end game, period.

  16. One of the strangest things ive noticed about this whole vaccine thing is that the people who are most suspicious of big corporates, particularly pharma, and are fully aware of the the crooked business practises of them (you know the loud shouty blue haired bernie bro sorts) – are the ones who are most keen on getting the extremely dodgy concoction pumped into their own body ! Just because certain of their “trusted” media and political sources tells them to!!! Suddenly big pharma are saviours !!

  17. My daughter is up here visiting from Florida this week. She is scared of getting WuFlu and how it will affect her, so she signed up to participate in the clinical trials of the Novavax shot. As she’s already had her shots (we don’t know if she got the placebo or real thing), it’s too late to try to un-brainwash her, though that hasn’t stopped me from trying. She’s 39 years old, so by her based on her age, she has little to no risk. But she is on the obese side, which does put her at risk. And she has asthma, which she thinks puts her at risk. So instead of doing something about her weight, she’d rather get a jab with an unknown substance that by definition is experimental (she’s in a clinical trial, for crying out loud). I think that may be part of what we’re dealing with here – people are lazy. They can’t be bothered to do the work of taking proper care of themselves, just give me a pill or shot and it’s done. I don’t think there’s any fixing that.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yup. It’s the same with health, generally. I don’t need health insurance because I’m not sick. I take good care of myself instead. But I’m forced to buy health insurance because other people are sick – and their sickness somehow imposes an obligation on me to “help” them pay for their “care.” Many of these people being sick because they’re fat slobs who eat shit food and waddle from their couch to the ‘fridge; whose most arduous exercise is tapping their touchscreens.

      • Good morning Eric,

        We aren’t forced to have health insurance. My family hasn’t had it for three years. Of course, this means that we need to be super careful: reading ingredients in the foods that we need, no skydiving, looking three times before crossing the street, taking our vitamins, no plant based meat, etc.

        If people have insurance it is because they choose to have it. My homes and cars are paid off so we don’t even need homeowners or auto, but we do have those because I feel $700 a year is an affordable bet if my homes catches on fire or I accidentally drive through someone’s fence. There was no appeal to me at $1800 a month for health insurance.

        • Morning, RG –

          That’s technically true – for the moment. Until the “shared responsibility payment” is reinstated. So long as Obamacare is the law, this hangs like a sword of Damocles over our heads. Also, the bastards mulct any “refund” due for failure to have insurance when the “shared responsibility payment” was still in force. I get threatening letters to that effect once every several months.

          • Hi Eric,

            From what I have read recently regarding upcoming tax hikes the shared responsibility payment is not even on the table. If they (the Dems) try to go this route another lawsuit would make its way to the Supreme Court and the numbers are in there favor this time.

            Honestly, I am more worried about the health insurance companies going after those that did not get the “vaccine” and mandating “take the shot or no insurance for you” scenario.

        • For starters, insurance (of any type) is the only game of chance where you bet against yourself and hope you lose the bet.
          But in reality, I do not believe it is possible to buy actual “health” insurance, i.e., insurance which would pay *YOU* if your health declined. Closest thing I have heard of is accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Lose an arm, get an insurance payout.
          It is all a war of words. What is being peddled, and sometimes forced down people’s unwilling throats, is a payout to third parties (doctors and hospitals, a.k.a. the Medical-Industrial Complex), which gives the MIC a huge incentive to find a disease, and charge through the ying yang for treatment, deceptively labeled “care,” as if (most of them) give a rat’s patoot what becomes of the raw material, a.k.a. you)
          Think I am FOS?
          In 2014, I had the misfortune of a minor traffic accident (no serious injury), but was transported (unconscious) to Riverside (CA) Criminal (“Community”) Hospital, owned by Hospital Corporation of America, a known fraudster which has paid a $2 billion fine to the U.S .government for defrauding Medicare.
          At RCH, despite the attending physician’s notes that I, the patient, had neither symptoms nor complaints, I was “treated” to not less than five CAT scans, at ~$10,000 each, the “reasons” listed for each being outright lies.
          Routine lab tests were done, the cost of which at any medial lab would not have exceeded $200. The price charged by RCH was $9000. Yes you read that correctly.
          Oh, and the up front charge to roll someone through the door was $34,000. That was called “activating the trauma team.” I guess there *was* trauma, at least of the financial kind.
          Bottom line: for 18 hours at RCH, the bill was over $100,000. My auto insurance, State Farm, paid policy limit of $100,000, leaving me to pay a few thousand, for an accident in which I sustained a slight bloody nose caused by air bag impact to face, and likely a concussion from the same cause, which resulted in retrograde amnesia, as well as delayed (a few days) vertigo.
          My opinion:
          and places like it, should be prosecuted under RICO, and required by law to post the famous quote from Dante, “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here,” over their front door.
          But that will not happen, because HCA (the parent company)
          own their very own U.S. Senator. When you own the right politicians, many good things can happen.

          • Another note on HCA:
            Rick Scott, who was CEO when HCA defrauded Medicare and got caught, was given a $300 million “going away present” when he resigned, and went on to become Governor of Florida. Evidently $2 billion fine is just a routine cost of business, when you are making some *real* money. Good job, Rick.
            The $300 million payout to Rick Scott was formerly mentioned in the Wikipedia article on HCA, which has been somewhat sanitized, although the article still notes that:
            >the company “had kept two sets of books, one to show the government and one with actual expenses listed.”
            >The federal probe culminated in 2003 with “the government receiving a total of over $2 billion in criminal fines and civil penalties for systematically defrauding federal health care programs.” >Columbia/HCA pleaded guilty to 14 felonies and admitted to systematically overcharging the government. The federal probe has been referred to as the longest and costliest investigation for health-care fraud in U.S. history

            • I will take our Rick Scott any day over that brain raddled idiot now “occupying” the oval office.

              My God, the man can’t even read a script without slurring his words (the first tell of dementia).

              But then, sloppy joe is merely a placeholder for the real presidents, Hillary, Susan Rice, and camel-toes.

          • Several years ago, I rolled my pickup destroying it in the process but it continue to run after landing on the tires. I drove home not just stunned by with quite a few hurties and no memory of it. Instead of contacting the insurance company. We just took our just desserts and called it a day. Neither the state or the insurance company knows about it. They wouldn’t have fixed that old pickup anyway.

            I had a bruise on my left arm(I had muscle back then)that was 8″x3″ and it is still a knot in my muscle. I was suffering from a brain injury at the time from a 3/8″ threaded pipe going through my skull. After being run over from behind bh a big rig running into my big rig, I’ve had less than stellar health in my spine.

      • It boils down to the SAME issue, no different when the mulatto POTUS was the chief “snake oil salesman” of the Democrat “Gubmint”-mandated health care (“Oh, don’t worry, if you’re happy with your current doctor and health plan, you can KEEP them” and other BS), which was competed for by “Mittens” and his “ObomneyCare” ideas that he’d pushed when he mis-governed Taxachusetts. Those IN POWER presume to make decisions for you b/c they say that you are NOT truly an ADULT, they don’t want to trust you with deciding what’s best with your assets and income, and now, your very corpus.

        It comes down to being subjected to the WORST manner of tyranny; that of the ideological nitwit with his/her GOOD intentions. At least the SOBs like Franco, Hitler, Stalin…they were “MEN” about it, they were “Large and In Charge”, and gave no pretensions of “playing nice” or “Caring”. Hence why our latter-day tyrants can largely bamboozle WOMEN, whom a century ago we foolishly decided should vote (but they weren’t subject to the draft and were treated with kid gloves in the family courts b/c they’re the ‘fairer’ sex, right? Sheesh…), all too many whom can be easily swayed via emotion. Indeed, as a master salesman once explained to me, sales is fairly much a “transfer” of emotion, and hoo boy, have so many EMO “gay Bois”, immature twits, and gullible females been “Sold”…a BILL OF GOODS…and it’s coming DUE.

        • How nice you buy fully into “divide and conquer” and lay blame on “women” as a collective. I am female and the most skeptical person I know BY FAR about Event Covid. I guess that is a result of me being weak, emotional and easily manipulated, right? Get over yourself, the programming has been used against everyone regardless of sex or race and idiotic comments like yours above are just what the
          PTB want, chasing away others who could be potential allies. Pathetic.

          • Hi Metal,

            I agree with you that collectivizing any individual is affronting. It is precisely why we’re suffering under this Face Diapering/Needling regime. You (anyone) “might” be sick, the Freaks say. Well, no. I’m not sick – so I’m not going to abide being treated as if I were sick.


            Good to have you with us!

            • This is a point of word choice not a refutation of the substance of what you are saying. Over time, I’ve seen you and others here and elsewhere use the verb “collectivize.”

              Here are the standard definitions of that word and collectivism:


              verb (used with object), col·lec·ti·vized, col·lec·ti·viz·ing.
              to organize (a people, industry, economy, etc.) according to the principles of collectivism.

              1987 Webster’s Dictionary
              verb to organize under collective control.


              the political principle of centralized social and economic control, especially of all means of production.

              1987 Webster’s Dictionary
              a political or economic theory principle advocating collective control especially over production and distribution or a system marked by such control.

              You may have other sources that inform your use of collectivize in the context of Doug’s comment and Metal’s reply and if you do I would be interested to research them, but to me the words “generalize”, or “stereotype” or even a made up hyphenated “collective-ize” would be more accurate. Those words are not loaded with the overt political and economic connotations of collectivism.

          • Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants.
            This minority, that minority, the other minority is abused by the other minority or the majority. Somehow, the smallest and by far most abused minority gats no attention whatsoever. The individual. There are negative feminine behavior traits, just about the same as masculine. If we were perfect, no one could afford us. We need to stop letting the absolutely most monstrous people among us, the Psychopaths In Charge, run our lives. What other collection of people does more damage to your life? Not white, black, yellow, red, nor any other box created by those psychopaths for us to be put into. Our enemies are the Psychopaths In Charge. Not our neighbors.

            • Agreed about the gov’t. However, all this last year, I’ve not been personally confronted about wearing a mask by a single gov’t employee. But I have been accosted a few times by fellow citizens. One in particular was a (general area) neighbor who shrieked at me for voting without a mask, “I hope you die of convid!” What do I call this person? Certainly not a friend.

              • “What do I call this person?”

                In the long gone world I now miss achingly, an ambulance, after you beat some sense into it.

                OK violence is not the right answer, but when dealing with the unreachable, hysterical and insane, it is likely the only one that will have any effect. What is left when words won’t reach them and they continue to threaten your peaceful existence?

                me “leave me alone”

                them “no”

                Grounds for whatever measures (no quarter) required to make them leave me alone IMO.

            • Definitely. It is so frustrating that so many skeptical voices on some forums (ie ZeroHedge) descend into blatant sexism and racism (the real kind, not the “woke” kind), therefore giving ammunition to the monsters to discredit our calling them out. Frustrating.

                • By “real” racism and sexism I mean denigrating individuals solely because of their race or sex. “Woke” versions mean calling someone a racist or sexist just because you don’t agree with them. Big difference.

                    • This is a good article, but the teacher is part of the problem. He/she allowed this to happen rather than speaking up or declining to participate. Children need to know that there are other views other than their own in the world. They also need to learn how to deal with them, sheltering them from things they might offensive or alternative ways of looking at something is never good. Dealing with a variety of people allows a student to question the system and critically think through a subject or narrative, The left has created this mess and now they are concerned because it has snowballed into something they can no longer control. I have no sympathy for them. I am happy they see a world they no longer recognize. That is what many of us have been shouting for years, but we were called out of touch, racist, and elite. The chickens have come home to roost.

                  • My reply with 0Hedge link must’ve been auto-moderated by WP. It’ll probably show up later. Anyway, there is apparently quite a lot to this woke stuff. More than what you mention and more than I imagined.

          • MetalAvenger nailin’ it in way fewer words than I’ve been known to use on the subject.

            Way more dudes in my life wimpin’ and simpin’ buying into the hype and gettin their jab over this plandemic than there are females ready to shoot your ass if you come at ’em with a needle 😎

    • I agree, it’s laziness. However, I think it’s physical as well as intellectual laziness. My perfectly healthy 50 year old neighbor told me just the other day that he’s getting the Pfizer shots “Because he just doesn’t want to have to worry about getting sick.” He said that after we had spent five minutes talking about how unlikely it was for healthy people to get sick and how risky the gene therapies are. I was talking to him about the mRNA therapies and he had no idea what I was talking about. He was totally uninformed about the fact that he was taking part in a mass medical experiment.

      • Hi PappaS,

        I agree with you 100%. It is mental laziness. Most people have done little to no research regarding this “vaccine”. If they were actually informed they (the government) would have to be dragging people out of their houses to induce it, because no one would be showing up willingly.

        • Most of them wouldn’t know the first thing about what to look for or how to search for information, or even understand it, and the good stuff is to be found in technical publications that almost literally require a PhD to read and comprehend. But no one digests those papers into understandable layman’s terms and if they do, to the censorship pile they go.

          Instead, people will enter “covid vaccine safety” into Google, where the first 10 hits they get (they won’t go further or use Google Scholar) are news snippets from MSNBC and the Washington Post, and those like them, that state “blah blah FDA approved blah blah CDC states safe and effective blah blah.” And then the person walks away believing them to be safe and effective. No mention of side effects, no mention of deaths, no mention of any need to report adverse events (required for any ongoing clinical trial). The information necessary for true informed consent is deliberately withheld or buried.

          I disagree it’s all laziness, though that is a big part of it. Even for those who want to know, there’s no real information or direction where to find out. Mainstream and familiar sources won’t say or provide a roadmap. That is deliberate, unethical, and concerning.

          • Just a bit more – can anyone tell you the difference between cellular and humoral immunity? The difference between a B cell and a CD8+ T cell? An Fc gamma receptor? What an antibody actually is, and how it works? Opsonization? Serum half life? What is antibody dependent enhancement – mechanistically and why that matters? What a variant is? What is the ACE2 receptor? A beta coronavirus? mRNA translation? Reverse transcriptase?

            Now think of how stupid the average Amerikan is, and help them through that morass. Nope, they’re going to trust the TV experts and their doctors.

            • That would be science, which requires thinking, as opposed to “The Science, “which, being dogma, requires only belief.
              Any wonder that dogma is being peddled by a Pope wannabe with a Jesuit education?
              No offense to intended Jesuits, as a group. I have no doubt some of them may be fine people.

          • “But no one digests those papers into understandable layman’s terms and if they do, to the censorship pile they go.”

            Kind of like the catholic church having mass and all bibles in latin during medieval times when most couldn’t read or understand latin. The experts don’t want the laymen to ever be able to understand and interpret information on their own. Whether they are priests or doctors, because if they laymen can understand on their own, what would be the point of all the experts? Same reason laws are written the way they are, what would all the lawyers do if they weren’t needed to interpret laws.

          • Hi BAC,

            I agree with you that reading medical studies is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. I have a background with only the most basic of introduction into biology, chemistry, and physics (what I learned in high school and college). The information is out there, but as you stated, Google is not the place to go. I actually started with the NIH, CDC’s and FDA’s own websites. Usually certain terms or words send me on a scavenger hunt and I find new articles and studies. The process itself is never ending. One night in February 2020, I was up until 3 AM converting old Chinese and French studies into English regarding SARS 1, because SARS 2 had me so worried watching the Chinese people on Bloomberg fainting in the streets (which of course we all know now was a lie).

            One doesn’t need a 140 IQ, just a willingness to learn and dissect information.

            • RG,

              Yes, exactly! Having some functioning neurons helps, but it is truly about having a little gumption and perseverance. No one begins with a lexicon full of esoteric terms, but they can end up with that, if they simply try.

              But it was said somewhere in this thread: Mental laziness. 😉

            • Hi RG

              I think willingness is necessary but not sufficient. People are willing, they just can’t think beyond Google; not won’t, can’t. Most haven’t heard of the NIH much less know what it does or how to navigate its site. I’m just saying you, and most here, are educated and intelligent. This is not the norm.

        • This is so true RG and Papa – one of the first arguments I have with people is “vaccines have been around for such a long time – the flu vaccine is new every year and theres no issues or risks with it”. When I tell them about the MRNA vaccine and how this is completely different to other vaccines that have been around for centuries. And its just alien to them. Now maybe im not a persuasive person or they are completely brainwashed but when i get into he details – they just shut down and act like im telling some crazy stuff from a movie…

          I guess the one hope (little though it is) is that in china and other places they are making the more normal kinds of vaccines. Were one really forced into getting one – i hope those are available to choose as well. That said im pretty sure the western big pharma establishment will immediately shoot them down before it gets anywhere… but who knows.. it is quite depressing when you think about the situation 😛

          • Hi Nasir,

            Except there are about 3-4 different flu vaccines that one can get. 😉 Many flu vaccines have switched from the egg based to a MDCK cell line (just a little Cocker Spaniel mixed in) and there is also a synthetic vaccine. Honestly, most people don’t pay attention or question what are in the ingredients in the pill, vaccine, or even food that they eat so it really doesn’t surprise me when they have very little concern about the world’s happenings. If everybody else is doing it, that is good enough for them. 🙁

            • Raider Girl, The wife and I were at the doc last week. We don’t take vaccines of any sort. They know finally not to ask. We saw a guy and his wife I that was my classmate long ago. They were back for their second injection.

              I’m sure they’re so lazy to not research the subject and just believe all the crap on the Lame Stream Media or the Lying Network.

              Both are obese. The guy is way into morbidly obese and has to walk with his weight bending his spine backward or he’d fall over. I guess he’s doing the right thing……maybe. But if you go to LRC today there are some good article describing what has happened to a great many people from those vaccines. I’ll take my chances out here in the boonies. We have yet to wear a mask in any setting except the horspital where it’s mandatory and we don’t want to lose our doc.

          • “the flu vaccine is new every year and there’s no issues or risks with it”. Except that nearly all vaccines EXCEPT the MRNA variety are only possible with the addition of Mercury and Aluminum, both of which are toxic, which your body doesn’t dispose of well at all, and thus accumulate over the years, and cause an abundance of health issues..

    • Hey Jim,

      Wow! That is truly amazing…. Your daughter is worried about getting a virus in the air, which she only has a relatively small chance of actually getting- and which even if she got would likely do her no harm other than make her feel bad for a few days (Has she never had the flu before?)- but she will let her body be used as a pin cushion, and allow herself to be injected with a bunch of unnatural and dangerous substances, the nature and effects she knows nothing about…….
      It just makes ZERO sense! I can only imagine how you must feel, ’cause I mourn just reading about it. True proof that we live in a world now where strangers, “experts” and propaganda have much more influence over people than their own parents…. 🙁
      I’ll bet she can’t wait to vote DeSantis out of office so she can get some tyrant in who will “keep everybody safe”- But meanwhile, the only ones endangering these people are themselves and those who are convincing them to wear masks and get injections and stay inside “where it is safe”.

      • Nunz – yep, she doesn’t like DeSantis. Interesting, her grandmother and I, living in Kentucky, wish we had him as a governor instead of Bozo (my mom’s nickname for Beshear, which is a little more kid-friendly than my sister’s nickname for him – Batshit).

        Don’t know if you heard, but Senate Bill 8 became law without Bozo’s signature, so we can opt-out of mandatory vaccines. At least until the fed’s catch up to us.

    • Jim,

      Perhaps some comfort can come from the fact that the Novavax is actually a “classical” vaccine, in that it will contain protein subunits instead of mRNA laden nanoparticles. Being still experimental, it may be unnerving, but hopefully things will turn out well.

      Hopefully she, at least, had a immunity test first?

      • BaDnOn (can I call you Bad for short?) – don’t know about the immunity test. I agree – mRNA or not, it’s still experimental. She thinks that just because she’s miserable when she gets a sinus infection or has asthma that she would die if she got covid. Nothing I can really say to try to change her mind unless I had a lot of time to do it. Hitting her over the head with facts in the short time I have isn’t going to do the trick, it would take time. Sigh.

  18. ‘there being quite a lot of money to be made when you can force the entire population – or almost all of it – to take your product.’ — EP

    Read between the lines: six states have opened vax eligibility to those 16 and up; 30 more plan to by the end of April.

    Why? Because the proportion of older cohorts accepting the jab is falling short of expectations. Eligibility must be expanded fast to keep mass vax sites busy.

    With children comprising 22% of the US population, it was thought that vaxxing the 78% adult cohort would confer adequate herd immunity. But that calculation, as the late Def Sec McNamara might say, is no longer operative.

    Now we get to the real nub of the matter: vaxxing CHILDREN. Not because THEY need it, but rather because vax makers need the money, and Old Corn Pop needs a political win.

    Urgent trials of vaxxing children are underway. Effectiveness can’t be measured in children, since too few get sick. So these trials have redefined their goal solely as ensuring s-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-f-e-t-y.

    Watch the ‘jabs for kids’ campaign get approved just in time to forestall a breakdown of mass vaccination owing to a dearth of willing customers. Lachrymose performances by the likes of CDC’s Rochelle Walensky just ain’t gonna cut it.

    If I could stick my pen in my heart
    And spill it all over the stage
    Would it satisfy you, would it slide on by you
    Would you think the girl is strange?

    — Rolling Stones, ‘It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)’

    • Jim, I can see what you talk about here in the UK as well. It was originally said that people under 40 would not be offered the vaccine before 2022 at the earliest, as the vaccine production is so limited and you know high risk people need to be vaccinated first, etc.

      Well guess what – many people my age (late 30s / early 40s) are already getting the vaccine. And they say all adults would be offered the vaccine by summer, with school children being offered vaccines by the start of the new school year (September).

      Well whats changed – production has remained the same. I suspect the take up isn’t close to what they wanted…..

      And yes I really worry about the vaccination of children, and what that will mean over time…. but nobody seems to get it…

      • True confessions:

        Interest in volunteering at one of Arizona’s state-run COVID-19 vaccination sites has suddenly dropped from off-the-charts popular to tepid.

        Until March 22, those donating time at a vaccine site had a strong incentive — a vaccine at the end of their shift. Competition for a volunteer slot was so fierce that one sign-up site crashed from the overwhelming interest.

        The incentive of getting vaccinated at the end of one’s shift still exists, but since Arizona opened up vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older last week, enthusiasm for volunteering has waned as it’s easier to get a shot.

        More volunteers than usual have been no-shows for their shifts, and the number of people signing up to help has drastically fallen.


        Houston, we have a problem … this way to the egress, folks!

    • Hi Jim,

      They were never going to let the children escape this, even if every adult in America rolled up their shirt sleeve. The reason behind this is much more sinister than money. Death? Sterilization? Brainwashing? I don’t know and I don’t expect the public to find out until years down the road. As Big Pharma will make sure there is never a cure for cancer or Type 1 diabetes they will make sure all of the work that they have put in will not be backtracked.

      I have never been a religious person, but I can only hope there is a special place in Hell for these people. Unfortunately, the only hell I foresee is what we are all forced to live through in the coming years.

        • Hi Turtle,

          Here’s what I know for sure: I’m not sick; I’ve managed to survive this “deadly pandemic” without getting sick. Without so much as getting the sniffles. This in spite of not once wearing a Face Diaper or “practicing” Sickness Kabuki. I think, accordingly, that I will rely on my immune system going forward. It has proved to be 100 percent effective.

        • Thanks, turtle. That was a very good video, I had not seen that one, but I was aware of the testing on ferrets. RFK Jr. explained it in simple terms that everyone should be able to understand.

          Joni, who I have only seem one another video where she interviewed Sherri Tenpenny, has willingly brought these topics to the American public via TV, which I thank her. She is taking a pretty big risk.

          • Turtle – RG – just watched the video. A couple things really stick out. I do remember such discussions in the mainstream about 1 year to 6 months ago, but nothing since. What I find amazing is how short the memory of people is – its completely forgotten, the risks of rushing out a vaccine, particularly long term risks. Im wondering what wlll happen when next years flu bugs come around (as they always do) and how people with this vaccine will react to it… most people just come back from the bug and well if they havnt died or something horrible immediately, they act like its perfect and we’re scare mongering for no reason !!

            That said when next years virus comes along – i can already see the excuse for more shut downs, new vaccines, etc….mutant variants…. etc etc

    • I am now at the point that I actually hope the jabs are deadly. Let us purge the credulous and stupid.

      The world could do with a cull of the morons. Imagine a life without hearing “but on CNN/FOX/NBC they said….”

      • “The world could do with a cull of the morons. ”

        Starting with the Charlottesville mayor Nikuyah Walker who decided to tweet out a bizarre, self-composed, free-verse poem about the city.

        According to her, the anthropomorphized city of Charlottesville is raping its citizens.

        “Charlottesville: The beauty-ugly it is,” she wrote. “It rapes you, comforts you in its cum stained sheet and tells you to keep its secrets.”


        But then, she is both a woman and a person of color; therefore, I will post this anonymously.


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