Never Forget

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One of the most effective negative ad campaigns was the “Would you buy a used car from this man?” campaign that targeted Richard Nixon, who looked shifty and was shifty. In that sense, it wasn’t negative. It was truthful.

Who would buy a used car – or anything else – from Nixon?

Well, who would buy a “vaccine” from the shifty, shady people pushing them? People like Dr. Fauci, who lied when he said that “When people are vaccinated they’re not going to get infected.”

And people like CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, who also lied when she said “Vaccinated people do not carry the virus and don’t get sick.”

Would you buy a drug from either of these people?

One of the shadiest pushers of these drugs is Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla – whose shadiness makes Nixon’s five o’clock shadow seem downright honest-looking. He says “There is no variant that escapes the protection of our vaccines.”

This is a very clever lie in that it is a half-truth. He does not say the drugs he pushes are vaccines, which they are clearly not as vaccines prevent infection and transmission – which we now know these drugs do not. Witness the “vaccinated” getting serially infected – and serially spreading their sickness to others, also “vaccinated.” People like . . . Joe Biden and Rochelle Walensky, for instance. Who continue to urge “vaccination” notwithstanding all this infecting and spreading.

But Bourla is cleverer. He does not say his drugs prevent infection or transmission. He says “There is no variant that escapes the protection of our vaccines (sic).”

A shady lawyer could not have crafted that more sinuously. More oleaginously.

“Escapes the protection.”

What does that mean, precisely? It means nothing, exactly. A vaccine either prevents infection and transmission or it does not. If not, then it is a drug rather than a vaccine. Perhaps it “protects.” But how? To what extent?

People like Bourla – and the other, less clever people – now say that the drugs that aren’t vaccines reduce the effects of infection. And that, in turn, reduces the odds of hospitalization. But how do they know? Rather, how can it be proved?

Millions of people who got infected – who weren’t “vaccinated” – got mild symptoms and didn’t go to the hospital. How, exactly, would taking these drugs that are not vaccines have “protected” them? They would have no protection – legally – if the drugs they took made them sick, the pushers of these drugs having secured something every shady used car salesman wants even more than an endless conga line of dupes walking onto his lot:

Immunity – from liability.

If a used car salesman lies you there is recourse through the courts. If a new car manufacturer tried to sell a car without a warranty – without liability – it would find itself in  court. If either knowingly sold you a dangerous car and driving it resulted in injury or death, you would be able to sue them for damages.

We cannot sue people like Bourla for damages because Bourla and people like him own the government, which has given him and others like him a license to harm people with impunity. And the power of government, to all-but-actually-force people to take their drugs and assume all liability for the consequences.

Perhaps worst of all, though, are people such as Rachel Madow and others like her who shilled for the shysters. She said – and may have even believed – that “Now we know the vaccines (sic) work well enough that the virus stops.”

Which of course it has not.

People like Maddow did not measure what they said. Question anything they were told to say, in all probability. They simply said it – with certainty and with unction. They told people who were “hesitant” that they were stupid and selfish. Reckless – and worse. Those “hesitant” people turned out to be a lot more sensible than people like Maddow and her ilk, who used their public position to amen-chorus the lies of criminals and incompetents like Fauci and Biden and Bourla.

And Donald J. Trump, too. 

Never forget what they said. Never forget what they did.

And never give a moment’s consideration to anything they say, going forward.

Unless, of course, you’re the sort of person who would buy a used car from Nixon.

. . .

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  1. The Blowback From Strip-Mining Labor For 45 Years Is Just Beginning

    The slaves have been robbed for a very long time, but over the last 45 years it got a lot worse….

    Now the slaves are refusing to work….

    The ugly truth is corporate / institutional employers stopped caring about their employees decades ago. This is the bitter fruit of hyper-financialization and hyper-globalization, which both reduce labor to a globally arbitraged commodity and an input cost that had to be cut to the bone to maximize shareholder value, i.e. profits and stock options that flow to the top management and top 5%.

    profits and stock options that flow to the top management and top 5%….who got the money?

    The elite nobility and their billionaire friends at the top…the elite luciferians

    the elite luciferians think they are are at a level above the useless eaters…they are the new gods….The new olympians, the guardians…….. that is what the globalist/luciferian/one world government/wef trash call themselves, the new gods.

    The elite nobility and their billionaire friends …….Elitism is of the essence here; only powerful spiritual adepts and Luciferian masters deserve to occupy the higher realms and to enjoy the the benefits found only there.” the elites think they are at a higher level then the useless eaters on the bottom….so they should own and control everything….

    This exploitation of labor resulted in the transfer of $50 trillion from labor to shareholders and management, the owners and managers of concentrations of capital which capture and distort governance mechanisms to serve the interests of capital to the exclusion of the common good and the workforce.

    Now the slaves are refusing to work….it is probably another reason for the wef agenda 2030 population reduction agenda…

    They can just use robots and AI which is cheaper and causes fewer problems….

    The elite nobility at the top own 80% of the planet’s wealth already…now they are going for 100%….they warned you…you will own nothing….

  2. Interesting chart

    “He’s just an old man that no one believes, says he’s a gunfighter, the last of the breed…

    His eyes get squinty and his fingers twitch and he empties his gun at the son-of-a-bitch…

    And he’s hit by the smell of the gunpowder smoke and a stand in the street at the turn of a joke ”

    Guy Clark, The Last Gunfighter’s Ballad

    Mark Twain once said, described the settling of the American West as ‘intelligent barbarism’.

    Doesn’t matter which direction these days, there is a plethora of intelligent barbarism giving it all its got.

  3. I started pushing back against the Covid nonsense in mid-March 2020 via my blog and began organizing street protests against the restrictions before the end of the year. I developed numerous slogans in the process. One of them had the question, “Would you buy a used car from these men?”, with a caricature of Fauci, Trump, and Biden below it.

    Interestingly, during some of our stands, many people admitted that they would indeed buy a used car from any/all of these men. When asked the reason, they would say something like, “Well, I’m a Democrat and I trust Biden.” Or, “Trump is working to restore freedom.” Or, “Fauci is trying to keep the pandemic under control so it doesn’t kill us all.”

    How do you reply to such stupid, unthinking comments?×1187.jpg

    • Roger, that has been my observation as well. Most voters are essentially little children who believe in fairy tales. Come up with a four-word (preferably monosyllabic) campaign slogan, and use the buzzwords appropriate for your audience, and they’ll wave flags and cheer and give you their children to do your dirtywork abroad, and consider it an honor…all while you sit back and sip drinks and count the money with your “opponent”.

      “Buit just wait till the next election! Then we’ll fix ’em!”

    • Roger,

      To be fair to Donald Trump, for a while he was actually advocating Hydroxychloroquine as a COVID treatment when he was president, which turned out to be an effective treatment for COVID when administered early in an infection. However, after the rollout of the “vaccines”, he seemingly dropped that and advocated the experimental mRNA jabs despite them proving NOT to be what they were sold as to the masses.

      As for Tony Fauci, it’s astounding how some people came to revere him (And still do) as a “Patron Saint of Public Health” even though his COVID protocols ended up being ineffective and deadly. Did they revere him because he dared “Speak out against Orange Man”? Hard to say.

      And one thing that is downright laughable, but not in a “Ha ha” way, is how there were those who said they were voting for Joe Biden because “He was gonna speak TRUTH unlike Trump!” despite Biden’s near 50 year history of being a lying politician.

      • Trump never advocated FORCING anyone, Federal employees and military members especially, to get the “Jab”. He was duped by Fauci et al, for that, it’s right to lambaste him, but most, with the info we had at the time, would have done about the same.

        • RE: “but most, with the info we had at the time, would have done about the same.”

          IF you were a clueless dweeb, who put on blinders and only listened to, “the experts”.

          Sure. … IF you’re the type which thinks corn syrup is good for you and not Brawndo.

          ‘Idiocracy – “Brawndo has electrolytes”‘

          I guess, “most” are completely incapable of thinking for themselves, preferring to let others do their thinking for them. Idk.

          …You ever play volleyball?
          Do you understand the notion of the setup for the spike?

        • Doug, how could the Orange Turd be ‘duped by Fauci’ when previously he was onboard with RFK Jr. regarding the evils vaccines have wrought (before the Clot Shot ever existed) and the frauds which the pharmaceutical cartel has long perpetrated? One just doesn’t do a total 180 like that, unless one was insincere to begin with, or unless there is substantial personal/political gain to be had. And here we are to this day, and the doofus now completely ignores ALL of the havoc which the Clot Shot he takes credit for has wrought, which makes the sum total of all other vaccine carnage look mild by comparison. Who’s he being “fooled by” now?

          • Ya know, I almost totally forgot about this: “how could the Orange Turd be ‘duped by Fauci’ when previously he was onboard with RFK Jr. regarding the evils vaccines have wrought (before the Clot Shot ever existed)”

            Very, very good point.

            It certainly seems, ‘We The People’ are being played.

            (I looked up ‘We The People’ and came across this, my batteries are too low to add much, there’s some twists of weirdness mixed with truth. I think:)

            I missed this address from Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho at the Kid Rock concert.

            “god-fearing rock and roll patriots”… (?)

            ‘Kid Rock We The People Trump video Evansville 4/6/22’

            “take your pills now a whole nation is mentally ill”…


            …Goodnight, everybody.

            • Hello Helot,
              Haha, it seems to me that “We the people” was coined by….a politician! I always say “Wee the people”.

              But yeah, that has long been my conclusion- that we have been played- for as long as politicians have existed. They pretend to quibble over the little “issues” and try to give the appearance that they are using the power of the state to effect justice (When in reality they are usually just vanquishing their enemies or jockeying for more power at someone else’s expense).

              At least we see through this BS- but the majority of the public can live their whole lives and never see- which is why whoever came uyp with the idea of a democratically elected representative government was an evil genius, because those masses in their ignorance constitute an impenetrable monolith which maintains the status quo of that political system while at the same time being indoctrinated by it, so as to essentially be being controlled by the very thing which they naively think they are in control of.

  4. The incestuous relationship between the CEO, NGO, and “elected officials” makes them one in the same.

    Latin roots of the word (government) (guvernare) meaning “to control” and 2) (mens or mentis) meaning “mind”. Mind control is the primary method. Stalin’s jackboots aren’t needed.
    These lying psychopaths spin lies all day every day double and triple down then years later the normies finally start to get what all the conspiracy theorists were saying all along and expect there to be (legal ramifications).
    Once you see the control mechanisms for what they are, (crime syndicates and nothing else) you understand faux-chi, xiden, birx, gates, orange fail… all these child raping weirdos are not going to turn on one another in any meaningful way. The very belief that any of these clowns has real power or authority is enough for them to rule over 95% of people I see out on the street.

    I haven’t forgotten and will not stop saying what is true even though less than 10% on any given day actually care to know what is true.

    • Being a politician is one of the highest paid jobs, when you start you might be only worth a million dollars, but after 5 or 10 years you can be worth $200 million dollars…and your salary might only be $200,000….interesting math

      In modern politics not a single member of parliament writes a law or puts pen to paper to write out a legislative construct.

      looks like all legislation is created now by the WEF, WHO, UN, it is all designed to enable their agenda 2030

      politicians just sign into law any legislation the WEF sends them…. that is their only purpose….

      Legislation is presented/sold/marketed by lobbyists, from the WEF and WEF connected leftist/communist/nazi think tanks/leftist NGO’s/or related ESG corporations……

      then politicians approve it for cash…..

      Politicians can have multiple incomes…..

      1) truck loads of cash from lobbyists to sign bills
      2) huge salary plus gold plated pension from the taxpayers….
      plus a 3rd salary from the WEF?….

      Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed…… that is a 4th source of income…going into offshore accounts….

      Starting in 2020 politicians got cash bonuses from the WHO to enforce lockdowns, etc….a 5th source of income…

      We don’t have politicians anymore. We have WEF middle management….
      just fire all the politicians…let the wef run the country directly, that is the future plan anyways….and today’s reality

      Your rulers chose to become a bio-terrorist, death-cult. When do they go to jail?

  5. Meanwhile, the pro-union president of the working man quashed a railroad worker’s strike because it would harm working families just before the holidays.

    That’s complete bulls***. If most of the “working families” are in services, they won’t be harmed by anything except maybe a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, something most working families don’t eat anyway. Everything else is warehoused within trucking distance to the customer. Any supplier worth their salt has already stocked up in anticipation of a shutdown. This is nothing but a favor to Warren Buffet, who emphasizes the “resource” in human resources. And a message from O’Biden that it’s still BAU as far as the White House is concerned.

  6. I reconnected with a gal I used to work with. She’s had the ‘rona twice in spite of being ‘vaxxed’. When asked, I said never had it. Late wife never had it. Neither of us got the clot shot.

    Another friend took it & developed alopecia. It’s a shame bc she’s really pretty. And, yet another friend took it & got vertigo. Both were forced by their government vis-a-vis their employers.

  7. Borla said, “There is no variant that escapes the protection of our vaccines.”

    He’s right.

    The variants ARE protected…the PEOPLE on the other hand, not so much.

    Also, the jabs DO give immunity…from prosecution of those who push them.

    You’ve got to learn to decode their deceptions.

  8. These people who forced the jabs on us are wicked, evil liars. They knew they don’t work and aren’t safe but just wanted us to comply.

    As a result of their efforts, and the cowardice of the politicians in protecting me from their mandates, I can trust neither the bureaucracy nor the politicians (both parties). I will never trust them, for the rest of my life, unless they repent of their evil mandates and compensate the victims, and enact laws that ensure this never happens again. I don’t expect this. One thing politicians and bureaucrats never do is admit that they were wrong.

    We do not live in a free country. We are governed by fools who despise us. I now view with suspicion everything the government does and says.

    Take care of yourself, and your family, and like-minded people. The government can’t be reformed.

    • Keep in mind that congress exempted itself and all federal high-level types from the requirement to receive the “jabs”. In addition, they were treated with ivermectin…
      Sorta tells you something…

  9. Some sound advice for the six criminals pictured and who are still on the lam: Hire taste testers.

    The crazy communist union, Industrial Workers of the World, IWW, were already here, the members were running around the American West in 1910.

    Joe Hill, an avowed socialist, an outside agitator and union organizer from Sweden, was accused of shooting two police officers, allegedly robbed a grocery store, was apprehended, then a firing squad plugged him on November 19, 1915.

    Joan Baez sang the song.

    The I Won’t Work union members were noisy socialists and borderline criminals. Raising hell then blaming others is what they’d do. They were crawling everywhere in the Midwest of the US. Socialists are always in your face.

    Communism is state capitalism, everything belongs to the state, all assets, farmland, railroads, commercial industry, everything.

    It is still capitalism, it’s a big club there too, you ain’t in it.

    You will have nothing, Klaus will be happy. You can raise the crops, harvest them, then the statists from the state come and take it all. Call is what it is, a swindle, a raid. Then harm and blame the victim, plus some starvation, believe it.

    The New Socialist Man ain’t about being nice to humanity.

    “Christmas Time’s a comin’ and I know I’m going home.” – Bill Monroe, Christmas Time’s a Comin’

  10. Raging Madcow is demonically evil little c#nt.

    The late lamented Rush Limbaugh was a gentleman with a solid sense of humor and an entertaining show which never went negative and hateful, and communists like Madcow hated him for it.

    Just putting it out there.

    Oh, and Richard Walensky is a dude in a dress- a mentally ill individual at best.

    Damned tired of them all. Hope they burn in hell- can I light the fires?

  11. Let’s not forget the one person missing from above…the Orangeman Donald J Trump. He still believes *he* saved millions of lives by approving this death jab. The Orangeman will never admit his mistake by trusting and believing in these corrupt and evil people.

    Separate item: I was on a 2-day holiday out of town and met a nice man with his wife. He told me had to take the vaccine (must have been job related or fired) and he had both a stroke and heart attack. He confirmed this was vaccine caused, which I guess his doctor went through the 1-hr worth of red-tape paperwork to fill out and submit. In know this is anecdotal evidence but it is mounting based upon what I have personally witnessed. CDC admits over 30,000 deaths from the jab. This is equivalent to people dying within a 2-year timeframe that died during the Korean war. Now CDC is approving more jabs for children? When will this madness stop? How about that for campaign issue to run on?

    • Amen, Hans! That is what I came here to say! This whole scam STARTED under Trump’s tenure; He “fast-tracked” the vaccine and gave the pharmaceutical industry new powers and profits they couldn’t have even dreamed of, and after having campaigned on the premise of working with RFK Jr. to expose the vax industry, no less! Then he threatened to use the MILITARY to “distribute” said vaccine (“You want a vaccine?” [as rifle is pointed at you]), and to this day, the bastard is STILL taking credit for “saving millions of lives”, when in fact he should be executed for mass murder!

      None of the people in the title picture could have the power they now wield if it weren’t for one Donald J. Trump…..the guy who sipped cocktails with the Clintons on the Lolita Express.

      Let the plebes vote for whoever they want….the choices proffered are ever only among members of the same club, who are all friends, partners and bedfellows behind the curtain.

      Hey, anyone see how the Trump organization was fou8nd guilty on all counts of tax fraud, and it was proven that Trump and other members of his fambly knew about it/were instrumental in orchestrating it, and yet they are only going to “punish the organization” and “others”, but they are not pursuing criminal charges against Trump and his sprogs? More proof that it is all one party (one big party)….the two sides of the same coin just speak words to appease their respective intended audiences, while they laugh at those audiences when they go home.

    • My personal anecdotal evidence:
      My liberal buddy’s daughter (in her early 30’s) had a severe stroke and is now paralyzed on one side.
      My liberal sister who required heart surgery post vaccination.
      My low information hot rod buddy who required (same as sister) heart surgery. He now suspects it was vaccine related.
      My brother’s wife’s relative who died post vaccination.
      Meeting of random stranger who had stroke and heart attack post vaccination.
      Meeting a random stranger who was fired from her job for not taking vaccine. She is courageous.
      Wife’s friend who was drummed out of the military as an officer because she refused the vaccine. She is courageous.

      If this country devolves into anarchy, will there be a score settling period just before the tyranny takes over? Fauci better move to France and maybe live next to Roman Polanski.

  12. ‘Never forget what they said. Never forget what they did.’ — eric

    Sep 9, 2021 was the day that changed everything — a day that will live in infamy. That’s when “Biden” signed two executive orders mandating ‘vaccines’ for [some] fedgov workers, fedgov contractors, and setting in motion OSHA’s notorious large employer vax mandate.

    Before that day — before the compulsion started — I was simply an inquisitive observer of the unfolding ‘vaccine’ story, which started in Dec 2020 with miraculous claims of 95% efficacy for the mRNA shots. Not only were these studies fraudulent, but also by Sep 2021 it was becoming clear from follow-up research that any initial efficacy faded fast, and probably could go negative.

    From Sep 9th on, research studies became irrelevant. Mass inoculations with dangerous substances — and no recourse for victims — is a slam-dunk, red-line violation of the Nuremberg principles. Either you blindly follow illegal orders, like a ‘good German,’ or you speak up against the evil.

    All half dozen of the vaguely humanoid faces pictured above are depraved, exploitative sociopaths. For now, they should be shunned and denounced as illegitimate. In due course, they must be prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated or hung, as the case may be.

    ‘Doctor’ Rochelle Walensky, dancing at the end of a rope, is a healing spectacle I hope to witness.

    • I’d love to see the six criminals pictured above, along with Klaus Schwab and his WEF cohorts dumped on a deserted island surrounded by shark infested waters. Leave them with maybe a week’s worth of food and then watch the fun as they turn on each other.

      • Darn, Mike! You’re far too benevolent! Just drop ’em off in the middle of Detroit at about 1 AM without their ‘security’….and the world would be a better place tomorrow!

  13. The damage they did to what little reputation the Medical Industrial Complex had will turn people away from “standard” medicine in droves. Me included. I’d rather die in my own time than let them touch me. How can you trust someone stupid enough to believe the psyop near you with sharp instruments and chemicals? Or one that doesn’t believe it but preaches it anyway?

    • Hi John K,

      The medical establishment has also resorted to refusing to perform transplants or surgeries on unvaxxed patients despite NO scientific basis for doing so. And now, New Zealand has seized custody of one young child because he needs surgery done on his heart and his parents insist that blood used in the surgery come from an unvaccinated blood donor. There are those who would LOVE to do the same thing here in America…..

      • There is another way for these parents. I wish they would have looked into it.
        Autologous blood transfusions are a solution. The patient’s own blood is taken at least 7 days before surgery and stored for use if needed during the operation. This one act would have negated the need for tainted blood to be used.

  14. The FDA authorized the new COVID bivalent booster jabs for children as young as 6 months, so we’ll likely see public health bureaucrats URGING parents to have their young children “boosted” with the same fervor they’re URGING everyone to wear face diapers again, despite countless studies showing face diapers are INEFFECTIVE against respiratory viruses. We hear soooooo much lately about CASES of RSV, FLU, and COVID, but what’s NOT discussed is whether those who are having the most trouble with either of those viruses are those who’ve been “vaccinated”. If it’s the “vaccinated” who are having the most trouble, it would suggest that Geert Vanden Bossche’s prediction of serious trouble for the “vaccinated” this winter might be coming true.

    As for the new bivalent booster jabs and the calls for everyone to “mask up again” & “get the new booster”, so far only 11% of vaxxed people eligible for the new booster have received it, so we could see even MORE doses of COVID jabs be thrown away, undoubtedly at taxpayer expense.


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