Jabs for Cash?

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A Republican – of course – has floated the idea of paying people to receive the Holy Jab. Or rather, to not pay those who don’t receive it.

Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers announced the other day that he wants Uncle Joe to dole out $1,400 in “stimulus” payments to Americans – but only on condition that they receive the Holy Anointing, the shot with more risk of “adverse impacts”  to healthy people than the virus that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of them.

This will, of course, scale.

Many people – leery of the Holy Needling or simply uninterested in receiving it because they do not need it – will likely decline the $1,400 if it comes at the price of having to extend their arms and let who-knows-what be injected into their bodies, with the consequences of that being entirely their problem as the vaccine-pushers have been immunized from liability for the harm they cause by the government they have turned into their bought-and-paid-for poodle.

$1,400 is not worth your life, after all. It is hardly worth one month’s rent.

But what happens when the government decrees that government benefits such as Social Security and Medicare – or even the tax refund the government owes you – are henceforth contingent upon being Needled?

What if you cannot get or renew a driver’s license – or a business license – without first getting Jabbed?

Look for Republicans like Stivers to lead the charge – as they have done since Mitt Romney imposed the model for what became Obamacare on the people of Massachusetts back in 2006. This became the model for what Barack Obama imposed on the country in 2010.

Republicans excel at two things – failing and emulating Democrats, which accounts for both their failure as well as their success. They promise – when running tor office – to undo what Democrats have done and once safely elected, help Democrats cement what was done.

See, for example, repeal and replace Obamacare. The warble of another Republican – recently sent packing.

Republicans love Democrat policies when they are implemented by Republicans. Who then lose to Democrats in the next election but run for office the next time promising to undo what the Democrats did with the complicity of Republicans.

At any rate, it is doubtful Republicans – as a party – will oppose the bundling of benefits with needling. They are too poltroonish – and too opportunistic – to do otherwise. There is no power in granting benefits without conditions, after all; the best example of this being the requirement to obtain a government license to transact business. This being the key to imposing Sickness Kabuki via businesses.

Many people will be so very grateful to receive their benefits regardless of the conditions – and will vote these Republicans who aided and abetted Democrats into office over and over again.

Few will take notice that these benefits are paid for by themselves in the first place; that the reason for their desperation to get those benefits is the same “helping hand” that stuck its hand in their pockets to relieve them of the funds that pay for their benefits.

And now it’s a matter of public health.

Can’t have those granny-killing, anti-social asymptomatics spreading the sickness they haven’t got, so we’ll take their money and then refuse to give some of it back to them unless they accept that they really are sick even though they feel fine – and receive the jab, for the sake of the community – regardless of the sickness it might visit upon themselves.

And if that is insufficient, they’ll be cornered by denial of the government-mandated necessities of life, such as having a driver’s license – or government ID – without which one cannot open a bank account.

And without that it is very hard to get paid.

Corporations will join in – making receipt of the Jab a condition of employment. No Jab, no job – as they have already done with the Jab’s precursor, the Holy Hijab. How hard is it already to work without wearing the loathsome rag? For the most part, the only people who can avoid the Rag are those who work for themselves – and that’s being addressed via the lockdowns, which are winnowing employment to the corporate-only.

It will likely come to pass that you won’t be able to work without getting Jabbed – repeatedly. “The virus” will – already has – mutated (as Corona viruses do) and the Jab only works for this or some variants of the virus.

You will need more jabs.

And jabs for other things, too.

Because once it is established that the government – and corporations – can force you to be Jabbed for this, it is inevitable they will insist you be Jabbed for that. Just as once a given tax is established, it becomes inevitable there will be other taxes; indeed, that taxes will be applied without limit, eventually.

The difference now being that taxes merely take your money.

Now they want your body, too.

. . . .

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  1. I’m not taking an experimental vaccine at this time. I will let others go ahead of me. I am very concerned about mandatory vaccination. I recently watched a video of Dr. Simone Gold giving a talk about the experimental vaccine and a lot of the unknowns that go with it. During the talk she brought up mandatory vaccines and what could be held against those not taking the jab! There’s a petition going around against the mandating of vaccines Here’s a link Please read it, sign and share We are living in scary times!


    • Roland,

      What also empowers many of the state dictators, er governors, to keep lockdowns in place is that any sunset clauses in their state laws or constitutions is OBVIATED by the presence of a federal state of emergency! Former POTUS Trump put three of those in to effect on March 13, 2020, and PUTATIVE POTUS Biden has NOT rescinded those…

  2. In Allen Stevo’s article, ‘Commit’ he writes about the NPC. The NPC comes from video games: Non-Player Character. From that, if a person gives up and tries to hid from everything, that person becomes an NPC. He goes on, “Libertarians have such good ideas at their disposal, but are prone to not use them in a committed fashion. I don’t mean brainlessness. I mean committing to things that are good for you.” The whole article about leadership is worth the full read, imho.

    Please consider also these comments from Brandon Smith under his article, ‘Biden’s Presidency Will Be A Catalyst For Secession – And Perhaps Civil War’

    “Secession could be a simple action of red states refusing to follow federal mandates on covid and refusing to lockdown.

    The solution is the localization of economies, growing more production at the local level as well as building barter markets. This all starts with small groups preparing for collapse and trading with each other.

    It’s not about the states, it’s about the PEOPLE in the states. If a movement starts to separate, then the states will separate, whether the politicians agree to it or not. You are thinking backward, from the top down rather than the ground up. You mistake secession as a political solution; it is not. Secession is preparation for the war that is coming. Also, no, we do not need the banks. States can institute their own banks (like North Dakota has done) and conservatives can introduce their own payment systems and barter systems at the local level. “

    Food for thought.

    • Exactly, Hello(Helot)! It’s “the people in those states”. So they may want Trumpism more than Bidenism; they may like red more than blue. Maybe Biden/leftyism is the catalyst, with secession and Red-ism being the desired goal (’cause after all, the ridiculous mantras of the left are totally unsustainable and would only result in a totally dysfunctional and unproductive society if pursued for any length of time).

      So where does that leave us? The people in those states who have been happily living as they are and waving their flags for their brand of tyranny are no closer to liberty than anyone else. Well..maybe just a hair; maybe because we share at least a few common traditional values…but in the end it’s not going to matter much- and the more so since it would never occur unless TPTB want it to- Remember, it was tried 160 years ago, when the state was small and not technologically advanced notr so rich, and the people were well armed. If it were to succeed today…it would only be because it were being allowed to- which is the case, as the US as a superpower has been cancelled in the NWO. -As this was the only country left standing in the way of them achieving their nefarious goal.

        • Nay, nay! Just stop thinking collectively- i.e. group-think- because there is no group for us- and all of the groups DO think collectively- and that is exactly what we seek to avoid. What we need to do, rather than try and change the world (Which is not feasible) is to live in such a way and in such places where we can be as free from government as is possible on this earth.

          It’s like when I lived in NY: Choose whatever side you may want to be on- it makes zero difference; vote for whomever you want…zero difference. You can obtain a little more freedom than those around you who simply do not care…but not much more. The only real solution was to physically extricate myself from the jurisdiction of the tyrants, and from those who cheer and enable them.

          • Nunzio, I thought of your comment while reading, ‘Running From Face Masks Is Like Running From A Bad Marriage’ By Allan Stevo. Especially, these two bits:

            “The truth is, if you wouldn’t go to finance committee meetings in the old town and attend the council meetings, and if you didn’t have lunch from time-to-time with the mayor, or your alderman, and didn’t make your opinion known to them in ways that they could listen to and perhaps even be swayed by, then you are probably part of why the place you live in is rubbish, and you’ll be equally responsible in the next place when it turns to rubbish.

            Involved, informed, present, and vocal is what is needed of you if you are going to shape the world around you, because otherwise you leave a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum. […]

            The world changes one person at a time. You can send ripples through your world by the behavior you model and your willingness to defend your values in every exchange that takes place in your presence.

            Don’t be so quick to run away. Commit. And commit to living life on the offensive, moving yourself, and everyone blessed enough to be around you, toward a more free and prosperous existence.”


            P.S. to Eric,
            Once there’s a few more replies to this thread my Brave browser strings things so it’s truly just like a thread, rendering it unreadable, like this,
            and then
            d e
            I haven’t mastered my word perfect software enough that it’s a breeze to cut and paste – and increase the damn font size for my aging eyes – the conversation in order to keep reading, yet. Just f.y.i. if ya didn’t know and wanted to know.

            • I’ll tell you, Helot….that is the fairy tale vision of how things work. The way it really works:

              I knew someone who was “active” in local politics in his county in MO. years ago when then were proposing mandatory car insurance.
              He assembled a large number of residents from the county and had an in-person meeting with their state representative. They made it clear that no one wanted mandatory insurance, and that the representative should vote “no” when he goes to the capitol. He agreed. Success!! Yeah!!

              What happens? Mandatory insurance was voted-in virtually unanimously. Their rep voted FOR it too. He comes back to the county and the politically active guy and some other angry citizens pay him a visit and give him what for.

              The rep says: “Yeah, but if you were there and heard the things I heard, you’d have voted for it too!”.

              Today it is much worse, because our fellow citizens aren’t as sensible. Even if we truly had any power to influence things, as Stevo seems to imagine (Isn’t he the guy from Hawaii Five-O?), then the hoards who advocate socialism or any of the other isms would have far greater power, for their are literally thousands of times more of them.

              You can spend your life trying to accomplish things politically- maybe if you try really hard you can get a stop sign put up at a dangerous intersection.

              Or you can free yourself from all of the BS and live your life now. The latter is the only way you will ever kno0w any semblance of freedom.

              People have been preaching this for many decades- from days when we were much freer. Are we any freer now? No; Their actions, like Trump’s, have not only accomplished nothing, they have accomplished less than nothing because we are less free than we used to be. It’s a losing battle. Think about it: You’re not only fighting the pols…you’re fighting the masses around you who also want to use politics to advance their causes. It is this use of politics- i.e. the belief in the legitimacy of government, which IS the problem. By participating in and using that political process, we are actually furthering the very crux of what we are supposed to be fighting.

              • Based on some of the references made in his articles, I think Mr. Stevo hangs around this board and comments as an Anon. I’d be interested to hear his rebuttal to the points you make.

                • I’ll tell ya, Hatt-Zeek ( 🙂 )

                  I don’t doubt what ya say. I more often think of it the other way ’round though- That some come here for ideas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But then I temper that with the thought that it may just be that different people are simultaneously coming up with the same ideas in response to conditions which present a rather obvious answer to those who espouse a given philosophy.

                  But what does bother me, is that I tend to wonder if some of the alt-news sites and Libertarian sites (such as LRC) are teetering on being disseminators of distraction or disinformation/controlled opposition? I mean, is there such a paucity of actual Libertarian authors that such sites have to fill their pages 75% full of stuff which does not represent Libertarian philosophy? “Write your Congress-critter” “Vote!”, “Keep a satchel full of ass-wipes and water filters and flee the city to your ‘bug-out’ location at the last minute” [Daisy Luther and such LOL]- Really? WTH?!

                  Thank goodness for EPautos, Eric and everyone here! Add this little group to Larken Rose’s [Probably a lot of overlap there] and sadly, I think that’s about the extent of the actual Libertarian community these days. Hey…at least we’ve grown from the 14 or so people who used to rally around Murray Rothbard back in the day!

                  LOL- Stop the presses, Andrew! These two Libertarians don’t like what we’re doing!” “O-K, let’s write laws that’ll please them. I’d hate to disappoint anyone who took the time to write a letter or make a call! Call off that deal with The Insurance Alliance Of The Northeast, Shell, and Benny Nuttanyahu!”.

                  • Personally, I’ve called and written every level of gov’t and showed up occasionally locally over the past 2 decades and agree with you, it’s pointless. The things they say in response… these folks are living in different realities.

                    I think with LRC, like this site, the OM stuff drew clicks and eyeballs. Also, it isn’t as thorny as the “what needs to be done” type discussions that most folks seem to want to avoid.

                    • What’s scary, is that a lot of people, like Mr. Stevo, actually seem to be so naive as to believe that politicians actually represent their constituents, and that the problem is only that they do not know our will because we have failed to express it. (Even if such were true, of course, we’d still lose, because our opinions do not represent those of the majority- and of course, the pols under such a scenario, would be even more obliged to champion the causes of the majority of their constituents, rather than those of the smallest minority).

                      ….and then LRC gives a voice to authors who hold such a naive viewpoint?(or, alternatively, are being purposely deceitful and attempting to channel people’s energies into fruitless pursuits and keep them pacified to prevent them from jumping ship).

                      It just doesn’t make sense, unless one accepts certain premises which are not so pleasant…..

              • Nunzio,

                I used to buy all the grade school BS about working in the system; I bought in to the spiel about voting, writing your reps, and so on. You know what it does? NOTHING! It doesn’t do Jack Shit. If you write your rep or senator, you’ll be lucky to get a form letter thanking you for contacting them. These same a-holes then turn around and vote however their DONOR$ want them to vote! The politicos DO listen to input-only it’s not from us; it’s from their donor$…

                You can thank the Citizens United SCOTUS decision for a lot of that. Conservatard pundits were all gloating about how CU promoted free speech; they gloated about how great it was. At the end of the day, all it did was help bring MORE money in to politics, thus making politicos even MORE attentive to their donor$ wishes! Meanwhile, we, the people, are ignored…

                • True, MM! Also, from what Helot quoted of Mr. Steve-O’s article, it sounds like Mr. Stevo is a resident of the UK- where, from what I understand, they government down to such a personal level [shudder] (at least in the ‘burbs and more rural areas) that citizens and even individuals can actually have some input on small local things in the community- which is pretty damn scary!

                  “I’ll make a complaint to the council!” [Manly-looking ‘councilwoman shows up at neighbor’s house to assess situation; makes arbitrary decrees.].

            • Hi Helot,

              Your browser is not the problem, but there is a way to navigate/respond that works quite well.

              Put this link in your toolbar:


              This sends you directly to the comments page. You do need to register and sign in to access this page (ignore the “no login providers enabled” bit and login anyway). It lists every comment in temporal order and in “widescreen” (no compression). It also shows comments awaiting moderation that do not show up in the comment thread following a particular article. This can be helpful to those anxious that their post has been deleted by Eric (it hasn’t, unless you’re a particularly tenacious and delusional stalker sporting multiple names). Occasionally, a comment will automatically go into moderation, but it is viewable on the full comments page.

              Directly to the right of each comment there is the name of the post and a “view post” link which takes you to the top of the article. To access a particular comment without having to find it by scrolling under the article, click on the date and time link on the right side of the screen (in the “submitted on” column). This takes you directly to that comment. If it is early in a thread you can reply directly to it. If it does not have a reply button under the comment, scroll upward until you find a comment on that thread with a reply button. Clicking there will put your comment in that thread. If you want your reply to be directed to a specific person, scroll up until you find the most recent comment from that person with a reply button and click on that (sometimes this is not possible).

              It is far easier to navigate the comments from the full comments page than by scrolling underneath each article. I hope this info is helpful.


              • I’m getting “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” Aside from the link and logging in, is there another step? I tried a couple different browsers.

                    • Hey cjm,

                      I wish I knew more to help you. A long time ago a fellow user, pretty sure it was BrentP, alerted me to the direct comments page. It used to be accessible from the main page, but that feature disappeared in an “upgrade”. Anyway, next time I have access to a non-aligned computer, I’ll try to access the comments and see if I can figure it out.

                      You do need to set up a password, which I assume you have already done.


  3. When I lived in the city there were more groups which could write me a ticket and give me a fine more easily: code enforcement, the fire department, city cops, parking meter maids, and dog catchers. There were more taxes and permits required, too. In the countryside those are fewer and lower and not as freely hoisted upon individuals. That’s how Secession is better.
    A person can possibly have a voice on a local or (in smaller states) on a state level vs. the nothing effect at the national level. To use California as an example for why Secession is not better seems to ring disingenuous, other smaller states and county-level .gov look to be a good model starting point where at least some level of accountability can be had.

    • True enough about city vs. country…but not a good analogy. You could be in rural upstate NY, and it is almost as tyrannical as NYC. It matters not who collects the taxes, or who writes the laws, but merely that they do- and if the people who elect them and live under their jurisdiction are the same as those who do so for a DC government…all it means is that we’d get the same type of tyrants, only ones who could be even more effective doing as they please over a smaller part of the pie- and without the protections of the Bill Of Rights (Not that we have them any longer anyway).

      Sure, I’m all for secession…I just don’t think we’d notice much difference- it could even make things worse, by making things more manageable- and this is why it is an objective of the NWO scheme, and why we witnessed the events surrounding this election. We are being set-up…. Not that resisting such would be any better- we’re between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Just don’t expect what we will be soon seeing to be a panacea of liberty; ultimately, it is part of the plan…and it will not change the minds and hearts of those around us…we will still be living amongst a majority of deluded brainwashed statists.

      • Nunzio,

        NY State has the same problem IL has: critical mass in one or two large cities. In IL, it’s Chicago that controls the rest of the state; once you’re outside of Chicago, the rest of the state is conservative. NY State has the same problem, where NYC and Albany have most of the people, so even the rural areas suffer under tyranny.

  4. Most have already surrendered their brains…so why not surrender their arms as well. Roll them sleeves up, sheep! A genocide requires “volunteers”!

  5. What’s a better word for, Secession?

    Most people cannot spell it, nor pronounce it. For those reasons, it’s not useful enough, as a word, to rally behind.
    ‘Divorce’, is ugly, and has lots of other baggage.

    Can anyone come up with a better word for, Secession? …Besides, F-U! …Bueller?

    • Independence?
      Sounds positive, and the colonies’ declaration thereof explains pretty well why it is needed now. For example: “For suspending our own legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.”

    • Does anyone know another word for ‘thesaurus’? 😉

      Secession will accomplish nothing (Other than tighter control for the real rulers- it us actually a part of their plamn to break the US up into ten ‘superstates’)- States can be and are just as or even more tyrannical as the Feds. Imagine states like NY and CA, where if anything, the Feds restrain their madness somewhat! If the residents are believers in ‘democracy’ or socialism or any other form of authoritarian-collectivism…..it won’t make a dime’s difference…though in theory it’d sure be nice.

        • Hi Helot,

          I agree with Nunz that the shadows are dark and the odds long, but unlike Nunz I am not ready to accept what he (I believe) considers to be inevitable. We still have a chance to change the future – as is always the case when there is still a chance. We’re not locked-up in the gulag yet. So we still have some room to maneuver and I am convinced that all is not lost… provided we don’t place our hopes in “leaders” like the Orange Fail.

          • Yup, there’s no ability for Any single leader to bring true change for the better.

            County councils might be the best approach to work from. Or, so I’ve read.
            I’d prefer none at all, however; work with what it is.

          • Hey Eric!

            Well, I guess it’s a matter of what one is fighting for. I’ll fight for my own freedom by doing what is propitious- and I will die rather than give-in. But direct and overt confrontation is suicide, and only the last option in defense.

            But remember, it is not just a few tyrants we are battling; it is the society around us, which has been conditioned over a LONG period of time to accept certain premises on an emotional/religious level- and THAT ultimately keeps the tyrants enthroned.

            Such has largely been the case throughout human history- and although revolutions have been frequent, they almost never result in greater liberty, but rather just in changes of administration.

            It is far worse today, as society as a whole has been conditioned and manipulated by a far-reaching and powerful media, which essentially controls most people’s reality- and that, in conjunction with the human proclivity to rally around ‘leaders’, and the belief that indoctrination=education, means that anyone outside of those institutions only has the most minimal effect on a tiny number of people- while the former control hundreds of millions.

            We don’t “make” converts, because converts are only made via deception or coercion. We only encourage and rally those who already love liberty and truth- because those who do not live it can not be made to.

            So, I’m really not sure that I quite understand what you mean by ‘fighting it’. While I greatly all that you do, especially in providing us this site, I’m not sure that having a few dozen people who are of a similar mind is going to somehow be any deterent to our enemies. In fact, one flip of a switch, and they can shut this down.

            Way I see it, we are fighting to stay alive and to preserve some liberty in our lives- we simply are not goi9ng to change the course of this world, nor alter the beliefs of the majority around us- quite the opposite: We’ve had to jettison many of our personal friends lately, even. We can’t even change those with whom we know nad deal with on a personal basis. Even if we controlled the media…we still wouldn’t get anywhere, because our only weapon is truth- and most people don'[t want to hear the truth; and we are mot those who would deceive and coerce…and even if we were, that would not work, as the victims of such do not make real Libertarians.

            It’s best to realize where OUR fight lies, and do what we have to, to adequately defend ourselves and preserve our liberties how and where we can- and stop wasting time thinking we are goi9ng to change the world…because we are not even a blip on the radar.

            • Nunzio,

              How and why is the mass media powerful when it is held in such low esteem? How can it be powerful when CNN draws a SMALLER daytime audience than some YouTubers speaking the truth? The mass media has about the same esteem as politicians and used car salesmen, so how can they be powerful?

              • Hi Mark,

                The mass media is powerful because it is uniform and it is uniform because it is essentially owned and so controlled by a relative handful of interlocking corporate interests. Most people have no idea that their “local” paper or TV station is in fact a kind of dealer franchise of the larger corporation. The point is, unless you make a purposeful effort to not watch TV or listen to the radio or read the local paper, you are are getting spoon-fed the Party Line. Probably two-thirds of the population gets its “news” – and opinion – this way.

                And that is why the mass media is so powerful.

              • MM, WE hold the media in low esteem….but the vast, vast majority of people spend a good deal of their waking hours giving heed to it; but various devices on which to play it; paying to stream it/have cable, etc.

                I haven’t had a TV signal of any kind in my home for almost 30 years…yet I see freeaking CNN wherever I go, even here in uber-rural fly-over country. At gas stations, dentist’s offices, and even the gun store.

                Even the people who acknowledge that it is the Devil incarnate…if they allow it in, it works on them, because it is engineered to work on an emotional rather than a logical level- regardless of the words they speak- just the colors, and sounds, and movement of the images…. And not just CuNNt or Faux….but the stupid sit-coms and game shows and dramas, all portraying a false reality…all serving to reinforce the same mantras over and over and over again; all strivcing to make the absurd and distasteful seem perfectly normal…

                And not just TV- but [not-very]smart phones; video games, the interwebz (Search for what sites are the top ten or even top 100 most visited…scary!), print media [They’ve been saying that it’s dying for the last 20 years…but it must be like a vampire, ’cause it hasn’t croaked yet- it seems that it’s just contracting into a more centralized corporate-owned mass with fewer choices=no independent viewpoints; no contradictions….)

                One questionb: Does the average person today have a screen in front of their face more of the time or less of the time than 20 years ago? Think about it…..

                They may like us to think that no one heeds the media…just like the local pedo would be happy if everyone thinks he is just a harmless old fart whom no one pays attention to, ’cause people can’t fight an enemy whom they don’t recognize.

                • Hey, check this out- an old newscast from 1978. Look at what’s different than today; look at what’s the same (And this was libtard-land NY!)- Not very “engineered” yet.

                  Sheesh- I lived in NYC in 78, and it STILL surprises me to see all of the white English-speaking people in the news stories!


                  (Hope you all are using an adblocker on YT…I’ll use their stuff when convenient…but I won’t tolerate ads, nor feed the beast!)

      • Can’t say that I disagree, Nunzio. The root problem, as I see it, is that people have been brainwashed into believing that the only viable way to make an important decision is to vote on it (or worse yet, vote for lying thieves who will in turn vote on it) and then force the result on everybody. As opposed to you pick what you want and I pick what I want and we pay for it ourselves. I don’t know how to convince them that the latter results in peace, while the former is a recipe for never-ending conflict. “But the poor! Selfish selfish selfish! You don’t care! You don’t care!” How do you even talk to emotional basket cases like that? I have all but given up.

        • Yeah, but just wait till next election, we’ll get ’em!!! LOL

          Well-said, Roland!

          If people would just ignore the government and do what they want to….things could change instantly- and we all don’t have to be on the same page or inflict our ways on others, nor force them to pay for us- All we’d have to do is for each of us to just pursue our own thing. Seems so simple…but no- people get mortally offended at the idea of not paying even their own taxes…much less if you don’t pay yours! They do things “because it’s the law” even if it’s the opposite of what they would do, or makes no sense. The face rags are the most blatant proof of that. Most people put more faith in the laws of men than in the law of God!

          • Another sign of how effective government schools have been is that to most Christians, profit is something dirty that we shouldn’t talk about at church.
            I see capitalism – along with the voluntary division of labor, comparative advantage, and all the other economic phenomena that make it work so well – as miracles: gifts from our creator that allow us to survive, even thrive, in a world of sin and scarcity. He made the world so that the best way to get ahead is to produce something that pleases your fellow man.
            Christians should be shouting that from the rooftops. Instead, they scold us for not voting.

            • Amen, Roland!

              God; The author of private property: “Thou shalt not steal”.

              Look too: Even though society as a whole has only ever practiced a tiny fraction of the vaguest remnants of Scriptural principles, just from THAT, the resultant free-market civil economy that was established was so strong that even despite all of the assaults from The Powers That Be who are intent on destroying it, it has refused to die- forcing them to resort to lockdowns (physically preventing commerce and production and business) and the biggest inflation of currency ever attempted in the history of the world, to kill it.

              That economy was part of our Christian legacy. That is what they want to destroy and supplant….

              You have all of these assholes advocating socialism and imagining that it is somehow “compassionate”- and yet it was free-market capitalism which provided the highest standard of living to the greatest number of common people than anything else in the history of the world ever has.

              Imagine if society at-large practiced a true Biblical economy?! (Ah! That day will come…and not too far hence!)

  6. Eric wrote: “Republicans excel at two things – failing and emulating Democrats…”

    ROFL — succinct and profound political analysis. Well done.

    • One suspects most R-team politicians are Republicans only because they couldn’t get on the D-team ballot. (Sort of like how “Christian rock” groups are mostly guys who couldn’t quite cut it in mainstream pop music.)

      • I’ll at least give the D’s some credit for being a little more honest about their intentions. At least they admit that they want to grow government, spend tons of money they don’t have, give citizenship to a bunch of illegals, and so on. Of course the R’s do all that stuff too, they just lie about it when it’s time to get elected/re-elected.

          • Mornin’ Eric and FM!
            Heh! I well remember the Reagan presidency. That actor would get up their and SAY some wonderful things- often bordering on Libertarianism. Even though I was only 18 when he got elected to his first term, I didn’t fall for it though.

            And sure enough, the difference in this country; the growth in government, between 1980 when he was elected and 1988 when his terms ended, was absolutely staggering! It had truly become a different world, more so than at any other time since I’ve been old enough to be aware of such things.

            The early 80’s was still a time of glorious freedom and normal life. By the mid 80’s, the power of the Federal government was being felt EVERYWHERE like never before.

            Reagan indeed proved to be a great actor! All one has to do, when it comes to politics (at least as far as wooing conservatives) is to talk the talk…it matters not what they do, as few seem to notice or care…just like with all of these tools who are worshiping Trump and hoping he’ll be back in ’24- LOL.

      • Eric i would go slightly different on that quote.

        Democrats promise more government and deliver.
        Republicans promise less government—- and deliver more government.

  7. Have already seen a few articles saying that we’ll have to get a new jab every year because the virus mutates. Big Pharma’s dream come true, steady income stream for them guaranteed by the Feds. Include me out, never got a flu shot, no way in hell I’m getting jabbed with this. On a side note, all the recent memorials for Hank Aaron conspicuously fail to mention he got jabbed a couple weeks before he died. He was old, but don’t think it was a coincidence.

    • Hi Mike,

      In re Hank Aaron: He was 86; subject almost anyone that age to a significant health stress – like a bad vaccine reaction – and it’s not at all unlikely you’ll kill them.


      • Well! Eric! After all, the vaccine is to kmeep grandma from dying, silly! If only poor Hanky would have gotten with the program and would’ve undergone that gender reassignment surgery, he might still be alive today. Another death due to transphobia, I guess…. 😉 😀 o:

        (Now I’m sounding like Brandonjin!)

      • I find the covid death ages particularly amusing.

        a:”he died of covid”

        b:”really? how old was he?


        b: “what is the average age of death from natural causes?”


        b:”Umm… fuck it, you obviously would not get it.”

    • If you die from a comorbidity and happen to test positive, the coronavirus killed you.

      If you die after getting the vaccine, and happen to have a comorbidity, the comorbidity killed you.

      See how it works?

  8. I am a registered nurse who believes in development of natural immunity. E.g. No flu shot since 1971, and now close to 68 yrs. old. Our entire family has contracted the latest fad coronavirus and lived to see another day. No immunizations needed here—as we have built our own specific antibodies without the need for government “help”.

    • Hi John,

      My neighbors got the ‘Rona – according to the tests they took after the onset of flu-like symptoms. They were not hospitalized; they are both in their mid 70s. They were back to fine after a few days. I figure if the ‘Rona didn’t do more than that to them, then I have not much to worry about!

    • ‘Zactly, John. Seems to be the people who are always getting vaccinated; who are always running to the doctor and getting antibiotics for everything; who eat crap, etc. they essentially have no immune systems…and the stupid vax DOESN’T help them So…vax bad for them! And we with functional immune systems, don’t need no damn “boost” (Nor do we need all the pus and poison) that the stoopit things supposedly provide…so the damn things are completely worthless- except for doing harm.

      People forget so fast, too: What was it? Just two winters ago, that they were closing schools for weeks at a time because so kids were getting the flu that no one was showing up for class? Kids of whom 99.8% were VACCINATED for the flu and a slew of other things!

      But now this hastily-manufactured untested concoction is supposed to save everybody? -Save those who have little chance of dying anyway? -even IF vaccines did work?

      We live in a world of mass insanity, where no one can think…their minds are just sponges which absorb the TV and words of babbling government teachers who don’t know their own ass from a hole in the ground.

  9. Well written as usual Eric. Figured this was coming back in May of last year. Funny how the train wreck is in such sloooooooooooow moooooooootion. Don’t use fiat fed buttwipes, other means of payment like barter, payment in kind, PMs, CRTyPTaOes (sic to avoid AI bots), et c. are ways off the beast system. Not easy, but as T. Harv Eker said, do what is hard and your life will be easy. Do what is easy, life will be hard. Gubmint couldn’t have drained the NJ gym had their funds been held in their own private wallet.

    The real hard work though is to convince people that the actions they are taking are WRONG and immoral and to show them the true difference between right from wrong. Yeah, I know. Good luck on getting that to happen, but it’s the only way I see. Easier to start doing it now than when people are shooting at each other. But don’t waste time arguing with strangers (who might not even be human) on the internet. Do it with people you care about and have a HUMAN connection with. That’s what I’m doing at least.

    Esoterically, they want your soul too, Eric. That’s what the nahnlevven false flag blood sacrifice ritual to kick off the century was all about, destroying the twin pillars or ladder to God as it’s called in Kabbalah, the journey from base consciousness (where most of the people are stuck today) to enlightenment. Yes, a lot of these people are dark occultists. At the moment of impact, they had their own “black mass” with the little innocent African American kids in the Florida classroom chanting “Kite. Kit (sounds like hit). Steal. Playing (sounds like plane). Must.” or “Kite. Hit. Steel. Plane Must.”

    The message sent 19 years ago was “You’re staying on the fucking floor.”

    • **”The real hard work though is to convince people that the actions they are taking are WRONG and immoral”**

      We’re WAY past that point. Most people just don’t care. Just look all around you….look at what people do; how they live. If they had cared, we’d never have gotten to this point. The way to destroy and enslave a functional high society, is to demoralize and corrupt it, and destroy the family….and everything else takes care of itself- which is why we see the primary endeavor of the state and it’s tentacles here today is social engineering and persecution of everything that is good and normal and nurturing of strong independent families.

  10. I suspect diapering had a “remove OM Bad” aspect to it for some. Now that he’s gone, people who knew better but still played along with diapering to remove OM might not choose to get the vax. I’m guessing some will, some will not, which will play with the percentages and the political aspects. What I see is the people I know that want it are mentally invested in the legitimacy of the threat of the virus (it’s SO real!) and the overdone gov’t response and want it so they can “get back to normal.” In their minds it validates that the “sacrifices” they made weren’t just submission to tyranny but the legitimate actions of an altruistic care bear. Since getting back to normal isn’t even being promised, in fact just the opposite, it will be interesting when they get the vax, maybe have an adverse reaction up to and including death or not, and things still don’t go back to normal. Add in another country wide lockdown and who knows what’s next. I’m not going there because I don’t want to give them any ideas…

  11. Did people hear about about Norway – about 33 healthy people died after the holy jab. The good people at the government investigated as they do – and came back and said (and im not joking) that its nothing to worry about, nothing to do with the jab. All those who died were over 75, and with pre-existing conditions anyways…. Ofcourse the sheep are too dumb to realise its the same as those who die of the virus anyways !!


  12. I like it! This does not affect us (Unless or until they take it further…)- Think: George Carlin’s routine about entropy. Pay the damn fools to disable themselves/shorten their lives; The pro-vaxxers will take it anyway; the wise will not take the vax. Those who don’t care or who can be bribed for $1400 deserve what they get- It;ll just mean fewer useless eaters; fewer fatherless hoodlums; a smaller pool from whom Uncle Joe can glean mercenaries. Frick them all! I’m starting to like this crap!

    Sound mean? Well, it really isn’t- it’s just letting one enemy “take care” of another. The world is ultimately better off without such people- they’re just killing off their own kind. Good for them! Get rid of all these retards, maybe we can have our lead paint back!

    I knew an old lawyer whose favorite saying was “People are often the proximate cause of their own injuries”- and that is so true.

    $1400? Shoot, give ’em $100 and they’d probably still do it.

    • “I’m starting to like this crap!”

      This is my last hope. That they are simply trying to improve the species by killing the gullible and stupid.

      Doubtful but what else is left to hope for?

    • Also: This is not something that is being imposed on the idjit-galoots by a foreign hostile power or despot (Well, then again… ) but this is something that ‘the people’ asked for, and voted for- not just by voting for Uncle Joe, but when they voted for many past presidents and other ‘elected officials’ who promoted all of this socialistic BS. This is what they wanted…this is what they’re getting! I don’t give a rat’s hiney about THEM, because not only did they choose this, but they have not cared that by doing such things, they are also imposing them upon others who do NOT want them, such as us. Many of them openly advocate forced vaccination- so when what they advocate starts to affect THEM, I can only think that they are getting what they deserve.

  13. I said it weeks ago, at some point the only option is to take from them what they deny to us. The time for restraint and manners is over. In fact, it was decades ago and now we are reaping the sowing of complacent and comfortable citizens. “But it is such a nice cage….”

    But I likely waste my time like all those Kassandras throughout history. Have been for decades it seems.

  14. Eric,

    David Knight has talked a lot about how the jab will become mandatory. He cited a New England Journal of Medicine article from April, 2020. The article, while it favors mandatory CONVID vaccinations, advised against legally requiring it (i.e. passing a law), because any legal requirement (to be jabbed) could be taken to court and challenged on due process grounds. What the NEJM favored was corporations requiring The Holy Jab, since any thorny due process issues could be easily bypassed.

    What concerns me is what to do if the jab is required to renew my driver’s license. My license expires next year, though I can renew 3 months early; that means I can renew 3 months before expiration. I could do that in December. I think I’ll be all right this time, given the glacial speed at which gov’t moves; since when does gov’t do anything fast? If my state institutes a mandatory requirement, I think I’ll be able to renew long before it’s implemented; I think that I can renew this time. That’ll only buy me four years though, as I’ll be required to renew again in 2026.

    Then, if a vaccination is required for renewing my license, what do I do? We can renew our licenses online in my state. Since I don’t have to enter the DMV office, I wouldn’t need to mask up, let alone get vaccinated; after all I’m not EXPOSING anyone to the CONVID! I don’t know.

    I’m hoping that someone can mount a legal challenge on HIPPA and/or ADA grounds. Requiring the genetic product injection also violates informed consent. The genetic product injection violates the Nuremberg Code, as it’s tantamount to experimenting on humans. If the courts weren’t so CORRUPT, a legal challenge would easily overturn this BS; in a fair hearing (that’s the key!), the challenge would win.

    Then, there’s the matter of the WHO requiring fewer cycles for the PCR test; that, in turn, will result in fewer positives. That means fewer of “the cases, the cases!” All of a sudden, with OM out and Creepy Joe in, restaurants are being allowed to open again. SO! If, on one hand, they’re (the establishment media and gov’t complex) telling us happy days are around the corner; if they’re trying to paint the picture of things getting better under Creepy Joe; then how can they, OTOH, require The Holy Jab if things are getting better?

    What will YOU all do to deal with the fallout from refusing The Holy Jab? I know I won’t be taking it, but I’m not entirely sure how I’ll deal with the fallout from doing so. All I know is that I’ll refuse The Holy Jab. Those are my rambling, disjointed thoughts…

    • The ‘Vax’ does not prevent infection or transmission, it only claims to reduce the severity of symptoms. If you read the ‘Vax’ pamphlet, it says exactly this.

      This is not even a vaccine, by accepted definition.

      If anyone tries to force it on you or refuses service or employment unless you take it, consider getting a good lawyer and suing under human rights. The ‘Vax’ is not even approved by the FDA, but merely given an emergency use designation. I can’t guarantee anything as the system is so corrupt, but if it was working properly, it is a slam dunk case.

      Nuremberg and Geneva are very clear that forcing experimental treatments of any kind on people is a crime against humanity.

    • This is not a vaccination, as not only does it not include a “weakened” version of a pathogen, it does not stimulate the body’s immune system against the pathogen nor provide antibodies – the working definition of a vaccine. In addition, an Emergency Use Authorization is allowed only when other treatments are not readily available. Hence the push by the evil ones to demonize ivermectin and HCQ, which are safer than Tylenol.

      This “vaccine” is actually a medical device, a medical experiment in fact. There is no sound medical purpose for it and of course it violates the Nuremburg Code as mentioned.

      In addition to the HIPAA and ADA issues for all people, there are also OSHA issues (re the masks) for any employee who is being required to wear a mask. Del Bigtree of the Highwire interviewed a couple of OSHA consultants (former employees) who emphasized that employers who require PPE such as masks must physically test each employee for tolerance, and of course justify this medical practice.

      Peggy Hall (at The Healthy American) has some great info. on resisting these illegal mandates, and of course Jon Rappoport (nomorefakenews.com) has been exposing the medical fraud for a long time, well before CONVID.

      My plan is to continue to use the TRUTH about this entire scam to embolden me to continue to resist daily whatever they throw at me. I pray, then act boldly.

      • Basically the functionality of the shot looks like a great way to trigger auto-immune disorder. We should know in a year or so.

        • Yes. And considering all the scamming, misinfo., and lies that have encircled this entire CONVID thing, you can be sure that there is some sinister purpose for trying to make everyone take this. Of course, the elite parasitic class will exempt themselves, but only those who care will notice.

      • My plan is to do basically nothing from here on. The truth only matters to those who care about the truth. Those types are astonishingly rare.

        It is long past the point that a dedicated and resourceful bunch could bring others around by logic, fact and reason. The government schools have achieved their goal of creating astate of

        • oops.

          …… a populace who no longer know how to think, only what to think.

          The only way through this now is to hide, survive and come out when the fools finally burn it all down. IMO.

            • I don’t see any other practical plans being offered.

              The machine will still take a decade or two to really lock down everything if that is where we are heading (we are), so I would like to be low on the priority list for tagging and caging. Somewhere very rural in a not-firstworld country will probably put me low on anyone’s list for ‘social reeducation’. I’m old enough I might just win by running out the game clock.

              • Right-on, Anon! First-world and developed areas of the second and third world are essentially in ‘soft martial law’ mode already. This is just the early stage- once they really get’R going….. and I don’t think it’ll take a decade. Time is fleeting.

        • Exactly, Anon. It’s too late; and there’s no beating (Humanly speaking) the gargantuan state-media cartel which have the riches of the world, and which have been propagating their ‘values’ to society at-large on an emotional-religious level for a century now….especially considering that we liberty-seekers are literally the smallest most insignificant minority, so small as to not even be accounted for in any tabulating of demographics. Socialists or Neo-Nazis or even worshipers of The Flying Spaghetti Monster vastly out-number us- so if we’re hoping to win by numbers or force we are the most deluded of all people; If we’re hoping to win via appeal to morality and love of freedom….no one cares; the immoral and amoral think that WE are immoral; and if people don’t care about their own freedom, there is no teaching them to- much less getting them to care about anyone else’s; and to think that we could compete with all of the schools and the media…LOL.

          All we can do is offer fellowship and support for those who are seeking what we seek; share information on how and where to stay free; and maybe even locate near one another in suitable places.

          We’re not gonna save the world…or the country…or even our countyu or neighborhood or block. We’d better start worrying about how WE will stay free, and plan to jump ship.

        • I don’t really give a shit anymore about what “they” might do to me. I’ll be 70 next month so I’m long retired. Got plenty of money so I’ll never need another job. All my stuff is paid for, no debt, so don’t care what my (soon to be “social”) credit score is. Not being able to fly might be a little bit of an inconvenience, but that’s ok, kids and grandkids aren’t so far that I can’t drive. As for drivers license, let em have it, I’ll drive anyway. (maybe I’ll say no hablo engles and tell em I’m illegal, then they’ll let me go!) Like I said, don’t give a shit.

          • Love your attitude, Floriduh man. I read about you all the time in the online news, ‘Florida Man’. I think they have plans for how to exterminate or dominate. Time will tell.
            …May the odds, ever be in your favor.

    • Mark I don’t know how I will deal with the fallout. I only know there will be fallout. Eric has mentioned the very real loss he is experiencing because of his principles. To me the important question is, will I have the integrity to suffer the persecution coming, or will I acquiesce and take the mark? I made my decision. I’m not taking the mark.

      • THAT is indeed the question, Jody! Let us stand strong, and account it wonderful that we live in these times when we are seeing the culmination of the ages come to pass, and prophesy fulfilled before our very eyes!
        At the least, we will not be able to buy or sell. At worst, some of us will be killed- but just by seeing these things come to pass, we will be strengthened! Who wants to live in such a world anyway?It will soon be over- and then whether we are still alive in the body, or awakened in the resurrection, it will make no difference- we will see what we have long been waiting for, destroying and replacing the evil kingdoms of this world!

        Stay strong!

      • Jody,

        I’m not taking the mark, either. That much I know. I don’t like the CONSEQUENCES! Especially when viewed with eternity in mind, I don’t like the consequences of taking the mark…

        • Hey MM and Jody,
          This business of the immanent imposition of The Mark is very interesting in light of two specific things:

          a)The existence now of the technology to make so many things ‘digital’- including personal information, communication, exchange of money, and the now-very-easy ability to implement a ‘health passport’ which can act as a gatekeeper for all else; and on a worldwide basis, no less!

          b)The fact that their vaccine alters DNA. Some used to ponder why it was that there are such severe scriptural consequences for taking The Mark; they’d reason: “Why couldn’t one just outwardly take The Mark, as long as they did not worship The Beast, and just did it ‘to get by’?” -But now we see…..this puppy will not only defile our bodies….but will also affect our very DNA, and can literally change who we are!

          And even if that weren’t the case, we are already getting a taste of why we can not take that mark, as we are experiencing now with the precursor of the Mark- these stoopit masks- for we realize how by doing something in which we do not believe, just because someone tells us to, that we are essentially performing an act of obeisance and worship to someone other than God.

          Sad thing is, had this nonsense been rooled-out in the 70’s or 80’s, the professing Christian community would have literally up in arms; Today? Most churches happily go along with it!

          • As far as I can tell, there is no Christian community existent here. If there is, it is a minuscule fraction of the population.

            If you haven’t seen it, James Corbett has done some research on this topic.


            Corbett is hardly a Bible thumper. In fact, I don’t remember if he makes any Biblical references at all. But I think his assessment of where this is all intended to go rings true.

            • I agree completely, Jody. That is why I usually say “professing Christian” (Or as I more informally refer to it: Churchianity!).

              Thing is, even THEY used to care about and warn about this stuff years ago. The tyupe of stuff we speak of here today, back in the 70’s and 80’s was pretty much the sole province of “the Christians”, because they realized, even at the most basic level, that the then future tyrannies were going to effect us first and foremost- and there really was no Libertarian community back then.

              Heck, it was even the so-called Christians who started the home-school movement back in the 70’s (One county over from where I now live, no less).

              Now? They just ‘render to Caesar”…..

              Funny tidbit: Did you know that the real-life Laiura Ingalls Wilder (Of Little House On the Prairie fame – Who was alive until 1957!) and her duaghter, Rose Wilder Lane, were actually fundamental in early Libertarianism? Laura got into it as a reaction to FDR’s tyrannies. Of course, “Libertarianism” is much like “Christianity”……

              Sheesh…I can’t believe Laura Ingalls died only 5 years before I was born! 😀 (With any luck, maybe I’ll join her before long! 🙂 )

              • I didn’t know anything about that. I’ll have to check it out. Could you imagine a show like that being made now? Stunning the societal transformation that has occurred in about two generations.

  15. Judas Iscariot also instituted a betrayal for some government cheese. Didn’t work out so well for him. We’d do well to heed the warning from that example.

  16. I remember talk about paying people a few months ago. It was to be about $100. My husband and I wondered what it would take to really induce us to take the shot. My price was $10k. My husband, who coincidentally just lost his father in October from flu shot complications, would not get it at any price.
    An Indiana legislator proposed a bill that would ban employers here from making the shot a requirement to keep your job. The roadblock they’ve run into is hospitals, which have always required vaccines for flu and hepatitis, which I guess they think is OK to do, but not this new one.
    People seem to forget, in their enthusiasm to “get back to normal,” that this is still considered an experimental drug. It has not gone through the required FDA trials that are done for other drugs, so we are breaking our own rules here. My mother, a retired nurse, said this is an entirely new way to trigger immunity and there has never been a successful coronavirus (common cold) vaccine despite years of trying. So forcing people to undergo an experimental treatment to keep a job or even get a benefit is cruel and unusual and reminds me of the Nazi experiments. Even the flu shot isn’t required except at hospitals and its Bern around a long time and us considered tried and true and safe. But as my family can testify, even the flu shot is not tisk free.

    • Amy,

      Requiring the genetic product injection would violate the Nuremberg Code, which prohibits human experimentation under any circumstances.

    • Amy, you are funny. Your price reminds me of the late Oscar Wilde and his practical jokes. He asked a young lady at a party if she would sleep with him for a million pounds, and she replied yes, she would. He asked her if she would sleep with him for ten pounds, and she replied of course not, what kind of person do you think I am? He replied, we have already determined that, now we are merely haggling over your price. Your husband though? He sounds like the real deal, perhaps the sad loss of his father to the evils of modern medicine has awoken him to the fact that doctors aren’t always able to help and are many times harmful to your health.

  17. Hank Aaron received his covid vaccine and just happened to die 2 1/2 weeks later.

    A Chinese immunologist declared any one older than 80 shouldn’t take the vaccine, it is unnecessary and irrelevant for people beyond 80.

    After paying taxes for 52 years, it adds up to a great deal of dough, re-hypothecated up the wazoo. In one year, enough taxes were paid to buy a new pickup truck. My donation to the IRS assured a new Suburban for some gov agency, didn’t even get a thank you.

    When you get to the age where you might not be here next week, you hope you will be, but you just might croak too, getting some back from the government is the greedy soulless goons returning funds that were originally yours in the first place.

    I want my money back.

    The age requirement to receive the covid vaccine is 100, if you are younger than 100 years of age, you don’t need the vaccine, ever.

    • Indeed, Drump –

      I’m not elderly, but why would I risk compromising my health by taking a vaccine that could ruin it? That has a higher risk – for me, for anyone who is healthy – than “the virus” itself?

      • Eric –

        Ain’t none of this bidness is normal, not at all.

        Where did the Stivers mad dog come from? They say Ohio, could be. Don’t turn your back on him, back away quickly, looks that way to me.

        What makes some idiot congressman think they can tell you what to do or else? What makes them think you should do as they say?

        More disappointed in their misbehavior than I am angered about it all.

        They run like scared rabbits running for their rabbit holes when push comes to shove.

        Then they emerge all indignant towards the alleged perpetrators, point with pride and view with alarm at the deplorable Trump supporters who were there to seek some justice, were duped, then scapegoated by the Congress Judas Goats with Trump on the end of a dunking pole to boot, impeachment isn’t enough.

        It is stealth bullying, action figure power hungry congresscreeps gonna tell you what you gotta do.

        Gotta mock these useless eaters.

        Your freedom is limited, which is the same as slavery, nothing else.

        You can only be as free as we say you can be, which is quite abusive, an abuse of your rights, an offense.

        Stivers can go fly a kite. Ya clueless bum, you’ll get the bum’s rush.

        Stivers needs something to do other than what he does and Stivers, quit picking on everybody, you ignorant swine.

        I recommend he starts something new now and get out of everybody’s hair. Censured, forced to resign in disgrace for infringing on the rights of others.

        A 50 year sentence for seditious activity will cure what ails him, call it Agenda50, good excuse to haul him away to a shelter-in-place facility. Plenty of room in Siberia, get him as far away as you can.

        That works for me. Ennui is my refuge.

        I’ll wait until 7.8 billion vaccinations have been administered worldwide to 7.8 billion hapless souls watching their spirits be broken.

        One million per day, it will take 7,800 days to get to me.

        That’s more than 21 years, I’ll wait until then.

        It’ll be like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness making a triumphant return.

        “We drink because we’re alcoholics, that’s why we drink.” – Grace Slick, in an interview many moons ago

  18. What is that old quote? “Government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.” The sad part about this is the media has been running neck and neck with politicians as the least trusted group in the country but normally smart and rationale people i know and many who i respected for years have fallen victim to this con job. Many of them are lining up, counting the days till their jab. It disapoints and scares the crap out of me how so many people can be so easily manipulated and it has given our govt the blueprint for complete and total control over the population. Just claim a deadly plandemic whether one exists or not, lock the population down, have your members of the state run pravda media run countless stories of overfull hospitals, bodies in refrigerator trucks. Load a few known sick people in close quarters with the elderly and infirmed to pad those death numbers and then demand ever more control. Silence any dissenting voices and attack anyone who tries to go against the established narrative. Once you have sufficiently scared the public into submission give them crumbs of their life back with conditions of course. Its only going to get worse from here because these tyrants have seen that even Americans can be manipulated by the right invisible boogeyman.

  19. The sane have lost the covid narrative for now, thus I have no hope that the political class will grow vertebrae on the cash for jabs issue.

    My source of hope – I still know several that won’t take the shot & know this is an overblown medical sham. All of them are libertarian or right.

    But so many more on the right are willing and ready to get stuck. They do not research, only watch TV.

  20. CONVID is not about a virus, it has never been about a virus.

    Eric’s readers know this. I just wish those around me would know it. Even my Dad, living in FL (no mask requirements, but he stays home and dutifully masks up when going out), Vietnam era vet, survived quad bypass, pancreatitis, TIA’s, etc. is looking forward to the “vaccine.” He still smokes and drinks, but thinks the “vaccine” will give him back his freedom, without having to think about “the virus” any more (or at all). It seems like he, like so many around us, is conditioned to look for the “easy answer” – but this time it will have consequences that are not so easy.

    I used to think my Dad was one of the most anti-establishment guys around. Now I see he has checked his brain at the door. I have tried to share with him what I have learned about this from the beginning, the asymptomatic con, the low IFR, the fact that the PCR is meaningless and has been proven a fraud (papaya, goat, unused tests come back positive, etc.), the fact that “SARS-COV2” has not been isolated (no samples from any of the alleged millions of cases), the fact that masks don’t help and actually harm his health, etc. He’s still looking forward to the jab…

    • Consider Anon, your dad has endured many more years of indoctrination than you have, and many if not most of those years were without any alternative information or opinion sources like Eric’s website. Given your fathers health history, he’s probably come to view the Medical Industrial Complex in a much more positive light than one who hasn’t had such experience. It has come to his rescue a few times. Even though the MIC’s total rejection of nutrition, or any other factor it can’t profit from, as a health factor may have contributed to his health problems. Not saying he’s right, but maybe you should cut him some slack in your mind. The rural community I do business in is mostly unmasked, since we recognize bull shit when we smell it. Of those who do mask, a majority are around my age (67) or older, and likely buy the BS for the same reasons your father has. They’ve been a target of propaganda for more decades than you have.

      • John, I wish I could say the same of my rural community. The farm families that I grew up with (I’m 68) all have joined the Cult of the Magical Rag, whereas our new neighbors who moved out from the city (and originally hail from California) join me in laughing at them. Go figure.

        • It’s disgusting- The farm famblies send their kids off to college, only to have them come home and look upon their parents as “dumb uneducated hicks”…and then move to the city, or stay and develop grandma’s farm into a new subdivision, while they seek to use the power of the state to legislate out of existence their parents way of life and make their locales more hospitable for former city-dwellers.

  21. The federal mafia can take their “stimulus” money (stolen goods) and shove it. Haven’t received any they’ve sent out so far and don’t care about receiving any future ones. If they did send me a check I’d tear it up and send it back. I don’t participate in Socialist Insecurity of Medicrap, and haven’t filed a tax return since the 1970s so I don’t give a damn about those either. The control-freak psychopaths pushing this crap can shove the jab up their own asses.

    • Wow Jason you’re a modern day hero How did you not do a tax return for well longer than I’ve been alive ?? Need to learn from people like you…. (as I sit here getting shit together for my tax return)

      • Nasir, believe me when I say I am no hero. I got involved in the “tax freedom” movement of the 1970s and 1980s, when people like Irwin Schiff, Red Beckman, John Kotmair, and others illuminated the fraudulent nature of the federal income tax system, federal reserve, as well as other freedom issues. (Unfortunately, to make a long story short, after some initial momentum that movement fizzled out.)

        The way I did decades ago was to leave the corporate world and establish a cash business in the underground economy. It’s not something to do for the money. You’d be a lot better off financially playing the system for all it’s worth. In fact these days I tell people not to get involved this way and to find another way to fight them. Most of the people I know who did get involved back then have since either passed away or gone back into the system. Some became guests of the State along the way.

        Aside from working for cash and not owning anything substantial in your own name, the only other way to avoid making a yearly confession to the federal beast and forking over a big chunk of your hard-earned property is to keep your “taxable income” below the filing “requirement”.

        This video series from one the 1990s steps through the fraudulent nature of the tax system step-by-step, however you have to understand what the law says does not matter, and making the correct arguments in court will not work. (In fact the organization that made this series was all but shut down by a federal injunction flying in the face of the 1st Amendment. The law doesn’t matter when the beast is protecting its life blood.)


        Also more info here:


        I don’t see this information as anything to take action on unless you ever find yourself on a jury where some poor soul is being hauled in by persecutors for the crime of not paying his or her “fairshare”. A single vote of not guilty from an informed person can bring the entire crushing machinery of the State to a grinding halt.

        • My experience parallels yours. Irwin Schiff started me down the path of reason, and libertarianism, which has graduated to Anarcho Capitalism thanks to Lew Rockwell. I have mixed feelings about your notion that one should perhaps not embark on the path you did. Yes, one may gain and preserve more wealth and prosperity by playing the game, but how durable is it, being based on a now rapidly declining fiat currency? I think we are approaching a precipice where we’re screwed whichever way we go. Might as well opt for liberty in the process. It could be more contagious than the new flu.

          • I met Irwin Schiff back in the day and he was the genuine article, very knowledgeable and dedicated. I tell people not to go down that path though mainly because if they go off half-cocked without realizing what they are in for all they will accomplish is to damage themselves. I’ve seen that happen to a lot of good people.

            So I say to be informed but unless you’re ready for the fight of your life against a down-and-dirty opponent with infinite resources that will stop at nothing to destroy you, do not get directly involved. I believe it would be irresponsible to tell others to get fired up about not filing and paying when they do not fully understand the ramifications for themselves and their families. At a minimum you have to become judgement-proof and be prepared to become a guest of the State should they decide to pursue you in that manner. You’re not going to just tell Uncle and his nasty little cousins in the states and municipalities to go piss off and still just go about your normal life.

            Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets and really do enjoy flipping off Uncle every April 15th. However, it would take a significant mass of people and businesses to stop filing and paying to have an impact and I don’t see that happening. Maybe if the Communists now in charge squeeze people hard enough? Probably not even then. Look what the general public has accepted in the name of this “pandemic”.

            Also, people have been brainwashed for a very long time into believing in duckspeak such as “your taxes”, “take-home pay” and “your fairshare”. This has been entrenched for so long almost no one questions it or even thinks about it, it is just part of the fabric of their lives like the sun and the moon, not to be questioned.

            For those interested in doing more research, here is another good resource:


            • Amen, Jason! I was always a fan of Irwin Schiff- since I was in my teens- but I realized from the git-go that these people put incredible amounts of time and energy into what they do…and are still ultimately unsuccessful, ’cause they’re not gonna get justice by being supplicants in the courts owned and staffed by Uncle, any more so than the Jews could expect to get justice in a Nazi court [Jason: “The Jews?! Jews! Jewwwww!!!?!”], nor by juries who think it their duty to god [Not capitalized because their real god is the state] to pay taxes.

              When power comes from the barrel of a gun, and those who wield that power can not be subjected to even their own laws, there can be no justice or fairness. Thus, going rogue, and flying below the radar has been a far more practical solution.

              It’s always bothered me, how the formal tax protesters and the Free-men types, who claim to be seeking ultimate freedom and less interference from the state, always seem to manage to achieve just the opposite- and that having a long history now of such fellows on whom to look back and onbserve, newcomers on the scene don’t seem to notice those detriments, or think that they will somehow achieve better results than those who teach them, and thus plunge in and pursue the very same courses of action.

              • Indeed, Irwin spent a lot of his years in jail. As well you might if though dost protest too much. At my age, I would be much more inclined to refuse being jailed, and pay the ultimate price. His son Peter didn’t follow the same path, though he does speak the same criticism.

                • Irwin died in jail chained to his bed. They wanted him bad since he was responsible for a large part of the tax freedom movement.

                  I’ve known people who had themselves sent on government-paid “vacations” due to taxes. What you want if this happens is to be prosecuted at the federal level and sent to a minimum-security federal facility. Those at least have halfway-decent conditions since that’s where members of the political class wind up themselves when caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

                • Ive recently learnt about Irwin schiff – from his son Peters podcast.. it is shocking the conditions they kept him in in his final days. That said given my situation id probably be better just following peter and leaving the west, and ideally the corporate world.

                  I have a funny situation with the tax man BTW – originally I never had to do a return. But a stupid thing I didnt do on time (ok something a free human should never be required to anyways) meant i needed to start doing a return. At which point I myself read into things and filed a return getting pretty decent tax refunds every year (as I started putting in a number of donations and other things I could deduct but never realised). After 3 years of getting refunds – they told me I didnt have to anymore !! Anyhow I do it every year to get the refunds when viable… but again its such a waste of human life… not only do they steal your money they make you waste your time to justify it….

              • Actually, as you’re probably aware Irwin Schiff was one of those rascally J-o-o-o-s! 🙂

                You are correct that there is no justice to be found in the courts. The big mistake most of us made back in the day was the idea that having discovered and layed out the fraud we would prevail in the courts using the proper legal arguments.

                Looking back, this was naive and foolish in the extreme. It does not matter what the law says. You might as well bay at the moon, it will have the same result. They will not let you win. Tax trials are carefully-orchestrated political events. The IRS even destroyed a federal judge back in the late 1980s who did not give them any special privileges in his courtroom. Despite being more than 30 years later that lesson has likely not been forgotten by the rest of them. (The very few wins that have occurred over the years were mainly due to jury nullification.)

                The only way to get out from under the federal leviathan without making yourself a target is to keep your “taxable income” below the filing “requirement”.

                By the way, the term “tax protester” was created by the feds as a derogatory label to be used the way that malicious bigots use descriptions like nigger, kike, or spic against the groups that they despise. Once one is deemed to be a tax protestor government deals with you as if you are subhuman vermin.

                • Schiff, a Jew? I’ll add him to the column of ‘good ones’; he can join ol’ Murray Rothbard. (I keep trying to put Buddy Hackett on the other side…but they keep throwing him back! 😉 )

                  Yeah, I was lucky- I “got away” with a couple of years of making an almost lower working class living…but that was when everything was pure cash, and I didn’t even have a credit card or a checking account. These days, it’d be too risky, so I agree…keep it below the minimum. (Those years that I made a little more, I didn’t even keep track of it, other than in my head…so if I didn’t even know, how would they?).

                  • Some of the most dedicated, hell-for-leather libertarians I’ve known have been Jews, Negros, and Chicanos, Nunz!

                    One of the ways the federal goons find out about people in cash businesses is to do “lifestyle assessments” of “taxpayers” who under-report or don’t file. Live in a McMansion with a new Mercedes in the driveway while claiming poverty wages? If the goons check you out there will be some ‘splaining to do! (But if living in a trailer in a poor area and you happen to make a little extra cash they’re not likely to catch that.)

                    • True, Jason. Know matter what culture- the good ones are always the minority- even when it comes to us Dagos [But especially when it comes to us Dagos!].

                      It’s always the small minority….among humans, who get it/care. (Why can’t people be more like dogs and cats, where the vast majority are GOOD!?)

                      It’s like my black friend, who is a conservative Republican, and a bigger Archie Bunker fan than even I!

                      Black, dago, Heeb, whatever….it’s only the rare ones who are the anomalies who are our people.

            • I agree, up to a point. What was that quote from Malcom X?
              “If you aren’t willing to die for it, erase freedom from your vocabulary.” or something to that effect. There comes a point where the “life” you’re offered is not worth living. That’s a major part of the current conflict. People willing to submit to acquire more of a useless life. Animals survive. If people are willing to give up life for survival, what’s the difference between the two?

          • It’s not just about the money- it’s about staying free, and about principles/not feeding the Beast.

            The Beast doesn’t care so much about the money, ’cause they print-up as much as they need and long ago ran-up a debt that can never be paid. It’s about control and power.

            I’ve never been a “client” of the IRS. I’ll be DAMNED if I’ll narc on my every financial/labor/personal detail NO MATTER WHAT! LIVE FREE OR DIE!

            I’ve always done as Jason describes (And it was quite difficult, having lived the first 39 years of my life in NY)- But I did honest work for cash- not always keeping my income below taxable threshold (but I do now)…and I sleep very well at night; don’t have ulcers; and have been able to live very freely.

            Thing is, without most of the taxes (We still pay so many!), and without debt…money goes so much further, one can live a very nice life on very, very little.

            I figure that I’m doing a good job of staying below the radar, because I’ve managed not to receive any of their filthy-lucre ‘stimulus’ checks. They can have mine…consider it payment of a fart tax or something….

    • Hi Clay,

      No Jab for me, either. For the same reason I have never been Jabbed for the ordinary flu. My body works. I am healthy and strong. I am not afraid of the possibility I might get mildly sick. I am unwilling to be injected with a vaccine I don’t need that carries with it more actual risk to me than a “virus” I haven’t even got and which would probably not even generate symptoms in me, much less death.

      • Indeed! Given the complete lack of definitive testing for immediate safety, and the absence of such for long term safety, we know that at the bare minimum we have at the very least a 98% chance or higher of surviving the virus, but no idea what our chance of surviving the vaccine may be. For all we know for a fact, those who are taking the vaccine may drop dead in a year. There is no evidence to refute that scenario.

        • Hell, they’ve never truly tested ANY vaccine for long-term safety. Have they EVER tracked a large group of vaccinated people vs. unvaccinated over 2,3, or 4 decades, and compared such things as the incidence of cancer between the two groups?

          I’ve read, and been told by a number of old-timey over the years, that they’d never seen a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.

          And that’s just one effect. The link between the ever-increasing numbers of vaccinations ‘required’ for school children, and the simultaneous corresponding increase in autism, asthma[which should be declining according to ‘science’ since children are expose to far less pollution and cigarette smoke now], allergies, and many other maladies- is undeniable.

          Japan virtually eliminated their SIDS by curtailing infant vaccination.

          But this is all wild conspiracy theory, dontyaknow!

          Hell, my dogs always live into their late teens, and never have any of humanesque degenerative diseases that I see so often in dogs half of their age- like cancer- because I DON’T vaccinate them. Not ONE of my dogs over the years has even ever been incontinent, including to the day it died.

          And me. Throughout my childhood I had psoriasis- quite severe at times. Doctors used to sdpeculate that it could be from the water in the lake I’d swim at (Yet other kids who swam in the lake were perfectly fine- talk about conspiracy theories!)- Funny thing- the psoriasis went away and never returned after I was old enough to refuse vaccines!

          • I tend to agree. I am now suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused by one’s immune system attacking one’s own joints. Since the diagnosis I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why it may have happened. I’ve reached a conclusion. Vaccines contain Aluminum and Mercury for the sole purpose of stimulating an immune response to an otherwise harmless injection. They are specifically used because our bodies don’t dispose of them well, or easily. I have taken a number of flu vaccines in my life, most at the behest of my ex-wife. One of her multitude of faults. My immune system has been trained to over react, and I’m sure I still harbor those metals in my body. Quite possibly in my joints. There is a correlation between the increase in vaccination and the increase in rheumatoid arthritis. Not causation, because perhaps no one wants to look at it that too closely.

            • Sounds about right, John. Ouch- that must be terrible. Last vaccine I had was in ’76, when I was 14- for the Swine Flu. Remember THAT nonsense? So far I’ve been lucky- but I knew it was wrong, and I said “No more, ever again, no matter what!” after that one. (Also taken at the behest of a woman- my mother).

              A woman trying to help ya is like a monkey saying to a fish “Here, let me keep you from drowning” as he throws the fish up into a tree!

    • Yes, but now we can warp speed them! You just slap it together with limited information about what you are targeting, eliminate animal testing, eliminate Phase 1, combine Phase 2 and 3 together, rig the clinical trial parameters to show what you want, and ignore all adverse events and deaths. Presto! Instant vaccines! Get ‘em while they are frozen cold!

    • Hi Roland,

      Ruefully, I am beginning to wonder about that myself. Had she won, then – per Nunz- there might have been more opposition. Instead, we got the Orange Fail – and apologies/excuses.

      • I think, if she had won, it would have hastened the day when all hell breaks loose. I thought/hoped at the time, that the OM would buy time for everyone and maybe even work as a safety valve for a lot of pent-up frustration. I think that happened, a little bit…but nowhere near enough.

        I believe I seriously underestimated the frustration levels on the left–after all, how could they be that mad after O gave them almost everything they said they wanted? And if OM had pushed farther/harder, I do believe there would have been a very serious risk of making the backlash from the left much, much worse.

        Conversations over the last 4-6 years have revealed to me that the left, too, has seriously underestimated the level and depth of frustration on the right. They seem to think that because we aren’t taking to the streets (much) we don’t care, are only mildly irritated, or will just get used to everything after a little while. And, after all, the only constant is change.

        I also note that very rarely is the partisan split much more than 60/40 in a given geographic area.

        I see only one way this is going, and it ain’t gonna pretty.

    • Had the Witch won in 2016, your $1,400 stimmy check would be contingent on producing a certificate of castration. Hillary’s corps of eunuch guards in the White House would be getting lots of fawning press for their smooth peach-fuzz cheeks, dulcet-toned soprano voices, and shiny gold lamé mansuits.

      Despite her failed lunge at power, on inauguration day the Witch was among the motley rabble of superannuated liars and lepers described by James Howard Kunstler as a ‘wax museum.’

      Consider House Speaker for Life Nancy San Francisco. As the 20th century hit its two-thirds mark in the Summer of Love, one pictures hippy-dippy Nancy tripping through Haight Ashbury with a flower in her hair and a microskirt on her rear, radiating patchouli oil to counter the omnipresent musk of Lebanese blond hashish.

      ‘Those were the days,’ as Cream insisted. But now eighty-something Nancy can’t even enunciate a coherent sentence, as her senescent mind wafts off into the thick fog on the bay that conceals Vladimir Putin’s deadly U-boats and black ships.

      Does petrified old crustacean Mitch McClownell even know that he’s been demoted to minority leader? You can’t tell from his rheumy old eyes, protruding from his scaly turtle head on greasy, pulsating phallic stalks that glow purple-white like radioactive crabmeat.

      Then there’s poor old China Joe. Even when he still had a brain, he was never anything more than a buttoned-down, money-grubbing east coast lawyer.

      ‘Windsock Joe’ they called him, in his decades-ago prime; ‘our first invertebrate vice president.’ ‘Old burnt-out souvenir,’ as Jimi Hendrix so dismissively pegged him, back when Joe was but a hopeless-square lad in short pants, mastering the elusive art of speaking insincerely in his quest to become the Senator from Mastercard.

      Who actually pulls the strings of this macabre troupe of kleptocratic electrified corpses?

      Doubtless we’ll find out soon, as their bipartisan Build Borg Better program to euthanize the renters (not the rentiers, mind you) rolls out to some seething Bidenville or Kamaladorp near you.

      • Jim,

        Oh, the vivid imagery and elaborate metaphors! Do you have your own blog site somewhere? You probably should! What a riveting opening with the dystopian MTV-awards Reich, and the young Nancy paragraph had both giggling and cringing.

      • That’s difficult to say. It depends on why the hoax was created. Was it created to damage China? Sabotage Trump? Advance the technocratic agenda?

    • I suspect it’s quite possible that if the wicked witch of the East had won, we might have seen mushroom clouds on the horizon shortly after. She does apparently delight in killing people, and getting them killed. Her giggling statement regarding the death of Qaddafi made such abundantly clear. The one and only thing Trump did, which he actually didn’t do himself, was give the Psychopaths In Charge notice that we are not happy with them by getting elected.

  22. A man walks into a bar and approaches the most beautiful woman in the place.

    “Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?”


    “Would you sleep with me for fifty bucks?”

    “I’m not a whore.”

    “Madam, we’ve already established what you are, now we’re just negotiating the fee.”

    • Depends on what level of Amishness you seek. If the only source of power is fire, beasts of burden, and an extreme amount of physical labor, at least half the world population would starve to death. It requires considerably more real work and time spent working than most are knowledgeable enough , or physically capable enough to do. Even if they were willing.

      • Not true, John. Absent the constraints of political and economic manipulation- or the depravity of covetousness (This is why the Amish are successful) it is quite easy for an individula or a family to produce all that it needs. You’d be surprised at the sheer amount of food a small garden can provide; Even small-scale grain growing and harvesting by hand is quite pleasant. It is onluy when people endeavor to do things on a larger scale )Acres of grain or crops) that things get difficult and laborious…and that things like a stint of bad weather can ruin ya. Living directly, vs. farming for money, are two very different things. That is why, in Africa, when they wanted to get the people off the land to use as labor in the cities, they first had to convert the [basically] homesteaders to cash-crop farmers…then by manipulating the market once the people became depemdent on growing one big crop for cash, they ruined them and so got them to head to the cities in search of jobs to supply cash.

        • Hi Nunz,

          I’ll chime in on this with regard to something I know about – chickens. I currently have seven hens and get at least half a dozen eggs every day; more than enough for two people’s protein needs. The girls largely forage, even in winter, so their cost to keep is very low and the eggs are delicious! Almost anyone who has a bit of yard (and no HOA) can keep a few chickens and keep themselves in high-quality protein easily and inexpensively, indefinitely.

          • Eric, do you have maggot farms yet?

            Get a 5 gallon pail for your table scraps. Punch some lower holes for maggots to escape and higher ones for flies to get in. Garbage to chicken feed in one step.

            DuckDuck “maggot farm” lots of ideas out there.

            Good for fish farming too.

            • Didn’t say it wasn’t possible, just said it takes more work, which many are incapable of doing. Myself included. Though I can teach my children and their children how to, if I could get them off a computer or a cell phone. For example, parking that rotary tiller and turning over even a small garden with a shovel turns into quite a bit more work.

              • Agreed, chickens are not picky.

                But I think it turns the garbage into a higher quality feed. Also good for creating stored feed. You can put the farm over a bin to collect the maggots and then freeze them for winter.

            • That’s a great tip, Anon! That, and using a moveable “chicken tractor” so that the birds always have fresh grass, not only feeds the chickens…but fertilizes and tills/renovates the soil, making it perfect for growing wedga-tuh-bulls(vegetables).

          • ‘Zactly, Eric!
            I’d like to get chickens again- but this time only 3 hens…as even with that number, I’d have more eggs for me and my bow-wow than I’d know what to do with (My mother won’t eat real food…she too used to the crap from the supermarket).

            If you have a fambly, or beef-eating neighbors, you can raise a beef steer on grass on just a couple’a acres (I’ve raised 10 of ’em at a time….just make sure they have access to water, and they basically take care of themselves).

            I’ve always wanted a jersey milk cow…but there’s no way I could even use a fraction of all the milk- so I’ve been thinking of getting a few Nubian goats, which are good for milk and meat. (Nowhere near the rich quality of Jersey cow milk…but still…)

            Wasn’t too long ago that even people in big cities used to keep chickens and even cows- until local Uncle outlawed the practice. It really doesn’t take much. There are people in the UK and Ireland who are self-sufficient on small lots well under an acre- I don’t know if it’s still the case, but in England, even quite recently, like the 70’s and 80’s, if you bought a house in a town or suburb, you were entitled to use the “common land” around the edges of the town for grazing your livestock….and a few people would actually still do it- walking there animal(s) to and from the grazing spots daily- that practice having survived because it was considered a basic human right to have access to the basic necessities of one’s sustenance- but now instead of cows and chickens and tomatoes, the old weed of welfare seems to have overshadowed everything. (Youi have a right to the fruits of someone else’s labor- but not the right to produce your own “fruits” or to keep the fruits of your labor).


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