Reader Question: Buy (or not) a New Mustang?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Amy asks: Hey Eric, should I buy a 2021 Mustang? I’m on the fence. It’s probably the last IC car I’ll be able to buy, so probably the last new car I’ll ever buy. I’m not shelling out big bucks for an EV. I’ll just buy old junkers I don’t care about when the Mustang dies on me. Is the 2021 a good car? Have you reviewed it?

My reply: Indeed, I have! You can find my most recent here. Of the three latter-day muscle cars – Camaro, Mustang and Challenger – I prefer the Mustang and Challenger equally. The current Camaro – and I say this as a guy who has owned five older models – is exceptionally poorly packaged; it is a huge car with unusable back seats and an absurdly small trunk even for the type of car it is. The Mustang has much better ergonomics, including a useable (for short trips) back seats and a decent sized trunk.

Subjectively, I like the car’s looks – and its 5 liter V8 is magnificent, especially when paired with the manual transmission. But don’t overlook the turbo four; it packs a punch and takes a lot of weight off the nose, improving the car’s steering response and handling.

Equipped with either engine, the Mustang is a very tractable, pleasant-to-drive every day car that also transforms into a very fun-to-drive car whenever you want. The car’s general layout is also very traditional and relatively simple and should give you 15-plus years of reliable every-day driver service.

You might also have a look at the Challenger if you need a muscle car that is also a practical car. It is a larger car, with a big car’s trunk and back seats with enough legroom to make them adult-viable and for more than just short trips. Plus, the car has unmatched attitude, especially if you get the Scat Pak/392 version!

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  1. Thanks. I will probably go for it. Right now I’m also considering a gently used, black GT convertible. But the price the guy wants is making me think I might as well just get the new one.
    I’m not sure about manual trans. A stick is definitely more fun to drive, but my car has always been the road trip car. Ever sat in Atlanta rush hour holding in a clutch for an hour or more? It seems the cities I go to or through just have terrible traffic anymore: Chicago area, Nashville, Birmingham, New Orleans, Houston, even my hometown Indy … You rarely get to just cruise through unless its 4am.
    But I’ve never driven any of the V8 models with auto trans so I’d have to check that out. I don’t want to pay extra for the power and then feel like my car is neutered by the transmission. (There’s probably a technical term for that concept, but that’s how I always think of it. Like hobbling the legs of your racehorse.)
    A lot to think about anyway.
    Glad to see you on gab! I hope the site takes off, but to do that, we need good content for people to follow and share.


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