Diaper Report: 8/18/22

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This report centers on a personal experience earlier today. As I live out in the Woods, it is sometimes the case that when a new car gets dropped off for me to test drive, I have to drop off the guy who dropped it off at the airport to catch a flight back to the city.

That happened, again today. Only this time, I had to pick the driver up at the airport so he could pick up the car I had been driving (the Genesis G80 I recently wrote about). He’s a nice guy; I’ve known him for some time. He must not know how I feel about Face Diapers, though – because as soon as he got in the car for the ride back to my place, he put one of the loathsome devices on.

Then he said, “it’s to keep you safe.”

I told him I’m fine, that I’m not worried about it – that, indeed, he should not feel at all under pressure to wear that thing for my benefit. He could see that I wasn’t wearing one of the things, which ought to have clued him in to how I felt about the need – and efficacy – of the things.

He proceeded to explain that he had “tested positive” for the ‘Rona, as had his wife. That they had “quarantined” and that he believed he wasn’t contagious but felt better wearing the thing within the enclosed confines of the car.

Believed and felt in italics to convey the nature of the ongoing sickness we’re still dealing with.

My driver friend is not dumb. Like most of the people who drive for the companies that handle “press car” deliveries for the car companies, he’s an older, retired guy who is chiefly driving as a way to get paid to drive around the country in a brand-new car, with a car company paying for the gas. Yet he believes – and feels – that placing a thing over his face that makes him look like a fool will prevent him from spreading a sickness he got while probably wearing that very thing. Notwithstanding the Everest of evidence that these “masks” – as they are styled – serve no medicinal purpose whatsoever (and all the accruing evidence that they increase physical sickness by fostering the growth of bacteria and limiting the intake of oxygen, as well as the accruing evidence of the psychological damage they have been causing).

But he felt it would be the right thing to do to wear the thing, anyhow.

This being the evil genius inversion of these things. People had their moral sense used against them, to foster and propagate immorality. They were hectored – by the Authoritative Voices – that “wearing is caring.”

Remember that one?

Implicit in that one is its opposite; i.e., that if you do not wear – or question the wearing – then you do not care. Even though – cue the inversion – it is precisely a caring-very-much, for the truth, that impels those who do not wear and who question the wearing. It is they who refused to just believe  . . . whatever they were told. Who knew it was immensely wrong to “mask up” because by doing so, it affirmed – visually – the sick narrative that was eventually and inevitably used to all-but-gunpoint the populace into submitting to having themselves injected with “vaccines” that have proved to be neither “safe” nor “effective.”

Those who refused to “mask up” – and questioned the “masking” – were on to this intended inevitability; understood that A leads to B, when the principle justifying A is once accepted. How does one morally object to the need to be injected with a putative “vaccine” when one has been wearing a “mask” that indicates one believes the “wearing is caring” about mitigating the (supposedly) super-ultra-dangerous “virus” that’s floating about?

It is the same as trying to object to the government requiring every new car be equipped with air bags after having accepted that it was necessary – and right, in a moral sense – for the government to require every new car be equipped with seat belts. Similarly, if the government has the moral right – leave aside the issue of the power – to rob you of even a penny by calling it “taxes” then what is to stop the government from robbing you of everything you’ve got?

All too many people seem unable to see this. And so we get more of this.

And it won’t stop coming until people start thinking again – rather than believing and feeling. That can be stopped by no longer caring what deluded people believe – or feel. For such belief – such feeling – is not merely delusional, it is dangerous.

Never forget that most of the people you see wearing a “mask” now – by choice – are the very ones who likely would have amen’d those of us who didn’t share their beliefs and feelings being not just hounded but rounded up, sent to the stockades. Their beliefs and feelings may be genuine – and they may genuinely believe and feel they are in the right. But they are dangerously wrong and it is imperative that they understand we care very much about that.

. . .

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  1. “Wearing is caring”? As the great Homer Simpson once put it, “Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand”.

  2. You have to be a gullible fool to buy into the Con of Covid, got rocks in your head.

    Another sad story, you have to ask yourself how much longer it is going to be tolerated.

    Headline story at Newspunch dated May 17, 2022:

    Pro-Vaccine Doctor Baffled After 26-Year-Old Daughter Dies Suddenly ‘Without Cause’

    • “She never woke up.”
      That is exactly what happened to an otherwise healthy but vaxxed 59-year-old friend of mine.
      As one of the commenters wrote: has to be climate change.

  3. “NonCom” – I haven’t heard that one before. Not bad.

    Anyway, the masking seems to be wearing off, in that, in spite of the recent ZeroHedge article about how the FedGov is going to stop paying for ‘testing’ & such, I noticed that at a local FedGov installation, where masks are not required, they have telegraphed their intentions to begin ‘testing’ of those who refused The Clot Shot.

    …Strange, all that. I’m sure it gives hope of power to the petty tyrants who oversee all that. …It. Just. Seems. So. Pathetic. on their part, up and down the chains on command.

    I hope there’s Lots of pushback. As ‘testing’ is more insidious, than masking/face-diapering, imho.

    • Hi Helot,

      “Testing” rests on the same sick foundation – i.e., the presumption of sickness eternal. They both serve to normalize hypochondria. Submit to a “test” and you might as well wear a “mask.” It amounts to – it enables – the same thing.

      • I can’t wait to tell any person who says “Scuse me sir, you gotta test to enter”:
        Eat shit and die you fucking faggot.

  4. Thousands of Top Scientists Now Quietly Admit That Global Warming Is a SCAM


    but…..they won’t say one word on the bat germ bs ……paid off big time $$$$$$….and don’t want to end up like Abe…..

    So this is what happened to Shinzo Abe………..Japan one of the more intelligent countries…..


    • Anon, I’ve found that when the warming cult’s stenographers say “study,” what they are referring to is almost always just a computer model.
      It reminds me of all those stories about how the FBI just thwarted another horrific terrorist plot. If you read to the end of the story, you’ll find that what our heroes really did was find some pathetic sucker and talk him into taking possession of a fake bomb that they made for him.

  5. I like how the believers faith in the talisman they wear on their face emboldens them to put themselves in tight quarters with others, though they very well may contagious with “the deadly disease”, thinking that even if they are contagious that the talisman will somehow protect those around them.

    So the masks essentially help spread the flu [Not that it’s deadly to normal non-elderly healthy people- but who wants to get the flu?] by making those who are, or who have recently been sick (or at least who think that they are by reason of a ‘test’) and thus who may be legitimately contagious, think that they will not spread their sickness as long as they wear the completely inefficacious talisman.

    This is akin to getting blotto and then putting a St. Christopher medal on the dash to ‘keep others safe’ and then driving in rush-hour traffic.

    The flu doesn’t scare me, but the insanity of a government that would erect such a construct as this ridiculous Kabuki, and a society which would heartily believe in it….THAT scares me!

    • Yes, Nunzio: moral hazard. When a person believes he is protected from the consequences of his risk-taking, he is likely to take more risks. He probably will go faster and take more chances if he’s driving a modern car with seat belts and 47 airbags than if he’s rattling around in a ’58 Chevy convertible.
      And moral hazard aside, wearing a mask makes an infected person more of a spreader than he would be otherwise. When you’re sitting next to somebody with a respiratory virus, if he’s wearing a spit-soaked rag on his face, every time he exhales he’s blowing that filth right toward you at high velocity through the gaps around the edges.
      And for the wearer, there’s the Foegen effect.

  6. An immune system is like body and mind: use it or lose it; no pain, no gain. You have to make your immune system work to keep it strong. You have to expose it to bad things to make it learn how to fight them.

    Thinking you stay healthy by hiding from a virus is as dumb as thinking you stay strong by sitting on the couch all day.

  7. At the grocery store this weekend, I saw a young mom with her three year old daughter in the top part of the cart. Both diapered up. After receiving her bags of deli meat, the mom then proceeded to get out the bottle of hand sanitizer and rub the lotion on her skin. Did the same for her daughter. Infuriating. But I will confess my sin here – I said nothing, nor did I point and laugh.

    • Hi BAC,

      I’ll raise you…

      Dawn and I took the bike out last week. As we reached the T intersection down the road, I prepared to turn left. A car was just then crossing the main road (headed down my road). Driving it was a young guy, by himself . . . wearing his training garment.

      I made the hand motions the Clown Doctor (Media Bear) makes… the sad little creature didn’t get it.

  8. I thunk thats what bothered me the most about the mask wearers. The ones who felt THEY did not need to mask because you see they were vaxxed. They had new rights over the non vaxxed and were proud and loud about it. I took it very personally that they were wanting to go so far to control me that they were happy to restrict my oxygen in order to feel control of me. It made me think much less of them.

  9. This doesn’t have to do with masking, but just another thing that large corporations and government are pushing. Read your labels!


    We have noticed over the last two years that our food is being transformed. It tastes different, smells different, etc. The bug eating propaganda has been ongoing for close to a decade, but it seems that the narrative is getting stronger, especially this year, as celebrity after celebrity has endorsed this new “protein.”

    Let’s be honest, the government and businesses have never cared for our health. If they did we would not have lab created ingredients in our food supply or such chemicals as propylene glycol, titanium dioxide, food coloring, and cottonseed oil.

    I don’t trust this new bug push. To me it’s just another way of pushing a parable that allows the elites more and more control over our bodies and well being. It is never for the greater good.

  10. Guess what? People are now unhappy that “The Science” no longer suits their psychotic agenda and are happily second guessing the reduction of these insane restritions.

    They won’t let it go. They love their ball and chain and they want it for themselves, and you and me forever.

    Now, states, local governments, stores, employers and adding their own restrictions because the top-down tyranny has been relaxed. Just like your driver. The people have not been able to understand that science doesn’t work by consensus but government tyranny does.

    It was never about science and still isn’t. It’s never been about anything beyond control and that is something that these damaged goods people are somehow in love with, i.e., the idea of controlling the behavior of others because they say so.

    This is why they will not debate or attempt to understand opposing ideas. It’s never been about an objective analysis of reality. It’s plainly the absurdity of “do as the mob demands whether right or wrong, because we have more force than you.”

  11. Let’s be honest here. The people that are wearing masks and claiming it’s because they “care” about you are the same ones that would happily see the full force of government brought down upon you for not “complying”. Whether that means direct violence of being beaten up, shot or jailed or indirect violence like fines, makes no difference to them. They’re happy about it and celebrate it openly.

    These people don’t give the slightest fuck about anyone else’s well being. What they’re really trying to do is guilt you into “caring” about *them* on their terms. Period.

    I cut to the chase and am very blunt. No, I don’t care about you (if you’re one of those people). I’ve got one word for you if you think being near me is dangerous… “run”. You have zero expectations of me performing or doing anything for you. Period. I owe you nothing at all.

    If I elect otherwise, which I might, then I have given you something of value. Whiat will you give in return? Nothing? Fine, then there will be no further such election on my part.

    However, if I think someone is a lunatic liberal, there will be no such generous election ever. They are complicit in incalculable damage at the hands of the lunatics in our government. They are the volunteer army and are part of its violence. They have injured all of us.

  12. I had to finally visit the doctor’s office to get my ‘government medical’ to keep my Class 1 (transport truck) license in Canada last week.

    On the door was one of the big 2021 posters that had lies all over it … “Vaccination gives you a 95% chance of not passing on Covid”… blah blah. All totally proven to be horsepucky at this pont.

    When I went inside, a nurse extended a mask, holding it in BBQ tongs so as not to get TOO close! I took the mask, held it in my hand and told her I would wait outside till they called me in.

    What a world.

    • Hi Rodrigo,

      Gawd. The fact that it’s doctors – the “health care” apparat – that still clings most tenaciously to the Kabuki only affirms the untrustworthiness, cowardice and much worse than that of the health care apparat. We know that “masks” and “vaccines” have been utterly discredited by now, so they have to know. And yet….

      • Hi Eric,
        Not just “by now.” When this mask nonsense started in 2020, it took me about five minutes to find nine randomized controlled trials showing that no mask – not an N-95 respirator, not a surgical mask, and certainly not the ridiculous cloth contraptions that people were wearing – had any effect on the spread of respiratory viruses. It was common knowledge. A doctor would have laughed at you if you showed up in his office wearing one.
        And if masks are such a great prophylactic, then why weren’t they insisting that we all wear them every flu season before 2020? My wife used to work in the lab in a large doctors’ building, so I would go in there quite often, in addition to my own infrequent office visits. Outside of the surgical area, I never saw anyone wearing a mask before 2020.

        • Hi Roland,

          Point well taken. My dad and grandfather were both MDs;I grew up around hospitals. So I also knew it was pure theater from the get-go. I also knew that a “case” meant a person sick enough to be under a doctor’s care, usually in the hospital. Not a positive test.

  13. Remember the mandated nazi needles?

    Canada, (but will others follow too?), will become one of the few nations in the world allowing assisted dying for people whose sole underlying condition is depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD or any other mental affliction……

    in china not agreeing with the government narrative is considered a form of insanity……so you get mandated MAID?…medical assistance in death…..look out…..

    there is a precedent for mandated injections, was it a setup for this?
    mandated injections not for just bat germ bs………..maybe for wrong think too?

  14. Know a bunch of people I’m aquatinted with who’ve recently “tested positive” even though they’re not sick. WTF is the point of testing yourself if you have no symptoms? There seems to be a group of brainwashed Covidiots who test themselves on a regular basis and will probably continue to do so the rest of their lives. Sigh, my circle of true friends keeps shrinking; thanks Eric for maintaining this site, helps me keep sane.

    • Indeed, Mike!

      A “sickness”so awful you have to be tested to know you’ve got it…

      It’s another example of literal – DSM – hypochondria. Three years ago, people who were obsessed with sickness, constantly went to doctors even though they had no real issues, were regarded as having a mental problem. Now the medical system regards them as the sane ones. It’s truly crazy.

      Thanks, by the way, for your support – I need to get you a new coaster!

  15. The globalist/satanist control group at the top want to own and control you like cattle.

    These monsters think/say they are the new gods, a long time ago there was a warning about an antichrist taking over, the antichrist is multiple as in antichrists, there is 3000 monsters at the top controlling this reset, they are the antichrists, replacing a good god, with satan.

    The new olympians, the guardians, that is what the globalist/satanist/one world government trash call themselves, the new gods.

    Big Pharma is one of the tools they use for control, they spent billions of dollars over the last 120 years brain washing people to believe their narrative and believe in their wonderful allopathic medicine. All medical alternatives were shut down.

    It has been very successful, 99.95 % of people believe in their germ theory, it was proven false, fake science, 120 years ago but it doesn’t matter, people believe in it , it is not backed by science, can’t be proven scientifically, it is only a belief, so it is a religion, a religious cult.

    People believe in and defend this cult’s beliefs very aggressively, do not question it or you will be attacked, demonized, it is a very aggressive cult. These are rabid cultists.

    Do people really believe these lies?….Sure look how many wear masks or lined up for the nazi needle.

    the control group does not permit any deprogramming attempts.

    Do not watch this deprogramming attempt….lol


    • Big pharma turned ignorant morons into weapons, weaponized stupidity…

      Big Pharma spent billions of dollars over the last 120 years brain washing people to believe their fake science narrative…. the latest is the bat germ bs, masking, nazi needles, lock downs

      People believe in and defend this big pharma religious cult’s beliefs very aggressively, it is a very aggressive cult. These are rabid cultists.

  16. “what is to stop the government from robbing you of everything you’ve got?”
    Indeed Eric. Given the authority to tax, what limits the RATE at which you are taxed? Nothing but the fear of an uprising, or an economy so poor it is no longer worth taxing. The masking is a clear marker on those that would NOT rise up if they were taxed at 100%, and would instead go begging to the state to let them eat and live in government housing. Every single government is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey.

  17. Sanity is winning. CDC is changing guidance slowly. Parents are refusing to inject their babies. The evidence of Pfizer Pfraud is mounting.

    The scales are starting to fall from eyes of the duped. Nothing is 100%, but those who have stood strong, stood for reason, science, and proof are being seen as the honest ones in this escapade.

    The injected are realizing they were lied to. The numbers and personal experiences can’t be hidden forever. 30% said F U and are being proven right.

    The doctors, journalists, scientists, and data analysts who refused to be canceled, stood in the face of professional persecution and are still pounding the drum. All that is needed is for people to keep realizing what has happened – and don’t let it happen again.

    • ——“The doctors, journalists, scientists, and data analysts who refused to be canceled, stood in the face of professional persecution and are still pounding the drum.”

      There are some high profile names that match this description that also happen to make their living selling the “it’s real” but this or that aspect of the “measures” is wrong spiel. The majority, the rank and file, of these professions still push the entire “approved narrative” of “the science” relentlessly. They’d do it again tomorrow, given the opportunity. Don’t get it twisted.

    • Hi Dan, you’re right that many people are finally waking up. Be careful about the CDC, though, as a lot of libertarian sites are celebrating Wolensky’s statement as an admission of failure. But if you read closely what she actually said, they’re basically asking for more federal money and more staffing in order to be able to come down harder on us the next time around.

      • Jim,
        Right. As with all failed government programs, it just takes more money. I hold hope that a few more eyes will be opened that the CDC should not be listened to. The more that see, the harder it is to screw everyone next time.

    • World governments are preparing for an Extinction Level Event (ELE) + CDC reverses itself on every pillar of COVID theater

      The first story concerns new intel from commercial suppliers, indicating that governments of the world are stockpiling supplies like never before, seemingly in anticipation of an Extinction Level Event (ELE) that threatens to wipe out the vast majority of human beings living today.

      Suddenly now, the CDC says their previous guidelines don’t apply any longer. They’ve dropped their demands on masks, vaccinated vs. unvaccinated people, social distancing, mandatory quarantines, keeping exposed children out of school and even about running covid tests on asymptomatic people (i.e. testing those who aren’t even sick).

      This is a shocking, wholesale reversal of most of the lies the CDC been pushing for years, and it begs the question: Will all the employees who were fired for questioning the CDC’s previous “guidance” now get their jobs back? Will they get back pay?

      Will Big Tech reverse all the censorship and deplatforming of people who questioned the CDC’s lies?

      Will there be any apology from the complicit media outlets that peddled the CDC’s propaganda for the last 2+ years?


    • ‘Those who have stood strong, stood for reason, science, and proof are being seen as the honest ones in this escapade.’ — Dan

      Except by our corrupt Tech Lords:

      ‘Instagram and Facebook suspended Children’s Health Defense this week after the anti-vaccine group led by Robert Kennedy Jr. repeatedly violated rules prohibiting misinformation about COVID-19.

      ‘A nonprofit, Children’s Health Defense is one of the most influential anti-vaccine organizations active on social media, where it has spread misleading claims about vaccines and other public health measures designed to control the pandemic.

      ‘In a statement, Kennedy compared Facebook’s actions to government censorship, even though Facebook is a private company that can set and enforce its own rules about misinformation.

      “Facebook is acting here as a surrogate for the federal government’s crusade to silence all criticism of draconian government policies,” Kennedy said. — Ape News

      Note the little twist in para 3, in which Ape News defends Facebook’s privilege as a private company to oppose ‘misinformation.’

      Actual ‘news’ no longer exists. It’s all advocacy journalism and editorializing, as America’s bankrupt empire swirls down the drain.

      • Hi Anon,

        The “social media” companies – the corporations – are all in thrall to the Woke Left. This is a function of the Woke Left now having the support of a third to half the country. The cities and major population areas are lost. The people there will not “get it” until it is too late for them to “get it.” They are the enemy. It is reality. They and we are irreconcilable. It is always thus with regard to Communists – which is what we are dealing with, in fact if not in name. There are two ways of effectively dealing with them. One is separation – and containment. NonComs find a way to separate themselves from the Communists and then secure and defend their territory against them. The other alternative is to clean house. I much prefer the former to the latter as I am a peaceful man by nature and only ask to be let alone – and am happy to extend the same courtesy to others. But when I am faced with a person – or an ideology – that will never leave me alone then there is only one way to handle that.

    • One opinion out there is Trump will be the scapegoat, get blamed for the vax deaths/injuries because he backed/cheer leaded the mandated injections…..

      • Hi Anon,

        I have heard that also. And if so, Trump will have deserved it the blame – or played his role. Whichever doesn’t really matter. His refusal to change course on the “vaccines” even after it became evident they were no such things – and a much worse thing – disqualifies him from ever being trusted with anything, by anyone.

        • Hi Eric

          Did Trump not see the trap? cheer leading the nazi needle would end up with him being the fall guy for all the death/injuries? maybe too much big pharma brain washing?….poisonous injections are safe and effective….lol….especially gene altering ones…

  18. I’ve been watching the Westworld series on HBO. For the most part I skip the review, theme intro and the promo for the next episode. But this week, being the season ending they had a short behind the scenes piece. Watching the director fiddle with his mask… I mean, the talent isn’t masked because they’re on camera. The crew is masked all around him. When he gives someone direction he drops the mask and speaks, then puts it back up while listening. He must have done this a dozen times over the span of a 10 minute short. Some in the crew did the same thing. And he is a Hollywood elite type, not some bozo.

    Either he’s an idiot or was in on the con.

  19. There are still a few maskers in my area. I pay no mind to them since it’s the same thing as shouting “I’m an imbecile”. Kinda like those with the biden/harris stickers on the car.

  20. We recently went to an animal shelter, after two years of staying away due to the “masks.” The older gentleman who showed us one of the dogs was wearing a facial diaper and keeping “his distance.” He explained that he has a young granddaughter and so he and his wife “test” weekly. I made a comment (to the dog) that he (dog) didn’t have to be muzzled, but people do, apparently.

    The man, without missing a beat, heard me, and said, “dogs don’t get covid, it is spread among humans.”


  21. This post is complementary to the earlier post regarding fakery. Sickness is real but the novel “one virus” is fake. It is this fakery that is the root of all the novel “measures”, including diapers. The one virus compares 100% to the flu, including causing loss of taste & smell and mortality in the old and infirm, but, to some, nuh uh, it’s different this time. Everything is being faked, even car exhaust noise fer chrissakes but, nuh uh, they wouldn’t fake a novel virus. Nuh uh. No way.

  22. I can’t help but feel complete disgust whenever I see someone in one. I don’t detest the individual, but impetuously I think “sheep.” That person drops a few pegs in my subconscious. They can be a very nice person, and many are, but I automatically realize I am not dealing with a fellow subverter, so I lose interest in trying to find common ground or sparking up a conversation.

    The mask tells you everything you need to know about them. When times were rough in 2020 these “believers” would have had no issue if armed men gathered the lot of us and parked us somewhere in Death Valley to die of thirst and be pecked by vultures.

    I have very little sympathy for the adults, all of my compassion goes to the children who didn’t have a say in the matter in regard to masking and vaxxing. I have serious concern on how their young lives will unravel.

    • Amen, RG –

      I’m civil to them – but uninterested in them. As you say, they “drop a few pegs.” I understand many of them are not “bad” people – in the sense of being deliberately evil. That they have been misled and are just trying to do the “right” thing – as they see it.

      But the bottom line is they’re dangerous dupes – and (as you say) I have no doubt that most of them would have totally supported throwing people like us in Gulags for not “believing” and “feeling.”

      So – excuse the French – fuck ’em. The are the “cattle” the elites consider them to be.

      • A bit of a nitpick if you will.

        “…many of them are not “bad” people… they have been misled and are just trying to do the “right” thing…”

        Correction: few of them are not bad people and those have been misled.

        Just can’t agree with the phrase “many of them”. This gets us in to the definition of what constitutes “many”, and also what we mean when we say “bad people”. Leave that for another day. Regardless, when your default position is that many in this group of people are well intentioned, it seems pretty obvious to me (and probably “many” of Eric’s readers) that they clearly are not. Now this could just be a slip of the tongue on Eric’s part, who knows…and who could care you might ask. But when we give those people the benefit of the doubt that many are are good, conscientious & benevolent people, that sets up in the readers mind something akin to the idea that, ah shucks, it’s just a few bad apples causing all our problems. And in this case nothing could be further from the truth. Most of them are clearly bad people, and some are no doubt psychotic, schizophrenic or deranged.

        • I can’t agree more. Most of them are clearly bad people in any way in which I would measure good or bad. They mostly have in mind the ability to force others to do things. Whether those things make sense or not, whether desired or not, whether healthy or not.

          Now, they might not realize that they are not good people. And that’s further part of the problem. They seem to think otherwise, and I don’t care what they think about it.

          They tell me to “stay safe”. I don’t want people telling me what to do. You can encourage me to do things, suggest that I do things, but telling me to stay anything is not OK. It’s gone too far, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a demand and it’s for their presumed benefit regardless of the expense to me.

          Wearing masks means breathing fibers and collected bacteria, etc. Even if that weren’t the case somehow, it restricts the flow of oxygen which is necessary for energy and life. Do not restrict my life for one second, you have no right.

    • I think “pusillanimous”, “ninny”, “effeminate wimp”, or “milquetoast” when I see a man in a face diaper.

      I think “overly anxious/credulous” or “unduly trustful of authority” when I see a woman in a face diaper. I guess I’m a little easier on them.

      When the whole thing started & I refused to wear one, my dad (who fell for the whole thing hook line and sinker) called me a “biker.” Which I’m not, is not an image I try to cultivate or project, I don’t dress that way (sometimes I wear cowboy boots), but I was not at all insulted by that. I guess I would like to buy a motorcycle someday (but no way in hell am I getting an electric one).

    • There is an old saying, “Wear your heart on your sleeve.”
      Seems to me that “maskers” “wear their stupid on their face.”
      Might as well have “Idiot” tattooed across your forehead.
      Useful information, ITLR.

      My question is, “Who put the stupid in the drinking water?
      POE, OPE, it’s one of those.

      • Hi Anon,

        There is a double-whammy thing going on. What I mean is on the one hand, I (and I suspect many others) feel a combination of disgust and anger whenever we see a “masked” person. We regard them as dangerous imbeciles, something less than fully human, even. This is of course true – and yet, it is also bad in that we are dehumanizing our fellow man. Yes, they deserve it.But they also deserve better. It’s a multifaceted tragedy.

        • Hi, Eric,
          For me it is more like a mixture of contempt, and sympathy for their ignorance. I have long since regarded the “face mask” as a religious garment. Those of us who have been properly trained to work in IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life and Health) environments are well aware that surgeon’s masks are *NOT* personal protective equipment and are of less than zero value from a hygiene standpoint.

          Hey, if you want to wear a religious garment, fine. Just don’t ask me to join your religion.
          As the late, great George Carlin put it, “Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself.”


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