Dealing With Diaper Doubts?

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A reader brings up an important issue – doubt, fed by gaslit guilt-tripping – which I publish below, along with my reply:

This past week I saw an ad for CNN on TV that stated “masks say a lot the people who wear them” and showed an array of Face Diapers with slogans like “Black Lives Matter” and “Civic Duty,” then the screen goes blank and it states :“But it says even more about those who don’t”. It concludes with the words “Please, wear your mask” and the CNN logo with “Facts Matter” under it. I’ve also seen various commercials with actors wearing Face Diapers (even if they don’t specifically mention “The Pandemic”) and Uber recently released one that, like CNN, showed a variety of Face Diapers and said, “Masks protect everyone.  No mask, no ride.” 

It seems like the government, media, and corporations are pushing Face Diapers every chance they get, into every facet of life. Intellectually, I realize that this is all manipulation, but sometimes I feel like the characters on Scooby Doo — no matter how many bogus hauntings they’d uncovered in the past, they’d they’d still get scared of each new case, thinking it was the Real Thing. Do you have those nagging “what if they’re right this time?” fears about WuFlu, Diapers, etc.? If so, how do you combat them? I don’t feel like I should completely ignore the media (because if I don’t at least know what they’re saying, how do I argue against it?) but it gets draining seeing and hearing the propaganda all the time.  Any advice? Thanks!

Yes. It is that facts do matter. And it is a fact that that a person who isn’t sick can’t get anyone sick. Forcing healthy people to wear a Face Diaper on the theory that they might be sick is an assertion, not a fact. It is insulting and tyrannical to expect – to pressure – people to pretend they are what they aren’t because someone asserts they might be. Imagine insisting all women wear a burka because all women are whores and the Face Diaper keeps them from tempting men. Whoops. They do that in some Muslim countries. Why not assert that everyone might have fleas because it is possible someone might and fleas can distribute Bubonic Plague and therefore everyone must wear a flea collar, just in case?

The list of possibilities is practically limitless because there is almost no limit to what can be asserted – which is practically anything, since it requires no proof.

Do we want to live in a country where assertions are sufficient to impose burdens on people? To impose degradations on them?

It is degrading to walk around with a Face Diaper on. It makes the wearer look like an imbecile, first of all. Because a disposable, ill-fitting Face Diaper doesn’t “stop the spread”of anything – even assuming you were sick. Much less a filthy old bandana. The fact that both of these qualify as “face coverings” is proof certain that this business has nothing to do with health and everything to do with demoralizing the population. Face Diapers are about training; they are the symbol of submission to arbitrary authority.

They are also alienating and dehumanizing. We are wired by nature to read other people’s faces when we interact with them. Face Diapers turn people into look-alike NPC “bots” – it is deeply disturbing to see oceans of faceless people. It is especially brutal on interactions between children and adults, and people trying to establish intimacy.

The whole thing is loathsome beyond words, almost.

As for “what if they’re right” … That’s gaslighting. The fact that you raise the question shows how effective it is – despite the facts. And don’t feel bad, I’ve felt it also. All of us have, I suspect. But hold onto those facts!

Don’t feel guilty about spreading a sickness you haven’t got anymore than you’d feel guilty about raping a woman you never met because someone asserts – well, you might do it one day…

I am adamant about not Diapering because Diapering is the literal symbol of a doctrine I have been battling all my professional life. It is the idea of presumptive (and collective) guilt.

It is a doctrine that has been percolating upward for decades and can be traced to the normalizing of “checkpoints” (DWI, seatbelt, etc.) and arbitrary/causeless drug testing as a condition of employment back in the ’80s and then – after Nahhhnnnnnlevven – the habituation of the flying public to being treated as presumptive “terrorists.”

That got the public ready for this.

G-P Middle School – PODS System for Face-to-Face Learning from Gregory-Portland ISD on Vimeo.

Now we are all presumed to be disease-spreading lepers and thus pressured to wear a Face Diaper. The next logical step will be the pressure – economic probably as much as legal – to accept being Needled and Tracked. Accompanying this will be a cashless society that notes your every economic move – and social act – and turns off your ability to transact if your actions are not “socially approved.”

This ought by now to be so obvious as to be indisputable but I suspect many who know it don’t want to face it because it is such a horrible – so evil – a thing that it does not bear thinking about.

Which is why we must face it.

And why we must show our faces.

. . .

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  1. Stay mobile. “Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you aren’t willing to walk away from in 30 seconds flat when you feel the heat coming around the corner.” R. DeNiro, Heat.

  2. I just now got around to watching the video about the Portland Middle School. How sickening! No wonder there are so many non-thinking conformists these days.

    • That is just pure-fucking evil. How could any parent subject their child to that prison. I worked in a prison, and prisoners have more freedom of movement in prison than those poor traumatized kids do.

  3. I caved in!

    I needed a haircut and it was the first time I wore a face diaper!!

    My hair grows fast/thick and the heat drove me crazy so I caved!!! The only time for a diaper(well twice for a haircut,only time and never will enter a store/business that requires a diaper and I wont wear one agian)!

    The thing is,they young early 20 female who cut my hair was against face diapers and didn’t believe the whole deadly virus story!! Was I shocked,I was thinking she would be a sheep and tell me how dangerous everything was! Young 25 year old, I thought for sure she would be in full sheep mode! Nope!!

    I did go back again,same young lady and it’s not her fault she is forced to wear a diaper and customers are forced to use a diaper.She was out of work for 3 months and I guess when you have no income coming in,you would reluctantly wear a face diaper..

    She brought up the situation and how she felt it was overblown then we started to talk and she is like us! So,to support people like us I went back and I gave her a huge tip! She even asked are you sure lol..(about the tip I mean)…

    I feel like I caved because I wore a diaper to get a haircut..I guess I should have let my hair grow like a caveman and stood my ground,but I caved…never again!

    Now I started to think(like many),if they tell us to get a vaccine or no working for you,no groceries etc..I really wonder what would happen,we would need mass group of people protesting this and not caving in!! I would stand and not cave on that front..No vaccine for me!! No more face diapers!

    I am so infuriated about this whole situation..and more so confused on how/why so many people are freaking out and went along with this shutdown!! How could this happen,are we doomed?

    **I will never wear a Face Diaper for a Haircut again,as now I have her number and she cuts hair (for friends/family) at her home or mine! Don’t worry people,I bring my Wife with me!!!She now does her hair as well! Good thing they hit it off too,do they ever talk&talk&talk lol…The second time I went in(to her employment),my Wife came in as well and gave my Wife her number and said she cuts hair etc from home as well..She now is a good friend,albeit 20 years younger but still! So I caved for a diaper,but it turned out good in the end! Never a diaper..We have to stand our ground,sometimes we cave and sometimes that one or two times it works out!

    Sorry for my rambling,my mind goes off with anything about the Coronavirus,masks,social distancing it drives me crazy!

    • That Guy, I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it. :). In a few instances it is impossible to get around it. I had to visit the hospital in July and they required a mask to be worn. I racked my brain weeks before the appointment how I was going to get around this. I finally decided to go with a full fledged Halloween costume. The mask covered my entire head and the outfit my entire body including feet and hands. When I arrived at the hospital I received a few chuckles from the staff and even a few pics…I looked like I was dressed up for a kid’s birthday party. I also received a few eye rolls, but to each their own. In my head I followed their stupid protocol, but I was still able to give a big “ screw it” to the rules.

  4. Do ya’ll remember the Trump campaign saying in 2016? “Bravery is contagious”. I remember hearing that and recall my chest swelling with pride. Finally somebody grew a set, manned up and called a spade a spade. It was like a breath of fresh mountain air after being in a smoky old bar.

    Where these faggot masks are concerned I make a habit of smiling and nodding at anyone without one or when someone fidgets with one trying to get out of wearing it. When I meed a friendly I stick out my hand for a handshake of greeting. If the other guy offers a fist of an elbow I say “I’m not a leper! Shake my hand Brother!” You’d be surprised what a great offense some friendly encouragement is. People are lonely and scared. Even the smallest gesture of kindness and leadership is enthusiastically received.

    We must be evangelists for freedom and dignity. People long for it.

  5. The only possible “doubt” that I have is that there may be a really wicked virus that will be released this coming winter. As the great and not so famous Tom woods said recently regarding the boy who cried wolf. There was an actual wolf in the story! Let’s hope it ends on a similar note as the fable. That the sheep and the town cryers are the ones eaten by it. One can hope, right?

    I sure as hell won’t be putting my trust in some paper/cloth face-maxi to save me though. I stay fit, try and get plenty of fresh, air clean food and vitamin D laden sunshine. Stay the hell away from doctors and hospitals and we’ll mostly be fine.

  6. So will there be a backlash in November or not? It’s pretty clear that the Democrats are following the communist playbook, somehow seeing weakness in the Republican Party and planning on a Chinese-style one party rule in the coming years. But they’re missing the fact that sporting goods stores are advertising that they have ammo for sale because it sells out immediately, something that didn’t happen even at the height of the Obama “they’re cummin’ for your gunz” hysteria. It’s trivial to download G-code for machining your own firearms, and modding for full-auto can be done by even the most incompetent handyman with instructions from many sources. And setting up a basic machine shop in an outbuilding (and heating it with waste oil) is pretty easy if you’ve got a little property.

    The Grizzly Creek (Glenwood Canyon) fire, which closed I-70 for most of the month of August, was listed as “human caused.” That’s all we’ve heard about it. Glenwood Canyon is full of CDOT cameras, and there was a construction crew working on the westbound deck at the time. Something smells a little fishy about the “human caused” story. Either they know something that they aren’t willing to talk about in public, or the media is declining to give us the full story because it doesn’t fit the peaceful protest narrative.

    Meanwhile, over night there was a chemical spill in a suburban high school outside Denver (might be paywalled):

    “Crews suited up to decontaminate the building and found that chlorine, gas and muriatic acid had mixed in the control room of the school’s pool, South Metro Fire Rescue said on Twitter.”

    It just happened, like how daddy’s little girl got pregnant through immaculate conception, right? My guess is some kids were playing l’il anarchist, or one of the teachers was protesting their need to report back to work, but we’ll probably never know because the 5 W’s of reporting no longer apply.

    Happy 9/11 day!

    • I’ve been informed that some of the fires in Oregon are arson. Anything to do with the ongoing and state and local government approved unrest in Portland….Hmmm? The japanese knew during WW2 that the Western USA was a tinder box in late summer and sent high flying balloons into the jet stream with explosives to start fires. Ya think Antifa (Biden voters) might be thinking on ways to destroy and remake the country into their own liking, might be tempting. Or maybe it is a gender identity coming out parties (Biden voters) using parks to avoid covid restrictions?

      • I am of the mind that they are the result of directed energy warfare from satellites or flying objects. Never in history have so many fires burned for so long that were merely caused by a bunch of Earth First Hippies or Antifa arsonists. No, I believe that this has come from above.

    • My guess is they’re cagey about actual reasons under the “human-caused wildfire” so the public assumption is arson or that humans are buffoons (which isn’t all wrong of course). Often enough “human-caused” is nothing more than accident. Grizzly Creek could have been hot work by the crews or someone’s trailer chain dragging. Things that a lot of people might conclude more care would be prudent but wouldn’t support a leap to a straw man to vilify mankind generally.

      The chemical situation over in Denver may be intentional. But then again people often make chemical mistakes, such as mixing bleach with various acids, ammonia or alcohol. In this age of COVID induced hysteria to disinfect every damn thing people waging chemical warfare inadvertently has got to be a rising occurrence. Both chlorine and muriatic acid would be used in a pool, so that’s not hard to chalk up to a similar mistake thinking you can pre-mix them. What I don’t follow is “gas” in the article. Do they mean gasoline? Or is it a typo and should be chlorine gas (no comma) and muriatic acid? Or perhaps some other grammatical error such as chlorine gas was created when sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) and muriatic acid came into contact, which could have been accidentally or due to a plumbing leak.

      Eventually details will be public and you are 100% correct that the media is useless in any sort of independent investigative work. And it’s not just a question of being active propagandists. It’s a lot easier to earn a buck parroting government and corporate press releases than doing the legwork.

      What it comes down to for me is that you should “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

      • Normally I’m the first to agree. But something about the way a lot of this stuff is being reported sounds a little fishy. We know the MSM is all in on the NWO and against Trump’s trolling. We know there’s a global agenda (just look at the spread of “Build Back Better” all over the world), and we know that the color revolutions that spread around the Middle East during the Obama/Biden/Clinton administration started much the same way, with civil unrest in the cities.

        In 2018 there was a very large “human caused” fire started in Basalt, CO. The cause of the Lake Christine Fire was known and published within hours, which was a few kids shooting incendiary rounds at a range. It fit the narrative that guns are evil and need to be outlawed, so we never heard the end of it. If the cause of Grizzly Creek was someone not hitching up the safety chains and letting them drag, or someone tossing a butt out the window, why not raise the same hyperbole over it? After all, it would be a good thing if people were more careful with their safety chains, and of course evil cigarettes can always be scapegoated.

        But instead we get vague reasons and no follow up.

        • Then there’s Terry Barton, the US Forest Service employee who started the Hayman Fire. It’s not really clear if that was intentional or simply negligence but it wasn’t an honest accident.

          The rash of fire starts that happened in late July, early August was suspicious. Pine Gulch was pretty assuredly lightning. The rest and several other starts that local FDs got on top just seemed to keep coming like wack-a-mole.

          Even though I’m not indifferent to the possibility of malicious intent with propagandist media cover-ups there’s also a lot of people tired of being in house arrest and out of work such that most everywhere you go it’s a sea of RVs and people. So it could just be a question of probabilities.

          • Again, I’m inclined to agree but the other side of the argument is that we know that ANTIFA is trying to overthrow governments and society. We know one stated tactic (learned from the greens) is to tie up first responders with nuisance calls to overwhelm the system.

            I’m reminded of that day when I had the summer job at the grocery store. The manager told us to be on the lookout for “gypsies” who were going through town. Sure enough a bunch of them came through the checkout lines at the same time with a ton of food, started arguing with the cashiers and bothering the baggers while others ran out the entrance with shopping carts full of food. Luckily the produce manager was watching the door.

  7. 1 year ago when I moved – I made an active decision NOT go subscribe to any cable / satellite / network (despite getting it practically free as I have the fastest broadband available). Didn’t even bother plugging in an aerial to the TV. Now i feel so much better and relaxed, as all my media is what I want to watch from the web – none of the constant propaganda being pushed down on me and my family fearmongering about what’s happening. Though I do occasionally hold my nose and go to the websites of the mainstream press to see what they are pushing. i would honestly recommend it to anyone… the traditional is beyond useless now, just a propaganda outlet for the establishment (I mean when Larry King himself says CNN is no longer news – what more do you need!!)

  8. The Vimeo video is repulsive. I have two pre teens (homeschooled) and even if they were publicly educated I could not fathom putting them in such an environment. The humiliation and emotional detachment that these children must be experiencing will stay with them forever. Not being able to communicate with their friends, the lack of facial expressions, and the militant rules….why would any parent accept this? I love my country, but we have lost our will to fight, especially for our own flesh and blood.

    Eric, I really appreciate your articles. It is nice to see a few renegades are still out there.

    • Hi Raider,

      This assault on the psychological health of kids is being done to kids on the basis of a practically nonexistent threat to their physical health (the asserted number of Corona deaths in the school-age demographic is around 320 nationally) in order to acclimate them to prison life.

      They are literally being treated like convicts. Walk here; stand there. Do not approach. Do not touch. Remain apart. Permission required for the smallest act – all acts (even going to the bathroom) monitored in a degrading/humiliating manner.

      It’s infuriating – and yet, the very people who ought to be infuriated (parents) seem not to be. Many of them are demanding these kinds of measures; many are passively accepting them.

      I know I would not and am glad you aren’t, either.

      Rest assured, I will not let this go – and thank you for the kind words!

  9. I’m in the process of re-reading a 48-page report – I’m especially concerning myself with how to “break the spell” of propaganda. Not for myself, I never bought into this bullshit from the beginning. But how to educate others (or deprogram them). Not sure it can be done, but I do have to wonder if there is a way to do it. I’ve got some books and articles on deprogramming people (like from cults) that I want to peruse as well, though I’m not so sure it’s do-able. Thoughts?

  10. I felt a brief moment of fear in the beginning when someone we knew contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized and dead within a few days. In fact, he was the first person in Tulsa, OK to die “of COVID”.

    He was an elderly man with a severe underlying lung condition. When the media reported this as the “first COVID death in Tulsa” and also reported NO OTHER KNOWN HEALTH PROBLEMS I knew this kind of omission was made purposefully and was meant to spread fear. At that point, my fear dissipated and has not returned.

  11. Gregory-Portland School District better have a supply of Prozac on hand by October! cuz these “little brains of mush” are definitely going to be “Mush” by then…..maybe before.


  12. Oh the irony of FACTS!

    They go on and on and on about FACTS. And then totally disregard them! And then accuse those of pointing it out for disregarding “science”!

    It’s insanity.

    The last couple of days, the media has been slamming the Sturgis bike rally for “creating” 250,000 new cases of “the virus”. Only thing is, it’s totally false, the story is based on a very badly done “study” (its not even peer reviewed by those crazies in charge). If you look at actual facts you find less than 300 cases that might be related. Yes, might. That is an absurdly low number. It almost doesn’t even register.

    We had this huge event, and it spread almost nothing. There will likely be more cases of VD then the virus. Shows that all this craziness is totally unnecessary.

    The orange man was right to downplay it. And they tattle on and on how he wanted to bury it.

    Never mind he was right to think it wasn’t the big deal they have made it out to be. History will probably view this time as a huge case of hysteria.

    • Ahahaha, they had to do “damage control” over the fact that the people at the rally didn’t wear their slave muzzles, and noone’s worried about it. HAHAHAHAHA THE JIG IS UP

    • Actually richb, the Sturgis media story is based on a complete lie. That is the only weapon they have, lies.

      Unfortunately, it is a powerful weapon because most of the millenial types can’t wait to hear and believe any lie that comes their way. That is the astounding part. If it’s the truth, they can’t stand to be near it. If it’s a complete lie, they will swallow it with youthful vigor. It’s almost like they were trained to only believe lies when they were in the “public school” system.

      • Hi SM777,

        In re the lies: Note that these garishly hyped Fear Stories always just go away… to be replaced by a new one. Remember when they – the media – were touting every celebrity (e.g., Tom Hanks) who got the ‘Rona? Then nothing… because the only ones who died were very old and would have died from old age regardless. I bet they counted Kirk Douglas as a “case” when he died back in Feb… at the age of 103.

        • Hi Eric, that’s true. They also count people who are killed in drive by shootings as covid hoax related. I also saw human looking mannequins in a lot of pics of hospital emergency rooms when they were yelling “the bodies, the bodies”.

          To top it off, I had millenial dumbasses (multiple) telling me 6 months ago that millions had already died from this in the USA. Really? Where are the bodies? “Oh, they are sitting in morgues and hospitals”. Uh-huh.

    • “The orange man was right to downplay it.” True that. Remember also that while he is now claimed to have been downplaying it in February, at the time the Democrats — including Pelosi, Biden, and de Blasio — were screaming that he was exaggerating it.

      • Hi Mike,

        One of the many interesting possibilities here is that OM knows perfectly well the WuFlu hysteria is just that and is letting it play out so that when it becomes obvious people have been played, the left – which is the most hysteric – will be yugely discredited, perhaps permanently so. Imagine the fury if it becomes commonly understood that all of the destruction, the ruin of so many businesses, the loss of tens of millions of jobs, the loss of so many people’s financial security, the terrorizing of children – all of that – was based on deliberate misinformation purveyed by people trying to destroy the OM.

  13. That Vimeo video is horrifying. These school officials are truly despicable people subjecting kids to this kind of shit, especially given that the CDC has recently admitted that as of September 2, 2020 a total of only 360 people in the USA under the age of 25 have died “INVOLVING” covid (not “FROM”). This is a crime!

    In response to the reader’s concerns about doubting himself, I would offer this advice: Trusting your gut is usually a safe bet. You develop gut instincts unconsciously over time from many experiences. Of course it’s always a good idea to be cautious about claims of danger. However, after studying past false government claims and fear campaigns (reinforced by its bought-and-paid-for media), a pattern emerges with telltale signs of BS. There are a myriad of examples: The USS Maine and yellow journalism, Central and South American coups, the Gulf of Tonkin, most weather events in the past 20 years (e.g. weather reporters fake high winds on video while people casually walk unaffected in the background), weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, terrorism and the Patriot Act, Russian election interference, global cooling, global warming, climate change, systemic racism, etc.

    Having studied many of these fear campaigns over the years the hoax of covid was instantly recognizable from he beginning. I must admit developing some doubts when professional sports began to be cancelled, but with a little research of the facts at the time, I reconfirmed it to be a hoax.

  14. I had the unfortunate experience of attending a viewing yesterday for an aunt of mine that died. It was a 99% un-diapered event. But an uncle of mine that’s a true believer talked to my little 7 year old boy. I could see the pain/confusion in my son’s eyes at the diapered man talking to him. Innocent children can sense that something is wrong with the diapered.

    I wanted to tell him to get that ridiculous medical mask of his face, but it wasn’t a good place for that. It’s also not easy to tell an aged, true believer, that they’re acting ridiculous. It’s much easier to comment to the younger.

    • My son is 9. He mocks what he calls “Covid Freaks” and yells “Cooooooooovvvvviiiiiiiii” in the same voice I hear when reading EP’s “Saaaaaffffffffeeeeetyyyy”. It’s really entertaining to see little children making a mockery out of the Plandemic and the fools it has made out of a large % of the adult population.

      As The Book says: “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings Thou hast ordained praise”.

  15. I felt it too at first. A tinge of fear and then guilt. But now, I’m damn proud of being that one person in the entire store, building, restaurant, event – without one!

    • Amen, Pappa –

      And not just for myself. I do this for others as well. To show them I am not afraid – and that they shouldn’t be, either. Let’s keep this spreading!

  16. When an organization has nearly limitless resources, as in printed money, and no other objective, they can generate a lot of pressure to do nearly anything. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it. I’ve always been a peaceful man, and seek to avoid conflict as much as possible, which I think describes most of the sane among us. It’s one of the reasons psychopathic tyrants gain so much success. The sane among us simply cannot comprehend the level of evil they are willing to embrace to satisfy their psychosis. Bill Gates for example. We the sane simply can’t fathom a human being embracing the eradication of most of their fellow human beings. But he does. And if not actively resisted, will satisfy that psychosis. By masking we participate in our own destruction.

    • Indeed, JWK –

      I, too, am susceptible to losing hope. I have given thought to buying an RV – after selling everything I have – and finding a piece of land somewhere in the middle of nowhere and trying to just forget all of this. But then I get mad – and the anger snaps me out of my depression.

      God damn these people. And I’ll be damned if I give in to them.

      • Always good to see that defiant attitude.

        FWIW, my experience was a little better than usual today. First, I actually saw 2 other people without face diapers, and I had a nice chat with one of them. Second, I noticed that they had taken away the stupid 1-way signs on all of the aisles, which are about 6 feet wide and can easily accommodate two carts going in opposite directions.

      • I think that too. But it occurs to me I already live in a fairly low population density place surrounded by mostly conservative, self-reliant people. The only state that seems not to have lost their mind is South Dakota. They may be able to withstand the social barrage but a lot of states (Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Alaska, etc.) were not much different than SD just a couple of decades ago and fell. It’s why I ended up in Colorado 30 years ago, to get away from the rot of liberal east and west coast places. So if the insanity is full tilt in 49 of the 50, which it is, where exactly do you go? You can never really be rural enough. Asking to be left alone didn’t work for Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. What hope do you have living in an old school bus? Maybe you can stay under the radar living low but the moment you own property and get a PO box the tentacles will find you.

      • Got repeatedly and aggressively chastised by an old sea hag boomer about not masking to her satisfaction. Doubled my resolve to fight the good fight even if these other cowards won’t. Grown “men” are in short supply these days. I’m no physical beast of a man but I shake my head when I see these ripped 200+lbs dudes with their muscle shirts on, tattoo sleeves, driving the cliche giant black 4×4 and wearing their little masks. It’s like seeing one of those circus bears wearing a tutu and riding a unicycle. Of course, this battle is mental. Mental strength wasn’t always apparent until now.
        Keep up the good fight Eric et al!

        • Morning, LW!

          Copy that. I’m not an MMA artiste or Rambo. But I am a man and will not behave like a scared little girl – or an obedient cuck. I believe that everyone has an obligation to not give in to the wrong and to stand up for the right, especially when the stakes are no higher than feeling a bit awkward and perhaps being heckled. If we are not strong enough to stand that, we are weak beyond measure.


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