Why They Will Lose This Time

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A reader – several readers – express their sense of hopelessness. That 1930s Germany is replaying itself out right before our eyes – and that most Americans either don’t see it or don’t care. One reader put it as follows:tyranny lead

“I wish I had some faith in all of this but history isn’t kind to it. My prediction is that a few of you will be made examples which will be splashed all over the media, 99.9 percent will do as they are told, and the rest will merely hide/bury their guns for another day . . . which never comes. California already made the SKS (rifle) illegal retroactively and all the owners meekly handed them over. This won’t be any different. It is to easy to go to work, make another deal with the devil, and hope that nothing worse happens … but it will. The cattle cars will next and you won’t resist those either. Your neighbor will be called a terrorist but you won’t care because he always was a little funny, kept putting leaves in your yard, and most importantly it isn’t you….” 

It could certainly go that way (as history so depressingly shows us). But it could also go a different way. I suspect it will. In fact, I submit that we already have evidence that it is going differently.

For one thing, a lot of people are  already wake – and more are waking up every day.

In percentage terms, the numbers are small – perhaps 5 percent of the population is comprised of people who reject the state – organized violence – in principle and who adhere consciously to the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). However, that 5 percent is also millions of people. Now consider that there are tens of millions more gun owners who are frightened by – and angry about – what’s going on. Who are beginning to comprehend that a right that matters to them is under siege – and thus, inevitably, they are beginning to appreciate that all of their rights (and by necessary implication, the rights of others) are also under siege. They are beginning to get it. And their numbers are increasing at a geometric rate. Witness the eruption of rage in New York. The widespread and public utterances of defiance.  (See here and here.) Even the cops – some of them, at any rate – are coming out openly on the right side. Our side. (See here.)tyranny 2

It is unprecedented – and thus, heartening.

If even 10 percent of these waking-up Americans  join the cause, that’s an army of tens of millions of people.

Armed, determined people. Who realize what’s at stake – that is, everything. And who are therefore prepared to go to the mattresses over it, if need be.

This is no small thing.

And it is an important difference relative to the situation of Germany – and Germany’s Jews and other soon-to-be-victims – in the 1930s. tyranny 3

Or even America – and Americans – in the 1990s.

The Jews and other non-Nazis of 1930s Germany were – largely – naive civilians; typical “liberals,” in modern parlance – people who didn’t reject the state (organized violence) in principle. In fact, most of them embraced the state. They were socialists or social democrats or communists… in other words, authoritarians of one type or another. They did not question the essential thing – the lawful violence that is the state. Most of them accepted it. This is what blinded them to the inevitable result of the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler. They could not see the trains to Auschwitz.

The same, arguably, was true of Americans in the 1990s. Back then, most people still accepted as legitimate what the government did – or at least, much of what it did. Most people did not see that what was done at Waco – and Ruby Ridge –  could be happen to them, too.

We can – and do – see it.

Millions of us.

The oven-fodder of Germany had their epiphany about state violence when it was already far too late. We, on the other hand, have the benefit of foresight. We know – intellectually as well as in our gut – what they are up to; that the state is not a benevolent force. That it is an evil force.

That it is force – period.

The importance of this cannot be over-stated.tyranny 4

Now consider some other differences about the situation today vs. the situation  then:

Millions of Americans are already armed. Not with merely with small caliber revolvers and shotguns, either. Check Winn Dixie Ad and Lowe’s Ad. Hence the hysteria – of the Piers Morgan/Diane Feinstein/Chuck Schumer axis – about “assault weapons.” Germany’s doomed did not have sturmgewehrs – or know how to use them. Millions of Americans have “black rifles” of one type or another – and do know how to use them. Combine this fact with the above fact – the growing awareness about the nature of the legalized mafia that goes by the name, “government” – and you have a hornet’s nest that the Morgan/Feinstein/Schumer axis would be ill-advised to hit with a stick.

This realization may have already begun to penetrate their heads – and given them pause.

Another very important difference: The United States military is not – yet – the Deutsche Wehrmacht. Or more importantly, the Reichswehr – what the German army was before it became the Wehrmacht. It is an important distinction. Hitler had the support of the Reichswehr. Its officer corps believed in Der Fuhrer. I do not believe that Barry Obama enjoys such support. And more importantly, I do not believe the soldiery supports the new regime. Yes, many will salute – then submit – and attempt to force us to obey. But there are hundreds of thousands of active duty military and police who will not. (See here, for instance.) And there are millions of veterans who will not. These millions will add their numbers to the millions of civilians who know they must draw the line, here and now – or consign themselves and their children and perhaps their children’s children to the same fate that awaited Germany’s vaporized millions.tyranny last

And this is why you cannot find a “high capacity” magazine at any price, anywhere. Why the shelves are swept clean of ammunition. Why those dread “black rifles” are worth their weight in gold… if you can even find one. Previous generations of victims failed to arm themselves because they did not appreciate the nature of the gathering storm. Neither did most Americans as recently as the 1990s – the last time the government went after “black rifles.” It was tolerated then.

This time, it will be different.

Because it already is.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. @German Rebell (I could care less if you’re a Chinese Cyber Operative or whatever, everyone should be skeptical of the internet at all times. The key is to think for yourself.)

    There are archives of wake up America from 2005 to Jan 2012. It’s DNS blacklisted from where I am also. I would have to use the ways of the darknet to access its current iteration, do you have an IP?


    Insisting all Jews or all Americans are all in one group is a fallacy of fascism. I reject and despise most Jews and Americans because they believe in using force, and are actively pursuing their murderous beliefs at this very minute.

    The other day, I sat through a showing of “Black Hawk Down.” Supposedly, Americans (and their Jewish overlords – you would claim), are heroes for violating Somalia’s sovereignty to enable the UN (another Jew project – you say) to feed the population.

    Why does the UN or America need to be involved at all in this? Cut out the middle man, and let private parties “Berlin Airlift” some food on credit. Be it ADM or expat Somalis, “the free world” can keep most people fed without the tedious regime change agenda of “empowering women” and bringing “religious tolerance.” Give me a fucking break already, you holocausting hypocrites.

    ADM can collect their “profit” at a future time, when stability returns. Expat Somalis can call in their favor and influence at a later date, saying remember that time you neo-savages almost starved?

    Free Lunchers are Corpse Munchers

  2. @German Rebell,

    I would very much like to make alliances, arm, and fund individualist Chinese and Russians, of which I am sure there are many. Also, I want to align with and offer material support to legitimate voluntary groups there that agree to practice laissez faire against other groups. Russia and China’s new wealthy and middle classes are assets to a harmonious world, to the extent they remain beyond state control.

    I think I agree with you regarding America not letting Germany be Germany. And for deserving the blowback from the “World Elite.” The American Revolution was the “shot in the foot” heard around the world.

    Like ridiculous heavily-armed toddlers, America shot out of the gate, trying to tell the world how to live in a comically hypocritical style. No more colonialism, no more slavery, no more imperialism, no more secularism. As if gunboats and rifles could make the world a better place, if only they were in the right hands.

    At this late date, we libertarians are feverishly cobbling together an 11th hour plan to rewind America back to her laissez faire self of 1910. This was the time America played no favorites, at least publicly. When it didn’t meddle in other nations. A world of arms length trading partners, where we gave Russia, China, France, & Germany the same prices and the same respect. And that we call home all our unwelcome occupiers from foreign soil.

    The Americans are kindred spirits with the Jews. Rather than attend to their own problems and enrich and improve themselves. They insist on meddling all over the world using force, with people and systems that are their superiors.

    The Jews were conquered by the Greeks, and are still conquered. First they regrouped as European parasites. Now they exist as American parasites. They persist because they safeguard human knowledge from the beginnings of civilized man. They suffer because they embrace irrationality, mysticism, and the use of force against rival peoples. By renouncing aspirations of world domination and subjugation, both the Jews and the Americans can once again begin to live for themselves.

    Most nations are paying our CIA to subjugate us, the way they subjugated much of the world. He who lives by the CIA sword, can expect to die by the CIA sword. Will we denounce and dismantle the CIA, or will it continue to denounce and dismantle the people. That is the question.

  3. Do You Have My Back.. Our Back? Will You Join Me in the Burn Line, or are You All Talk?

    “First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    Martin Niemoller _German theologian

  4. Y’all check out Jesse the Body’s Wake Up! guided tour [vid]

    • I like Jesse.

      I especially like that it’s very hard for “conservatives” to dismiss him. Former SEAL. Not a pussy. He calls conservative chickenhawks on their war boners and rah-rah patriotic bullshit. I love it when he does that!

  5. This video needs to be posted on the front of every libertarian blog and website in America.

    Bill Stevens – I Will Protect My Victoria

    • Dear l,

      Good video.

      Left a comment:


      A premature revolution if unsuccessful would not be like the American Revolution, it would be like Waco.

      A premature revolution if successful would be like the French Revolution, in other words, a disaster.

    • StormCloudsGathering is one of my top 3 favorite activists…just outstanding. He’s a perfect complement to Alex Jones; very calm and clear, yet they’re both working for the same ideal.

      He’s so clear ideologically–and he’s exactly right in this video, we first have to delegitimize the State in most people’s eyes FIRST.

      The State is an abusive husband/father. The family has to come to the conclusion on their own; beating him up will cause them to turn on YOU, not him.

    • So You Want to Topple the U.S. Government?

      I just want to do whatever is necessary to force office holders to respect and obey the genuine Law of the Land. Frankly, I would prefer that every statist be dead than to tolerate the arrest of a single Individual for “possession”.

      Rights apply only to the Individual and my hierarchy of values leaves no room for their violation.


  6. All that outrage about the Second Amendment by millions of hypocrite assholes who support the routine violation of the Fourth and other Amendments.



    • Tinsley,

      You’re right, of course – but this issue appears to be finally waking them up. At the least, it opens a very important intellectual door. It makes them more likely to see the connection between the threat to the 2A and the threat to all the other rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

      We just have to keep hammering away…

      • Don’t worry. I’ll continue reminding the 2A people that there are other rights. I’m one of those unfortunate Individuals who simply cannot quietly walk away from injustice . . . ever.


  7. Saw this over at Clair Wolfe’s blog: “You remember the gutsy vendors who boycotted the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show when its British organizers decided to appease the DiFi crowd and ban ugly guns at the last minute.

    The size and power of the boycott eventually got the show shut down.

    Now a virtual sports show just for the boycotting vendors is online. Please give them your support by buying outdoor supplies from them during this event.” …


  8. Now consider that a very large percent of US citizens are on pension plans funded by the US government. Some are on Social Security, others might be on military pensions, then there’s the “other” welfare contingent.

    Add ’em all up and you’ve got a lot of people, many of them have guns.

    What was your point again?

    • I know Scott–it’s a classic move, create dependency.

      But when those checks won’t buy a loaf of bread that isn’t available anyway, they will turn on their masters.

      The Elite will keep a cadre of well-fed mercenaries to protect them; they always do. Whether they’ll pay them in gold, or with their hoarded food supplies, or with threats to their families…

      But the majority will suffer the same economic hardships as the rest. The entitlement classes have always been deadweight in a revolution; they’re not competent to be effective for either side.

      The ex-military whose benefits/pensions are worthless…and see the game? The Elites fear them most of all.

  9. The key to the gun debate is not being talked about.

    The main question is WHAT IS THE LAW? The liberals even talk about the rule of law, but they don’t know what that law is.
    They bring their “judicial analysts” on their liberal media and talk about “the supremacy clause” as if the Federal government is God.

    Here is the real truth. Read the Mack/Printz decision of the supreme court and you will find that the federal government can’t tell the states or local governments, including the Sheriffs what to do in anything at all.

    What is really law, and what is NOT law?


    • Hi Paul,

      I’d go even deeper.

      The only valid law – the only law any of us are bound to respect – is natural law. That for an act to be criminal, there must be a victim. Not a construct. An actual person or persons who have provably been harmed by your conduct. Without a victim, there cannot be a crime – by definition. This was the basis of common law – and used to be the basis of American law.

      I hope one day it will be again.

      • You are absolutely correct about “no victim – no crime, but again, read the 7th amendment. It says essentially, ONLY COMMON LAW. Now if all the discussion I see on TV even among the talking head pro gun liberals is about the 2nd Amendment over and over, then the US Constitution must be still in effect, right? At least the Supreme Court says so. See the actual Mack/Printz decision here:

        So if in fact the Supreme court says that no federal agent can tell the sheriff or county commission or governor what to do, that puts the burden back on the states, and local governments elected by We the People to ENFORCE THE LAW, that law being the US Constitution.

        In other words what I am saying is regardless of what some talking head, or Obumer, or any gun grabber says, and regardless of what the US congress votes, their acts that abrogate the Constitution are NULL AND VOID and NOT LAW at all. Read here what the Supreme Court has said about that concept:
        “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” Marbury Vs. Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803). “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” Miranda Vs. Arizona, 384 US 436 p. 491. ” An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” Norton Vs. Shelby County 118 US 425 p. 442

        SO WHO ARE THE OUTLAWS? The law is the US Constitution.
        Yes it’s human law, and not even on the same plane as Natural Law or even higher, positive divine law, because it’s human law, and human nature is flawed. But it’s the highest human law, and it is simply up to US to enforce it starting at the local level and working up through the county and state governments. IT ALL STARTS RIGHT IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. You must inform your neighbors what that law is and means and requires of everyone who is SWORN BY OATH TO GOD to obey, uphold, and protect that law. Anybody who has sworn that oath is bound, in virtue of the office, to OBEY THE LAW. When they refuse to follow that oath, they are then LAWBREAKERS, OATHBREAKERS, CRIMINALS, AND OUTLAWS. If they were not, they would be proposing a repeal of the second amendment! It’s just that simple, and it’s up to US to enforce that law starting at the top of the pyramid of power. Take what they want you to believe and turn it upside down. They want us to believe that the people are on the bottom. That the federal government is on the top (supremacy clause) and that all the power comes from government. WRONG AGAIN! The people have the power not only at law, but by sheer force of numbers under that law. We the People outnumber these outlaw gun grabber 1000 to 1

        • Well-said, Paul!

          And all it requires of us is to educate our neighbors; when enough people withdraw consent, the clay feet crumble and Colossus crashes to earth.

          THEY are the criminals, not us! Like all con-men they convince us we’re guilty, we’re wrong.

          I worry at times it will devolve to a Stalinist Russia; but then I remember, they overthrew a still-wealthy Russia and spent seventy years sucking it dry to run their system. Not to mention, the US was subsidizing communism; they would have collapsed much sooner otherwise.

          Here, they’re already bankrupt! It will collapse almost immediately under their loving care.

          You guys think Americans are riled up over gun rights?

          Wait ’till they’re broke!

    • Dear Paul,

      You are absolutely right. Those bent on confiscating our guns are not talking about the law.

      But that is precisely why “the law” is not the key to winning the gun rights debate.

      The law only matters in a republic, not in a democracy. And since the “UnitedState” (one word) long ceased to be a republic and degenerated into a democracy, the law no longer matters.

      The law counts for zip in a democracy. Only the “Will of the People,” a euphemism for the “Whim of the Mob” does.

      That means that any demagogue able to stampede the Americanischen Schaffenmenschen in the direction he wants, can do whatever he damned well pleases.

      To wit, Obomber and his impending imperial edict to confiscate all semi-automatic weapons from the American public purely based on his say so.

      A tip of the hat to the Chimp and conservative Republicans for establishing this oh so useful precedent for Obomber.

      • It’s only dead if we let it be dead. Under the Constitution it’s the PEOPLE that must enforce the law. We have the law on our side. The gun grabbers are the outlaws and must be branded as such. Right now the instrument of war that is most effective is still the pen. That might change soon, but it won’t be law abiding people that start that change. Under that same set of supreme laws we have the absolute right to self defense. Even liberals say that. They may not like it, but they have to say it. Why? Because IT’S THE LAW! Yes this really is about the existing LAW which according to the Mack/Printz decision is still in FULL FORCE AND EFFECT, regardless of what the outlaw congress, the outlaw so called “president” or any gun grabbing seditionist says about it. Read the definition of sedition. “Inciting violence against the lawful civil authority.” Who is the lawful civil authority in America? It’s still We the People. The law (Constitution) says so, and OUT GUNS SAY SO, backing that law. That starts at the local level.
        See Edwin Vieira’s articles about the militia. Nobody gets is right like he does. That is done correctly under your local sheriff. Go talk to him. Get him to join the movement of sheriffs across the country that are saying the same thing.

        We CAN AND WILL stop these outlaws from overturning the lawful civil authority of We the People and we will do it entirely lawfully and peacefully if possible. If it turns out that they get violent when they are caught red handed trying to destroy peace and good order in our communities and are confronted by the sheriffs and their possees, then God help us to be victorious.

        • I bailed on the Magic Scroll Theory after realizing how absurd it was to believe that I’m somehow bound to a contract written by a bunch of guys who’ve been dead for 200 years just because I was born at a future point in space/time on a chunk of real estate surrounded by a bunch of imaginary lines they claimed dominion over.

          I’m Allowed to Rob You! – Larken Rose

          • The reactions I get from statists (including the limited ones) when tossing out these ideas is rather predictable and akin to burning a Christian’s bible.

            So, what’s the difference between a minarchist and an anarchist?

            About 6 months.

          • Magic Scroll! Hahahahaha…. I’ve forgotten that description. It’s a bitterly ironic truth that that’s exactly how people treat it. Problem is that “magic” is pure “illusion”: theater dressed up as reality. The only ones making out like bandits are the ones selling tickets to the show.

          • Dear l,

            I bailed on the Magic Scroll Theory after realizing how absurd it was to believe that I’m somehow bound to a contract written by a bunch of guys who’ve been dead for 200 years

            Ditto. It took time for the realization to sink it, but eventually it did.

            The whole “social contract” fairy tale might actually be tolerable if it bound everyone in strict, anal compulsive, cloverite “Rules are rules. No exceptions!” fashion, including the clovers themselves.

            But when have they ever?

            Sorry. But the term “limited government,” is going to have to join the ranks of political oxymorons, alongside “good government” and “congressional ethics.”

        • Dear Paul,

          It’s only dead if we let it be dead. Under the Constitution it’s the PEOPLE that must enforce the law. We have the law on our side. The gun grabbers are the outlaws and must be branded as such.

          I suspect most of the anarchists on this forum once bought into this. I know I did.

          But over time many of realized that once such a system is implemented, the game is already rigged, and not in our favor.

          I agree with you that it’s supposed to be the way you described. But the ugly reality is, it isn’t. We do not have the law on our side. The ruling nomenklatura does.

          A good analogy is a coach for a ball team who is also the referee in a ball game. That is what the courts are. They are referees for “Officials” team, who fouls on the “Civilians” team.

          We all know judges seldom rule for civilians over cops and other LEOs. Why? Because they know perfectly well they are members of the “Officials” team and not the “Civilians” team. They know that is where their loyalties lie. They know which side their bread is buttered on.

          The system doesn’t work. It never could work. It was broken from Day One. It’s a miracle the US system “sort of worked” as long as it did. But even that day is long gone.

  10. Dear German Rebell,

    Ich will deinen Geist befreien, Neo. Aber ich kann dir nur die Tür zeigen, durchgehen musst du ganz allein.

    I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.

    – “Morpheus”

    English is influenced by Germanic Angle tribes more than anything else. Working together, English-German-Dutch-Afrikaans Matrix-ian Newspeakers might just barely be able to synthesize one logical coherent pidgin language, free of the morass and mental minefields.





    Even the best of us, lash out involuntarily and misunderstand. That’s why “The Architect” has constructed our realities and languages in the way that he has. It is difficult for the Schnauzers, Dobermans, Chihuahuas, Besenjis, Foxes, Wolves, and all other “Canines” to come together and act as one to regain the freedom they enjoyed in nature, while also enjoying the benefits of civilization and human partnership. But that is what would be best for them. And similarly, best for us humans, too.

  11. At the rather small Norfolk, Va show last Sunday there were plenty of AR15s and other so called Black rifles as well as plenty of hicap AR15 mags. Not even that expensive. Ammo was a little higher ynlessyou bought from one of the big guys wgho also reloads.

    • BUY THEM! Down here in Texas AR’s are going for anywhere between 2K and 4K…IF you can find one.

      Ammo is very scarce; trucks come into Academy Tue and Thurs morning at 4am, the line starts at 6am, they open at 8. At least at the one near me, I’m sure others have different schedules.

      I don’t think the “Elites” counted on this reaction; and I’m quite sure it’s freaking them out. They thought they’d programmed out our survival instinct–but guess what, you inbred pedophilic freaks, unlike you we’re human beings!

      • I am a little more cynical. I wonder if someone in the government isn’t making a killing on firearms stocks. Much of the government and media manipulation is done to make money or to make money as a side effect.

        One of the key examples that someone knew nineeleven was going to happen in advance were the shorts on the two big airline stocks. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has been trying to drive firearm company stocks up with threat of government action. Every time the sales start to cool down a bit they poke the fire.

        • @BrentP – i’m thinking similarly – what if they ‘drove’ this reaction for their own gain? It is highly unlikely some think-tank minion didn’t have this response covered, and planned for it. What if it IS a deliberate effort to create this reaction with ultimate goal of getting humanity hyped up enough to start ‘something big’? All they need for their standard ‘plausible deniability’ is for someone else to cast the first stone (so to speak). Perhaps this is all simply a case of being ‘gamed’ (yet again) by the big boys (the usual suspects). They are toying with things, as per the status quo. Remember, history repeats.

  12. How Timely: “Philly traffic court judges indicted for alleged ‘ticket fixing'”

    Nine of the bastards, I think.

    • I drink a shoe full of Vodka and then bang it on the bar. “We Will Bury You.” All you robed robbers!
      Soviet City, greatest city in the world. All other cities are run by little girls!

      Now I drink a fusilade of Red Star Logo’d Heinekins for you all. Cee you in Coviet City!.

      Don’t Play The Fool, America
      Не валяй дурака, Америка

      • The real Russians, i.e., the Nordic Russ are my blood kin. Therefore, it is impossible for them to be my “natural” enemies.

  13. Immanuel Kant – The man who closed the door of philosophy to reason – On every fundamental issue, his philosophy is the exact opposite of Objectivism. His philosophy stops you from benefitting from Ayn Rand or any mere human’s wisdom.

    From the grave he whispers “Ayn Rand was a flawed human being, with limited knowledge, therefore, ignore her and listen to perfect ideal men who never existed; men without recorded flaws and limits, like Plato or Jesus for example. Kant is the most evil man in mankind’s history.

    Kant’s expressly stated purpose was to save the morality of self-abnegation and self-sacrifice. He knew that it could not survive without a mystic base—and what it had to be saved from was reason.

    Kant infects everyone here. Kant says “When you read and post at this blog and in everything you do, there is always some kind of “duty” you owe yourself and everyone else. Restrain yourself, and do things “the right way.” There is always some mystical protocol, even in cyberspace, which you must submit to, instead of doing something the way you like to, and because it is something you enjoy doing. Wise men have consulted scriptures, say the Kantian Psychologists, and have a readymade way to think and act even in cyberspace.

    Kant’s major goal was to save religion (including the essence of religious morality) from the onslaughts of science. His system represents a massive effort to raise the principles of Platonism, in a somewhat altered form, once again to a position of commanding authority over Western culture.

    Attila’s share of Kant’s universe includes this earth, physical reality, man’s senses, perceptions, reason and science, all of it labeled the “phenomenal” world. The Witch Doctor’s share is another, “higher,” reality, labeled the “noumenal” world, and a special manifestation, labeled the “categorical imperative,” which dictates to man the rules of morality and which makes itself known by means of a feeling, as a special sense of duty.

    It is through Kant that worldwide edicts come to be generally accepted. There is a specific age when one can work, have sex, can drink, can drive, can retire. Seatbelts, nudity, swearing, vices, marriage, child support, what must be, what must not be. Kant is the go to guy for the “powers that be” codifying and enforcing every ancient caveman superstition into the moral unbreakable strait jacket of laws foisted upon modern civilization.

    Ayn Rand on Causality vs Duty

    Ayn Rand – Objectivism vs Altruism

    • ” “Ayn Rand was a flawed human being, with limited knowledge,”

      Well, if that’s what Kant may have said about old Ayn, I would have disagreed with him. My view is that little ol’ Ayn was an unjustifiably self-impressed nitwit, who couldn’t write an actual novel to save her life. Her novels are so laughably unreadable, with their paper doll characters, that I have often wondered how anyone reads them.

      Her “objectivist” followers include some of the most tediously insufferable writers I’ve ever tried to read. I really enjoyed the little one act play by Murray Rothbard that skewered Ayn and her drones.

      • Ed, you are on a ROLL sir, a master of invective!

        Ayn has her good points; certainly Atlas Shrugged pumped up my libertarian instincts with a visceral loathing of the mucousy maggots in office.

        From there, we can ignore Objectivism and move on to theories of REAL substance…like Rothbard’s.

        • The real Russians, i.e., the Nordic Russ are my blood kin. Therefore, it is impossible for them to be my “natural” enemies.

        • I give Ayn Rand an A plus for Critical Thinking. Ms. Rand had a profound effect on my own Critical Thinking ability. For that I owe her memory a debt of gratitude.

          Concerning her novels, they were just that, novels.

          It was Ayn Rand who referred to the Constitution’s commerce clause as the Constitution’s Achilles’ heel and truer words were never written. The deceivers responsible for misusing the commerce clause should have been flayed alive long before they had time to die naturally.

          Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • I think you’ve dropped a lot of the context of Murray & Ayn’s relationship, Ed.

        Rothbard was a great admirer of Ayn Rand.

        Rothbard’s play, which earned him no money, exposes his overly bookish and naive clover side, much more than it skewers Rand.
        Of course Ayn Rand was a paid shill for the tobacco industry, as were Rod Serling and Johnny Carson. Of course she was mainly bringing to life the minarchist philosophy of big corporate publishers, as are all creators for big media. That in no way means academics like Rothbard are superior because they stay nice and clean on the sidelines of the fight for liberty. If you second-handers like Rothbard superior to men in the trenches like Rand or Heinlein, you’re an educated fool, not a part of the solution.

        In his first meeting with her, Rand demanded Rothbard abandon his religion, and that his wife abandon her religion as well. Certainly this is behavior of an outlier, but it is not a violation of NAP. A real MAN and fellow liberty traveler wouldn’t cower in the presence of such an ominous character flaw. He would ignore the wailing of her inner Dementor, and continue to reason with her, much like Harry Potter did.

        It can be quite a shock meeting someone like Ayn Rand who is able to exist rationally outside the Kantian constructs everyone relies on for social interaction.

        I consider it a seminal defeat of Rothbard’s life, that he lacked the fortitude to stand up to Ayn Rand like a MAN.

  14. Obtain and read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross.
    ALL government officials should be made aware that power resides in the PEOPLE.
    All government officials should be made to fear the PEOPLE any time they come out in public . . . they should be forced to “grow eyes in the backs of their heads”.

  15. States and governments don’t have RIGHTS; they have POWERS. The only RIGHTFUL powers they have are derived from the consent of the people. As Patrick Henry noted, as a final resort, nothing will protect liberty except force. Government is force. Without guns, we’d still be British subjects… perhaps speaking German.

    “Guard with jealous attention the Public Liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that Jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined”. —-Patrick Henry

  16. @ Don Cooper – re: FBposter
    Actually she has it partially right – the anti-Federalists DID oppose a standing army – that was what they had just finished fighting against. But the militia phrase in the 2A was put there to defend the country, NOT the government, from invasion.

    • No. Britain did not have a standing army. Standard procedure after every major war was to demobilise most of the troops, which meant turning them out to fend for themselves, even to beg. That was why G.K.Chesterton could record a rhyme from as late as his late 19th century childhood which ran: “Here comes an old soldier from Botany Bay / What have we got to give him today?”.

      The British fear had long been that a standing army might come into being and could then be used to impose rule. The colonists inherited that fear – not of a standing army that was already around, but that it would be too late if they waited until one happened. So they made a deal with the Devil, effectively committing suicide to avoid being killed…

  17. Interesting! The author comments on the fact that we do not have an “Deutsche Wehrmacht. Or more importantly, the Reichswehr” yet in this
    country to contend with.

    Don’t look now, but we certainly nave a situation where the DHS, with a proposed purchase of 7,000 military style automatic rifles and millions of rounds of serious ammunition already on order, is getting very close to
    a U.S version of the WaffenSS.

  18. My son is a USMC officer. Despite the directive to refrain from overt political expression, I know for a fact that the overwhelming majority of these men have nothing short of disdain for their boss and his minions. These men are not only well-trained and educated (from a US higher education standpoint, anyway), the vast majority are liberty minded. After all, it’s no secret that Ron Paul led all candidates in contributions from the military.
    In a SHTF scenario, I anticipate that the vast majority of these men will align themselves on the right side…

    • Nater, what will he do if they convincingly false-flag nuke a city and blame it on “right-wing extremists in league with Al-CIAduh”–which is a scenario playing around the military colleges?

      Because they’ll come up with a reason to demonize us first, before they order the troops after us.

      And it’ll be a whopper; it’s started already.

      Go look at some of the military training manuals, like FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations.

      The guys who took guns in Katrina were Shanghai’ed into it at 4am, and told people were shooting at rescue helicopters.

      I don’t know, but I suspect the military won’t fall for that or perhaps even a false flag at this point. There’s been too much awakening, too much sloppiness from the PTB; and it goes without saying they despise the Monkey-In-Charge.

      • I’m actually rather confident that the whole “false flag” thing is going to wind up blowing up in the Regime’s face much sooner than we imagine. Why do I believe this? Because every single one of these schemes has, on close inspection not very long after they’ve happened, proven to be hilariously ineptly executed and the “official” explanations for them more full of holes than a block of Swiss cheese. I’m talking about holes that any thinking person would’ve foreseen before ever trying to pull the caper off. The “official” explanation of what happened in Aurora was quickly and quite convincingly debunked and Sandy Point isn’t very far behind (and we’re not even talking about the most obvious of the lot, 9/11).

        Add to the above the fact that the Fucking Brainless Idiots now more or less openly admit to recruiting and directing agents provocateurs from among American Muslims (usually by blackmailing/coercing them into cooperation – see Will Grigg for much more on this) and it’s become obvious that the Feddle Gummint has been behind every single one of the “terrorist” attacks of the last decade. Increasing numbers of even the densest amongst us now realize this, apparently since TPTB have grown so arrogant and complacent that they no longer even pretend not to insult our collective intelligence. For this reason, the more ostentatiously violent the next “terrist tack” is, the less credible as “the real thing” it will be.

      • “I don’t know, but I suspect the military won’t fall for that or perhaps even a false flag at this point. ”

        I dunno…. if somebody’s enough of a goober to fall for the bullshit that convinces them to enlist, they’ll probably buy a fucking bridge if the seller is the least bit slick.

        I can’t work up much enthusiasm for the possibility that service weenies and cops might somehow do something that resembles normal human behavior. They’re assholes by definition. Only an asshole would think that taking a job that requires you follow orders from politicians ( the lowest form of life on earth), is honorable or even “a good idea”.

        Sorry, but there’s just no hope for such a gaggle of ninnies.

        • Sorry, but you are not giving enough credit for those who support your rights. They will do it ” over there” and I garuntee they will fight and die for you “over here”. Hardly a “gaggle of ninnies”. They are your neighbors, acquaintances, co-workers…Americans. Do not divide yourself from them. Unite with them, this is what this corrupt government fears most and why they foster division amongst all races and those of us who live here. We are one. I know, I am one.

          • “Sorry, but you are not giving enough credit for those who support your rights.”

            I’m giving credit where credit is due. Cops and military don’t support my rights, any more than they are defending my freedoms.

            “Gaggle of ninnies” was just the kindest thing I could think of to say. My true view of uniformed public tit suckers is harsher, believe me.

          • Patrick–spot-on.

            It’s time to see through the divide-and-conquer. They’re trying it again with white Southerners; I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard some MSNBC flunky refer to us as “crackers”.

            W. T. F??

            Are they so cool and trendy they can use the word “cracker”? What would the reaction be if I called blacks living in Alabama “niggers”? Would that be okey-dokey or “trendy”?


            It has to stop!

            Find your common points with your fellow man. I know how cheesy it sounds; and believe me I find it VERY difficult to do because I despise stupidity–especially the intentional kind.

            But we have to love our fellow man–not because the Sky-King said to, but because our survival depends on it.

            The trick I’m trying is to imagine everyone when they were a little kid. At some point, they were cute little toddlers learning to speak; they were innocent kindergartners full of promise and hope.

            The systems set up to destroy them have worked very well. They’ve turned them into helpless, selfish, amoral, stupid brats–and in many ways the victims acquiesced to their own destruction.

            But it didn’t have to be that way. We–the people like us on this board–have to lift them up again. Don’t imagine we can have the perfect libertarian society without actively helping others. It’s not some sickly-sweet altruism; it’s pure survival.

            I want to thrive; therefore I must expend some effort helping my neighbor thrive too or he’ll fall victim to the seducers who promise him a part of MY thriving!

  19. All the talk of the gov’t lawmen/troops refusing to disarm us don’t mean a thing. Wait til they start losing gov’t funding. Wait til they are threatened w losing their paycheck/pensions for dis-obedience, maybe even jail. Wait til a platoon size group visits each gun owner individually demanding the arms inside that guys house. Remember Sherman’s march to Atlanta during the civil war. Gov’t don’t like to be dis-obeyed…

  20. All this talk about confrontation with armed state-servants is futile. The best way to handle this is to take a lesson from the people of the former Soviet Union and its satellites. Refuse consent. Go underground. Develop black markets. Avoid taxation. Ignore the bastards whenever possible.
    Gum up the works. Bureaucrats thrive on government paperwork; so screw it up. The possibilities are endless. Remember Étienne de la Boétie. All governments stand on feet of clay.
    All governments are doomed to fail, and usually for the same reasons. Let it happen…

    • Uncle Bill,

      It’s “Agorism”–an active version of anarcho-capitalist libertarianism. 100% agree with you.

      I would add: proselytize like you’re a born-again Christian pushing Jesus. The more people know, the faster the transition will be. I don’t feel like waiting 70 years like those poor Russian bastards.

      Do ya’ll remember the delicious Jessica Alba in Dark Angel? Admittedly it was difficult to pay attention to the plot when she was on-screen; but it was prescient of the kind of police state America is becoming.

      The Pony Express was a perfect example of a small business operating under the radar outside the totalitarian system.

      The whole show had a fairly libertarian, and strongly anti-authoritarian theme.

      • That’s right. Proselytize. That’s what Eric and many others are doing with their websites and blogs. That’s why I support this effort. It’s a crusade for liberty. Thank God the kept-whore media is no longer in control of all information. Even without the proposed gun bans, we’ll never beat the statist bastards in a head-on fight.
        But to undermine their power base and turn the general populace against them now would not be all that difficult. Most folks are unhappy, or at least uncomfortable. Proselytize, indeed. Ideas are more powerful than bullets. “Go ye into all the world……..”

        • Proselytize is essential. Technelytize seems also essential. There is a huge missing middle between crusading with words alone and spreading “freedom” through arson and gunfire.


          There’s only 50,000 active sites in the .su TLD at this time.
          Can not the word and domain “Soviet” be repurposed for some new type of voluntary union?. Not much to compete with our ideas in this “neighborhood.”

          1917, from Rus. sovet “governing council,” literally “council,” from Old Russian suvetu, from su “with” + vetu “counsel;” loan-translation of Greek symboulion “council of advisors.”

          Take me down to Soviet City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Where one can live and earn citizenship and terminate citizenship beyond the sanction of any “earthly” authorities? Oh won’t you please take me home?

          .su = sustenance

          That which supports life; food; victuals; provisions; means of living; as, the city of liberty has ample sustenance.

          There is an “authoritay” vacuum regarding the .su domain.
          http://sport-active.su/ an example of a working .su site.

          Do you love liberty enough to rub and jostle sharp elbows in the vicinity of… Dun Dun Duhhhh! Cyber Criminals!!! if it means winning some measure of freedom?

          Dare you take a journey?

          Kome join the Karavan Komrades

          In Russia, men live to 59 years of age. In Soviet City, should it be built, it may be even less. But if the years are spent in freedom, doesn’t quality trump quantity?


          Eeeek. An anarchist geeek! I am afraid to seeek. Outside of the walls of the prison concepts of Newspeeek!

  21. Active military personnel and leo’s need to be reminded again and again that the dollar will soon be worthless and their pay/family health and well-being will evaporate. They will be cut loose and left to twist in the wind. Then what will they have? Will they be known as murderers of Americans—or friends of liberty? They and their families will be known. Will they finally honor their oath to the Constitution? The timing of events will be the determiner. Whatever the final outcome, what lies ahead will constitute the ugliest, awfullest, most chaotic cluster-fuck this solar system may ever witness. I for one do not expect to survive to a resolution; however, as a historical-truth buff, and probably a hopeless glutton-for-punishment, I can’t help but hope to see (if it must unfortunately be) a little of it. My prayer is that a merciful God will allow me the comfort of dying in the shade of a tree with my good rifle laying nearby, with a clenched fist around my blood drenched blade, and a host of the rotting corpses of my oppressors scattered around me.

  22. I’m getting tired of the naysayers and surrender monkeys. Does a general tell his troops, before battle, that they are all going to be killed and their fighting is pointless anyway? If you intend to surrender and lick boots, then go ahead and do it; but don’t drag the rest of us down by trying to make your bootlicking seem like the only reasonable alternative. It’s cowardice, and nothing more. Do us a favor and shut the fuck up!

    • That’s exactly what Mustapha Kemal, who later became Kemal Ataturk, told his scratch force of second rate troops (many not even Turks) before he drove them in to defend Gallipoli against the British, French and ANZAC landings. They were more scared of him, so it worked.

  23. Can civilian firearms do anything against the DHS and its billion-and-a-half hollowpoints? How many soldiers do they have? How many a) will shoot against civilians, and b) will keep doing so when civilians shoot back?

    How about all that military hardware? How is it working against IEDs, which cost a few hundred apiece?

    More to the point, if the government pulls the trigger and starts mowing down civilians en masse, that would be the trigger for civil war – for revolt within the ranks. Those in the military who genuinely believe in “fighting for freedom” and “defending the Constitution” would see that the government is the enemy, not the civilians who are defending their rights.

    • “Can civilian firearms do anything against the DHS and its billion-and-a-half hollowpoints?”

      Oh, shit. You’re right, we’re all screwed…….


  24. There is a story link on Drudge where an ATF agent lost an M-4 (auto) and it is somewhere on the streets. Between that, FAST and Furious, and the other cases when do these Feds get prosecuted? I can imagine who vere signed off on the order authorizing the FandF shlould be brought up on charges of accessory to murder.

  25. I am going to be short about this, but I believe that the government is paying companies like Winchester, Remington and other ammunition manufacturers not to stock the shelves of sporting goods stores and independent gun retailers. They are being paid off in black fiat money that the government has an unlimited supply of in its coffers. It is too bizarre that the shelves have been bare since that Kook Adam Lanza wantonly took the lives of 20 people in CT. I bet he was under government mind control.

  26. One of the main characteristics of The Powers That Be is that they are paranoid. Use that against them. If there were to be a civil war, make false reports on friends and relatives of TPTB. Turn in their cousins, their mother, their high school chums. When Little Johnny Drone Pilot finds out that his sister was arrested, cavity searched and interrogated for 12 hours over absolutely nothing, perhaps he will have a change of heart.

    • When Little Johnny Drone Pilot finds out that his sister was arrested, cavity searched and interrogated for 12 hours over absolutely nothing, perhaps he will have a change of heart.

      Or when Little Johnny Dronepilot is ambushed by freedom-loving neighbors who are well aware of what he does for a living.

  27. Consider what this is… The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. What did that actually entail? People, in this case Jews, actually put down their meager rations, picked up what weapons they could, and decided to FIGHT THE GOVERNMENT until they died. They absolutely knew that they would die. The choice, to them, was die standing up or die in a camp. They felt they had no choice. They did pretty well considering, but wouldn’t do well today. Now also consider the fact that getting to this decision required several years of cattle cars and billowing smoke from the crematoriums, concentration camps, and more than subtle hints about where the disappearing people were going. They were literally that desperate but any hint that life could be normal again and they would have dropped even those rusted weapons and surrendered. Don’t think the present regime hasn’t learned from this.

    What would it take to actually get an American person so desperate that he picked up a gun and actually *shot* at someone with a badge in America? Think about how difficult that is. A huge bridge has to be crossed, one where you will never, not ever, be allowed a normal life again. At best you are getting life in prison but lets get real, capture would be much much worse as it would certainly involve torture as you’ll be labeled a terrorist. Death would be preferred and it’s 100% likely. Soothing words will blast forth from Washington – just surrender – and you’ll be shown mercy! Fresh food! Just surrender your guns, stop being “terrorists (TM)” and you’ll be free. The people will *want* to believe this and they will surrender. They’ll still hope against hope as the showers turn on releasing not water but gas.

    Personally I don’t see it. While I fully expect Obama to empty the prisons and arm his boys with all those guns and boxes of ammunition he’s buying to go house to house, stealing, raping, and killing as an excuse to get “guns”, I do not expect even this to lead to mass resistance. Any hint at anyone shooting back will lead to drone strikes of entire neighborhoods (this doesn’t require more than a few loyal types in a few secret control rooms) and then passive acceptance of the new reality. Slaves are fed – troublemakers are killed or worse, captured. I really hope I’m wrong but if people will stand for their wives, daughters, and mothers getting all but raped in front of them *just to board a plane* saying that they’ll actually *shoot at* those more heavily armed then they are over a piece of metal is not likely. Some will – and they’ll be culled first. Others will Quisling out in exchange for food and petty authority.

    Time to abandon ship before you are indeed thrown into the woods. The world is a big place and the eye of Sauron doesn’t extend everywhere. Evil doesn’t last forever and there is no mandate from GOD that you stay at ground zero while it ravages all around you.

    • If they actually used drones to shoot hellfires at American citizens, ALL HELL would break loose! That would be a major blunder by the PTW(B). They would instantly turn 5% into 25% and we would see the same dynamic as we see in the middle east, where we are creating new enemies with every drone strike. For a scenario like the Warsaw uprisings to play out, we would have to be disarmed for 5+ years already. We are not…

      No, their strategy is to just pass the laws and sit back, relax, and take us out one at a time through traffic stops and the like. They have been very successful with this historically.

      This strategy will not work, because when the lizards pass the laws, people will act. My guess is that the 5% will start their ugly work once the laws are passed. The drone strikes will be used if and when the 5% get into big groups. They will not. The 5% fights a guerilla war right from the start. One of the tenets of G-war is to disperse and never give the enemy a good target. Good advice for the partisan.

      There are many ways to take out a drone. One of the best ways is to STOP THE “PILOT” from flying the drone in the first place. Another, well…i’ve said too much already.

      The very best way, of course, is to get con-gress to de-fund the obviously unconstitutional use of killer robots to implement un-American policy. They are bought and sold and will shrink from their duty. It is gauranteed. It is a VERY sad time for America.

  28. Here’s the problem; Americans seem to love the status quo. This evening a Kansas City talk radio show was discussing “un-schooling.” The hosts’ opinion was what a bad idea it is. One of them stated that she had contacted the state authorities in both Missouri and Kansas about the legality of “un-schooling.” They informed her (particularly Missouri) that “their hands are tied” and they can’t do anything about it. What a pity.

    Anyway, not being able to listen to much more of it I called in. I explained that the state intervening was a violation of the Non Aggression Principle and asked if she (the commentator) would support using force, men with guns, to compell these people to put their children back in school. They cut me off immediately (I was shocked…no…really I was). The male commentator immediately responded that any time they bring up an issue like this and simply say it’s a bad idea, someone always calls in and starts asking about using government force. Then the female announcer told me to “drink a glass of wine and take a Xanax.”

    What she didn’t do was answer my original question about her support of the use of force. I can honestly say that I’ve never had a radio personality recommend that I use a dangerous mix of presciption drugs and alcohol before. Hmmm. Maybe she was hoping I’d suffer the side effects of mixing the two and go away never to return. Instead, I e-mailed her boss and asked if the radio station supported her recommendation to a listener to mix alcohol and prescription anti-anxiety drugs. I’m curious to read his/her response.

    • Dear Boothe,

      If anyone wants concrete evidence that those who violate the NAP do so consciously and deliberately, rather than unwittingly and unintentionally, this anecdote ought to settle any doubts.

      Someone is conscious enough to realize what I’m doing? Silence them immediately before they expose the racket.

    • Typical of the neocon/liberal (is there really any difference?)-dominated lamestream media airwaves. While I can no longer stand to listen to AM/FM talk radio (Ron Smith of WBAL Baltimore, God rest his soul, was the last of the best), I REALLY look forward to the day when someone like you, asking hardhitting “common” sense questions, is disrespected and hung up on by the host(s), who then has to face an angry onslaught of hostile callers defending the original caller’s viewpoint. Let those shallow bastards try to hang up on dozens of callers in succession. THAT would ruin any radio-blatherer’s professional reputation, fast.

  29. “the agency’s [undercover sting] operation was paying such high prices that some defendants bought guns from stores such as Gander Mountain and sold them to the agents for a quick profit.” … “It is our duty to purchase these firearms to protect the American public and citizens of Milwaukee.”


    Oh man, it Has been a long day, but that just about takes the cake.

    And the stuff that No empire-lover ever sees:

    “… a U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General’s report two years later found no evidence that the teams reduced firearm crimes in the targeted areas. Authors of the report cited “inadequate direction” and “ineffective oversight” by the agency.

    “We found that ATF based its analysis on insufficient data and faulty comparisons,” the report stated.”…


    “In one case, Brandon Gladney sold more than 30 guns to ATF agents, including some that he and Courvoisie Bryant bought at Gander Mountain, according to court documents. Bryant is charged in federal court with being a straw buyer – someone who purchases firearms for another person who is prohibited from having them.”

    That’s just ridiculous.

    This is so Perfect: “… Because government was never the source of order to begin with.”

  30. I take only one exception with the article above, and it’s not the words, but the first picture, and only with the last line: “There is only tyranny AND freedom”…. Substitute OR and that would be more accurate as far as I’m concerned.

      • “Find us first” Here’s one way?:

        … “The idea that the power elite wants to publicly purvey to every nook and cranny of society is that if you oppose the war on terror and wish to fight back in any way, that you, too, will run the risk of being tortured and even killed. Yes … if you ally yourself in any way with the “terrorists” – even though there are no terrorists (not in the sense of the current narrative, anyway) – you, too, shall be considered a “terrorist” and fair game for torture.

        Don’t question the current meme.

        Shut your mouth and go along.

        Waterboarding awaits!

        You see … the war on terror is aimed at domestic Western populations. The power elite spreading the meme is intent on passing laws and enforcing them that further control society and eviscerate the middle class.

        Torture is the other part of the power pincer, currently, anyway. If by chance you wish to oppose what is taking place, the powers-that-be wish you to understand that your fate may involve rendition, torture or, at the very least, imprisonment for what you have tried to bear witness to.

        [However, and in spite of all that nastiness:]

        Take comfort, please. These are age old strategies. They have been tried, often in desperation, before. …”


        As I said elsewhere, whatever you do – Don’t – get in the car. If you have that option.

        • …if you oppose the war on terror and wish to fight back in any way, that you, too, will run the risk of being tortured and even killed.

          Absolutely; they silenced the Germans very effectively.

          But the “Elite” are weak, and their numbers are small.

          That’s why I refuse to shut up…because if we won’t be silenced, if we speak out now, we may never have to use the guns.

          And it encourages OTHER people. You may not convince them; but they see someone willing to speak, to cast off the muzzle and bite the master’s hand. It gives them ideas.

          Americans have just forgotten how to be ornery, how to say “No!”.

          We’ve been trained in this mealy-mouthed fake “niceness” that we all actually resent internally because it’s emasculating and leaves you fuming inside. I *am* nice, generally, but I’m rediscovering the power of getting mad once in a while and letting it show.

          It might also be all the Youngevity vitamins and the primal diet. I swear my ‘roid levels have tripled since I went primal.

  31. You hired them – you can fire them – clean house – fire the lot and start fresh with term limits of 2 years max and no more fund raising interest groups. Keep firing (not re-electing) until they come to fear you. Governments should fear the people not the other way around- Wake-up and boycot the biggest banks and banksters who bought and paid for the law makers – political ass kissers that made the banksters rich and take your rights and freedom. Why do 400 people in the US own more then half of all the wealth! Why do US CEO’s on average make 230 times more per day then the average US worker – your Government is not your friend, your Government and Isreal are now the biggest Bullies on the planet – against you the citizens of the US and against the rest of the world. Please Wake up! a very concerned Northern Neighbour.

    • WC, you’re preaching to the choir here at this site. The only problem with your advice is that those of us that understand how the country should vote are an extreme minority. Hence, Ron Paul was defeated by the powers that be before he even started his campaign. We are ruled by thugs taking their share of the spoils and giving the rest to the Free Shit Army. The FSA in turn votes the establishment’s lying, thieving, murdering asses back in for the table scraps they receive. If voting and using our First Amendment rights to hold the political whores’ feet to the fire would work, then we’d be a Constitutional Republic operating under the wisdom of the Declaration of Independence. And we would not allow the PTB to interfere in our neighbors’ affairs abroad. Sadly, it will probably take another war of secession to bring about real change. And that change may not be for the better. Stay tuned, because the next few years should be very interesting.

    • Hi WC,

      We’re concerned, too!

      The thing is, it’s doubtful anything can be accomplished via the vote because the system is now so fundamentally corrupt. There is an old saying: You can’t polish a turd. The turd, in this case, being the idea of a continental “union” of disparate and often diametrically opposed interests held together by force and fraud. Just as divorce is a necessary solution when two people can no longer get along – much less love another – so also is the dissolution of this thing called The United (at gunpoint) States necessary and inevitable, for more or less the same reasons. People like us who accept risk as the necessary price of liberty and the exercise of free will have to figure out some way of gathering together in a given area and making that area our area. Other people who wish to live in an authoritarian collective will be free to go their own way and form communities such as appeal to them. And so on.

      • There is such a place, Eric. It’s called the Free State Project. It was first conceptualized over 10 years ago. There are many folks who’ve moved there already, and are having an impact. The guys on Free Talk Live moved their entire operation from Florida to New Hampshire to be a part of the project. One of these days I’ll pack my stuff and go as well.

        • Indeed.

          This business – having to contemplate packing up/leaving a place one worked hard for and which one has great affection for – in order to find sanctuary in another place – gives me insight (just a little) into the bravery of our ancestors, who had to put much more on the proverbial table.

          As I suspect we will have to, in our time.

          • I contemplated NH as a refuge at one time. Problem is that so many people have fled there from RI and the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. They were escaping the results of policies that they endorsed over the years, only to push for those same policies in NH. The disconnect is astounding.

            Rep. Chase is a perfect example of why NH politics is becoming less and less libertarian. I’m afraid the Free Staters will be overwhelmed in numbers by the statists who ruined other states and semm hell bent on destroying another.

          • That’s it.

            That’s the problem in microcosm.

            They talk about “diversity” and being “pro choice.”

            But let us have one little spot in the planet with an alternative system, while they have theirs everywhere else?

            Not a chance. Democracy is a “universal value” you see?

        • Do they still pay income taxes in NH? Social Security taxes? Property taxes? Fuel taxes? Does one need a DL in NH? Registration and mandatory insurance?

          Capital gains taxes? Use taxes? Toll roads and frivolous traffic citations? Gun laws of ANY KIND? (yup)

          That’s just what I can come up with off the top of my head. Sounds very free to me.

          I applaud their efforts but it hasn’t accomplished much. Besides NH is god awful hot and humid in the summer.

          • They have all that stuff, Don. The intent is to move like minded individuals to one local and initiate change. I guarantee they will have better luck than I will in the statist shithole I live in. I don’t even fucking bother doing liberty oriented stuff here anymore. It’s a complete waste of time. No one gives a damn.

        • I dunno. Apparently not nearly enough of them have moved to New Hampshire to make a difference. Some of the most horrifyingly authoritarian abuses of power by state and local officials that have taken place in the last decade have come out of the Granite State.

          • I have a quick story. I have a cousin in Manchester, NH and his 18-year-old son, who was a senior in high school, had a 15-year-old girlfriend. One night her car died in the middle of a NH winter so she was closer to his house than home so she hiked a few miles to his place, knocked on his window and let her in for the night.

            Common sense thing to do. Well the cops found the car, found her, arrested him for statutory something or rather.

            I don’t remember the exact details but that’s the gist of it. No good deed goes unpunished.

            I know they have some fairly liberal gun laws. I’ve watched “The Ridley Report” on Youtube a few times and I’ve seen them open carry into police stations there.

          • Ridley is only one thing. Here are some others:

            Free Keene

            <a href="http://freestateproject.org/libertyforum"&lt; Liberty Forum notice the keynote speaker this year is Tom Woods. In the past they had other notable speakers such as Andrew Napolitano.

            PorcFest. A who’s who of activist show up each year including Larken Rose and Stefan Molyneux.

            Add to them the other links I posted above.

            Yep, a whole lotta nothin’ going on there (more than where you are living, no doubt).

    • Start out by only allowing one, two year term. Make it so that you have to have another job (ie business owner, farmer, teacher etc…) in order to qualify for office. Make it so that the pay is barely enough to finance the two year term. Ban lobby groups and ban rule making/changing by the law makers. Ban lawyers from running for office, or becoming judges or, better yet, NO LAWYERS in govt. at all! This would be a good START!

      • “Ban lawyers from running for office, or becoming judges or, better yet, NO LAWYERS in govt. at all! This would be a good START!”

        An evil faction if there ever was one. Issue each of the sons of bitches a shovel and put them all to work digging a barge canal from New Orleans to Phoenix Arizona at ten dollars a day.


      • Start by giving up your belief in that mythical beast called authority. The state is a fiction that exists only between your ears.

        Ya Gotta Vote! – Larken Rose

        Time for an honest lesson about democracy and representative government

    • “You hired them – you can fire them – clean house – fire the lot”

      BZZZZZZZZT! Wrong. We didn’t “hire” anybody. The chair moisteners we have in office were inflicted upon us by an electoral system that limits poll options to a choice between two indistinguishable assholes.

      Lay out this simple plan of yours for us. How do we fire them? How do we then hire better assholes? How do we establish any new rules for them?

      Regale us with tales of how you fired the assholes in Canada and installed new and improved assholes. Tell us how you installed strict new rules to keep the good assholes from becoming bad assholes.

      Lay it out there for us, O Wise Canuck.

      • Ed, it’s the statist hypnosis at work. When it kicks in the programmed individual never actually threatens the system with meaningful change only a rearranging of the deck chairs.

        Like Emma Goldman said many years ago “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal”

  32. Tens of millions of aroused citizens are no match for billions of rounds of homeland security hollow points. And since this ammo is banned by the Geneva Convention, they can only be used domestically – on guess who.

    • Hi Phil,

      You’ve bought into their lie!

      Think, man. Even with their drones and depleted uranium rounds and F18s and Abrams tanks, they cannot maintain control over…. Afghanistan. What conclusion can one draw from this?

      • Dear Eric,

        Ditto Somalia and its warlords.

        They managed to humiliate “elite” Rangers, Delta Force, and SOAR personnel, using only AKs, RPGs, and .50 caliber MG equipped Toyota Hilux pickup trucks, aka “technicals.”

        Would American militia really be less capable than the “skinnies?”

        • Exactly.

          The key difference being not the weapons but the people involved – and their motivations.

          The soldiers are not fighting for “freedom.” They are just mercenaries of the empire. And inwardly, they know it’s not worth dying for, no matter what they may say out loud. The “technicals” (and us, too) fight for their lives – for their freedom, the real thing.

          That’s a motivator.

          • Mercenaries indeed. There are in all but name only exactly the same. Except I respect real mercenaries more because they don’t lie about who they are and what they’re doing.

      • All stuff built to go head-to-head with the (largely fictional) Soviet threat on a European battlefield.

        Totally useless against a determined native populace.

        All fragile, high-maintenance equipment.

        Sure–using an Abrams against a suburban neighborhood is like smashing a fly with a ten-pound sledgehammer. But if there are ten thousand flies, ten million, do you have the energy to swing that sledgehammer at them all?

        Again–the one thing I fear is the Elites’ total psychosis–and that they’ll release bioweapons, or go broadly nuclear.

        Humanity will still survive…but it will be very, very ugly.

    • Tens of millions of arroused citizens are INDEED a match for any NUMBER of hollow point bullets. JHP bullets are not really that useful. They are scary, true, but not very useful.

    • “Tens of millions of aroused citizens are no match for billions of rounds of homeland security hollow points.”

      Ummmm, billions of rounds of .40 hollow point ammo is for handguns, Phil. Isn’t it possible that those huge orders were placed to create production backlogs for ammo producers?

      Think, man.

      • Production backlogs, and to jack up the price (by creating an artificial shortage).

        I use AmmoSeek.com to scour the Internet for ammo (both FMJ and HP) for my 9mm. It’s now almost impossible to find HP rounds for less than $.30 apiece. A few months ago $.25 was the standard. Fortunately I’ve already built up quite a large stockpile.

        • Even reloading supplies are nigh-impossible to get. Try buying some CCI-200 rifle primers; backorder, backorder, backorder.

          But I think–and guns.com agrees–that the pressure is easing a little.

          Let’s not be complacent though–as pointless as it is, I’m calling “my” senators every single morning and yelling “No compromise!”

          Because their great temptation will be to give “just a little” , another “small compromise” to feel better.

          Does anyone believe in principle anymore?

  33. The greatest difference, as I see it, between then and now is the very media in which we are having this discussion. Although ultimately it is our being armed that will make the difference, what will prevent the government (through their minions at DHS) from murdering millions of their own citizens, is the virtual instantaneous availability of information, which would cause our very own military to put a stop it. Once the information got out that any type of widespread massacre was being committed against civilians, by some qausi military government department, I suspect that you would see vast swaths of military personnel coming home to protect their own families. Add to that National Guard, local and state police, etc., and I seriously doubt the government will ever openly declare warfare on the general citizenry. The real danger is the general financial collapse of the system which will turn the 51% non-producers (i.e. handout recipients), against the 49% producers (tax paying) members of society. That is when we will need our guns. I suspect that day is coming sooner than we expect.

    • Hi BF,

      I’m not too worried about the Free Shit Army. Here’s why: They are violent and feral, but stupid and inept and thus, helpless. In a SHTF scenario, probably two-thirds would be dead within six months as a result of their own inability to do more than destroy everything and everyone around them. Katrina, writ large.

      That may turn out to be the douching this country needs, frankly.

      • You’re exactly right, Eric. For all the noise coming out of the inner cities, these creatures are really nothing more than a minor annoyance. What they apparently don’t realize is that they are vastly outnumbered AND outgunned by those from whom they would seek to get “free shit.” Indeed, many of their would-be victims are very “well-regulated” (to use the 18th Century definition of that term) marksmen. Most “hood rat gangstas” barely know which end of their guns the bullets come out of and would be made short work of in going up against those actually trained in firearms use.

        None of this even takes into consideration the simple fact that most of the FSA is incapable of self-sustainment and is completely dependent on Uncle Slob’s monthly handouts. I see a marked population decline in certain demographic groups in the near future.

  34. A Serious Warning to Activists by StormCloudsGathering

    This weekend I encountered an individual attempting to incite activists on facebook to burn down government buildings. Very dangerous stuff.

    • There is no need to burn government property, team up with a lot of friends and take back what is already yours.

      Contemplate Vatican City for an example. This city-state of 110 acres and 836 residents is the seat of rule of over 1.2 billion Latin & Eastern Catholics across the globe. Like Moses once said, let my people go.

      Ransack and abscond with everything of value & significance from the territory, especially Caligula’s Obelisk.
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Peter%27s_Square#The_Vatican_Obelisk and the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel.

      There is uncountable wealth in the Vatican Library. The Vatican museums are among the most important in the world; the Museo Pio-Clementino, founded in the 18th century contains one of the world’s great collections of antiquities. The Chiaramonti Museum, founded in the early 19th century holds a collection of Greek sculptures and Renaissance imitations. The Braccio Nuovo, the most beautiful of all the museums. The Egyptian Museum and the Etruscan Museum, and the Pinacoteca Vaticana, opened in 1932, which contains paintings by Giotto, Guercino, Caravaggio, Poussin, and many others.


      I can just picture some Rapper or Dot Com Millionaire with a crib full of Michelangelos and a collection of Masonic Obelisks in their back yard next to their Pools & Jacuzzis.

      After the Vatican Heist, freedom fighters everywhere should conspire to liberate all the Masonic Obelisks worldwide, nothing would enrage TPTB more than the loss of all their Dildo-Devotional Phallic Architecture.


      • Yeah, what’s up with all the phallic imagery? You have an obelisk everywhere the major seats of power reside. Vatican City being no exception.

      • “Ransack and abscond with everything of value & significance from the territory”

        Ah, The phony “libertarian” calling for people to “ransack” the Vatican. So much for property rights, non-aggression, etc.

        So much idiotic hypocrisy and mindless bigotry here.

        • #1 Those are my words, not the sites’ words, Zorg. Individuals have a right to defend themselves from murderous gangs and conspirators of oppression like the institutional Catholic church. The Catholic faith or voluntary religious practice is not the issue, I have no issue with that. The issue is the Catholic Church being a Institute and National partner to violence and oppression.

          #2 Virulent, hypocrisy, bigotry. Just a lot of anti-concepts of the sort Humpty Dumpty uses to mean “just what he says they mean.”

          #3 There is no “Vatican” Zorg. It’s just another government entity. It builds temples & redistributes OPM just like any government. It killed one million people in the Crusades alone.

          #4 The Catholic church has a long history of violating property rights, using aggression, and murdering millions of people over the years. Just like any government.

          #5 Removing the loot and tokens of enslavement from the Vatican is a defensive response to 2000 years of aggression, bloody violence, and will lessen its ability to violate the NAP.

          #6 The Catholic scriptures and other documents call for all kinds of killing, theft, and destruction. The Catholics came with the Conquistadors and obliterated every bit of existing American culture it could, one example among thousands. How can it claim innocence after all the bloodshed it has committed and will continue to commit?

          #7 Taking property can be problematic, and certainly complications can arise. I don’t want people hurt or killed. I honestly believe twenty or thirty thousand motivated people with some heavy equipment can show up and pick the Vatican clean in a fairly short period of time.
          The world would be a better place if they started doing this to all the World Capitals, until TPTB start to get the message of who’s really in charge.

    • I sincerely hope that the majority in the freedom movement recognize this as the agitprop that it is and ostracizes the originator of it.

      Only the FedGov would try something that obvious and stupid.

      Nice try, fucktards.

  35. I have thought long and hard about this. No doubt that there will be mass protests and uprisings within the next 1-5 years. Preparations are being made by the military and local governments across the nation because they know what is around the corner.

    I witnessed these preparations first-hand here in Miami. This wasn’t a routine police training exercise. It was a military operation through and through. There will be uprisings once the shit hits the fan. The question as with any major conflict will remain…what will the aftermath be like?

    Deed down I feel freedom will prevail…but at what cost? The next few years are going to be UGLY.

  36. My experience with the so called “Americans”: They are cheating and betraying even their best friends and strongest supporters and giving out false promises on purpose. Especially the US-American women are really mentally and emotionally retarded, and have a poisoned mind and heard made by the tyrannical American feminist propaganda. Shame on you! This is disgusting. You will all end in the hell and burn in the fire! Nobody who has still a little brain in his head will trust the US-“Americans” anymore.
    Of course, the worst is the US-government and especially the Stasi-made US-Department of Homeland (UN) Security. They are treating visitors of the US like the last trash. Nobody should visit the US anymore or made business with this cheaters and betrayers!
    We want real freedom not the US-made false liberty that is really tyranny!

    • America is an experiment, the first of its kind. In your opinion, what should America be doing? I already know what America should not be doing.


      • Hi, you wanted to know what I think the US-citizens should do: First of all, as many as possible states in the US need to abolish the Union, means to move out completely of the US as fast as possible. Second you need a bill of responsibilities because you gays need to learn, that a Bill of Rights is important to protect you from government tyranny but not enough to run a society in a good way. Freedom needs responsibility; everything else leads to tyranny sooner or later. Third of all you should import some real men that are willing and able to bring the feminist dictatorship down, because obviously the American men are not able to do so.  I am sorry to be so direct, but do not feel offended, Germans are sometimes just brutally honest… It does not mean that I want to insult you.
        Of course the American military have to move out from all the countries you have occupied and enslaved, also I recommend moving out from Germany before we make a coalition with Russia and China just to kick you out of o u r country. People all around the world are becoming more and more Anti-American because we all do not like how you are cheating us.
        Also the US should pay compensation for everybody they have harmed (I am afraid, even if you give all the land (means the whole US) with everything in and on it as compensation, it would still not be enough.)
        We do not need your cigarettes, we do not want your feminism, we do not need your government telling us how to think and what to do. We want our old German culture and freedoms back, to live independent, proud of our heritage and self- sufficient, homeschool our children and be the philosophers, poets and musicians again we are born as.
        We did much better without you in the past when we had the highest culture on planet earth (besides of the culture in India) with Goethe, Schiller, Hölderlin, Kant, Beethoven, Bach and so on and when we were the most advanced homeschooling country too.
        Now everything is messed up like in all the countries that got dominated by the US. The US has financed Hitler to bring him in power in Germany, then you have made a war against Germany and told us it was because of Hitler; and now the lying Jewish-“American” propaganda media want to tell us, we are bad because you brought this gay from Austria into the power position in Germany? We are tired of this shit the US-Jewish controlled media are repeating over and over again.
        Learn to take responsibility for the actions you are responsible for and stop blaming others for your mistakes! I know this is very hard or even impossible for most of the “Americans”, especially for the “American” woman. And come together in communities you do not pay any single cent taxes to your shitty government anymore, because otherwise you cannot realize any of my recommendations, because you have nothing to say in “your” country, as long as it gets ruled by the government.
        And study the old German poets and philosophers, so you get some kind of ethics you won’t get in the US. For example that a promise is sacred and can never be broken.
        Is this the answer you wanted to hear?

        • Don’t confuse the American people–with the American government.

          We are not the same.

          You are only partly right; Americans did not fund Hitler, but bankers from America did. So did the Rothschilds and other English banking families…the same people we are ALL fighting today.

          We are ALL in grave danger from these globalist banksters. They have used America’s military as their global muscle; and they have intentionally made America hated, because they have to destroy America to achieve world government.

          So instead of hating us–the American people–hate the people who have taken over our government…and yours too. Merkel is a puppet for the banksters just like Obama; or do you enjoy paying the illegitimate bill for the EU bureaucrats?

          • No I refuse to pay taxes and get threatened by the USgov, section Germany, with prison because I am not willing to finance the bureaucrats and the military invading other countries. Also I am not willing to finance the persecution of the homeschoolers in Germany who are coming into prison because they give the best possible real education to their children. I am not willing to finance all this shit.
            I spend all my free time and money for my independent political work (and do not get paid for it, I even spend my money for this too).

          • For what did you get the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? Why do not catch the bad gays and gils and bring them to justice? This is your responsibility!
            And by the way unfortunately it is not just the gov; it is the normal mentality in the US unlike in the old German times to cheat friends and not to take promises seriously. This is like an epidemic over there. Do not blame everything on the gov., the gov is only the concentration of evil but everybody else has responsibility too.

          • “Don’t confuse the American people–with the American government”

            EXACTLY! This is such an important and yet completely ignored distinction.

            People need to be deprogrammed of that “we’re all in this together” collectivist mentality.

            The U.S. did not invade Iraq. The U.S. govt did. North Korea is not a threat to the U.S. The North Korean govt is.

            People don’t start wars. Gov’ts do.

        • I agree with you Boycott, that America needs to be eradicated & holocausted & blitzkrieged immediately and completely.

          The good new is America is just a bunch of second rate flags, crappy art school reject fingerpainted portraits, and some really shitty tuba music.

          America is not a race or a culture, it’s a hodgepodge ponzi-scheme that gets more shallow & meaningless, the more you try to figure out what it amounts to as a collective.

          It all adds up to the empty set, or the square root of -1, or something incalculable and completely nonsensical new type of nullness.

          A bunch of ragtag pirates and castaways came together and accomplished a lot more than anyone thought they would. Then they pissed it all away and ran up an unpayable debt to every loan sharks they could find. We’re back at sea at square one again being pirates and castaways , catch us if you can, yo ho ho.


          Also Google: Tinsley Grey Sammons

          An absence of Critical Thinking ought to be extremely painful to individuals who fail to practice same. Unfortunately, it is often painful to others.

          “Those who think must beware of those who don’t.” -Paraphrasing Ayn Rand


        • Also the US should pay compensation for everybody they have harmed (I am afraid, even if you give all the land (means the whole US) with everything in and on it as compensation, it would still not be enough.)

          The american people by and large are part of the group the US federal government has harmed. They currently owe me, at least a quarter million dollars given what they have stolen from me. Then add, interest, penalties, lost opportunity, and punitive damages to that.

          Your beef is with the institution called the US Federal Government. It is a controlled and operated subsidiary of various wealthy banking and robber baron families. Now the institution of the US Federal Government is broke, so you’re going to have to go after those who operate it.

        • “Why do not catch the bad gays and gils and bring them to justice? ”

          Goddam, germanrebell, you remembered your accent this time, but you forgot your name. Boycottusa does kinda sound like germanrebell, so it’s just a minor thing. You’re still a Got-damned genius.

        • Boycott USA,
          While you might have some valid points, I think you have forgotten where “Americans” came from. So to all Europeans who get off slamming Americans and America, perhaps you should just take a good long hard look in the mirror. This country was formed and comprised of people who were trying to escape the mess that your ancestors made over there. This shit has been going on for centuries if not from day one. There’s nothing new here. At least we got out and we tried. What have “Europeans” done?
          America, the good, the bad, the ugly. Don’t be hating just because we’re just a little bit better at it than you. It’s a case of sour grapes if you ask me. Have a nice day and enjoy you steeped in European culture chains.

    • Why do you not start your own government within your own country? I bet your tiny little country would just disappear like your obvious tiny,small,little,can’t see it mind. Speaking of very small you must be tiny if you can not handle American women. I bet she must have laughed when she saw your tiny little gun and made you cry and you ran away in tears. So you have to attack all American women and put them in the same group. Which now begs the question| Do you hang around schools and watch children or pay for your sick kicks or hide in a room and have Rosy Palm and her 5 kids do there thing?
      You are a bigot and a low life who needs to find a hole to crawl in cover yourself with dirt. That way you WE will not have to see a or hear from such a tiny small person like you!
      Hope you choke

      • Typical “comment” from an mentally disabled false “American”… (The only real American are the Native Americans your ansestors have killed…)
        By the way, enjoy your downfall and your “American” bitches.

        • Hmmm… bet you’d enjoy having ol’ Maggie Stynchkunt sit on you face immediately after she had pulled a train of raunchy bikers.

        • From my understanding, the Native American Indians here today conquered and wiped out the first American Peoples a long time before a Pilgrim set foot on american soil.

          So it seems the so-called native American Indians today don’t have much to stand on in that matter.

          • Just about every “tribe” there is on the planet has trod over the bones of another.

            When I asked the question to some Aztlan supporters, “So, do you intend to give the land back to those tribes your ancestors wiped out to “acquire” their precious “land”?” The shrieks and hoots were the sort that angry baboons make.

        • Boycott USA
          Your country started two world wars that killed 10’s of millions of innocent people all over the world not because they wanted to just take over other countries for there own, but get ride of inferior beings because the weak minds of your male populations have to try and prove that they are better than everyone else. SO YOU BURNED, GUNDOWN,STARVED AND BEAT TO DEATH HUMAN BEINGS.
          Your country dragged us into the mess you created to save hundred of millions of people from those atrocities. Our brave military humans lost there lives because of your country TWICE. Because of this the U.S. Had to feed your screwed of country, provide protection from the USSR and pay trillions of dollars to bolster up your screwed up economy TWICE!
          Because of your country’s TWO wars, the U.S. built up its military to protect itself and all of western Europe so we would not again have such atrocities again that would catch us without protection and then ended up providing the world with policing action that has now morph into a socialist tyranny all due to your inferior mindset of a country.
          You survive only on the backs of productive people who listen to your cry like a cat going to his death and now begs for his life. You are a true Coward who wants what he thinks is owed to him and has done nothing to better society and has no concerns other then yourself and blames other people or countries for your weakness and lack of self worth. Go out and get a real job that makes a difference in your life.
          Your country is the was the start of all the bad that is happening world wide now.
          So you and your country owe the Americans a boat load of gold for causing all the ills we now suffer here and the world.
          Also all babies start out as females when in the womb then made into males. You must not like your femme side, don’t be afraid to embrace it.

          • It’s important to clarify that governments start wars and that most people have little if any control over these lunatics. It’s a games that’s been played for countless centuries.

      • We short people, bigots, & low-lifes merely have to try harder, and keep at it longer, but we can get it done. Can’t waste time cursing the cards you are dealt, time to place your bets and play to win. They will lose this time.

        American Women

      • Hi Vito,

        Please throttle back on the invective/personal abuse. We welcome intelligent criticism – including blunt/harsh/direct criticism. But name-calling doesn’t enlighten or elevate. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

      • Verbal abuse is always the last refuge of intellectual ignorance.

        When you sling insults, regardless what you say, all anyone will remember are the insults. If you have a point to make, then make it intelligently and people will listen.

        I think you’ll find that most of the people commenting on this site are some of the most intelligent, educated, informed and capable people you’ll ever have the opportunity to be associated and exchange ideas with.

        You’d be smart to take advantage of that.

        • Coming from a intelectual no doubt who hides his weakness by pretending and telling people how intelligent he is because the lower intellect can not comprehend how much smarter you are, so of course you have to tell them yourself. That way you can cast their verbage and opinions aside making yours the only one that is relevant and make dispersions upon them in hopes they go away, change there minds or make them feel uneducated.
          I find that your elitist attitude boring.

          You should find a sole and heart and come down from your pedestal and mingle with the real people to get an idea that you should not keep your nose raised so high as to drown from heaven’s rain.

          Take and learn from that and you will be very smart.

        • Dear Don,

          I’m starting to wonder.

          Is this recent rash of pointless, out of left field, neither here nor there rants coming from clovers for hire?

          Are they answering to the same paymaster as “Gil” and “rj pare?”

          • “Are they answering to the same paymaster as “Gil” and “rj pare?””

            Bingo. That question does, of course, stick to the basic premise that they have a paymaster. They may have different paymasters, and they may number in the dozens, but the goal is the same.

            I could be wrong, but I probably ain’t.

            • Hi Ed,

              Having been at this (managing a web site) for some time, I have come to the conclusion that – without question – some of these “posters” are indeed government-paid agent provocateurs. Their brief is to disrupt/annoy/exhaust/divert. Some – the dangerous ones – are there to incite people (a la Randy Weaver). We are very careful here to immediately weed out those.

          • @Eric and @Ed:

            I wonder sometimes if they’re super-sophisticated linquistic ‘bots…like advanced versions of that old program “Eliza” the virtual therapist.

            Last year’s Loebner competition winner was a chatbot that fooled humans 25% of the time.

            Cass Sunstein, that Marxist bowel-offering of a scrofulous whore, encouraged programs to infiltrate alternative media.

          • Funny you’d bring that up. I’ve had FB “friends” recently start doing the same sort of things.

            A lady the other day was trying to convince me and others that the second amendment was written because the anti-federalists didn’t believe in a standing army and so we needed to be armed in order to protect the government!

            Everything she said was exactly contrary to everything we know. It was very, very odd.

        • This brings up an interesting side topic that I will dive into for a moment. It doesn’t apply in this instance, but I think it’s worth a few seconds.

          The effectiveness of going to insults depends on the audience to be swayed. Sadly most people are social, not intellectual. Because of this insults work. Ridicule works.

          The PTB use these social techniques to maintain control. If the population were intellectual, rational, they would have lost control a long time ago. Social manipulation is where all power is. How well thought out and supported a person’s argument is only matters to the minority swayed by such things. The majority is swayed by their image of the person. Insults attack the image. Yes people remember the insults and then often disregard the message of the person insulted. That the status-quo is ok and that guy with a point was kook. The insulter does not need to make a point when he defends the status-quo.

          However the rise of technological communication, in written form allows more sink in time and thus social tricks perhaps are losing some their effectiveness.

          • Dear Brent,

            How well thought out and supported a person’s argument is only matters to the minority swayed by such things.

            Sad, but true.

            Usually it’s bread and circuses. Name calling stands in for logic and evidence.

            Fortunately there are a few intellectual oases in this cultural desert. EPA is one of them.

          • You’re so right, Brent. Ron Paul is a great example: how many people came to believe that he is “crazy”? They could not accurately state a single one of his beliefs; the oft-repeated insult was enough.

    • You are directing your anger at the wrong party.

      Except for the occasional clover who trolls this website, everyone here would agree with many possibly most of your criticisms.

      You should be directing your anger at mainstream websites, at liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans. They are the ones responsible for the atrocities you mention.

      The people at this website want to dismantle the America that you despise. We despise it too. That is why we refer to it as “Amerika” or the “USSA.”

      Take a breath and clear your head for chrissakes.

      • “You should be directing your anger at mainstream websites, at liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans. They are the ones responsible for the atrocities you mention.”
        I have done this many times but they have always censored each single word of mine, means no comment got published in the comment sector I wrote for, not even one word. This is the American way of freedom of speech! I am surprised that everything got published on this site.

    • Hi Boycott,

      Don’t fall into the trap of assuming we’re all like that (women included) because we’re not. Just as those of us here have avoided the trap of regarding all arabic peoples as “radical Islamists.”

      • You are right: Not all the women are the same. It depends on the men how they are acting. Women are like dogs: If you do not show them clearly that you are a real men, means the leader, then they will get crazy and bark at everybody and bite you too, hahahaha
        The feminist are just a bunch of spoiled crazy women who have missed having a real father ruling the family.

        • Hi Dog,

          Human beings should not strive to emulate a dog pack hierarchy. How can we object to force/coercion applied to us as individuals (and men) if we countenance it being applied to women? Females are not a sub-order of humanity. Kinder, Kuche, Kirche? No thanks.

        • Dear Dog,

          I really have to wonder. Do you really believe what you wrote? Or are you merely engaging in an abortive attempt at humor?

          The misogynistic attitudes you have expressed, are virtually identical to those of Tibetan lamaist theocrats and Islamic fundamentalists.

          Misogyny is probably the most ludicrous form of bigotry imaginable. After all, every man that ever lived was birthed by a woman.

          If women are the miserable creatures you allege, what does that say about the men they gave birth to? What does that say about you?

          Men who put down women are really putting down themselves.

          Speaking only for myself, I like women. Not just as girl friends. I also like hanging with them and talking to them, every bit as much as I like hanging with other men and talking politics, cars, or guns.

          • You’ve obviously never had the pleasure of the kangaroo family kourt bending you over for the financial raping of your life. Once you’ve had that experience you begin to view misandry in a whole new light.

          • Note the word ‘misandry’, you may have to look it up.

            I agree with the dude above though, feminism has really screwed this country up. Women, despite all their clucking of misogyny/partriarchy, have been the protected class all along. Feminists do not seek equality, they seek superiority especially in the kourts and they by and large have it. Title IX programs, VAWA lets the mere accusation by a woman get a man removed from his own home, preference in school/job placement . . . The list goes on and on.

            I say let feminists have their equality – good and hard. Only a ‘white knighting’ munt would do otherwise.

    • Of course, the worst is the US-government and especially the Stasi-made US-Department of Homeland (UN) Security. They are treating visitors of the US like the last trash. Nobody should visit the US anymore or made business with this cheaters and betrayers!

      I’ve been urging my foreign acquaintances for the last decade to boycott Amerika until it comes to its senses. No nation that treats visiting business people and tourists like terrorists deserve a dime of that foreign revenue or a microsecond of those peoples’ time or attention.

      • @liberranter “I’ve been urging my foreign acquaintances for the last decade to boycott Amerika until it comes to its senses. No nation that treats visiting business people and tourists like terrorists deserve a dime of that foreign revenue or a microsecond of those peoples’ time or attention.”
        You brought it to the point. Excellent statement! In the past I thought Americans are strong, smart and creative. But when I was there last time, I really could not believe what I have experienced, that almost all of you are giving in to a government and corporate tyranny worst then in the former socialist countries in Europe. I just could not believe what is going on over there and that most of the people let a total evil federal government ruling and ruining their lives and also the live from their friends that are visiting them. And I could not see any resistance against this tyranny by the Americans.
        Do you know how I treat the bureaucrats in Germany, if they are not nice enough? If the people in the US would act in a similar way to the Amerocrats (US-bureaucrats), they would know that they have to be your servants and not the rulers!
        If you want to learn how to do it, come to Germany and receive my lectures! 🙂
        Anyway you wrote an excellent comment; too bad that I did not meet you over there, otherwise I might have gotten a much better impression about the Americans.

        • @German Rebell

          The first thing to understand about Americans is how deeply into debt bondage they are all born.

          Medical costs of having a baby. A 5lb bag of sugar. A copy of Windows 7.

          In all things the American price is many outrageous multiples of the world price.

          Trillions of tax dollars are taken from us and nearly every dollar is spent somewhere outside of our borders.

          The balance sheet of any given business or large property would be like this. Current Assets 100k. Current liabilities 3 million. Long term liabilities 20 million. Most businesses are all maxed out in debt just to keep in operations

          Everything is on the verge of collapse, business is all about finding excuses not to pay Peter and looking for more Pauls to rob or borrow money from.

          At the, the truth is masked by the way public funds materialize out of thin air. Soon America will be awash in trillions of dollars worth of local, state, federal, and institutional drones. Some of this forced spending trickles down and keeps everyone afloat for just a few more months. Its all guns and no butter.

          Most of the 14 Trillion Dollar economy is in service to worldwide administrative bodies. Second largest is various “services” which are vastly overpriced and usually of poor quality.



    • I am a pessimist and a misanthrope by nature . . . but occasionally I see something that makes me think that maybe . . . just maybe, there is something in the naked ape worth saving and perpetuating.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • Dear Tinsley,

        I hear you, loud and clear.

        As I was watching, I was wondering to myself, “Did I read that right? Did Tinsley Gray Sammons (1936 – ), Curmudgeon Extraordinaire, really post this link?”

        Ode to Joy is right.

        Let’s hope that blank space in (1936 – ) isn’t filled in too soon.

        • “Music is the pleasure one feels while unknowingly exercising our mathematical faculties.”

          – Gottfried Leibniz

          “Music is a hidden metaphysical exercise of the soul, which does not know that it is philosophizing”

          – Arthur Schopenhauer

          • “Architecture is frozen music.”
            — Goethe

            Often quoted by Frank Lloyd Wright, who returned the favor with a quote of his own.

            “A symphony is an edifice of sound.”

            Ultimately, William Wright’s impact on his son was formidable. The lessons that he taught about music (such as “a symphony is an edifice of sound”) were especially potent, working their way into Frank’s fundamental notions of architecture.

            Today, we recognize music as one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most important influences. He himself would later say that his approach to organic architecture was the equivalent to Beethoven’s method of motivic development in the Fifth Symphony.

            He made music an integral part of apprentice training at Taliesin (“Music is architecture at Taliesin just as architecture is a kind of music,” he stated)

            • One of the few advantages of living near DC was its relative proximity to Fallingwater (about two hours away by car). I’ve visited several times and hope to make the journey again.Now that is a house!

          • If Beethoven’s Ode to Joy doesn’t touch your soul you may not have one.

            My appreciation for the classics began with Ode to Joy


  37. I think a lot of you guys are confusing our armed forces with fed gangs like FBI, ATF, Federal Marshals, etc. It is the latter groups who have been doing the will of Barky and Shrub, and the globalist tyrants who control them, and run the Federal Reserve.

    As far as oppressing Americans here at home, our military has, up until now, been sitting on the sidelines. The day may come when the minions in the alphabet squads mentioned above can no longer control resistance here at home. At that time, Barky or whoever succeeds him will order our armed forces to open fire on Americans in the streets of our cities. Will they do it?? I doubt it, although it is impossible to know in advance.

    But here is the difference. Unlike most cops, and the minions in those fed agencies, people in our armed forces did not join up for the purpose of oppressing Americans. Look within your own families. You will see that your fathers, brothers, sons or uncles joined up, to protect, not oppress our freedoms…then returned to be freedom loving Americans once their hitch was up.

    I don’t think they are willing to do to Americans what they have done abroad. And I don’t think that a lot of their commanders are willing to give those same kind of orders against fellow Americans.

    The armed forces have the more potential than anyone else to fix what has gone wrong here. To turn against what can potentially be the Freedom Movement’s greatest ally is extremely foolish. You’re playing right into the globalist’s hands.

      • I read the article, and it is all about how stupid America’s military missions in the middle east have been. That is only indirectly relevant to the issue here.

        The idiocy of those missions….the atrocious waste of military lives and resources by the current and previous administration….are a big part of why the military may end up on our side. They may reach the point where they refuse further such orders issued by their nominal “commander in chief.”

        Why don’t we encourage them to do that, instead of treating them like our enemy?

        • Dear Mike, IAM, et al,

          My two cents?

          I think we have to avoid an “all or nothing” conclusion.

          Some military and police may defect to our side.

          I know this how? Because some of the hardest of hard core market anarchists on this forum are vets.

          I think it’s not a matter of if they will defect. It’s a matter of how many. How many? I hope many. But I really don’t know.

          • The issue is not “whether” or “how many” members of our armed forces might “defect.” It is how many of them would side with generals or other officers who refuse the president’s order to massacre American citizens….who decide that America’s “domestic enemies” can be found in Washington DC, rather than Main Street USA.

          • Dear Mike,

            Yes. I dearly hope enough high-ranking military officials will draw the line at shooting their fellow citizens, when they feel their fellow citizens are within their rights.

            This happened, even on mainland China.

            I read that during the Tienanmen Square Incident, the first batches of troops refused to fire on the crowds. Troops from other regions of the country had to be brought in who would pull the trigger.

            I was not there, so I can’t say for certain.

            But I can say that when I participated in anti-Chen Shui-bian protests in Taipei during between 2004 and 2008, after Chen stole the election, the cops from Taipei refused to bludgeon us protestors.

            Chen Shui-bian then called in Green oriented (Taiwan independence oriented) cops from southern Taiwan, who thugscrummed us.

          • And now we are watching them train to do what Ben Richards was accused of in “The Running Man”. Well the Arnold movie version that is…

            Military in helicopters over US cities firing blanks at people has a meaning, the only debate is what that meaning is.

          • MikePizzo, I posted the L. Vance link which shows they Are doing what you say they are not: “I think a lot of you guys are confusing our armed forces with fed gangs like FBI, ATF, Federal Marshals, etc. It is the latter groups who have been doing the will of Barky and Shrub, and the globalist tyrants who control them, and run the Federal Reserve.”

            Do you know about USMC General Smedly Butler?

            “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers.”


            What indications do you have that things have changed since his time?

            “As far as oppressing Americans here at home, our military has, up until now, been sitting on the sidelines.”

            Not exactly, the police state collects the paychecks for those ‘sitting on the sidelines’ and the costs are numerous and quite heavy on The People.
            Or the fed simply prints out the paychecks, no soldiers equals less printing.

            “But here is the difference. Unlike most cops, and the minions in those fed agencies, people in our armed forces did not join up for the purpose of oppressing Americans.”

            For one, how do you know why they joined?

            I’ve read many of them joined simply for money and the chance to kill People, Any People. If that is so, then there is No difference between the two groups.

            Also, the whole structure of the military is to oppress americans who join them from day one.
            How many People join to become drill sargents? It’s what they Want to do.

            oppress: Subject to a burdensome or harsh exercise of authority or power

            Wasn’t there a big deal about extreme hazing in the military awhile back? Was that not oppression? Did it ever stop? I doubt it. It’s institutionalized.

    • I work with Army NCOs. Many are swilling the soetoro-obama kool-aid and believe the serf has no “need” for personal defense weapons and 30 rd mags.

      Be prepared to shoot Americans wearing the uniform. They who would carry out orders to violate ones God-given rights are no less scoundrels than those in D.C.

      • That might be true up to a point, Dan. But, as a vet myself who did nearly two decades of merc time, I know of many other veteran and some active duty senior NCO-types who absolutely WILL NOT, under ANY circumstances side with the government against Us The People.

        Which brings me to another question that I haven’t seen asked: how many veterans, recently discharged/retired or otherwise, will jump into the fray on the side of liberty if the Socket Puppet-in-Chief decides to declare martial law? I have to think that the numbers would be greater than we imagine.

    • I agree it’s a prisoner’s dilemma. We weaken our army, who’s to say if others will do the same, or just use the opportunity to mob together & take us over. I’m not sure how I’d be any worse off being ruled by the Russians, or the EU at this point, you of course, may feel differently.

      There’s plenty of room under the libertarian tent for minarchism, which is what I think you are advocating. The NAP isn’t a one size fits all collective, we need not agree on the role of the military to achieve a freer society.

      Consider though, the new breed of XBOX warriors being hatched in places like Creech in NV. They kill remotely and aren’t physically present. It would be easy to trick them into killing Americans with false visual telemetry.

      Virtual reality warriors sending out the Alpha Dogs, XB47s, Predators, and such, could be overridden by the CIA


      If they need butchers, couldn’t they early release a million San Quentin types? For a Get Out of Jail Free Card, lifers & 20 year stretch mercenaries would willingly commit all manner of atrocities for a weekend pass & a carton of Camels!

      TR425 Predator Drone Courtmarshalled

      “These atrocities were carried out by one drone acting alone…”

      • They’ve been planning to replace “boots on the ground” with “silicon on the ground” for decades–because they know they’re vulnerable if their minions refuse orders or, worse yet, turn on them.

        The disgusting drone video-game players in their air-conditioned Nevada bunkers, raining death on children ten thousand miles away, sicken me.

        But they’re vulnerable too.

        And the new infantry robots–yeah, scary-looking and scary-sounding but not nearly as resilient as a human being…or as smart. We’ve come a long way with AI; the computer players in a 3-D shoot-’em-up video game are usually much better than humans. But that’s in a simulated environment. Throw in the variability of real terrain, the visually confusing signals in the real world, and some clever tactics on the part of humans–the robots will not do well.

        The Elites are victims of their own psychopathic hubris; they think their technology will elevate them to god-head, but it’s made them over-confident.

        • I wonder how the drones would fare against:

          kites, motorized kites, model rockets, customized industrial fireworks, weather balloons, ultra-lights, biplanes, DIY dirigibles, DIY stealth cessnas, weaponized flocks of birds, conventional ambush of drone airbases by locals.

          The trillions of dollars of Afghan deployed aerial technology could all come crashing down in a few weeks on the cheap and with low technology by the right Sun-Tzu techno-minded opposition with popular opinion on their side.

          “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war” – “keep the costs of a victory as low as possible” – “win the battle through resourcefulness & skill” – Sun Tzu

        • Methyl, I haven’t checked into this any deeper, but one of my acquaintances informed me that the mil drones use satcom for control. Apparently when some of them bank too steeply the link breaks and the bird goes “blind.” I realize that GHz comm signals are line of sight, but one has to wonder what would happen if someone sent the satellite, not the drone, some white noise packets in the proper frequency range. Just like .50’s on Toyota pick-ups, sometimes low-tech is the best approach. Foul up the feedback from the drone and operator on the other end will lose control. One would just have to be careful not to leave the signal on long enough for them to locate your position. Mobile transmitters would be the logical way to go. Now where are those two or three teenage nerds with laptops connected to souped up Magnetrons out of microwave ovens?

          • Boothe, I’ve always liked your mode of thinking 🙂

            You, BrentP, or Hot Rod might be able to answer this question: does producing a different frequency from a magnetron require re-machining the cavity to different dimensions, or can it be swept by changing the voltage or magnetic field strength?

            Mount up an old 1500-watt microwave to a nice shiny aluminum horn and have at’em!

            You can be sure the signals going satellite-to-drone are faint as hell. I don’t know enough radio theory…but is there enough “bounce” from air, or ionosphere, to get a significant bit of power back down to the drone’s antenna from a ground-based transmitter?

            Also: GPS jammers. Very cheap and easy; those signals are tiny.

            And ground-based drones–like that pack-mule bot or the one that runs like a cheetah–would be very vulnerable to that kind of attack.

            I’ve also seen designs for microwave EMP guns that emit a very high-power, short, noisy burst sufficient to fry a desktop PC from twenty feet or so. IIRC, they were based on a microwave magnetron. That would take care of the autonomous ‘bots, too…doggie goes “night-night”.

          • “You, BrentP, or Hot Rod might be able to answer this question: does producing a different frequency from a magnetron require re-machining the cavity to different dimensions, or can it be swept by changing the voltage or magnetic field strength?”

            A cavity of a Klystron or magnetron can be tunable simply with a servo motor and movable plate. Change the dimensions of the cavity and your change its resonance. Though I’d probably not use a Klystron or magnetron myself its a rather interesting idea.

            “Hi Fed’s quick disclamer I in no way have a desire to knock down a predator. All hypothetical if Russia made a predator like version how I’d knock it down from the sky”

            The communication signal is Ku band microwave but in dBm. We are talking millivolts to 10’s of mv of power. The military always uses spread spectrum and most likely frequency hopping so its less succeptible to higher power narrow band frequencies in jamming like that put out by a resonance high Q cavity (Klystron/magnetron).

            Microwave is very directional as you said, so they would have the whole underside shielded by a faraday shield of very conductive metal and possibly with a u-Metal ferrite as well. You’d have a hard time jamming the signal from ground based device as you’d not get past this shielding.

            But with a pigeon and harness and 9V battery at the right spread spectrum signals yes you could easily blind them from above. This would be the difficulty as without having a crashed predator you wouldn’t know the receivers frequency hopping and the control signal from space would look like random noise instead of the single sideband or VSB type signals we learned in schools in high school and ham receivers that are easily discernable with a spectrum analyzer.

            Hence again why I said you’d have a hard time knowing what the control signal looked liked to design the correct jamming spectrum. Hard but not impossible.

            I suppose if I got serious with fighting a superpower with limited resources i’d just start with small rockets with a very simple integrator feedback loop and control servos. Could be radar or visual lock each would have their advantages or disadvantages. Oh and I’d probably remote control firing them from a launchpad as it would be not too good if they got a lock on a source of a missle and you missed or there were more than one. I’m not an expert on counter radar locking and I do know that the U.S. military is very good at detecting a conventional radar ping and can also detect an incoming missle being radar locked. They can also create false ping echos that will fool conventional simple radars. Like I said their would be some advantages to a simple visual CCD image sensor lock, but that would add cost in initial development. In times of war you’d have a hard time buying the CCD off the shelf and anyone that did would be signaled as the treasonous bastard who shot down their 5 million dollar bird.

            You could design a radar that was spread spectrum as well. Infrared detectors would also be a very simple idea though a lot of the predators have a low heat source profile and when I was studying the SBIR contracts the military was sniffing out contracts for solar powered predators. An electric motor would be very hard to heat lock to. Though again this all clouds the fact that simple is often better. Overall it would be very easy to knock these things out of the air and any determined engineer could lay out some blueprints and hardware code and put it up for DYI project on the internet. They’d probably be knocking on that engineers door the moment they realized it would work though, then you’d have a nice comfy room with big bubba as your jail mate.

            I’ll state it again it would take a bit of trial and error but a determined enemy that had any technical sense would find the answer and at that very moment all the predator type remote terminators would be in a pile of crap on a hillside. They are mean’t only for tribesmen and mall shoppers not for the 30 some industrialized nations or a technology oriented militia this country would have.

          • Oh and if I were a insurgent I think I would never plan any kind of militia activity without a minimum of cloud cover (the rainier the better) to at least block the satellite surveillance and I’d say nightime but with infrared you’d never know if you were on candid camera anyway.

            One would also be very stupid to try a milita tactic and then wander on back home as the military has a global server that stores all the satellite images per square foot for weeks on a time, its a time machine. They’d follow your car backward in time from that incident or your buddies right to your and their origin prior time. I imagine they are doing this to the Taliban, and they just keep thinking its some informant narc in their own team. Nothing like misinformation of the U.S. military to make it like they got home spies inside the enemies ranks to make them turn on themselves.

            You’d have the same problem as the Taliban if you had no tree cover or cloud cover and tried to pull off a counter insurgency, they have records over every square foot of this nation and they are archived in time just satellite observance alone. You’d never plan such an activity without first some kind of visual cover. Then you’d have to use obfuscation of lots of top cover like building with lots of people and change clothes and hats to lose the surveillance tracking of where you came in first place and left in the last profile of time, basically break their track in time over you. It would be a big gamble with a powerful eye in the sky and that is why I keep saying that any militia that thinsk they could engage the U.S. military using conventional guerilla of the 70’s has no idea what they are up against.

            Right now the big boys are hoping and wanting Bubba and Joe the patriot to go toe to toe with them. They want to intimidate you and your AK-47 showing their is no match to their superior firepower and surveillance and you know they are right if you are dumb and unaware of what they have on hand.

            By no means do I propose any of the actions I’ve presented above. I always tell people that insurgencies are usually losers even if their side wins. Peaceful solutions are much better both in the short and long term for the vitality of freedom and those in a nation. Got to use deep thoughts here if you want to win against this willing and experience bloody beast. They love to kill and you and I don’t. They’ve had lots of target practice and you and I haven’t. So therefore best to not take them on where they are so perfect. Advanced bullets and weapons is kind of their speciality along with planned obsolesence and euthanasia. I’m still for the militia in concept and think they would win against a world superpower organized military if they put their minds to it. If Afgans could do it then a technological aware civilization of militia would be even that more effective if it came to a battle. Albeit it would be costly in lives and property, one that is avoidable with peaceful disobedience.

            • Here’s the key thing to bear in mind as I see it:

              We cannot physically beat them in a direct confrontation.

              But we can force them to use force – to show their hand.

              And then, they will lose.

          • @methyl

            Probably what would be more useful for a militia would be a radar to spot these unmmaned air vehicles. I think what I’d probably make would be a dithering (varying psuedo random) radar pinging. This would make it harder for the drones to pinpoint the radar signal, as well as try to send a fake ping reflection response to fool its real location. Basically the old radars used synchronous and periodic pinging, and to decieve these receivers the U.S. military would send a fake ping at a wrong time delay to make the radar guess the wrong location. With a pseudo random ping, they could never know when the pulse was transmitted and therefore not be able to foil the return pulse. Believe me radar would be quintessential for a war with a surveillance drone state superpower with these drones. Even above knocking them out what would be more important is just knowing where they were and weren’t. I can only imagine how many Taliban have been wiped out, tis a lot harder than their fight with the Soviets I imagine. I’m not proud of this but to think of primitive militia against a technology of the U.S. military would be like a David against Goliath. Oh that’s right David still won that one so that not such a good example, well I guess Afgans aren’t a good example either. Still point is that a much better approach to fighting a technology superpower is with technology. It doesn’t have to be top expense but it does have to be clever, something we have in abundance with our own militia if need be.

          • BTW I just want people to understand when we talk this hypothetical stuff in no way should you go out and do it. And beware there are many agents of the government that want easy dups to setup for so called terrorist milita plans. I’m in no way interested in following through with any hypothetical things I talk on here so don’t approach me with a membership into some great plan as I’m not an FBI dup, nor do I expect anyone else on here with what ifs of military vs. militia to be either. Anyone gets too comfy about talking about weapons against the government in any real sense (hypothetical aside) with groups of internet people should be very concerned for their own safety. Beware of the friendly poster who has too many suggestions on how to fight with great details. That goes for anyone who listens to my long blatherings. The government is always recruiting fake unibombers and Al Queda want to bes. I like to educate people of the power of a possible militia without actually getting involved in such a monstrocity. Again civil disobedience is the answer to our problems, not armed rebellion.

          • Dear Hot Rod,

            Beware of the friendly poster who has too many suggestions on how to fight with great details.

            Duly noted.

            Never underestimate the duplicity and ruthlessness of TPTB.

            As Eric has astutely noted, any entity that would stoop to 9/11, with its 3000 casualties, would stoop to anything.

          • @Bevin and @Methyl

            I agree with both you and Eric, 911 was an inside job for sure, and it is creepy that ruling scum would sacrifice so many lives for their game plan. Yeah I’ll admit it that I used to think the moon landing was real, but now since I’ve wisened up I’ve came to realize that was the big test. To see how stupid we really were with believing in the lunar landing. Went to the debunk moon landing and downloaded all the NASA photos and using free GPL gimp was able to see all the artifacts (cranes, light bulbs) that the debunking sites showed. Also saw the reflection of the astronaut in the visor and missing life support. Strange conflicting moon shadows that don’t make sense with a single light source. I could go on with test equipment that have buttons appear and disappear between frames. Two pictures shown of the same incident (astronaut jumping) one showing moon dirt under his feed and another camera taking the same picture with no dirt. I mean its an embarrassment I ever believed the moon landing occurred. Add to the Van Allen belt problem. See if they can do this for moon landing then 911 is a piece of cake.

            I’ll go out on a limb here and if you guys were reading the link I posted a day ago about high power lasers MW that are able to supposedly even knock out satellites. I have no proof of their operation but I speculate that they aren’t a conventional laser as in two reflecting mirrors with a medium that is stimulated by a chemical reaction. I think that instead of using mirror resonance that what they might use to get the photonic emission stimulated is an electronic EMP pulse or discharge. Then with enough length of stimulation the cascading photon amplify into what would be a coherent photonic impulse. This would avoid mirrors that would probably never be able to handle that kind of power. So again I’m thinking that they still stimulate with a chemical reaction put start the first photonic cascade with an electronic discharge. Kind of a sympathic discharge.

          • I have it on good authority from contractor acquaintances who’ve done work on the drone program that the software for the drones is –how to put this delicately?– not very robust or secure. This doesn’t surprise me at all, given what I’ve seen first-hand in the government’s traditional IT infrastructure elsewhere.

          • @Hot Rod–
            Thank you for the (entirely hypothetical) analysis…full of excellent ideas!

            My brother-in-law works for a BIG mil-contractor. He was an EE in school with almost zero software experience; but he was the ‘hardest-working’ guy on their project to secure communications across a top-secret to secret email network.

            Needless to say, it was about as sophisticated as a first-year comp-sci student’s first Pascal program…IOW a total joke.

            He tells me all the time that our family is getting back our tax dollars through him. He shows up to work at 10, looks busy for a while, and leaves at 4:30. The other guys show at 10 and leave at 3…so he’s the “go-to guy” and a real star!

            Yeah. We’re rapidly approaching the joke level of the ex-Soviets with their craptacular systems made by vodka-soaked engineers.

          • Hot Rod,

            I have to admit that your explanations of how the Flux Capacitors work put the skunkbear outta his element but it is good to know you are on our side.

            “…any militia that thinsk they could engage the U.S. military using conventional guerilla of the 70′s has no idea what they are up against.”

            That has been my “black swan” in planning for the coming “unpleasantness”.

          • @Eric

            On the Moon issue, here’s another possibility:

            They did go back. Just not publicly. Or perhaps were advised by other parties to not return.”

            Yes they did and they didn’t use rocket technology to do it. Whether is was manned or remote controlled we will never know. But there is no doubt that they planted several artifacts on the moon surface. For example a laser reflection surface reflector.

            I remember being a young enthusiastic man in my late teens and visiting a local observatory. I asked him while he was looking at all the nebula and galaxies if he had ever trained his powerful telescope on the moons surface that the supposed lander touched down. He said he had not, now maybe I’ve always just been a curious bastard but if you had access to a powerful state observatory wouldn’t you like to see the lunar lander? Wouldn’t that make a great public relations when people came and visited? But no I’m the only curious bastard ever. And keep in mind this was in a time when I actually believed the official story.

            So years ago I saw that they trained the Hubble Telescope and took a picture of the lunar landing site. Well all I could see is tire marks what would have been the rover driving back and forth. Could you make out the lander? No.. Could you see any detail. No.. Typical Fin government. They can spy on us from outer space and see something we are holding the size of a matchbook. They can use a hubble telescope to see binary suns, but they can’t take a real up close of the moons lander and say…hey here it is?

            Yeah the government did get a heads up on a total different physical science then they teach us in college. They give bits and peices here and there, but never the unified theory. Keep you just smart enough to do what you need to but hope you don’t see the whole picture. Its all there though. Nazis or I should say Germans did have the very best field theorist ever. Ever hear of Maxwell? James Clerk? That good ol German boy is said to be the smartest man to ever live, beating Newton, Einstein, and all the rest. Mr Maxwell and his disciples knew all about relativity before Mr. Einstein was even out of his diapers. They also knew a lot more than that, but the liar government never wants that known. Gravity is understood but only by a few. So my explanation for the fake lunar landing? They went there but not with the garbage they showed on TV. Kinda makes you realize why it wasn’t so important to have a safe landing on earth with the Lunar module before sending it for a near perfect landing with no hiccups on the moons surface. Yes, we have been there though I can’t say whether it was ever manned. And yes we did that many many years ago. The scenes shown to us though were fake there is too much evidence otherwise.

            • Morning, HR!

              If you haven’t already, buy a copy of The Hunt for Zero Point by Jane’s Defense writer Nick Cook. It gets into – in a credible way – the subject at hand. Cook carefully brings together several very tantalizing clues that, together, suggest the Nazis were not only looking into alternative physics but found something.

              I have read extensively in this area and have come to the conclusion that technology verging on the magical (by generally accepted frames-of-reference) has not only been explored theoretically but been put into practical use.

              We’re past the event horizon now, of course…

          • Yeah it seems lunatic as shit to say the least that the government would go to the trouble of investing in rocket and missle technology when they know the field theory of gravity and antigravity. And I don’t blame anyone who wants to dismiss me as a crank, but remember I’m not a perpetual, zero energy freak. I’ve even given you formula’s to calculate the gravitation constant. I’ve told you some interesting things like neural networks and how its tied to DNA. I’ve relinquished this material and anyone with any technical interest or knowledge would and can see that what I’ve said holds water. I’ve told you all many things that sounded crazy but then I backed them up with logical proofs so that if you thought I was a B.S. artist I could somehow prove otherwise on everything except this. What I know about gravity is real. I don’t make claims I can’t back up. True I can’t prove the government used field theory to land on the moon, but I can say with my experience that once one gets the simple whole picture of field theory (unified) then you see that its absolutely impossible that those thinkers such as Maxwell didn’t. It’s very simple. It always has been very simple. When I say simple its not like lever and wheel simple but from an electric fields theory its much simpler than what is taught in university to engineering classes. Further it agrees with all those theories where it matters and as a tool its actually much more expansive. I’d let you all in on the great suprise, but it is my flux capacitor and I’m not ready to share yet :). But trust me when I tell you that nothing is new under the sun, and many others already know what I’m hinting at about this gravity theory. When you see the likes of Maxwell that proved light was a pertubation of magnetic and electric fields and that this information moved at the speed of light. When you see that Maxwell’s disciples/friends like Lorentz came up with relativity many years before Einstein came on the scene. When you see all that is to be seen even the weird pictures showing Nazi’s with levitating field devices at the end of the War. When you hear quotes of Von Braun saying that there was something greater than rockets found to other scientists working on rocket technology. Then you see that there is nothing new under the sun, the government(s) don’t want you to know. I’m not sure if the U.S. got the monopoly on the technology and never wanted the USSR to find out so made the duplicity of rockets to cover it up. I’m not sure why they haven’t came forth with it after USSR breakup unless they still want an upper hand. But I know one nation (U.S.) has that technology and doesn’t share it with the simple guy. The origin of that knowledge was field theorist of the past tense German nation we fought.

    • “You will see that your fathers, brothers, sons or uncles joined up, to protect, not oppress our freedoms…then returned to be freedom loving Americans once their hitch was up.”

      Bullshit. They signed up for a paycheck. They returned as welfare witches to collect benefits.

      “The armed forces have the more potential than anyone else to fix what has gone wrong here. To turn against what can potentially be the Freedom Movement’s greatest ally is extremely foolish. You’re playing right into the globalist’s hands.”

      A man would have to be huffing airplane glue to believe some shit like that.

      • One fact about the “all volunteer” military that worries me is that, to a great extent, it is comprised of the economically-educationally impaired; i.e., the urban and rural poor who had the choice of Wal-Mart… or the Army. People who may have never read a book – or who (at best) have a 12th grade government school “education.” Which means they’re typically catastrophically ignorant of history, philosophy and, well, pretty much everything.

        I’m not suggesting these people are stupid. However, I think it’s fair to say that many of them are benighted in terms of their limited intellectual development. They are probably more apt, therefore, to buy the government’s lies. To be belligerently “patriotic” (e.g., Sarah Palin’s typical supporters) which amounts to belligerently authoritarian – provided it’s their kind of authoritarianism. I am speaking of the small-minded moralizers and Babbits; the “good Republicans.” These people are as much on the other side as are “liberals” and Democrats.

        The draft, though a loathsome affront to self-ownership – at least had the virtue of bringing the warfare state into the parlors of middle and upper middle class America.

        • “… I think it’s fair to say that many of them are benighted in terms of their limited intellectual development. They are probably more apt, therefore, to buy the government’s lies.”

          Hence their enlistment…

          • Yup –

            Combine a high school diploma (or GED) from a government indoctrination center – and a lifetime of cultural conditioning in Submit & Obey… in a mind that has never been tickled into awareness – because it has never been taught to think critically – and what you have is a biological machine of reflexes that can be very effectively programmed.

            Heil, mein Fuhrer!

            It’s exactly the same.

          • The whole programming thing by gov indoctrination centers is most sad, often with such tragic results. However, all is not lost, if others can be persuaded to open hearts and minds. This will assist those that need real (truthful) education and critical thinking most.

            The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto: https://theultimatehistorylesson.com/ (many formats available, can be viewed in its entirety for free @ youtube – links found in header [drop down menu under ‘the interview’].)

            All the very best…

      • “The armed forces have the more potential than anyone else to fix what has gone wrong here….”

        A man would have to be huffing airplane glue to believe some shit like that.

        No shit. Just ask the Egyptians how well that has worked out for them.

    • Mike,

      Need i remind you the goons in FedGoonberment have already had the military fire on people on this continent. First the indigenous population aka indians, then the people of the south.

      Remember dear leader Abe stated the south was in rebellion and not a separate country. So, just like in 1860 the military will obey dear leader Obooba.

      The colors of the military are already known! They can and will fire if ordered to kill you. Hell, in many cases brothers were killing each other during the war to suppress southern independence.

      Then there is Kent State in the 1960s which someone has already mentioned.

      The military slaughtered every man woman and child at Mt. Carmel.

      Lastly, the Military in New Orleans seized firearms right after Katrina using the threat of death if anyone refused.

      Never think the U.S. Military will refuse to kill you.

      On another tact, it is my opinion that the goon thugs called police are nothing but hired murderers.

      • David,

        “Lastly, the Military in New Orleans seized firearms right after Katrina using the threat of death if anyone refused.”

        That was the line in the sand for me thinking the active duty military will be with us. They will not and it is foolish to plan on their help.

        • I read someone post it was the local cops that did the confiscation. However, the only photo I ever saw was of a NG goon.

          Go figure.

          • I want to point out something that seems most people miss. After 1860, all state militias were nationalized by the FedGoonberment and called the national guard. The only legitimate militia is now the private one.

            More throwing.

  38. Come on gays; stop talking about the “Nazis”. You have no idea what it was anyway, you just believe in the nonsense Jewish-“American” propaganda about it. When the so called “Americans” moved into Germany in World War II, the first thing they did, was disarm the normal German people and gave us a “constitution” saying, that the government has the obligation to control education and made homeschooling illegal. Also you ensured that everyone who questions your version of “history” comes into the prison, and this is still the same, and the homeschoolers are still getting persecuted and the people in Germany are still disarmed. This is the “freedom” the “Americans” brought to us. But I forget one important thing: Yeah, you gave us also the most important freedom out there: The freedom to poisoning each other with the toxic cigarette smoke… Also you have supported one of the worst mass-murder in history, Stalin, by supporting the former Soviet Union to occupy have of Europe to bring us in the worst tyranny we can imagine…
    Thank you so much, lovely “Americans” for bringing us your kind of “liberty”. You just want everything for yourself and enslave the rest of the world. But now the table turns against you and what you have done to others comes back to you. And you fully deserve the tyranny your government brings to you. Your government is just your mirror. They want royalty for themself and slavery for you. Enjoy, have fun in the United States of Government Tyranny.

    • That all sounds about right to me. How do Americans stop them or even slow them down?

      Jackal Stone 2012 Highlights US European Command / NATO
      Zemunik, Croatia. 09.26.2012

      NATO Special Forces from 96 countries focused on “Building the Global SOF Partnership” in Tampa Florida 06.08.2012

      • You want to know what to do? They key is, come together in independent communities and exchange goods as much as possible without using the Dollar and without paying taxes. Starve the evil government; do not let them tax you into slavery and starvation. Use civil disobedience together with others, you do not have to use guns to make a revolution, you can do it peacefully but it has to be radical. Live a healthy lifestyle, resist the bureaucrats whenever possible. It has to come from small communities first, then take over the local government then go out of the Union. Also read the following comment on this site: Boycott USA on January 30, 2013 at 4:13 am. There is a answer for a similar question.
        And very important: Ensure that the bureaucrats have no say about immigration anymore. The people have to decide with whom they want to live together and who should come to them from abroad and not the shitty bureaucrats who let all the communists and terrorist and criminals in and kick the ones who are welcomed by the people out. This is a key element not just in the US, in Germany and other countries too.

        • Bingo. Especially that last bit.

          “The people have to decide with whom they want to live together and who should come to them from abroad. not the shitty bureaucrats who let all the communists and terrorist and criminals in and kick out the ones who are welcomed by the people. This is a the key not just in the US, but in Germany and other countries too.”

          Brilliant observation, German rebell.

          I live in a tourist & tax haven that’s been devastated by the security hysteria. The entrepreneurs can’t buy their way in at any price, yet every degenerate dirtbag is chauffered in with a free shit welcome basket and warm cozy apartment.

          Not one more inch.

        • Well-said, GermanReb!

          I like your idea of simply ignoring them. Associate/work/do business with others of like mind, on your own terms, freely agreed upon. Good stuff!

          • And when the thugs come to break up your little Local Exchange Community – and this is the most difficult but most important part: DEFEND YOURSELVES! Take a stand as a community as well beceause if we ever get rid of the existing monolith we don’t want to replace it with anything so we have to be able to work together as a commmunity not only for trade but also for security.

          • Dear Brent,

            Truly Kafkaesque.

            It’s wrong to counterfeit, because counterfeiting is fraud. It’s illegal to counterfeit, because the feds are busy counterfeiting themselves, and hate competition.

            von NotHaus did not counterfeit. He did the opposite of counterfeit. He provided people with honest money.

            What von NotHaus did was made illegal, not because it was wrong, but because it undermined fed counterfeiting.

            To sum up.

            Doing something morally wrong is illegal if the feds are already doing it. The government hates competition in doing wrong.

            Doing something morally right is illegal if the feds are not doing it. The government hates competition in doing right.

          • The government criminals want to intimidate you by persecuting the Liberty-Dollar men. Do you want to get along with it? Do you want to be their slave? Then give in and obey. But then do not be surprised if nobody likes Americans. We do not like stupid cowards who give in to every crime of the government and obey these government tyrants.
            Besides of it, the man who sold the Liberty-Dollar can get persecuted easily, because it was something centralized if I got it right. But if you decide to deal in your community with silver coin’s or whatsoever, and many people in many communities are doing it, what do you think the gov can do against it, against millions of people who are just using something else then the Dollar to change goods and services? In Germany hundreds of thousands or even millions of people have just created different local “currencies” that are not real currencies but have the same use, so the gov cannot really do something against it. Many businesses are accepting it, and it supports the local production and the local selling.
            If you want to start living a responsible live on your own with honor and pride, then you have to risk something! Yes, the gov might come after you, yes, it might be hard for you, but do you know what?: I even got tortured by the police in Preußen (Germany) because I have practiced peaceful civil disobedience. Do you think that this makes me want to obey the government terrorists?
            Yes, you have this risk to get harmed by the government criminals. If you are afraid of this, then obey the gov, pay your taxes until they starve you to death, eat GMO and get sterilized and smoke cigarettes and get lung cancer or emphysema, and then die in your bed as a coward who has wasted his live to serve the devil and burn in the hell for the eternity. If this is what you want then obey, work for the evil and sell your soul.
            But if you want to be a real man or woman then do what is right and necessary: Starve the government, be someone with honor within yourself and support your friends if they need you. And do not forget to read Friedrich Schiller, Friedrich Hölderlin und Immanuel Kant to catch up with the real German spirit of freedom, friendship and great ideals. 

          • GR, I didn’t offer an opinion I presented a fact.

            Your writing in English is very unlike any German I’ve ever known. Furthermore your insults seem to be aimed at socially manipulating me and/or others into certain actions which makes me all the more suspicious.

            This dick measuring contest you seem to be dying to get into does not interest me. It seems that you don’t understand the difference between hundreds of people doing something and one man band. There are towns in the USA that have made their own script, but it doesn’t really challenge the central banks on any level and neither does what a small village in Germany does. Risk and reward is high for the PTB to criminally attack an entire town for their own po-dunk paper money. However the risk of someone who goes after the fed by making real money is high and the reward is assured when they can simply take out one guy to stop it all. That is what the facts show. So when enough people are convinced to use metals the fedgov can do nothing. But a one man show will just fail. Then again I am not in this for image or to get laid or anything else. It seems you take great pride in being arrested. If that’s what floats your boat, fine. You’re not the first I’ve encountered like that.

            I’ll do things my way, you do your things your way. Otay? I don’t need fame or acknowledgment or even to have more ‘street cred’ by being arrested. I prefer to win out in the long haul, and there have been decades worth of folks who have tried it your way and failed. They sit in prison, largely forgotten and not heard from.

            This is battle for perceptions, for thought. It can’t be waged from a prison cell. Once perceptions change, once illusions break, the whole crummy system comes down, so that is where I put my energy. Let the state be violent. Let the state show its hand. It’s using their energy against them. Anyway I’ve wasted enough time with this.

          • Hi BrentP, are you a government agent that just wants to scare us? Nobody can do anything if we are massivly not using the USD anymore and using something else instead. You do not offer any real solution and just do fear mongering. For what government office are you “working” for? Do you get paid being a troll on this site?

          • BrentP does not believe that I am German. This is really funny. But at least he fears the government. This is how it should be, right? Did your founding fathers told you, that you should fear the government and give into their tyrannical agenda? Or did they risk their life to fight it?
            Is the US the land of the brave, home of the free or the land of the cowards, home of the slaves?
            By the way Brent, I was not intended at all to insult you and I have no idea why you feel like this, because I did not talk about you personally at all in my comment, so how could I insult you? But if you consider yourself a coward and this is the reason why you felt bad that I was talking about this issue, than it is your problem and you should think about how to encourage yourself. Take it easy, my dear! Sei ein richtiger Mann!
            Und, nebenbei bemerkt, ich bin tatsächlich ein Eingeborener aus deutschen Landen. 

          • Alternative, what does it feel like to be a sock puppet? Is GR’s hand cold?

            GR, once again you make giant leaps in what can be most simply described as a troll. You won’t get the emotional reaction from me you are looking for, nor will you get me advocating for the sorts of acts you wish.

            It is interesting how you attempt social manipulation to bring about head on confrontation, to attack the state where it is most strong and we are most vulnerable. To chastise individuals for not sacrificing themselves in futile gestures of resistance.

            People who do that are usually not even noticed in the media. They have no effect at all. The ones who are noticed get portrayed as kooks and worse having a negative effect. They are used in a social manipulation to silence people. People won’t express anti-government ideas openly because the masses will associate that with the person portrayed on the evening news.

            Until recently the insults that came my way were designed to make an association to such persons. Slowly it has become this shaming technique about why I am not confronting the criminal gang that is government directly and by my lonesome. It’s interesting. It would seem that breaking people’s illusions, attacking the idea of government, is working quite well. It’s government’s weak point. All people need to do is stop believing. If government does anything to stop the ideas, to stop the preaching, it’s energy is turned back on it. It’s very interesting how you and others want someone like me to shift my energies to where they would be least effective and put to a stop.

            On another note, IMO the importation of Nazis after the war and East Germans after the wall fell into government jobs in the USA was key to bring about the present condition. The depression of the 1930s in the USA was a direct result of the federal reserve and the bubble created to pay off the costs of WW1. Without German aggression the USA might still be closer freedom wise to what it was in 1912.

            Now I could go on about guns, taxes, the EU, and how Germany and the rest of europe are much further down the path. I look at news from Germany and the UK among your neighbors to see what’s coming here next. The USA is suffering a lot from ‘that’s the way they do it in Europe’ in everywhere but where it would be good, speed derestricted limited access highways.

          • BrentP, Germany is still occupied and the politic is controlled by the US. And forget about the man from Austria (Hitler) and the “Nazis”, there is too much shitty propaganda around this. The US wanted the war between Germany and France and England, so they did play us off against each other. Who was the winner? Yes, the US. England lost his Empire, France lost the war, Germany lost the war, many people and land too. So the Europeen concurrence got weakened and the US became dominant politically and economically, and this was exactly the goal. The winner writes the history and the winner was the one that has created World War II on purpose together with your beloved “chosen people”. They got what they wanted too: Israel.
            If Hitler would have made a coalition with Russia and invade the US together with Russia, then the history would have been different. Then the US would be German now, Kannada a part of Russia and we, the German could enjoy the sun in California, one of our new states.  German would be the world’s leading language and everybody would hear in the mass media, that Germany did liberate the US and other countries.  The Asians would adore us, the Germans; especially the Indians would adore us, many of them adore Hitler anyway because he was the reason, England got so weak, so they could not keep the Indian colony anymore under their control.
            When our politician from the party FDP, Mr. Westerwelle, did not want Germany vote for the war against Libya, than it was his last act. He had to go because the US-gov got angry that Germans refused to go to war under their command. Hitler obeyed you more, he did, what your beloved gov and your “choosen people” wanted, he went into the war against France and England to weaken it for you, but the result is the same, now the Jewish-US propaganda is turning him into a monster, like they did with everybody they made war against, like Sadam Hussein too. Only Stalin was good, right, because your beloved gov has supported him in World War II to occupy and enslave half of Europe. Well done, American masters of destruction! And by the way, the “Americans” do not want to get blamed for what the gov has done they voted for, but they did and they still do blame all Germans for World War II and let us pay endless for something we were never involved with. All the Germans I know had nothing to do with the war; they were not even born at this time. I simply will not accept this hypocrite attitude.
            Americans are forcing us nowadays to kill masses of innocent people all around the world and if our politicians refuse doing so, they get thrown out of office or even killed immediately from the US gov, the majority of the “American” people has voted for, and from the “chosen people” that are in power in the “home of the brave, land of the free”. We are tiered of this.
            I know you do not like what I am saying, but I won’t stop telling my opinion. We are still occupied and controlled by the US, and the US wants to force us into endless wars and kill millions of good people all around the world. This is a fact, not my opinion! And while we are talking, many good people and animals get killed by your soldiers!
            Anyway I never told you, what to do. This is your misinterpretation. Somebody asked me, what the Americans should do, and I just gave out some ideas, that came into my mind. You have to see by yourself, what works the best over there and what you are able and willing to do by yourself. I am not your adviser, the US is not my country, and of course I know that it does not make any sense to force or manipulate somebody to do something he or she is not ready to do. Other people on this forum liked my ideas and you should respect them! And besides of it I cannot imagine that you would come into the prison just because you are buying something with silver coins. Is it really so bad over there, are you already so deep in the tyranny?

          • Staying up into the wee hours of the morning to reply to little ol’ me GR? Come now… Didn’t think I could do the time zones?

            Nothing of what you posted changes the fact that after the war key Nazis went to work for the US government. In fact you’re confirming that fedgov is the fourth reich. Fedgov was a third rate wanna be empire before the two world wars.

            It was the two world wars that put fedgov on the course to becoming the monster it is today. Without them fedgov would never had the pretext to grow nor the opportunity. Not to mention some of Germany’s best and brightest to help it along.

          • If you do not believe that I am German, what do you think that I am? Am I Persian, Russian or Chinese? I do not think that my English is good enough that you could think I am American. I learned English by talking to some Americans, but just for some months, and I was already an old man at this time, so my English has probably a lot of mistakes in it. I am sorry for it. But I guess my English is still better than your German, hahahaha.
            At least by this conversation about my heritage you could get away from the real issue and what I had to say about it… This is, by the way, a typical strategy from your beloved government – to disturb a conversation they do not want… Congratulations, you did succeed.
            Und, nebenbei bemerkt, ich bin wirklich ein echter Eingeborener deutscher Länder.

          • Dear Brent,

            This is battle for perceptions, for thought. It can’t be waged from a prison cell. Once perceptions change, once illusions break, the whole crummy system comes down, so that is where I put my energy. Let the state be violent. Let the state show its hand.

            Well said.

            Whether GR is an actual member of a sting operation is secondary.

            What matters is that GR’s “helpful advice” is no different than the ATF’s attempt to get Randy Weaver on the sale of shotguns with “too short” barrel lengths.

            What matters is that fighting the state is unlike fighting a foreign invader. When fighting a foreign invader, one is fighting people, not ideas. When fighting the state, one is fighting ideas, not people.

            Therefore that is where the fight must remain. Anyone who attempts to divert men and materiel from that fight, is undermining not helping the “war effort.”

            Most likely deliberately and maliciously.

        • “You want to know what to do?”

          Goddamn, germanrebell, your English became fluent in the blink of an eye, from one post to the next.

          You’re a got-damn genius.

          • You know: “Do you want to know what to do?” would be probably closer to your version of English, but as far as English is nothing more then a bad copy of German I just want to make it more bad… hihihihohohohahaha
            Aber warum eigentlich Englisch sprechen? Es wird Zeit, das die Amis endlich eine richtige Sprache lernen, nämlich Deutsch!

          • Too funny.

            The tell tale sign of a non-native English speaker are the prepositions and he has used all the correct ones. Stone cold busted mother-fucker.

            Prepositions don’t translate directly in any language. We say “on the plane” but in German, for example, that means literally on top of the plane, so they would say “Ich bin im Flugzeug” which is “in the plane” so you would expect him to speak English the same way but he doesn’t.

            So, unless this guy studied Amercan English in the states from a young age then he’s busted. British English is different as well ( having used British ESL texts while teaching in Europe ) but he doesn’t use that either so he’s done.

          • Tor Munkov on February 1, 2013 at 3:13 am
            The London Bridge, The Magdeburg Water Bridge, under them all, unter ihnen alle, there are trolls, Trolle, everywhere.

            Zug Der Zwerge

            Vielleicht ist es Trolle, die uns retten wird. Lang leben die Trolle.

            I am sorry to tell you that your German writing is terribly wrong, but it is still understandable. The correct version of your last sentence would be:
            “Vielleicht sind es Trolle, die uns retten werden.”

          • Dear Don,

            The tell tale sign of a non-native English speaker are the prepositions


            I see and hear it all the time on Taiwan with non-native English speakers.

            It’s a dead giveaway.

            Of course it works in the other direction too.

          • @German Rebell – Thank you, for the correction.

            I didn’t much get Schiller, but will keep trying.

            There is only an artificial rift between our peoples. The best depiction I have seen of the run-up to the Bankster Civil Wars that plundered Germany; the same way the Yankees plundered Confederates; is the 1933 film “Ever In My Heart.” This film showed the anti-German sentiment in America that led to WWI.

            A drama set in the early 20th century, “Ever in My Heart” stars Barbara Stanwyck as a New England naif who marries Otto Kruger a German citizen and professor. In 1915, Stanwyck and her husband are shunned by New Englanders, nearly starving which causes the death of their son.

            Then comes the sinking of the Lusitania, and the rising wave of anti-German sentiment. Hounded out of their small town by the angered citizens, Stanwyck and Kruger move to Europe, where the husband voluntarily leaves his wife to join the Kaiser’s army.

            In 1917, Stanwyck, working as a canteen volunteer in France, discovers that her once pro-American husband is now a German spy. To save him from a firing squad, she poisons his wine, then kills herself. (US film board grafted a contrived pro-military ending to the script)

            Ever In My Heart – 1933
            – – – –
            I think we & you are all the same peoples. Americans, UK-sians, Dutchmen Nations, Germanic Nations, & British-Pirate-Viking boatmen.

            I disregard all artificial dialects, fences, and dog-pony shows.

            Merkel, Obama, Cameron, Rutte, I say throw them all in the woods.

            Uber alles, more than anything else, we are all Angul, Burgundus, Woden, Dan, Francio, Nór, Gothus, Ingve, Irmin, Alemanni, Seaxnēat, & Aurvandil – and assorted assimilated Auslander brothers.

          • Hey TorMunkow,
            Thank you for mentioning the movie “Ever In My Heart – 1933”. It is an excellent movie and it describes the way very well how the false “Americans” are treating Germans. It was not as easy to get it in the Internet, but I found a website where I could watch it.
            I am surprised that they could make a film about parts of my story in 1933 when I was not even born at this time. 🙂 The way this German man in the movie took to take revenge for the discrimination as German in the US is unfortunately not possible anymore, because Germany became a US colony, and the “German” government is a puppet that gets the orders from Washington D.C…
            It is really time to make a coalition with Russians and Chinese, because Germans will get always discriminated in the US, at least as long as the US gets ruled by AIPAC and their Jewish slave holders. But they are enslaving you, the “Americans” too; do not think that the Jewish lobbyists would be loyal to anyone. They will play the same game with you, they have played with us, the Germans: First they are using you for their own advantage and give you the impression it could be for your advantage too, and then they are going to betray you, turn you into the hated population and bring you down completely.
            I have studied their “holy” scriptures and it says clearly that it is their “duty” from “GOD” to enslave all people all around the world, and when their “messiah” is coming, then the so called “Goyim” (means human animals, this is how they name Non-Jews) will be all slaves of the JEWS.
            More about this issue you can find on the website http://www.wake-up-america.net. This website is blocked in Germany but you might be able to open it in the US, just let me know.

            • So, let’s see:

              We should subsume ourselves in collective cause with the communist Chinese government and the authoritarian Russian government in order to combat “the Jews.”

              Where does that leave the individual, mein herr?

              How is the individual – and his individual rights – better off under the heel of a different collective?

              Do you see the circularity of your position?

              There are plenty of aryan assholes who desire your enslavement as avidly as the most lurid caricature in Der Sturmer.

              No collective is your friend. Or your enemy.

              There are only individual people.

              If you deny this, you cross an ethical Rubicon. You have implicitly denied your own rights – if a stronger collective decides you’re unworthy of them.

              The only defense against collectivism – against authoritarianism – is an absolute insistence that every individual has rights that must be respected, irrespective of factors such as his racial/ethnic origins.

              Perhaps I am naive. Perhaps there will never be a sufficiency of people who will agree to live their lives as free individuals, respecting the right of other individuals to be free themselves. Perhaps humanity is doomed to various collectivist groupings.

              But I will not be a party to it – for the simple reason that it’s loathsome and repels me to the core of my being.

          • @ Don
            “The tell tale sign of a non-native English speaker are the prepositions and he has used all the correct ones. Stone cold busted mother-fucker.”

            Exactly. He’s being more careful now, Don. Notice, though, that he had to go study for a month to try to get it right, which is how the thread got bumped back to the top. ahaha

            Trolls crack me up.

          • The time for the conventional nation state is just about over.

            There was nothing “normal” about it. It was a relatively new invention that has only been around since the 18th century.

            The conventional nation state is frankly, a “failed state.” It doesn’t work. It never worked. It never could work, because it was fundamentally flawed from the get go.

            Time for a paradigm shift. Time to privatize every facet of human life. Time for the total elimination of the “public sector.”

            Time for conventional nation states to go the way of buggy whips. They were never anything but “tax farms” anyway.

          • @Bevin, re: imminent failure of the (not even 300 year old) nation-state concept:


            You might want to pick up The Sovereign Individual; but before that, read A World Lit Only By Fire.

            The latter describes a transition period uncannily similar to the one we’re in; an omnipotent centralized power dictating in minute detail the daily lives of essentially everyone in the West…and so completely corrupt that a cesspool by comparison is a tranquil compost heap of flowery goodness.

            That would be the Catholic church; whose Pope Alexander VI was pimping out his teenage daughter Lucretia for political favors.

            The Sovereign Individual describes the inevitable failure of the nation-state and the re-devolution of power back to localized entities…and even down to the individual again.

            Both are joyous reads–you’ll get the feeling of “zooming out” and seeing the big picture. The best effect for me was a new ability to laugh at the frantic efforts of mental dinosaurs–the Hillarys, Pelosis, Reids, and Brezinskis of the world–who I picture falling from a plane and flapping their flabby little arms furiously as they try to preserve a dying system.

            SPLAT! You bastards are doomed.

  39. Dream on – the VAST majority will either lay down, or even assist & approve, while the few who resist will be slaughtered like so much cannon fodder.

    It’s over. The American experiment is finished, and actually has been for quite some time.

    • Did you take survey to know this, MVP?

      It just amazes me how People can just Know how others will act, and with such certainty no less.

  40. I, like you Eric, am hopeful that (a sufficient few of) my fellow countrymen will wake, take up the cause and stand their ground before the excrement hits the rotary air mover nationwide concering gun rights, as we are seeing the teaser play out in the giant prison camp also known as New York. Our precious Second Amendment should be the proverbial line in the sand, but the other side has repeatedly rubbed it out in spots, stuck their toes over it and taunted “Nana-na-nana-nana” progressively and repeatedly…oh…since 1865.

    The “War on Alcohol” (Prohibition) led to the NFA and ever tightening restrictions on “machine gun” ownership; which of course are legitimate militia weapons, as well as mortars, Howitzers, APC’s, tanks, aircraft with “hard mounts”, etc. “Reasonable” members of the public argued that civilians had no “need” for these “destructive devices” and made an end run around the embarassing 2A by imposing a very high tax on these items ($200 in 1934 dollars equalled roughly 5.7 ounces of gold!). Purchasing the tax stamp requires one to provide an intrusive overabundance of personal information to the federal gun thugs. Ostensibly this was to make our streets safer from gangsters. In fact it was really to make the insidious takeover of our nation safer for the bank-sters.

    Cops and G.I.’s? Some, probably only a minority will side with us. Let’s say you were engaged in the heinous crime of manufacturing cheese from raw milk and the Milk Board decided to shut you down. Then a bunch of your neighbors showed up with video cameras and questions when the state “employees” showed up to “do their job” by hauling 35,000 pounds of cheese off to the landfill. Would that stop the “state” in their tracks? No. Then let’s say one of the videographers decided to poll the 5 members of the Howell County Sheriff’s department about what they’d do if a judge ordered them to confiscate guns. Four out of five officers surveyed said:

    I hope you’re right. I hope the tables are turning. But buying massive quantities of guns, ammo and mags is one thing. Standing our ground at the bridge in the spirit of April 19, 1775 as the Lobster Backs march on us and being prepared to pay the ultimate price for our Liberty is quite another. Only time will tell what Americans will ultimately do. We already know from history what gun-vernment will do…

    • There is something particularly quaint about the effective bans through taxation that were done before 1940. It shows a particular understanding of our rights and how they had to use deception and legal tricks in that era to take them.

      Today of course the media tells us dear leader can just do such things on his say-so.

  41. By nature, I am optimistic. I tend to have what some call a “sunny disposition”; nobody has, as far as I know, ever referred to me as sour or miserable.

    However, I have learned that it is in my best interest to temper my optimism with reality. Regarding the question of whether police officers, active duty military and / or veterans will finally act to defend liberty, one must ask: what the fuck have they done that warrants Eric’s optimism and that of methylamine?

    • Good question, the future is not predetermined, they hope their words can shape the future in their favor, I believe.

      Aldous Huxley:

      “All gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours. Two thirds of all sorrow is homemade and, so far as the universe is concerned, wholly unnecessary”

      “Armaments, universal debt, and planned obsolescence – those are the three pillars of Western prosperity. If war, waste, and moneylenders were abolished, you’d collapse. And while you people are overconsuming the rest of the world sinks more and more deeply into chronic disaster.”

      “It isn’t a matter of forgetting. What one has to learn is how to remember and yet be free of the past. We cannot reason ourselves out of our basic irrationality. All we can do is learn the art of being irrational in a reasonable way.”

      “Don’t try to behave as though you were essentially sane and naturally good. We’re all demented sinners in the same cosmic boat – and the boat is perpetually sinking.”

      • What constitutes goodness? There is no such thing as the public good with the exception that it behooves each of us to respect the lives and property of others.

        Apart from that simple but often overlooked principle what is good, bad or indifferent can only be determined by the individual. Each of us must judge for ourselves as to the goodness or badness we experience in life.

        The vast majority of people will accept the premise that the life and property of another individual belong to that individual as long as they are not brainwashed by the “mystics of muscle and spirit” as Rand called them. Most folks are willing to live and let live and follow the mores of the society in which they live. The evidence for this is the stunningly small number of people who regularly pursue criminal activity. It is this character in each individual that maintains society and not the elite class with their monopoly on violence.

        • Interesting point, Darren. It is unsettling when your government becomes so obviously “not good” The competing political parties, businesses, churches, and other social institutions all seem to be in collusion as well.

          Rather than see it as an opportunity to take responsibility for determining and adhering to one’s “own good” as an individual. most are working only to find some kind of new magical structure that they can once again comply with in order to know what is good. The people want some other group in charge of their lives, some group that will “force” them to be good.

    • It’s not what the cops or military have done that’s giving me some small optimism.

      It’s what people are saying. Everywhere I go and open my loud mouth, or wear my t-shirt with the 2A written in the shape of an AK-47, people respond positively. Lots of new Alex Jones recruits; plenty of “I won’t give up MY guns”.

      My formerly-asleep brother-in-law, who is a bellwether of apathy, now thinks “Gosh, maybe there really IS a plan to take over this country!”

      It’s a gestalt. Something in the air.

      But it’s dangerous because NOW is the time to really PUSH–because the psychopaths are going to go all-out.

      If they lose, they’ll start going to jail. Or worse. People are livid and they’re making lists.

      The only damper on my mood is the almost inevitable false-flag, and it will be a doozy….or a nice big war. Just remember the rule–if you’re near an attack, run TOWARD it while turning on your video camera.

      We need to catch them in the act.

      Sandy Hook was close; it was deconstructed in less than a month. They had the bills ready to go, and STILL they probably won’t get them passed…and even if they do, they can’t enforce them.

      • My formerly-asleep brother-in-law, who is a bellwether of apathy, now thinks “Gosh, maybe there really IS a plan to take over this country!”

        Hope you gave him the Jethro Gibbs treatment — a sarcastic “Ya think??” followed by an open hand to the back of the head. 😉

        Still not sure about Sandy Hook, but the Colo. theater massacre was certainly a false-flag government op. The unemployed punk used a $26K federal grant to buy his arsenal — which included tear gas, something only governments have access to.

        • Amen brother–Aurora was just false-flag central. And you notice how fast it dropped off the dinosaur media playlist? Dear god…let’s see, he’s on a DARPA grant studying computer-mind interfaces…for mind control…his shrink is a high-level air force quack, multiple shooters, multiple gas masks, impossibly rapid and accurate shooting despite a “jam”, absolutely stoned out of his gourd at his pre-trial.

          Oh and no more video cameras allowed in the courtroom? What, you don’t want us to see your patsy drooling on himself and passing out at the table?

          I don’t have a clear picture of Sandy Hook. But it’s definitely not the bullshit they’re selling.

          They sure are getting clumsy; they like laughing at us, the “dumb, stupid animals”, but they’re underestimating how many of us can still think.

          If you haven’t already I highly recommend some brain-improvement tricks: look into the primal diet. I’m eating 4-6 eggs a day, plenty of coconut oil and fish oil and some Youngevity vitamins. Don’t drink fluoridated water. After a couple of months, you’ll feel like you just jacked your CPU with a dozen extra gigahertz.

          The SAD–Standard American Diet–is Purina Slave Chow. It dulls your mind, makes you fat and apathetic and sends you to an early grave. Grains are for cattle–not revolutionaries!

          • Methyl, I second you on the primal diet. Started it in June 2011 and have had great success. And it’s easy: pretty much invert the government’s food pyramid and you’re almost there.

            The SAD does one other thing: it gives people chronic diseases that send them scurrying for products from the kind folks over at the pharmaceutical companies. Interesting triangle: agri-giants produce food that makes people sick, pharma-titans produce drugs to cover up the symptoms, and the FDA “regulates” both. Hmmm. Could there be a connection there somewhere?

            • Mike (and Methyl):

              I’ve been off fluoridated water for years; perhaps it’s just coincidence that my mind (sometimes!) works! I also second inverting the pyramid – and (to the extent possible) swearing off any and all processed foods in favor of fresh/local/natural.

          • Ha! I never thought of it that way–inverting the “food pyramid”!

            But that’s just about it…and it’s amazing how much better you feel.

            My wife and I are figuring out how to opt out of Obamacare. We’re either going to a super-high deductible insurance…as in, 10K deductible, which makes it exceedingly cheap.

            OR get an HSA, also with very high deductible insurance.

            I’m convinced you can avoid 99% of the need for our so-called “health” care with good nutrition.

            God knows you’re safer avoiding allopathic doctors–American medicine kills half a million people a year!

    • ” what the fuck have they done that warrants Eric’s optimism and that of methylamine?”

      They haven’t done shit that I can see. Vets, cops and “service” assholes that I know used to huff and puff over Clinton and how he disrepected their “service” and dodged the draft, but they all became loudmouthed, obnoxious supporters of his policies once those policies were being instituted by W.

      Not a single one of them that I know of would admit that W was a draft dodging drunk, who disrespected their beloved military himself. Now they’re running their mouths because there’s another off-brand shit head at the helm, continuing and expanding W’s policies.

      They won’t do shit, except claim their benefits and paychecks. Fuck’em and feed’em fisheads. Bunch of fucking “heroes”.

    • Mike, almost ALL of the historical evidence reveals that “our troops [have been] like a gun [that has been] used [exclusively] for evil”.

      What have the troopsies done to protect your income from the ravages of the revenue ruffians?

      What have the troopsies done to protect your right to travel unmolested by piggies in Crown Vics?

      What have the troopsies done to protect your right to defend yourself without having to obtain a license from the local top piggie (in Massachusetts, for example, one must obtain the permission of the local police chief in order to obtain a license to carry)?

      What have the troopsies done to protect your right to engage in any numnber of occupations without having to obtain a license to do so by a state or the federal government?

      What have the troopsies done to protect your right to travel without having the Reich’s prescribed paperwork?

      You know that I could add hundreds, if not thousands, of additional questions.

      Get real.

      • Agreed man.

        History shows that the troops will fire on American citizens if ordered to do so because – and here’s the sick part – they are more afraid of what the govt will do to them if they disobey than what obeying will do to their hearts, their minds and their souls!

        They will sell their souls NOT to have to face punitive measures from the creatures in govt.

        Wow! That’s a whole lot of fear.

          • LibertyMike – great point, I was hoping someone would mention this. For those unaware of this sad event in amerikan history, read up on “The Bonus Army” and learn what the fed gov did to them (youtube has multiple videos) even after their WWI service. It will blow your mind and make you realize what is possible, and sadly, perhaps even probable.


          • Excellent lesson in American history. It is probably not even mentioned in the Educational Detention Centers known as public schools!! And the War of Northern Agression (instigated by the oft-worshipped Lincoln) is replete with instances of deliberate civilian bombardment, execution of Union deserters and conscientious objectors (by other Union soldiers), murders of draft protestors in NYC, and detention of critics in the American Bastille. And, if at least 1% of the US military has gang affiliations (FBI stats, not mine), just imagine what these thugs will do when ordered. Those home invasion and sniper skills learned in Mosul will be used on civilians with absolute glee…

          • Dear Vincent,

            Those home invasion and sniper skills learned in Mosul will be used on civilians with absolute glee…


            On a related note, I’ve often wondered about providing weight training equipment for convicts in prisons.

            Is the intent to ensure that violent career criminals are better able to overpower their victims when they are released back onto the streets?

            Am I missing something here? Do TPTB know something that I don’t?

          • The good news on U.S. “institutions of higher learning” is that people are beginning to realize what a raw deal they are. Teaching bullshit for $25K and up a year does not do much to provide individuals with salable skills in the real world. The system is rotten through and through and a lot of young people are realizing just how badly they are being screwed.

        • After reading your comment I thought about Kent State but I also have seen some information that says 25% will shoot at us. The rest WILL NOT! They are our kids! The ones that leave have nothing to fear since they will be with us and we will die together if need be. The government really has no control unless we give it. When we win we can make all those vets who came to us whole again and correct our laws and move on. Our job is to understand that we dont have a choice anymore, the government is going to screw us horribly if we give them our guns. The worst comes after that event!

          • The question is not whether some part of our military forces will refuse to fire upon American citizens if ordered; there certainly ARE such soldiers (and police) who will refuse. The question is not even whether the percentage is 80% or 20%, or somewhere in between. The question is whether those who refuse to shoot American citizens will do anything other than refuse to shoot and then go sit on their thumbs. Will they actively support American citizens — meaning “will they engage in actual violence against their buddies who ARE shooting at us.”

            Suppose 90% of our military refuses to shoot citizens, but then just sit out the civil war, comfortable in the knowledge that they “did not fire upon US citizens.”

            The question is, will they frag their commanders? Will they open fire on their “brothers in arms” who are firing at us? Let us hope we never have to put that question to the test.

        • How about post Katrina gun confiscation? The national guard was more than willing to disarm little old ladies by force. It was gut wrenching and disgusting to watch. I remember one guardsman being interviewed saying something like, ” patrolling the streets here and not knowing what you are going to have to do or what’s around the corner it’s scary that we HAVE to do this on our own soil.”

          I am sure there will be plenty of servicemen and women who will think they are doing good by just following orders.

          • The guns that were confiscated in N.O. after Katrina were mostly taken by out of town cops who came in to “help”. Most of what I heard about locally was Northeast US police officers

          • There’s nothing implicit in being a U.S. citizen that exempts a soldier from the “I was just following orders” syndrome. In principle, our government is no different from that of Nazi Germany and given that our public education model is exactly the same, I’d not rest sanguine that massive resistance to killing unarmed or armed citizens would take place.

          • Dear Jay,

            Good observation.

            ” patrolling the streets here and not knowing what you are going to have to do or what’s around the corner it’s scary that we HAVE to do this on our own soil.”

            As you were noting, truly ironic how oblivious the guy was to the plight of the little old lady, now that she was totally defenseless. He could only think about his own “officer safety.”

            So much for the whole “protect and serve” fairy tale. So much for the “civilians don’t need guns, they have the police to protect them” horse puckey.

        • Soldiers have in every country fired on their own. Primarily out of fear for their hides and what their paymasters would do to them if they didn’t and likely out of that part in their lizard brains that encourages “group-think”.

          The Feds don’t care if troops off themselves later. They can always blame the suicide as being “unstable” and corral another wretch to fill his empty boots. Sure, there will also be defections, those who go AWOL**, and even a handful that will refuse and suffer the consequences. But in all of recorded history they’ve been the minority.

          Only a full on rebellion, with civilian backing, when victory is unobtainable, will they either die, surrender, or switch sides, but not before. Why should they? Things have been swingin at Club Fed.

          **(I’m reminded of that American who recently confessed to going AWOL while stationed in Germany and hitchhiked to Sweden where he spent about thirty years there under an assumed identity and even became a Swedish citizen. Even then there were knuckle-dragging commentators calling this guy a “traitor” worthy of incarceration! For what? For not showing up? For NOT drawing a paycheck on Uncle Scams checkbook?)

      • I had some jackass soldier in my taxi once, who told me he and his ilk were fighting for my freedom. “Oh yeah? ” I asked, “then when are you and your colleagues going to attack Washington DC?” He had no good answer. Later in the conversation , he said he joined the Army to pay for college. When I told him that made him either a mercenary or a whore, he got really mad.

        • As I’ve said before I can “respect” a mercenary, even a whore, because they don’t try and lie or fool anyone about who and what they are. If someone enlists and lays their reasons on the line for it and admit that it’s purely for money and, yes, they’re being mercenary about it, then the uniform is just another corporate costume. THEN I can say I understand their reason but that doesn’t mean I have to respect them for it.

        • “that made him either a mercenary or a whore”

          Way to go, Paul. Serviceweenies just get on my nerves. I saw one asshole the other day, driving a new pickup truck with the rear windshield obscured totally with stickers of unit and medal ribbon images and CSM stripes. The vanity plate read “HERO 20”. The driver was a fat, flabby middle aged guy who looked about as heroic as a politician with the clap.

          So many of those guys watch waaayyy too much TV.

      • Exactly. If The Troops were really “fighting for/defending our freedoms,” they would have long ago laid siege to Rome-on-the-Potomac, dragged everyone on Pennsylvania Avenue, Crapitol Hill, and in the various bureaucracies out in chains to the National Mall, lined them up, and filled them full of lead.

        But no. Instead they’ve collected their thirty pieces of silver and enforced the status quo. We can only hope that national bankruptcy will make more of them see the light.

    • I don’t think Eric has changed, Mike, what do you find different in those two articles, may I ask?

      I doubt many here believe they are “our troops” with a potential to become a “force for freedom at home.”

      Your assertions could apply just as well to the gang of Crips who are the strongest street gang where I live.

      The Crips and their guns could be a force for good. The Crips could gun down any tax collectors and code enforcers who tried to take money from me and my neighbors.

      They could institute policies of only being violent to other gang members, thus being less odious than the other gangs. They could stop all other criminal activity including theft and concentrate only on selling drugs quietly to people who are in the market for drugs.

      The Crips take money from individuals and businesses through the use of force. They are not “my Crips” I never hired them or authorized their theft of my neighborhood’s resources. Their potential to be a force for freedom would only begin with their renouncing violence and adhering to the NAP. If Crips peacefully recruited members, settled disputes without violence, and only set up shop where they were invited, then I would have no longer have a problem with them.

      Our troops are like an oppressive gun aimed at our heads, to ensure our full compliance with the state. Saying that they could be less oppressive and that it is better for them to return from foreign wars of aggression in no way removes the “almost blanket condemnation” they deserve from lovers of freedom.

    • Re: “It’s good that you are now recognizing their potential to become a force for freedom at home.” Mike, a very good point… concerning which, why do you think Obama has the bulk of America’s combat forces so heavily engaged overseas? True, it is to remake the Middle East for the Ikhwan, but it is also so that they are not here at home defending us on our own soil. When the cat’s away, the mice will play…

  42. Twain, and I believe others, have said that history doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme.

    What I’ve found “disappointing” for ages is how the very people who clamor and whine about 2nd ammendment rights are all too conveniently absent or even cheering on the trampling of all those other so-called “rights” under that tired rubric of “being responsible”… yeah, whatever.

    An attack on one inalienable right is an attack on all of them. And this they know all too well. It’s the public that’s forgotten.

  43. I don’t know man. As I read what you wrote I didn’t really see much (relative) difference between the Germans then and Americans today. The Wehrmacht had Sturmgewehren and the people didn’t? Do you really think that was the difference maker? It had nothing to do with the tanks or heavy artillery that could level a neighborhood?

    Well the U.S. military is the most powerful in world and that includes even National Guard units. The people are not. The military is composed of people trained to kill. The people are not. Sure the people have a lot of “black rifles” but relatively speaking? So what? It’s not enough. Not even close.

    I don’t think arms have anything to do with it because we’ve already lost that battle. It’s about strategy, morality and conviction this time.

    The U.S. military hasn’t won a war in 65 years and every opponent in that time was outnumbered and outgunned.

    • “Who are the militia? Are they
      not ourselves? Is it feared, then,
      that we shall turn our arms each
      man gainst his own bosom.
      Congress have no power to
      disarm the militia. Their swords,
      birthright of an American…” –
      Tench Coxe 1788

      So yes, Amendment 2 also covers nuclear weapons.

      • Dear Gruesome,

        The smarmy “So do you gun nuts think you should have the right to own nukes?” rhetorical ploy is so tired and so feeble.

        Are nukes “too dangerous to be entrusted to ordinary human beings?”

        If they are, then they cannot be entrusted to the ordinary human beings whose paychecks are signed “US Treasury.”

        If they are not, then they can be entrusted to the ordinary human beings whose paychecks aren’t signed “US Treasury.”

        Advocates of civilian disarmament can’t have it both ways.

        • As I’ve said before, the gunverment has no rights of its own, only those that have been delegated to it by those it (purports to) represent.
          I have as much right to nuclear weapons as they do, that is, none, because there is no way to use them without “collateral damage.”
          On the other hand, I do have the right (if not the means) to own an F16, M1A1, or Bradley. Anyone want to pitch in?

        • The average public school educated Boobus-Americanus has been condition to only see half of every social equation.

          The govt side is just a foggy haze out there somewhere that has NOTHING to do with social problems and everything to do with everything good. That’s why govt and religion go together so well: they get all of the credit and none of the blame.

          This gun debate really manifests the magnitude of this social conditioning. They say people don’t need AR’s yet it never dawns on them that cops are people.

          They say we need more laws yet it never dawns on them that outlaws don’t care about the law.

          They say the cops will protect you yet it never dawns on them that they’ve never heard of a cop protecting anyone.

          They say we have to help those in need yet it never dawns on them that for the govt to “help” one person they have to harm someone else.

          That second half of the equation is always ignored.

          It’s as if the indoctrination process has created an alternate reality in their minds so that regardless what they see, they’ll believe what they are told.

          And when their train of thought runs out of track the become verbally violent and abusive. Fucking scary, scary shit.

    • People, like you, try to convince the rest of us that resistance is futile because of all the super toys the military has. What you are actually saying is you’re scared sh*tless and will go willingly to the camps.

      We’ve been in Afghanistan for over ten years fighting an unidentifiable army and getting our butts handed to us on a platter and they don’t have near the raw capability the American civilian does.

      You’re also forgetting that many of us served using those same weapons the military has today and know how to neutralize them or fight them. It isn’t as hard as you think to take a tank.

      • Dennis–
        There are over 25 million veterans.
        If 20% of them turn against the Regime, that’s 5 million…helping to train and assist whatever percentage of the 150 million gun owners, many with EBR’s.

        As long as we have the moral high ground–and either the apathy or support of the general populace–it’s an unwinnable proposition for the Regime.

        BTW–where do we read about tactics? I wouldn’t know where to start.

        • “BTW–where do we read about tactics? I wouldn’t know where to start.”

          Resistance to Tyranny: A Primer
          Joseph P. Martino

          Would be as good a start as any. The listed sources alone for more in-depth follow-up are worth the price. For purely academic purposes of course.

          Total Resistance by H. Von Dach is a classic.

          Some modern books that are more a discussion of grand strategy than tactics:

          Violent Politics: A History of Insurgency, Terrorism and Guerilla War, From the American Revolution to Iraq
          ~William R. Polk

          Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization
          ~John Robb

          The 33 Strategies of War
          ~Robert Greene

      • Well said. It is all about heart and determination.

        Think the revolutionary war: largest world army = Britian.

        Poor farmers, homesteaders, starving boys and old men = Colonists.

        If I had to bet my life on two armies battling it out, I’d choose the army that was fighting for their famlies, liberties, and religion over a invading mercenary army any day.

        • Think the revolutionary war: largest world army = Britian [sic].

          This keeps on being trotted out. It simply isn’t true.

          There were far larger armies, even far larger sophisticated armies once you leave out the huge hosts in places like China, Russia and Turkey. Both France and Spain – allies of the rebels – had larger and qualitatively better armies than Britain; that wasn’t so obvious in the North American theatre, since they were also active at Gibraltar and Minorca in the Mediterranean Sea, and in pinning down British forces to hold off a direct invasion of the British Isles. However, they did tip the balance even in the North American theatre.

          Britain had a small army, by the standards of that time and place, both for reasons of cost and to avoid the constitutional risk of having a large standing army. The Dutch even welched on a defence agreement, refusing to release the “Scots Hollanders”, a mercenary force they had been allowed to raise on condition of returning it at need; it was only in the face of that that Britain resorted to hiring its own mercenary force (but most of the forces used weren’t mercenaries anyway).

          Britain’s only advantage was that it had the strongest single navy, but in those days before Trafalgar it was no match for the combined French and Spanish naval efforts when those could be used effectively, which was why Britain lost control of the sea for a brief but crucial time at the Battle of Chesapeake Bay, which was what led to Yorktown being a trap rather than a base that could be supplied, reinforced, relieved or evcuated by sea.

          So, no, the rebels had all the military advantages once they got allies – and they always had the advantage of interior lines, except in Canada and at Penobscot, and of surprise until British reinforcements could arrive – and quite a few naval advantages too when those mattered. They were just lucky that the peace didn’t hand them over to their former allies’ tender mercies, the way things worked out for 18th century Corsica or the 19th century Philippines.

      • Resistance isn’t futile, however some forms of resistance are counterproductive and/or futile. Direct confrontation is probably in that later case. Also I don’t think fedgov will be as kind to americans fighting it as they are to those in the middle east. I would not put it past fedgov to use nukes. Why? I look at fedgov’s historical actions against those here in north america that would not submit to it.

      • We’ve been in Afghanistan for over ten years fighting an unidentifiable army and getting our butts handed to us on a platter and they don’t have near the raw capability the American civilian does.

        Yup. Another thing I keep pounding home is that the U.S. Military is institutionally incapable of either understanding or fighting a Fourth Generation war. And that is exactly what any civil conflict that breaks out here in Amerika will be.

        • liberranter,

          I too think the US Military is incapable of fighting a fourth generation war. But the big question is: Are the amerikan people capable of fighting a fourth generation war?

          Yes, we have vets and other determined gun owners who can be clever and effective. But what I think we lack is the ability to sustain ourselves over a long period of time as the Afghannis and other guerrilla forces could do.

          They could do this because they had people they could trust completely. We will not.

          Amerika’s food supply is like everything else – just in time. Other guerrilla forces survived under conditions that the average amerikan watches on Survivor while stuffing their fat faces. Take away their food, electricity and other First World amenities and the clovers will rat out their own children.

          Prepping is vital but 4GW requires hit and run and blend-in tactics. Ten years of saved supplies are hard to take with you when you are always on the move. Safe houses are a must but we must be extra careful to whom we trust our supplies with.

          And when the SHTF things will go racial very fast. This must be considered too whether anyone wants it or not.

          Lastly, we must not underestimate the enemy. The Rand Corporation is not made up of dummies.

          Do not anyone think I am trying to dishearten our effort. I am merely trying to think things through while we still have the ability. We must fight with PEST, and I will be there with you all.

  44. DHS is as busy buying guns and ammo as we are.

    It seems that not pushing us, not resorting to any more force is an advantage for them. They can keep slow cooking us, while at the same time strengthening their position.

    What if push does come to shove and some sort of violence breaks out? What will change? The govt will concede to lower taxes? Take a cut in pay? Close a military base or two? Legalize gay marriage? It doesn’t seem to take much to placate Boobus-Americanus.

    Do you believe they would get rid of predator drones, or end the fed or downsize cabinet level dept’s? Anything that would really matter? You know that if it mattered, they’d make it illegal.

    The only right people seem to be concerned with is their right to bear arms. They’re willing to be prisoners as long as they can have a gun in their cell. Even though the guards can shoot them from a far (drones).

    With an insolvent govt, as of yet unrealized defaulted debt, a worthless currency, a failing empire, politicians whose net worth far exceeds those they work for, anything less than a complete dismantling of that institution and replacing it with nothing will be meaningless.

    If time is on our side then it’s on theirs as well.

    • While I would tend to agree with you, Don, there are some signs that things may have gone too far for people who were previously content with the slow boil.
      Obama in 2012 didn’t even get McCain 2008 numbers; voter turnout was very low. While some could argue more people just didn’t care, I contend that more people didn’t like the options.
      Boehner’s re-selection as House Speaker seemed to rile up many who previously bought into The Party line. Could be all for show, however…
      The calls for confiscation or restrictions have flooded a market that these people usually stayed clear of. Once again, could be chest-puffing, but could show that people may have finally “gotten it”.
      Political/societal epiphanies don’t happen overnight. They’re usually preceded by a long string of abuses. Using Eric’s analogy to the Nazi’s, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising didn’t happen until ’43. 3 years of Nazi occupation and brutality of an epic scale before even some Jews rose up to actually fight. For the US, it could all end as it did for them, where The State just steamrolls right over the ‘revolt’ and continues until its predictable and final defeat, in whatever form that takes, but it could go differently, as Eric has suggested.
      While history is so often doomed to repeat itself, some people may have finally learned a thing or two.

      • Dear Gabe,

        “While history is so often doomed to repeat itself, some people may have finally learned a thing or two.”

        I tend to agree.

        They very well may lose this time.

        Some of the people who have come out on the side of natural rights as it pertains to arms ownership is surprising.

        I’m not talking about the usual suspects. Charleton Heston, Ted Nugent, et al.

        I’m talking about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and intellectually respectable playwright and screenwriter David Mamet.

        Gun Laws and the Fools of Chelm
        By David Mamet.
        Newsweek Magazine
        Jan 29, 2013

        The individual is not only best qualified to provide his own personal defense, he is the only one qualified to do so.


        An excerpt:

        The Left loves a phantom statistic that a firearm in the hands of a citizen is X times more likely to cause accidental damage than to be used in the prevention of crime, but what is there about criminals that ensures that their gun use is accident-free?

        If, indeed, a firearm were more dangerous to its possessors than to potential aggressors, would it not make sense for the government to arm all criminals, and let them accidentally shoot themselves?

        Is this absurd? Yes, and yet the government, of course, is arming criminals.

        Mamet unfortunately supports a ban on full autos. So it’s not all good. But surprising nonetheless, and definitely one in the plus column.

        • “Mamet unfortunately supports a ban on full autos. So it’s not all good”

          Guns don’t kill people, moral inconsistency does.

        • Great observation of their broken logic.

          They also contend that a civilian having a gun will make no difference when confronted by a bad guy with a gun. They say there won’t be enough time to get to the gun or they’ll miss the shot or blah, blah.

          If that’s the case then what’s the purpose of gun laws?

          According to them regardless of the law the bad guy will have a gun and regardless of the law the victim will still be a victim. Same scenario gun laws or not, so why have them?

          It all comes down to the fact they want to paint us as dolts and idiots ( if that aint the pot calling the kettle African-American ) with guns so we need to allow their dolts and idiots have them.

          Of course if you are in need of one of their dolts or idiots you’ll have to hope there’s a Krispy Kreme nearby and that the armed intruder moves really slowly.

      • One solution to not liking either choice is vote for a “3rd party”. This is what I would have done if I had gotten an absentee ballot, but something went wrong whether I forgot to update my current address or the didn’t mail it. I am living out of the country and not on a military base. My Mother gave me permission to use her address as a place of residence for the purposes of voting if she recalls that.
        it would be better to vote for a 3rd party than not to vote at all if you can find one that you can agree with the Justice party seem pretty reasonable as did a few others. If the “3rd parties” were to gain a good amount of votes even if they didn’t win it would show the “big two” that the American people are dissatisfied with their politics and governance. Frankly consistently voting for non “big two” candidates seems to be a good first choice in sending the politicians a message that we the people are mad at them.

          • Hi David,

            It is rigged – but more subtly than you suggest.

            It is virtually impossible for a third party candidate to get on the ballot in all 50 states.

            If he does, he’ll be marginalized by the media – vs. the state (taxpayer) subsidized campaigns of the Democrat and Republican candidates.

            The “winner” is the one who receives a small numerical majority of the appx. 50 percent of the votes actually cast – which is comprised of about 50 percent of the eligible voters.

            Thus, the “winner” is (s)elected by appx. 26 percent of the electorate – a minority.

            Even “majority rule” is a lie in this country.

          • Good point Eric. Just to add inMississippi write in votes are either trashed or cast to the winner to improve his margin at the discretion of the Secretary of State. This is not made general public knowledge , I suspect to keep the Clovers happy. I like the article Eric and will certainly be doing my part. I pray you are right in our growing numbers and sense many of the same things you wrote on. I am also aware that real courage is a rare commodity. That is why those who demonstrate it are heralded as heroes in the histories. Yours In Liberty

          • Before we all take up arms, this is the point we should put our focus on. Only about 25% of voters turned out to vote for Romney and 26% for Obama. It’s likely that we could get just as big a turnout for a recall vote, or vote of no confidence for Obama or any in congress. Especially if you count people who would turn out from rival parties (ie-Romney voters who would happily cast a vote of no-confidence for Obama). The Constitution is not broken, just the system applying it. I think there are numbers in the people who want change that rival the vote totals for recent election winners. We should exploit every Constitutional option to use these numbers to bring the change we need via the appropriate Constitutional processes. This would also put the millions of soldiers who swore to defend the Constitution on our side and thwart any efforts by any to skirt the outcome. Granted many in our military have been led astray. But I believe that in using the proper democratic process, directly derived from the Constitution, to remove dark forces from our government, most of them would stand behind us. Its just a numbers game and the numbers increasingly favor us.

            So I say its worth trying to utilize the full extent of the measures provided by our Constitution to end this tyranny. Before we go rogue with guns. Maybe its naive, but the only thing distinguishing us from them is our respect for principle. We owe it to ourselves to exhaust every option to bring about change in a Constitutional and principled manner. Then see where things go…