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Americans – well, a vocal portion of Americans, at least – likes to style itself as more than usually upright and moral. The “family values” schtick. Republicans especially eat this up – and serve it up. But what is the reality? What sort of morality do millions of Americans actually embrace?

Consider two recent items in the news: Herman Cain’s alleged priapism and the for-sure perversion (because witnessed en flagrante and no one’s even trying to deny it) of PA State fuuuhhhhhhhhhtball coach Jerry Sandusky.

The interesting thing about the Cain allegations is not whether he did or didn’t. It’s that the only moral turpitude that Americans seem at all bothered by is sexual moral turpitude.* So long as The Candidate (or The Leader) is not – as the old saying goes – caught in bed with a dead girl  . . . or a live boy – he is a paragon of virtue. He may speak blithely about depriving people of their property, their liberty and even their lives – in the furtherance of some “program” or other he deems “in the national interest.” No one bats an eye. In fact, they nod their heads – and clap. It  is not only acceptable to prattle on about disposing of the property of other people – of having people killed, even –  it is unremarkable. Organized looting and casual administrative violence is normal in America now. It is no longer even remotely looked upon as a moral question. Government schools, years of habit and the sickening fact that probably most Americans are on the take in one way or another has rendered us – most of us – morally insensate. We’re not even aware how depraved we’ve become. So long as we keep it in our pants, we’re “good people” – even as we pull levers for politicians who openly advocate threatening our neighbors and friends with extreme violence in the furtherance of some Greater Good. Just as they do unto us, in their turn. One group against the other; each of us at one another’s throats. We call it “democracy” – and venerate it as the ultimate expression of human morality.

Oh, and there is an exception for sexual moral turpitude, too. Asterix time.

If the offender can throw a ball or catch one – or dribble – or coach those who do – then he can indeed be caught in bed (or even the shower)  with a dead girl or live boy and no one gives a damn. Or at the least they will give him a pass.

Consider the case of Jerry Sandusky. This creep is actually caught in the midst of raping a 10-year-old child on campus, by a school official. What happens?

Early retirement.

Go – and rape no more. Here, anyhow. Let us resume The Game and say no more about it.

Even at this late date, even as the most loathsome imaginable details came to light, what was the priority of  Head Coach Joe Paterno, fuhhhhhhhttttball demigod? He – a day before his firing – was concerned about The Game this coming weekend. So also the fans – college students at PA State – who rioted over the summary firing of their pigskin god. He was treated unkindly.

No mention, much less concern, about the hideous moral vacuity he (and the rest of the crew at this “school”) displayed.

Mind: These are not benighted ghetto dwellers raised by crack whores but – largely – the offspring of middle class “good homes” where  (god help us) “family values” are taught. And only about 25 percent of the American public attains an undergrad BA.

Imagine the moral thinking that characterizes the ghetto!

I know a guy who is an ardent fuuuuhhhhhhhtball fan. I have not discussed Sandusky with him but we did talk about notorious dog torturer Michael Vick. He – a huge fan of Virginia Tech fuuuuuhhhhhhttttball – defended Vick.  I – appalled –  asked him how he’d feel about Vick if he were just a common street thug instead of a highly-paid celebrity thug; if someone who did exactly what he did moved in right next door to him – only the new neighbor thug wasn’t a fuhhhhhhhhttttttball “hero.” Would he be comfortable? Allow his kids out in the yard? I think this made him uneasy. We have not spoken much lately.

So, then – a window into the soul of America.

It is not a pretty scene.

Throw it in the Woods?




  1. Hey, I saw this thread and thought… as repulsive as animal abuse is (And I agree that its repulsive) is it really an NAP violation? I lean toward no. I’m curious what thoughts anyone has on this. If it is an NAP violation and thus righteous to use force to prevent, I’d be curious as to why you think that.

  2. With the proviso that I am not a US citizen (but spent the whole Clinton era in the US and have a lifelong interest in the country) I think the growing obsession with ** certain kinds of ** sports (i.e., not swimming, not gymnastics, not archery etc but football and baseball — chiefly) must be understood in the context of the growing militarization of US society and the US mindset. The winner-takes-all, crush-the-opponent, the-end-justifies-the-means mentality is common to the military and the martial team sports: merely substitute the US for your favorite football club and the rest of the world for the other club(s).

    As to the late roman empire analogies they are all well and good but you should not forget that the former did no crash overnight into the middle ages, unlike Byzantium which literally ceased to exist overnight: the transformation happened gradually over several centuries and to contemporaries was not noticeable. Even present-day historians, with the benefit of hindsight, have trouble drawing a line; you can, if you want, date the beginning of the middle ages (in peripheral provinces) from the 3rd-century crisis but the empire recovered and it was a very long slide from there into the middle ages. It was not like the fall of Constantinople because when Rome was sacked (several times) towards the end, it had already declined into the unimportant burgh it would remain for nearly a millenium thereafter. I think, unfortunately, that the US empire is still in its prime: more Tiberius than Alexander Severus, and will give us all much trouble.

  3. JvG writes, “I have noticed that the more a politician or business person professes to “be a good Christian”, the likelyhood increases that they are also a hypocrite.”

    And mean, have you noticed? A kind of squint-eyed meanness … where I live this is especially true of the women. When one of this class of females says, ‘I live in the bosom of the Lamb’ or one of the other 349 ways they have of describing themselves as Christians, I find myself backing away toot sweet, making soothing motions.

    John D. McDonald, much-loved mystery writer of the ’70s, once described a female character in one of his books as “one of those church-going ladies with the disposition of a pit viper.”

    Once a complete stranger approached me in a store and laid her hand on my arm and asked, ‘Have you found Jesus?’ This was shortly after I moved here, and already I knew better than to reply that I didn’t know he was lost. I suspected that had I done so, I would shortly have found myself lashed to a tall stake, with the villagers piling chunks of wood at its base and the smell of gasoline in the air.

    Scary people.

  4. The hypocrisy is breathtaking – after all this animal torture, steroids, and now pedophilia, I can only say one thing. They better not talk to me about Pete Rose being ‘eternally disgraced’, or I am throwing all this shit right back up their asses.

    • Yeah.

      The change has happened during my lifetime (just like the transformation of this once semi-free country into a near-police state). I can remember when people were interested in sports. Fine. But today, it is a demented obsession for millions of people, who seem to have no actual interests or hobbies – things they actually do themselves – but instead spend every evening/weekend roiling themselves into a frenzy over “their” team and whether “we” won, etc.

      Many colleges today venerate fuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttball more than any academic subject; treat coaches like demigods (and pay them many times what a science or history or English professor earns) and idolize steroidal thugs who often have IQs in the 80 range (even at Ivy League schools), grant them every indulgence… because they can throw a ball or run.

      • panem et circenses.

        Eric you nailed this a while ago when you said it’s become an outlet for the emasculated male to engage in battle vicariously.

        Instead of fighting REAL battles they can distract themselves with bullshit.

        I had a conversation with a lawyer acquaintance a while ago. The topic of the 4th amendment came up and I brought up a recent egregious violation; instead of engaging (after all, he’s a lawyer; I thought he’d have some passing interest in the Constitution) he said “Hey did you see the game?”

        I looked at him dumb-founded and said “Really? The country is coming apart at the seams and you’re worried about some men throwing a ball?”

        We haven’t spoken much since then.

        America, I’m afraid, deserves the conflagration it’s about to endure. Between such willful ignorance, and the utter decadence, and the wanton violence against other peoples, we’ve got some nasty karma coming.

        By the way–speaking of fuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttball–did any of you take note at the recent Penn State scandal? The sheer horror of it left me shaking; a child rape ring, covered up for the greater glory of their game.

        I’m not at all religious, but the parallels to Sodom and Gomorrah are starting to make me nervous.

        Don’t look back.

        • Yes, and this is by no means the first instance of such. The Vick case is another (though not as egregious, of course) case in point. There are literally scores of others. Thugs – scumbags – people that no “fan” would have anything to do with, whom they’d shun and revile…. unless the thug/scumbag is a fuhhhhhhhhtttball (or whatever) hero. Then he “deserves another (third, fourth, sixth) chance” to “get his life turned around.” Then, all is forgiven – and forgotten.

          Yes, this country has been asking for it for years. And though not all Americans deserve it, we’re all going to suffer payback, I suspect.

        • Methyl, your quite correct: Karma, “You reap what you sow”, “What comes around goes around”, describe cause and effect relationships that apply to entire cultures and countries as well as individuals. The Roman Empire started out morally upright and degraded over time. Once depravity, complacency, graft, theft, murder and a general disinterest in everything but sensory pleasure becomes the norm, your society is on its last legs. We are Rome.

          King David brought judgment down on Israel by effectively killing his friend, then taking his wife. Why should an entire nation suffer because of the actions of one man, you might ask? Because as the leader of his nation, everyone looked up to him as an example; where the head goes, the body (i.e. the people) will follow. If it’s okay for the king to off one of his friends to get the wench, it must be okay for the rest of us. If you’re willing to do that, where will you stop? So people (many) will begin emulating their leaders and the collective repercussions of individual bad behavior will weigh on everyone.

          We see it right here in the USSA. Our leaders lie, cheat, steal, murder and defraud for their own gain and power. Not all of them do all of these things, but enough are doing them to the point (and have been long enough) that they’ve wrecked the economy, debased our money, and destroyed our good reputation as a nation with unjust wars and dictatorial intervention in the neighbors’ affairs. By robbing Peter to pay Paul through the welfare / social security / food stamp wealth redistribution programs, they have enticed Paul to support what would be considered violent crime if he had to do it himself.

          So what was once an experiment is self government has turned into an amoral free-for-all just like it always does. I completely understand why the Anarchists that post here find any kind of government repugnant. Government has a rotten reputation for good reason: the small percentage of truly evil men that aspire to power and those “normal” folks that go along with them and support this mess. As Coop has pointed out; Anarchy is not necessarily lawlessness. What we have now under the auspices of government is in fact lawlessness wearing the façade of law and order.

          What we can do is be aware of the situation, tread lightly and wisely to protect our families, our rights and our assets. We can expose the deeds of evil men to the light of truth. And as Ghandi pointed out, we need to be the change we want to see in the world. All any of us really have control over are our thoughts and deeds. Let’s each of us strive to make our thoughts and deeds the very best they can be.

  5. Yep.. The Games, The Legions, the conquest, the welfare, the inflation, and much much more… over 2000 years and nothing has really changed. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread_and_Circuses_%28Star_Trek:_The_Original_Series%29 )

    As to the society which we live in, preoccupied with sports and other nonsense? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_12_Looks_Just_Like_You Unmentioned on the page is that in the episode the society is very concerned about sports.

  6. Other empires have fallen, the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, the British Empire, Alexander the Great, Djengis Khan, Napoleon, … etc.

    Some who believe in Karma are not in the least surprised. What must happen will happen. It will run its course and one can only watch and wonder when, where and how it will all end.

      • I just hope it doesn’t last that long–50 years–like the final decline of Rome.

        The internet has sped up communication so much that the cycle of history seems to be playing at 10X speed.

        Have you noticed that the elitist’s domination schemes have been put in at an increasingly accelerated pace? Somebody forgot to boil the frogs slowly and just cranked the stove to 10.

        Think about it:
        * 1971, off the gold standard–giving the banksters free rein to create fiat money; Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman recruited by CIA
        * 1980’s, REX-84, COG, but all very quietly. Deficit spending goes into high gear but the wars are kept discreet–Falklands, funding the Mujahideen. War on (Some*) Drugs introduces the police state and begins the erosion of the Bill of Rights
        * 1990’s, first Gulf War–gets the militaristic juices flowing and lets the Elites know they can whip up American bloodlust again…for a foreign adventure against someone who posed no threat to us. Ruby Ridge, Waco…sotto voce acts of tyranny, no outrage from We the Sheeple. First false flag against the World Trade Center…again, no outrage, and the media obediently declines to investigate the obvious FBI set-up.

        So we’re boiling slowly for thirty years, and WHAMMO! it’s the new millennium and it seems every plan suddenly accelerates into hyperdrive:
        * second WTC false-flag, 9/11
        * FEMA camps
        * semi-justified war in Afghanistan…but without any evidence presented
        * psychotic war of aggression against Iraq with zero connection to 9/11
        * massive and sudden 1984 measures…TSA, DHS, Patriot Act
        * the bailouts–totally transparent theft of American wealth for transfer to internationalist banksters
        * thousand-fold increase of police-state brutality; SWAT raids for unpaid student loans; total brownshirt mentality

        Why the sudden acceleration? Is it because we’re waking up? Or is it because the aging doyens of the New World Order are getting impatient–and know they can’t trust their plans to their dissipated and decadent progeny? (Rockefeller, Rothschild, Queens Beatrice/Elizabeth, etc)

        * War on (Some) Drugs: that is, the drugs the government didn’t import themselves

        • Nice montage Methyl and quite true. In answer to your question, I think the sudden acceleration is due to the season. We’re coming into a saecular crisis (winter) and things will necessarily come to a head. You might want to read The Forth Turning by Strauss and Howe. Some of their historic observations are incorrect (mainstream and p.c.), but I think that their overall theory is sound. We’ve accepted the belief that mankind’s development is linear, when it is in fact cyclic. Our ancestors knew better. It’s going to be very interesting to see what rises from the ashes in the next high. I hope I live long enough to see it.

  7. I have noticed that the more a politician or business person professes to “be a good Christian”, the likelyhood increases that they are also a hypocrite. I would not trust my son alone with a priest or boyscout leader, or my daughter alone with a minister.

    If a busnessman plays the “good Christian” card, I either watch my wallet closely, or walk out the door.

    Trust should be earned on merit, not convienient membership in a religious organination.

    • Yeah. The Flagrant Christian thing is a huge red flag to me. Especially the ones who bray about “values” (and rant about gays). I immediately suspect they’ll be found with a “wide stance” in a men’s room next month.

      And frequently, they are.

  8. That image brought that whole Michael Vic thing home to me. I didn’t know it was that bad. I wish that it would come back to him somehow. That makes me sick to the core. I hope that he gets shot for that. That’s too much.

  9. If Sandusky was caught abusing a dog (or other pet) he may have been prosecuted in 1998.

    I am disgusted that (Mr. high and mighty) Paterno did not boot him out in 1998 and bring the law on Sandusky. Ten (possibly more) young children have been robbed of their childhood and what they may have become. All to protect the “name” of Penn State.

    How is the “name” of Penn State now, Joe?

    • If it makes you feel any better Don, I have relatives in Surry County. One of them rescues dogs. She sat on Vick’s grand jury. Who know’s, maybe he got to do a little fighting in a confined space: the prison shower. We can only hope that he went in a “tight end” and came out a “wide receiver”.

      • I would like to point out to you Coop, under a system of Anarchy, Michael Vick would still be fighting dogs on his own property, with impunity, no matter how repugnant the rest of us find the practice. It’s this kind of evil behavior that normal people to say “there oughta be a law….”

        • How do you know he still doesn’t? And if he isn’t, someone else is despite being “against the law”.
          Under anarchy, there wouldn’t be a state subsidized, and in many ways, created, NFL to go to. We’d never know Michael Vick, but the people in his neighborhood would, and they probably wouldn’t give him a job, or sell him stuff. Here in Bizarro land, that’s something called “discrimination”. Also, illegal.

          • I can remember an America when people were interested in sports, but it was not the all-consuming, 24-7 year ’round preoccupation it has become. When, for example, the news did not even mention fuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhtttttball (or whatever) unless it was a major event, like a championship – and even then, it usually came after the news. Intelligent people once gave a damn about things that matter. Not anymore. Even worse are female jocksniffers – a species that did not exist as recently as the 1980s. Now they’re just as stupefied – and belligerent about “their” team – as their fat slob boyfriends and husbands. “We” won! Or “we” lost… makes me want to chuck chunks of puke across the room.

          • Yep, I remember it, too. And I see the same behavior, constantly, and it’s always mixed with flag-waving. I don’t know how, or why, but everything comes back to troops and either the Chargers or Padres.(who now have CAMOUFLAGE uniforms!!!!)

            It’s really weird for me, because I remember being like 10, and acting like these douchebags, even then, to a lesser degree. Then I got older and it went away. So, for me, this new American is directly conflated to acting like a 10 year old.

            Just, avoid San Diego at all costs. Every day is Idiocracy. Bars actually have to get rid of the jukeboxes now because some stupid sport is on. I went to a bar/club and it wasn’t the music that was too loud, and I had to complain. It was the AFTER GAME COMMENTARY.

  10. This article is sickening. The system is a finely tuned misery machine greased with dollars. The picture of the dog and the bit on Vick reminds of a fella I met back at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Which just so happens is not too far from where Vick lived and tortured his pets (25 miles maybe). I can’t remember the guy’s name, but I do remember he seemed like a decent dude. We trained at the same dojo in martial arts. We eventually got to talking more and becoming somewhat friends. When I asked him what his hobbies were to my shock he says he fights dogs. He explained the entire system to me all the way down to administering an intravenous dip to the animals after a fight because all the blood loss, or something. I will never forget what he told me was his rationale for not feeling bad about it. He explained to me the dogs have the option of opting out. They are most of the time contained in a ring that is no higher than a foot. They are free to jump out at anytime! He went on to say some dogs have “game” and want to fight. After inquiring and receiving all the knowledge about the subject I wanted to know I never brought it back up. He and I went up thru the ranks in our dojo at pretty much the same pace over the next couple years. When the time came to get tested for our brown belts I wanted to make sure he was properly tested and his “game” measured fairly and squarely. I told a few of my black belt friends who give the test he’s a dog fighter and explained how the process works (as he once explained to me). On test night I watched my five friends beat his fucking ass for six minutes straight. I still find it a bit odd, but that night in the dojo we all discovered the man who trains dogs to fight didn’t have much “game” himself. I think he jumped out of the ring (off the mats) a few times but the other dogs gave chase. Golly, that was about ten years ago! You know I still haven’t seen that fella since..


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