A Nation of Cringing Wretches….

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I’ve yet to be fingerprinted. Probably you’ve never been fingerprinted, either. In fact, the majority of Americans (excepting those who volunteered for the military or who’ve applied for a concealed weapons permit – both voluntary choices) have likely never been “inked.”

And for good reason.

You used to have to break the law – and usually, a pretty serious law – to end up fingerprinted.

 At least, that’s the way things used to be.

Soon, however, we may all be required to submit not merely to being fingerprinted  – but perhaps also be forced to allow our retinas to be scanned, possibly our DNA itself catalogued.

If we want to renew or get a driver’s license, anyhow.

The federal Real ID Act is why. It specifies that new, “enhanced” licenses with biometric tags be issued to all people seeking a new license, or renewing one. The implementation date has been pushed off a bit – and a few states are balking a little – but the Long March toward the inevitable continues. These new “enhanced” licenses will become our new de facto national ID cards. In addition to the biometric info about ourselves that will be sampled and collected, the IDs themselves will also be able to track our movements in real time  via miniaturized Radio Frequency ID (RFID) transmitters built into them. This is not science fiction – or paranoia. The technology exists; the “biometric” tags are already in use – and the Real ID Act is very real indeed.   

Of course, this Real ID business is all about “protecting” us from everything and everyone except the increasingly Stasi-like depredations of our own government. Like the TSA gate rapes, the true purpose of these “enhanced” IDs and the associated rigmarole  is about slave training – about conditioning the masses to tolerate, then accept, being  treated like common criminals – duly registered, catalogued and easy to be kept track of. That people don’t get this – and react with outrage – is itself an outrage.

Or ought to be.

And we’ll be kept track of by more than merely the government. Private corporations – the other half of the tag team that’s slamming us into the pavement – is licking its chops at the the prospect of being able to compile extensive dossiers on each and every one of us. Where we go and when, what we buy and how – in order to better “target” us as consumers. If that sounds innocuous, keep in mind that unlike the government – which must still at least pretend to abide by a few threadbare legalisms regarding what information it may collect and how such information may be shared and used, private corporations labor under no such restrictions. Indeed, the government may (and in fact, has) used private corporations to brazenly (and with impunity) skirt the law; the private company collects the info – and turns it over to the government. (Recent disclosures about ISPs providing details about customers’ surfing habits and e-mails being one case in point; another being the wholesale giving over of phone records – and so on.)

A secondary effect of the Real ID Act is that once we have these IDs forced upon us, we will be compelled to produce them in order to transact business, open a bank account, enter public buildings, travel on commercial carriers – etc. It will literally be a new America – one in which, “your papers, please!” is no longer a phrase spoken by Brownshirts of a long-gone era but a depressing reality of everyday  life in post-9/11 America – where by any standard the “terrorists” have most definitely “won.” 

9/11 opened a window into the soul of America, all right. And it laid bare the soul of a cringing, beaten dog with its tail tucked between its legs. Ready – eager –  to submit to its master’s voice. The test case was the TSA and the oddly-named Department of Homeland Security, which sounds like something right out of 1939 Germany.

Didn’t they lose the war?

Never mind. 

We’ve accepted – in the name of “security” and the “war on terror” – being physically felt up by TSA goons, allowing routine rifling of our personal possessions, at random – without any pretext or probable cause whatever. Ditto warrantless (and probable-cause-less) wiretaps, “renditions,” torture (sorry Hermann, for hanging you – the times were different back then) and, most recently, a full frontal assault on the last vestiges of the rule of law in the form of executive branch assertion of the right to commit extra-judicial murder of American citizens.

The Decider dee-cided. And we abided .   

What else will we accept?

Apparently, anything.

And everything.

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  1. First time comer to the site and man the posts sound like us awake people on sites like infowars.com Great site and great article. Even cooler is Im an awake car guy. best of both worlds. I hope you guys check it out it you havent already since its right up your ally. All this nonsense of left and right is total BS. They both hate us with a passion and work for the corperations and elite families of teh world. All this is towards an Endgame, A New World Order of their making. Slavery for us and anything they want for them. Thats why the TSA is there along with all the cameras and other police state aperatuas. Its all for us and not for any arabs in a cave or other nonsense. Funny is I’ve been fighting against many of these things like Real ID act whitch is ILLEGAL to implement in the state of Virginia per Ken Cuccenili and Bob Marshalls bill 2 years ago. (Man time flys)

    From reading other comments on here I always think to myself I know violence isn’t the answer BUT If I knew I could walk through a crowd of people and do WHATEVER I wanted such as radiate people while takeing naked photos of them or their children, grouping them, then yell and threaten them or anything else whats the incentive to not do it. I mean really they put fluoride in the water which is toxic. Look it up sodium fluoride is a by product of the nuclear and aluminium industry. Its toxic waste till they put it in your water, then its good for you. This stuff is really bad yet they put it in our water. Is this not a pyshical attack. How is that not any worse then me putting arsnic in EVERYONES tea, coffee, soda, juice, hot dogs etc. BTW 900 parts per million in dried eggs. Look it up. Fluoridealert.org and also know the differance between sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride. Again you guys are great.

    • Where? The Bible is so vague and subject to interpretation it can mean whatever anyone wants it to mean. This is one of the many reasons why I don’t regard the Bible as anything more than another man-produced compilation of arbitrary I-say-so’s and just-becauses…

  2. clark!!! protesting? protesting is for clovers. and people in the rainbow spectrum of life. praying is for the “hope-full.” so you can leave that out…of course unless you are just hoping jesus crist will beam down from heaven to save all our arses.
    what you can do though is ANYTHING you FUCKING want!! its your life, and since you are already in a psychological prison…it wont ever really matter if youre put in a real one…well…except that you wont be able to use the internet or your cell phone anymore. wahhhh. 🙁

    • I’ve got no issue with legal repercussions for causing actual harm (physical or financial, etc.) to others. So, for example, if you drive irresponsibly and wreck as a result (note: this is not an “accident”) then I’m fine with repercussions for doing so. However, what the Clovers want is to hem you in for doing (or even saying or thinking) things they just don’t happen to like, which they – subjectively – think are “wrong” or which (according to them) pose a general and theoretical risk to others – but which don’t meet the standard for legal repercussions mentioned previously because there’s no specific, direct harm to others involved. For example, “speeding.” The mere fact that I’m driving faster than a number on a sign is by no means evidence of either dangerous driving or imminent threat to others. So also the driver who has had two beers with his dinner, but is driving well, showing no signs of being impaired. The default Clover position is always Less Freedom, More Laws – always based on the least common denominator, the exceptional circumstance, the endless “What If?”

  3. What is the cut-off date for the childbearing age?

    I’m guessing it’s one year before the Empire collapses?

    In the meantime, as the right picks war over freedom, and the left picks the welfare state over civil liberties, it seems the only things that can be done are:
    Opt Out
    Or do nothing.

    Did I leave anything out?

    This sure isn’t Happy Talk good-time fun, no wonder the masses don’t want to pay attention and face reality.

    • On an individual level, you can – and should – do whatever you can to get ready. Insulate yourself/your family from what’s coming to the maximum extent. Probably the single most important thing is to get as far away from urban/suburban areas as you possibly can. When civil unrest – and the government response – comes, you want to be as far away as you can be. Scale down; drive only older/paid-for vehicles. Buy a little extra food when you shop and store it; you can rotate it into your everyday consumption so if nothing happens, you haven’t wasted any money. Never buy anything that requires credit/debt. Just for openers…

    • You too?

      My wife and I have put off – and probably won’t have – kids, for pretty much the same reasons. In addition to the money issue, kids tie you even more tightly to “the system,” forcing you to deal with – and allow into your life – all sorts of annoying busybodies and petty tyrants. Plus, you’re more vulnerable. It’s harder to just quit your job – or move. And it’s more risky to challenge the system because, after all, you are responsible for a helpless child.

      Meanwhile, the Clovers are breeding with gusto….

      • Eric, The Clovers breading habits is exactly WHY you should have kids… and lots of them! There are way too many bad people out there already. We need more numbers on our side to balance them out… or at least my one year old daughter needs the help! She’ll be all alone if the good people of the world stop having kids.

  4. Sadly, I am not surprised by this. While reading I was thinking “I’ll just leave the damn ID at home,” but you addressed that. They are going to force us to present it at Walmart when we’re getting toilet paper. Man, the future sounds sweet.

  5. Just FYI, regarding the creepy name of the DHS:

    In the former Soviet Union, there was a department of government charged with exactly the same mission as the US Department of Homeland Security. In the Soviet Union, it was called the Committee For Motherland Security.

    We know it best by its Russian initials:


    So always remember: the DHS is the American KGB.


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